what did i ever do to you bioware!

Bioware I am calling you out. On what planet do you think it is okay to give plaidweave, the most ungodly piece of cloth to ever grace my inquisitor’s bosom, a cloth so horrible that there is literally only one character in the entire game who can actually pull it off, a higher texture resolution than some of the other, better patterned cloths in the game? The maker didn’t turn his back on his children, you did.

About that new patch....

First off: congrats to all these people who will be able to romance Jaal with their broRdyers and made it possible by participating in #MakeJaalBi.
You are proof that achievements like these can be reached through civilized and polite discussion.

Now about the other, not so civilized side:
Honestly I don’t care if Jaal is entirely straight or bi. Either way my sisRyder and him can get married and live happily ever after. I wish this was the case from the beginning, so this whole discussion about homophobia didn’t need to take place in the first place.

But Bioware didn’t make Jaal bi from the beginning and that discussion did take place. And I was startled and shocked at the amount of shit that was thrown around - and with the patch anouncement continues to be thrown around and by whom.

Do you want to know what kind of posts I saw?

LGBTQ members insulting and attacking straight people for Jaal originally not being bi, for not agreeing with this course of action and explaining legitmately why they don’t agree and for simply being straight.
I didn’t actually think that this was possible but many displayed a behaviour that actually can only be identified as heterophobia.

Really? Do you think this is okay?
I knew homosexual and bi people who spent half of their lives working in organizations to erase prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation. A problem queer people suffer from and continue to suffer from.
And you just go ahead and turn the phenomenon around. Instead of queer people being attacked for beeing queer, it’s straight people attacked for being straight and speaking their opinions while raising valid points worthy of discussion.
And then the arguments being used: ‘Jaal takes care of his appearance so he must be gay.’ ‘He is so emotional and open, he can’t be straight.’ 'He gets naked with male crewmates, all hail to the gay lord.’ - only to name a few.

Do you know what those are? No? I’ll tell you. Stereotypes, prejudices, made up in order to discriminate.
Queer people working their asses off to eleminate these lines of thought and then queer people who call for equality go ahead and use these same stereotypes, queer people themselves making all the work against these very stereotypes lableling them without a second thought, undone by using them as arguments!

Double standards much? Do you even realize what you are saying and doing?

Changing someones sexuality because you don’t like it is never okay. It’s not okay to change a straight person, it’s not okay to change a gay/lesbian person and it’s not okay to change a bi/ pan person. There is no difference, because in all cases it’s who they are.

And if the fact that queer people have been subjugated to this kind of thinking for years, makes you think it is okay to do that to straight people, then I have to dissapoint you mate, it’s still not okay - just like the fact that black people have suffered from racism directed at them by white people, doesn’t legitimate racism from black people towards white people. It is wrong and will always stay wrong.
And I have yet to see a convincing argument on why it is so different to change Sera’s/Dorian’s/Suvi’s/Gil’s orientations from changing Jaal’s/Kaidan’s.

You can agree with me or not. This is my opinion on the matter. We can discuss it if you remain polite and respectful. Otherwise ignore this or if you really can’t tolerate it go ahead and attack me verbally. It doesn’t really affect me. Quite the contrary, you make it easier for me to block biased people and help me prove my point.

Please and thank you.

goodfellowes  asked:

I completely agree with all of your worries. All the info I've been reading up on about me:a concerns me bc they're prioritizing exploration, and that's frustrating for me as I like story over exploration. Bioware sacrificed a lot of story in order to get a more "open world" feel for inquisition. Was it cool as hell to run around areas? Totally, but story was super watered down. games that are all exploration and no story are boring for me, so I'm gonna be super disappointed if they do that

Thank you for putting this better than I did. That’s really where I’m trying to get at with this.

If a more open world means sacrificing other aspects of the game, I’m not particularly interested in it. I like the things that make Mass Effect unique. I’m not interested in another Skyrim wearing space face paint. Personally “open world” and “infinite sidequests” is not something I’ve ever associated with or wanted from a Bioware game. I want from Andromeda what I’ve wanted (and gotten) from every other Mass Effect game: A good story with rich characters and elements of choice.

…and the ability to punch geth in the face.