what defines who we really are

you know what i still can’t wrap my brain around? the fact that there were probably hundreds of posts of people saying they recognized themselves in even, or recognized people they knew in even, that they saw what was never really confirmed until episode 8. 

just, the subtlety and carefulness and deftness to which henrik takes his role, the way he portrays even’s mental illness in a way that is both so incredibly obvious but also. not. because sometimes the signs are all there but we can’t quite put our finger on if those signs are truly what we think but the feeling is so undeniably strong so it must be? and then it is. 

just… it’s amazing how well henrik has portrayed even’s character, how he has made him into a whole person, with so much intricacy and depth and beauty, not defined by his mental illness, but still affected by it because who could not be. and for everyone to have recognized it so early on, before we even really saw all the signs, it’s amazing. 

You said. if it is meant to be. fate will bring us back together. for a second i wonder if you are really that naive. if you really believe fate works like that. as if it lives in the sky staring down at us. as if it has five fingers and spends its time placing us like pieces of chess. as if it is not the choices we make. who taught you that. tell me. who convinced you. you’ve been given a heart and a mind that isn’t yours to use. that your actions do not define what will become of you. i want to scream and shout it’s us you fool. we’re the only ones that can bring us back together. but instead i sit quietly. smiling softly through quivering lips thinking. isn’t it such a tragic thing. when you can see it so clearly but the other person doesn’t.
—  Kaur, Rupi. “Milk and Honey.”
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No trophies can really describe GOT7′s achievements. No screams can really tell GOT7′s popularity but there will always be a big big big heart that will always define how much teamwork we did to make this all happen. We are the best team that the world could ever have. GOT7 and IGOT7 who will do everything to reach the top. Who will never give up on each other. Who will fly together and make the impossible, possible. Trust is what we always have. HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY GOT7! Always slowly but surely. 

(Sorry for being too inactive. I just need to sort out my life 😭)

The tipoff for me is somatic. Whenever a project comes to me, one that is right, that is genuine, I feel a kind of “shiver” in my body, and that tells me that it corresponds to something very deep in me, and that I need to pursue it. That has been my guide with literally every book I wrote. Trusting this kind of visceral reaction means that you are willing to let life “come and get you.” It means who you are is defined from the inside, not the outside. In terms of what’s really important, we don’t have much choice, and that’s as it should be. The decision is made by a larger energy or unconscious process, and when it’s right, you know it… Goethe wrote: “Man errs as long as he strives.” Sit still, meditate, just let the answer arise from the body. (It may take a while.)

“Strength must build up, not destroy.
It should outdo itself, not others who are weaker.
Used without responsibility, it causes nothing but harm and death.
I can lift the heaviest weights, but I can not take the responsibility off my shoulders.
Because the way we use our strength defines our fate.
What traces will I leave on my path into the future,
Do we really have to kill in order to live?
My true strength lies in not seeing weakness as weakness.
My strength needs no victims.
My strength is my compassion.”

- Patrik Baboumian

Armenian vegan strongman competitor, strength athlete and animal rights activist. Patrik Baboumian is one of the worlds strongest men and holds several world records.

“I was playing with Paul McCartney all day and it was fantastic music.

“Then we took a break and he was asking what was going on with me. Linda very genuinely asked me how I was getting on with the post-Smiths break-up.

“I was honest with her. It was very emotionally quite raw, you know, and I said to her ‘wherever I go, people won’t stop asking me’.

“I took a moment and I thought ‘okay, I’m sat in the presence of the one person who could really, really give me some insight into this situation, you know.

“The man who’s been defined by a song writing partnership - if anyone can give me some advice, it’s him.

“So, I told him what had been going on and he took a minute and he looked at me and he paused and said ‘that’s band’s for you’.

“And, actually, I haven’t really thought of a better way of putting it. He knows a thing or two about bands.”
[Johnny Marr, asking Paul for advice when The Smiths broke up, Manchester Evening News, 1 November 2016]

Pics: John & Paul, IP/Rex, Johnny Marr and Morrissey, photographer unknown.

It’s a amazing, whenever people talk about their asexuality they’re told it’s their Romantic Orientation that truly matters, and when people talk about their aromanticism they’re told it’s their Sexual Orientation that matters. What they’re really saying is that the A aspect of a person doesn’t matter. Who we are doesn’t matter. We are what they say we should be and our place is where they decide it is.

My asexuality is not a modifier, it is the most prevalent part of my orientation. Do not tell aces or aros that those aspects of their identity are just modifiers to the other part. If you are not ace/aro you have no business defining those orientations, and even if you are ace/aro you have no business defining other people’s identities for them. Your asexuality may be a modifier for your romantic orientation but it may not be the same for others. Stop telling other people how to identify.

The amount of salt over our awesome spoilers delights me to no end. If you’re not threatened by our ship, why bother posting about it at all? Why try so hard to “define” what their relationship is? Hell, Gimple, Norman and Mel can’t even do that!

But you know what is really the best part of it all? Even if it turns out that Caryl never “goes there”, the amount of scenes and proof that we have that these two are EACH OTHERS PERSON is undeniable proof that they LOVE each other. They would literally die for one another.

If Daryl just happened to develop romantic feelings for someone else, if he had to choose between that person and Carol, who do you think he would pick? His “crush” or someone he loves more than anyone else in his world?

Caryl is clearly meant to have romantic vibes. It’s not a platonic brother-sister thing. But even if that’s all it was, the fact that Carol means more to Daryl (and vice versa) than anyone else is pretty fucking awesome. They don’t have to be uggin’ bumplies to prove that they are more than “just friends”.

Oh, the title “New Best Friends”? Literally nothing to do with Caryl. And you will see that on Sunday night. But in the meantime, please feel to continue lying to yourself if it helps you sleep at night.

🍸🍪🍿🍟 Here, enjoy a martini and some snacks to go with your extra salt.

Are there any posts out there that address how much the “everyone falls in love/wants sex” and “sex/love is what makes us human” messages you see in media all the time can hurt aromantics and asexuals?

I know it doesn’t get talked about much, but just like heteronormativity hurts all queer people, this idea that romance is somehow INEVITABLE and that you aren’t HUMAN if you’re incapable of it is really damaging for aroaces, especially young ones who don’t know what asexuality is, and can only define themselves as “broken.”

Even queer media falls into this trap and it really bothers me, every time. I’m still a person, even if I can’t fall in love and don’t want sex. Stop telling all of us that we’re not, just because you think it’s a romantic or inclusive line to put in your movie.

Zen and Jumin

Someone commented on the ask meme for this ship, so sorry this took nearly a month, lol

send me a ship and I’ll tell you…


who is more likely to hurt the other? Zen

who is emotionally stronger? Define emotionally strong. Zen is more emotional and is better in touch with his feelings. Jumin keeps them to himself better. It’s hard to tell what he’s feeling, but he’s also incredibly out of touch with his own emotions, so it really does depend exactly what you’re looking for. and how you define emotionally strong

who is physically stronger? Zen. He works out so much, he’s definitely physically stronger than Jumin.

who is more likely to break a bone? Zen. We’ve already seen how likely he is to break a bone with constantly working out and practicing for plays and musicals. He also heals really fast so it’s not really a problem though…I mean it is, but Jumin can get him in to see the best doctors and he heals quickly anyway. 

who knows best what to say to upset the other? Jumin. He knows exactly how to annoy Zen, but he knows exactly how to badly upset Zen as well, not that it’s exactly difficult. 

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? It depends on the argument really, they’re both pretty really stubborn so it’s really hard to get them to answer. 

who treats who’s wounds more often? Jumin treats Zen’s wounds more often 

who is in constant need of comfort? Zen is the one who tends to go to Jumin for comfort, but Jumin is kind of like a cat. He will refuse to admit that he wants attention or comfort, even when he knows he does (which honestly isn’t even especially often.) Jumin will just sort of…come over to where Zen is and sit with him, hoping that Zen will pay attention to and comfort him.

who gets more jealous? They’re both in the public eye a lot. Honestly I don’t really think that either of them are especially prone to being jealous.  

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? Again. Neither of them. If I had to pick one…I guess Zen. But I really, really don’t think that  either of them would ever do something like that to anyone at all

who will propose? I can see Zen doing literally the most dramatic, sweet proposal, but I can also see Jumin being like “hey, you’ll marry me, right?”

who has the most difficult parents? Uh both in different ways. We know about both of their parents and they were both in rough situations. Zen’s family, or at least his mother, was abusive and his brother wasn’t exactly the best family either, but Jumin also had a rough childhood with his mother and his father’s relationships. 

I’d probably say Zen had the worse childhood though, because of the intent behind what was happening. 

Jumin’s dad has been shown to love and care about him even if he’s been misguided, he does love his son, and even if Zen’s brother does care about him after Zen’s good ending, that doesn’t change what happened to Zen when he was younger. 

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? zen 

who hogs the blankets? Jumin. Zen’s always really warm so at most he sleeps with a thin sheet and Jumin’s just freezing an sleeps with like, at least five blankets

who gets more sad? Emotional sad like with crying and anger is Zen. Quiet sad where he just doesn’t talk to anyone or just…isn’t happy, more often, is Jumin

who is better at cheering the other up? Zen

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Zen. Jumin makes really bad jokes that aren’t the least bit funny to cheer Zen up.

who is more streetwise? 100% Zen
who is more wise? Jumin
who’s the shyest? Really neither, but again, if I have to pick one, Jumin because…um…has anyone ever seen Zen? 
who boasts about the other more? Zen
who sits on who’s lap? Zen sits on Jumin’s lap

Feminism Has, Is, and Always Will Fail

Good, now i have your attention let me roll this back and make my point. So recently i ticked off a few people by trying to make this point in short but really it needs a little more time put into it. But lets roll back in time a little bit:

First Wave Feminism:

If i were around during the era 1st W Feminism was around i would tell you the following:

  1. Feminism is a movement fighting for women’s rights
  2. They are currently focused on basic civil rights, voting, property rights and fair wages
  3. Any one who supports this cause is a feminist

This is a movement with a recognizable and well defined goal. We know what they are doing and know who is involved. The cause is quantifiable.

Second Wave Feminism:

If i were around during the era 2nd W Feminism was around i would tell you the following:

  1. Feminism is a movement fighting for women’s rights
  2. They are currently focused on domestic safety, birth control and other rights to their body. It was also during this time the “Equal Pay Act” came into effect
  3. Any one who support this cause is a feminist

Third Wave Feminism:

I AM around today during what is most often known as modern or 3rd wave feminism and i wish i had a simpler answer:

  1. Feminism is a movement fighting for women’s rights, though im not sure which ones or how.
  2. They are currently focused on… Im not even sure. Some are still debating the debunked wage gap, others whine about man spreading, others want a 50/50 split of women in all positions of power.
  3. Any one who supports… Whatever this is… Is a feminist. Apart from sometimes you MUST be a women, sometimes you must be a biological woman, sometimes men can be feminists, sometimes men can only be allies. Some say that 3rd wave is for and by white women, others say its for every one including LGBT rights activism and all other social rights. Some are for equality while others are for women

Current feminism cannot succeed simply because there is no defined goal. We have radical, liberal, trans exclusionary, white, intersectional feminism to name but a few however i couldnt tell you what, specifically, they fight for. I can tell you that any one outside of the movement can see this lack of direction, the bickering and the hypocrisy. Ive seen Feminists tear down women and other feminists for differences in opinion more often than i’ve seen one raise a valid and provable point.

This is why im typically against “Feminism” not because of its core ideas historically but because it currently stands for nothing. Its a movement i simply couldnt support because it stands for nothing for all intents and purposes.

Without a unified direction, a movement isn’t a movement, Its a “Static” its a “dis-organisation”.

This has partially been in response to THIS POST and @marsinlibra @beawareidontcare and @frecklesurprise . The latter of whom was kind enough to actually debate the points. My apologies for leaving it so late to respond in full.

anonymous asked:

could they go the route of sana feeling shame and conflicted because she doesn't want romance and a relationship but at the same time she does? they could use her brother and his fiancée as the romance aspect in season 4. im so intrigued about what will be sana's inner conflict and how her climax moment will play out and who will have her eskild talk and how she will grow and learn and we too at the same time with her. this is getting really exciting.


That’s the thing about Sana - even up until now, we don’t actually know what her “shame” is. How characteristic of hers is it? Or is it something else entirely abstract?

And who is going to be her biggest relationship with? What will be her turning point? Her defining moment? Her moment of utter weakness and her moment of complete strength?

Literally thinking about all these things give me … goosebumps??

Like not to be “that person” but do you ever think about how we define ourselves so much by how we look and what we own? Like if you take all that away who are we really? How deep does a person’s sense of identity go?

Idk it’s weird to think about

Hotch Taught Me
  1. That I can do anything I want 
  2. To never be the victim
  3. To protect myself
  4. To fight
  5. To be me
  6. To stand my ground
  7. That the only person defining my future is me
  8. That I can be anything I want
  9. To give my voice to those who can’t speak up for themselves
  10. That being silent doesn’t mean not caring
  11. That love knows no boundaries
  12. That I am stronger than the storm. Because I am the storm
  13. To let go of people when they want to go no matter how much this hurts me
  14. That sometimes we can’t summarize what happened
  15. That we can’t explain everything
  16. To stand by my actions
  17. That sometimes silence is just as bad as participating
  18. To smile and nod to people I really want to throw a brick at
  19. That it’s not bad to ask for help
  20. That it’s not okay to suppress my feelings
  21. To forgive even those who hurt me
  22. To stand up against bullies
  23. To know when it’s time to give up
  24. That everyone is special in their own unique way
  25. To give second chances
  26. That it’s okay to be imperfect
  27. That my past doesn’t define my future unless I let it
  28. That everyone is equal
  29. That there’s nothing bad with wanting to be successful in the work place
  30. That it’s not bad to be ambitious
  31. To never bow down to anyone’s wishes but my own
  32. That nothing bad lasts forever
  33. That it’s okay to break down, because then u build up yourself stronger
  34. When to speak up and when to stay silent
  35. To keep going even when everything inside me is falling apart.
  36. To love and protect my friends and family no matter the cost
  37. To never show emotions in the face of turmoil
  38. To fight for what I believe in
  39. That staying silent is better than talking sometimes.
  40. That loyalty is the most important thing in someone’s life.
  41. To never back down from what I believe in
  42. So many things that made me who I am today and I can’t thank him or Thomas Gibson enough for that. 

What has Hotch taught you? Feel free to add your answers.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on what Chimamanda Adichie recently said regarding feminist/trans women?

I feel like she had some good points (the privilege we’re raised with doesn’t just not matter or get erased from history because we’ve changed), but ultimately she’s categorizing womanhood as being defined by sharing one form of oppression, which I think it’s a really unhealthy way of looking at it. 

Women who aren’t trans aren’t unified by a singular experience - among us are plenty of things that divide and define, like race, class, sexuality, or religion. The history and nature of our gender identity is just one more thing that defines our own experiences. There are also a lot of less quantifiable things about our lives that shape our experiences, like, even just blind luck and circumstance. Being in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time.

She’s saying that cis women are united by something (some form of oppression to be exact) trans women don’t have or can’t experience, and that it somehow excludes them from womanhood. I think that’s really ignorant. Women do not have to share an exact oppression to be women. In fact, we often don’t share an exact oppression, but a shifting landscape of biases and discrimination that pertain to gender roles and gender performance.

I think her comments were rooted in a very important discussion we should be having, and that’s about the privileges we were raised with, how they shape our belief system, and how they’ve leveraged us to be able to have the opportunities we do as adults. But I disagree with her because I don’t think that conversation ends with claiming trans women are standing outside the real “realm of womanhood”.

anonymous asked:

Not to be offensive, but could you explain the whole asexual thing to me? I don't totally get it and don't want to be ignorant and make assumptions, I just want to understand what it is

I personally cannot, I reblogged it from my friends blog. I did that because we have talked about how she has never enjoyed sex. She explained to me that she gets really horny and wants to have sex, but when it actually gets to it she is bored and is not actually attracted to the idea of sex when its happening. It doesnt really make a lot of sense, but she accepts the idea of being asexual before any other orientation. I hope that answers the individuality of the post, however asexuality by google is defined as someone who feels no sexual attraction. Thats where my friend has a slight differance with the definition. She has a sexual desire but has no desire for male or female party. 

anonymous asked:

The issue i have with defining people genders by biology is, besides yanno respecting trans identities, that there is incredible variation and it is also changable. Its not true that amab people need testosterone or the reverse, most characteristics she described cant be seen til puberty if at all, its basically just penis or vagina + hormones which is changeable by surgery + hormones. Like... ok you have a definition but is it really what we should be defining genders as rather than the people?

They have this definition that’s not enforceable nor is it true for everyone…but they use it to regulate who can or can’t call themselves women or men.

It’s needless gatekeeping. They think they have some authority to decide who else can identify the same way they do.

At the end of the day - identify however you want for whatever reason you want.

If you identify as a woman because you’re an adult human female, that’s certainly a valid reason.

But it is not the only reason.

And not everyone else identifies as a woman for the same reason.