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Daily Lessons

AN: Last week, I had people send me a title and I told them what I would write. I ended up writing little drabbles for all that were sent in. I’ll be posting them throughout the weekend.

For this one I changed it to Wally for some reason, I don’t know why?

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    You wipe the soot from your face, as Wally sprays the fire extinguisher a few more times. You stare at the soot stained cabinets, the scorch marks on the wall, and what used to be a roast and cooking sheet.

    “I was trying to do something nice.”

    Wally grins at you, “I know babe.”

    “I followed the recipe exactly.”

    “Not a doubt in my mind sweetheart.”

    “Then why did it catch on fire?”

    Wally’s arm wraps around you, “Sweetheart, I love you but you can’t cook. Even when you don’t burn down the kitchen.”

    You stare at your boyfriend, “I’m in love with a speedster and I can’t cook.”

    Wally just kisses your cheek, “Just accept today’s lesson, and keep one thing in mind.”

    “And that is?”

    “Even if you can’t cook, I can.”

    You just groan as he pulls you in for a hug.

The Thing You’ve Said That’s Hurt Them The Most - S.T.A.R. Labs Imagines

Barry Allen

“I guess you didn’t care enough,” you snap. Barry was late. Again. And this time it had been important.
“Wait, no,” Barry said, shaking his head slightly. “I did care- I do care!”
“I know you do. I know you had a reason, Barry. I know you’re important. I just wanted to be important to you too.”

Caitlin Snow

“You’re all alone? What’d you do, scare everyone off?”

They had been your first words to Caitlin, and as her past unfolded in the months to come, you learned just how deeply they must have cut.

Cisco Ramone

“You can’t be serious for one freaking second, can you?” You smacked the table for emphasis, some device he’d been tinkering with clattering at the movement.

He looked at you like a kicked puppy. You knew what you said wasn’t true. You knew Cisco could be very serious. You regretted the words almost immediately.

Eddie Thawne

“No. It’s just… it’s not worth it.” You left.

The fight hadn’t lasted long–Eddie was worth it to you in the end. But he’d struggled with self-worth for so long that those words affected him badly.

Eobard Thawne

“You only care about yourself,” you snarled, staring at him coldly. Once those words were true. Eobard lived by them, lived for them.

But he’d changed that, just for you. Or so he’d thought. So you’d thought.

Harrison Wells

“You really can’t feel past these equations, can you?”

You and Wells don'y fight much. You’re pretty darn amiable. But even you need a little more affection than a week’s worth of half-grunted thank-you’s when you pass him some food. Wells was devastated–he loved you more than any of his equations could prove.

Henry Allen

“You’re doing about as much good out of Iron Heights as you did in it!” you said. “Get in the car, Henry.”

“But Barry doesn’t wa-”

“What Barry needs is a father. Go to his little get-together. Be with your son.”

Henry was so worried he’d screw up Barry’s life even more that you practically had to drag him into it. It took harsh words some days, but Henry forgave easily. And he needed it. Both of the Allen’s did.

Hunter Zolomon

“You’re a monster.” Tears welled up in your eyes, betraying the steely calm you usually wore around Zoom’s heinous crimes.

Hunter flinched. You knew what he was thinking, what he was remembering. You could only hope he would also remember how to be human.

Iris West

“Do you even think about someone other than yourself?” you asked coldly. Iris blinked, taken aback.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re excused. Come see me when you can even see past your own life, Iris.” You knew the words were mean, but being put second hurt too much.

Joe West

“Out of coffee.”

Really, when does Joe do anything wrong to make him feel bad about? When is he not too much of a teddy bear to hurt even if he did? The precious man must be protected at all costs.

Wally West

“You know what? You’re just like your mom, Wally. Running from your problems and making other people pay the prices.”

Those words weren’t easily forgiven. Wally’s mother had done difficult things to live with, but how dare you use her as an insult? You berate yourself long since for what you said to him in one moment of anger.

These can’t all be happy and fluffy, I’m afraid. And while I’m on an author’s note, I’d just like to say that I’m working on a Jesse Wells catchup, and possibly a Leonard Snart catchup. If you’re enjoying these, please feel free to drop a request or just leave a comment!

“I’m crying! These are so good!!! I don’t wanna be the girl who requests something u JUST did but I loved your Wally West imagine (bc I love Wally West and I think u nailed him). If you could maybe possibly sorta do a proposal imagine and/or a “living with/being asked to live with Wally” imagine. I’m sorry please don’t hate me I just loved it so much. I’ve only read two of the imagines (I’ve read the Wally west one multiple times though). Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got” 

This one goes out to you hellomgann1296. Thank’s for the request. Hope you love it! 

“Okay Y/N now just move it a little towards the right…”

You looked at your boyfriend with tired eyes. “Wally I have been moving it towards the right. I’ve been moving it towards the right for hours.”

“Well I don’t know how else to put it in there.”

You moaned again as you put your side of the couch down. “Look I’m tired and frustrated and starting to hate this couch. I know you needed help moving into your new place but I need a break.”

You went towards the kitchen where you took a seat at the kitchen table you guys just put into his new apartment. You guys have been together for about 7 months now. With Wally everything was fast and exciting. Literally. So you thought about taking your relationship to the next level. Moving in together.

Though that idea was shattered when Wally told you he got a new apartment. You were angry, but at the same time sad that he didn’t want to ask you to live with him. You just figured that he probably wasn’t ready for such a big commitment. You accepted it, but it didn’t help when he asked you to help him move.

Wally used his super speed to come sit next to you. “Okay, I understand.” He kissed you on the cheek. “How about I get some takeout and you go freshen up in the bathroom.”

“How are you gonna get out of here when the couch is in the doorway?”

He looked at me confused. “How do you think I got through the door into the kitchen?”

You blush out of embarrassment as you playfully hit him on the side. He grabbed your hand and kissed it. “Be back in a flash.”

You squinched up your nose as you took back your hand. “Don’t say that Barry Jr.”

He smiled as he sped off. You walked around his new apartment with that sad feeling you were feeling before. As you walked into the bathroom, you threw some water on your face and looked into the mirror. You grabbed a towel that you bought for Wally as a present. You looked around the bathroom some more as your eye caught glimpse of a small red box on the counter. You grabbed it and held it within your hands as delicately as you could, wondering what it could be? A necklace? A bracelet? Or is it a-?

“Y/N I’m back.” said Wally.

You took the box and went towards the kitchen.Hiding it behind your back. “Hey. That didn’t take long.”

“Yea I know right.” he said as he put the food down on the table. “Can’t wait to dig in!”

“Can I ask you a question before we start eating?”

“Sure babe.”

“What is this?” You pulled out the box from behind your back and showed him. He looked at it, back to you, then back to the box. Then he smacked himself on the forehead.

“Aww man. I forgot I left it in the bathroom.” he said. He took the box from your hand and smiled at you. “I was going to ask you this after we moved in all of the stuff. But since we got side tracked with the couch, I guess now is pretty good.”

He got down on one knee and you gasped as he opened the box. Inside the box…was a…key. “Y/N Y/L/N will you make me the happiest guy in the world and move in with me?”

You went in to hug him, resulting in knocking you both on the ground. You gave him multiple kisses on the face.

“I thought you would never ask.”

Bad Things About the Crossover: 1. Out-of-character Iris. 2. The Legends shitting on Barry for time traveling (what kind of self-drag???) 3. Literally just a bunch of characters on screen just to put the shows together for the sake of doing so with no coherent arc. 4. How does Iris not know Oliver is the Green Arrow? Where did she think Barry was when he went to Star City last year? 5. HR…training…Wally???