what customer service should be

At Least 500 Times Today
  • Customer1: "I'm calling about those solar eclipse glasses..."
  • Me: "We're sold out ma'am."
  • Customer2: "Yes, I saw online that you all had the solar eclipse glasses..."
  • Me: "No sir, we're sold out."
  • Customer3: "Do y'all know if you're getting anymore solar eclipse glasses?"
  • Me: "No ma'am, we're not."
  • Customer4: "Yes I was calling because I'm looking for something. You put them on your face and they protect your eyes from the eclipse that's coming on August 21, 2017. They're called solar eclipse glasses. Do you have any glasses for the eclipse?"
  • Me: "....................................no sir, we're sold out."
  • Me: "Thank you for calling [store], we're sold out of eclipse glasses!"
  • Customer5: *click*

anonymous asked:

good news!! i work at a discount retailer and today i worked at the jewelry counter and i helped a really nice lady and she bought some earrings and a necklace! after i helped her she asked if she could write a letter to my MOD saying what amazing customer service i had!! (i wasn't sure what i should do because that's never happened before so i asked my MOD) and she said to do our survey and the lady said i was an amazing worker and the MOD agreed and i was so happy!! (sorry for the long ask!!)

Best LP story ever!

I work at a regional grocery store as a head cashier. We have 1 district LP guy who comes to our store maybe once every 2 weeks. So, one Monday morning, a cashier calls me down from customer service and this old, dirty looking man was standing with a nasty look on his face. She told me that something on his order did not ring up correctly (literally .50 cents more than what it should have been) so I take him to customer service to do a refund. I’m writing up the refund and I look up and see LP guy standing behind the customer. At first, I thought he was waiting for me to finish so he could talk to me but then I notice the customer keeps looking over his shoulder at LP guy very nervously. LP guy, all the while, keeps smiling like nothing’s wrong. Okay, then I give the customer his whole 50 fucking cents and look at LP guy to see what he wants. LP guy looks at the customer who is about to walk away and without hesitation says “wow, I bet you could put that towards a nice flank steak!” I really didn’t get it at first but then the customer scurries away and LP guy follows.

Later on, I find out that this customer had stuffed a bunch of FLANK STEAKS into his jacket and when he realized LP saw, he ran down an aisle and dumped them with the dog food. Somehow, LP guy raced to the only entrance and as the customer was walking out, LP guy says with a huge shit-eating grin, “Have a wonderful day sir and don’t let it happen again!”

Best day at work ever…