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Sing (Basicallyido407)

Marcel danced around the kitchen, not caring if he made a mess or not as he jammed to his 80’s playlist. He was right in the middle of belting out a note when someone interrupted him.

“Marcel! What the hell are you doing?” Scotty turned down the volume.

“What does it look like? Cookies and karaoke!”


“Well, it doesn’t have to be alone… if you know what I mean.” Marcel winked at him.

“Oh no, you’re not getting me to sing.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“No, its a statement.”

“Well its a challenge now, boi.”

“Marcellll.” Scotty groaned.

“Its Brittany, bitch.” Marcel sang as he changed the song.

Marcel started to move his hips in rhythm to the beat.

“Oh gawd no.” Scotty laughed.

Marcel continued to dance “seductively” around the kitchen. Scotty rolled his eyes as Marcel tries to grind on him as if they were drunk at a club.
Scotty let him slaunter around for a minute or so before finally he reached over and hit the skip button on Marcel’s phone.

“Hey!” Marcel whipped around as a commercial started playing.

“Sorry, that was the worst dancing I’ve ever experienced.” Scotty giggled.

“Excuse you! I was killing it!”

“Sureee you were, Marcel. Sure you were.”

Then a familiar tune came on.

“Wait, is this-” Scotty

“OooOooOohhh, I,” Marcel started singing along.
“Don’t want a lot forrr Chrisstmasss.”

“Its too early in the year to listen to Mariah Carey!“ Scotty groaned.

“Its the extra festive version too.” Marcel grinned.

Marcel shimmied in time with the bells in the music. Scotty hopped up on the counter, watching Marcel prance around the kitchen.
As Marcel sang a line about mistletoe, Scotty started eating the waiting cookie dough.

“All I for ChristmaaaaAaaaAAAaaaaAAaa-” Marcel started singing an obnoxiously long run.

He moved up in Scotty’s face, in between Scot’s legs that were swinging in time with the music. Marcel ran a finger across Scotty’s jaw as he slowly ran out of breath.
Scotty hushed him by placing a finger on Marcel’s lips.

“Youuuu.” Scotty said in rhythm before replacing his fingertip with his lips.

“I won.” Marcel smiled into the kiss.

Kingdom Hearts
  • KH: Fuckin Riku, god damn it, now we gotta fix your shit
  • CoM: What in the fuck just- Riku, save Sora because now HE fucked up
  • 358/2 Days: you just couldn't let him rest, could you, now we've got 3 Soras
  • Coded: what
  • what was the point of that
  • DDD: 13 xehanorts, god fucking damn it
  • Union Cross: but... why is this canon????
  • Back Cover: that litERALLY DID NOTHING
  • BBS 0.2: god bless aqua, sora you're looking gorgeous, look at them go
  • KHIII: what the hap is fuckening

Ohmwrecker: If you think about it there are more nipples in the world than people.

Mini: If you are waiting for the waiter aren’t you the waiter?

Delirious: If we drink a drink can we food a food?

Basically: What happens if I get scared half to death twice?

Terroriser: If two vegans are arguing is it still called “beef”?

Panda: So if I lift a shopping cart in the air, does that mean I am shoplifting?

Vanoss: How did the person inventing the ruler know how long a foot was?

Nogla: Who taught the first teacher?

Scotty: What if someone died in a living room?



Pairing: Peter Parker x Barton!Reader


Can I get a request where the reader is Clint’s Daughter and it’s reader x Peter?            

Peter has created a chatroom: hello my beautiful girlfriend that i love so much

Peter has added Y/N.


Peter: Me last night when you wanted me to help you design your new suit.


You: Me last night when you showed me designs you made just for me.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Neil has a binder (solely) for Andrew (and him) and one for his Foxes? What's inside the binder(s)? And ohh btw I just simply love your hc about the photos ((and i want more bec i love you and your hcs so much))

thanks bb <3

(neil only got the binders because he can’t cover every spare inch of the walls of their apartments in photos and articles - even he recognises that it would make it look like a serial stalker’s den. yes, andrew’s slightly judgmental expression did help him to reach that conclusion)

anyway, a list of some of the contents of neil’s post-graduation binders:

  • every photograph and article about kevin day neil can get his hands on - and there’s a lot of them. kevin holding trophies, kevin with his teams, kevin and thea in elegant clothes at big events, kevin smiling in a way that starts fake but gets more real as the years pass. kevin, alive. kevin, victorious. kevin with everything that riko tried to take from him. (enough of them that andrew made a dry comment or two about neil at least being predictable in his obsessions) (he’s quietly satisfied by the progression, too)
  • articles on robin, as both a fox and afterwards, concrete proof of neil’s work as a captain and andrew’s…something neil isn’t quite sure of sometimes, still. photos of her standing tall and proud, no trace of the mousey child who was nearly too afraid to be a fox
  • a collection of postcards addressed to them both in renee’s neat hand - pictures of mountain ranges and jungles and forests and deserts and cityscapes, ones that still make neil think about a different kind of travel than the frightened bolt he and his mother did across half the planet all those years ago with that vague kind of longing for something different
  • the entire photographic coverage of allison’s first fashion show (neil was there, which meant andrew was there. unsurprisingly, andrew ‘i wear designer clothes’ minyard found it more interesting than neil ‘the height of fashion is my partner’s oversized hoodie and these jeans that i’ve had for ten years’ josten)
  • a heavy piece of cream card inviting neil and andrew to the wedding of nicholas hemmick and erik klose (they went. neil had never seen nicky happier)
  • a picture of matt and neil hugging on the court after eschewing the more normal post-game handshake, wearing different colours and smiles
  • articles following dan’s career, from her first teams through to the foxes, including photos of her familiarly disapproving and determined and delighted expression on the sidelines or amongst her players
  • a collection of photos taken by various foxes at their ‘reunions’ - matt and dan curled in the same armchair, dan laughing because she’s getting squashed. renee braiding allison’s hair, her face all careful concentration, while allison sits on the floor between her knees drinking wine. aaron and kevin arguing, for old time’s sake. nicky and andrew making drinks while erik watches on in the background. all of them together in one mess, no one looking the right way, someone’s eyes closed, someone laughing a little bit too hard - perfect
  • a singular photo of jean moreau, helmet under his arm as he looks down at jeremy knox, the man he followed through the professional leagues post-college. he’s smiling in it, grey eyes crinkled in the corners. (neil can’t quite explain why he kept it - he doesn’t look at it much. when he does, he remembers)
  • a collection of articles about andrew on the court, from his first year pro all the way through. articles that still call him dangerous, but mean it in relation to the scoring percentages of his opposition. photos of him stretched out in goal, immortalised in brutal determination, beside total strangers calling him talented, even calling him revolutionary because of his style of play
  • more articles about andrew, off of the court - andrew as an icon, flat-faced beside LGBT campaigners for sports, speaking bluntly and truthfully and tactlessly at events as an invited guest. 
  • andrew, whose thesis on the treatment of mentally ill juveniles in the justice system was publicised by a psu student, who stared at everyone who questioned him about it in a way that unmistakably said i meant what i wrote
  • andrew, the survivor, who donates so much of his salary to a variety of causes, who did before anyone knew and who continued after it became public like he didn’t give a fuck because he didn’t
  • photos of the andrew that belong to neil, ones that make andrew curl his lip if neil pins them up - he and his brother standing shoulder to shoulder at the reception of aaron’s wedding, caught on camera by the official photographer in a very rare moment of understanding. him bathed in the light of a sunset on their balcony, all golden. he and neil together wearing red, white and blue in the locker room of a foreign stadium, ready to walk on the court for their country. him on the couch, asleep on his belly with one of the cats curled up in the cup of his lower back
  • (neil doesn’t mean to document his own history, only theirs - it happens by accident. there’s a photo of him beside kevin, medals around both of their necks at a world cup final. a photo him in the audience of an event where andrew is on the stage, photographed looking up from the crowd with a slight smile on his face included in an article on andrew. one from a reunion, taken from behind him and andrew with the sun turning them to silhouettes, including where their hands are curled together between them. a headshot of him from a where are they now-style article on the first ncaa champion fox team, scars on display and stare as bright and challenging as ever - still alive)
Reactions To the Dragon Maid Finale Coming To You From The Afterlife Because I’m Fucking Dead

*Spoilers for Ep 13 Below!!*


No one deserved emotional mayhem on this level but I also thoroughly enjoyed it.

-Why the fuck did they have to put the cutest opening scenes in just before they fucking ripped my heart out fuck.  

-The flowers =my everything?? JUST FINISH ME OFF WHY DON’T YOU

-Kanna and Saikawa are so sweet throughout this entire thing omg 。゚(*´□`)゚。

-Kobayshi’s just chilling enjoying a day off finally and feeling peaceful and then they had to twist that fucking knife fuck

-I tried and failed to hold it together when Kobayashi hears that Tohru left.  Just the way she pauses and doesn’t know what to do and her lil sad face and you can just *tell*  this has absolutely GUTTED her that shit took three years off my lifespan.

-My big gay baby ass cried p much the entire montage when Tohru isn’t there that’s one of the most devastating scenes I’ve witnessed in any medium in a long damn while and is like real-life familiar to me a bit and just.  Holy.  Shit.

-But like props yo Kobayashi’s single mom-ing it up she’s gonna get shit done whatever way she has to

-But it still killed me because holy shit she has takeout because she works late af and doesn’t have time to cook for them

-THE MUG SHE DROPS that hurt me why would they do this to me she’s rushing so much to get ready and get Kanna up

-Taught Kanna to use the rice cooker because she won’t be home

-Kanna has to stay at Saikawa’s because mom’s working OUCH

-And Kanna misses her dragon mom I’m crying

- The way the house is so messy oh no Kobayashi you poor depressed lesbian I feel u bb been there, done that, bought that t-shirt

-Takiya is the real MVP lookin out for his fellow queer bestie, noticin’ something’s wrong, u go A+ bestie

-The way she runs when Tohru comes back omfg


-Like damn Kobayashi woke the fuck up and told off Tohru’s big bad dragon dad U GO BB

-Also what the fuck did he do to her face or whatever??

-Tohru’s face when he does that shit to Kobayashi.  Is.  PRIME.  I literally screamed OH SHIIIIIIIIT IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN.

-Tiny dragon daughter flying her mom to the other dimension to go get back her dragon mom my heart ❤❤❤

-Kanna’s the other real MVP she’s taking care of her mom, giving her the down low on dragon politics, telling her where Tohru is, flying her around.

-Kanna is the prettiest dragon look at those lil feathery angel wings angel dragon daughter ☆~☆~☆~☆

-And then Kobayashi’s measured conflict resolution is life and the way she talks about difference was cool af and just quintessentially her.  Diplomatic as fuck.

-The way Tohru like tackles her added the three years back onto my life plus one and gave me clear skin and watered my crops and paid off my student loans and bestowed upon me the most voluminous hair yo.




-Has she like called them?  Warned them at all?  I hope not I hope she just turns the fuck up and goes “Sup motherfuckers, haven’t seen you in a year.  You have a daughter in law and a granddaughter now you will love them as I do.  Don’t ask about the tail.  Or do.  Depends on whether it’ll give you an aneurism or not.”

-I both want to fic it and see it in-ep animated I’ve heard second season is a thing or is that wrong?  

-I’ll watch this episode over and over for the next 20 years.

-And fic it

-And cosplay it

-And protect it

Rey and Kylo’s relationship in The Last Jedi

I hope I’m not the only one screaming “REYLO” at the top of my lungs after reading this article.
Wow. [deep breath] Okay, let’s go.
Somehow, hints about Rey and Kylo’s relationship are always oh-so-subtle but are always there.

What shocked me the most about this article is this part:

“As we know, the young scavenger was ditched as a child on the hardscrabble junkyard world of Jakku by unknown parents and left for years to survive on her own. But lately, she has gotten accustomed to making fast friends, like BB-8, Finn, Chewbacca, and General Leia Organa. Even the murderous Kylo Ren became fascinated by her strength and resilience after kidnapping her.

Regardless of everything else, she’s been welcomed. No one ever really turns away from her,” Ridley says.

That changes when she arrives on Ahch-To.“

(Leaving apart the fangirl-squeal-inducing “Kylo Ren became fascinated by her”…) Do you understand what that implies? Daisy is basically saying that Rey felt more welcomed by Kylo Ren than she did by Luke Skywalker. Like, even Rey herself realizes that Kylo has been “warmer” (it’s not the right word, but I can’t think of a better one) than Luke is to her when she arrives on Ach-To.

Regardless of everything”, regardless of the fact that Kylo kidnapped her, made her his prisoner and probed her mind, regardless of everything Rey still recognizes that Kylo had an interest in her. (And that he didn’t want to kill her, au contraire wanted her by his side, as he himself said while they were fighting).

The mere fact that Kylo is put on the list of people Rey got “close” with is alone a big revelation and a somehow shocking one (he’s still a villain at this point!), but to hear a straight comparison between the people who she didn’t feel rejected by and Luke, and knowing that Kylo is part of the first ones, made my heart swell with emotion.

Also, other important points to consider:

“Luke definitely does not give Rey the warm welcome he received when he went in search of Alec Guinness’ Ben Kenobi in 1977’s original Star Wars. She is warned. She is given an explanation. Nevertheless …
“She’s so hopeful to everything,” Ridley says. “And obviously there’s a hint of, ‘What the hell?’

This rejection hits Rey’s abandonment issues. Hard.“

I feel like this will have something to do with what happens between Rey and Kylo when he arrives on Ach-To. I mean, she doesn’t feel welcomed by Luke, she was already traumatized by abandonment, and clearly she isn’t happy nor satisfied with who Luke Skywalker is, because he’s so far from the legend she’s heard of. She’s there to bring him back to fight for what she thinks is a good cause, but he doesn’t want to hear any of it.

This might bring Rey to reconsider everything she knows about Light and Darkness, about Good and Bad… if even someone like Luke Skywalker reveals himself to be such a dark persona, then maybe whatever Kylo Ren tells her, might resonate with her more now. In the end, she didn’t feel rejected by Kylo and he offered to be her teacher. At the very least, she now might want to hear what he has to say, and maybe they will end up having that ‘dangerous conversation’ that was rumored months ago, the one Luke will not like.

In the light of such an event, it isn’t so unlikely to see them fight side by side, like the TLJ bts video hinted when we saw Daisy and Adam fighting together against what looked like Snoke’s guards. Maybe they won’t be friends, but they might need to fight for the same cause at some point in the movie, and it might have to do with Luke’s refusal to join the fight (this is a very tricky line of thinking of mine, but maybe Luke’s refusal will “push” Rey to join forces with Kylo for some reason).

Another interesting point is:

“I don’t think one girl, who he doesn’t know, turning up with a lightsaber is gonna make him go, ‘Oh, s—, yeah, of course I’ll get back into the action,’” Ridley says.

“But does he not know her?” Hamill says in his separate interview.“

As I wrote in my other recent meta, why would Luke know her? I supposed there would be only two reasons, one of them being connected to the Force visions Rey and Kylo have of each other. We don’t know about Kylo’s visions, but given that he said “it is you” to Rey back on Starkiller Base and that he looked as startled as her in that rainy night vision Rey had on Takodana, we might guess Kylo has had visions of Rey for some time now. And since Ben has trained with Luke before becoming Kylo Ren, it’s not unlikely Luke would know about this girl and might recognize Rey as “the vision girl” thanks to something Rey might tell him.

I do believe it might be like that because clearly Daisy and Mark had different instructions about this topic. Daisy is all like “he doesn’t know me” while Mark is like “does he really not know?” which leave us wondering.

Either way, I’m so happy about these new revelations and totally ready for this movie to break me apart!


Ok so im not going to claim to be an expert on any of the following subjects, but i have spent a lot of time researching them and i believe the routine i have is really changing my body and helping me accept myself more

The first thing i feel that tons of people (especially teenagers) have issues with is acne. Now what you should do to treat/prevent acne is up to your skin type and what you can afford to do/buy. 

Last year i had subclinical acne that cover my entire forehead, I got this after years of not looking after my skin and I finally found a way to clear it up.

  1. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP!!! The first thing i recommend it to find a good makeup remover. I used to use a BB cream and mascara and i never took it off at the end of the day and it did terrible things for my skin. I like the Ganier Micellar Water, this stuff does a great job at removing my makeup and its reasonably priced too. You can find this stuff im most drugstores.
  2. EXFOLIATE!!! Secondly GET AN EXFOLIATOR!!!! This shit saved my skin and took away all of those little bumps. I forget the name of the one i used but just find one that you like and can use everyday. I like to use a heavier scrub like Ocean Salt from Lush once a week to really clear out my pores.
  3. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!! This step may not apply to everyone but if you want your acne to go away faster you can go to your doctor and ask for a prescription. I used benzagel 5 for a few months and id put in one my skin after i cleaned it and moisturized (you need to moistuize because this stuff will dry your skin out) before i went to bed and washed it off in the morning. I then switched to Clindoxyl Gel and kept with the same routine but switching benzagel 5 for clindoxyl gel. 
  4. FACEMASK!! If you want to treat your skin every now and again buy some facemask from Lush, Sephora, etc… and use them once or twice a week, and paper your skin because it most likely deserves it.
  5. BLACKHEADS!!! Now lets talk blackheads. I didnt use to get blackheads but since i stopped using my acne treatment everyday i noticed how maybe i got. Ive started using pore strips, streaming my face and now im applying my acne gel just around my nose and forehead to prevent breakouts. 

This stuff may not work for you but it helped my clear up my acne in around 6 months, i hope some if this helped and if you still have any skin questions ask your doctor, and try out some different methods until you have the skin you want.

ppmint_b Thoght there was an intruder. Turns out Marceline just doesn’t like PB’s clock

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vampire-queen your clock is ridiculous @bb-gum

bb-gum You are ridiculous. You scared me to death

bb-gum Peps why did you post this photo?

finnthehumann you guys had a slumber party? #mathematical



vampire-queen LOL

Day 3: grumpy morning heads

other days

imagine the april fool’s video

thumbnail: Jack grinning in front of a thoroughly dismembered Segue Steve


No way! you think to yourself

I thought it was done! you muse as you gear up for the episode

you click, excited

you can hardly believe it when he does the oh-so-familiar intro,

*WAPSH* “TOPOTHAMORNINTOYALADDIES, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back toooo


and it begins! and it’s beautiful!! it’s just like the old happy wheels videos!!!

he picks a map, “Ohohoohoh!! Time for a good ol fashioned SPIKEFALL BABY” of course selecting his main man Segue Steve

the map loads, and it shows the platform leading up to the spikefall

he inches closer with Steve, concentrating hard, trying to maximize on the bossness 

and then the audio and the video cut out abruptly

you stare at the screen in confusion

was there an issue with the edit? did something happen to the internet?

you realize the video’s still playing but nothing’s happening

the silence is deafening in your headphones and then you hear it

a tiny, quiet, reverbed trill of a laugh

the video cuts in

it’s Anti

so close to the camera you can barely make him out

and he’s grinning from ear to ear



“it’s MY TURN…”

your eyes widen, your pace quickens, what does this mean, what’s coming ne-.

“I’ve been waiting to play this for ages!!”

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“Finn has chosen to do a crazy mission”

John Boyega on Finn, fire and the Force in Star Wars: The Last Jedi — SciFiNow Magazine #139

[ I transcribed this myself so please credit + link back to me if you’re sharing/quoting anything from this piece. ]

John Boyega was arguably the break-out star of The Force Awakens, winning praise for his charming performance. but, with Finn in a bad way at the end of the previous film, is he still going to be the same charming reluctant rebel that we fell in love with?

How would you describe Finn’s role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Finn got a back injury [in The Force Awakens] and the Resistance is at its lowest point. However, Finn has chosen to do a crazy mission and Poe has trusted him to do service for the cause. That’s why he feels like he has to go off with Rose [Tico, played by Kelly Marie Tran] and BB-8.

How does The Force Awakens’ director JJ Abrams compare to The Last Jedi’s director Rian Johnson?

It was very evident what JJ was doing in terms of trying to make sure that VII didn’t feel too alien to what fans were used to… Rian has been given the challenge to make this story different. He’s been asked to make it unique and expand the Star Wars universe. They are both very collaborative as directors and they are articulate, smart dudes.

As a fan, did you have any worries when it came to The Last Jedi?

It would be a concern to me if Star Wars played it safe to the point where the new generation didn’t get to have their Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader moment, or a shocking reveal. I feel like that’s part of the culture of Star Wars and Rian’s in line with that… 

I speak to a lot of Star Wars fans. A lot of them are friends, but everyone says to me: ‘Okay, Rey is the Jedi. Eventually, she is going to defeat Kylo Ren. Finn is a Rebel. Together, they are going to win and they are all going to have a nice day.’ 

With that in mind, I feel like we have to be super careful to not fall into the line of what the other films have done. We have to take a risk, and I really do believe that that is what Rian is doing.

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  • [ May 2 ]
  • Mini Ladd: Tyler, I dare you to take a picture of everything you will eat for an entire month and post all of them. No exceptions and no excuses.
  • Wildcat: Uhh. . . Craig, I think it's against community guidelines to post a picture of y o u r ass.
  • Mini Ladd: *flustered* I meant- I-I mea- foo- ugh! Fuck you, Tyler!
  • Wildcat: Maybe later? I gotta upload that picture.
  • Mini Ladd: But you haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
  • Wildcat: I took one, look, see-
  • *Mini looks*
  • Mini Ladd: Since when did I send you my nudes? !
  • Wildcat: whAT YOU HAVE NUDES? !
  • Mini Ladd: The hell, yes, how did you take that picture?
  • Wildcat: Uhh. . . I may or may not took a picture of you after doing the deed and I ate you ou-
  • Mini Ladd: T Y L E R
  • Delirious to Vanoss literally three feet away from the two: How high are they?
  • Vanoss: I don't know, but I'll have what ever they're having so I have an excuse to have nudes of you too.
  • Delirious: Since when did I send you my nudes?
  • Vanoss: whAT YOU HAVE NUDES? !

Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

my mutuals - bolded
♡ - personal message under the cut

# - F

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Highschool BBS
  • <p> <b>Jonathon:</b> GUYS! Guess what! I got an A- on my test!<p/><b>Tyler:</b> Who's dick did you have to suck to get that?<p/><b>Evan:</b> Who ever it was, he obviously didn't do a good job, they gave him a minus.<p/><b>Jonathon:</b> You guys are fucking assholes<p/></p>
The Good Part: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Hey could u possibly do a Remus x reader where they are caught by the marauders and the rest is like fluffy and the marauders tease Remus so much and he’s super embarrassed n stuff? ty bb ilysm xxxxxxxx

A/N: I got so many ideas by just reading this request so I was super excited to write it. I’ve been having a bit of writers block for the past couple weeks, so I got super happy when I received all this inspiration for a single request. 

This did get a bit heated, so I hope that goes along well with what you were thinking for the request. 

I apologize if my writing isn’t fantastic right now, I’ve been under a lot of stress and it’s also been awhile since I written, so I’m sorry if it isn’t great.

Anyway, enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 1468

Warnings: Fluff, Little NSFW 

The once bustling common room was now dimly lit and vacant, the large stone fireplace crackled quietly in front of me as I sat on the over-sized red sofa in the corner. It was quiet, peaceful even, something I don’t get often.

The occasional breeze of hot air from the fire brushed my face as I lied back my head, resting it on the armrest behind me. Heaving a long sigh, I stared up at the dark ceiling, letting my eyes droop, hoping he’d show up soon. Just as I closed my eyes a small knock came from beside me, making my body instantly jump up.

Is that him?

Craning my head to the right, my eyes landed on a boy with a crooked smile leaning against the wall, a cream colored coffee mug in hand.

“Hey, Rem.” I whispered with a smiled, motioning for him to sit beside me. Just seeing him made my heart leap.

“Hello, love.” He whispered, leisurely walking over and setting down his coffee on the small wooden end-table to my right. Not saying anything else, he proceeded to stand directly in front of me. 

Pulling my eyebrows together, I glance up at him. As I was about to ask if he was alright, Remus took me by the hand and pulled me up, crashing me against his chest. Blinking a couple times I glanced up at him to see a small smirk playing at the corner of his mouth.

“Rem-” Not giving me a chance to say anything he turned around and collapsed onto the sofa where I was previously sat, getting as comfortable as could be.

The once small smirk had turned into a rather large one as reached for his coffee beside him, taking a long, slow drink from it and swallowing it, ending with a rather loud pop.

“You just going to stand there and stare at me, love?” He asked cockily, raising his left eyebrow as he lightly patted his left knee.

I could feel my ears starting to get hot as I frantically looked around the room, looking for a different place to sit. “I-I’ll just sit over here…” I whispered awkwardly, cocking my head at the seat I’d spotted.

Making sure he wasn’t about to say anything, I nodded a couple times before starting to walk. As I took a couple steps past him, Remus’ had fell to my waist, and within seconds I was pulled back, right into his lap.

My body sat awkwardly still at first, not being completely used to this sort of thing.

Letting a short tut of laughter leave his mouth, he pulled me up his lap, bringing me into a straddle around his waist. “You’re adorable, Y/N…” He whispered, leaning in so his lips where pressed right next to my ear. “So, so adorable…”

Taking the chance given to him, he ran his tongue over my ear, nibbling lightly in certain spots, causing my hands to instinctively grab onto his shoulders.

Chuckling to himself, Remus wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled up further, bringing me within centimeters of his face. “Well hello there.” He whispered with a devilish smirk, glancing up at me with his stunning green eyes. Narrowing them, his glaze flickered from mine down to my lips, and as if confirming what he was about to do, he nodded to himself before pressing his lips to mine.

The kiss started out slow and clean, my lips molded into his as if they’d belonged there. His hands stayed planted on my waist, not wandering anywhere.

The room had progressively become hot with our bodies pressed against each other, and, coincidentally, the kiss turned more needy, as if we were depending on each others mouths.

Remus’ hands had slowly made their way downwards and were now resting on my bottom, gently squeezing it a few times, causing my mouth to fall open. Not losing the point of vulnerability, he quickly gaining dominance over me and let tongue invade my mouth as if he was searching for something. Letting out a quiet whimper, I slowly slid my fingers into his hair, pulling at the light brown strands, earning a groan from above me. 

Moving his hands up again, they quickly returned to my hips, squeezing them as he slowly pushed me down into the couch, releasing my lips from his.

Not sparing a second, Remus moved his attention down to my neck while his hands started moving my shirt up my body. Starting at the collarbone, he feathered small pecks all the way up my neck, right below my ear. Planting one last kiss underneath my ear, he lightly took the skin in between his teeth and started sucking. My fingers tightened their hold on his hair, my once quiet whimpers were now turning into full blown moans. 

“Oh my god, Remus…” My voice was soaked in pleasure, the fact that I managed to speak was a miracle in itself.

Why must he be so good at this?

Blowing on the hickeys he’d just created, he pulled away slightly to look down at me, the same smirk still on his face. His green orbs surveyed up and down my body before looking back at me. Clearing his throat he gave me an awkward smile and tugged lightly at the hem of my shirt that was now nearing my chest. “You-uh mind if I take this off.”

Even through the dim light I could see the slight flush of his cheeks, he’s such a gentleman and it’s adorable.

Leaning up, I lightly kissed his lips. “You’re so sweet, Rem, of cour-”

“…Merlin’s sake, Prongs, shut up! They’re just getting to the good part…” An ever so familiar obnoxious voice came from the nearby doorway.

Remus instantly froze from above me, whipping his head in the direction of the voice.

“See, look what you did.” The same voice whispered in annoyance.

“What I did? You’re the loud one here, Pads.” The other voice whispered back.

Instantly pulled my shirt down, Remus got off of me, not saying a word, I could practically feel his anger and embarrassment radiating off of him.


“Dammit, Sirius they can hear us now, move.” Within a couple seconds, two faces came stumbling out of the darkness, both with goofy grins plastered on their faces.

“Sooo…” Sirius started with a smirk, leaning into Remus’ face. “What'cha doin’?” At that comment, Remus’ already red face turned an even more vivid color as he turned in the opposite direction.

“Ohh this is good…” James piped in from behind as the walked up beside Sirius, lowering himself to Remus’ level. “Didn’t think you had it in ya, Rem.”

“Our little Moony-po is growing up! I’m such a proud mother.” Sirius blurted out excitedly, throwing his hands into the air.

Ignoring what they were saying, Remus buried his head into his arms that rested on the armrest while James ruffled his hair. “We need to have a celebration, when should we get started?” James asked, briefly turning his attention to Sirius.

“I don’t see why we don’t just do it now.” Sirius said with a smile, throwing his arms around Remus who was desperately trying to disappear into the sofa.

“Perfect idea I’ll ge-”

“No.” Remus whispered miserably, his face still buried in his arms as he shook Sirius off of him. 

“Can’t hear you buddy, maybe if you-I don’t know-showed us your face, we could hear you a bit better.” Sirius teased, pulling at one of the arms that held his head.

“Nope, not happening.” Remus’ voice came out again, still muffled in his arms.

“C'mon please?” Sirius begged, adding in a fake sniffle from his nose for the effect.

“Yeah, c'mon Moony…” James added in, still pulling at Remus’ hair.

Letting out a huge sigh and a rather disturbed groan, Remus lifted his head from his arms, glaring at the two children who stood in front of him. “I hate you.” He groaned, closing his eyes for a moment.

“Look how red his face is! Remus you’re so adorable!” Sirius yelled out again, completely ignoring what he’d just said and wrapping his arms around him.

“Making out in the common room…naughty, naughty Remus. ” James chuckled, shaking his index finger at Remus as he got up to hug him as well.

“Group hug!” Sirius added, yelling rather loudly.

“How old are you again?” Remus groaned, not making a single move.

“Oh shut up and let your mum be proud of you.”

Looking at their exchange, though I was embarrassed, it was actually quiet fantastic. “C'mere Y/N, it’s a great group hug and you’re missin’ it.” Sirius said with a grin, pulling me over to the rest of them.

The room became silent for a moment as all of us were wrapped around Remus who sat as still as a statue, it was actually sort of nice, for us anyway.

“We’re such proud parents.” Sirius whispered, nudging James with his elbow, ruining the so called ’moment’ we were having.

“I hate you all.” Remus groaned from underneath, a small smile making it’s way to his face.