what did my lover say

Yandere starters
  • Already together
  • -"What do you mean a break up"
  • -"Stop talking to her/Him/them"
  • -"I dont want to have to hurt you but if you keep talking to ___ il have to remind you who really loves you"
  • -"Baby im only doing it because I love you and I dont want you to get hurt"
  • -"What did you just say to my girlfriend/Boyfriend/Lover"
  • -"baby if you promise to never talk to ____ again than I can stop the tazers and fix up your wound you know how much it hurts me to see you in pain"
  • -"Dont worry babe after today no one will ever insult you again"
  • -"Im not crazy its not crazy to worship you i mean just look at yourself I had to make sure no one else took my most prized doll away from me so...I murdered those in my way but I really couldnt risk it"
  • Not together yet
  • -"So who do you have a crush on I really must know"
  • -"How unfortunate all the people you love seem to die..."
  • -"Have you ever thought about getting together with one of your friends other than me I mean"
  • -"So you like the school president hmmm...Dont worry I think there is a light path in your future"
  • -"I saw you talking to ___ If you ever do it again then you will be meeting the business end of my knife"