what did wally do this time

Being the youngest girl in Young Justice team would include:

- getting picked up Aqualad in his motorcycle after school so you can get to the cave.

- the kids in your school always wondering who that mysterious guy is. 

- “It can’t be her brother, cos she’s the only child !!”

- always hanging out with Robin because he’s the only guy near your age

- developing a habit of asking Robin to help you with homework, cos he’s just so smart

- Robin practicing the pick-up lines he learnt from Wally on you so he can judge their effectiveness from your expression when you hear them.

- “Hey y/n?” 

“Yes, Robin?” 

“Are you a camera? Cos every time I look at you, I smile.” 


- Wally trying the same ones on you, because he has no idea Robin already did.

- “Hey y/n! Sometimes I wonder if you’re a camera…” 

“Wally, you don’t exactly smile every time you see me, in fact, you frown when I steal your chips.”

- Wally gaping at your response, seriously wondering if you do have psychic powers.

- You and M’gann constantly having sleepovers in each others’ rooms.

- Whenever you have friendship problems, you always go to M’gann cause she always know what to say and what to do.

- M’gann asking if she could hang out with you to watch animated films because she feels awkward to ask Artemis.

- Artemis being the coolest big sister ever, playing chaperone whenever you throw a party. She even helps to prepare food, making sure Wally doesn’t steal any.

- Artemis insisting on always being your sparring partner, because the last time Superboy sparred with you… let’s just say you couldn’t go to school for a week because you had a limp.

- Superboy being very sorry because he underestimated his strength.

- Also, who knew Conner was great at playing the stalking overprotective big brother when you go out with a date?

- Secretly shipping all the possible couples in the team. Because the moment Zatanna arrived, you knew you had another ship to start sailing

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- Basically, being spoiled and loved by all members of the team.

(including Batman and Superman worrying over you whenever you go out on any field missions with the others)

a/n: Hopefully the anon who requested this is happy :)) 

- kiera


Reckless - YJ Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a fic where Jason is dating a member of YJ and they go on a super dangerous mission and almost get hurt but like he shows up and saves them or he shows up after they get back and just sort of storms over and like kisses the hell out them before saying something like “don’t you ever do anything that stupid again” Bonus points if the team didn’t know they were dating and that is how they find out (requested by anon)

“Watch it! That’s my arm not a bloody pin cushion!” You flinched as Dick started stitching up a wound that you had sustained in your latest mission with the team.

“Stop squirming if you don’t want to get stabbed!” Dick argued holding your arm still while he continued to stitch you up.

“You’ve got really shitty bedside manners, you know that right?” You complained hissing as the needle repeatedly entered your skin.

“Well you’re a really difficult patient so I guess we’re both going to be miserable.” Dick retorted as he continued his work. “There, all finished. Try not to open them back up alright? Go rest. That’s an order.” Dick commanded helping you hop down from the table you were sitting on.

“Yes sir.” You saluted before wincing in pain at the movement. Dick gave you a disapproving look before ushering you off into the common area of the mountain. You collapsed onto the couch with a sigh and grabbed the book you had abandoned on the table the night before and picked up where you left out. People filtered in and out of the room, not really paying you too much attention. You didn’t seem too hurt so no one felt the need to worry about you… except Jason.

He stormed into the lounge area looking panicked and disheveled.

“Where is she?” He asked out of breath as if he had ran here from Gotham to find you. For all you knew he probably did. You pushed yourself up off the couch to address him.  

“I’m right here, Jason. What’s the ma-” You started to ask before Jason strode over to you and crashed his lips into yours. He cradled each side of your face as his guided you into a desperate, hard,  passionate kiss. Your eyes widened in shock at the sudden display of affection. You and Jason had been casually seeing each other for a few months now. You had kissed before but never in front of the prying eyes of other people.

“Don’t you ever do anything that stupid ever again, [Y/N].” Jason growled in between kisses. Your audience stared in wide eyed shock at the display. They all stayed silent in their shock.

“Well it worked, didn’t it?” You responded when his needy lips gave you the chance.

“You could have been killed.” Jason pointed out. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” He pulled away and whispered passionately, resting his forehead against yours.

“You won’t have to.” You promised reaching up to kiss away the worried creases on his forehead.

“Did you know they were dating?” Garfield leaned over to whisper to Wally but loud enough for others to overhear. Various team members silently shook their head, still not able to find their words. All the times you and Jason disappeared together to go on “missions” now suddenly made sense to everyone.

Okay, I got a positive response for this, so let’s do this.

The season 1 opening (the only opening, really) of Young Justice has always caught my eye, and I just hadn’t realized why until now. At first I thought it was the sequence, the order in which they displayed the characters, and that fact that they look so cool.

But there was just something that I couldn’t put my finger on, and it’s been bugging me for months. And that’s when I saw this post.

Basically (though most of you probably know the opening, I’m still going to describe it for the purpose of this post), the opening is flashes of each of the original six members of the Young Justice team followed by flashes of the episode to come. I’m going to focus on the flashes of the members.

They’re showed in order of membership. First it’s Aqualad, the leader of the team. Then it’s Robin, who we know wanted to be leader and then later does take over when Aqualad steps down. Then it’s Kid Flash, the last of the core three that goes to Cadmus and is instrumental in forming the team. After that, it’s Superboy, the next to join the team. And then it’s Miss Martian. And finally, Artemis. Order of membership.

You’re probably thinking, I know all this already. Get on with it, but this is actually really important. 

Did you hear that? The order matters. 

It starts with Aqualad. It doesn’t, however, start with Kaldur. It’s Aqualad’s symbol that’s shown first, and then it shows his face, ready to carry out the mission and lead the team. It’s the same for Robin. The first thing we’re shown is the “R” on Robin’s uniform, and then it pans up to show Robin’s face. And Kid Flash’s symbol, and then he crouches down so we get a glimpse of his face as he covers it with his goggles. Superboy is very much like Robin’s. It shows the big Superman symbol on his T-shirt and then pans up to show his face.

The thing is, though, that it doesn’t happen with the last two.

With Miss Martian, it starts with her glowing red eyes and she flies backwards in a display of her powers. With Artemis, too, it doesn’t start with her Green Arrow symbol. It focuses on her shooting a bow. It focuses on the arrow.

So, here comes the analysis. My thoughts. I’ll start with the first four.

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Queer Robins Club 
Words: 4947

In which the Robins aren’t so good at keeping their sexualities a secret, not that most of them would want to anyway.


How each of the Robins accidentally came out and made a club to commiserate together

Also on AO3

The Robins had a lot in common at face value: they were all dark haired, they were all good looking, and they were all lost boys that Bruce picked up one way or another. When you dug deeper, you could see where they differed.

Dick was light and hopeful, even though his past had been dark. Jason was sharp and cutting, but he cared more than anyone would ever know. Tim wasn’t just smart, he was cunning and he’d do what he had to to make sure things went right. Damian put on a good front, but sometimes he was just a scared kid who wanted to do his best.

They were all incredibly different, but there was one thing that all of the Robins had in common on the inside; they just hadn’t admitted it yet.


Dick wasn’t sure how it had happened; he really wasn’t. All he knew was that one minute, he and Wally had been watching a movie in Titan Tower, and the next they were making out. It had happened so fast he wasn’t sure who had moved first, probably him, but Wally had gotten with the picture pretty quickly.

It hadn’t taken long for Dick to lose his shirt and Wally to straddle him, the movie forgotten in the background. Dick wasn’t sure how long they kissed for, only of the feel of Wally’s hands in his hair and his tongue in Wally’s mouth.

He was pulled out of the moment by the sound of someone loudly clearing their throat. Wally pulled back, his hair messier than usual and his lips wet and puffy. Dick felt a swell of pride in his chest because he did that to him, but then he looked away from Wally to where the noise had come from.

Roy Harper stood in the doorway with a smile plastered on his face as he watched. “Well, don’t stop on my account.”

“It’s not what it looks like?” Wally said quickly, moving so that he wasn’t straddling Dick anymore. He was blushing, his cheeks almost the same color as his hair.

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My theory: Savitar is a warped version of Barry, either corrupted by a force greater than himself, or else from another earth/timeline in which he never had Joe & Iris or otherwise lost them. He wants to strip our Barry of everything he feels he “deserves” before killing him and taking his place. 

Alternately, he is a rando who strongly feels like Barry doesn’t deserve what he has and - again - wants to strip him of it and replace him.

Reasons why from 3.15:

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Young Justice Headcanons

Teenage Night Out

- Dick had been in the mood for Ice cream

- Everyone completely agreed the next few events all came back to his need for ice cream.

- “Ice Cream?”

- It had been 2am, and they had been on a stakeout mission where nothing had happened.

- “Ice Cream?” he asked again after another half hour of boredom. 

- The only reason he thought about getting ice cream was because of the gas station across the road.

- “ICe cREaM?” he wasn’t really annoying the whole team, he was just pestering Wally. 

- “Dude! Nothing good happens after 2am, especially in a near abandoned gas station.” Wally pointed out before eventually giving in and agreeing to go across the road with him. 

- After the pair didn’t come back quickly the rest of the team found themselves drifting across the road to join them.

- “I need sugar balls!” Artemis complained. “I have cravings.”

- “Is that you subtly trying to say you’re on your period?” Wally stupidly asked whilst pulling a face.

- “Would you rather I just yelled that Satan has possessed my bikini area to perform his monthly hate towards nice underwear?” she asked, keeping the same monotone voice the entire time.

- “What are sugar balls?” Miss Martian asked carefully. 

- “Dough, covered in sugar and cinnamon, with a pot of dipping chocolate, and they come from this pizza place back in Gotham.” 

- Artemis felt her mouth start to water as Dick explained. 

- “Like churros.” Rocket asked

- “And now I want churros and sugar balls.” Artemis groaned

- “Churros?” Superboy and Kaldur asked.

- “Oh my god, we need to get you guys experiencing non superhero stuff.” Zatanna shook her head. 

- The team were constantly having to do things for Batman, that it was hard to remember that they were in fact teenagers, and at least three of them probably didn’t even know what a normal teenager would do in there spare time.

- “Not to be rude…but are you guys going to buy anything?” the gas station worker asked awkwardly, “Even if your not, could I, maybe, grab a picture?”

- After the picture was take, all of the earth based teens grabbed different things from the store and paid for it quickly. Their stakeout had been boring and probably wouldn’t result in anything too important anyway. 

- They wanted to have fun.

- Next stop after near abandoned gas station was a drive-thru.

- They had deliberately used the boom tubes to get quickly to Gotham before using Artemis’s car to go to the Pizza place that served sugar balls.

- “Large pizza, pineapple, Cumberland sausage, and extra cheese!” Wally yelled as Artemis started her order. “And any drink, don’t mind.”

- “Cumberland sausage and pineapple! Fix your best friend, Robin.” Zatanna yelled “Who puts pineapple on pizza? or Cumberland sausage!”

- “People with taste!” Wally countered.

- “People with no taste!” Rocket argued. “Margarita for me!” she then yelled to Artemis.

- “Just be grateful he didn’t order fish on it, he’s done that before.” Artemis laughed at her boyfriend. “But I like pineapple on pizza.”

- “No!”

- “What should we have?” Miss Martian asked through the chaos.

- Everyone started to yell their opinions on pizza but Dick just cimbed over Artemis and to the intercom.

- “one Large pizza, pineapple, Cumberland sausage, and extra cheese, one large pizza, half pepperoni half Hawaiian, with cheese stuffed crust,  three medium margarita pizzas, one small perpperoni, and one small pineapple and ham. Five cola’s, one spite and two waters, and four tubs of sugar balls.” he said smoothly.

 - Dick paid attention to his friends, he knew what pizza’s they liked and then what would be a relatively large range for the three who hadn’t had pizza before. 

- A range Wally or he could eat if the others didn’t like.

- When they got to the pick up point, their were two poeple working to completely their order.

 - They stopped when they saw the car stuffed with young superheroes.

- “Can we have some photo’s with you guys?”

- “As long as you remember to use the hastag OnlyinGotham when posting them.” Artemis smirked

- Dick high fived them and yelled “Gotham Pride!”

- The third stop on their rebellious evening was a 24/7 store that had absolutely everything. 

- They ate as they drove to the store, all coming to the agreement that the sugar balls were the best thing to ever happen to planet earth.

- “We need to be quick.” Zatanna instructed. They wanted to be in and out since they had a few places to go to before going back to the cave.

- Of course that meant that they all ended up separated across the shop and each had piles of useless junk in their shopping carts. 

- Miss Martian wanted everything new she saw, and Conner didn’t know how to say no to Megan. 

- “Marco!” Dick yelled when he realised just how long it had been.

- “Polo!” Artemis and Wally both screamed back, from opposite sides of the store

- “Marco!” Kaldur’ahm yelled so he could try and find Rocket and their cart.

- “Polo!” Five different people screamed back, including people who weren’t their with the team

- “Kid Flash, you on the other side of the aisle?” Dick asked, pretty sure he was about to chuck a rubber chicken at his best friend. 

- He may have climbed up the aisle and placed himself int he perfect position to fling things at Wally.

- “Yep!”

- “Yeet!” Dick screeched whilst pulling the rubbed back and flinging it as powerfully as he could.

- It hit wally square in the face.

- “What the hell!” Wally looked up but Dick was gone.

- That then started a war of trolley chucking. 

- Everyone was climbing the aisles to throw strange items into other people’s trolleys.

 - It stopped when none of them could figure out who put condom’s into Zatanna’s and Artemis’s trolley.

- “I just had the best idea ever.” Artemis stopped and Wally ended up walking into her.

- “What?” he asked while she pulled out one of Robin’s fifty million phones that he lent the team and started to record.

-  They were all back together at this point.

- “The Floor is Lava!”

- Kaldur had actually heard of that phrase and knew what to do

- Wally had showed him a compliation on Youtube.

- Conner didn’t 

- He started screaming and prepared to punch to ground.

- Well done Conner.

- Dick was somehow upside down on the store ceiling

- Artemis had flung herself onto a pile of teddies so she could record the chaos

- Zatanna had stuck herself to the aisle and Rocket had disappeared completely.

- Miss Martian had just shot up into the sky, and Wally had thought grabbing her ankle would go well.

- He fell off and crashed into a pile of stuff

- “W- Kid Flash!” Artemis stopped the recording and rushed over to him whilst Dick just laughed. 

- “No teenage adventure would be complete without a trip to the hospital.” Rocket pointed out.

- They ended up walking round the children’s corridors of Gotham’s main hospital to surprise some of the sicker children.

- The staff and people all took selfies with them, and before they knew it, #YoungJusticeTakesGotham was trending on most social media platforms

- It also turned out that some of the people from the store had recorded all of their little jokes and posted them to Snapchat and twitter.

- Zatanna didn’t understand how the hospital was so busy at three in the morning, then she remembered that this was Gotham and shut up.

- Once Wally was cleared by a doctor, they headed up to the top of one of the Wayne Towers.

-It was one of the tallest buildings in Gotham

- They had spent so long in the Hospital, visiting kids was worth it though, that it was nearly sun rise.

- Gotham was usually so cloudy and grey, but somehow the sky was nearly clear in that moment.

- The colours started to flood into the city for the first time in a while and they all started eating the snacks they had brought throughout the night. 

- Dick and Zatanna sat at the edge of the roof, making out whenever they were sure none of the others could see them

- Artemis and Wally were throwing food at each other as the other tried to catch it in their mouths.

- Despite the fact that Artemis had such good aim, they were both pretty useless and stuck laughing at each other.

- “I’m pretty sure Batman did a speech from the Lion King in one of my first nights as Robin.”

- “What do you mean?”

- “Everything in the shadows touch is our kingdom, not that sunny patch though, that’s Metropolis, no one likes Metropolis.”

- “The Lion King?” Kaldur asked.

- At least M’gann and Conner went to school, he literally didn’t communicate with teenagers other than the team and people he saved.

- “Disney movie marathon tomorrow!” Rocket yelled

- “High school musical marathon after that!” Zatanna improved on Rockets idea.

- “Yes!” Dick agreed.

- “Together, Together everyone!” Wally started.

- “Here and now, it’s time for celebration!” Dick continued.

- “Fake fan!” Artemis interrupted “You skipped like two lines.” 

- All of them held eye contact for a second before just launching into the chorus anyway.

- Batman materialised on the rooftop, prepared to tell them off, then he heard.

- “Wild cats everywhere, wave your hands in the air!”

- He wasn’t about to cut off them actually having fun in the usually dark Gotham.

- He would tell them off some other time.

Time and POV in Stuck in the Middle With You 12x12...

“So… tell me a story…” says Mr. Ketch, sitting across from Mary, just after the burning MOL symbol of the season announces…

The narrative is thus framed as told in flashback by Mary to Mr. Ketch.

The first POV we get is therefore Mary’s…

Time card… accompanied by the ticking of a stop watch (which we hear at intervals throughout the episode).

Mary witnesses Dean performing “super-hetero Dean” for Wally, or attempting to, in a diner - doesn’t go so well, with the, “My shy but devastatingly handsome friend,” huh Dean? Although, of course we can all agree Cas IS devastatingly handsome…

Mary is not impressed… (not with her sons bickering either - oh Mary - you ain’t seen nothing yet…)

under the cut as this got super long…

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Westie is My Bestie - Wally West x Reader

Requested by Anon -  u and Wally being in a friends with benefits thing and then one day dick walks in on you two “doing the do” and Wally wants more and embarrassment and mutual feelings

“You’re a stupid idiot,” you snapped as you half carried Wally into an small abandoned cabin. The snow flew inside and scattered on the floor before you could shut the door. It was only slightly warmer in the cabin.

“I know, you’ve told me a million times,” Wally stuttered, shivering violently. Ice crystals froze his hair, his lips turning a pale shade of blue. You sat him on a chair before moving to the fireplace.

“I can’t believe you just ran onto the ice like that. You didn’t even check to make sure it would hold your weight,” you scolded, making sure the fireplace was clear. “It’s like you want to kill yourself.”

Wally wrapped his arms around himself, trying to keep warm. “I had to try to get the device. It’s the only way we’re going to find out the Light’s plans.”

“Sure, and now we’re trapped in the middle of a snowstorm that’s blocked out our comlinks. You’re soaking wet and developing hypothermia. Plus, we lost the device,” you snapped, grabbing a nearby chair. You broke it into pieces before tossing them into the fireplace. 

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Shows I watch and my opinions on ships:

( Shadowhunters, Arrow, The Flash, Girl Meets World (rip), Riverdale, and The Fosters )


Arrow; olicity is the cutest thing in the world and I totally ship them. But honestly for a long time I shipped Felicity and Ray. Like I love Ray and he’s such a sweetheart so I was like hey why not. They were pretty cute. Lyla and John are also really cute but for the longest time I hated Lyla because she was a bitch when she was working with Amanda Waller (rip), but now she’s okay. ROY AND THEA OTP OTP OTP OTP LIKE DON’T EVEN TRY ME. IM ONLY ON SEASON 4 SO DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING DJFDU

The Flash; WESTALLEN 200000% hottest ship out there. Such a power couple. BUT MY OTP IS CAITLIN AND JULIAN LIKE THEY NEED A FUCKING SHIP NAME. Also Wally and Jesse are the cutest ship of all time like goals goals goals.

Girl Meets World (rip); You see, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this show, but lucaya will forever be one of my favorite ships of all time so I had to. Like does anyone even ship rucas?? THE ONLY REASON RILEY EVEN HAS LUCAS IS BECAUSE MAYA PUSHED HIM AWAY AFTER HE WAS GOING TO FUCKING CHOOSE HER. AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS JOSHAYA CRAP LIKE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?1?1?1

Riverdale; VERONICA AND ARCHIE ARE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET SO IF YOU PUT THEM TOGETHER IT WOULD MAKE SUCH A FUCKING POWER COUPLE. Don’t kill me but I don’t really ship bughead.. I feel like it literally came out of no where. Like where is the build up?? The thing with riverdale is that they have like 0 build up to their relationships. Except for Valerie and Archie, they had a build up, but like yeah they hinted that Jughead liked Betty, BUT WHERE THE FUCK DID IT EVER HINT THAT BETTY MIGHT LIKE JUGHEAD? SHES TOO STUCK ON ARCHIE AND I BET 2 MILLION DOLLARS THAT SHE’S NOT OVER HIM AND IF HE ASKED HER OUT SHE WOULD SAY YES.


If you reached the end you are a champ because you just read a good page of me ranting :))

You know what I think is possibly a really over looked/underrated/missed opportunity friendship was?
Wally and Zatanna.

Like, I think they could’ve been really good friends? Like the constant bickering over Magic VS Science :

“Wally I literally created a wall of fire in front of you.”

“No Zatanna there’s a completely logical explanation as to why that happened.”


And like part of me feels as though Bruce told her his identity because he promised Zatara he would look after her if anything happened to him, then prompting Robin 1 to tell her and then her and Wally make (un)subtle dick jokes and Robins just like :“I hate you both"

But I also think she would be really smart? Like in science especially which really confuses Wally because he’s like :“I thought you didn’t agree with science”

“No Wallace you disagree with magic. I agree with both because magic and science go hand in hand.”

And Zatanna helps Wally buy gifts for Artemis, and he helps her with buying gifts for Grayson, and he totally takes on the big brother role even though he denies it and (attempts to) intimidates her dates ;
(Personal Headcanon time) and also teases her and is low-key kinda grossed out about her crush on Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) because :
“Ew Zee, Hal really? Hals like my uncle thats kinda gross.”

“Shut up Wallace, or do I need to bring up your not so secret obsession with Kendra? (Hawkgirl)”

“What the shit how do you know that.”

“I have dirt on you Wally. Tell anyone about that and I will end you.”

“Barry told you didn’t he?”

“Iris did actually. I like her. She makes awesome brownies.”



Feel free to add your own headcanons about Zatanna and Wally friendship in the comments (/☆-☆)/
Hard not to.

Hi, thank you so much for sending your request in! Honestly, I think you are far too kind with your words but thank you so much! I really appreciate them and it’s nice to know that too! I think I probably strayed far away from your prompt and I am sorry? This one sounded far nicer in my head lol but I still hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

You let out a sigh as you stare longingly at Wally who is currently having a really great time, playing with the rest of the team in the water. You would have joined them in a heartbeat but prior to the beach outing, you fractured your ankle so your foot has been casted which sucks a whole lot for you because now, you have to sit out from playing in the water. You had been looking forward to playing in the water with all of them, especially Wally.

A pout appears on your face when you see him splashing water towards Artemis and M’gann – their laughter so loud and fun. You always try your hardest to control your jealousy but sometimes, they get the best of you – like at this very moment. Even though you can still see the handsome shape of Wally’s body from where you are currently sitting, you still aren’t able to appreciate it up close like the rest of them can.

Another sigh escapes your lips and just as Wally turns to splash some more water towards Shazam, someone drops a floppy sun hat on top of your head, covering your vision. Your hand shots up to grab on to the hat, lifting it from your eyes and you frown when you spy Dick looking at you with a knowing smirk.

“You might want to do something about that crush of yours, Y/N.” He moves over to your left side and you continue to look at him. “How long have you been sitting here?” Dick asks as he takes a seat beside you. You shrug your shoulders – you can’t remember really. “Wally’s looking pretty fine right there.” He nudges your shoulder and right at that moment, you sometimes wished you had not mention your growing crush on Wally to Dick because ever since he knew, Dick has never stopped teasing you about it.

“Shut up.” You grumble, looking away from Dick to stare at Wally. Dick takes the hat from your hand before putting it properly on your head. You sigh when you see Wally running his fingers through his hair, laughing when the rest started splashing him with water. “This sucks.” The frown on your face deepens.

Dick looks away from you to stare at Wally. Seeing Wally laughing and having fun like how he used to back when they were younger makes Dick feel happy but at the same time, looking at him having fun while you are suffering here makes him feel a little bit annoyed. Not just at Wally but at you too.

The both of you have been playing this tug-of-war with each other and Dick just cannot stand the fact that the both of you are oblivious to each other’s feelings and it frustrates him a lot especially when he is caught in the middle. Granted, you don’t really talk much about Wally to him but seeing as Dick prides in being the best brother there is in existence, sometimes he asks you about your feelings for Wally. Wally on the other hand talks about you all the time to him – also because he is related to you. Being the middleman is really tiring.

You proceed to stand up, reaching over to grab your crutches and Dick frowns as he hurriedly stands up too, helping you right yourself. “Where are you going?” He asks you in concern and you motion back at the house.

“Gonna get me some ice-cream I think.” You murmur, your jealousy is starting to make you feel extremely hurt so you rather have some ice-cream and make yourself feel a little bit better. “Do you want some? I can bring some over after I’m done with mine.” You offer to bring some and Dick shakes his head.

“No, it’s alright. I’ll catch up with you.” Dick tells you and you look at him skeptically because Dick has never said ‘no’ when it comes to ice-cream but you nod your head nevertheless and with a little bit of difficulty, you quickly move over towards the house, intent on getting those ice-creams you saw in the fridge.

A few seconds after you disappear towards the direction of the house, Wally appears beside Dick. “Where is Y/N going?” Wally furrows his eyebrows as he grabs his towel, quickly drying himself. He had been keeping his eyes on you the entire time – hoping to get a reaction out of you and he had had your attention up to the point Dick came to bother you.

Dick turns to look at Wally. “Man, I love you and all in the most platonic way I can but you are so dumb sometimes I am so done.” He punches Wally’s shoulder lightly causing the latter to wince at the pain.

“What did I do now?” Wally murmurs. “But where is Y/N going?”

Dick rolls his eyes. “If you’re so worried, go after her – she’s heading back inside.” Dick omits the fact that you only wanted some ice-cream. “If I were you, Wally, I’d probably just you know, confess or something.” Dick ushers Wally to go back to the house and Wally sputters before walking towards the house, contemplating Dick’s suggestion.

Wally stops by the kitchen and frowns when he doesn’t see you in the kitchen so he walks to the front door and notices that the door is unlocked and when he steps in, he calls out your name. “Are you in here, Y/N?” He frowns and steps back outside before making a quick run through the house. It doesn’t even seem you are in the house and Wally stops at the pavement. His heart is racing a mile a minute and just as he is about to fully panic, he sees you in the distance, walking and so Wally runs to you.

You are so deep in your own thoughts that the moment Wally puts his hand on your shoulder, you automatically whip your crutch at him, catching him off guard as you smack him in the chest, knocking some wind out of him. Wally groans in pain as he falls to his knees and you let out a gasp when you realize what you have just done.

“Oh my god, Wally, I am so sorry!” You try to kneel down but Wally immediately stands up, shaking his head as he grabs on to your arm. You try your hardest to help steady him. “I’m really sorry, Wally – I was just lost in my own thoughts and I thought someone is out to get me and – “

Wally does the one thing he knows will stop you from talking; he kisses you softly, his fingers trailing down the line of your throat and draws you gently to him. He pulls away to look at your shocked expression before he smirks. “You were talking too much, babe.” He leans to kiss you softly on the lips once more and when he pulls away, there is a smirk playing on his face. “Did I break you, Y/N? Hello, excuse me, is anybody home?”

You blink a couple of times once you registered that Wally has just kissed you. Wally West – your long-time crush – has just kissed you and a bubble of laughter escapes your lips. Wally smiles upon seeing your reaction and hugs you tighter.

“You had me worried there for a while, Y/N.” Wally murmur and he wasn’t just talking about how you didn’t respond to his confession – somewhat – but the fact that he had gone to look for you and had found you missing and not in the house. He had actually almost panicked too and Wally rarely ever panics too.

You carefully wrap one of your arms around his torso and bury your nose in the crook between his neck and shoulder. “Just wanted to take a walk.” Wally tightens the hold he has on you. “Besides, we ran out my favourite ice-cream flavour so I wanted to buy some more.”

Wally pulls away and carefully lifts you up in his arms, causing you to squeal in surprise. He laughs. “Hold on to your crutches tightly, let’s go and get you some of the best ice-cream in town.” Wally tells you and you grin at him before pressing your lips on his cheek, thanking him. With newfound happiness, Wally holds you close and runs towards the nearest convenient store – maybe his first date with you will be at the ice-cream parlour, who knows.

INTERVIEW: The Flash's Candice Patton Talks Death, Love & Savitar's True Identity
Candice Patton opens up about what the future holds for Iris and Barry, and the face behind Savitar's pointy, metallic mask.

Your reaction to the bombshell of Iris’ impending doom at the hands of Savitar and how it would impact her trajectory this season?

Candice Patton: I knew it would be a great storyline for Iris. It would give her a reason to be a part of the narrative in a big way, and give her a lot of opportunity for growth throughout the season. That’s something I’ve been waiting for for a while, so it’s nice to give her some depth.

What was it like filming Iris’ death opposite a CGI Savitar?

Strange. I had no idea at first how they were going to handle the character of Savitar. Then, realizing he was going to be fully CGI, I was a bit worried on how to work the scene. The questions that followed while shooting were, how tall is he? Where does he have a hold on me? What do his arms look like? Where does he stab me? You have only so much information, and you have no idea what it’s going to look like in post.

Naturally you worry if it’s going to come together and look right — but it did. I was happy with how that scene turned out. I love our show when the VFX and emotion come together in perfect harmony to create an amazingly impactful moment. I was also worried I’d be shooting different versions of the scene every other episode until the finale. Thankfully, I think I’ve only had to do it two times, and one other small shot when Wally sees her bare finger.

Iris has had a lot to process this season. How has she been dealing with everything thrown at her lately?

She’s gone through a range of emotions. She’s been vulnerable. We saw her scared about her future death. We’ve seen her emboldened, acting out recklessly, knowing that if she isn’t going to die until a certain date in the future, that she couldn’t die in the present. And we’ve seen her strong and stoic – showing up to S.T.A.R. Labs to help save Central City against other meta humans, and she’s even been a calming force for Barry while he struggles with her possible death.

Iris teamed-up with Wally for their own little adventure. What have you enjoyed about that sibling dynamic?

Listen, I’ve loved that dynamic since we introduced it in Flashpoint and was hoping we’d get to see it again. I sincerely love working with Keiynan [Lonsdale]. I also love the brother/sister crimefighting duo. It gave both characters urgency and the opportunity to be heroes in their own right.

Barry finally popped the big question. What was your sense of how badly viewers wanted to see that happen?

West/Allen fans have been loud and proud since day one. We’ve been slow-burning their relationship for a while now, and I think fans who’ve been watching them grow together in the last few seasons, while not expecting it to happen so soon, were overjoyed to see them finally get engaged. For long-time comic fans of “The Flash” as well, it’s a beautifully endearing moment.

As it turns out, the main reason Barry proposed was as an attempt to alter the future. How does that revelation sit with Iris?

It hurts her deeply. Iris is fully head-over-heels in love with Barry. She wants to be his wife more than anything, but like anyone, she doesn’t want it to be for the wrong reasons. Barry has good intentions and clearly loves this woman, but his reasons for doing it so soon – to change the timeline – has forced Iris to question if marriage is what he wants, or if he really just wants to ensure Iris’ future.

Perhaps the biggest mystery of the season revolves around Savitar’s identity. There are plenty of theories out there — in fact, CBR has one of its own. How shocked will audiences be when he is finally unmasked?

I found out pretty early on who Savitar is. I think fans will be surprised by his identity.

What else has you excited about what’s in store for Iris and Team Flash for the remainder of the season?

I’m very excited to see how Iris and Team Flash hopefully figure out how to defeat Savitar. I’m also anxiously waiting to find out whose laps these three prophecies [“One shall betray you. One shall fall. One will suffer a fate far worse than death.”] will land in!

i’m in love with your body

“i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” spitfire no powers au 

happy valentine’s day @icanhearyouglaring !!! sorry i’m a lil late for @yjficexchange but i’m a trash person and have no excuse. also it’s been so stinkin long since i wrote spitfire so fingers crossed it’s not terrible (and yes the tite is from an ed sheeran song sorry not sorry lmaoo)


The gym is Wally’s favorite place to hate. He goes, begrudgingly, because this whole fast metabolism thing isn’t going to keep up forever and he hates every single second of it.

There’s nothing fun about running on a treadmill at 10 at night after a long day in the lab. It’s boring as hell, actually, especially on days when he forgets his headphones and has to listen to the crackling gym radio that’s echoing through the space.

It’s not the running that bothers him. He loves finding that perfect pace and the adrenaline rushing through his body, the slightest strain in his muscles and the dryness in his lungs. He ran track and cross country in high school and college because that was something he could get into- the varying workouts, the comradery, the competition.

But it’s just Wally on the treadmills tonight, there’s hardly anyone in the gym at all.  Most people are behind him, on the bikes or back by the weights, and there’s no one here to entertain him except for the celebrity news show that’s on the TV in front of him.

Like he said, he’s bored.

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One Dance

Based on this headcanon I wrote about Barry’s Bachelor Party.

“We’re doing this, Bear. And that’s the final word.”

“Excuse me: since when does anyone other than the groom that you’re supposedly celebrating have the final word on anything?”

“Since you asked me to be your Best Man, Genius,” Cisco retorts. “If you don’t like it, think twice before putting that much power in my hands, power that only these Vibe hands could harness,” he taunts, wiggling his fingers.

“It’s not too late to change that decision,” Barry retaliates, still surveying Cisco haughtily as he turns towards his future brother-in-law. “Wally?”

“Yeah, I’d rethink that move,” Wally smirks. “Because if you’re under the impression that I’d turn down an opportunity to see you out of your element at your own Bachelor Party, you don’t know me at all, Bro.” He elbows him for added measure. “And do you REALLY deserve to marry my sister if that’s the case?”

“Come on Wally,” Barry pleads. “I can’t even get drunk. You can’t even get drunk!”

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Harry x Reader

Set Up: Harry gets jealous when he sees you and HR together. Just a little.

Warnings: I suppose none, except cute jealous Harry

Gender: Ima go with female on this one. 

A/N Look at this dork. He deserves so many acting awards. A+. 10/10. Love.

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It’s a Date, Then

Request: “Oho, haunted inbox. Ghostbuster to the rescue! Can I request one where Wally tries every line to get the reader on a date till they sit down at a table in a cafe and are like ‘you do realize that this is a date’?” ~Anon

A/N: Tried something a little different this time. What do you guys think?

“Hey, Y/N. Did you die recently? ‘Cuz you look like an angel to me.”

“No, Wally, I have not died recently. Though I might kill you if you don’t stop flirting.”


“Y/N! Let me recite a poem for you. *ahem* Roses are red, violets are blue, lava is hot, and so are you.”

“I have a poem for you too, Wally. Roses are red, so is Kid Flash. You need better lines, so long, gotta blast.”


“Y/N! Y/N! Guess what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me!”

“Guess what I’m wearing? My uniform. We’re on a mission, now hush.”


“Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”

“Wally,  my name is not “mine.” That’s also a horrible nickname.”


“S/N, Kid Flash. I need you two to go undercover at this diner. Your objective is to collect information from the other patrons while disguised as customers.”

“Hey, Kid.”

“Yes, Y/N? Something you wanna say to me~?”

“Yeah, actually. If you hit on me with another cheesy line, I’ll provide your knuckle sandwich.”

             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the Diner~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Hey, Y/N?”

“Yes, Wally?”

“You do realize this is basically a date, right?”

“Huh. So it is. Interesting how Batman sped up your love life much better than those horrible pick-up lines.”

Still The Same

Requested by Anonymous: “Barry returns from Flashpoint and Y/N is his girlfriend, but wasn’t in the previous timelines”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1655

A/N: Here’s another request, I hope it’s what you wanted! I had fun writing it. Let me know if you liked it :)


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Time And Again

The questions nag at the back of Dick’s mind though. Keep him awake thinking at night sometimes. Why did Bruce take him in if he had no intention of spending any time with him? Why take in a kid you didn’t want? There were easier ways to get good press. Easier ways by far. So why had Bruce done this? And what the hell was he doing all the time? What was so important that he left Dick alone in that godforsaken manor so often? If he had something so important going on, why take in a child?

Or, the one where Bruce doesn’t tell Dick that he’s Batman and things spiral out of control until people start communicating like adults.

Chapter One: Jason

Dick Grayson comes to live with Bruce Wayne on a Tuesday afternoon when he’s nine years old.

It’s a Tuesday like any other, so Bruce settles the boy in and leaves him in Alfred’s capable hands after dinner and heads out for patrol. Gotham’s underworld does not take a day off, and therefore Batman cannot either.

Dick awakes in the middle of the night screaming and Bruce isn’t there. Alfred calms Dick down and sits with him until he can close his eyes without seeing flashes of crumpled bodies and he falls into restless sleep once again. Alfred assured him that Bruce would have been there if he could and Dick believes him.

But it doesn’t take long for Dick to stop believing.

Alfred is the one to send him off to school every morning, Bruce is always still asleep or too busy with something for Wayne Enterprises. Alfred picks him up from school as well, and more often than not, Bruce isn’t around when Dick returns to the Manor. Dick does his homework on his own, with Alfred’s help sometimes. He spends time alone in the gym practicing flying, because he can’t let that die with his parents. He finds some way to entertain himself when he isn’t doing that, and if he’s lucky, Bruce is home in time for dinner, and Dick will plaster a huge smile on his face and rush to greet his guardian, to ask him about his day. Most of the time Bruce will answer with a small smile. Sometimes he doesn’t. Dick tries to smile all the time anyway. And then most nights Bruce will bid Dick goodnight later in the evening, and then he disappears and Dick is left alone with Alfred again.

The day after Tony Zucco is found beaten and bound on the steps of Gotham PD headquarters, Dick says how much he wishes it could have been him to bring Zucco to justice for killing his parents, but that he’s just glad that he’s been caught. He thought Bruce would have… some kind of reaction. Some words of support for Dick. Words of advice. Anything, really. But he just scrunches up his nose and disappears even earlier that night, claiming he has serious business to attend to. Even this news isn’t enough to make Bruce stay. Dick can’t deny that he’s upset about that. Alfred tries to comfort him, but Dick knows that ‘serious business’ means that Alfred will just have to disappear after Bruce soon too. He should be happy that his parents’ killer has been found, that he can’t hurt anyone else.

All he feels is lonely.

Wayne Manor is too big and too empty and too quiet for Dick. Too echoey and lonely and old and formal.

And he’s not even really a Wayne.

Dick… he doesn’t belong.

He’s grateful that Bruce got him out of that awful, awful place they’d stuck him before, but he doesn’t like this.

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questions young justice season 3 needs to answer

these are just the ones i can remember rn but

- who, the fuck, did raquel ervin get married too
- what happens to kaldur after he leaves the light?? is he banned from atlantis? why didnt he take a leave of absence?
- follow up, is garth back on the team now?
- follow up follow up, how is sea-Beyonce aka Kaldur’s mom reacting to the fact that her son is a) not a traitor to his kingdom b) alive and c) aware of who is real father is??
- one last follow up: did cal durham and kaldur like??? talk??? about the black manta thing????
- does artemis hang out with her niece?
- does artemis live alone now? does she stay in palo alto? does she move back to happy harbor?
- is dick grayson any less dick graysony after the whole “lied to everyone and then some” fiasco or nah
- starfire? raven? cyborg? not if we are getting them but WHEN
- are mal and karen going to get married?
- so the wally west thing, is artemis gonna just be In Pain Forever or is he gonna come back or what
- follow up, how is barry allen? grant gustin made me care about him a lot more i just wanna know hes doing good
- how are the runaways? i miss them
- cassandra cain? stephanie brown? damian wayne? nah? ight ill wait take your time
- wait so is jonathan kent gonna be a thing? IS CONNER GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER
- who did Raquel Ervin Get Married To pt 2 (featuring And Who Is Amistad’s Dad)
- batgirl = oracle or nah
- firestorm or nah
- did king orin have his kid or nah
- are megan and conner going to get back together or am i going to have to kill someone
- who is gay. like, i need you to write this in stone. i know its kaldur but you gotta parade this shit in neon lights cuz half the fandom doesnt accept it, but that wasnt my real question, my real question is when is his wedding to roy and will he legally adopt lian before or after fathers day?