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Harry Styles’ new album is going to be earth-shattering. Harry is a perfectionist as we all know. He would never settle for less than a completely new innovation. He is honing his skills as a musician in order to be able to produce something beyond expectations. Judging from his widely varied collaborators, this album may very well define what music in this new century should sound like.

Harry Styles’ new album is going to shock the world. That is what fans need to hear. This album is going to be better than what music fans have become all too accustomed to. This isn’t some prefabricated formula for songwriting. It isn’t going to be something five young boys had to rush through with three months to write and record. Harry is stepping as far away from that kind of writing as possible to give fans the music they deserve.

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4 and 13 :)

4. What defines your artistic style?

A careless blend of laziness and crippling need for detailed perfection.

I try to switch between the two depending on mood, so sometimes you get the lazy chibi:

where you’ll see that I’ve entirely given up of drawing arms and fingers,

and sometimes you have the oh-god-so-detailed-i’m-going-to-die-trying-to-finish-this version that’s full of self-hate and aesthetics:

This was supposed to be for the tlc ship weeks theme ever after, but I’ve been lazy busy. I’ll finish it eventually.

13. Are you looking to pursue a career in art?

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