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When did you get into One Piece, and fall in love with ZoNa?

Omg, I’m scared to answer this…but I brought this on myself XD


I used to hate One Piece. I was one of those people who thought it didn’t look like a typical anime and therefore couldn’t get into it. Refused to, really.

But one day, the 4kids dub was on TV and I thought I’d give it a try. I watched Naruto and Bleach - the other 2/3s of the Shonen Big Three while I was growing up - so it seemed only fair.

And what episode did I find? The one where the crew first arrive at the Baratie, and Sanji flirts with Nami, and it looks like Zoro is jealous?

Looked at it.

Liked it.

Shipped it.

And my life has belonged to ZoNa and Oda-sensei ever since~

Omg! So there was this kid (probably 6-8 years old) that came into McDonalds and he had a beaded bracelet and I noticed it was very colourful and I saw the word “LOV∃” on it. I thought it was very cute so I said to the kid
“oh, I love your bracelet, where did you get it?”
He got super excited and said “Thank you! I made it myself”
He spun it around a bit and I realized it said more than just “love” so I asked him what it said
“All love is good love!”
I wasn’t sure if he meant platonic vs romantic etc or straight vs gay etc. since he’s just a kid. So I asked “Oh yeah? What kinds of love are there?”
“Um…When a girl loves a boy…that’s good love. When a boy loves a girl….that’s good love. When a boy loves a boy…that’s still good love. And when a girl loves a girl….that’s good love too.”
“So when I love someone is that good love?”
“Yes it is! Who do you love?”
“A girl named Hannah, she’s my girlfriend”
“Are you gonna get married?”
“I hope so”
“I hope so too! Are you both going to wear dresses?”
“I’m not sure, why?”
“I think girls look extra beautiful in dresses”
“Me too”
There was a moment of silence when he was just super happy and smiley and he didn’t say anything so I asked.
“What made you wanna make that bracelet?”
“My parents said boys kissing boys is bad but I think it’s good so I made the bracelet to say it’s good. And my friend said that rainbows are gay so I did all the rainbow colours.”
“Your parents and your friend are silly, huh?”
“Yeah they are…it’s ok I’ll teach them!”
“Be careful when you do, ok? I hope it goes well!”
“Thank you! I hope you and your girlfriend have good love forever!”
“Thank you!”
And he went off to the playplace to go have fun.

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So 5x11 cleared that 0.01% doubt I had that Tina will be Oliver 'new' love interest trial. She isn't going to be his love interest, she is just his second chance in a way like Rene and Rory are, so Tuna is in team now! Find Black Canary task is checked now Susan is gonna disappear soon and Felicity is gonna go dark! Oliver is gonna be her light this time!!!! OMG! we will be seeing Olicity reunion but this time with Oliver saving Felicity from darkness! What are your thoughts on it?


Sorry I didn’t get around answering sooner. I just wanted to see a few scenes myself before responding. Now that I did I can say that I absolutely agree. Oliver and Tina were really not set up as possible lovers, at least not for now. I mean… I actually don’t believe it will ever happen (I really don’t!), but things might change (probably not, but you never know). :D

When I woke up on Thursday I read about a lot of people commenting on how Oliver said Tina was his second chance and how they had a scene in the office with a lot of light like a parallel to Olicity in 5x05. That was why I needed to check myself and I watched a few scenes to decide what I think.

So yeah, for me Oliver and Tina really weren’t set up to be lovers yet. It seemed a lot more like he was taking someone onto the team, someone who a) wasn’t very happy to join it in the first place and who actually needed convincing and who is b) very much broken right now, much more than Oliver still is. 

The second thing leads me to the scene in the office at the end. I don’t think it was anything similar to Olicity’s scene in 5x05 because while Olicity was bathing in dazzling light, like really when you watch the scene it’s like you need sun glasses or you wonder if the whole thing was overexposed because people didn’t know what they were doing (they totally did because that light was there for good reasons!), the light in the scene between Oliver and Tina in 5x11 was much more the normal light that comes from the window. Only half of their faces were lightened by it, while the other was in the dark. For me that just looked like two people who both have some darkness still in side of them, but who also still or again have some light. And as the scene comes to an end and the camera is outside of the window it focuses on the light part of them because they agree to work together and do good. For me that whole scene was just showing how Oliver shared an absolutely non-romantic moment with someone very similar to him, inspiring this person to become better and focus on the light like he does this season. 

So yeah for me this really was just two team mates talking, no future lovers. 

I actually still think from what we have seen of Tina she might start something with Wild Dog, especially given the background we might get on him losing his wife and child. That is something that they could connect over. They both lost the person they loved romantically.

Anyway, I think Stephen didn’t lie when he said “Billy needs to die first” for Olicity to move. Of course it is not about Billy dying because that guy would have been dumped sooner or later anyway. We already saw the cracks in what they had in 5x09, at least that is how I feel about it. Anyway, that Stephen meant, I think, was much more about Felicity finally doing something that will really make her break eventually. 

These last two episodes gave us more movement on Olicity and their story than most of what we have seen all this season together. They are fighting, they are making up and they are finally talking to each other again… or not given Felicity’s secret. It’s kind of a little secret so far, but I guess it will soon grow while it is taking her deeper into the darkness.

It really is going to be great to see Felicity going back to old days and unleashing all her bottled up anger, frustration and heartbreak on Prometheus, making terrible mistakes and letting the darkness consume her in the meantime. I know Emily will be great. Her performance especially in 5x10 was one of her best I think. It was dark, yet not too dark and still a lot Felicity. 

Anyway, I do think that wherever the darkness will take her, it’s going to be interesting to see Oliver’s reaction. He knows it isn’t his priviledge to be dark and make mistakes, but it will be hard for him to watch Felicity struggling so badly. He might also get angry for a moment because he and Felicity are limited to being work partners right now. They aren’t together anymore and you can’t really be friends with your ex, so they are just close partners in crime even if the line between being that and being friends is a thin one. Anyway, lying about the Pandora’s files means that she doesn’t even trust her work partner in this right now. And yeah, that might bring up some issues that still aren’t really discussed between them I think. It might even get quite ugly for a moment or two, BUT – and this is an important but – it can only get better once all issues are talked out and solved. They can’t be ignored because that is what made them drift so far apart since 4x15.

At the end Oliver’s new hope and his new trust will help Felicity to find her way back into the light and to overcome the pain about what has happened and the regret of what she has done. It will take some times and we will have to suffer in the meantime (Reporter Chick is still there), but we are going to see Olicity reunite eventually, however long it takes. I have never been surer. 

xoxo Kathi

P.S.: One thing I would like to say about Susan and the writers saying that she will be a source of hope for Oliver. I do think that it’s much more him projecting his growth like the new found hope on her. Felicity always prompted him to be better, but he isn’t with Felicity anymore and given how little they actually talk and in what place Felicity is right now, she isn’t harnessing his light that much anymore. She does still harness it in a way I guess, but she is not the main reason for Oliver’s growth which is great because Oliver’s growth now is really just because of him. There is nobody to stand next to him and tell him to become better and how to do it. He is growing because he accepts both parts of himself, Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. He also sees why he is doing is and does it because he wants it and not because people expect it of him. Oliver just isn’t used to himself growing without any help because he was struggling with his darkness too much until now. That is why he projects his growth onto Susan like he did in 5x09 I think. Sure, if she won’t betray him and feel inspired by him, he will see hope that people can change and that he can change, but again it won’t be really Susan that’s the hope. It will much more be about the fact that he finally is the inspiration he always hoped he would be. Oliver just needs to see that he is growing because of his new found hope and his new found will to make the city a better place. It’s not about Susan. It’s not about Felicity. It’s about nobody but him. And that might be my lifeline in this season of pain and slight separation of the core characters. I hope he will see this, Oliver accepting that his growth comes from within him, soon.

The beam hits and everything goes white.

The moment


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This era will be a Taekook era thats for sure !! If we see them kissing omg… but the last times you had right with smth will be happen at the end of the year and guess what ? we get taekook biting..

bejdjddj. i hate myself like i usually have lucid dreams about this kinda stuff. like last night before the preview i had a lucid dream of taekook holding hands and hugging in the preview show and when it happened i just kinda fell off my bed bc my brain did that

GOT7 REACTION: Taking a shower and you hopping in


“Hey girl, let me give you a bath…”


“Oh… She did it… I can’t control myself now…”


“You know what it means, right?”

And internally…

“~Today is a great day~”


“I’M NAKED! Get out of here!”

(Bonus: Jeong Jinwoon)


“OMG, jagi… What are you doing with me?”




“Jagi, you couldn’t have waited until I finish?” *embarrassed*

~ADM Misso

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!

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☢☠☀️☁️ (using my iPhone emoji keypad here I hope those are the right ones OMG)

the salty af munday meme

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

Definitely formatting. I did not quite like it when it became to spread; then I tried it out myself for the sake of being one of cool kids, and then I grew tired of it rather quickly. Basically what formatting is in most cases ( without pointing any fingers here however ) is putting extra effort into something utterly useless. And usually the formatted replies look cool for sure but usually what the reply basically is about is something completely simple. You will more likely end up spending more time formatting your reply than actually writing it and that says something. Sure, if this is something that you truly enjoy doing, I am not going to stop you from doing it but personally…I cannot stand it. Excessive formatting has given me a headache on multiple occasions now.

Despite this not even being part of the question I am going to rant about it anyway since it relates to this formatting thing. It truly and utterly annoys me that roleplaying has more and more become an aesthetic competition. I remember the days when people just went into theme-hunter or something remotely similar to pick up a theme; then they would just throw the code into their blog, maybe change the pictures and the colours a little bit but then you were done. Now it is all about fancy themes, fancy formatted replies, fancy tags and fancy icons. And yes, I admit having done or still doing all of the things mentioned before. But that, annoyingly, seems to be what determines whether or not you get followers these days and that is simply not how it should be.

☠ What does someone have to do for an instant unfollow from you?

I mean I do not follow blogs with an excessive amount of smut in them in the first place but sometimes that starts to appear later and that might make me unfollow someone. But more importantly the easiest way to get me unfollow someone is to write smut with a minor ( mun or muse, I don’t care ), lying about your age or identity ( I have witnessed this ) or posting hatred or just causing drama in general.

☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

Undeveloped relationship tend to ruffle my feathers in the wrong way. I completely understand that sometimes people just want to get into the juicy, nice bits of the ship already, and believe me…the people I have attempted to ship with know the gif spam I do, but I still do not like rushing things. Because if you do, you have essentially skipped one of the most important part of shipping. This of course is just my opinion. If all you want is to get into the smutty lovey dovey thing, then that is your decision and I am happy you are enjoying yourself.

☁ Have you ever forgiven a partner when you shouldn’t have?

Oh, far too many times. I have done it in the sake of “friendship”. I have never had too many friends in this community – nor do I have that many in real life because I am not mentally capable of balancing out that many relationships – so I tend to cling to the ones I have and forgive far too many thing far too easily.

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my url if you dont mind :3

       queen  used  to  be  nodxmsel,  queen  annie  !  can  you  believe  that  we  began  to  roleplay  nine  whole  months  ago  ??  i  went  on  cher’s  blog  to  check  how  long  &  i  cannot  believe  it’s  been  nine  whole  months  !  i’ve  known  you  this  long  but  only  recently  did  we  begin  to  truly  talk  ooc  &  get  closer  &  i  just  ????  what  the  heckie,  i  was  missing  out  so  much  !  but  i  am  entirely  content  about  the  fact  that  though  i  have  missed  out  ooc,  i  have  not  been  missing  out  ic.  you  are  so  great,  so  very  talented,  &  i  find  myself  lucky  to  have  been  witness  to  your  incredible  portrayal  of  daphne  blake  &  now  cheryl  bombshell.  you’ve  always  been  great  &  now  i  see  that  you’ve  gotten  even  better  just  omg;   you  take  such  charge  of  your  portrayals  &  you’ve  got  such  a  deep  understanding  &  strong  grasp  on  them  &  it  leaves  me  floored.  that  being  said,  cher  &  daphne  are  the  absolute  original  Baes  &  their  friendship  will  always  warm  my  heart.  thank  you  so  much  for  giving  me  that,  annie  !  also,  thank  you  for  always  being  a  source  of  warmth  &  positivity  on  my  dash.  whenever  i  see  ‘  friendships   there’s  a  smile  present.  finally,  let  me  just  tell  you  that  i  admire  how  unbelievably  strong  you  are.  strong,  mature,  talented:   you’re  just  super  awesome  !  i  love  you  !  . .  .  。  *  @meddlingheels  !

                    positivity  !  always  accepting  !

Omg, when the heck did my blog get 240 followers? I don’t ever check it, I accidentally clicked the thing and was like what XD. Last time I checked it was at 150 lol.

I’ll be nice though, at 250 I’ll post a picture if myself with my horse instead of just my horse (I don’t like selfies, it has nothing to do with how I look I just personally think it’s dumb to sit there taking pics of your own face) because I don’t think you guys have seen what I look like. (Sabrina and Mu you guys don’t count, you know me XD)

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I followed you because I wanted to follow more Namjoon stans that could fill my dash with my fave & also because there weren't many multifandom blogs out there that reblogged a lot of the stuff I like. And I stayed because of all the memes and funny posts lol ((thanks for always making my laugh with your tags too))

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Comments: omg you read my tags, I always forget people read them and I type the dumbest stuff because I think people do pay attention to them lmao


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what hair dye is that? it's so gorgeous omg

ok ok im sorr y for not answering this sooner bc im the w o rst i was trying to figure out the brand bc i thought maybe i saved the last box i had but i don’t think i did??
basically i just get it done professionally instead of doing it myself (it’s the only way my mom will let me have it blue at all) and my hair stylist lady basically mixes an electric blue w a clear dye (?? sjkd i really dont know anything)
for those pics my she actually bleached my hair twice instead of once, which is how she normally does it, and mixed extra clear in which is how it got so light. normally it’s a brighter blue but it fades to abt this shade just like a little bit greener
sor ry again ill make sure to check what brand it is next time i go and i can let u know then!!

don’t judge a book by its cover o1 [yoongi&you]

Summary: you have always thought that because Yoongi is that annoying and arrogant college kid, he would have no heart. but you came to learn so much more when being paired up with him for a project in sociology class.

a/n: i’m sorry if i had messed this one up, anonnie. while writing this one, i kept erasing here and there until i was satisfied with what i could get, and omg i was so annoyed with myself lol. and then i had a yoongi dream and got muse again! and then turtle decides to drop that never mind clip and i’ve been stalling since this morning. so sorry, but i did my best though, okey dokey!

Originally posted by yngimn

You were sure that once everyone left their high school life behind and enters college, one would simply grow up. Not grow up in the matter of saying their age, but maturing of who they are. However, your thoughts on that was wrong when you were unluckily placed in the same sociology class with the student named, Min Yoongi. Oh just how fluffy his name sounds, yet his personality seems to completely destroy it.

Arrogance — when one is egotistical of just seeing that the entire world only revolves around them.

Not quite the correct definition, but with Min Yoongi earning that title in your state of the bible—then it’s the perfect explanation.

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Today’s Shopping Trip~

This day’s basic itinerary was shopping for anime goods lol. I won’t get too in depth on what we did since I really wanna sleep right now, but I’ll just post all the Naruto stuff I’ve bought so far. I promised myself that I’m only going to buy Naruto and AKB48 goods (though we’re going to buy akb stuff tomorrow) since dedicating myself to other fandoms will mean more cash to spend uGH.

Stuff from the Boruto: Naruto the Restaurant! Got 2 free L folders + postcards.

DOUJINSHIS. OMG I had to scour the entire selection just to find these “normal couple” doujins. The entire selection was pretty much 98% BL (sasunaru or kakairu or kakanaru or kakasasu you get what I mean). I don’t have anything against BL, but it just really isn’t my cup of tea >_<. Still, I’m really glad sis was with me to read all the authors/circles or else I wouldn’t have found Yoko Fujitani’s Sasusaku + Team 7 Anthology. Glad I bought Sensei!!’s Minakushi Doujins too since the art is TOO BEAUTIFUL. Man, doujins are frickin expensive for a few pages though.

And I noticed that this Naruhina doujin was blocked by another doujin so here’s the cover of it, and OMG LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS PIECE OF ART. I can’t wait for nee-chan to translate this for me~! MY BBYS LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

So for the doujins, we’re thinking about scanlating them when we’re not busy. There’s actually a new Sasusaku family doujin that I bought, but I have no idea when we’re gonna do this. Maybe when a lot ppl ask us then we’ll do them since scanning = breaking my doujins T^T. That or paying us money is nice too lol.

Bought face towel from the Jump shop, and FINALLY finished my Naruto manga collection. Even bought Rai no Sho and The Last Databook too (thoughtyou can’t see The Last Databook here it’s chucked under my luggage). Also bought a poster of a page of the first Shippuden chapter. The only thing I’m missing right now is the 3rd Artbook, which I can’t seem to find anywhere *sobs*.

Went to Jump World in Ikebukuro as well and bought some goods. The highlight was pretty much buying the Ichiraku bowl. Now, I’ll be using this for all the instant noodles I’ll be eating at home. WHOOPDEEDOO! Also bought a limited edition of a Sasuke and Naruto Petit Chara Land figure there, and oh some more postcards too. Since I bought ___ yen of Naruto goods, the staff gave me a bunch of free postcards so I have around 8 extra, I think (the right most ones of the pic). I’m thinking about sending these to some of you guys…?? Though of course, I’ll be needing your addresses hahaha. Still thinking about it though. Pretty much a waste it hoard it haha.

And finally, me and sis went to the Naruto guided tour of an attraction in Jump World and were able to take photos with the official Naruto and Sasuke cosplayers/tour guides. Sasuke was our tour guide since Naruto was already fully booked when we got there. Still, I had to give my hat off to Sasuke since HE WAS ABLE TO MIMIC NORIAKI SUGIYAMA’S TONE OF VOICE. That, and he was pretty funny w/out being OOC HAHAHA. There was a game where you hit characters with “rasengans” and someone in group threw at the sasuke one and my Sasuke tour guide responded with “itai itai” in a Sasuke like answer LMAO. Someone touched the books in the Hokage office too and he scolded her saying “This isn’t a museum, but don’t touch that”. LOL. Was able to understand around half of what he talking about so I was pretty happy.

And that’s about it for all the Naruto stuff I’ve bought. Hopefully, there’s still more since not all anime shops are selling Naruto goods anymore. Thanks for reading and goodnight!


I call this series…. Faces of a person who managed to do three unassisted pull-ups!!! (Though not in a row and not particularly great form) BUT OMG WHAT?!?!

Thanks to all the Crush fam for all the support. I have managed to learn so many things about myself through this program and getting to interact with everyone in it. To @bbbenwilliamson I am forever grateful for you and this family you’ve assembled. You’re basically a superhero panda 🐼🐼 to @aubernutter and @oatsnjen and @fitnika thank you for showing me that fitness can be a part of my life and my recovery, but it doesn’t have to be my entire/only life. I finished my short little mini Crush workout and now I’m off to enjoy my night with friends aka I’m finding balance.