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Thought of the day (while reading a “gender marketing” translation with painfully outdated views): I am really, really sick of us only talking about “gender” when women are involved.

A surprising number of important realizations could be made if we develop the habit of talking about gender dynamics even – perhaps especially – in the context of all-male or mostly-male groups.

How does it affect productivity, public image, collaboration, negotiating, client acquisition, etc. to have any group of people involved be entirely men? What effects does this drastic gender imbalance cause in its environment?

LET’S TALK ABOUT GENDER AND MEN, PEOPLE. Gender is not an exclusively female domain.

Me, interviewing the director of basically any film ever: “So let’s talk about the extreme gender imbalance in the casting of this film. What was the thinking behind that? Was there a particular statement you were trying to make, a satirical observation on the politics of society, perhaps? That kind of came out of left field, when we watched the film and all the parts but one were men. Can you tell us a little about the background of that?”

Director: “Um… I didn’t actually consciously think that much abou–”

Me, interrupting: “Come now, don’t be modest! That was a fascinating artistic decision! The drastic disparity between the number of men and the number of women in the film makes it clear to even the most casual viewer that gender is a central theme in this story. Can we delve into that a little bit further?”

Director: “…”

This would be a fun tack to take in regard to race, too.

“I noticed something very interesting about your film, which is that every single one of the leading roles is played by a white actor. Clearly there’s some conceptual message you want to communicate with this creative choice. Could you talk about that?”

Director: *sweats nervously*

Yuuri is putting a time limit to his proposal.

….But why?

We know Yuuri actually says this: “Please take care of me/look after me until I retire.” (which is the correct translation).

So I’ve been wondering why he explicitly says “…UNTIL I retire.”

…why not: “Please take care of me/look after me, even after I retire.” And of course there could be one an a million options as to why, but at this point it’s clear they both care for each other in ways which go beyond a coach and student relationship, they want to stay together, so why wouldn’t Yuuri give it a chance and say it?

But then Victor states this: "I wish you’d NEVER retire.”, and what he says makes a whole lot sense in this context, because if Yuuri wants Victor beside him until he retires, then Victor wishes for that time to last as long as possible.

And these tears just confirm it, being of joy, or of fear of letting go of the russian dork, either way he knows what Victor means, he knows Victor wants to stay with him.

Yuuri knows… and then it got me, that’s why.


And we can see how he constantly worries:


And the thing is, Yuuri’s always kept these kind of thoughts and feelings to himself, he is not one to talk unless he feels it’s completely necessary. Even if it means getting anxious all by himself, even if it means having to worry all the time without rest.

And this is why Yuuri, would never want to tie Victor to him, because he knows, if he would had used the words “Please take care of me… forever.” then Victor would have done exactly that, so…he stops himself.

And decides what’s fair to ask of Victor, and that is for him to stay ONLY until he retires. And Yuuri is sure his time is coming to an end soon (remember episode 4), so he knows what he is asking of Victor would not be much in the long-run, and Victor would be able to go back home… soon.


Which in no way means he has no ambitions, but it means despite his own desires he wouldn’t think twice in deciding based on what’s best for the other, rather than himself.

Maccachin’s incident was enough proof of how much he cares for the other man.

This boy doesn’t want for Victor to leave everything behind because of him, and we have to remember one of the reasons he got to love skating as much as he does is because of Victor, having Victor retire because he wants him by his side might actually cause the other boy to feel uncertain. Taking him away from this world, he’s not that selfish to do it.

That’s why this part, sounded like a goodbye…

Because at that exact moment when the hug takes place, he starts to think… Victor WILL go back to Russia soon, it’s like him saying “Don’t worry, Yakov, he’ll go back home after this is over (The Grand Prix), you won’t have to wait much longer.”

When he sees Yakov lecturing him just like Victor used to, he is reminded once again of the fact their time is cutting short. And the important thing is, Yuuri’s decided already, he’ll make Victor step down as his coach, after the Grand Prix Final, regardless of the results.

But then he says “And…”

He doesn’t get to finish his own thoughts. And I find this curious, because Yuuri knows what needs to be done, he knows Victor must return home after this is over, but still can’t come to terms with the idea of what will come after that.

Being responsible for keeping Victor from returning to skating, it’s just not something he’ll want to be a part of.

And after the little preview we got of episode 10, everything just gets more confusing:

“On location at the GPF site, Barcelona. Victor, having a blast doing some sight-seeing during their down-time, has no idea of the decision Yuuri has come to… Yuuri randomly flashes back to the nightmare banquet party of a year prior and starts to go a little pale…“ (x).

Specially this here: has no idea of the decision Yuuri has come to…”

That decision being, he wants Victor to step down as coach after the Grand Prix? (we don’t know).

But one thing is certain, Yuuri might be overthinking things again, that’s why we need for Victor to step in, to end all those thoughts and make it clear, if he retires it would be because of his own reasons, it will be because he has decided on doing it for himself and not for anyone else. Yuuri needs to understand he’s not the one taking Victor away from the skating world. Victor has his own plans, his own future projects, and Yuuri is now part of them, but that does not mean he is to blame for the other man’s decisions

Victor is still 27, and even if for a skater that’s almost the top, it doesn’t mean he’ll have to give up skating, there are still plenty of things for Victor to do, and for Yuuri to be a part of, they both can stand together, even if their plans are not the same.

context: Our DM is a mad genius who likes to design puzzle dungeons, which is usually okay because everyone in our group loves his puzzles, but last session we got trapped in a maze (its structure was magically altered so walking down one hallway could lead to a completely different part of the maze, sometimes with no direct way back) and he spent a whole hour trying to explain the layout of one single segment of hallway to a group of very confused players, even getting up and doing a little dance to demonstrate what led where.

Player to DM: “What the heck did you smoke to come up with this?”

“Uh…. not what I was planning, but okay…”

here have this completely out of context comic I couldn’t help drawing

in which ford (while dimension hopping) comes across a dimension where billdip is a thing and has now vowed to keep them apart at all cost in his own dimension even tho no one understands what he’s talking about

more context under the cut

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So I was thinking if maybe this:

could somehow be related to this:

I don’t really have a clear theory about it. That scene from episode 10 tells me that there’s something going on here that we still don’t know about. But still, it makes me think a lot.

I don’t think that Yurio was trying to call Victor strong. I mean, even if he’s angry here, I’m sure he thinks Victor is strong, but I can’t picture him complimenting him like that. Less in this context, in which he seems to be trying to insult him more and more with every word he spits. I’m not going to talk about anything in this show as “I’m 100% sure that” anymore because it keeps surprising me again and again, but still. I’ll just assume this was not supposed to be a compliment.

What I think is more interesting is that it could still be considered a compliment, even without Yurio knowing. Because Victor is obviously able to be reborn, he’s been reborn already. He’s left everything behind and started a new life, and apparently, for the better.

So maybe, even if Yurio didn’t mean to say so, the show is leaving that message here. Not that we didn’t know, but it’s quite ironic considering that the words were originally meant for Yurio and he passed them on to Victor without even noticing.

I’m really curious to know what this scene will mean in the end.

In retrospect the Anti-Defamation League’s decision to classify Pepe as a hate symbol was not only ridiculous and embarrassing for all involved, but also inaccurate and debatably irresponsible (considering how wide spread usage of the meme is, suddenly declaring it a hate symbol can cause serious fucking unintended consequences, or at least could have if the ADL wasn’t such a fucking joke.)

Their classification even included a disclaimer that it was only a hate symbol ‘in the context of white supremacy’ which made the entire thing even stupider because obviously any symbol in the context of AryanBrother1488 using it is gonna be a hate symbol.

The whole thing really comes off as a bunch of old people (prooobably in an attempt to make a specific article written by a presidential campaign seem less stupid, just saying) not understanding what memes are or how they evolve and mutate. Of course there are racist pepes; as a highly recognizable meme it’s inevitable that tons of mutations would occur. Memes are constantly mutating based on the groups that adopt them and most communities, regardless of size or purpose, end up with their own unique memes as well as variations of existing ones. So of course racist memes exist; racist communities are going to follow the same general behavioral patterns as any other communities.

Which makes the decision akin to declaring a movie a symbol of racism because it’s popular with racists; when in reality it’s popular with racists cause it’s popular with everyone. It’s some “you drink water? you know who else did? HITLER.” shit.

And the whole thing was even more baffling because Moonman exists, which is far closer to a purely racist meme. 

Although I’m sure if Moonman had hit national news as a hate symbol McDonalds probably would have busted the ADL’s asshole open in court, so I guess that answers that question.

I think I finally know why Malec makes me so happy, apart from it being one of the sweetest ships ever: I often tend to like characters with way less screen time than others and I ship couples that either only have a handful (like literally) of other fans shipping them, too or it is an OTP that is not canon or not endgame.

Malec was the reason I started to even watch Shadowhunters. It is what makes me watch all Malec scenes of season 2 everytime there is a new episode though I actually am still in season 1. I pretty much disliked the ‘City of Bones’-movie, I tried to watch the series more that once, but just could not get a connection to it. Then I spied Malec videos and was intrigued by them. Some lovely fellas even put entire Malec stories on youtube, editing all their so far scenes together, but as much as I am thankful for that it is not the same when they are out of context. So I decided to give the series yet another try … and eventually had to find I really started to like it. I am able to confess when I made a wrong conclusion and here I definitely did. The world in it is amazing, the plot is cool and one after the other I began to like more of the characters – especially Simon, who is my fav Xander Harris after the original one and Stiles (who I actually think is a mixture of Xander and Willow, apart from being his very special adorkable self).

I know Malec is special for so many reasons (e.g. representation-wise), to me it is what makes my fandom heart beat for yet another OTP. It makes me smile every time I see a related new gif (or even old ones), edits, fanart. It lets me be a part of a wonderful new fandom that I never would of discovered without. It helps me over the fact that my fav series Teen Wolf is a) in the last season, b) on winter hiatus, c) mostly lacks my fav character and d) just destroyed one of my two OTPs. And I really hope they do not screw up that couple here.

So thank you, Cassandra Clare, thank you Shadowhunters cast and crew for bringing Malec into my life.

I’m so confused as to what actually seeing it in person is supposed to do? We have a play by play of the scenes from multiple people and perspectives, we have pictures, we know EXACTLY what happens, what more “context” could there be?!?

Why does seeing it in person change anything?

He was dressed up to be a joke for a few minutes in a way that was fat shaming and making light of alcoholism. He gets knocked out. Again.

The established maxims of True Love in the OUAT universe were shoved aside for a pointless laugh. They just undermined the entire concept of True Love finding each other no matter what and still being drawn to each other.

Emma couldn’t even say out loud what the real Hook means to her. They “kind of live together”.

Hook was basically just wandering around the episode contributing nothing in both realms. But yay Captain Charming scene and yay Captain Cobra Swan hug I guess.

Belle is even worse off, she’s just dead.

Hook is in no way critical to the episode, his appearance served no purpose other than to get a laugh from gross subject matter, and CS have now broken the pattern of being in love in every universe.

Robin is a supposedly a different character completely but Regina still loved the other version of him. Why? Because they LOOK the same?

So Emma isn’t attracted to a different version of Hook because he’s older and fatter but Robin has a completely different PERSONALITY and Regina still risks everything to bring him to Storybooke.

And August, who abandoned Emma and SENT HER TO JAIL is once again retconned into being some noble guy who gave her hope.

Cool story bro. Fuck off with this nonsense.

You don’t know how big my heart is. You’ll get lost because it’s so big. But I’ll come and find you.

If you menstruate (and you own a smartphone) I highly, highly recommend you get a period tracker app

and not even to help you avoid bleeding on everything

but because they are wickedly useful at giving you context for the rhythms your body goes through

I was always baffled that my vaginal discharge varied over the month, and I could tell it was changing, and I assumed “hormonal shit” but I never understood what the hell was happening

until the little calendar in my period tracker app allowed me to connect the moments when I had the most vaginal discharge with what my period tracker predicted was my fertile window

connecting the perplexingly thick discharge to ovulation was such a lightbulb moment for me

because suddenly there was a reason for what my body was doing

it was no longer alarming or frustrating, because this made perfect sense

and honestly? with the way our society treats uteruses and vaginas and anything associated with “female” bodies

anything that demystifies our bodies is a blessing


twisted fairytales: THE LITTLE MERMAID (modern sapphic au)

Bet'cha on land they understand,
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters.

And she sighs, and she swoons, and she’s hummin’ little tunes, even has a sorta glow!
What on earth could it be?
Any hammerhead can see! That sigh! That glow! That swoon!
Oh, no! She’s in love!

Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the shimmer of the wind upon the water,
somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the glimmer of the sunlight on the sea,
Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like a swell of endless music,
Somewhere she is singing and her song is meant for me!

And her voice! It’s warm as summer sky,
And that sound, it haunts my dreams, and spins me ‘round,
Until it seems I’m flying…

Poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need,
This one longing to be thinner
That one
wants to get the girl,
And do I help them? Yes, indeed!

Look at it all, hall after hall, perfect as you could please here!
Marvels galore, and even more, gee, did I mention she’s here?
And if - who knows? - all of it goes past even these extremes!
Just look at me and you will see someone beyond her wildest dreams!

Just let your emotions tell your body what to do, see how much a single gesture can reveal!
And every little step, every single step, is one step closer, to saying what you feel.

Sing with me now! Sha la la la la la, my oh my,
Look like the girl too shy ain’t gonna kiss the girl,
Sha la la la la la, ain’t that sad?
Ain’t it a shame? Too bad, she’s gonna miss the girl.

And at the ball, what will occur?
Maybe I’ll find that voice…
But I’ll lose her!

But fathers have to learn their daughters have to grow,
And if you truly love them you must let them go…
And oh, I love you so, if only you could know….
You love her
very much, don’t you?

And now at last, love has surpassed each tribulation!
Mermaid and woman
finally can join and be one!
Now they can smile, walking the aisle, here at their wedding celebration!

Now they can be who their meant to be, now they can gaze on a new horizon!
Here between ocean and sky,
forever and on!
Now they can walk, now they can run, now they can stay all day in the sun!
Just you and me,
And I will be,
Part of your world!

Sherlock’s character makes so much sense. No wonder Euros was supposedly responsible for everything he is. After “Redbeard,” it was too painful to have any more friends. He became so obsessed with solving cases because he could never solve the first one. He strove to become more logical to be like his siblings and tried to divorce emotion out of everything.

Which is what is so great about this series! Sherlock’s entire character growth, from the beginning of the show until now is really a return to his true self. And, and, and …

even though Mycroft is smarter than him and Euros smarter than both of them, it was *emotional context* that the smartest among them lacked and yet yearned for. In the end, Sherlock is the strongest because he *has* feelings. Love and pain and frustration and enthusiasm.

I often read that antis are the ones who are rigid and only see everything in black and white, and I think that’s unfair. Many of us who identify as “anti” these days tolerated the larrie tinhatting for years, even though it was invasive, because we have no issues thinking two men could be in love. Nearly two thirds of the antis I follow started out as freaking larries for crying out loud. Many of us, though not all understandably, are thankful for the houies and now even lourries who bring substance and a refreshing honesty to the discourse. We all have different opinions about sexuality, but we know our opinions are based on perceptions, context and occasional bias rather than private intimate knowledge, and we know that our opinions don’t override what Harry and Louis have said/haven’t said. Antis who have anons actually address the well-meaning ones with consideration and thoughtful talking points. And we respect the women in their lives, while fully acknowleging they are human and have made mistakes. So all in all, I think we are a diverse group, and I am proud of our little coalition.

Add to that, the larrie debunks are not about mind control or trying to force kool aid down anyone’s throat. They are not about trying to make Eleanor or Danielle or Taylor or Kendall a fandom darling. Debunks, whether it’s correcting timelines, sharing the faked manips this fandom has taken as Larry gospel or humanizing an innocent child, are about documenting reality and trying to cut through the years of lies and manipulation that have warped people into thinking that every single thing is a PR stunt and a conspiracy - including a baby and a solo album. Debunks are there as a reference for people with real doubts and questions. No one is trying to convert a larrie to an anti. God forbid. No one is even trying to bash Larry as a fantasy ship - despite all the disgusting baggage look at how everyone lost their damn mind over a birthday tweet. We love/respect these guys. And we just want to combat the Freddie erasure, to call out the misogyny and to treat H&L like actual human beings.

Antis mocking/baiting Larries obviously happens. No one is innocent here, and I’ll go even further to say that sometimes public shaming is the only way to reach their ego and force them to keep the most heinous crap off their blogs. The degree to which the mocking happens varies by individual blogger or simply the level of offensive shit we see. Personally, I know I am more open to Larrie content than other antis because I am a shipper at heart. But I also know that I can get snarky in response to larrie posts that are just blatently hateful or completely distorted. Sometimes I don’t want to be the bigger person. Sometimes I just want to let off steam.

But what a waste all of this is. Larries, as a group, have so much talent and influence. People across the entire fandom have enjoyed, consumed or been inspired by at least one of their creations. What a waste to take that energy, creativity and intelligence and exploit it so that every anon, hashtag and corner of the internet is polluted with absolute garbage. What a waste it is to channel that passion into pointless baby debunking, women hating, stalking, shaming, harassment and bullying - with minors being fair game. Their shit is so toxic. Not just on a fandom level but on a personal level as well. That everything human and complicated and private and natural is filtered into a rigid time table, a strict belief system and a classist/misogynistic/homophobic set of values to accomodate blatant lies or bitter backlash is so depressing.

I have a very small account and I doubt this will hardly get through to anyone but I might as well try.

I see all the points to where TFP was poorly done episode. I think quite differently though. Just like Euros says, you are missing the emotional context here. This episode whole episode, well actually this whole season was about Sherlock. The future character developements and the new ones could have been done better.

But what we see in this season is Sherlock. But not the emotionless detective supressing all feelings. We see a Sherlock becoming more and more vulnerable, letting his guard down. Choosing emotions over logics. If anythingx Sherlock never lost his complexity of a character. And I have never seen a character that I have adored in the books so well excuted but even more going beyond then what lies in the books.

Their is still a hunch that their will be a fourth episode because it seem they always stop at three.

I know that queer baiting sucks and it’s unfair but this ship was meant for fun anyways. It brings any fandom more to life. They aren’t meant to taken seriously. The fun stops when people become over dramatic that the otp was not cannon.

In no means that I mean disrespect on the LGBTQ and you have every right to be angry over the queer baiting. I’m just reminding that this whole thing started out has child’s play.

I will always love Sherlock. Even if the fandom “dies” I am proud to be apart of it.

like honestly like that one person said the issue i have with those “Stay away from people who do x and y and z!” posts are the fact that they’re so fucking vague and have no context whatsoever.

somebody who has no idea what an abuser is like can see a post on Tumblr saying “Watch out if someone is jealous, this is a sign of an abuser!” and automatically assume that either:

Someone is jealous of them, therefore is abusing them.


They are jealous of someone/feel jealousy, and assume that they’re being abusive.

Even though jealousy is a NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN EMOTION it depends on the CONTEXT of the jealousy!! If you’re jealous, that’s fine, but if you’re jealous and attempt to ruin that person’s life and relationships bc of it, then that’s completely different and it’s a completely different context!!

Informational posts about what to look out for are fine and dandy, but they’re anything BUT informational because they’re so fucking vague and it could really fuck people up if they take them 100% seriously.

“Tell them your darkest secret!”

Why do we think its Sherlock he’s talking to and not Mycroft? Because Mycroft has dark secrets too. Like a secret that may cause him to loose his brother forever because he did something or made a terrible mistake or was forced into doing something dreadful and unforgivable. And it may be why Mrs. Hudson is calling him a “reptile” with all the disdain in the world. It could even be to Mary. I mean, dark secrets is a given when it comes to her. 

And i still don’t think the lines “what’s the worst thing you can do to your best friends” and “tell them your darkest secret” are part of the same scene and sentence. 

I think they have completely different context and scenes and may even involve two different characters instead of just one. At least we can guess that at least one of those lines are delivered to Sherlock about Sherlock. Both could be to Sherlock too. But the certainty of that is much lower for me. Like i wouldn’t bet on it. Just like i wouldn’t bet at all that Sherlock’s declaration of “i love you” are in response to one of those lines being delivered to him. I think its another line in another scene deliberately taken out of context to create a misleading narrative for the trailer. Which i’m cool with because i enjoy surprises. Especially going back later after the episodes air and re-watching the trailers to see how they tried to fool us and hide the plot and story using clever trailer editing. 

So basically what i’m saying is, i look forward to the mystery. Of course, i’m not ruling out the fact that it may have something to do with johnlock like the fandom are speculating. I just like to have more than one working theory. I don’t like to think i didn’t consider every possibility out of my desire for one thing. 

“Manos” is NOT the worst movie MST3K ever did

Sorry, but I wouldn’t even put it in the Worst 5. I can watch Manos repeatedly, and have. The movie itself is bad, but fascinatingly so. It has so much to work with, to the point where Rifftrax could re-riff it and do an amazing job. Torgo alone is a wellspring of comedy platinum. And one does have to take into account the context of the film, having not been made by, you know, a fillmmaker.

So what was worse than Manos? Well, I think I need to point out that for me, “worse” in the MST3K sense primarily involves plain old watchability. There’s been some real AWFUL stuff, but there’s usually been something at least unintentionally entertaining to them, something to grab interest and carry me along for the ride. “Worse” movies are the one that give the riffers nothing to work with. Movies that are, more than anything, dull, or just unpleasant (and largely dull). In no particular order:

Rocket Attack U.S.A. - This shameless piece of scare tactic has the double-whammy of being a pro-war “fuck the poor, invest in our nuclear arsenal” screed, and being absolutely boring. It’s no wonder the Brains latched onto the bling guy saying “Help me”, it’s the only piece of interest in the whole damn movie. (Not that that blind guy would get any help under the world the filmmakers wanted.) At least Invasion USA had a lot of really stupid destruction in it. Rocket Attack is mostly just… gray people talking grayly, then everyone dies. Who cares.

Invasion of the Neptune Men - I’ve seen this all of once. It’s all I can stand to. It’s pretty much the only Sci-Fi-era show I can’t bring myself to watch again. It’s Prince of Space without the weirdness, and the weirdness is what made Prince of Space watchable and riffable. It’s a dull repetitive slog. And without the visual insanity of Krankor and the “snappy” dialogue to work with, sadly the Brains fall back on a lot of really mean, hack “har har JAPAN” jokes that were already veering into “going too far” territory in Prince. This one is partly the Brains’ fault, but goddamn if the movie itself wasn’t a black hole to begin with.

Castle of Fu Manchu - Speaking of racism… What happened in this movie? No, really, what? I’ve read recaps. My brain refuses. I have a really hard time with the notion that anyone who watched this episode could then somehow say Manos was worse. Unlike Neptune Men, I’ve tried to rewatch this one and just couldn’t. It’s so boring and nonsensical and poor Christopher Lee just… wasted. Not soused-wasted, I mean you could have had anyone else in that role and it wouldn’t have mattered kinda wasted. This is not helped by it being smack in the middle of a sizable run of the show where I feel the riffing was probably at its weakest post-KTMA, where quantity far outpaced quality.

The Sidehackers - This one’s infamous and rightly so. But even with the rape scene cut out, this movie is just grimy. And that’s all it is. What’s the message? What’s the point? Are we supposed to think sidehacking is cool, in that people involved with it also get involved in murderous rampages that leaves just about everyone dead? The sidehack sequence is a great big pod race, only not as exciting or non-intrusive. The “comedy” is painful, and there’s not enough non-mean, non-vicious, non-scummy weird to latch onto. It’s just a nihilistic deathmarch.

The Hellcats - Now, take The Sidehackers and then remove what little merit that had as a film and just wallow in the grime of a drugged-up biker gang just… doing whatever. Let it glurp into every pore, filling you with the need to remove your skin and start over. This is another I just can’t bring myself to go back to today. I’m sure there’s some scrap of plot, but the film isn’t interesting enough to make you care. And it’s not even like this gang are especially awful. They’re just mid-grade gross, like stepping barefoot onto cold cat puke. Plus there’s Ross Hagen. Ugh.

Eegah! - Speaking of grease… this one just makes my skin crawl. It’s the most rewatchable of the movies on this list, but only marginally, and a good chunk of that is because the Brains were recovering and getting into a good quantity/quality ratio in riffing. Plus there was lots of deserving, well-pointed spite on display towards the terrible, terrible cast. But yeah. I’d easily call this worse than Manos because this one clearly had some budget and some sliver of actual professionalism involved, yet… this is the result. There’s more to latch onto here, but most of it is pretty repellent.

It Lives By Night - Man, what is with the late-60s-early-70s? Doctor Mellow McGoovystache provides some yuks, but this is no Track of the Moon Beast, even if it is kind of the same movie. The “science” doesn’t make any sense, and doesn’t even have the excuse of “weird space shit” or “native people curse legend thing” so it can play by made-up rules. Again… this is just grimy and unpleasant, with the added “bonus” of a cut attempted-rape scene. But unlike The Sidehackers, apparently this scene had literally nothing to do with the plot. The sheriff just tries to rape Kathy and… that’s it. Nothing changes. And when cut from the movie for MST, you’d never notice. Yow.

So, that’s my Hot Take. Got a movie you think is worse than Manos? Why do you think so? Let’s us, won’t us?