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Daisy Johnson + Nick Fury AU (Where they work together off the grid, finding solutions and changing the world)

“Usually one person doesn’t have the solution. But one hundred people with one percent of the solution? That’ll get it done. I think that’s beautiful – pieces solving a puzzle.”

“One man can accomplish anything when he realizes he’s a part of something bigger. A team of people who share that conviction can change the world.”

youandmeunthinkable  asked:

urgh so I was thinking about Quakerider + the jacket and like what about Daisy wearing his leather jacket after they did it somewhere not so private and her shirt is messed up(/burnt!) and just feeeeels. also i miss your headcanons i want moree


• so the first time Daisy wears the jacket its completely on purpose, her clothes had been shredded after a fight that was horrendous and Robbie couldnt bare the thought of her walking around all indecent (boy would be lying if he said he didnt take a few quick peaks)

• but ultimately he shrugs off his jacket and wraps it around her and she snuggles into it because he’s just taken it off, its warm and smells like him which coincidentally also smells like home

the second time she wears it is another kind of on purpose, she’s asleep in the charger, the passenger seat had become reserved for her (her ass even left a groove she’d been in it so much) so she’s asleep and curled up in a ball, they’re driving somewhere for a mission that god he can barely even remember, but what he did remember was how cold she looked in that fishnet top and so he decided to take the jacket off his shoulders and place it over her

• to which she immediately melts into because the man is literally half fire demon if his jacket isnt the epitome of warmth then she’s crazy

• after the next couple months they get closer and its kind of a routine to see her strolling around wearing his jacket (he’s lying if he says he isnt completely into it, because he really is) 

• after the first time they have sex he notices how rough he was (they’d been waiting a while sue him) and jfc she fucking loved it because she never had sex with ward and Lincoln was so sweet and loving this was the change she needed. 

• so continuing he literally fucking burned her shirt, and he felt so bad because they were both so eager they couldnt wait and was just like fuck it, so (see my nsfw headcanons) in the back of the charger and it was hot and heavy and he burned her shirt off

• she didnt care, it wasnt that great of a shirt, to be fair she was more concerned with the burned marks imprinted on her ass, but hey they couldn’t be seen

• when they first got out of the car and robbies moving backwards to let her out and pull his pants up is when she realises she doesnt have a shirt to wear anymore (she literally groans and falls back, when robbie looks in at her with a smug af smirk and says “if you wanted to go another round sweetheart you coulda said so before i put my pants back on”) *dont imagine that it will hurt u as much as it did me

• and when he says this she literally threw her shoe at him, because this man is going to be the death of her and she was loving every second

• back to the topic at hand, when she got of the car he was leaning on the car with his arm and looking down at her with those pretty brown eyes of his and she was looking up at him when she just kisses him out of the blue, grabbing both sides of his unzipped jacket 

• it’s not until 3 minutes later and he’s breathless and smirking at her when his smile drops and sees her smirking up at him and his face is so confused she almost feels bad for taking his jacket from him

• after that she just whips away from him wrapping the jacket around shoulders holding it whilst covering her bra clad chest before smirking at him and getting in the front seat of the charger “let’s go carrot top, got a lot of people waiting for us”

• and his mouth is literally slack from shock because holy hell this girl is amazing and he just died for a second time watching he walk backwards with a smirk that he found had been reserved just for him, and the face that she was wearing his jacket, the one thing he’d never let anyone else touch was honestly the best thing he’d ever seen

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skimmons + 46

nanny/single parent au

aka: the life and times of daisy johnson, a tired single mother whose nanny is probably a little more attractive than she can necessarily handle but it’s FINE it’s COOL she’s completely OKAY at dealing with her FEELINGS, and jemma simmons, the nanny that has a ridiculous crush on her boss which is one hundred percent inappropriate right?? ft. ellie johnson, the adorable kid that’s bringing them together

“You ‘nd Jemma should kiss,” Ellie tells Daisy one day without so much as looking up from her coloring.

Unsurprisingly, Daisy chokes on her coffee.

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