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Broken Part One: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/160710394889/broken-sign-on-the-dotted-line-and-everything


Ten months later

The coffee shop that you normally went to every morning was closed for repairs. You had to go fifteen minutes out of your way to get your daily coffee fix.

It had been a regular morning. You woke up and made breakfast for the kids before sending them off to school. They only had a few weeks left before Christmas break. They were very excited about being out of school for the next three weeks.

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good morning friends I am going to take a few minutes to be sappy because this is my blog and I can do what I want and you can all suck it

(it’s important to be aggressive before expressing a lot of emotion in order to maintain one’s street cred)

anyway, today is the day @bgonemydear and I have selected for our anniversary! I say selected bc we did spend a while discussing what day to use. the thing about falling in love with someone over the internet is that it’s kind of an uneven process, in terms of pacing, so we had to decide when we wanted to say our relationship officially began

one year ago today was the first time we met in person. she came to boston and I got lost in the airport trying to find the correct baggage claim (I get lost in the airport looking for her a lot) and I finally got to see her and hold her hand on the train and witness some dude decide to hit on her by telling her about the tattoos he got in prison while we were holding hands

truly, prison tattoo dude, you’re the real star

it’s still a little surreal to me that it’s been a whole year, and also sometimes that it’s only been a year, and mostly that any of this has worked out at all. the whole world is very confusing and alarming, lbr, and it’s sadly only gotten more confusing and alarming in the last year

so I’m very glad I have her, and I hope to be embarrassing myself with a similar post next year

do not look at me in the face

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Oh hey, I just remembered something me and my gf were talking about not long ago -- she was telling me about how Hussie put you into his comic and then figured out later you were reading it later? That one scene, where Hussie is kissing Rufio (just out of curiosity), how did it make you feel?

I blogged about it before.


But it was definitely surreal.

Btw… happy belated 4/13!

Haven’t been on my Tumblr game lately… miss it. I blame League of Legends and traveling!

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What would the bros do if their S/O (with a Dandere like personality) would ask them, if they would like to take a bath with her? She wouldn't be that embarrassed but would the bros be? Idk maybe they started dating a few days ago xD (I'm sorry! I hope you understood what I was trying to say >,< Love your blog btw!)

OH LOL nah i gotcha! i did have to google what dandere meant though oh my god i swear im Hip & With The Kids Slang

Noctis: He chokes on his spit at their sudden suggestion and has to stop and cough for a few minutes before resorting to messing up his hair as a tension reliever. “U-Uh… don’t you think that’s a little… sudden? I mean, it hasn’t even been that long since we started… um…” His face is very much flushed and his partner might even try to take back the suggestion, to which he bursts out, “No! No, I mean… I… I will… if you really want to.”

Ignis: It would be incredibly difficult to catch the slight blush that creeps up to his cheeks, and he simply coughs and pushes up his glasses. “…I believe it may be too soon for the two of us to engage in such… personal activities. I will, however, ready the bath, towels, and clothing, if you wish.” The way he says it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was declining out of shyness.

Gladio: He just blinks. “A bath? You wanna go in together?” Gladio would be surprised at their request, but definitely not in a bad way. If anything, it makes him happy that they feel comfortable around him enough to ask so soon after they just started dating. “I don’t mind, but are you sure the both of us will fit?” he teases. He’s not too flustered at the whole thing and probably tickles them while they’re in the tub. 

Prompto: “H-Huh?!” his jaw drops open and he flares up completely red. “W-Wait, wait wait wait, a bath? Like, with bubbles? You? And me? In the same tub? Are you… are you feeling okay?!” Honestly, he wants to go in with them, he really does, but he knows he won’t be able to control himself if he sees them naked and has to sit in a tub with them. “I… I can’t! It’s too soon! Take a guy out for dinner first, why don’t ya?!” 

Well, not like i didn’t expect this, but holy hell

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, or if you’ve stumbled upon some of my most popular posts, OR if you’re just very up-to-date with the Discourse in this fandom, you probably know who Minty is. If you don’t, here’re the basics: Minty AKA @theblackguardiansofsheith is a shaladin who spents most of her time on this Hellsite picking fights with and harrassing antis, regardless of why or who started it.

A little while ago, my close friend was attacked by her to a really awful and serious point. I won’t go into details, since my friend is trying to clear the whole thing up and forget about it, so i’ll respect their privacy.

After this happened, Minty made several posts about how she was legitimately sorry for what she did, and realized that what she did was uncalled for and got very out of hand. She then claimed that she’d “take a break” for a while.

Now, back to the present. Since before i even had this blog, i’ve been a member of a discord server of anti-shaladin Voltron fans, and i’ve been lucky enough to meet a bunch of nice people there. We’ve had drama here and there, but it would always eventually fix itself.

This, however, is probably one of the worst things to ever happen to this server:

Turns out, everyone’s favorite asshat has been lurking on us for a LONG time, reading our private messages while hiding her identity. Why is this so horrible and unacceptable? Well, let me explain:

  1. It’s not that we have any ~big spooky anti secrets~ that we can’t let other people see. The issue here, is that we also use this server to vent about our real-life issues and struggles. For a lot of us, this server is our only safe space, where we can trust each other enough to help each other with our personal problems. If the personal information about our members was spread out, it could get them in actual, legitimate trouble in real life.
  2. Follow-up to ^^^^^ that, now that we know what lengths shaladins (or at the very least Minty) are willing to go through just to hurt and humiliate us, it doesn’t seem too far off that they wouldn’t hesitate to use private information as blackmail.
  3. And if it wasn’t clear enough, this is all extremely illegal.

Point is: Minty has now proved twice that she’s a dangerous life threat to innocent people, and should be avoided at all cost. And if you wasn’t convinced enough to report her last time i talked about her, i suggest you consider that now.

ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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let’s just put it out there before i say anything, PAY NO HEED TO THIS SHITTY GRAPHIC OKAY. and i know i haven’t been very active this last week but that’s because life has been slapping me in the face.

so it’s been two years TO THE DAY and one blog move later, but holli is still here???? i can’t even fully comprehend that fact. that’s just…. WOW. it’s wow. i jump around from blog to blog rather regularly so i never really thought holli was going to stick like she has. but i’m rather glad she did. i’ve met so many cool people. i’ve put up with some weird ass drama on my ride here as well. but, in the great expanse of it all, i feel like i’ve grown a lot as a writer and as a person because of it. does that make sense? gosh, i hope so. anyway, prepare for the sap fest that’s coming up. because, shit. it’s super sappy.

also i may have forgotten some people, because it feels like i have. but PLEASE know. if you’re seeing this at all, know i appreciate you and love you. thank you for being here ! <3 <3

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Part of me still thinks this could be an elaborate hoax. It’s so over the top. Right-wing Christian organizations drive a bright orange bus down the east coast insisting that there are only two possible options for gender identity (and only two combinations for chromosomes)? Their writing their own parody! Are we supposed to take this seriously?

Well, yes. And I’ll tell you why. I know @buzzfeed isn’t always a destination for serious news (no offense, Buzz), but this quote is pretty serious:

“This is not about live-and-let-live,” he added, saying transgender people pose an threat to norms of sex and procreation. “This is about what is best for the common welfare of society.”

This, this heterosexual agenda, isn’t about live-and-let-live. Dreadful. But not a shocker. In fact, this echoes something my mom said to me over Thanksgiving , after calling my transness “delusion.”

“I think you and I have different ways of viewing the world,” she said.

I asked: “Do you think that gives you the right to call me delusional?”

“Yes,” she answered. “Because I believe my way is the right way.”

My mom is a devout Christian. She doesn’t support hate or murder. Still, her perspective and the #freespeechbus share the belief that trans people are wrong, and they can’t be allowed to “live-and-let-live.” Boil that down, and it sounds a lot like trans people can’t live.

On the one hand, this “free speech” bus is just a publicity stunt. They want to provoke a reaction. Unfortunately, my mom already did that a few months ago. So did my dad, and my brother and my coworkers and my friends on Facebook. The belief that trans people are under a delusion is not radical or new or unheard-of. I’ve heard this all before, and I’m already pissed about it.

I just hope that having to see the free speech bus does for the majority of Americans what my mother’s comments did for me.

Take this seriously.

Let trans people live.

Clarifications & Stray Thoughts

Compared to Omkara, Gauri’s side of the story was pretty straight forward. There wasn’t much to decode about her words because unlike Omkara, Gauri has never been a big mystery to us. Unlike Omkara we have had more clear insight to her character.

A lot of eyebrows raised when Gauri came back with this new mission of confessing her “love” for Omkara. I admit even I was a bit surprised because when did that happen? But then upon thinking..well, it had happened a long time ago. In one of my ramblings on the blog I had said that there’s nothing stopping Gauri from loving Omkara. She doesn’t have mountains of issues to deal with before she gets ready for love. In fact her patnidharam is also a way of her showing love to Omkara. Patnidharam could make her do many things but only to a certain extent. Gauri had passed that threshold long back.

What was more surprising was the timing. Before leaving she was all, “Hamare sehen karne ki shakti khatam hogayi hai..” to Omkara, giving no indication of being the first one to take the step this time around. So why the sudden change? Well..it looks like Gauri’s line of “aapko humse break mil jaega” came back to bite her in the ass cuz Omkara ka toh pata nahin but the break did wonders for her to realize what the relationship means to her. She had no idea what Omkara was thinking in her absence. In her head she was thinking that she was going back to the Omkara who was desperately trying to make things work with her. The one who was patient with her. The one who confessed in poetry for her. Had he been the one waiting for her on the other side of this “break”, her surprise plan of confessing in English would’ve been quite a sweet thing for them.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Queenie using her English to first surprise Omkara into stopping and then basically killing him right on the spot as she told her side of the things was a beauty in of itself. But I’d like to point out with neon signs to the fact that Gauri’s entire confession was so…simple. She started by introducing herself. Then she brought him in the story. She even gave her Shankarji a mention because who IS Gauri if not for her bond with Shankarji? She stated that she loved him. She stated that she hoped he’d love her too. Simple girl, simple story, simple wishes. Which is IRONICAL really because there’s nothing SIMPLE about her journey to this point. Girl has killed and died to be at this point and look at her saying, “I wanted you to love me the way I do.”  

Omkara was too stunned to see her speaking in such clear English like this that his only reaction was to ask her when did she learn English. But the realization and the complete weight of her words fell on him like a mountain that broke over his head when Gauri simply replied, “Seekh li. Aap ke liye.”

That was the first slap.

Waise toh the entire scene was a brilliant experience but the thing that had me SHOOK was that vision of Gauri’s Shankarji coming at her back as Gauri says, “Hum galat insaan se pyaar kar bethe.” THIS is symbolism done right. Gauri’s faith in her Shankarji has been her most prominent point. She was introduced as that. And after all this time, that has been the most consistent thing about her. I just read a friend say on twitter that Gauri’s faith isn’t a social obligation, it is actually a spiritual connection that she shares with Shankarji and its true. When Gauri turns to her Shankarji she doesn’t do so because religion hai and we are drilled in our head that we have to turn to god in our times of need. No. Gauri turns to Shankarji because that’s who she is as a person. She hasn’t made Shankarji as her first one to turn to in all situations because someone told her to. She has chosen Shankarji as her everything by her own choice.

So HOW would he abandon her?

It was her Shankarji which set her on the path that ultimately led her to marry Omkara. When she was at the crossroads, Shankarji LITERALLY told her which road to take. Gauri was so quick to accept Omkara as her husband because he was the man Shankarji chose for her. Who was she to deny her Shankarji’s decisions? Her patnidharam also stemmed from this. Now consider this. The SAME Shankarji who chose Omkara for Gauri was there when Gauri was breaking all her ties with Omkara. Goodness! Even Shankarji is #TeamGauri!! He was there at her BACK. Urging her, giving her strength to see through her decision. Look..it is super easy to term Gauri as regressive because she has all this faith in her god. Her “vishwas” is often an easy thing to mock. But have you considered that her “vishwas” that might make humans judge her can actually make her her god’s favorite? Because she definitely is. Why else would a god, a religious figure who is ALL about sustaining the relationships like marriage, would stand behind Gauri as her support as she broke the very same ties her god chose for her? Cuz even her god knows that she is special and she deserves to be treated such. If the man isn’t ready for all that so be it. She has the right to break free from him for the time being.

Another thing of beauty is how Gauri didn’t break HERSELF free from Omkara. She chose to set HIM free. Omkara’s words yesterday about “sab khatam hogaya” didn’t really mean much cuz really Omkie? Who are YOU to say khatam hogaya? You weren’t even in the relationship for half the time. It had been Gauri from day1 who was dutifully faithful to the relationship even when you insisted of never giving it a name. So if anyone who has the right to decide the fate of this relationship, it’s Gauri.

And she exercised her right fully.  

Once, back in the glory days of RiKara I had said that these two are each other’s mirrors. They reflect in each other and they tell the other what they are lacking. Yeah..things didn’t exactly turn out like that but I got reminded of this today because of the way Gauri very clearly told Omkara ALL his flaws. Starting from the beginning to the end..she very aptly reminded Omkara that he had always been the one to misjudge her. She pointed out the grandest loophole of it all – he can’t ALWAYS be right. How can it be that everytime HIS judgements are right and she is wrong? Omkara in all his self-righteousness never really considers other options. Gauri is the other option. Her greyness makes it impossible for her to be categorized as black or white and that baffles Omkara. Now that gives him a choice; to either believe in the best in her or think the worst of her. And if Omkara always chooses to consider the worst in her then really…does that make Gauri the wrong one or Omkara the wrong one? The answer is quite obvious.

I had talked about the “tone”. The tone that would decide Gauri’s fate when she opens up her side of the story. And didn’t that tone do wonders? Nowhere, not once, was she trying to clear her position to gain back his favor. Nope. HE had lost HER favor and she was only telling him why. She didn’t mean to give him any chance to see the error of his ways and make amends. Nope. Her “tone” didn’t allow for any of that. There was finality in her tone.

This is my truth.

Nothing came after that. He said his side of things, she listened. Now she has to speak and he HAS to listen. GAWD! When she MADE HIM LOOK UP and face her when the utter shame of his patheticness made it hard for him to even look up, she was demonstrating the conviction of her finality. This is the only time she was going to speak after being quiet for MONTHS and he better listen to her every word.

If I go into her every word and give my reaction for it toh this already long thesis will become longer. And I doubt anyone has the patience to read all that. And personally I am a little tired to get into all the details as well. So Imma just finally point out the ONE performance choice that Kunal and Shrenu made in their take on Omkara and Gauri’s snapping.

The complete and utter lack of malicious physical contact.

It was easy. SO EASY for them to go down the path of being physically hysterical. What was stopping Omkara from manhandling Gauri in his rage? He has done it before and for something much less hurting. What WAS stopping Gauri from slapping Omkara? She earned that slap! Maar deti..koi kuch kehta? But nope. That’s not RiKara. That’s just..not. Omkara, when it became too much for him, hit his own chest to show his hurt. He didn’t extend his pain to Gauri like that. Gauri when her rage was at its most helpless peak clenched and unclenched her fists and stomped the ground because it was becoming too hard for her to breathe but she didn’t even poke Omkara’s chest in an accusatory manner. The most she did was touch his chin to make him look up. And then it was back to her own sphere. Even when they are fighting like this..they can’t let go of the development that they have reached. If anything physical will happen..it will happen with consent. Khud se na marna hai ya pyaar karna hai. And it might not be a very big thing but I can’t get over it.

The Shiv-Parvati parallels for them…MAY they never end. A religious baba coming in and telling Omkara what to do…wallaah yaas yaas yaas!! Bohat hogayi baatein ke Omkara and Gauri are like Shiv-Parvati. Bohat hogaya buss Gauri ki taraf se apne Omkara ke liye jatan karna jaise Parvati ne kiya tha. Ab Omkara ki baari hai. Badlo bhes aur jao manao apni Parvati ko. Wo maane ya maane..wo uski raza. Tu buss..kiye ja.

Jaise wo karti ayi hai.

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18+22 hoshi fluufffyyy flufff pleaseeee :) really gratefull for admins dat writeee suchhh fabfab stuff 🙆 to mani moree followeerrssss tooo. Fightinggf!!!!💪

18. “If we were to one day separate, what should I do then?”

22. “You’re the only one I see.”

A/N: AHHH I hope this was to your liking, I wrote it so long ago but kept forgetting to post it?? I’m so so sorry!! All the admins have been going insane due to Diamond Edge, keep a look out for our blog about it?? might take a few more days before any of us are even able to type out a word without screaming (mainly just me and jihooned i think)

also this totally did not happen to me in real life hahaha bye

- admin hoshit 💕

Word Count: 998 words

Genre: Fluff, a little crack? everything I write somehow turns into crack please forgive me 

Warnings: nope!

“Soonyoung, I don’t think I want to do this anymore,” you whimper, staring unhappily at the haunted house maze.

The rest of the boys have already disappeared in at intervals randomly determined, you suspect, by the scary looking pumpkin man guarding the entrance of the maze. Soonyoung and you were the only ones left, and the strangled screams of Jihoon, who disappeared in with Seungcheol twenty minutes prior, was the only indication of whether the boys exited alive or dead, and even that was debatable.

“We’ll be okay, we have each other,” Soonyoung whispers back, trying his best to reassure you, his trembling hands betraying the fact that he was utterly petrified.

“You may enter,” an ominous voice cuts through the air, startling both of you, and Soonyoung grabs your hands, muttering unhappily about bets and regrets and being a man.

“It’s a haunted house maze, so they shouldn’t make the maze too hard right? Since the main point is to scare us?” You question hopefully, Soonyoung nodding with a grim, determined look.

“We can do this.”


I must have jinxed the maze, you thought desperately, clutching the back of Soonyoung’s shirt as you recovered from the last scare not five seconds past, the man with an Honest To God chainsaw popping out from who-knows-where, chainsaw revving and about two inches away from Soonyoung’s face as you dragged him backwards when his legs have, apparently, failed him.

“Let’s take a break,” Soonyoung suggests, perspiration rolling down his face as he gasps for breaths, illuminated only by the red light shining through the spaces between the hedges of the maze.

You nod, and the both of you collapse on the floor at a relatively safe spot of the maze, in the dead end that at least protected you from jumpscares from three sides. If someone came from the one open side, you would just resign yourself to feigning death and hoping that they would take pity on you.

After a few moments, you start giggling when Soonyoung starts swearing under his breath, angrily complaining about the maze and how difficult it was.

“It’s just a haunted house maze, why would the workers take their jobs so seriously?” He half shouts, gesturing wildly at the surroundings, all three hedges and one entrance worth.

You laugh, pulling him up to continue through the maze, wanting to make sure that even though Soonyoung had already lost the bet of who gets through the maze fastest, he wouldn’t be the last and have to clean the practice room for a month. You had to admit, though, that after the fifth jumpscare, you were pretty tired of getting scared, even though that did nothing to detract from your fear.

The two of you exit the dead end cautiously, looking left and right just in case someone was there in ambush.

“It’s clear n—” You cut yourself off with a scream, a face popping out from the side of the hedge through a concealed opening, Soonyoung already flailing and propelling himself wildly to the furthest side with you in tow.

“Hop on my back,” Soonyoung demands, and you stop.

“Hop on my – what?”

“Get on and I’ll carry you out of here,” he repeats urgently.

You stand there in confusion, because how is that a good idea, or even an idea at all?

Soonyoung peeks behind you, blanches and throws you over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and immediately starts bolting through the maze, with you dangling over his back precariously with an, admittedly, nice view of his butt.

Loud sounds thundering behind you prompts you to lift your head, and you yell for Soonyoung to “RUN FASTER, THERE IS A SCARECROW BEHIND US AND WE ARE GOING TO DIE!”

Soonyoung answers with a high-pitched shriek and continues tearing through the maze, yelling that he can see light in front of him while you keep a fearful eye on the scarecrow, bonking along on Soonyoung’s back as he makes hard turns and skids.

The two of you burst out of the exit of the maze after too long a sprint, startling the werewolf guarding the exit, Soonyoung panting as he puts you down as carefully as he can, while still being scared out of his wits.

You straighten up, before turning to Soonyoung and combing through his messy bangs to make him look less like he sprinted his way through a haunted house with his girlfriend on his back.

He holds you close for comfort while you do so, both of your hearts pounding from the haunted house, smiling fondly down at you as you straighten his collar for him as well.

“If we were to one day separate, what should I do then?” He whispers, cupping your cheeks and tilting your head up for your eyes to meet his.

“Don’t be silly,” you laugh, “you can always find another girl. Or do these things by yourself,” you whisper conspiratorially, playfully.

His expressions darkens, and he chastens you, “Don’t say things like that. You’re the only one I see.”

Stricken, you quickly move to reassure him, bringing his hands down from your cheeks and interlacing your hands together, “I’m kidding, Soonyoung. Let’s not think about things like–”

“There you guys are, we went to go get food because you took so long,” a loud, unmistakably Seungcheol yell interrupts you, and both you and Soonyoung turn to see the boys bounding over, hands full of candy floss, fried chicken buckets and whatever that had caught the fancy of the younger boys.

“Where’s the baby.” A statement, not even a question, barely leaves Jeonghan’s mouth before the group of them skid to a halt.

A panic breaks out within the older ranks of Seventeen, and it is half an hour before Chan is rounded up, sheepish and giddy from too many rides on the carousel.

(You fall asleep against Soonyoung while waiting, and he carries you home and tucks you in, bridal style this time.)

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I never planned to post about something that isn’t Tokyo Ghoul related, but when I saw my blog today I felt the need to post this and show my appreciation.

I now, somehow, have 5,000 followers.

I feel very grateful that my blog entertains so many people, but I’ll admit I also keep asking myself “What the fuck did I do to get this many?” because I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

I only created my blog back in January, not even a year ago, and before I created my blog I didn’t even know how the hell Tumblr worked, lol.

Seeing my constantly rising follower count, I keep thinking “This can’t be right” and then I look through all of my new followers individually thinking that my blog has been swarmed by porn bots or something, only to find that it hasn’t. I just find it baffling to me.

Anyway that’s enough of my self-indulgent rambling. I appreciate that I’ve been able to entertain many people within the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, so that’s what I’ll go back to doing as always. If I ever post about something non-TG again it will probably be when/if I hit 10,000 followers.

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Brit don't hate me for asking this but do you think she's talking about Joe.....a lot for someone who's only been in a relationship for a YEAR? Idk I'm getting secondhand embarrassment because everyone's acting the same way they did 3 months before Tayvin broke up

I definitely notice that alot of the annoying tayvins are back on their bullshit just with a new man to be annoying about. im gonna say this once just so that I’m not asked again. I don’t care about Joe. I didn’t know he existed until like a month ago and im not gonna pretend to care now. my blog will not be about taylor’s relationship because I simply don’t give a fuck lmao. I’m here for the music and what she’s singing about, not who she’s singing about. I’m much more interested in interpreting the album on my own and relating to it how I see fit than using “tAYloR tOld Me To TeLl EvERyOnE ThAt RePuTaTIoN iS AbOuT JoE” as a preface for everything like that’s nice dear she could have written it about the pizza delivery guy and I wouldn’t give 1/13th of a fuck. same goes for people making everything about karlie. like, i personally relate some of the lyrics to my own lesbian experiences but I’m not gonna use every word to investigate a ship? I’m just here to bop and enjoy the lyrics honestly I wish everyone would shut the fuck up and do the same

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Hi, love your blog! The nurse mentioned that Nicole was in room 317. I know that people have looked at numbers for clues before. Any thoughts on clues from episode 3x17? Not sure what the episode was about, but maybe you've looked into possible connections!

I haven’t looked into it as I stopped looking into little easter eggs like that years ago - not once have they ever proven to be meaningful. BUT, this one might! @uberaalison did find something cool! In 317 we found out Alison was ‘pregnant’ (well she had a pregnancy scare with Wilden). And then later we found out it was just a pregnancy scare… so maybe there’s some foreshadowing here, that Ali won’t be pregnant? I mean, Sasha did say “well Ali says she is pregnant” and also Ali didn’t let Emily come to her appointment. So technically it’s possible she’s not even pregnant. 

Somewhat relevant side note - surely Wilden is Beach Hottie, and the writers put ‘Wilden’ in bed with Ali in 620 to pay homage to that. I just thought of that now!

Another de-aged Alan Rickman in the role of Severus Snape.

I did this one a while ago and it was a request i got from someone on Tumblr.

If you’ve seen this picture float around before you’ve likely found my main blog but since i am using this blog to release the other pictures i am editing i figured i should post this one here as well and i actually worked on it a little more since posting it last time.

The original picture is a behind the scenes picture.

or at least that is what i assume judging by the candles hanging from the ceiling with strings.


references used: Alan Rickman in Barchester Chronicles and Mesmer.

Feedback as per usual is always welcome.


GUYS!! OVER 500 FOLLOWERS!!! I had never thought I’d reach even a tiny portion of that amount!! I can’t tell you enough how much this means to me, how much you all mean to me. I love you to death, every single one of you. I’m not writing anything long right now (I’m supposed to be studying bc exams are going to kill me. Fuck school) but before I had this blog I had another one, in a different fandom, and in the many months I had it I did not get a single real follower. I wasn’t very active and never spoke to anyone, so I get it. But then I made this blog and i expected it to take AGES before I got a single follower, but this fandom on tumblr was so welcoming. I don’t know why I didn’t join sooner really - it’s not like I hadn’t read the books years ago. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I am so thankful for this fandom, and you are amazing. I have met so many great people here and come across so much good content… really I could go on forever.



·         What is your complete name?

o   Swiziejoe Lachica Peligro

·         “Swiziejoe” is your real name?

o   Yes, it is the name written on my birth certificate.

·         Where is your name came from?

o   It is from the two American actors “Arnold Schwarzenegger” and “Patrick Swayze’’. The Joe is from the combined similar letters on the names of my Father and Mother.

·         Why did you create this blog?

o   I used to blog before. For those you can still remember or know me, my tumblr username was “themightywarrior”. I deactivated that years ago because it was not serving its purpose. I created that blog to show how I can still manage to stand up despite of the twist of fate. But the mighty warrior was not mighty enough. Of all challenges I encountered, it was love that I can’t triumph. Nonetheless, I am back. I may not still fully recover yet, still I am fighting. And I realized, it is not how mighty I should be to win a battle but it is what battle I fight for.

·         What is this blog in a whole all about?

o   I will be posting travel guide, personal thoughts, articles, honest reviews and anything under the sun. Only in this blog, I will share how vulnerable I am which I do not actually show to everyone and how I manage to do it. Well, this is mainly for my benefit to vent out and express. But I will appreciate so much if you see my blog somehow helpful, relatable and inspirational.

A story for you all.

So I have a quick story for you all, which has an important message too it. I will not be mentioning the names of the people involved.

So there is a user on here that I used to speak too a lot. We got on very well and would talk often, both enjoying the conversation. One day, communications stopped, the talking didn’t happen any more. At the time I didn’t know why, but I didn’t push it in case it was something that i’d said or did. Life carried on as normal.

Fast forward several months and that brings us too today. The user that I used to speak too had started following me again on here (under a different blog). They had followed me a little while ago. So I reached out to them to speak too them, as I thought, if they’re following me again, they may want to talk. So we started talking again and before I knew it, it was like nothing had every happened.

They then asked me a question, which was “Did that girl ever make a move?”.

Confused I asked what they meant as A) It was a while ago and B) I didn’t have a clue who they were talking about.

Turns out, that another user on here had messaged her asking if me and her talked a lot and then turned round and asked her not to talk too me anymore because they “Wanted to make a move on me”. Which was the reason we stopped talking. I don’t know who the person was that messaged her and have no idea who it was.

But me and the user are fine now and there are no hard feelings. I am glad to be talking too them again.

Moral of the story kids, Don’t ask other users to stop talking to someone if you have a crush on them. You don’t know in what context those two people are talking in and it is unfair to ask someone to put aside their friendship for your own selfish gain.

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Name/nicknames: Ashii
Gender: Female
Height: 5′6
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite color: Purple
Time: 10:13 PM
Last thing I googled: OMG probably something about chicken anatomy…fuck @phaytesworld and @blownwish-blog for ruining my search history.
Fictional character you’d like as a sibling: Princess Zelda (my initial reaction was Hermione, but I think we would be WAY too competitive)
Number of blankets I sleep with: One sheet most of the year, then a comforter in the winter
Favorite Artists/Bands: Dude so many….Evanescence, Tiesto, Lady Gaga, and the Chainsmokers to name a few.
Dream vacation: Italy
What I’m wearing right now: One of hubsy’s old t-shirts and yoga pants
When did I make this blog: Um idk like 3-4 years ago? I used it to look at porn before I actually started posting shit.
How many blogs do I follow: 203
What do I post about: Yuri on Ice mostly, but I throw in some Harry Potter and other fandoms too.
Do you get asks on a regular basis: I tend to get them in clusters and then nothing for an extended period of time.
Aesthetics: I just took a quiz on this because I have no idea and I got “Hipster.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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