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happy monday, everyone! here’s some design stuff i did for No More Pow Cards

the sequence where dendy explains the history of her ancestors seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay homage to one my favorite films, My Neighbors the Yamadas! i imitated the style in the boards to the best of my abilities, and did a small illustration of what i thought it could like in the final, but man the design team REALLY took it above and beyond what i thought was possible for an 11 minute cartoon!!! i’m so happy with the way it turned out

i also did some really quick design ref for dandy’s parents, pepelina & pavel! i believe credit for their names goes to geneva

be sure to tune in this friday for TWO new episodes of OK KO!

One thing I’m thinking about is Diana’s hair in battle from No Man’s Land up to the present.

In Themyscira she’s kept her hair bound, similar to how Antiope and her the whole Themysciran army bound their hair. 

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Then it occurred to me, what if the reason why Diana chooses to let her hair loose in battle was that she wanted to give homage to her mother, Queen Hippolyta?

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I wonder, if because Diana already has Antiope’s tiara a reminder that Diana thought putting her hair down is a way to honor her mother. 

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It could be possible it’s also Diana’s way of signifying that she is the daughter of Hippolyta when she is fighting with her hair down, emulating her mother.  

Now when she’s not fighting her hair is up: 

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Or it could be she just followed the template she established when she first arrived in London, or most likely it could be a combination of both. I do like the idea of Diana honoring/remembering her mother in small but meaningful ways.

Dissecting the series finale promo

1. Is this Ezra running from Twincer, because Ezra knows Spencer has a twin? He put the pieces together from the airport moment?

2. I swear I’m going to cry during every scene the liars are together like this.

3. Is this Twincer spying on the group, because she is so jealous of the people in her twin’s life? Twincer wishes she could be a part of that.

4. I’m happy Melissa is back but I am praying this has something to do with the horse-riding stable that Melissa went to, which happened to be the same one that Jessica took Bethany to. 

5. I think this is Mona slapping Twincer, out of anger for what Twincer has been doing to the girls. All Mona wants is to be accepted in the group. Anyway it’s a nice homage to the season 2 finale. (I struggle to believe that this is Spencer. What could possibly be happening between them? It has to be Twincer, in my opinion.)

6. We’ll find out what Addison’s connection to Jenna is. Not that I care. I didn’t even put it on my list of questions. I hope this scene is short. Addison isn’t worthy of any more of our screen time.

7. Spencer hugging Twincer? Does Spencer feel some sort of sympathy for her sister? They are twins at the end of the day, not just sisters.

9. Just when I thought it was safe to rule out the theories that Mary is Jessica (and that Mary is the dead one)!? What is Mary doing!? Are the two pics below related? Is that actually Mary instead of Twincer, in the pic above?

10. Oh hey stranger. This will sound very biased because somehow I manage to bring everything back to Twincer, but is Wren going to kill AD/Twincer? Maybe Wren thought he was meeting with Spencer at the airport, and feels betrayed to, that he was actually meeting Twincer? That’s not a very strong motive to kill, but it could be the beginning of an interesting story. I’ve always theorised that AD will die - I wouldn’t mind if Wren did it. 

11. “I never would’ve guessed it was you” says Mona. Maybe because she never would’ve thought Spencer is the Uber villain? And then Twincer starts talking, and Mona realises it is a twin, not Spencer herself. They can’t make things too obvious in the promos! 

I don’t think this is a flashback to when Mona was in Radley in season 2/3. I think she has been readmitted to a psychiatric ward, which was alluded to in 719 when they said they are calling Dr. Sullivan. I think AD is coming to visit her and will probably kill Mona because she killed Charlotte. Revenge. This setting (and what Mona is wearing) looks very similar to the Australian promo where Mona says “are you here to kill me?” I think that will be how the scene starts, when AD visits her.

Also that physique looks very very feminine to me! And very slim, like the Black Widow outfit. Twincer?? Did Charlotte make up that Sara Harvey story to protect the identity of her sister, Twincer?

Overall I thought the promo was mostly boring, for a series finale… cmon Freeform. I was expecting even like a 3 minute online promo, like a flashback/farewell sort of thing. But then again, Freeform has never been good at promos. Their marketing team absolutely sucks. Anyway. 7 more days and it’s all over!

The Blade of Marmora may already know about Project Kuron. When Ulaz rescued Shiro, just what were they going to do next? Even Shiro asks,

So what exactly is so special about Shiro that Haggar wanted him to be their ‘greatest weapon?’ And why did Ulaz make sure to stop it and save Shiro?

This is gonna get kinda long, so under the cut it goes:

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mad-madam-m replied to your post “would it be interesting if Paige is derek’s fear? like paige blaming…”

I think I saw someone on Twitter (IIRC) who made a photoset that showed Paige instead of Jennifer and I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE.” Also, they could’ve done his mom?? Or Laura??? OR ERICA AND BOYD LIKE YOU SAID? ohgod that would’ve been so painful YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE IT and I will cry like a baby

Can’t you just imagine, though, what an amazing spot that would have been for beautiful finale cameos?? Getting Sinqua and Gage back, pulling in Paige’s actress (oops I don’t know her name off the top my head, sorry) and Talia’s… damn, if they could have gotten Meghan Ory for Laura fandom would have died. Just. Dropped dead right there, too much awesome-overload.

(And tbh I didn’t see the Peter-to-stone scene but someone told me he saw M*lia… I can’t really comment on their relationship but having Talia or Laura there would have been so gut-wrenching and would bring everything full circle and just… honestly just been so good for his character??)

But like… this is something a really thoughtful, caring showrunner would have done. Using this perfect opportunity to pay homage to as many characters as possible in the final moments…

Dude I just want to be able to go back, take the helm, and make this show what it could have been.

Blind Spot

Luke: [jovially] Dad! Ben! I have a special announcement!
Anakin’s Force Ghost: Son! What a nice surprise. 
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [following behind him with a stack of pancakes] You’re just in time for pancakes! 
Luke: I knew that you two had to be the first to know the big news: [shoving a slightly sullen tween-aged kid in front of them] this is my nephew, Ben. And starting today? I’m going to teach him how to be a Jedi. Isn’t that great?!
Obi-Wan: [lets out a momentary shriek of joy] [collects himself] That’s wonderful, Luke! [holding out his hand] Hello, Ben. It’s a pleasure. 
Anakin: [nervously] Wow, Luke, this is so…wow! 
Luke: I know, right? Aren’t you proud?
Anakin: [strained smile] I…am…proud. [aside] Obi-Wan? A word, please? Over there? NOW?
Obi-Wan: Of course, Anakin, just one – 
Anakin: NOW.
[Anakin and Obi-Wan huddle behind a large rock] 
Obi-Wan: [whispering harshly] What is this all about, your son is out there and he needs you to – 
Anakin: [also whispering] He can’t train that kid. 
Obi-Wan: What?! Anakin, this was the entire point of…all of it! This is why we did the things we did! 
Anakin: That kid? He’s got, like, Dark Side coming out of his ears. His path is…you know, unclear or whatever! 
Obi-Wan: [furrowing his brows] Oh you’re crazy! You sound like Master Yoda. 
Anakin: Oh yeah? Well he was the Grand Master of the Order for like a billion years, you know, he’d… seen some stuff. And also? [gestures at himself] I mean, you know. It wasn’t a good scene! 
Obi-Wan: [rolling his eyes] You are being ridiculous. Luke’s not going to train someone who falls, what kind of lazy storytelling would that even  –  
Anakin: Fine, let’s get someone else in here. [Yoda’s ghost appears] Master Yoda, you see that kid over there?
Yoda: See him, I do. 
Anakin: What’s your take, Master?
Yoda: [instantly] Clouded that boy’s future is. Great fear I sense in him. 
Anakin: [gesturing at Yoda, to Obi-Wan] YOU SEE?!
Luke: [coming around the corner] Uh, guys? I was sort of hoping we could all celebrate this important moment…?
Anakin: You can’t train him, son. 
Luke: What?!
Obi-Wan: Oh, these two have it in their heads that he’s…you know, vulnerable to the Dark Side just because they sense something and just because Yoda was right about it last time and Anakin has extensive firsthand experience with it. It’s obviously nonsense, you couldn’t possibly have a student that falls, not after everything we’ve been through. 
Luke: [to Anakin] Seriously?! This is – Dad, you are being…that’s insane! He’s not gonna turn to evil! His name is Ben! Like as an homage to Obi-Wan? Come on!
Anakin: [gazing lovingly at Obi-Wan] Hmm. Well, I mean, it is pretty hard to imagine anyone named after Obi-Wan turning to the Dark Side…I guess we could take a gamble this time. After all, what are the odds…
Yoda: [rubbing his face in defeat] 

blade runner 2049 opinion time!!! bcos i just saw it tonight!!!! there’s spoilers in this probably:

  • very pretty!!! i teared up like twice bcos it just looked so good visually (i realise there aren’t many other ways something could look good but i’m very tired, please let me live)
  • i loved the soundtrack as well - a great homage to the original
  • the premise on the other hand….. i mean, in the few hours since i’ve seen the film, i’ve been able to come to terms with a replicant possibly reproducing, bcos it was rachael and she was a different model etc. but it doesn’t mean i’m not still going “what the actual fuck” at it
  • even if i am able to accept that, the whole rachael/deckard thing was. not a love story. deckard was creepy and it wasn’t a romance.
  • i didn’t buy jared leto’s character for one second. he was more a collection of tropes than an actual character. not sure if this was a casting thing or a writing thing. 
  • very white. other people have said this before and more eloquently, but like what’s up with stealing aesthetics and having various asian languages shown and then like, not having actual asian characters?? what is this, firefly??
  • i don’t even want to talk about the sexism yet, if only because i haven’t had enough time to actually process it. but let’s just say that giant naked women in the desert were A Bit Much.
  • there’s a lot to say about the concept of replicants and the “i’ve always said you’re special” line and individual identity - remind me to get back to this when i have my brain on me.
  • in relation to that, the plot twist!! i probably should’ve been expecting it, but i was too busy going “ooh, pretty shot” through most of the film to really think about things like that.
  • it was maybe too much of A Direct Sequel. like when a sequel comes out 35 years later, you can’t expect your entire audience to have seen the original. ideally this would be something new audiences see that makes them want to go back to the original, but esp during the second half it felt like you needed to have seen the original first to know what was even going on.
  • there was a finnish person in it and she spoke finnish #torillatavataan
  • i immediately need to purchase luv’s white coat for myself

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WOY is going to be the death of you. Isn't it?

It is very possible. Hopefully only metaphorically. I mean LOOK AT HIS LIL FACE.

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LOOK AT THE ANGRY EYEBALL (and that FUCKING AWESOME Thief and the Cobbler chase scene homage while you’re at it)

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The Roshar Project


“Shin are a curious folk,” he said. “Here, warriors are the lowliest of men—kind of like slaves. Men trade and sell them between houses by way of little stones that signify ownership, and any man who picks up a weapon must join them and be treated the same. The fellow in the fancy robe? He’s a farmer.”

For sudoki, before much of Azran Legacy was made known I theorized Desmond/Simon would be Angela’s long lost archeologist brother and was disappointed to find out it wasn’t the case.

Reasons Desmond being Angela’s brother would be so great:

  • Angela having brother who “never came back” would have been a sudden and brief reveal because it was a clue and not just badly scripted.
  • Randall’s “archeologist-inspired” glasses could be a homage/joke to him (otherwise if you play AL it makes it p clear that’s probably not possible timeline-wise)
  • They have similar weird hair how cute is that
  • Ties in better with the previous game
  • There would be no change to the story, Desmond’s storyline is completely separate and what happens could still happen but with another storyline too (for spoiler reasons)
  • ps archeologicalredherring is a perf example of how it all works warning spoilers though!!

Neymar speaking about the Chapecoense tragedy:
“It’s very difficult, because I had friends there on the flight. I feel like they do, like one of them. I spent my whole life by plane, and I’m going to spend many more years in it… And I put myself in their place; of the victims, of the families … It is a very difficult time: for them, for the family, for players around the world because it can happen with anyone. It happened with Chapecoense … I hope they get over everything as fast as possible, because unfortunately it’s a very bad situation.”

Did you plan a homage during El Clásico?
“If I had scored a goal I was going to lift the shirt of Chapecoense. It was what I could do at that moment. Something like passing a message, to help, to give strength to the family and the children who lost their parents. It’s difficult … Those are difficult times for someone to go through that.”

Neymar also said that he wanted to help the families: “Of course, I hope I can help in the best way possible.”

[Translated with Google Translate]

Guys! I just had a major headcanon for Sun & Moon!

This involves Gladion’s relationship with Type: Null/Silvalley. 

In Null/Silvally’s description, it says that Null will evolve when it trusts a trainer. Seeing as how Gladion is seen with both, it’s obvious that Null trusts him, and he might not be as bad as we think. 

But what I noticed is how Gladion is always holding his arm when he battles. Especially when Type: Null and Silvally is on the field.

Now a first I didn’t think much of it, but as I looked at it more, I remembered something.

I had seen something like this before.

This happened in the Pokemon Special Manga with Blaine and Mewtwo:

Blaine had incorporated his own cells into Mewtwo’s genetic code. As a result, Mewtwo’s cells found his way into Blaine’s body, thus making them one-in-the same. (Mewtwo does trust Blaine as well, fyi)

What if, the reason Type: Null and Silvally are with Gladion isn’t just because it trusts him, what if Gladion’s own cells were incorporated into Type:Null’s genetic code.

Sun and Moon’s plot is already getting interesting, so this could be a possibility and also an awesome homage to the manga.

There’s so many possibilities to what this could be! Found it on my FB feed.

I’m wondering (if this is real/Heathens video) if there will be any cameos or other homages to MCR and the Danger Days era.

The signs are labeled with the BL/I logo, and Josh and Tyler have labeled themselves as Mad Gear and Missile Kid

Whatever this ends up being, fake or not, the picture is great

LL Engagement Ring Photo (Spoilers)

I want to compliment my Tumblr peeps. My bubble is tight. Y’all are chill. As for Twitter… I am getting tired. Very tired. May have to take a break because the negativity is getting to me.

Right now Arrow is filming somewhere between 5x08-5x10. Quite frankly, I can’t tell which episode they are on. I think they are filming out of order. They are either filming the 100th episode or 5x09. Those are my best guesses.


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In my opinion Charles is a why clue, not a who, although it will lead to who in the end.

I was just thinking would Charles himself set up a room to remind him of his childhood? It doesn’t feel plausible.

What does feel plausible is a parent losing a child and having a room of baby things that remind them of their loss.

Maybe the video is the last footage where Charles was seen alive. It was his last day. Maybe something happened that day after the film was made and he disappeared or there was an accident and he died?

So the person standing there wasn’t Charles. Maybe someone who suffered the loss of Charles, or is was meant to be A and we haven’t quite explained our way all the way through to who it might be.

Maybe someone could have done something to stop whatever happened, was instrumental in an accident. Maybe he was buried alive in a child game gone wrong. Maybe everything that has happened since with Ali and the hole in the ground is homage to this event, whatever it might be.

I’m trying to think how it ties into the recreation of the prom from 7 years ago. Did someone among Jason and Melissa’s cohort have a baby as a young teenager? All these false pregnancies and the story of Ezra possibly having a son he didn’t know about could be clues?

I don’t know if anyone else is theorising this at the moment. What happened to Charles and who is the family of Charles? They are the ones who have kept these toy blocks, cot, etc. Just like Mrs D kept Ali’s room, and like parents do if they lose a child. Memories.

Please reblog if you agree and please add to this!!