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What are your favorite jealous kaisoo moments? :<

I did a jelly kaisoo spam not long ago here (x) but i’ll do a part 2 for you anon with some other moments~ (and I don’t think I included jelly soo before so this will be interesting ;)) 

(as always credit to gif/pic owners)

Let’s just say none of them handle jealousy very well.. 

iconic jelly nini moment. he does not appreciate bae being hugged by some dude.. 

poor soo.. look at the way his face fell T___T

also iconic.. nini’s not feeling the love that soo has for insung-hyung

I mean.. xD

nini likes cuddling too soo..

that’s the night of “legendary kaisoo moments”. Let’s just say nini was not in to sharing his hyung that night (or other nights for that matter)

this obviously shows that nini is allowed to touch soo’s thigh, but not jong-dae. and nini is like “that’s right” 

this is most recently ;; poor ninibear. 

more under the cut :)) 

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things to remember when reading a callout post
  • screenshots can be forged easily in photoshop
  • how old is the person being called out? adults hounding a teenager over saying something dumb they’ll regret in two years… it’s not cool, folks.
  • there are xkit mods that let you modify someone else’s post in a reblog, but most people don’t know about it, so make sure that you view any “incriminating” posts on op’s blog
  • does the person who wrote the callout have any reason to lie? (for example, a personal disagreement)
  • what’s the context?
  • ^^ a couple months ago i saw a post calling out someone for “fetishizing trans men,” only to check the accused person’s blog and see that he was a trans guy himself, who made a lot of positivity posts about his body type.
  • how old is the post?
  • did the accused person have a chance to apologize or address the concern before the details were exposed to thousands of strangers?
  • what’s the purpose of the callout post? is it just to say “this person is bad and you should hate them,” or is it to say “this person has been sending slurs and violent death threats to bloggers in [x] group, here’s some reasonable proof, please block their url for your safety”?

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Hi! Sorry but what do you mean bye Cole said he was out with Lili?

Hiiiyaaaaaa. Cole said it in an interview he did with Young Hollywood a week or so ago. He was asked about strange fan interactions and said that he and Lili was out a few days before they shot that interview and met a bunch of old folks. I shared it on my blog…! And around that time there were rumours that Cole & Lili went to the movies together, which is possibly what he referred to. They seem to be doing quite a lot of stuff together tho, so could be anything. x

Another de-aged Alan Rickman in the role of Severus Snape.

I did this one a while ago and it was a request i got from someone on Tumblr.

If you’ve seen this picture float around before you’ve likely found my main blog but since i am using this blog to release the other pictures i am editing i figured i should post this one here as well and i actually worked on it a little more since posting it last time.

The original picture is a behind the scenes picture.

or at least that is what i assume judging by the candles hanging from the ceiling with strings.


references used: Alan Rickman in Barchester Chronicles and Mesmer.

Feedback as per usual is always welcome.

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In that ask about being a better customer from this blog they meantion something about pouring out old drinks in the parking lot. I missed that post and am wondering what the complaint is. Any idea?

Oh my gosh, I remember seeing a post like that but I can’t remember exactly. I think in fast food drive thrus people did this often and an employee had to come out with a hose to wash it down since the rain couldn’t just wash it away in that location. I may be wrong. It was a long time ago. Like way before I took my break from here. -Abby


…And when we reach a good place
Let’s be sure to leave no trace
Promise they won’t track us down…
- Sia

I’ve admired this blog for a long time, and now I can share my happiness with others. I promised myself, some time ago, I wouldn’t submit a photo(s) unless the man was extremely special. This man is unlike any other I’ve met before; warmth on a cold day, food to an empty stomach, and a co-captain of our ship in uncharted territory. Not sure what I did to deserve this beautiful soul in my life, but I’ve never been one to question a gift. I love you JM.

He’s ma Red
I’m the Latino; only1cobra-blog

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I want to start a writing blog but I'm not sure how to gain a presence, not that its the most important thing to have but I'm sure its good motivation. I was wondering, if you felt comfortable, could you talk about what it was like writing on tumblr and the very beginning. Were you writing into the abyss of the internet and then people starting responding to it? did you start off with a following already there? What was the beginning like?

oh goodness I started writing on tumblr four years ago, and a few months before that I was on AFF. I remember my first comment on those damn exo wolf chronicle smuts too. “seems interesting.” lmao and let me tell you, I was sooo excited. I literally didn’t care about views or followers or whatever the equivalent is for AFF, because I was just like, “yeah, imma write this for that one person because they think it’s interesting!” And it’s a good thing too, because I didn’t really get any views or followers or anything at the beginning. I started off with nothing. no followers, or readers, or views, or comments, or likes, or even friends. I just wrote what I wanted, tagged it how I saw other writers I was following at the time do, and kinda waited. I got a few notes and followers, but it just takes time. I think a lot of people see feedback or notes some blogs get and they expect that to happen right off the bat, but it doesn’t work that way. You’re going to gain a presence by just writing and enjoying yourself. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get attention or feedback right away. Most blogs didn’t when they first started. I know I didn’t and sometimes I still don’t get as much attention for things I work just as hard on that get a lot more… it comes with the territory. (shout out to the ppl that read my girl group writings… all ten of you! lmao) Just write what makes you happy, post things you’re proud of (and if you’re like me, things you’re not proud of and need jesus for), and be patient. Everything else will fall into place. Good luck on your blog! ^^

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name: hayley
nickname: hayelz
gender: female
star sign: cancer
height: 5′3
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
favorite color: light pink, burgundy or grey
favorite color to paint the walls: beige
favorite color of lipstick: probably like a dusty pink
favorite animal: catsss
time right now: 12:08 am
favorite fictional character: maurice moss, marshall eriksen, elena gilbert, spencer hastings, hermione granger, kageyama tobio, oikawa tooru and tohru honda
number of blankets i sleep with: 1
favorite singer/band: really liking pvris, the hunna and Halsey recently
dream trip: definitely Japan or Iceland
dream job: dancer/dance teacher
when was this blog created: like 3 or 4 years ago but I didn’t use it that much before
when did your blog reach its peak: never tbh
what made you decide to make a tumblr: i think my sister told me to
why did you pick your url: halcyon is one of my favourite words and Howell for dan, had to add an extra l though
last movie you watched: la la land
last song you listened to: gasoline - halsey
last book you read: Wicked by Gregory Maguire
last thing you ate: probably cereal
if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be at: ooh back in Florida, it was so nice
what time would you travel to: ahh I don’t know, I want to see so much

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1. Nickname: Izzy 

2. Star Sign: Cancer 

3. Height: 5"7 

4. Time right now: 7:06 PM  

5. Favorite Music Artist: Hmmm probably Imagine Dragons?  

6. Song stuck in your head: Illenium - Fractures (feat. Nevve)  

7. Last movie watched: Guardians of the Galaxy                                              

8. Last anime TV show watched: Boku no Hero Academia 

9. What are you wearing right now: Gray sweater with jeans  

10. When did you create your blog: A few months ago, however I did have a Tumblr before this one 

11. What kind of stuff do you post: anime, aesthetic, scenery  

12. Do you have any other blogs: Nope 

13. Do you get asks regularly: Nope 

14. Why did you choose your url: I use “chyxima” for almost everything. It’s a name I came up with on the spot one day lol  

15. Gender: Female

16. Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 

17. Pokemon Team: Instinct 

18. Favorite Color: Red 

19. Average hours of sleep: 8-9 hours  

20. Lucky Number: 17 

21. Favorite Characters: Cobra (Fairy Tail), Arataka Reigen (Mob Psycho 100), Beatrice (Re:Zero), Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist), Chain Sumeragi (Kekkai Sensen) 

22. How many blankets do you sleep with: 1  

23. Dream Job: To play in a professional orchestra  

24. Followers: yeeeaaahhh…,,,,  

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Sometimes I go on someone’s blog, but I don’t want to reblog anything from them, so I randomly click on the notes and reblog it from literally anyone else. I often wonder what these people think of these random reblogs…

this makes some sense, but GOD, i must have reblogged that millennia ago. How far down did they scroll before deciding, ‘Yes, two years should be sufficient for my reblog needs.’?   Wild.

It’s Done! Mission Accomplished!

You know how Felicity tells Barry “never meet your heroes”… Well, sometimes it works out pretty well, and you become better for it.

In the past 9 days, I have had the most exhausting and most exhilarating experience in my life as a fangirl. I have had the honor and privilege of being the editor for @jbuffyangel‘s amazing, amazing novel-length Arrow fanfic, Once and Forever Queen.  

I’m in the Arrow fandom today because of Jen. I stumbled upon her meta “When did Oliver Fall in Love with Felicity?” within days of me watching the ending of Season 2 right about a year ago. I was so impressed with her analysis, I had to show my husband and several friends. I loved her insights and style of writing. Before long, I found myself checking back on Jen’s blog to see what else she had written lately. Over time, I signed up for Tumblr and Twitter too.

Jen doesn’t write fan fiction very often. She usually uses her brilliant writing skills on reviews, metas and theories (choo, choo!). When she does take the time to write fan fiction, however, her stories are action-packed, emotional and intricate. Her season-3 winter-hiatus story, The Ring, is what got me reading fan fiction in the first place. Before then, I never imagined that something that a fan created could be so good… so much like the show. Boy, was I wrong!

Thanks to Jen’s blog, I discovered Lou, @louiseblue1. Lou’s humor just won me over instantly. When I learned that Lou wrote fan fiction too, I was curious. I devoured her stories. I found myself hoping for red lights so I could read a few more sentences while I was doing the mom-taxi thing. I loved, loved, loved her stories (still do!), but I kept finding little ways they could be improved… like a diamond that needed polishing. I’ve done a bit of work editing in the past, mostly in college and helping family members in grad school.  So I thought, what the hey? I’ll check to see if Lou would like someone to polish her great stories. To my surprise, she was thrilled with the idea. Thanks Lou!!! Not only have I gotten great experience with working on Lou’s stories, I now consider her a dear friend… my Aussie penpal. Thanks to her, I’ve developed an appreciation for llamas, and I’ve gotten good at calculating the time difference between us to see if she might be awake! 

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When I saw that Jen was going to be working on a new story this hiatus, I wondered if there would ever be a way that I could help her on it. I asked Lou to recommend me to Jen and she did!  THANKS LOU!!!  Jen loved the idea too. AMAZING! Unlike Lou, Jen wanted to have everything completed on her story before passing it over to me to polish. That’s completely understandable. She wanted to make sure all the intricate pieces worked together. We both knew we wanted to have the story done before the Season 4 premiere of Arrow. Neither one of us, however, had any idea how big this project would be when we agreed to it. When she passed it over to me nine days ago, I knew it was big, but I was seriously clueless how long it would take. 

I now know that I can do about 12-15 pages a day for a well-written document that is single-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman… if I want to have a life. If I’m willing to put everything else on hold, I can do about 20-25 pages a day. That’s very, very good information for me to know for the future, especially if I want to be paid to edit one of these days. I’m hopeful that I’ll get faster in time, but that’s where I stand now.

I am a bit worried that we’ve left some errors in place. After all, we edited an entire 70,850-word novel in 9 days. Most sections I’ve only read through one time. I’ll probably go back and re-read the whole thing in the coming weeks just to be sure we didn’t leave any typos or extra spaces. If you see one, feel free to message me. 

Jen was very, very patient with me, and our schedules meshed pretty well. I know my favorite part of working on this was our late-night sessions. The rest of the family was asleep. I was sitting up in bed in a dark room. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we could both be logged into the document at the same time. I could see her changes and she could see mine. We could instantly comment and collaborate on a section. I’d show her an area that needed tweaking, offer a suggestion on how to do it and she’d find a way that would make it 10 times better. We both made each other laugh… a lot!  It was magic.  

Thanks Jen… for sharing your brilliant writing with me, for giving me this amazing experience and for developing our new friendship. Yeah, this project was hard, but completely worth it. I’m a better editor because of it… and my hero turned into my friend. 

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