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musicals as vine quotes cause why not

Phantom Of The Opera: “Hey, guys. Hit that like button if you think being haunted is. Kinda hot.”

Wicked: “And they were roommates!” “Oh my god they were roommates.”

Dear Evan Hansen: “He’s dead…” “… Oh ‘not the dickhead’ what do you want me to say?”


Spring Awakening: “Hey, ma, what’s good? How old are you?” “Fifteen.” [UNINTELLIGABLE YELLING NOISES]


Be More Chill: “Hey bro what do you wanna eat?” “ T̠̤̭̘̬̀h͖͉e̴͉̼ ̬̙͡s͍̦̖̘̥̮͙o̳̕ụ̪ḻ̣͞s͓͖̬ ͚̬o͍̮͉f̜̫̼̲̭ ͖̕t̲̱̮̣͎͍͈h̝͇̮̦̥͜e͙̺̝ ͈̼in̶̗̪̪̪̝n̗̮̭̣̺͈o͙̻̟̜͙̞c͎̻e̹̤̭̟n̘͞t” “A bagel.” “ N̟̦̬̭͖͍̗O͓̼͟!̣͢ “

American Idiot: “Don’t let anybody else ruin your life. Because it’s your life. You should ruin it.”

Les Misérables: “Hey ~  How ya doin? Well, I’m doin just fine. I lied. I’m dying inside.”

Rent: The “Completely Giving Up” vine that has all the characters named Me

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:  “My god, they’ve been in there forever.” “Eh, they probably just-” “WHOA WHAT THE FUCK WE’RE THE SAME PERSON” “HOLY SHIT” “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN” “STOP YELLING AT ME”

Waitress: “Why did you seat that couple before us?” “It’s a table for two.” “Yeah?” “You have ten people.” “Yeah?” [”We Like To Party” by Vengaboys plays]

Chicago: Could ya stop playin that damn music?” “Don’t talk shit on my music!” [GUNSHOT] ♪ say you’ll remember me ♪


*shrugs* (◕‿◕✿)
(I had to, it’s cute okay?)
Sketch by @weather-art
Lining and color by obviously me
@thefandombytes @ladyxgilex @cartooniste2z

The Transition of Author to the Host (Markiplier Ego What-If)

I was once known as the Author. My real name is of no concern; I write under this pseudonym as knowing my identity would inflict great risk on my person.

It was a title bestowed upon me, with powers with unforeseen consequences.

My eyes could see the future. My hands can write the events I want to control. My voice can bring it to life.

I was gifted.

I was powerful.

I had the ability to control life, but I had to write it down and read it aloud for it to happen. I could manipulate so many things, and the power that I grasped- it was overwhelming to a normal person. I saw so many possibilites to an event, to a human, yet I could choose what reality can happen. From the infinite realities, paradoxes and parallels, I could twist someone’s life and make it the way I want.

I loved every second of it.

So many books, I published. People loved it. They tell me, “it feels so real”. They don’t know it is. Naive fools, they were.

Looking back to it, I would not blame them. I succumbed to this power as well.
When characters start to rebel, you feel like you’re losing hold. Yet I am the Author. I was not go down so easily.

…Would I?

It was a mistake. It was a mistake that I shouldn’t have done yet I did due to sheer arrogance and pride. I looked at my future and its infinite possibilities. I readied my pen beside me and decided, “Out of all lives I could control…I could control mine, and make my life the best. Twist everything into my control, let it spiral into my palm, and hold it with an iron grip.”

I should’ve seen the repercussions of my actions without using my power.

With how I was and the path I was taking at the time, I was connected to everyone else; even those who weren’t even born yet. Those who even had died. I looked too far. Spiderwebs of millions of possibilities for each human and event on this planet that I will try to take control of. The things I saw… It drove me crazy.

It wasn’t only my end that I saw. It was The End. I know of the saying that "All things die eventually” but at what cost? I was not cruel to every one. I was only cruel to the characters that had that storyline.  To destroy humankind? What a disappointing ending. Cliche, and I did not become famous because I was cliche.

It was horrifying to see myself that way. Yet I couldn’t turn away. I doomed the world, wasn’t I pathetic? What had gone into me? What was going on with me?

Power had driven me to the deep end. I was doing my first step just by doing this, this horrible, unforgiving, neglectful, inconsiderate act!

And then, I knew what I had to do. I looked at myself, and made a decision I never thought I would ever do. I went to my writing desk, lost in my thoughts.

These eyes…. these eyes that made me see the future.

These hands that helped me write one’s life down.

This voice that brought the stories into reality.

I had to change the course of this world’s horrible ending, myself be damned. I had to write, write, write, write everything down.

I wrote endlessly. Planning the best course of action, for the best ending. I had to search the world and see who to control best for this world to be saved. My hands ached, begging for rest. I didn’t pay attention to it. They screamed in agony, days upon days writing. I steeled my nerves and continued.

My eyes, my eyes that saw the futures, they watered, dried up, and bled.  It was a disgusting mess to even stop to tie a strip of cloth around my eyes to cover them, and it was even more revolting that I had to replace and wash it all the time. The blood, they went everywhere when they fully soak the cloth. It was only through the years that I have spent writing was I able to accomplish my goal.

My voice, silenced, as I conserved my energy. White noise filled the room, and I realized how alone I am. So many characters yet no one that I really know of. So many characters yet they rebelled against me, angry at me.

The book, the last book I had to finish. The book that I know by heart. The book, that I know, even if I was not reading it directly, was already embedded on paper. The course of the world controlled by selected prominent figures. My plan to change the path that I had destroyed into a better one.

My eyes, bleeding endlessly, through several stained bandages wrapped around my head.

My hands, writing endlessly, a mangled mess, now resting on weary arms, never able to write anything anymore.

A sacrificial act by my own hand? What a surprise. A twist that I did not see. I have to hand it to fate, or maybe destiny, or just plain old, cruel life. You truly have made a perfect concoction of the definition of a cliffhanger.

I was done. Finally done.

A relieved sigh escaped me. Hopefully by the choices that I wrote down, a better ending will be achieved. All is left for me to do is to let the key players do their own part of this massive game, these series of programs of life.

All is left for me is to be the Host.

By this point, everything is a cliffhanger.
I opened my mouth, and spoke in a voice not louder than a whisper.
“Brought forward in order to confront a rising crisis, a man organizes a meeting….”

To the peeps I know who loves doing theories and whatnot: @lowat-golden-tower, @jeaniplier, @angstphilosophy, @s-t-s-g, @markired, and to anyone who would like to pitch in their thoughts, I’ll be glad to see!

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i know it's been a while since you've drawn ulysses with a baby, but have considered ulysses and the courier swinging the kiddo between them

friend i know you sent this like a million years ago but!!! i did it!!!!!

Zero's House - Tuesday, 2:20pm

“That’s not my business to tell. All I can say is, you have to trust his word. If he says he’ll be fine, then he will be.”

“What is it with all these secrets? You guys got some kind of guy code or something?”

“Something like that.”

“Whatever. You better hope I don’t become BFFs with your woman in there. We’d have so many secrets and inside jokes.”

“I wouldn’t care. That would just mean the two women in my life were getting along. Plus, I could just get it out of her later.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“I heard that!” Sado shrieked from his bedroom.

“I didn’t mean it like that, amada! See what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything, but I DO hope you’re as good at sucking up as Cercin is. Maybe you should call him so you guys can exchange more guy code secrets.”

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I was going to write tonight but BTS is in LA and they’re doing so much. I can’t keep up.

And now they’re collating with Steve Aoki?!? I’m flipping the fuck out y'all.

EDM and KPOP? These are umbrella terms for the music they’re about to put out.

I feel so blessed right now.

I knew I chose the right group to stan with all my life 😭

Did you guys see the interview when they mentioned Manchester?

Namjoon made me cry. He spoke so well and his words are so strong, so beautiful. What he said, it’s 100% true. I respected BTS so much but now it’s like a whole new level.

Stan BTS guys. I know you already do but stan harder. Prestige level 10 that shit.

I’m sorry I can’t handle my emotions right now. It’s too much. I love BTS

10 of 14

“Your going to hack into my Uncle’s accounts” Waylon stated his brows knitting together in concern.

“I wouldn’t say that exactly” Donovan objected “I’m doing some innocent inquiries into his finances and investments. I’m not doing anything else.”

Feeling uncomfortable with what they were doing Waylon stood lookout as he grew more and more nervous. Donovan kept muttering and grunting to himself until Waylon had to ask “what did you find?”

“Your Uncle was conned out of his life savings,” Donovan told him “you see that” he pointed towards something on the screen.

“Yeah what is it?” Waylon asked.

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"Heya, this has been concerning me a bit but what are those lines on your arms? Forgive me if this is a sensitive topic." Mischief asked, concern in his tone.

“…..I Hurt Myself When My Creator Did…Horrible Things To Me…I Sorta Kinda Used Paint/Ink Thinner To Do It…Thought It Might Go Away!”

“…Clearly It Didn’t…Creator Was SO Mad But…I Kept Doing It…It Was The Only Thing That Made Me Feel…Good…Happy…For Once In My Life, I Found What Made Me…Happy.“ 


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Hi Lucie! This year I started a bujo to help me keep organised at school, but starting a full time job while on finals period made life too hectic and I stopped filling the journal out. Now my life is back together and my very perfectionist self doesn't want to skip sort of giving May its space(?), so I wanted to ask if you could suggest any ideas to fill those pages up? I just don't wanna use magazine cutouts for all of the spaces. 🙈🙈

Hello Natalia! Oh, I feel you, I also don’t like to skip days/weeks in my bujo :’D

Maybe you could write down what you did during that busy period and how you felt, sort of a diary-like thing? You can do it in short bullet points, to stay true to the bullet journal system ;D, and maybe say what worked for you during the finals (whether it be a way of organizing things, certain study method etc etc) and what didn’t, for future reference? Or write about how you’re proud of yourself for making it through the exam period (which you should be! :D). Or simply add some quotes/lyrics you like, or doodles… and the rest can be filled with the magazine cutouts :D

Do you guys have any ideas? :)

New Year Birthday – Grayson Dolan

Warnings : Somewhat smut, depressing, mentions of self-harm.




Living hundreds to thousands of miles away from the one you love sucks. Losing connection between your best friend sucks even more. Ever since you and your brother moved to California my life went to hell. My panic attacks came more frequently, as so did the lines on my wrists. It was currently the day before new year’s. Meaning I was turning seventeen in a couple hours. All I wanted to do though was to lay in be-

*knock* *knock*

I groaned and stood up from my bed and headed towards my door, unlocking it and opening it, to see my mother on the other side.

“What?” I asked leaning against my door. “Y/bff/n is downstairs.” She responded with a smile. I nodded as she started to walk away. I walked out of my room into the hallway and headed towards the stairs and went down them. I went towards the living room where y/bff/n was flirting with my brother. She turned her head towards me once she saw I entered the room. “You’re still in your pj’s?” She frowned. I nodded and played with the strings on my sweats. “Hurry up and go change, cause we’re going out.” I let out a sigh and headed back up to my room. Once I got in there I plopped down onto my bed.

A couple minutes passed and my friend came in closing the door behind her and looked over at me. “Really?” She said with an annoyed voice. “Really.” I replied turning onto my stomach and turning my head so I could see her. She sighed and went towards my closet picking something out. It took her a total of seven minutes to find something.

“Alright now get up and change.” She said towards me. “Nah I’m good.” I replied. She rolled her eyes and came over to me. “If you don’t get up and change I’ll change you myself.” She threaten. “Go ahead.” I replied not ashamed. She sighed and hooked her hands around the waistband of my sweats and pulled them down gasping.

“You were masturbating again weren’t you.” She questioned. “Maybe.” I mumbled back. “Gosh, you and thongs.” She said slipping skinny jeans on me. I turned my head so that it was now against the mattress. “Shoot no. I don’t how theses look.” She commented and took them off. I groaned and rolled my eyes right before closing them.

At the same moment, I felt my thong getting moved to the side. “What are you doing y/bff/n?” I asked. “You look tense, I can see why you masturbait now. To take the stress off.” She said pulling my legs apart a bit. But there was just something different. Her hands felt more macular. “Y/bff/n, you know I don’t like you like that.” I answered biting my lip. “I know that bu-“ her hand, well finger, moved across my folds pushing in between them. I let out a moan against my pillow. “Y/bb/n I..I.”

“It’s not Y/bff/n anymore bunny.” I turned around at that nickname and saw Ethan. I smiled wide and pulled him into a hug. “Ethan I missed you so much,” I then glared at him then soften my expression. My cheeks than went a bright red.

“You just… Touched my vagina.” I said embarrassed. “Yeah… Sorry.” He frowned a bit. “I liked it.” I responded biting my lip. “Do you umm… want me to… continue?” He asked. “Please continue Ethan. Please.” I begged. He chuckled in response and moved to lay next to me.

“Hey Y/n.” Ethan asked. “Yeah.” I responded turning my head to look at him. “I like you a lot.” He mumbled. “Yeah I can tell.” I blushed. He chuckled in embarrassment than got up and handed me my thong which I took and placed it on.

“Is Grayson here?” I asked. Ethan nodded and laid back down next to me, hold up just stop. I have something to say. I don’t even like Ethan like that. I just liked the pleasure He gave my body. I actually prefer Grayson. Anyways continue. “I’m going to go down and see him.” I said standing up. “I’ll stay here.” He answered. I nodded and reached over to my sweats and pulled the on.

I left my room and went downstairs. “Grayson!” I yelled once I saw him. HE turned to me and smiled. I ran to him and jumped up on him hugging him tightly. He wrapped his arms around my waist holding me back tightly.

Time Skip-

I t was currently eleven thirty. Meaning thirty more minutes till my birthday, but also meaning thirty minutes to the new year.

“Hey Y/n.” I heard. I turned around and saw Grayson. “What’s up?” I questioned. “Can we speak somewhere quiet?” He asked. I smiled and nodded. He reached his hand out for mine and I gladly accepted it. He leads me outside to the backyard where there weren’t as many people. We stood where we could see the stars overlooking the other houses.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked twirling my water around. “Well I wanted to give you, your gift.” Grayson smiled looking at me. “You didn’t have to.” I replied as he was reaching into his pocket. “Nonsense.” He answered handing me something. “What is th-“ I looked it over. It was a ticket to California. “No way!” I beamed.

“I talked your mother into letting you move in with me and Ethan.” Grayson explained. “I- thank you Grayson.” I said wrapping my arms around him. HE returned my hug and pulled back. “There’s still one more thing.” He shocked me. “What?” I asked confused.

He showed me a black velvet box and opened it. “I’m promising myself to you.” She smiled. I looked down at the ring and smiled placing it on my finger, and stared back up at him. “Why?” I asked starting to blush.

“Because I love you, so much,” He placed his thumb under my chin, “You’re my everything. My light, my warmth, my world, everything.” He explained. “I love you too Grayson.” I smiled.

In the distance, we heard people starting to count down. “10…9…8…7…6…” We continued to stare into each other’s eyes. “5…4…3…2…2…1… Happy New year!!!!” They chanted. “Happy birthday beautiful.” Grayson said before kissing me passionailty.

okay @spaceincarnate here’s the deal

my friend made a post after the series premiered that explains it very well so I’m just going to copy and paste it here (hope this helps):

Thoughts on 13 reasons why:

An actual pile of trash.

“It’s an effective way to show teenagers in real life situations and what their actions to do other people.”

Guess what! EVERYONE GETS BULLIED IN HIGH SCHOOL. Did you hear that? EVERYONE. At some point in everyone’s life they will come across someone who doesn’t like them, they may even come directly at you and hurt you. And if you’re really lucky, there will be SEVERAL people who don’t like you. But you know what you do? You move on. You find people who actually like you, OR learn to like your own company.
I might have respect for the show if they actually addressed the real culprit of Hannah’s suicide, mental illness, but they don’t. They just focus on people who “contributed” to her suicide.
I’m sorry but it is absolute garbage blame others for a suicide, pin on the actual problem: a chemical imbalance in her brain that makes her internalize everything and tells her lies like “you don’t deserve to live” or “people would be better off without you.” Should you always try to be kind to everyone? Of course. But does that always happen? No. This is reality.
This book/show is for small minds who don’t think beyond what is right in front of them.
The real issue is not bullying that needs to be addressed, because no matter what kind of education you put forth, or rules, people will always be mean. Fact of life.
What needs to be addressed is mental illness and how to get help. It needs to be addressed that it is not the person’s fault they have mental illness, it is literally a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes these problems. Stop shaming those who have mental illness, because guess what, A LOT of people have mental illness. And stop romanizing them, it’s no fun to go to bed happy and wake up absolutely miserable for no reason, or wake up in an absolute panic and you can’t do anything to calm down.
One more thing: Hannah gets raped, and that’s made as her final reason to commit suicide. What a bullshit message to send out to the world, “if you get raped it’s ok to kill yourself.” NO. She goes to the counselor and won’t give him any details about what happened then decides he didn’t help her because she wouldn’t say anything. WHAT. HE COULDN’T HELP YOU BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T SAY ANYTHING. You cannot blame others when you don’t confront the issue, that is on you! How are they supposed to help you if you don’t say anything! “But she tried and was shot down” no she wasn’t, she wouldn’t talk about it, we can’t help you if you won’t let us.
In conclusion: this book/show is an actual pile of garbage, don’t waste your time, it’s an absolute insult to anyone who has mental illness, who has experienced sexual assault, and anyone who has committed suicide who has loved someone who committed suicide. It is a small minded point of view, that sends the message that somehow a suicide is justified, and that message is downright dangerous.

Shout-Out To....

@chiisana-sukima for the excellent thought-processing going on in THIS post. [which I’m not re-blogging simply because of the - totally valid! - length & not everyone has the post-cruncher on their dash]

Special shout-out stars go to this right here, though:

Would that I could strip the heavens for more. Beautifully put, and a valid critique at that - I bristle when people call things like this “hate” or “wanky” or whatnot. It’s not a complaint - complainers offer no specifics as to what went wrong and what went right, nor do they posit ways the persons responsible can improve. You did all of those things [more back in the linked post, of course]. 

And I don’t know you, perhaps you’re salty in real life, but I found this critique seasoned with just the appropriate amount of snark. My senses don’t lie. I have incredible taste. Humbly.

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I was tagged by the gorgeous @smut-hub. She is perfect. K.

Nickname: Yeli, Bert, Indie (bc of my middle name)

Height: 5'3

Last thing I googled: “harry styles excited gif” Lmao.

Fav music artist: Any of the 1D boys, Ed Sheeran, Hedley, The Script, Parachute, Marianas Trench (these are only a few but I have so much more lol)


Last movie I watched: Cars 2…lol

Last TV show I watched: Brooklyn 99

What are you wearing right now: Shorts, my uni hoodie and a tank top underneath

When did you create your blog: Almost a year ago! Wowza!

What kind of stuff do I post: OT4 support, my fanfiction, body positivity, positivity in general, some poems here and there, and random things that happen in my life that I need to share lol

Do you have any other blog: @yeli-like-yellow (my personal blog) & @eveninmydarkesthour (my poetry blog)

Do you get asks regularly: Usually I get a couple every day! I love hearing from you guys. :)

Why did you choose your url: His rose tattoo is my favorite, and I wanted it to be a play on the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve.” Which is why I did roseonhissleeve. But it’s also literal because there’s actually a rose tattoo on his sleeve. I’m clever sometimes. Hehe.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff AF

Pokémon team:
I literally just took a quiz online to figure this out and I got Team Valor, though I have no clue what that means lmao

Fav colour: YELLOW!

Average hours of sleep: I cannot answer this question because i literally have such a shit sleep schedule I have no average

Fav characters: Boo Radley, Cinderella, Hermione, and many more!

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 now, 2 in the winter

Dream job: Author :)

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I'm absolutely in love with how open you are about your experiences! Sorry if this is weird in anyway, but did you meet the Boston SD on SA or do you freestyle? He sounds amazing and it'd be great to know there's some good ones in the city cause I sure am only seeing scammers 😂 thanks!

Not weird at all! Yeah, I met him from SA in October of 2015. I started an account without really knowing what I was getting myself into, I was kind of at the end of my rope in life at the time. He was one of the first guys who messaged me on the site. We chatted for a day and then he asked me to get a quick drink before he flew back to Boston for the month.

I didn’t have time to go home after work to get cute, so I specifically remember sitting with my car parked in a neighborhood adding mascara on top of mascara and convincing myself I wasn’t crazy. We met at a low key bar/pub.

I sat down at the bar and braced myself for whatever was going to happen. He tapped me on the shoulder and took a seat next to me. I can have a full out conversation with a brick wall so I knew it couldn’t be too bad. But he turned out to be really cute and nice. We had quite a candid conversation, he asked me about the site and I naively told him he’s one of the first I talked to. He told me some nutso stories about the girls he’s met which put me at ease because he had a sense of right and wrong and how these things work.

We had two beers then he asked if I wanted to go on a walk. He said he had to fly out that night but he’d be back in a few weeks. He would let me know what day he’d be available and said he’d like to have an arrangement with me. In my head I had no fucking idea what that meant, but okay. We circled back around to my car, he pulled me in and I gave him a nice long kiss. He pushed $300 into my hand and closed the car door for me.

After that he’d come to town about once a month and each time he’d just leave money in an envelope (like way more than I could ever imagine at the time) and I wouldn’t look at it until I left. We’d usually have a drink at the bar, go upstairs, have sex, talk for about 30 minutes then he’d want to go back to his work so it was super low maintenance. I will say he’s the first man to ever pop one of my toes in his mouth though 😂

After he made the full transition to Boston, he’d fly me up about once a month and put me up at the W for the weekend. He’d usually come by once, twice max. One time we actually had a threesome with another SB which was pretty cool in my opinion.

We never made the express decision to part ways but we both got really busy and kind of lost interest in the idea. He told me he slowed down on the sugar front because his business is taking off (like massively) when we just chatted.

Again, he was funny, smart and handsome. So why be on the site? He told me he just really loves young girls (like early twenties, nothing teen) because he worked his ass off so much in college he never had time to pursue the hot girls. At 39 and with a reputation to protect, he didn’t want to be seen courting a 21 year old. So sugaring was excellent for him to keep things under wraps. He also has more money than he fucking knows what to do with so if that’s his one vice so be it. He was a pretty simple man otherwise, he wore jeans and sweaters most times we met.

Sorry for the rambling reply but I clearly love story telling. Long story short, it doesn’t matter if you live in bumfuck Kansas or if you live in Boston. Finding a good SD is like playing Russian Roulette. It takes a lot of intuition and pure luck. I was just lucky he was my first and he showed me the way before I ended up with someone who would take advantage of my naivety. All of my SDs I have met off of SA, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t dealt with my fair share of douchebags.

I think one of my strengths as a SB is that I am very easygoing and naturally pretty (i.e. No surgery, not heavily made up). That’s why my SRs mimic real relationships because I come off as a real, sweet girl. I think that’s why I generally receive a medium range for allowance/PPM. There’s all kinds of SRs. There are girls who look like absolute dreams but come with the territory of being super high maintenance that not every SD wants to deal with. But they also pay out way higher, so there’s no one way to approach sugaring. I would just play to whatever your strength is and hopefully POTs take notice of that special characteristic.

I can see where the new crop of SBs find freestyling most effective. SA used to be a lot more serious, it wasn’t so muddled. Maybe when I move to NYC I’ll consider freestyling, but for now I’ve been fortunate enough to find really great guys. They’re out there, try not to get discouraged xx




My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?