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Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's Funky Drummer, Dies At 73

Clyde Stubblefield, the funk drummer whose work with James Brown made him one of the most sampled musicians in history, died Saturday morning in Madison, Wisc., his publicist confirmed. Stubblefield was 73; his publicist did not provide a cause of death.

For most of his career, Stubblefield was better known in sound than in name. He joined James Brown’s backing band in 1965, one of countless musicians on an ever-rotating roster. As he told NPR in 2015, the ensemble seemed to have more than enough drummers already when he showed up to audition. “I went on stage and there was five drum sets up there,” he explained. “And I’m going, ‘Wow, what do you need me for?’”

Still, his recordings with Brown managed to rise above the competition: Songs like “Cold Sweat,” “Say It Loud — I’m Black And I’m Proud” and “Mother Popcorn” are now revered as a gold standard for funk drumming. A generation later, he would have an even bigger impact on hip-hop, as the pattern he’d played on 1970’s “Funky Drummer” proved irresistible to producers. The track’s distinctive break, a sixteenth beat punctuated by deft, delicate snare hits, has been sampled on hundreds of songs. [Read More]

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I was watching a bts for series 3 on Netflix, and at the beginning they claimed that the secret of how Sherlock survived in TRF would be revealed, but looking back, did we ever find out? I know there were many theories in the show, but it was kind of left as a mystery wasn't it? Why is that, and do you think they'll ever explicitly explain how? Thanks!

Well based up upon what’s happening now, I think it’s entirely intentional that they never cleared up exactly how Sherlock did it. I think they intended Sherlock’s explanation to Anderson to be the “real” one, but they way they left it (”I’m the last person you’d tell the truth to”) made us doubt everything we’d been told. On purpose. In order to draw that comparison between the Theorists on the internet and Anderson in real life and have the actual show “Sherlock” take the Reichenbach Fall.

I don’t think they’re going to actually tell us for real how he did it, partly because it’s old news, partly because it doesn’t really matter. What matters is why he did it, which I hope we’ll get to see John realize soon.

  • Mako: Oh, hey, chief. Did you get my report on the triad murder?
  • Lin: Yeah, I looked it over. Nice work.
  • Mako: Good. Thanks, mom.
  • Lin: ...
  • Mako: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Asami: You just called Chief Beifong "mom."
  • Mako: What? No, I didn't. I said, "thanks, ma'am."
  • Lin: Do you see me as a mother figure, Mako?
  • Mako: No. If anything, I see you as a "bother" figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Korra: Hey, show your mother some respect!

Do you ever wonder what would’ve happened if Dipper did end up taking on that apprenticeship? Weirdmageddon never took place (even though the threat of Bill still lingers), and Mabel made the mature decision to let Dipper go through with his ambitions to stay in Gravity Falls with Ford. And Mabel went back to Piedmont.

Dipper ends up getting busy all the time, though - and the two only share video chats every once and a blue moon. 


If anything I put on TOO MANY sprinkles haha. Thanks a ton you guys!! I wrote all of your names on each and every sprinkle but it didn’t show up in the video :/

I’m wondering what I should do if I ever hit a million. Because if I did this again it would look kinda the same but with 300,000 more sprinkles. Oh well, I’ll think of something, THANKS AGAIN :)


Metropolitan Slick by xldsims [Recolor]

Hey, everyone! I recolored this very nice shaved hairstyle by @xldsims! This recolor is the first recolor I’ve ever uploaded, so if you’re in game and think: ‘Omy, what did this girl do though!?’, please don’t be shy to contact me, I love feedback and talking a lot. ;)

Info + Credits + DL:

Hair is by @xldsims and you’ll need the mesh [x] for my recolor to show up in your game! Have fun ;).

Download [Simsfileshare]

2016 XF/DAVID & GILLIAN Awards...

Inspired by the upcoming awards season, I’d like to officially recognise a few notable X-Files and David & Gillian moments from 2016 (a few personal notes also included). Feel free to add to the list. ;)

MOST PERPLEXING GILLIAN (GILLOVNY-RELATED) MOMENT: “Yeah, that’s interesting. Yeah. Yeah.”

MOST PERPLEXING DAVID (GILLOVNY-RELATED) MOMENT: David’s apologetic cuddle followed by self-consciously and immediately releasing Gillian when Kimmel says, “What the hell went on between you two?”


DRUNKEST PERSONAL RE-WATCH: Kimmel. (You can revisit my whole rambling and drunken play-by-play HERE.)

BEST OVERALL KIMMEL MOMENT: “Did you do something I didn’t see?”  Broken down in typical Cate-detail HERE.

BIGGEST GILLOVNY DISAPPOINTMENT: The Chicago Gillovny Panel. (Thank goodness all the good photo ops and stories saved the day.)


BIGGEST CON LESSON OF 2016: Only Paley Guy should moderate any X-Files related panel. Leading to…..

MOST EMBARRASSING PERSONAL TWITTER CALL OUT: Paley Guy tweeting about my crush. Which he apologised for “dimming.” Which included my post about us engaging in a marathon XF rewatch and food being brought to us. And no sex. It’s fine.


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Did You Miss Me?

Fandom: Sherlock

Pairing: James Moriarty x Reader

Prompt: “Can you do a Moriarty x reader with his return from the last episode of sherlock.” - Anon

Summary: James is back.

Word Count: 216

Warning: N/A

A/N: First request ever! I apologize for it being so short, but I like how it ended. I hope this is what you wanted.

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Let’s have some fun.

Pairing : Lucifer x PlusSize!Reader, Sam, Dean
Word count : 2,778
Author : Mel

A/N : I wrote this for our Daddy B ( @bigdaddymongoose ) Because I think she is BEAUTIFUL. Someone needs to show her just how beautiful and sexy she is. If I could, I’d be her Luci and show her <3.

Sitting at the bar, alone once again, you downed your shot before taking another sip of your beer. Another night that started off great, but ended like this. You were starting to wonder if they would ever notice. They hadn’t even noticed you left the table. Neither of them did.

“What’s a beautiful creature like you doing alone tonight?” You rolled your eyes as he sat next to you. You glanced at him, and he smiled. “Don’t roll your eyes at me when I’m here to answer your prayers.”

You sighed. “What prayers, Luci?”

“Dumb and Dumber.” He motioned back.

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This just happened to me. A real conversation with a friend who doesn’t watch TWD

Me: Have you ever watched any episode? 

My friend: Just one, that one in which that woman, you know the bad ass with grey hair, destroyed that place?

Me: Oh yeah, Carol, she is amazing, my favorite one. Did you like the episode?

My friend: Yeah but I didn’t know the show was romantic

Me: what do you mean? 

My friend: well fuck, you know..  when she reunited with her husband who goes running to her and lift her from the ground. That was so fucking romantic! 


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My friend who doesn’t watch the show think that Daryl and Carol are married

Just saying 


ok i just had to rant about this for a while:


my boy is so badly treated and so hated but poor baby hasn’t done anything wrong he tried his best doing what’s best for everyone and protect everyone but still y’all denying all the good in him + his efforts to keep everyone safe and happy. 

this poor baby boy wants to keep his friends and the people he cares about healthy safe and happy but yet he gets slandered and hated on?? i’ve said this but he tried his best he never meant to do anything that would hurt anyone.

what has he ever done wrong he’s the softest person in the game can you all believe.

i just want to express my love for this man he is the absolute sunshine and he deserves happiness and i wish everyone did him better and showed him the love he deserves. 

he lost the love of his life the one that made him the happiest he was the one hurting the most because he knew everything and he tried to prevent it all i swear i’m tearing up i don’t think he deserves all of this.

for the ones who haven’t gone through secret 1 and 2 i advise you to stop reading.

man that was just one hell of a ride for me especially since i love him so much i cant believe this is the end they gave him he deserved so much more he was the one that deserved to live a happy life he did not deserve THAT. i am still a WHACK and completely devastated that it ended that way my precious boy.

i want to end this by reminding y’all how beautiful he is and how honest and his kindness without limits and how brave and strong he is to go through all of that it’s just absolutely insane and just all the qualities would take too much to even recite. please give him the love he deserves please hype him up. my boy the love of my life great thanks y’all and hopefully he gets his own route and i can continue living without torturing myself.

that was it.

so that wasn’t even douchey?
  • “You’re threatening my family.”

           “And you’re threatening mine.”

  • “Don’t make me stoop to Camille’s level.”

This just show’s Raphael above all wants to track down Camille so she can’t hurt anybody.  If she does, the Clave will turn against his clan, his family.

Meanwhile, here’s this kid in his way, crying for his mommy.

Any leader would have lost patience with Simon.

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So what does Raphael do?  He finds Simon’s mother and tells her “It’s okay, he’s fine.  Don’t worry.”  He didn’t know Simon was gonna walk in on them.

So Raphael, ever the opportunist, uses this situation to make Simon as uncomfortable as possible and makes a big show of fronting that “Oh, you better get Camille, or else I might be able to go after your mother.”

It’s not that he WANTS to use Simon’s mother as bait.  He RECOGNIZES that would be stooping to Camille’s level.  But he’s willing to do even that for the safety of his own family.

He did what he had to do to get through to Simon, AND he helped Simon when he knew his mother was a huge concern for him.

Also, FYI look at the above gif from the scene in which Simon’s fretting over his mom being worried about him, and look at how intently Raphael is listening to him, hearing him out.  To any other older, powerful vampire such a concern on Simons part would seem so TRIVIAL and PATHETIC.  “Oh but my moms worried about me!” Please.  What other vamp would think that’s a good excuse?

But in the end, no matter what stupid shit Simon says, Raphael always listens so carefully.

People like to pull out quotes from Michael Jacobs and misconstrue them all over the place (Which, fair enough. He can be tricky.). But, there’s one quote from him that’s very blatant and a lot of people on the Riley/Lucas side of things seem to overlook it and conveniently forget that it was ever said. What was the quote?

Interviewer: I’m curious because—that was the other thing about the initial announcement—she’s gonna meet the boy she’s gonna marry in the pilot and that’s gonna be the show—but first of all, you’re taking forever to build that, which you did in the original show. But do you want to ring that bell again?
MJ: I will tell you right now that nothing close to that will happen in GMW. 

Jacobs flat out said that Riley is not going to meet the boy she’s going to marry in the pilot. 

I.E. Lucas was not meant to be Riley’s long runner. Lucas was not meant to be Riley’s ultimate endgame. 

Now, fate of s4 notwithstanding, Jacobs’ intentions to NOT make Lucas Riley’s long runner is abundantly clear (What up, Judy the Sheep?) Anyways, people stay trying to pull out Jacobs’ quotes, twisting them in all sorts of weird ways, and I get it. Sometimes he’s SUPER tricky and his quotes can be pretty confusing.

But, here’s a case where he wasn’t. He was very clear.

And yet so many people act like this quote never happened.

Also, for the sake of context, here’s what follows the above exchange:

Interviewer: Okay. Well…spoilers…maybe? I mean I kind of half expected that. At first I thought, oh we’re just ringing this bell again, that’s how these shows go. But then once I realized what this show was, which was about halfway into season 1, I realized that we’re not ringing this bell again. And I think that’s smart. It’s a different show.
MJ: I’m glad that you do. It’s a different world. If we were back in 1993, it would be lovely to have an innocent relationship and have it sustain and continue. It was wonderful. It was aspirational and I loved it. Cory and Topanga are a wonderful, iconic television couple. Now it’s a different world..

And more context re: the idea of “long runner relationships” in the GMW universe.

There’s two types of relationships. The long runner—the sustaining, influential relationship where you marry somebody and dedicate what you hope will be the rest of your life. Cory and Topanga. And they did it young. It’s rare. We can’t have everybody that meets in high school have that relationship. [SIC] There’s another relationship. What was the relationship that set you up to know what love was? 

“Let what we had make you ready for something.”

Riley and Lucas are not a long runner. Jacobs made that abundantly clear when he shut down the notion that Riley was going to marry Lucas.

Riley and Lucas are the 2nd type of relationship Jacobs speaks of, whether we get to see that play out fully or not. They’re the relationship that makes them ready for something else.


Where was the insane wish fulfillment? What, exactly, was supposed to make television history? Why the FUCK did you do that to one of the most important emotional moments from the original canon? Was that a deliberate jab, since you know so many of us were waiting for it? Was all of the teasing, hinting, and joking for nothing?

This isn’t even just about queerbaiting. This was genuinely one of the most poorly written episodes of television I’ve ever watched and not even a shadow of a show I used to love. Fuck.

When your heart is a stranger

[A/N: Lucifer. Missing moments during 2x13. Deckerstar because of course. Title taken from the song of the same name by Friends in Paris aka the last song in the episode.]

She’s visibly shaking as she takes off her sweater.

“What on earth are you doing?” He asks, alarmed as he reaches out a hand to stop her.

“Lucifer, no one’s going to look twice at me if I’m wearing a blood soaked shirt.”

He looks down at her, standing in front of him clad only in black jeans and a plain black bra. It must say something about the progression of their relationship that she doesn’t even shy away from his gaze. It must say something more about how utterly rattled he is by the poison coursing through her veins that he doesn’t even think to stare.

Instead, he simply looks her in the eye and raises a brow. That it’s neither lecherous nor teasing comes as a surprise to them both.  

“Well, they’re certain to look at least three times at you if that’s what you’re planning on wearing.”

She tilts her head up at him, somehow manages to give the impression of rolling her eyes even as the corners of her mouth turn up.

“Though I’d say anyone would look at least twice at you even if you were wearing a paper bag,” he says, mostly to distract himself from the way the small upturn of lips tugs at the corners of his heart. He shrugs and tries for a teasing smile. “More so, I wager, depending on the size of the bag.”

She grins at him, though the movement is wan and lopsided.

“Have any of those lying around for me?”

He can tell she says it mostly for his benefit, which means he must be much worse at hiding his panic than he thought. He tries to school his face into something approaching nonchalant as he watches her shake out her jacket and sling it around her shoulders. The effect is immediately, absurdly attractive.

Except that his entire focus is stuck on how sallow her skin looks in the moonlight, how he can feel the heat emanating off of her despite the fact that she’s shivering. So instead of giving voice to the half dozen overtly affectionate phrases he can feel in back of his throat, he shrugs out of his jacket and moves behind her to help her into it.

“Lucifer - .”

“Detective,” he says, the word dangerously close to a plea, “as radiant as you are and as cool as your jacket looks, it seems to do very little in terms of warmth. No one is going to approach you if you continue to shiver like that.”

Truthfully, he assumes at least a half dozen men would approach her in any state of dress - or undress, as it were - shivering or no. Which she must know, too, the way that she’s looking at him. After a long moment, she sighs and removes the dark leather jacket from around her shoulders, thrusting it towards him and threading her arms into the sleeves of his jacket instead. Once she’s completely wrapped in it, she turns around and flings her arms out wide.

“How do I look?”

A shiver lances through her before he can reply.

He frowns and steps forward to button up the jacket, trying not to think about how close she is, how much he simply wants to wrap her in his arms.

For - what reason? No other he can discern other than the pleasure of being close to her.

The thought brings a furrow between his brows. Closeness for it’s own sake is a new desire for him. It’s disconcerting, having spent so long carefully cataloging every type of desire, to suddenly be confronted with a new one.

He finishes the last button and steps back, glancing at the full length of her. The sleeves fall past her hands, a testament to his long frame in comparison to her small one. She glares at the sleeves as though they’ve done something to personally offend her. The movement of her brows and crinkling of her nose filling him with an absurd sort of longing. He gives a slight shake of his head as he steps in closer to her once again, the elegant taper of his fingers folding up the ends of the sleeves, careful to touch her without really touching her.

He smooths down the sleeves and looks back up at her.  

“Well?” She asks, arching a brow at him.  

He forces himself to step away from her, his traitorous hands wanting to linger at the ends of his jacket sleeves.

If he were not so preoccupied with the glazed look that keeps creeping towards the irises of her eyes, if he were not so desperately trying to push down the feelings of panic and anger and betrayal, he might make some offhand joke about how good she looks in his clothes. The look on her face tells him that she certainly expects it.

But then a shadow passes over her face and he watches her swallow back her own fear and panic. Suddenly he is just too tired and defeated and utterly destroyed to be anything but honest.

So instead he smiles, the movement soft, its edges brittle.


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I don’t know how wise it was letting me recap a show that has Handsome Oppa in it.

  • Rowena: *walks through the castle searching for Helga*
  • Rowena: *stops at a door because she hears Godric's voice from inside*
  • Godric: See. I told you you would look good in it. It looks especially nice when you wear your hair like that.
  • Rowena: *giggles quietly* I didn't know Godric and Helga were a couple. That's so cute.
  • Godric: You are beautiful when you blush. Did I ever tell you that? Perfect in every way.
  • Rowena: *cups her mouth with her hands to stop herself from squealing*
  • Helga: *shows up next to Rowena* There you are. I've been searching for you all day! What are you doing here anyways?
  • Rowena: ...
  • Helga: ...
  • Rowena: ...
  • Helga: What?
Johnlock chicken, Moriarty chicken

Another thought experiment: understanding what they did with Johnlock by looking at what they did with Moriarty.

The show in S1-2 had two pillars: the chemistry between the two leads, and the delicious danger represented by Moriarty. They decided to kill Moriarty at the end of S2. But what do you do after? My husband believed there was no way he was “really” dead; Sherlock needs a villain, and (never mind canon) Moriarty is that for many people. You notice how the “big bad” in s3 and S4 had to be hyped textually? I don’t ever remember Sherlock resorting to that in S1 or S2. “Show don’t tell,” remember? I think the showrunners were trying to create villains that had Moriarty’s heft, but I think they largely failed. And maybe they knew they were going to fail; so they hedged their bets, and brought back Moriarty; but they didn’t have the courage to bring him back for real, because let’s face it, it would be ridiculous, so they teased us with him. They were trying to get something for nothing: to use the audience’s affection for Moriarty as a lure, getting us to watch the show, without committing to the theater of the absurd that is a dead villain who won’t stay dead.

I think there’s a useful analogy here to what they did with the other pillar. John’s marriage to Mary during Sherlock’s absence really should have killed speculation about Johnlock. I wasn’t in the fandom at the time, but to hear Tumblr fans tell it, the announcement of her arrival before S3 set everyone to wailing and gnashing of teeth. So if the writers wanted to nip the “latent gay romance” story in the bud, they really had the perfect opportunity. But by analogy to what they did with Moriarty: maybe they couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Maybe the evident love between two men was the other pillar of their show, and they knew it; but they were afraid to Go There, for whatever reason; so just as they did with Moriarty, they teased it. We tuned in to the Final Problem looking for a resolution to both questions – whither Moriarty? whither John and Sherlock’s feelings for each other? – and both answers were profoundly disappointing.

This read is less charitable than my last one: this read says the queerbaiting was deliberate and not merely a cost they decided was acceptable. Still thinking it over.

Also...in TLD

Moftiss are always trying to up the villain ante and it always goes a little lukewarm, it’s always a little anticlimactic in the playout. Now, I think the reason why they cut the incredibly fucked-up and rapey scene from HLV when CAM molests Sherlock in his hospital bed wasn’t because it was going too far, it was because they’d realized they wanted to do something similar with a different villain in the next series!


Nah, dudes, you overrate your ability to keep the comic-book-villain arms race going.

FOR ME, the darkest minute in the whole run of this series to date is what John did to Sherlock in the morgue - with his fists, with his feet, and with his words. That beating is the hardest thing to watch for me in the whole show ever. 

I don’t think it’s unforgivable? Necessarily? I feel like a whole point of this show is that human beings do awful things under duress and are still human beings worthy of love. Sherlock does, Mary does, Mycroft does, John does. I think this whole show is sometimes about forgiving things in a heightened reality that shouldn’t be forgiven in normal life.

But WOW, was that awful. SO awful. Viscerally awful for me.