what did something happen with misha


This scene is a Cockles classic, is not it?But have you already paid attention to all the details?See with me if you have noticed the details below: FIRST GIF: ➡ Jared wants to play with Misha causes him to play with her nipple, but Misha is not shy and returns the affection only with more enthusiasm… ➡ Speaking of Misha, notice how he, in addition to jumping over Jared nipple, looks slyly at Jensen, out of the “corner of his eyes” as he notices that Jensen glares at him shortly after giving a “mortal look” for Jared. ➡ And last but not least, Jensen! First he notices that something happens, looking first at Misha’s hand on Jared’s nipple but soon realizes that Jared’s hand is also on Misha’s nipple making his eyes go straight to Jared’s, wanting to “judge” him for what happened, but as Jared did not look back at him (probably realizing that Jensen did not like the joke at all) his eyes drifted to Misha, who cheekily just glanced over at Jensen … who makes a point of showing with a sign of negative with the head that did not like anything that just saw! SECOND GIF: This image occurs 1:05 minutes after the first GIF … Jared was visibly annoyed, looking like he wanted to redeem himself with his friend somehow. It was then that he does what happens in this GIF … ➡ Pay close attention to Jared gaze at Jensen as he puts Jensen’s arm under Misha … staring, meaning … “sorry friend for the joke of before with your boyfriend, his place is your arms!” ➡ Now pay attention to how Jensen returns to Jared’s appearance, shaking his head as if he agrees with his friend’s apologies. Thinking … “I think it’s good that you know Misha is mine and i does not like you touching her like that!” ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡ These gifs are one of my favorites … which in itself “exposes” Cockles in a very explicit way kkkkk I have other favorite gifs also that I will do the same as I did with these … since many people sometimes lose precious details kkkk. Sorry for the mistakes, because my English is medium English. To the next!😍😘💚💙😘😍

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JIBCon 2017 Sunday - Jensen/Misha PO story

I can’t describe how much these photos mean to me.. everything started with me wanting two Jen/Mish photos because I couldn’t get one last year and so I was in need of a hug but I also wanted to have “something intimate” - a pose where the emotional support was visible but not stepping over any boundaries. So I came up with the idea of this pose where I stand with the back to the camera and have my arms around Misha and Jensen. That transformed to the pose you see above, where Jensen should protect Misha and me and we just hide in his chest. After 12x22 you all know this pose as the “family hug” and a friend of mine actually did exactly that with J2, but I had the idea way before 12x22 aired and after what happened in 12x23 I knew I had to give Misha as much love as he could get that weekend! 

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Imagine being a member of the Supernatural cast and during a panel being asked about you and Brendon.

“Hey, first of all I am really happy to be here and see you all!”

“Hey sweetehart” you smiled at the girl as did Jared, Jensen and Misha.

“So uhm this question is not very very relevant to the show but uhm since I have the chance I would like very much to uhm ask (Y/n)…” she trailed off at our name and you smiled at her.

“Go on” you laughed “I won’t bite”

“You mean hard!” Jensen pointed out and you rolled your eyes at him.

“I bite hard only at the people that annoy me to no end!” you said matter-of-factly and he gasped audibly, putting a hand over his chest.

“What are you implying?”

“I am not implying anything. I am stating it. You are annoying!”

“It was just one freaking kissing scene!” he eclaimed.

“Which I had to get right but couldn’t because you kept making funny faces! Or let’s not mention supposedly forgetting your lines! Hence- annoying!”

Jensen kept opening and closing his mouth but no words were comign out until- “My feelings had just been hurt” he pouted visibly as he looked at the crowd.

“Better than me hurting something else of your” you grinned and Jared and Misha laughed.

“Oh please when that happens I would like to be there and filming everything!” Misha laughed and so did you.

“Anyway, guys we have a fan here waiting to ask a question. Let’s not be rude. So what was it?”

She giggled slightly “Well despite that, it was an amazing scene for us but I wanted to ask about something that has to do with your real life and it’s…”


“What’s going on between you and Brendon Urie from Panic! at the disco?”

you instantly felt heat rise on your cheeks as the crowd ‘Woo’ed along with Jared and they clapped, cheering.

“Oh uh well-” you laughed nervously “About that-”

“Wait- what Brendon do they mean? How have I not met him yet?” Misha piped in and you mentally thanked him for a second.

“Oh you actually have. It’s the tall dude you found on (Y/n)’s trailer the previous I think week”

“Oh. Oh! You mean the one she seemed to be making out with?”

Yeah, not thanking Misha after all.


“Uh yes, yes. I actually liked him. He’s pretty much as crazy as I am!”

Jared laughed “Yeah that one” he shook his head.

“Oh wait a sec- is that the guy she’s posting photos with all the time? Hey I thought she was just going to collaborate with his band on their next album!”

“We actually are” you spoke up before any of them could say anything more, not that there really was anything left “Thanks a lot by the way” you glared at them and they laughed.

“But yeah, although I think you got your answer, Brendon and I- well, we wanted to wait a little while to make it official but yes yes we are dating.”

No sooner had you finsihed your sentence than the crowd errupted into cheers. They clapped and you laughed shyly.

“Yeah uh- neither of us can really tell you how this started. We- we’ve actually been friends for so long, went together in high school and quiet honestly if you asked me back then if I imagined myself in ten years, dating him I’d say no immediately but well-” you chuckled awkwardly “Her we are. I- I don’t really know how to describe it. But for the time being there is only one word that can describe how I feel when I am with Brendon, doing crazy stuff like when we were teens. Happy”

The crowd errupted into ‘Aw’s as did Jensen, Jared and Misha.

You laughed “Yeah, he uh really makes me feel happy. Like I got everything I need and after all this time of knowing him I am just sure there is no single thing that could pull us apart now.”

More ‘aw’s were heard and you smiled sheepishly at them.



“We’ll need to have a talk with that lad huh?”

“Oh hells yeah.”

“Good. I’ll go load up the guns”

Unintentional Chapter Two: Phone Calls

Chapter Summary: Things have been strange on set since you’d filmed those scenes with Jensen. Things get heated during a convention.

A/N: I just wanted to say this now, this story is going to involve a lot of cheating. I do not condone cheating in any way, this is simply for the purpose of fiction <3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, language (including dirty talk, but I guess that kind of goes hand in hand with phone sex?)

Word Count: 2.3k (oops?)

Unintentional Masterlist

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You were still aching for him. You pressed your legs together to try and help with the need for friction. There was lots you and Jensen needed to talk about. But you just, couldn’t. Then it would become real, and that would become a problem; and you had to avoid becoming the other woman at all costs.


Over the next couple of weeks, things had been…awkward between you and Jensen. No matter what you did, you couldn’t get him out of your head. You’d lie awake at night, watching old gag reels and outtakes, just to see him. Your heart would skip a beat when you saw him smile; and your breath would slip away when you heard his laugh.

You’d also been avoiding Misha and Jared. At least when Jensen wasn’t around anyway. When the four of you were together, there was too much goofing around to give either of them the chance to ask you about anything. They didn’t know about what had happened on set, but they could tell that something was up.

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Love at First Video Part 39: Flowers

Misha Collins x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You stared out the window, your mouth wide open as you took in the scene from outside. It had only been a couple of days since you had last seen the Padalecki’s back yard and patio area, but you were pretty sure the changes out there now had nothing to do with them, and more to do with the nervous man waiting outside.

Flowers and plants were placed all throughout the yard, covering the vibrant green grass. A white archway stood at one end, covered in vines and blue and white flowers. White chairs were behind it, about four rows total. Each row had a banner of flowers connecting the chairs together. A light blue runner ran between the chairs, stopping at the arch. The patio hadn’t been left alone either. Tables had been shoved into the small space, covered with lace tablecloths, candles glowing in the middle. A cake stood in the middle, leaning precariously off to one side, covered with a mixture of blue and pink frosting. It was a scene from a fairy tale, something you had never imagined to see in your life.

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Jared x Reader: Part II

(Part I and Part III)

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader, lots of bromance with rest of cast

Word count: 1561

Summary: After a crazy end to a convention, you and Jared go out for coffee.

Warnings: reaaalllyyyy slowwwww burnnnn (sorry guys. *hides behind laptop screen*), it’s late and i’m tired (so this could likely be bleh, especially towards the end)

A/N: Okay… So this ended up being more crazy end to convention than out to coffee, but I had so much fun writing it. lol I got a lot of inspiration from the JIB8 closing ceremony. (If you haven’t watched it, you should seriously go watch it. It’s incredible.) 
Photo credit to @jmaclean (and here’s her twitter, which has even more amazing pictures.)

I’d barely seen Jared since Friday evening when we talked. It was Sunday now, the last day of the convention, and we’d all been pretty busy. But from what I’d seen, he seemed to be doing okay.

Right now, Misha and I were finishing our last panel, waiting for the rest of the cast to show up to say goodbye. Mish Mish was telling a story about something that happened during filming a couple weeks ago. “-ong story short, we all almost died because Jensen accidentally left the gas turned on in the stove at the house we were shooting in.”

“Hey, hey!” Jensen yelled, coming in from the side of the room, sending the audience into cheering and screaming. He climbed the stage and picked up a mic from the ground. “You kept messing with that stove too. It was probably you.” Jensen gave me a hurt look. “Why aren’t you defending my honor here, y/n/n?” 

I raised my eyebrow as Briana, Ruth, and Kim made it to the stage. “Honor? What honor?”

Ha!” He looked out at the crowd with a can you believe this person look. “I have honor.”

I rolled my eyes, shoving him slightly. At this point, most of the cast at this convention were standing up on the stage. Jared and Osric were the last two to get up there. Jared was about to pick up an extra mic from one of the tables, which sent Misha scrambling across the stage to grab it first. “No!” Jared froze, giving Misha a confused look. “You broke your last microphone for now, Jared. Rob can get this one.”

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Tumblr-Girl (Part 5)

Tumblr – Girl (series)

Part 1
Part 4
Part 6


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: you made a new friend, didn’t you?
Word Count: 2.080
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt


thanks soooo much to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ for beta-reading so fast, so that I can throw it out for you guys even faster. 

Also I wanted to thank y’all for sticking around (it took a while writing this one) and giving me so much strenght with your comments! I really had some hard days, but your appreciation helped me a lot! Love you guys! 

Now enjoy chapter 5!

Your POV

Some time passed, a few days, maybe a week, the medication you got stood untouched on the sink in your bathroom, your arm hurt awfully, but you couldn’t get yourself to take the painkillers. You had some more talks with Dr. Richard; he was nice, he seemed like he cared about you. You found out he was just a few years older than you, he lived alone, a bit outside the city. Every time you met him you both continued your question-answer game, it never was boring, you got to know him better and your relationship turned. Dr Richards was no longer Dr Richards to you, but now Jacob, and you often met with Jacob for some coffee, lunch or even for a drink in the evening together. He became a very good friend and you found yourself telling him things that you would normally tell Dmitri. However you still didn’t feel that comfortable to tell him everything about you, so you weren’t as honest with the Doctor as you were with your your Tumblr friend. ,

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Okay I would LOVE to believe all the Escape Room stuff is because it's going to be canon.... but isn't it more likely that Misha is just trolling us?

Q2: I can’t stop laughing over the Gishwhes escape room. It’s so ridiculously hilarious! I know folks have been saying Misha put it together. Do we know that for sure?

Hello lovelies! 

Q1: Absolutely. I wish I could tell you NO OF COURSE IT MEANS DESTIEL IS GOING CANON, but no, of course it does not. It is highly probable that all of it is done to put a smile on our face and a frenzy in the fandom social media outlets, it’s highly probable that it’s done to prick the eyes of those who have eyes deserving of getting pricked, while making the rest of us go OMFG YASSSSS WE LOVE YOU MISHA! (our eyes possibly getting pricked too but in a pleasurable fashion if you get the double entendre of this metaphor that has already gone too far now) (well either way) (mission accomplished) 


And I actually don’t know if Misha himself was in charge of compositing all the items into a pile or wish list in order for the Escape Room to be constructed to his exact specifications (hell he built his own house so he could probably construct the Escape Room from scratch himself) (I just doubt he took the time to) BUT even though it would be lovely to think that he himself chose each item, because our love for him would expand and our chests wouldn’t be able to contain our hearts and he would feel a shock wave of affection just crashing into him for the rest of the year, I think it’s more likely he said something along the lines of This Is The Theme of The Escape Room: SuperWhoLock - go. 

Or even that some devoted minion came to him with this idea and he said - go. 

Or even that it happened as they were building it and random stuff were getting added and a theme emerged from there and Misha said - go. 

What I am fairly certain of, however - because it has his naughty troll paw prints all over it and I think our reactions to this is something that would amuse and entertain no end - is that Misha Collins did say - go. 

Go go go. Make it this. Make it SuperWhoLock with an emphasis on a bisexual colour scheme because OF COURSE HE WOULD! :)

Look at all the other stuff they’re doing with the PR this year, look at the SDCC and look at JiB8, look at how they didn’t want us to think Cas was dead (yeah, I still find Jared’s “slip” rather convenient) and how they’ve incorporated Cas into the foreshadowing of S13. Misha’s been featured in the PR in a way that sets him apart, makes him stand out, and they’ve continually marked out this death as a Big fucking Deal to the brothers and to Dean especially. I mean, they speak about Mary like “Yeah, Dean is convinced there’s nothing that can be done.” Period. That’s it. Whereas the fact that “Cas is lying dead at his feet” and all of these people being taken away being too much is going to send Dean into I Am The Hammer I Eliminate The Threat Mode. Fucking awesome. 

Of course the Escape Room isn’t official PR. It is for FUNNNN. But what it also is, is adding to the accumulating funnies that shouldn’t really have anything to do with rainbows and unicorns, and yet continually do. The Quotes of the Day, that amazing Wonder Woman comment, the ever more amazing S12 Recap Promo Reel that they released (that was so Destiel, family and love heavy that I can’t even), the outspoken way the entire cast now handles the topic of sexuality (Jared even calling out Dean’s affinity for WAITERS - not waitresses) (though granted they’ve done that for a while, Jensen has been more relaxed about it than I think people give him credit for) ALL OF THIS just screams out that they’re not doing it by accident. 

There are too many coincidences for these instances, these official moments of PR, to be coincidental. They know what they’re doing. They’ve always known!

*I bow my goddamn head to it*

They are priming us for what’s up ahead and they are laying the foundation for the GA as well. They are showing themselves relaxed, happy and open minded. Because this is what they’re about, what the show has always been about, and they are so ready to finally bring this story home!

So, in short: I don’t take the Escape Room itself super seriously - it’s totally for shits and giggles - but as part of the whole it’s yet another piece of the gorgeous bisexual/rainbow coloured flag they’re hoisting. And that just makes me smile and smile and smiiiiiile!

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Co Workers (Part Seventeen)

A/N: Hopefully this part won’t break your heart as badly as the last few parts????

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language, Death (not a main character)

Word Count: 2.1k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“Um, well, he uh- he kissed me earlier.” you said nervously as you rubbed the back of your neck. You trusted Jensen with this information. It’s not like he was going to go off and spread rumors. He gave you a strange look before looking behind you. Someone heard that.

You turned around, Misha was standing right behind you.

“You um- left that out.” Misha said.

“Misha, I-” but you were interrupted by Rich pulling you up on stage. You looked back, but Misha walked away. Jensen flashed you an apologetic look and mouthed sorry, before you were thrown into your panel.

After your panel, you found yourself back in your room, trying to figure out what to do. Misha had seemingly disappeared again, and you’d been calling him non stop. You were relieved when you looked at your schedule to see that he was doing his photo ops; and hoped that he would call you after. Until then, you weren’t going anywhere. You didn’t want to talk to anyone but Misha.

You laid in bed and tried to take your mind off of everything, flipping through tv channels. You stopped on a channel that was playing reruns of Supernatural. They were showing your first episode. It was weird seeing yourself on tv, you never quite knew how to react to it. Your phone finally buzzed and you looked at it, happy to see that it was a text from Misha.

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Love at First Video Part 35: Your News

Misha Collins x Reader

1150 Words 

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

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“I’m pregnant?” You whispered, your hand wrapping around your still flat belly as you thought about it. It was scary, and while you had wished for a baby of your own, you weren’t quite sure you were ready. It was a big step, and it scared you.

“Woah, it’s okay. Take a deep breath.” Gen ordered as she took in your shaking hand and your pale skin. “If you’re worried about Misha, don’t be. You know he will be ecstatic.”

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How was children's reaction of Chihoko story? And who told them?

The thing is, they don’t hear about the Chihoko incident for quite a while. Not until Misha is fourteen. 

As said previously, every year they go to Hasetsu for pretty much the entire summer. And this time, the kids have gotten to that age where they don’t want to spend every waking minute with their parents. And because Hasetsu is such a small friendly town, they’re trusted to do whatever they like. 

So dear Misha, the ‘very attractive and mysterious foreigner’ manages to get a summer fling. I wouldn’t really call it a relationship, they probably just went out on a few ‘dates’ or something. But anyway, it gets to the point where he’s like ‘you should come to Yu-Topia Katsuki and hang’. 

And of course, introductions have to happen. So Misha rocks up and says “To-san, Papa, meet Chihoko.”  

Yuuri goes pale with his jaw dropped to the ground. Viktor spits out his sake. Poor Chihoko wonders what she did wrong. Misha is super confused. 

Mirai gets the story out of Yurio later on skype. Their reaction is ‘ew we didn’t need to know about our dads being naked together’. They never look at Hasetsu castle in the same way again. 

Norway: I love this man, and I just want to show him that I’m capable of watching one kid without something horrible happening!

Finland: Did you just say you love Denmark?

Norway: No. I did not.

Finland: Yes you did! Aww, that is so cute!!!

Norway: For Odin’s sake, will you please focus on the larger problem?

Sealand: Norge loves Denmark! Norge loves Denmark!

Norway: Kid, I don’t know what you think you heard, but please don’t tell Den what you incorrectly think you heard.

Finland: Norge loves…

Sealand: Denmark! Norge loves Denmark!


No Westy, no - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 2)

Title: No Westy, no

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 3,433

Warnings: None

Read Part 1 Here! l Read Deleted Scene Here!

A/N:  I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you ’re free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

Enjoy~! xx’

“No Westy, no!” you exclaimed through giggles as the young boy kept jumping up and down on your bed - or more like Misha’s bed.

You had been sleeping peacefully in Misha’s bed and had woken up when you heard little bare footsteps on the floor and then tiny arms grabbing pieces of tangled hair out of your face. You didn’t open your eyes and tried to prevent yourself from smiling because you knew very well who it was. You felt his face close to yours and heard his voice whispering to you, asking if you were awake or not. You did not respond which of course lead West to shaking you to get you to ‘wake up’. But you pretended to still be asleep nonetheless. Needless to say one thing lead to another and soon - once he realized you were awake - you had a little boy jumping up and down, trying to get you to get up from bed.

“But come ooooon!” he whined trying to take the blankets off you. He grasped onto them tightly with his small fists and tried to remove them from you but you took hold of them before he could.

“Get up! Come ooon!” he insisted and you just shook your head, pursing your lips in a childish way.

“No, I don’t want to get up!” you said and covered your head with the blankets.

“No! Come on, mommy!” you heard West whine again and you had a hard time not smiling at hearing him call you 'mom’ again. Maybe some part of you felt sad that you were not actually this amazing child’s mother and were never actually going to be but hearing him call you that and knowing that he actually considered you like his mother made your heart swell.

“Mooom! Get uuuup!” he whined again and you giggled when you felt him tug at your covers, trying and of course failing to take them off of you.

“No, Westy! No!” you said through more laughter, feeling him jump up and down.

“Pleeease!” he said in a baby voice again.

You had no chance to respond this time because Misha’s voice cut you off.

“What is going on here?” you could hear the smile in his voice and uncovered your head to look at him leaning against the door-frame.

His smile got even bigger when saw your own huge one.

“Daddy!” West exclaimed “Mommy won’t get up!” he said making a pout-y face.

The smile slightly fell from your face when you heard West call you 'mom’ in front of Misha. You knew that Misha was going to probably say to West that you were not his mother and thus prove to you once again that he did not feel the same way you did.

“Oh is that so?” Misha raised a playful eyebrow at you and smiled even more, making you actually wonder if he heard what West said.

“So mommy refuses to get up from bed, huh? Let’s see what we can do about that” he smirked as he came closer to you and your eyes widened at seeing the mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Oh no, Misha, no!” you shook your head and tried to back away from him.

“Oh yes, (Y/n), yes!” he grinned widely and before you could react he was on top of you attacking your sides mercilessly, your hysterical giggles, his low chuckle and West’s laughter filling the room.

“No, Misha! N-no! P-please!” you tried to say through your laughter but of course Misha didn’t stop.

“M-Misha, pl-please s-stop! Misha!” you exclaimed through giggles as his fingers ran over your sides. You tried to stop him, in vain though.

“Are you going to get up?” he stopped for just a while to look at you.

You tried to gain your breath and wiped away a few tears but then looked at him with pursed lips “No” you said firmly like a stubborn child.

He didn’t do anything, just shrugged “Eh fine then” was all he said and then resumed to attacking your sides.

“M-Misha!” you exclaimed once again.

You laughed so hard that your stomach hurt but it didn’t seem as if he was going to stop. At some point you heard West’s childlike giggles and then him hoping on the bed, but you were too focused on the 'torture’ Misha was making you go through that you couldn’t think of anything else - ok, maybe save for the part that Misha was on top of you that would be considered really… intimate, if the situation wasn’t like this. He was literally all over you, his face even buried in your neck; making you able to hear his deep chuckle.

You let out a sigh of relief and took in deep breaths, laughing occasionally, when he finally stopped. Misha was doing the same.

“You’re a stubborn ass, you know that?” he said with a chuckle and you rolled your eyes, slapping his shoulder.

“Don’t talk like that in front of… West?” you raised an eyebrow, looking at the direction you expected him to be.

“Where did he go?” you asked mostly yourself.

“Probably to eat his breakfast, it’ll be getting cold anyway. That’s why he came to wake you up. But as I said, your’re a stubborn ass and won’t get up.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Oh shut up! You know the bed’s really comfortable after all.” you said, but couldn’t help but giggle just slightly.

“Hm yeah, true. But you are more comfortable.” he hummed and nuzzled his face in your neck.

You gulped and felt your cheeks burn hot “Misha” you whispered, voice barely audible.

“Ssshh” he said in a really low voice “Just let’s stay like this for a little while” he said and let out a soft sigh, wrapping his arms around you.

You hesitated but wrapped your arms around him too, one hand around his back and another one making it’s way up to his head, and you ran your fingers through his short hair. You heard him hum in pleasure and couldn’t help but smile just slightly.

“You smell really good” you heard him mumble, his lips brushing your neck and sending shots of electricity through your spine.

“So good” he whispered again and you closed your eyes, resting your head on his.

Your eyes shot open when you felt him kiss your neck, though, and that was not what surprised you the most.

It was the sight of an empty bedroom and a closed door that made your heart sink.

It was just a dream.

You closed your eyes just for a few moments, wishing that you would return to that dream once again. But that was not going to happen.

You sighed and opened your eyes just slightly, looking up at the ceiling and taking in deep breaths. Your heart hammered in your chest and you would be lying if you said that you already missed the feeling of Misha so close to you - in that way.

You shook your head and lifted the covers off of you, letting out another sad sigh. You slowly dragged your feet and made your way to the door, opening and walking out of the room towards the bathroom.

You were rubbing your eyes to get the sleep out of them - your thoughts drifting to the dream - but before you could realize it you felt yourself bump into somebody, you lost your balance and grabbed onto anything you could to help you not fall. You failed, though, as the person didn’t have time to react and instead fell along with you.

“Ow” you groaned with a huff. You opened your eyes to see sky blue orbs staring right back at you. Misha was right on top of you, his body pressed to yours, leaving no room for you to move. He was flushed to you just like in the dream - the thought of which made your cheeks burn hot. The situation you were in didn’t really help, either. His face was so close to yours that you could feel his hot breath on your face, mixing with your own, your faces were inches apart and his half-opened mouth was literally daring you to lean in press your lips to his.

“Sorry” his rasp voice broke your trail of thoughts and you looked up from his lips that you now realized you had been staring at for a good while.

“No, I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking” you meant to say in a strong voice but it only came out as a whisper.

That’s what had only been said until once again silence followed, both of you staring intensely at each other. It was somewhat awkward and uncomfortable but at the same time… at the same time it felt so comfortable. That’s how it has always been with Misha. More often than not did you need to say something and silence around him felt always peaceful and comfortable.

But now there were moments that you honestly thought he was looking at your lips. And then there was this moment when you’d swear you saw him lean in but of course you had to be interrupted.

“Daddy? What happened?” West’s voice snapped the both of you and it made Misha finally want to get up. He offered you a hand and you got up too.

“Nothing, I was just too focused on twitter that didn’t saw (Y/n) and we bumped on each other” he said with a small smile.

“Are you hurt?” West asked looking at you and you smiled at him.

“No Westy, no. I’m ok” you ruffled his hair and he giggled.

“Ok. Daddy, come on the pancakes are ready” West said tugging at his fathers sleeve.

“I’m coming West, you go.” he said and West ran down the stairs.

“Sorry for that again” Misha said with a low chuckle “I was really too much into twitter that I didn’t see you coming”

“Don’t worry, I was too much into dreamland that I didn’t see you either” you said with a chuckle that died out when you saw the way he was looking at you, studying you so intensely as if he was seeing right through you; making you feel as if you were naked while you were wearing clothes. His clothes.


You raised an eyebrows at him, without really intending to, which made Misha clear his throat and avert his eyes from you.

“So I was coming to wake you up-” he said and you could help the flashes from the dream appear “- and bring you your clothes. They’re dry so if you’d like to wear them…” he trailed off, handing you your clothes that had dried throughout the night.

“Thank you” you said in a low voice with a small smile.

“You can change, of course, but… you know, you could just- you could just keep wearing these clothes too, to be more comfortable you know” he motioned to his clothes that you were wearing “Besides you look good in them.” he said but then his eyes almost widened when he realized what had actually come out of his mouth.

He had just been speaking his mind, the warm feeling in his chest at seeing you in his clothes really made him lose all control he had over what he said. And Misha was not going to deny it to himself - maybe everybody else - but not himself. He really wished there would come a moment to see you in his clothes again and it would truly mean that you and him-

“I mean- I- Not that you don’t look good in anything else. Of course. You look good in everything, just- I’d better go take Maison, she’s probably awake by now.” he muttered the last part and without a second look at you he turned to wait towards Maison’s bedroom.

“No, Misha” your voice, barely audible, made him stop and turn to look at you.

“I’ll go take Maison, you just go downstairs and make sure not to let West spark a fire” you said and he slightly chuckled.

“I guess you’re right. Ok.” he said with a smile and turned to walk downstairs.

“Oh and make some extra pancakes for me, will ya?” you said and heard him chuckle.

He turned his head to look at you, not having walked the stairs down yet, and spoke “Got it” he winked at you and you would be lying if you said that you didn’t blush.

You and Misha had been friends for a really long time and even though you fooled around sometimes, you always knew that that’s what it just was. Fooling around. You knew that he did not mean it and that he would never mean it. You were just friends. There was no way he would see you any different.

And at the thought of it, you couldn’t help but feel your heart sink.

Maybe the fact that this time he seemed more serious about it and your hopes got up was even worse. Because just when you thought that there was just the slightest chance, you thought of how impossible that was, as well.

You were just friends, and that was not going to change.


“No Westy, no.” you heard Misha protest at something obviously West had done or said. You laughed mostly to yourself, wondering what that kid had done again. You balanced Maison on your hands and hip, walking with her down the stairs.

“But how much more will I have to wait?” you heard West’s sad voice.

“I don’t know, West. But please- just- Don’t- Don’t call (Y/n), mom again. I know that you probably didn’t mean it last night but- Just not again, ok?” you heard Misha’s voice and stopped dead in your tracks, the pang in your chest hurt more than you’d expect.

“Why?” you heard West ask once again.

“Because she’s not your mother, West. (Y/n) is not your mother, ok?” you heard Misha say firmly and you had to swallow the lump in your throat to keep the tears in.

“But daddy you said you want her to-” West started saying something again that really caught your interest but was cut off by Misha.

“I know West, but we talked about this. No talking about it until the time comes. Especially in front of (Y/n), alright?” he asked and you frowned, wondering what he actually meant by that and why they shouldn’t talk about it in front of you.

You had no more time to stay in your 'hiding’ place on the stairs as Maison’s sneezing made your presence known.

You put on a happy face, as if you hadn’t heard them at all, and walked towards the kitchen with the little girl in your hands.

“Obviously someone’s caught a cold” you said with a smile, bouncing the baby girl in your arms as she giggled.

“And I blame you, Collins, for that” you glared at Misha playfully.

“Me? How would I ever want my own daughter to catch a cold?!” he faked hurt.

“Well I didn’t say you’d want that per say, but the blanket you put on her for the night didn’t do much of a job in protecting her from the cold.” you said, setting her on her chair.

“Yeah well sorry for not being exactly an ideal mother” he rolled his eyes at you “After all I think that role is more ideal for you” he smiled cheekily at you and you had a hard time not frowning, wondering whether he actually meant it or not.

You had no time to question him, though, as West spoke up.

“(Y/n) look! Daddy and I made pancakes!” he exclaimed, showing you the plate full of pancakes and you had a hard time not showing your disappointment at hearing him call you just ’(Y/n)’.

“Great job! At least you helped him, so I know I’m actually going to be eating something!” you said and the little boy smiled proudly.

“Uh excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?” Misha looked at you again with fake hurt.

“What do you think? Last time you had me over and I let you cook the dinner I ended up not eating anything! I mean yeah, you may be a good actor but as a cook, sorry Misha, you suck!” you said matter-of-factly.

“Ouch! (Y/n) that hurts! I tried my best, ok?” he defended himself.

“Ok, ok. Besides, nobody can be as awesome as me!” you said proudly and he rolled his eyes again.

“Yeah add modest to that to!” he pointed out.

“Oh shut it!” you hit his shoulder “No move away, I want omelette today too and I’m not letting you make it” you said and moved in front of the pan that was already waiting for you. You put the ingredients in and waited for it to get ready.

“Yeah but obviously you still need me” he said smugly when he saw you struggling to flip it over.

“You’d wish! I’m a strong independent woman and sure as heaven do not need you, Collins!” you retorted.

“You and your feminism.” he rolled his eyes at you “Come on just let me help you with that, or else your omelette is going to look worse than just burned” he said and before you could protest he came behind you and pressed himself close to you, his chest pressed to your back, while one hand went on your hip the other came to rest on top of yours that was holding the pan. He leaned down so that his face was close to yours and about the same level. With one swift movement he had flipped the omelette, really putting no effort in it.

“See, that’s how you do. It’s easy.” he said said voice really low, his hot breath tickling your neck. He repeated the movement obviously trying to teach you how to do it but your mind was too focused on him being this close to you that you could not really think of anything else.

“For an awful cook as yourself you’re pretty good at this” you murmured with a slight laugh, trying to lighten the mood that had honestly become really heavy.

“Maybe it’s because you’re here and I’m doing my best to impress you” he said and you could clearly hear the smirk in his voice.

“Impress me, huh? And why would you want that?” it came out in a much lower voice than you intended.

“Dunno, you tell me” he said and you averted your eyes to look at his hand on top of yours, his thumb rubbing over you knuckles and you could feel the one that rested on your hip making small circles.

You slowly turned your head, locking eyes with his, your faces just a few inches apart.

You opened your mouth to speak but did not have the chance to as a glass falling made you both jump. You both turned to look at the glass that was previously full of milk now on the floor.

“Sorry” West said with an innocent smile.

“It’s ok. I’ll clean that” you said in a haste, breaking free of Misha’s 'hold’.

“No, no” Misha stopped you, putting a hand on top of yours; making you look immediately at him “I’ll clean that” he said.

“Yeah, ok” you averted your eyes from his, letting out a breath “I’ll- I- There is something I need to take from my car I’ll be right back” you said a little bit too quickly and walked away from Misha before he could say anything.

You let out a breath as you walked away from the kitchen and Misha - Misha above all - and ran a hand down your face, trying desperately to calm down your rapidly beating heart. The effect this man had on you was impossible to describe but you knew for sure that what you felt for him scared you. It scared you to no end.

You walked towards the door, wanting to get out of the house - supposedly wanting to take something from your car that was parked right outside but in reality wanting to just take a few moments to yourself, take some deep breaths and relax.

You put your hand on the door-handle and opened it only to be met by the sight of a woman ready to hit the doorbell but having stopped as soon as the door opened, looking at you with a warm smile.

“Vicki?” you breathed out.

Co Workers (Part Eleven)

A/N: I apologize in advance. This part’s a trip.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Some violence, alcohol.

Word Count: 2.4k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“What do you want, Andrew?” you snapped at him as quietly as you could, so that no one would hear you.

“I wanted to apologize.”

You stood there, your arms crossed, head down. He wanted to apologize. Apologize. You didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know what to think. He hurt you. He put you in a situation you’d never been in before, and one you’d hoped to never be in again.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “please say something.”

“What am I supposed to say Andrew?” your head snapped up, finally making eye contact with him, “you-” your eyes began to water- “you hurt me, and I know I cheated on you, and I’m sorry for that, but you, you should never have done that to me.”

Your shoulders were shaking while you were fighting sobs. You were determined not to cry in front of Andrew, he didn’t deserve it; but regardless if you were crying or not, you were a blubbering mess. You just couldn’t get your words out. Andrew stepped forward and placed a hand on your shoulder.

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Warnings: Minor swearing
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, actress!reader, readers actress sister
Summary: You and a few others prank some people on set
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 1131

Y/N Your Name
Y/S/N: Your Sisters Name

A/N: I don’t think I have anything to add. Enjoy!

Being a part of the Supernatural cast was great, you and your sister played sisters in the show, so it all worked out. You two play Sam and Dean’s sisters, you two are basically sisters to them in real life as well, one big happy family. You two usually team up against Jensen and Jared for prank wars. Sometimes all four of you will team up against Misha, no matter if you’re working, goofing off, or just hanging out, you always have a good time.

“Hey, Y/N!” Jared’s voice caught your attention, you spun around and saw him jogging to you. “Have you seen Jensen and Y/S/N? They were suppose to meet me at my trailer but they aren’t there.”

You looked around, “No, actually… I haven’t seen them all day now that I think about it.” You scratched the top of your head. Just after you said that, freezing cold water was dumped onto you. You screamed and jumped back, you also heard a lot of laughing. You opened your eyes and saw Jared soaked as well, you looked around and noticed Jensen and Y/S/N standing on top of a trailer with buckets in their hands, laughing. “Y/S/N, you traitor!” You yelled.

Jared stood there, shaking from the ice water, “Geez that’s cold! I’m gonna g-go change.” Jared’s teeth chattered.

“Yeah, me too. We’ll get them back later.” Jared nodded and you both went to your trailers.

You got a dry pair of clothes and went to meet up with Jared. He told you to meet him at the cafeteria. Once you got there you saw him talking to Misha, “Great! Y/N, come over here! We got to fill you in.” Jared waved you over.

“We?” You stood next to Jared.

“Yeah, Misha decided he wanted to prank Jensen and Y/S/N, mostly Jensen though.” You nodded, “Okay, how about you just follow me and I’ll explain when we get there.”

You and Misha followed Jared to Jensen’s trailer, “What are we doing here?” Misha asked.

“We are going to mess with the lights in Jensen’s trailer, he just had them all replaced yesterday, so when we get in there just unscrew the bulb a little.” Jared explained.

“Really? That’s your big prank to get back at him?” You replied, not impressed.

“Not all of it, I also replaced all his shampoos with glue, changed everything on his laptop, set up five alarms on his phone to go off throughout the night, oh, and got rid of all the junk food and replaced it with vegetables.” Jared recalled, your eyes widened at all the things he did in such a short time.

“Those are still just little pranks, though.” You responded, crossing your arms over your chest.

“It’s the little things that annoy him.” Jared smiled and went into Jensen’s trailer, you and Misha followed.

“So, what are we going to do to get back at Y/S/N?” You asked whilst un-screwing a light bulb a little.

“I thought you would have a plan for that.” Jared responded.

“Why not just do the same thing we did here?” Misha chimed in.

“Because, then they’ll know we did it.” You answered. “I got the prefect idea, meet me at Y/S/N’s trailer when you’re done!” You told them and ran out of the trailer.

Once you got to Y/S/N’s trailer you decided to get right to work, you went into the trailer and began taking the furniture that could fit through the door, out. You set all of it in front.

Misha and Jared joined you shortly after you finished bringing out all the small furniture, “Y/N, what are you doing?” Misha asked. You peaked your head out of the door.

“Huh? Oh, I need your help! Can you guys lift all this stuff and put it on the roof?” You asked. The two stared at you, wide-eyed but nonetheless started lifting the furniture onto the roof.

After about ten minutes of moving furniture around you finally have a nice living space set up on the roof, last step. Gluing it. You had Jared hoist you up onto the roof and they handed you some really strong glue. You lifted the legs of the chairs, applied a lot of glue and set it back down. You did that with all the furniture, you even glued the lamp to the table.

Jared helped you down and you three just went on your daily task until Jared made you do the exact same thing to Jensen’s trailer. You agreed mainly because you really wanted to see the look on Jensen’s face, you don’t even care what’s going to happen afterwards.

You all were standing on set, waiting to start filming. “So, I saw something interesting today.” Mark Sheppard commented to you.

“Oh? What?” You replied.

“Oh, y'know, just some furniture on the roof of some trailers…” Mark squinted his eyes at you, “You did it, didn’t you?”

“Depends. Are you gonna tell on me?” You took a step back.

“Goodness, no. I think it was hilarious.” Mark complemented.

“Good, to answer your question, yes it was me, with the help of Jared and Misha.” You responded. Mark nodded but before he could say anything else the director called action.

Once you were done filming you over heard Y/S/N saying she was going to her trailer, so you grabbed Jared and Misha, and all followed her.

She turned the corner and stopped dead in her tracks, “What the hell?” She said mostly to herself, she walked around her trailer, examining the situation.

“Wow, didn’t know you’d be sleeping outside for now on.” You commented as you walked towards her, she narrowed her eyes at you.

“You did this.” She stated, you smiled smugly and pointed to the men standing behind you. “You all did this? Misha? Really?”

Misha opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out so he just held his hands up in defense.

“You’re going to help me get all this down.” Y/S/N pointed at you, you smiled even more.

“Sure, you go up there and lower everything down.” You replied, Y/S/N nodded and went over to the trailer, Jared followed to help her up.

She walked over to a chair and attempted to pick it up, “What the? Did you glue this?!” Right when she asked that, Jensen walked over and started laughing.

“What are you laughing about? You should go see your trailer.” You told him, Jensen’s smiled instantly faded and he bolted to his trailer, followed by you and everyone else.

“Damn it, guys!” He yelled, running a hand over his face, “That’s all glued too, isn’t it?”

“Yep!” You draped your arm over Jensen’s shoulder. “Have fun.” You patted his shoulder and walked away.

“This isn’t over…” Jensen mumbled.

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“Ok I’m not sure if your taking requests or anything right now but if you are could you maybe do one where the it’s like the reader and her twin sister either they’re part of the spn cast or deans daughter, maybe idk if you want to do this it’s perfectly fine love your writing”

A/N: Thank you!

I hope y'all like this one I’m open for tips on improving!

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I just noticed a comment on an old old ask of mine by ameliapond90 saying 

“…the time when jared put his hands on mish’s waist then whisper something into his ear? then jensen got all flustered and all pissy looking at jared?” —-> WHAT WHEN WHY HOW I NEED TO KNOW

I’m gonna answer here instead of tacking onto the sorta unrelated ask, cause I tracked down the event (AHBL 09) and I was wrong about what happened and it’s worth its own post. There are other posts about it by people who were in the fandom at the time, but idk where to find them.

So Misha crashed the J2 panel and there was some kind of joke about these white shirts that had stuff written on them. (Jensen’s said “I’m with stupid” and Jared’s said “I gave $____ to charity.) They were all laughing, then Jared put the shirt on and I guess Misha decided to write something on the back? Well he did this:

Jensen had just sat down on the other side of the stage, and as he sees this happen he seriously turns his whole body away and curls over, his body language completely shutting down.

In fact, here’s the video at the moment where it happens:

And one might say that he’s just laughing like usual at Misha’s antics, but then you notice how when Jared walks over to him he shoots to his feet and walks away like he is pissed as fuck. And then you see this picture that somebody took.

Green eyed monster indeed.

Supernatural life - Supernatural x Reader (SPN/TVD crossover)



That’s what was only in your mind.


Running… to save your life.

Your life. You had no idea how your life had come to this. All of a sudden you had found out that every supernatural being that you had ever imagined, read or heard of, was real.

How? You even couldn’t answer that question.

It had just happened to be that group of mysterious guys that had come to your school as ‘exchange’ students and all of a sudden you had found out that they were… vampires. And not only that, but you were one too.

Crazy right? Well not to them.

To cut a long story short you had been informed that indeed you were a half vampire, just that your vampire side was 'sleeping’ and that’s how it would till the end of your life unles… unless you were killed during the year of the 'Bloody Moon’. And that year happened to be this year…

So in order to prevent anyone from killing you, and thus bringing every supernatural dead being, from coming into life again (since your blood was needed for that spel), a 'guardian’ has been assigned for you; and… let’s just say you could not believe what you had seen.

Ian Somerhalder, no, Damon Salvatore himself. He existed, fact that shocked your best friends when he had appeared at your school to pick you up, one day, as he had said.

It almost had given you a heart attack…

… but that was months ago…

… when you were still enjoying the whole situation…

… but now…

… now you were running for your life…

What had originally been suppossed to be a trip with your school in (favorite place/town) had now turned into a nightmare…

Seeing those beasts be about to tear apart your friends was… intimidating to say the least…

But they didn’t, because you had run out of the room you were staying, caughting their attention, and leaving your friends. And now they were after you and…

…. here you were running as fast as you could…

The rain was purring down non-stop, soaking you from head to toes but you didn’t care…

You looked back several times, and seeing them get closer made you run faster… the fastest you could…

Your heart beating rapidly making tears well up in your eyes. You were feeling your legs give out but tried to continue running… you were not going to give up…

You slipped several times and fell, cutting your hand that was now bleeding. You had fell again but this time found yourself unable to get up. A sob escaped your throat as some tears rolled down your cheeks. Looking down at your stomack you saw a piece of glass piercing it. Where it had come from, you hadn’t realised, the only thing in your mind was the immense pain that it was causing you. Slowly, with all the strength you had, and painfully you pulled it out making more tears roll down your cheeks.

You got up holding your stomach with your not-hurt hand; as blood floated. You kept running, though in a much slower pace, strumbling over your feet several times.

At some point you couldn’t feel anything, only that you were no longer able to even walk, and just without even realising it your entire body hit the cold, wet ground…

… and the world was slowly fading away…

… maybe this was the end?…

… maybe…

… you heard them get closer… as everything was consumed by darkness…

~*~ Time skip ~*~

You slowly and hesitantly opened your eyes to be met by an unfamiliar room…

You were confused. Weren’t you supposed to be dead or something or at least feel like that?

You blinked several times trying to take in your surroundings and remember what had happened… and something came to your mind…


You had heard gunshots and… someone shouting to… help you?

You shook your head trying to clear it… what you had just thought just couldn’t have happened…

“It did in fact” a  gruffy voice was heard making you turn your head to look at the direction where the voice had come from.

Your eyes widened in shock… no it couldn’t be true.

There, at the door, stood a head-tilting and frowning… Misha Collins?

No, not Misha Collins but Castiel.

The one and only.

“You seem rather perplexed, am I correct?” he asked and you were about to answer when the door that the angel stood next to, opened. This time revealing… Sam Winchester?

“I see you have awoken. How are you feeling?” he asked smiling, as he came closer to you; sitting at the end of the bed.

You looked between him and Castiel, mouth agape, ready to say something but you were unable to do so “Y-you… a-and you… a-and… whow!” were the only words that you were able to form, putting a hand on your head and taking deep breaths.

Well you had to admit it was quite shocking to meet both of them in an evening. Yes you had met other 'stars’ of The Vampire Diaries or Sherlock or even Doctor Who that oddly enough seemed to be involved in this whole 'story’. Hell, you had even met characters from Twilight, at which you could not stop yourself from laughing. But this was… well… something you could not describe.

You heard Sam chuckle, fact that made you blush and look at your hands “It’s ok. It’s only me and Cas” he said putting a hand on your shoulder and making you look at him.

“And how that’s supposed to help me?” you asked chuckling as you saw that all-too-famous Sam Winchester smile.

“Well…” he paused for  moment “I don’t know, to be honest” he said shrugging and chuckling.

“Well pleasure to meet you both” you said looking between him and Cas who was still standing akwardly near the door. “My name is-” you started but Sam cut you off.

“(Y/n). Yeah we know. Damon told us” he said.

“Damon? Don’t tell me you know each other?!” you said looking at him in disbelief.

“Yeah” he simply said.

“Well he is surely going to end up a dead meatsuit as soon as I see him!” you said and Cas frowned.

“I don’t understand that reference. Isn’t he already dead, since he is  vampire?” he tilted his head making you giggle.

“What? Did I say anything wrong?” he asked more puzzled than before, and you just shook your head still giggling.

“No. No you didn’t, just…” but trailed off as soon as you looked up and locked eyes with his beautiful blue ones. Damn Misha Collins and those eyes!

“It’s a characteristic Castiel-quote” you said after a few seconds and he frowned, obviously not having grasped what you had said.

But before he could question it, Sam spoke “I’ll explain later, Cas. Now (y/n) you can go and take a bath. This is the only bedroom with a bathroom that has hot water. The bathroom is over there. And if you need clothes you can find some on the first drawer and if you want you can wear them.” he said smiling and got up.

“Yes. But uhm Sam what about the injury I had?” you asked.

“Cas healed you, so everything is ok. Don’t worry. I’m going to call Damon and tell him that you are ok.” he smiled and you nodded.

After he and Castiel exited the room, you entered the bathroom to take the shower that you needed so much.

“So Cas I’m going to call Damon. How about you go at (y/n)’s motel room and bring a few things she might need.” Sam said and Castiel nodded; disappearing in a split second.

Sam called and just as he started talking with Damon, the door opened revealing a soaking Dean Winchester holding two plastic bags.

“Hey Sammy.” he greeted his brother and Sam just looked at him with an expression that said 'Really? You couldn’t find an umbrella?’.

“What?!” Dean asked raising an eyebrow and Sam just shrugged it off.

“So yeah, uhm, as I was saying we were able to kill all of them…” he said to the phone.

“Who are you talking to?” Dean asked, setting the bags down.

“Damon” was Sam’s only answer that was enough to make Dean’s day worse.

“What does that jackass want?” he asked raising his voice and making Sam glare at him.

“Yeah? Oh no… nothing, greetings from Dean. He just got in and…” Sam started talking on the phone but trailed off as obviously Damon said something.

After a few seconds Sam cleared his throat and looked at Dean “You have… greetings from Damon, too…” he said.

“He can go to hell!” was Dean’s only answer as he took his soaked jacket off and Sam turned his back to his brother to talk on the phone.

Taking off his jacket made Dean realise how much wet he was “Hey Sammy, I’m going to change and probably take a warm shower. I’ll be in there if you need me” he said pointing at the bedroom, hoping his brother had heard him and made his way towards the bedroom.

You had just finished you shower that took you less time than you had originally thought and exited the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around you, since you being the 'genious’ you were had forgotten to take some clothes from where Sam had told you so.

As you exited the bathroom you searched at the drawer finally finding a bit T-shirt that would do.

When, the door suddenly opened, startling you and making you drop the shirt.

You bent down to pick it up and then looked up to see who had entered and well… let’s just say you couldn’t believe your eyes.

There at the door stood a wide-eyed Dean Winchester, a smirk slowly forming. You stood there, stunned, for  few moments just looking at him. After all it is not everyday tht you get to meet the Dean Winchester.

And he looked at you with an almost amused as well as surprised expression, his eyes scanning you from head to toes.

And it was just after a while that you realised why he was looking at you like that.

Pulling the towel lower you spoke “H-hi” you said and smiled slightly “You must be Dean, right?” you said trying to ease the tension or at least hide your blush.

Well, after all you were in a room alone with Dean Winchester and had only a towel wrapped around you.

“Yeah, Sam’s older brother. He, uhm, he didn’t tell me he, uh, he would be having a girl, you know, you and…” he started a blush evident on his face too, and you cut him off.

“Oh no. No, it’s not like that. Sam and Cas saved me today and just that, big story. My name is (y/n), by the way…” you said and he nodded.

“Oh, good. Ok, then. That’s nice.” he said grinning like a little child.

“Yeah” you said smiling akwardly.

“So I guess you’re not one of those 'Supernatural’ fans, right?” he chuckled, trying to break the ice.

“Well as a matter of fact…” you gave him a smile that said 'I know who you are and your tricks are not going to work with me’. Although deep down you wanted him to try those tricks.

“Crap!” he said and you both laughed “So… not even a little chance, huh?” he smirked an you raised an eyebrow; playfully.

“Well I’m sorry to ruin it to you Mr. Winchester, but apart from that, this girl” you pointed to yourself “Is 100% Castiel-girl” you said smirking.

“Yeah right!” he said and you gave him a playful wink “Yep” you said and turned, getting into the bathroom. Closing (and locking) the door behind you.

And at that moment Sam, who had now realised what Dean had told him, got into the bedroom, trying to stop whatever Dean might had in mind.

“Dean what happened?” he asked looking at his brother’s stunned face, who looked as if he had just had a heartattack.

But Dean didn’t answer for a while “I should get that nerdy angel to teach me how he does that…” he mumbled, his gaze still glued on the bathroom’s door.

“What?” Sam asked, not understanding what his brother had said. 

But Dean didn’t answer and just exited the bathroom mumbling “Definitely need a drink after that…”.

Sam followed behind…

… you definitely knew how to walk with a towel… only…

Co Workers (Part Four)

Chapter Summary: Y/N and Misha talk.

A/N: Hey, uh, yeah. Here ya go. I apologize in advance. Also, I still can’t get the keep reading feature to work, so sorry for all of the words i guess

Pairing: Andrew x Reader, Misha x reader

Warnings: Cheating, and almost smut, some swearing.

Word Count: 2.1k

Catch up! Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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“FUCK!” You yelled. Hitting your head on the wall behind you. You didn’t care if any of your neighbors heard you. You had to figure out what to do.

Castiel slammed Blair against the brick wall, holding his angel blade against her neck. She was a witch, and had failed to tell Sam and Dean.

“Go ahead. Kill me” She spat out. Castiel nervously pushed the blade against her neck harder, almost breaking the skin, but that was all he could do.

“That’s what I thought.” She choked out, Castiel was blocking her airway. He removed the angel blade and backed away, he couldn’t kill her. He loved her, and she knew it.

“I was on your side you know.” Blair looked at Cas, “I was on your side, and you think since I’m a witch that I’m as good as any other monster out there.”

“You deceived me.” Castiel was visibly hurt. He didn’t know what to say. Blair stepped towards him.

“I simply left out one little detail about myself, I’m still the same person, Castiel.” Cas couldn’t take it any longer, he closed the small distance between them and crashed his lips into Blair’s.

“CUT!” The director yelled. That was the last scene of the day. You were all tired, and ready to go home. Tomorrow was Friday, which meant there was only one whole day left before Andrew would be there to visit. You still hadn’t told him about that night.

You said your goodbyes to everyone and made your way to your trailer to wash up and change. You were really fitting in on set. Besides the fact that you had been avoiding Misha, everything was going great. Except for tomorrow, you knew would be challenging. You were going to be filming your first sex scene; and you were terrified; but if you were being honest with yourself, you were more nervous about the fact that the scene was with Misha than anything.

You splashed your face with cold water and excitedly got ready to go home. You loved this job but the hours were crazy.

The next day you got to set early, even though you didn’t start filming until a bit later in the day; you liked hanging out in your trailer. It was cozy, and you were able to focus perfectly on reading your script. You were sitting on the little recliner going over as many lines in your head as you could when your trailer door opened, it was Misha. Your heart sank a little. He knew you were avoiding him. He offered you a small smile and sat down on the chair across from you.

“We need to talk, Y/N.”

“No we don’t Misha.” You wanted to pretend like your little make out session with him never happened, and up until now, it was working pretty well for you. You opened your mouth to say something else when he butted in.

“I broke up with Renee.” He broke eye contact with you when he said it, resting his arms on his knees. You could tell he was hurt, and he had simply just come to you to talk. Before that night, you two were friends after all.

“I-I’m sorry, uh, why? Was it because of what happened..” Your voice shook as you began to mention what you were trying so hard to keep locked up.

“Yeah, well, part of it. I had told you she was kind of controlling.” He began nervously looking around. He wasn’t telling you something.

“What is it Misha?” You tried to sound sympathetic but it came out in more of a demanding tone.

“Nothing, Y/N, it was just was long overdue.” He looked up at you, he was sincere. Maybe your judgement was just off. “So, did you tell your boyfriend?”


“Don’t you think you should?”

“Probably. But it’ll just hurt him.” You realized that you hadn’t taken into consideration how this made you feel. You felt guilty of course, but for some reason you just weren’t hurt.

“What about you?” He looked at you again.

“I’m fine.” You looked back down at your script. You shouldn’t have said that. You were also starting to feel nervous.

“You mean you don’t feel bad?”

You sighed. “Of course I feel bad. I just..I don’t know”

“Y/N, look at me” You did what he said, you looked at him. This time when the two of you made eye contact there was something there. More than just eye contact, more than just friendship.

“What Misha?” Your voice was softer this time. The reason you hadn’t told Andrew yet was because you didn’t want to stop whatever feelings you were having for Misha; you just didn’t want to admit it. You knew as you looked at him, that you were taking a step out onto some extremely thin ice.

“Hear me out,” he sat up straight, his eyes never leaving yours. “You could be with me if you wanted. Your boyfriend’s not here, Supernatural films for most of the year anyway and…” You interrupted him as you tried to shake yourself from this trance.

“I can’t leave Andrew, we’ve been together for five years, he was my…” you were unsure of if you should continue. You took a deep breath and said it anyway. “He was my first everything, like, everything.”

Misha just looked at you. He didn’t say anything. He got up and leaned over your chair, putting his arms on either side of you, his face just inches from yours. You hadn’t seen this side of him before; but you weren’t exactly complaining.

“Is that all that’s got you hung up on him? A few years and your virginity?” His voice was low, close to his Castiel voice. Your breath hitched and your heart felt like it was going to pump out of your chest.

“N-no, I l-love him.” You heart felt like it was beating even faster, if that was possible.

“Do you?” Misha’s voice was challenging, he looked at your lips and back up at you before he leaned in and kissed you. His lips were soft; and they fit perfectly with yours. You noticed the warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach that you had with Misha, you certainly did not feel that with Andrew. After only a few seconds, Misha ended the kiss. Staying close to your face like he was before.

“I think if you loved him, that kiss wouldn’t have felt like that.” He didn’t wait for a response before he kissed you again, this time harder. You sat your script down on the table next to you and brought your hands to his face. You didn’t care this time. Andrew didn’t make you feel like this, and Misha did. You stood up and let him sit down in your recliner, so that you could straddle him; your lips never parting. He wrapped his arms all the way around your back, pulling you closer.

You broke off the kiss and just looked at him. His eyes were so beautiful. You could never get tired of them. Your heart was beginning to ache as you began to realize that you wanted to be with Misha, not Andrew.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” He whispered as he moved one of his hands to your thigh, the other he brought to your face. The instant his hand landed on your cheek, tears welled up in your eyes, spilling over quickly. You let out a sob and you fell into Misha, your head resting in the crook of his neck, his arms wrapping around you once more. This was too much, you didn’t even know how you were supposed to break up with Andrew, you didn’t know what to tell him.

You both sat like that for awhile, even after you stopped crying. Misha brought a hand to the back of your head and ran his fingers through your hair as he broke the silence.

“Y/N, there’s one more thing.”

“Hmm?” You didn’t want to move, but you sat up anyway and looked at him.

“Our scene today, do you need help? Having to redo sex scenes can get…tiring.” He really did want to help you, sometimes you forgot that you were still pretty new to acting, and that you still needed help with a lot.

“I um-are you suggesting we, practice?”

“Well, yeah, it doesn’t get as intimate as it may seem. We can just do like a run through if you want.” He sounded kind of nervous, like he didn’t want to push you to do something you didn’t want to do. Reminding you of the sweet Misha that you met before Christmas, who showed you around set and introduced you to everyone.

“Ok, what do we do?”

He helped you off of him and grabbed the script you had sat on the table and flipped to the right page, he got up and sat on the small couch in your trailer so that there was more room.

“I’m guessing you’ve read it a few times already..”

You nodded. You wend to stand in front of him and you slowly brought your right leg up to rest on one side of him. You placed your left hand on his shoulder as he slid a hand up your left leg. Just as the script was written, and you said the first line, “An angel and a witch, what a tragic love story..” Misha pulled your left leg up to rest on the other side of him so that you were now straddling him.

“It’s not tragic if you love me, also.” He said in his Castiel voice. You couldn’t deny that you loved that voice, it was deep and rough, and it did things to you that you’d never admit.

“Y/N,” Misha interrupted your train of thought, “If this is too much for you, we can stop.” You just looked at him, you’re thoughts a haze as you promptly said, “That’s just it Misha…” you started to unbutton his shirt, “It’s not enough.”

You looked down at him, he seemed almost in shock at your sudden confidence. He then quickly grabbed your hips and pulled you into kiss him. You kissed him hard, you needed him. You more than needed him; and you didn’t care about anything else. Misha tugged at the back of your shirt and pulled it up, your lips only breaking from his for a moment so that he could pull it over your head, his hands going straight for your bra clasp. You finished unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it over his shoulders. God he’s hot, you thought as he leaned up and started kissing your neck, his arms wrapped around you and up over your shoulders; one of his hands coming down to cup your breast. Small moans were escaping your mouth, making his arousal evident in his pants. You ground down on him to create friction. Your hand slid down between the two of you to fumble with his belt buckle, but he grabbed you and flipped you over, laying you down on the small couch; undoing the belt buckle for you. Before he could pull his pants down you reached down them and gripped onto his cock, stroking lightly, earning the sexiest groan you’d ever heard from him-or any man for that matter. He leaned down to kiss you again when you both heard a knock on your door. Panic quickly set in as you realized that the door wasn’t locked.

“Y/N?” The voice on the other side was familiar, you and Misha were both frozen as the door began to open.

“Y/N, are you in the-” It was Andrew. He had opened the door and saw you, half naked, underneath Misha, your hand still down his pants.

“Andrew-” You quickly let go of Misha, and pushed him off of you, grabbing a throw blanket. Andrew just stared at you, baffled, and just shook his head.

“I guess I can’t say I’m surprised” he said -emotionless- as he turned and left. You stood up and wrapped the blanket around your top half, and ran out of your trailer, “Andrew wait!” You called after him, but he didn’t stop, and you weren’t about to run across the trailer lot with no shirt on.

Misha stepped out of the trailer, his pants were done back up, but the buckle was still undone and his shirt was still unbuttoned.

“Uh-nice you two..” You both turned to see Jared standing there. You threw your hand to your forehead and ran it down your face. You had just been caught cheating by your boyfriend and Jared freaking Padalecki witnessed it.

“We were um-rehearsing.” Misha piped up. You turned around and pushed passed Misha, slamming your trailer door and locking it.

You were fucked.

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Part Four - Alone Together

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,498
Warnings: language, medical stuff, cancer, death of a child, drinking
A/N: Because I couldn’t focus yesterday you guys are getting part 4 early as well! Part five will not be released until I have written through part 13, just to give myself some time to catch up. Title comes from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy. Huge thanks to Nicole (@iwantthedean) for help with the medical stuff. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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I can see why Jensen would be into Misha (and I'm convinced that he is). But I'm not sure why the reverse would be true. Outside of his looks, Jensen just doesn't seem all that. He's not particularly interesting, intellectual, witty, creative, or progressive the way Misha is. Like, he's not really on Misha's level you know? What would they have in common? Why would Misha have any interest in Jensen? I feel like Misha would have more in common with Jared--esp since Jared's more intellectual.

Now I don’t think that’s really fair to say at all. Jensen is very intelligent, he is just quieter about it than Jared and Misha are; yet, when you get him talking about any particular subject, he is very apt and composed, and careful with his answers:

Jared and Misha however can ramble on and on, and forget completely what they were talking about to start with. Sometimes, I feel like Jensen is the truly wise one among the three– because the other two can get so wrapped up in the depths of a conversation, they end up swimming right past the point; whereas Jensen will see the point for what it is and keep the other two leveled.

Now as far as appeal– of course, Jensen is insanely attractive but that is not the quality that I like best in him, and I’d assume Misha feels the same way. He has said before that Jensen is like his protector:

Jensen has this fatherly quality that comes through, both in his character and in real life … that has only been intensified now that he is a father. And when I say “fatherly” I don’t mean it in all the creepy “dad” ways, I mean it in the truer sense. Jensen is dependable– not only can he take care of something, he can plan to take care of something, take care of it quickly and ensure that the issue doesn’t happen again.

Misha’s awareness of this quality in his friend came across in his boat story– where Jensen kept “showing him up” with how easily everything came to him:

Misha damn near felt inadequate because Jensen was just so confident in all that he did. That sort of confidence is extremely appealing– and something that someone like Misha would be drawn towards without a doubt. I know this because of what I know of Misha’s background– his father was not always present, his mother struggled to keep their family above water. He was picked on in school … he was homeless. Nothing in his life was for certain, nothing in his life was stable, and nothing came easily …

but then he meets Jensen …

And the man just exudes confidence and ease, and there is no struggle when Jensen is around. He takes care of his friends and family, and ensures that everything goes the way it should. Jensen does things the right way the first time, not the easiest way or the quickest … he doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of things falling apart, because they rarely do when he’s in control. For someone like Misha, control is a rarity and it’s very, very appealing.

Jensen is also funny, and for all his confidence and stoicism, he can be a big, giant doofus– and seeing someone who is usually very composed, crack in such a way … well, it’s like a little present every single time it happens.

But one of the most appealing things about Jensen is that he can be vulnerable too. For all his quiet confidence and silly antics– for all his fatherly ways, he’s still not afraid to ask for help, nor is he afraid to accept it and learn;

And that is something that is so rare and unique from just about everyone these days, that Misha would be insane not to melt when Jensen is near.

Jensen is truly unique, and I have been hard pressed in finding anyone really similar to him throughout my twenty eight years. I am certainly not a close personal friend of either of these men, nor can I claim any of these statements for certain– but I know I share a lot of background with Misha, and I have met some people with various qualities that Jensen possesses, and I know how I have felt when I came face to face with those qualities– and honestly, they have made my heart grow until I feared it would burst from my chest.

When Misha looks at Jensen, I am fairly confident that he feels the same way.