what did i do those days anyway

What writing is actually like:

1) “I have to pee, but I need to finish this before I forget.”

2) “Holy shit, I actually wrote that many words!?”

3) “What day is it?”

4) “I wasn’t gonna do the homework anyways.”

5) “Sleep is for the weak, and those who have finished editing.”

6) “Did I remember to eat?”

7) “No laptop don’t die! This is the climax of the story!”

8) “This dialogue is hilarious. If I can do this, why do I have so little  friends?”

9) “I think I made this way too personal.”

10) “I’m a terrible writer, I haven’t put a new chapter out in weeks/months/years/ect.

11) “Is it shallow to use your own name for an original character?”

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Meryl Davis And Charlie White, Vancouver Olympics 2010 (Original Dance)

Aw, remember Original Dance? For its last Olympic hurrah, Meryl and Charlie gave us what to this day may be the only Bollywood-inspired program that doesn’t heavily utilize Jai frickin’ Ho. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Jai Ho, I’m just tired of it and would like to hear more catchy songs from actual Bollywood musicals)

ANYWAY. These costumes were and are solid. They didn’t just do their idea of Indian dance, they did their research and it shows. Even the fabrics are right!

I love those colors on Meryl, and seriously Charlie just went completely authentic, pretty much. Both creative and respectful, and all-around fabulous.

Grade: A+

anonymous asked:

I guess your glad Gemma finally did something questionable. You're all worshipping the Tomlinson's anyway all day long, and ignore all the good stuff Gemma has been doing, so now of course you all comment on her again lol

What is wrong with you - if any of the Tomlinson’s did this you bet I’d be calling it out too. Stop with this bs, I don’t reblog Gemma as much because I’m not obligated to??? Doesn’t mean I don’t like her or don’t think she’s a good person, but what she did isn’t one of those nice things and that’s it 

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I read your realistic-smut fic for dialogue challenge (loved it) and one thing got me interested, how did Scully manage to read smutty fanfic on a stake-out? I get that she may have super-power level poker face and it's not like she can read it on her smartphone like we do this days. I assume they do those together, and like, he never asked what she was reading? it sounds like a potentially hilarious fic that needs to be written, so could you please elaborate!

Haha! The perils of writing stuff in an hour and having no beta! Plot holes…

Anyway, in my mind, when I write, I think of season 10 Scully and Mulder. I’m not sure why. It could be as simple as the fact that my first fanfic was set in this period. But clearly ‘Tested’ is set in season 7 so my brain is just really weird. 

So, I have given this some thought. Clearly smartphones and kindles were not around in 2000. However, Scully would subscribe to a selection of medical journals and my head canon is that she would secretly print out her current fanfic whilst printing out expenses reports and then slot them into the pages of her journals to read when bored/horny.

I suspect that Mulder did the very same thing but slotted his into the pages of his “non-medical” journals. ;-)

Your prompt is now accepted and I will do my best to put together a new fic based on each of them hiding their respective fanfic addiction…

Omg no. Like one day Alfred points out Damian needs to be in a car seat, and of course this gets him some teasing from Steph and Cass and Tim. (Dick’s trying to be the adult, but he’s snickering off in a corner). Anyway, in comes Jason, and he sees they’re all poking fun at Damian, which he is definitely all for and he’s like “ooooh what did the brat do this time?” When in walks Bruce with one of those older kid car seats. And the blood just drains out of Jason’s face. It’s a waking nightmare walking towards him in slow motion.

Dick’s like, “Something you need to tell us Bruce? What do you have a car seat for?”

Bruce opens his mouth to speak, but Alfred, saint that he is, cuts him off like, “Bruce was a child once too, Master Richard.”

Except Tim’s like, “Yeah that thing’s old but there’s no way it’s that old.”

And Bruce is like, super tactfully, looking everywhere but at Jason and it’s a room full of batkids so it takes like 2.4 seconds before everyone notices him not looking at Jason so they all look at Jason who is bracing himself and glaring and then Cass starts giggling and the levees break. 

“NO FUCKING WAY,” Steph yells (totally worth the dollar in the swear jar).

And Jason’s like “I was a really late bloomer, okay?” And Dick doesn’t have to try to be the adult anymore bc Jason’s also an adult and thus fair game so he’s howling with laughter and already sending off texts to Roy and Kori. 

And Steph is like “YOU ARE FUCKING WITH ME YOU’RE LIKE 900 POUNDS.” (another dollar in the swear jar for her.)

And because it’s clearly a day for sensitivity and tact, Damian goes, “Grandfather must put some sort of growth hormone in the Lazarus Pit,” and Jason’s like, “Jealous much hobbit?” Which sets them off bickering and Tim is on some sort of middle child Cloud Nine while Steph curses like three more times as she’s laughing until Cass puts her hand over her mouth to save her from going broke bc of the swear jar rule.

And Alfred was a little worried that the size thing would be a touchy subject for Jason bc there are obviously reasons Jason was so small as a kid and Alfred didn’t want him to have to be reminded of those issues, but it seems like he didn’t need to worry bc Jason and Damian are about to go for each other’s throats in the middle of the dining room, so Jason’s too busy to be thinking about anything but keeping Damian’s pokey little fingers away from his weak points.

And Bruce is messing around with the car seat trying to remember how he connected it to the batmobile so that it’d still be safe to deploy the ejector seat bc it’s like car seat producers didn’t even consider a child might need to eject themselves from a moving vehicle, or something.


yes this is me as an airbender yES this is shameless, shameless self-insert but BEAR WITH ME i did it for an atla contest which idek how to link to you guys idk?? what im doing??? also i put mad effort into this like my hand was hurting bc as always i left it all at the end and i designed like my whole bender outfit and shit and drew myself with WAY more hair than i actually have so idk i like it even if i dont win?? it was p cool ye a h

wrap your arm around me - a parivan fanfic

it’s 11 pm and i’m supposed to do my homework but here i am, whoop whoop.

summary: zombie is feeling a little insecure about himself - thank god cassie sullivan exists in his life.

it was one of those days when he  feels like he should’ve died in the first wave. he sighs, knowing that that was such a weak thing to say. why didn’t he die in the first wave anyway? what did he do to deserve being here – when there are probably much more stronger people out there – who are probably dead now anyway but nevertheless are stronger than ben parish himself.

he looks around him. ringer. she deserves to be here – she’s strong, she doesn’t care about what anybody else thinks, she’s true to herself (he was just another high school boy trying to please everyone but himself). teacup. she’s young but she’s strong in a way ben really can’t explain. dumbo.(everybody needs to be like dumbo, why would anyone be like ben?)

sam. he smiles softly as he stares at the young brunette boy who’s currently in the middle of a dream. how did he manage to survive being in the squad when he knew his sister was out there looking for him – being targeted by a lot of people? how did he manage to still smile even when everything’s dull?

and him. ben parish.

what’s so special about ben parish anyway? nothing.

that’s why he’s dead now, he says bitterly to himself. ben parish is dead. i’m zombie now. (an improved version of ben parish – except he doesn’t care. he doesn’t have anyone to please now, except for these little people in his life.)


zombie turns around, finding a cassie sullivan smiling at him like he’s the entire world.

“hey,” he smiles back a little, trying to lift himself up to a sitting position. cassie smiles again, sitting next to him. “why are you still up?”

“eh, i don’t know. i’m not really used to sleeping together like this,” she answers timidly, smiling at him with her soft smile. “why are you still up?” she nudges him with her shoulder.

he shrugs. he really doesn’t know. “wondering why i’m still here now,” he says. he doesn’t expect cassie to understand, but something about cassie sullivan soothes him and he feels like he could tell her anything.

“because you’re strong,” cassie responds smoothly, scooting closer to him as she speaks. “why are you asking yourself that kind of question?”

“i don’t know,” he mutters. “it’s like – what am i good at? i feel like i don’t belong here, cass. like, there are probably people out there – dead by now, but they’re probably the ones who deserved to be here. not me.”

“ben parish,” cassie shakes her head and she laughs. she fucking laughs at him. zombie looks at her in astonishment. “you are one of the stupidest people i’ve ever known in my life.”

“wait – what?” he’s too speechless to say anything.

“you really think that you don’t deserve to be here?” she says softly. he nods and she laughs again at him. “well i have one thing to say, ben parish. bullshit.” he gaps at her, and before he could make up a sentence, cassie beats him to it.

“like i said, you’re probably one of the most strongest people here, ben. you practically lost everyone you care about but you didn’t break. in fact, you got stronger. i don’t hink i could do that if sam left me as well,” cassie laughs bitterly. “look, maybe you don’t feel like you matter but you know someone who knows that you do?”

“who?” he asks again. he doesn’t trust his voice when his stomach is making all these flips that he doesn’t need.

“me,” cassie turns back, not really meeting his eyes as she continues, “i already know that ever since the beginning.”

he doesn’t know what to say. he really doesn’t. his stomach is making really weird flips and his face is warm. everything suddenly feels warmer, and he’s glad that it’s all because of cassie sullivan.

without saying a word, he reaches out for her shoulders, and pull her closer to him. he shocks himself when he starts to wrap both his arms around her. it had been a while since he last hugged someone, and it feels nice to do it again to someone he cares about. “thanks,” he mutters close to her ears.

“you’re welcome,” cassie says back. he doesn’t need to move to know that she’s smiling right now. she’s warm, so instead of pulling away, he pulls her closer than before, and she melts against him, knowing it’s okay to and that he wouldn’t mind.

(he really doesn’t mind. in fact, he could’ve stay in that same position all day if he could)

“hey cassie?”

“yeah ben?” they’re still hugging each other – none of them looking like they’re going to make a move and pull away any second now.

“i’m glad.”

“for what?”

“i’m glad that i survived. or else i wouldn’t be here hugging you like this.” and he’s also glad and thankful for the beautiful sound that’s coming out of her mouth after he said it.

p.s sorry for the terrible grammar i hope you enjoyed this

Hold Me Tight [ Part 4 : Min Yoongi ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 ||

A/N : Acousticophilia. Finally, writing my bias …. I hope I did him justice I probably didn’t xD. Enjoy guys <3 And let me know what you think.

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Day 4, 8:45 PM

You sat half naked on the leather couch sticking to your bare skin after he left you hanging mid-kiss to do something on his computer quoting “ Hold on, I just had an idea ” and his hands abandoned your body for the cold to take over. It was after all why he was doing this, as he put it, for inspiration. Each one of them had a reason, stress, lust, secrecy and even just plain loneliness, so inspiration was something different … something new.

Either ways, it was still frustrating and to say that you were annoyed would be an understatement. You glared at the clear porcelain-like skin of his naked form, too beautiful to allow you to stay angry at him.

“ I can feel your eyes on me ” He whispered quietly before loudly pushing a button, groaning in enjoyment. The music started playing and, what you supposed to be, his voice filled the room covering the dragging sound of his chair on the ground as he stood up and turned to you.

“ Come here ” He motioned with two fingers for you to go closer to him. You stood up as well, internally rolling your eyes at the smug expression on his face. His fingers brushed through your hair settling on the back of your head when you stood a step away. Yoongi pulled you to him, tilting your head and not wasting a second before connecting your lips with his. You took an abrupt step, stumbling into his chest to balance yourself, not having expected that.

His free hand roamed down to your lower back, then to the strap of your panties, pulling on them and breaking the kiss again to look at you with dark hooded eyes.

“ Why are you still wearing this ?” He asked and you parted your lips to give a cheeky response about it being because he left you, when his lips were on yours again, his tongue exploring the inside of your mouth. The kiss lasted longer this time, your lips parting then urgently meeting once again with you tilting your head to meet his every push. He pulled away brushing the hair he messed up and smirked “ Don’t answer that ”

Smug little sh-“ Don’t curse me in your head either ” You gulped, surprised but still slightly impressed he could read you so easily. The music was still going but you could tell his attention was all on you, his fingers digging into your hips bringing you against his bare erection.

Without breaking eyes contact, he pulled down the fabric letting it fall to the ground around your legs. His hands were back on your waist guiding you to the chair he once occupied. You sat down like he told you, the music finally stopping.

“ How was it ?” He whispered, which seemed to be directed more at himself than to you, so you didn’t answer but then he paused, looking down at you silently demanding one.

“ I … Wasn’t really listening, you know” You spoke like it was common sense, he didn’t let you listen uninterrupted, taking up all your attention. He shrugged, taking the hint, since he wasn’t focused on it either.

Yoongi got down on his knees in front of you, still not breaking the steady gaze. Your eyebrows twitched at his action but your eyes were still full with anticipation.

“ You waited like a good girl ” He lifted your legs to his shoulders, sliding you down the chair in the process “ This is your reward ”

You gripped the hand-rests to stop yourself from falling off completely, a smirk slowly twisting on your lips “ Am I flying to Hong kong?” You breathed out, feeling some kind of pointless glory. He paused to look up at you.

“ You said you weren’t listening ” He shrugged again.

“ How do I put it ?” You adjusted yourself into a more comfortable position. You wondered since when did you become okay with having someone staring at your naked self, not even feeling self-conscious about it anymore. “ That part stood out to me the most ”

He half smiled, his eyes finally looking away and disappearing under his silver bangs, the color brightly shining in contrast with the dimly lit studio. You reached to brush one of the misplaced strands into its place when his tongue warmly swiped up your slit making you clench your fingers into his hair, a surprised moan leaving you.

Yoongi growled from pain, the vibrations of his voice causing you even more stimulation with his hot breath already fanning over your dripping core.

“ If it falls out, I’m suing you ” He whispered with a low chuckle.

“ If you don’t continue, I’m leaving ” You spat back immediately.

‘Fair enough’ He thought, not taking the time to voice it out. Yoongi ran his two fingers up and down your heat in a tormentingly slow pace, your hips jerking forwards then relaxing again just when he let a finger slip inside of your awaiting walls curling it up to hit that sweet spot he somehow knew too well. His tongue, too, twirling random circles on your swollen clit.

Your grip tightened on the plastic of the chair, but it wasn’t enough so it sought next thing in your reach. Lost in the movement of the, now, two digits inside of you and the melting motion of his skilled tongue on the outline of your core. Your hand reached out and accidentally pressed a button that was too close to the edge and suddenly the sound of your hitched breathing and the broken series of low moans you secretly let out got amplified, echoing against the walls and back into your ears.

At first, you thought it was all in your head until he hummed in satisfaction that you realized it wasn’t and that hand shot up to cover your mouth muffling any new ones.

He didn’t stop the steady in and out motion, even going faster at some point, twisting his slender fingers up to brush against the roof of your walls not minding your pleasurable sighs. He sensed your embarrassment with a forming grin that you could feel against the sensitive skin, when your legs tightened on him.

“ Let me hear you ” Yoongi kissed the inside of your thigh sweetly, halting his movements to look at you again with the same lustful eyes “ It sounds better than music ”. His free hand came up to move away the one covering your mouth, intertwining his fingers with yours and bringing it down to your side. He spoke so quietly but his voice sounded three times as loud, but you weren’t complaining about it.

Your cheeks heated up into a blush from his comment, relaxing once more when his fingers started moving again and letting out louder moans purposely before getting too caught up in the pleasure slowly growing inside of you, adding to your wetness and making it easier for him to slip in a third finger. You arched your back, gasping and holding his hands tight enough to bruise your nails into the skin.

Sensing your orgasm closing in, as your walls quivered with each drag of his fingers, he let his tongue trace down your slick folds around them before pulling out, chasing your orgasm away. You whined the loss of stimulation, having been so close to euphoria only for it to be taken away. You opened your eyes to give him a questioning look when you were met with a challenging smile.

“ That was just a teaser ” He unhooked your legs from over his shoulder, bringing them to his waist as he came up to connect your lips together once more, allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue “ I’ll give you a full version when you choose me ”. He moved down to your neck, nibbling at the skin before sucking in a deep mark, happy to see that you had none yet. Yoongi wasn’t a big fan of sharing.

You wrapped your legs around his hips, pulling him closer with the heels of your feet on his lower back creating the friction you craved so much, shuddering when his erection deliciously brushed down your slit. You knew that you wanted more, needed more.

“ Patience, kitten ” He licked the spot he had been marking, once satisfied with it, then glanced at you with the same undying grin. He pulled you up moving you back onto the couch, which at this point seemed more comfortable than the half standing position he was in.

Yoongi laid you down slowly, with both his hands on each side of your head keeping him up from crushing you with his weight. You rose up to meet him biting his lower lip between yours, missing the feeling of them, while your hand traveled down his torso to grasp his erect member pumping his tightly and earning a few groans that he happily spilled into your mouth, his whole body shivering under your touch.  

He lowered himself onto his elbows, fingers tangling in your hair to hold you in place while his lips consumed yours with passion, brushing a few small kisses before letting his tongue slip in more deeper and hotter, repeating it multiple times. You felt in heaven. And if his heart-stopping kisses weren’t enough to get you there then the rhythmic thrusts of his hips grounding on yours were.

You sensed everything from the vibrations in his throat and the drag of your sweaty skins against each other with each deep and angled meeting of his thrusts with you pushing down to match him, to the straining feeling of the sticky leather couch on your hot skin creating a squeaky sound as he rocked his length into you spreading bliss through your body. You cursed as loudly as you could with his mouth muffling your every sound, trying to close your legs driving him deeper into your tightening walls.

Yoongi finally broke the kiss, burying his face in the crook of your neck  letting you catch your breath as he nuzzled the skin under your ears, moaning with a hoarse voice that sent cold shivers through you. He focused more on his thrusts picking up the pace at some point then slowing back down to just deeply roll his hips hitting your every spot.

He pushed your waist into the couch with a harsh snap as he came audibly groaning into your ear  making your whole body shaky laying with him collaped on top of you, his hips kept holding you down until he finished. Yoongi’s hands cupped your face bringing you to look at him, taking in the sight of the damped bangs sticking to his forehead with faint beads of sweat making his hair look darker, and smiled licking the corner of his mouth.

“ You’d make a great muse ” He breathed out, voice still hoarse, before capturing your lips for one last time, his tongue outlining your lower lip before pulling away, just enough to meet your tired gaze again “ Be mine

Thank you for reading

Do you really expect me to believe that Daryl Dixon would have acted like that if he had been with Rick, Michonne, Glenn or anyone else? 

Would have he been so clumsy and dropped the jug of water? Would have he even asked them if they wanted him to “carry one of those” in the first place? Stop me if I’m wrong, but it’s the damn zombie apocalypse - carrying two bottles of water isn’t really the most exhausting thing they have to do during the day.

He was so desperate to reach out to her and didn’t know what else to say after the “we’ll start over” speech that he did this. He knew she was gonna say no anyway, but he had to say something to her, no matter what it was. It was an epic fail, but he still tried. 
But what’s the point of showing a clumsy and lovey dovey Daryl around Carol? I wonder why, hum hum, I wonder why…

It’s not as if we had never seen Daryl being so nervous, awkward and desperate to reach out for someone before, right?
Oh wait…

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1st January 2016 {•} 1/100+ days of productivity

It’s so cliché to start a new project on the first day of the new year but yes, I’m gonna do it anyway. Last year was an absolute blast for my personal and academic life and I truly believe that this year will be the same. I am determined to grab every chance and work even harder to reach my goals (I still haven’t decided what are those but…).
While waiting for the start of the spring semester, I’m strenghtening my Duolingo skills in Norwegian and German. Also featured my Moleskine weekly planner that I’m planning to use a lot more than I did in the past.
Wish all of you a splendid new year full of accomplishments and nice things! 💕

I hope everyone in the LGBT+ community had a safe coming out day.

Remember, I, along with countless others are proud of you for doing what you did. It can be scary, even if you come out to a supportive community.

For those who did not come out, out of uncertainty or fear, I am still proud of you. Coming out is something you should never feel pressured to do it. Do it once you feel safe, secure, or never do it at all.

Anyway, happy coming out day.
(Last year on my personal insta account I came out, so I did not do it this year, although no one knows of my gender fluidity. Maybe next year.)

Life is Good

If you wrap yourself in daffodils
I will wrap myself in pain
And if you’re the queen of California
Baby I am the king of the rain
Counting Crows -  Goodnight Elisabeth

Good morning my dear friends.  Currently listening to Recovering The Satellites, and just finished the song above.  How could you not want to write poetry after having those lyrics dance across your heart?  Interesting weekend, I’ve written and queued up more friends than I could possibly know what to do with, but I guess those are good problems, and no doubt I’ll stress incessantly over them later…or nah as my young friends say.  Do expect reblogs over the next couple of days however.  Yesterday I wrote about the good days, and after an admittedly rough few months between the ears, it’s been pretty nice to feel like myself again.  I’ve even listened to music over the past couple of weekends.  Yes!  Anyway, I know this is rambling but I did want to to tell each of you how truly I’ve been enjoying your words, art, company and love.  Yes, today at least, life is good and it’s even better when shared.  Okay that’s enough.  Have I done the I love you thing recently?  No?  In that case here goes.  If no one’s told you yet today, let me be the first to say…

I love you,
Mike <3              

spottedpigmyemo said: So, we’ve seen reasons for why the rest of the group accepted Bill, but what about Soos? Could you write that bit? (Also, I read through everything in a few days and I love your stories!)

Soos would do anything for the Pines family- ANYTHING.  And those kids- he would protect them with his life.  When Stan told him to look out for Dipper that day he came home with a crazy mind demon Soos didn’t need to be told twice.  Really he hadn’t needed to be told at all- he was planning on looking out for the kid anyway.

And he did.  For weeks he watched the two of them.  He was very quickly realizing he didn’t really need to.  Dipper was… relaxed- an odd thing for the  paranoid ball of anxiety. He seemed to be smiling easier and bigger than Soos had seen in a long time too.  The two of them laughed together, the demon always making sure Dipper ate and slept enough.

“You are horrible at taking care of yourself Pine Tree!”  He had heard the demon lecture.  “I don’t know how you survived before me!”  Dipper had just chuckled at him.  “Now eat some more, now that I am around you don’t get to skip meals.”

And that- that right there, a simple declaration, that simple care of looking out for someone, was all Soos needed to hear to know that Dipper was gunna be just fine.

Maybe it’s not about you

Ever have one of those days when everything is going perfectly fine…until someone makes a comment that completely derails you? Maybe it’s something in the tone of voice or a funny look – and you just can’t shake it off. What is that supposed to mean? Did I do something wrong? What’s her problem, anyway?

Before you know it, a quick encounter unfolds into a major incident in your mind. You feel wronged. You’re consumed by a sense of injustice. And you’re taking it very personally.

That level of response might occasionally motivate (Oh yeah? I’ll show them!), but it’s also deflating. It sucks up our energy, and it gets us stuck dwelling on the downsides. We focus on feeling mistreated, and it can sour a relationship. If we obsess over the wrongdoing, our general outlook can become negative, which pushes people away. We also lose the time and attention we’d put toward more constructive efforts – because we’re letting the little things get the best of us.

In those moments, it helps to pause and ask, Is this really about me? What else might be going on? That simple zoom-out in perspective can keep us from taking things too much to heart. It helps us detach emotionally. We notice patterns and anomalies in what’s happening. The smallness of the small stuff becomes clear.

And the payoff is huge: Our zoomed-out perspective lets us walk around a situation and see it from new angles. We empathize better and can better imagine why someone might behave a certain way. We find opportunities in what might seem like failures. We look at upsets in context and do more than just react. We gain more peace of mind.

To show you what we mean, we’ve played out the ups and downs of taking things too personally in everyday situations. If any feel like potential sore spots for you, try our suggestions for zooming out and adjusting your point of view.

Taking it personally: Oh, of course she has a better idea for things to see and places to go. I was just trying to make a suggestion for the group dinner. She always has to prove how she knows more than I do.
Zooming out: Whether it’s a chip on your shoulder or a monkey on your back, we each have our own trigger issues. Identifying what pushes our buttons helps us remember to let some of it slide, because what’s happened in the past isn’t necessarily what’s going on now.
Readjusting your view: This is such a pet peeve of mine – and it always makes me mad! It’s like how my sister always used to overcorrect me in front of our parents. It’s annoying, but I’m probably overreacting.

Taking it personally: He said he liked that band, but now he’s making fun of them in front of everyone. He knows I’m supposed to go see them next week. Is he trying to make fun of me?
Zooming out: It’s normal to feel uneasy when your assumptions are suddenly out of sync with reality. There might be something to it, or there might not – but spinning your wheels to guess at it will definitely get you bent out of shape. Instead, step back and imagine what might have transpired to change things. This kind of empathy can ease the emotional impact.
Readjusting your view: I don’t get it. Maybe he’s trying to fit in? That band rocks, so I guess it doesn’t really matter what he thinks. Whatever. I can ask him about it some other time.

Taking it personally: She totally ignored me when I said hello in the hallway earlier. And she even sped up as she went by. What’s with the cold shoulder? Did I do something to make her mad?
Zooming out: People make careless mistakes all the time. Often without realizing it. Often in ways that really don’t register as important to them. We choose what to give meaning to in our lives – so don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t fall down the rabbit hole over-analyzing it.
Readjusting your view: That was weird. I don’t know how she couldn’t have seen me, but I guess it’s possible. Maybe she was distracted. Or in a rush. Oh well, it was just in passing. No big deal.

Taking it personally: That draft took me all week to write, and he barely took an hour to slash through most of it. It seems so harsh. Does he really think I’m such a lost cause?
Zooming out: Oof, tough feedback. It’s hard not to take a critique of something we’ve done as a critique of who we are. But in most cases, people aren’t going out of their way to make us feel bad. While it takes some mental effort, hear the feedback as an opportunity to learn how to do it better next time rather than a statement about what’s wrong with you. (That said, this is a very common sticking point. If you want extra help, check out our tips on how to take the fear out of feedback.)
Readjusting your view: Yikes. This isn’t exactly encouraging. I’m not sure where it went wrong. But I know he’s editing this because he wants to make it better. I need to try to think about it that way.

Taking it personally: I don’t understand why my boss has to snap at me all the time. It’s like I can’t do anything right. She takes everything out on me – it’s not fair!
Zooming out: Sometimes it’s not you – it’s them. And while they may be the ones making it personal, they are out of your control. When you’re trapped with bad behavior, you have two choices. You can choose to engage in some way and brace yourself for some potential ugliness. Or you can choose to focus on what you can do to make your situation better.
Readjusting your view: This is crazy. There’s got to be something else going on. I hope it passes. Or if this is who she really is, I need to figure out how I can make it work…or hatch a plan to move on.