what could have been a great season

on that note i should add that i finished watching korra and overall i loved it. i love politically driven stories so it was totally my thing. 

 honestly the entire show could’ve just been season 1 and i would have been totally satisfied. it would have been great just as a stand alone imo. season 2 was….not very good. it explained some lore and that shouldve been ¼th the length it actually was, the ending was just silly…attack of the 50 foot woman

 3 and 4 felt like one megaseason. i loved the worldbuilding and extensive cast added in the second half of the show. the final battle could have maybe been a bit more ‘grande’, but i was still satisfied with what we got. overall the plot past season 1 was somewhat predictable but the characters compensate for it well

HOLY HELL, I LOVED THE CAST?? and so many women of all age/ethnicity/class together was so refreshing and so good??? i especially loved the beifong family dynamic. the male cast was great too, i did find the ongoing theme of male villains having strongly drawn jowls amusing., oh and that one airbender child was very grating i hated him. 

 the love triangle was jarring but at least it was a step above twilight’s, which is honestly what i was expecting going in. i thought it was gonna be both brothers competing for korra lmao but instead it was just mako consistently fucking up. so yeah i could live with it, it could be something to sympathize with if you were a young teen watching and have a mind full of confused feelings and drama like most teens do.. its pretty harmless and if anything it shows a good example of talking things out with an ex, the value of communicating in a relationship, and moving on from drama.

my favourite characters by the end were asami and kuvira, the latter i wish was set up a bit more in the 3rd season so we could have had bigger build up and character arc but oh well. 

throughout the entire show my mind kept comparing it to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.. did anybody else have that?? the political theme, time period, and the backgrounds, especially all the industrial stuff were reminiscent to me of fmab in a good way. by the end of it my roommate and i called korra a “combination of fmab and kung fu panda”, basically replace the science of alchemy with spirituality and martial arts and i think that description fits it sort of well

so yeah in conclusion i loved korra, its really good. it honestly tells a story of political movements and regimes much better than many ‘more dark’ live action movies and young adult dystopias. if you love politic themes, elements of fantasy, strange animals, female characters, and have a lot of hours to kill i recommend watching korra if you still haven’t.

also korrasami  👌 👌 👌

How about… Lance distracting Pidge with a kiss (which works wonders) before he shoves her into an escape pod to save her. (Think season 1 epi 10 with Allura saving Shiro)

This has been rolling around my head for weeks, as like what could make for an awesome season 3 cliffhanger, as they rescue matt and sam.

The great request by @vanlegion which took forever to deliver because I wanted to buff up my drawing skills first so I could do it justice. I have a few more requests on hold for that same reason. Also first time ever drawing two people kissing, which turned out okay-ish.

I really wish that they had just kept OUaT *smaller.* I’ve said at length before that I think s1 should have ended with EMMA realizing the truth (and waking Henry and all that) and possibly magic being restored to the town. Previously I when I talked about this it was only in regards to season two, but I think the whole series should have stayed that way. Only Emma, Regina, Henry, and Gold know the truth. Because of this and Henry, Emma and Regina become reluctant allies and eventually friends (coughthenloverscough). Emma has to deal with knowing who her parents are and them not knowing who she is. Emma has to actually be the savior by guiding Storybrooke residents back to their true selves (for example, when Ruby realized she belonged with Granny, that would be when she gets her memories back). The entire series could have gone on like this, with each episode focusing on various characters and how to help them rediscover their best self to regain their memories. Meanwhile, magic is causing problems because it is unpredictable and also most people don’t even know it exists. There could be an on going struggle of Emma trying to figure out what it is she needs to do to make her parents remember. And while it would be semi-episodic, the over arching drama would be the character relationships and development, instead of constantly trying to defeat bigger and badder threats. Basically, I wish it had been what I signed up to watch in the first season. I think it could have been great without trying to cram in so much grandeur

So ppl are theorizing s2 Lotor to flirt all up with Lance which is GREAT but what if he ALSO takes advantage of lance’s insecurities that have been built up over these seasons

Not only is Lance unused to being flirted with, but lotor could also shower him in praise about his skills and make him feel like the top of the world, reinforce that the paladins who don’t appreciate him don’t deserve him, and that voltron only stifles his abilities

Surround him with soldiers who are in constant awe, give Lance the royal treatment, make him fall in love

But always let him have that moment of doubt, those times where he sees something a little off or something he doesn’t agree with or times where he misses his friends–only to have lotor divert his attention with a gentle hand and smile, to let the discontent, that feeling of WRONG, build up in Lance until it snaps


Alright so i forget what episode its in but it shows Alex cleaning up his room, his dad even making a comment as to how nice it looks. Hannah too cleaned her room before she offed herself and is a sign of suicide
Alex stood up to Montgomery multiple times and was driving 80 in a 40. This shows how he was being risky and careless. Another sign of suicide.
You see Alex standing up to the student board, making a bit of a scene and getting himself into trouble and later complaining about the fact that he wasn’t punished.
Throughout the show you see Alex becoming more and more distant, isolating himself from his so-called “friends” and just wanting to be alone, even pushing away others attempts to be friendly.
Overall Alex’s suicidal undertones cause great concern and were very well placed, I think it’s an eye opener for teens and adults on the mental health of adolescents.
Is my theory too obvious for the show? Quite possibly. I guess we have to wait for season 2. They thing with Tyler could be perceived differently. Maybe he took off Alex’s photo because of what happened with Monty. Tyler is still very much concerning. It could have been a framed suicide.


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I'm so frustrated. I feel like the writers really did Kara dirty this season. There's so much that they could do with her, but they just waste all of that potential away. I really, really hope they actually get themselves together for season 3. This show can be so much better than what it is now.

Attention, Tumblr. This is motorcyclegirlfriends, and… 

We have been attacked. 

Shippers and non-shippers. Friends and neighbors. Children… Everyone. Suddenly stopped by forces of evil, as great as this show has ever known.

Your attacker has sought to take Kara’s free will. Kara’s individuality. Kara’s spirit. Everything that makes Kara who she is.

When facing an attack like this, it’s easy to feel hopeless.

We retreat. Lose our strength… lose ourselves. 

I know.

I lost everything when I was on Once Upon a Time.

When I first landed on this show, I was sad and alone. But I found out that there is so much love in this show. In there for the taking. And you, the people of tumblr, you helped me.

You let this blog be what it’s meant to be. You gave me back to myself. You made me stronger than I ever thought possible. And I love you for that.

Now, in each and every one of you, there is a light- a spirit- that cannot be snuffed out. That won’t give up.

I need your help again. 

Kara needs you… to hope.

That you will remember that you can all be heroes.

That when faced with an enemy determined to destroy Kara’s spirit, that you will fight back and she will thrive.

That those who once may have shunned you will, in a moment of crisis, come to Kara’s aid. 

That we will see the face again of the Kara we love. And perhaps… even the other characters we’ve lost.

How Bayern can beat Real

I know a lot goes into football tactics and planning - but guys, I’ve got the perfect plan that, combined with our already-talented team, will automatically make this match the Most Interesting Match in CL history. 

We have an awesome captain whom we all know as a calm, steady guy. (Or do we??) 😉

Originally posted by baclstuber

We have Muller. His job will be distract and confuse the Real defenders by loudly singing random heart-felt songs while waiting for the ball to be passed to him (maybe some adele???)

Originally posted by satanic-horsemen

When we score, there will then be unusual celebrations, causing everyone to wonder what in the world they mean. 

Originally posted by piszculler

which at least gives poor James something to ponder on the bench.

Originally posted by gutilicious

Also, have you seen Manu when he’s really mad? He is flat out scary. He will strike fear in the heart of the any nearby Real players by yelling at his defenders a lot in German. (he doesn’t even have to be saying anything meaningful, only kroos will understand anyway)

Originally posted by neuersevdalisi

Alaba and Ribery will have impromptu dance breaks on the left wing every time they don’t have the ball. 

Originally posted by dxbayern

Mats will color his hair again.

Originally posted by lahmly

When there’s corners, Arjen balances the ball on his head while walking to the corner. 

Originally posted by allyp7985

Thiago will then make faces at random players during set pieces, thus causing them to wonder whether they’re playing the famed Bavarian giants or a distracted 5th grade team. 

Originally posted by gutilicious

This leaves other midfield maestros confused and wondering what alternate universe they’ve been abandoned in.

Originally posted by thomasmxller

While Renato and Juan may not be on the pitch most of the time, that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. we need them to cause a bit of a distraction at times (of course, not enough to get in trouble). 

Originally posted by bastian517

because we’re still so strong defensively somehow but acting so strange, by the 75th minute even gareth doesn’t know what to do with this match 

Originally posted by swirlytops

And after Real has spent 75 minutes trying to wear down this bizarre group of insanely talented but strange footballers, we turn it on in the 75th minute, hit them on the counter repeatedly and score, including a hat trick from Muller (This is actually the reason he hasn’t been scoring much this season - he wanted everyone to think he couldn’t score anymore.)

Originally posted by baclstuber

It ends 4-0. 

Any ideas on what we could add in leg two???

thinking back to s1 and s2 noora it’s crazy how much she changed. In s2 she was strong and independent and the minute she started to fall for willhelm she lost her strength and has yet to gain it back.

what would have been great if noora’s season was s1 and s2 had been eva’s season and then she’d broken up with willhelm and we’d see her strength and independence.

we would have seen noora grow into the feminist that we know she is rather than see her lose those ideals and it would’ve been so amazing too see noora - an abuse victim who was only 17 with no parents in her life to grow stronger after what she endured with nico and willhelm, how inspiring that could’ve been for other young women. :///

Day 35: Spring Tonics: Dandelion Root

The last of the spring tonics that I’d like to talk about is dandelion root. Dandelions have been a staple of the Ozark hillfolk diet for hundreds of years. It’s abundant and all parts of the plant can be used. Part of the importance of the spring tonic is in getting the body systems cleaned out and moving again after being stagnant in the winter. Used to people had a seasonal diet, meaning they would only be eating what was available during that season or what could be preserved and eaten later. My grandparents and great-grandparents used to can everything, from vegetables out of the garden, to meat, and even bread. This would insure a proper diet all year round even in the dead of winter.

The first settlers to this area weren’t so lucky to have a big garden every year, unless they were one of the valley dwellers with flat(ish) land and good soil. If you were out in the hills you’d be lucky to have a big enough spot of land to grow just enough for your family to eat. The hillfolk relied not only on what they could grow but also on what they could go out and find. This is part of the reason why spring tonics were so important. During the winter months hillfolk would be mostly eating root vegetables and what meat they could preserve and store during the warm months. Their diet wouldn’t be nearly as good as it was during the rest of the year. So come spring the hillfolk were ready to go out and gather up any greens and mushrooms that were newly popping up out of the soil. Spring tonics became a way for folks to “thin out the blood” which was often a euphemism for getting the bowels working again, after having been on a diet of hard to digest foods during the winter.

One such staple tonic was dandelion root. Hillfolk ate the greens and flowers year round (the flowers are amazing when battered and fried like fritters) but the root tea was most commonly taken as a spring tonic because of its diuretic and gentle laxative effect on the body and supposed ability to fortify the blood and liver. The root was often roasted then ground up and brewed like coffee or sometimes mixed with other tonic plants like sassafras, chicory, or sarsaparilla. I drink dandelion root tonic a few times a year, roasted like I mentioned above, it’s got a pleasant, almost sweet taste to it. It’s definitely a plant that lets you know it’s working, so be well aware that frequent bathroom trips are normal with this tonic. 

It’s Complicated - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based of one of my favorite songs Bad Things by MGK ft. Camila Cabello. Takes place during season 6.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 2,976

Author’s Note: Second imagine! Wooo! I was never really a Theo girl. I couldn’t understand the appeal since he was evil. But I love this song and I thought it’d be great for Theo. I know the song is called Bad Things, but it could have easily been called it’s complicated. Also, I’m still not 100% sure what Cody’s eye color is. It looks blueish but sorta greenish. Idk. If you know, tell me please. 

It’s late but it’s still Teen Wolf Tuesday

P.S. Some of the words are lyrics to the song. I wish I could take credit, then I could pay off some of this college debt. In other words, I don’t own them.

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Mrs. Douglas was going on about some science experiment she was going to have the class do. But you were too busy staring out the window to pay attention. There was going to be a full moon tonight. Which meant another night you were going to wolf-out. It’s been 3 months since Theo got dragged to wherever the hell he was, which meant it was going to be the 3rd time you’d get chained up at Lydia’s lake house. Theo was your anchor, and with him gone you had no one to think of to calm you.

Some would say you were out of your mind to be in love with Theo Raeken. Some being Stiles. You couldn’t really explained why you fell for the original chimera.

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Victuuri Easter Fanfic Bundle!

So I did another Fanfic Bundle! I updated 6 fics for the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom today! Always check the tags and Author’s Notes!

A Flower’s Influence Rated M

‘There was a little girl standing before him. Her black hair was done in a plait, with a small fringe falling in her familiar brown eyes. She was grinning at him, showing a long row of white teeth, though she was missing two in the top center.’

The appearance of an unknown child at Yu-Topia, leads to a stunning revelation.

Once More, With Feeling Rated E

Yuuri wakes up in Detroit after going to bed under heavy stress and emotional turmoil due to Victor’s declining mental health. Things are different. He’s dreaming obviously. And in dreams, people can do what they want.

So Yuuri decides to do what he wants. If only he could have accepted this new reality. Then the realization wouldn’t hurt so much later on. But ignorance keeps the pain of reality away.

Correspondence Rated M

Victor Nikiforov agreeing to partner with Penned Pals for a season, had to be the best decision of his and Katsuki Yuuri’s lives. It brought them together after all.

On ICE!!! Rated M

The first time Katsuki Yuuri saw Victor Nikiforov perform, he realized he had a great desire to see figure skating in a video game. In fifteen years, his dream is realized. Little does he know that Victor’s attention has been caught by the very game he unknowingly inspired. So ensues the cutest meeting ever and the relationship that follows.

Yuri Plistesky: Wingman Extraordinaire? Rated M

What if Yuri Plisetsky was a bit more kind and compassionate toward others, but in a really fucked up way?

In which Yuri is the aggressive wingman Victor didn’t know he needed, and the friend that Yuuri never asked for but appreciated.

Haute Rated M

Yuuri is a hot dancer and a dedicated fasionista. He doesn’t care what the haters have to say on the matter, he knows it and his subscribers know it. Shockingly, Victor Nikiforov seems to think so as well. And when Victor’s attention is focused on Yuuri, life begins to take an interesting twist.

Has Victor always been so extra?

My other YOI fics are found here!



whatever happens tonight, the bruins have made me actually so proud, which can be hard to believe after some of the posts I have made. Chara is still a fucking beast on the ice at 40 years old. He will always be there for any one of his teammates. Patrice Bergeron, everyone’s hero, may have seemed like he wasn’t as good this season, and yeah maybe he wasn’t, but he was still Patrice Bergeron. Perfect player. He was nominated for the Selke this year, and deserved to be, once again. He is a genius when it comes to his style of play, a complete genius. David Krejci, definitely proved he has what it takes even after his surgery in the offseason. He racked up points, and always scored goals from the filthiest areas. Brad Marchand, was still Brad Marchand, the one we all know and love to hate, but also this time adore. Not only did he reach a high of 39 goals and 85 points, he always has proved that he is one of the greatest guys out there outside of the hockey. He proved himself to be an ally to the LGBTQ community, and that he is an overall genuine person who cares about his fans and people in general and that is just as important as the hockey. David Pastrnak. Our sunshine, who proved to be an actual BAMF. Second in scoring and points. He’s only 20 years old. Also still a sunshine boy. Torey Krug. Third in points on the Bruins. He proved his offensive defensive skills so much this season. David Backes was a great addition to this team, bringing so much grit to the first and second lines that he has played on, and he’s such a great guy and leader. Adam McQuaid time and time again basically dies for his team. What more could you want in a defenseman. He is insane and we love him, and he deserves more appreciation for his play. All of our rookies we have had this season. We have seen great stuff from Brandon Carlo this year and now Charlie McAvoy. JFK is the future, and I am so excited for him. Czarnik, Blidh, Celharik, McIntyre were all great. Sean Kuraly. enough said. Our third and fourth lines have also been great, and there have been times where they are the best lines. Tim Schaller. GOAT. Dominic Moore is a shorty King, and Riley Nash is great with the puck. Frank and Noel are trains. Spoons is saucy. It’s Miller Time baby. Those guys have been hot all season, Kevin definitely proved himself. Last but not least, Tuukka Rask, who has been phenomenal this season. He went through a small rough patch, but then got right back up and was a beast once again. His number may not seem like it, but he has been one of the best this season. He is one of the main reasons this team got to make it to the playoffs. His calming presence according to everyone, helps them every game he is in. He had a crazy amount of shutouts this year, and broke tons of records for Boston Bruins history. He ignores the hate he gets every year, and just keeps going. The fact that the bruins made the playoffs after not for two seasons is a great accomplishment and this can mean for them to only get better and farther every year after.

(once again sorry this is so long, this team makes me emotional)

A Letter to the Sherlock Fandom

You may think that this is a lot of text and too long to read but I implore you to try so that you can better understand these points of view.

I apologise if this isn’t as eloquent or measured as I intended it to be but I am honestly so angry at the Sherlock fandom right now. Not all, obviously, many are conducting themselves amazingly no matter their opinion on the episode. However, there are a large (and loud) number who are not and not only are these people making the rest of us look bad and acting as if they speak for the fandom as a whole, I fear that they are doing (and may have already succeeded in doing) irreparable damage to what could have been a great community.

There are several points I wish to address in this post so I will try to dissect each one individually to the best of the ability.


No matter what you thought of the episode it is NOT okay, or even productive, to harass members of the cast or crew in any way (whether it be through social media, through official complaints (which can actually have further effects on their professional lives also which are definitely not yours to mess with) etc.). It started with Amanda back when season 3 was announced and that was just downright cruel and now it seems the lesson has not been learnt. They have worked hard on this show and even if it did not turn out as you personally expected it or wanted it to you cannot hate them for having a different view of where things should go than you. I have seen many people on Tumblr saying things along the line of ‘it our show anyway we can do what we want and it can be what we want it to be’. No. It is their show, we merely enjoy it - they created it and they have final say on what happens. I for one would not wish to see a world where the fans get to decide what happens as that would only ever cause further divide in communities and result in one section of a fandom having superiority over the others which is already happening in the Sherlock fandom with some Johnlockers/TJLCers.This harassment also extends to the harassment of other member of the fandom - labelling someone as homophobic because they don’t ship a same-sex ship is not only detrimental to the LGBT+ cause it puts up further barriers for the normalisation of non-traditional relationships.

On a similar topic, complaining to the BBC because you didn’t like the episode is not only petty but also counterproductive - these people are not asking for change in doing so they are calling for an end to the show and a witch-hunt in which those who created it are to be mocked in a public sphere. I have seen many people proudly posting images of their complaints and encouraging others to do the same and even petitions to a similar effect and it saddens me that people have become so arrogant in believing that the show is theirs and they were owed more that they would stoop to such levels. You were not owed anything. You didn’t like it, deal with it, move on.


I cannot express how much I dislike this term. Sometimes, yes, the teasing of fans with a potentially queer couple is done in an interpretably malicious way. With Sherlock, this is not the case. The cast and crew have said from the start that Johnlock (the main ship brought up in such discussions) was not going to happen. If you missed that and were not aware - fine; but if you knew this and then continued to be upset that it wasn’t happening - that is on you.  It is not queerbaiting if there was never any potential for the relationship in the first place - especially when neither character has been canonically stated to be queer.

Fetishisation of Gay Relationships and the Anti-Straight Trend in the Progressive Community

Wow, that was a long title. I have seen many of the aforementioned complaints to the BBC, petitions and Tumblr posts claiming that by not making a ship such as Johnlock canon they have let down a large portion of the community who are LGBT+ and have not given them the representation they deserve. Whilst representation is good and everyone does deserve to be able to see someone like them on television, as I said before, we have known from the stat that this was not going to happen with these characters. If you didn’t understand that clear message - again, it is on you, not the creators who have always been honest about the future of such a ship. You can be upset that they did not become canon in the same way that you would for any other ship but you cannot claim that you have been robbed of representation, misled in any way or owed better because you were never promised it in the first place.

As for the title of this section, I have seen a common trend in fandom communities towards making canonically straight characters gay, which whilst harmless if not taken to the extreme (as I feel some members of the Johnlock community have) actually highlights a double standard and serious problem that must be addressed. If one were to take a canonically gay character, strip them of their identity and make them straight they would be called homophobic in an instant. However, when it is the other way around, no one complains. Heterosexual is an identity too and to keep classifying it as separate from the others, in a class of its own, is only going to slow down progress and make it harder for true unity to occur. By stating that two characters, one of whom has categorically stated that they are not gay (and of course only one would be enough) have to be gay because of they way they interact (via your personal interpretation - often though tinted lenses) you are not only arguing that two men cannot be simply very good friends without harbouring romantic feelings for each other, you are also denying John of his own self-proclaimed identity.

The Bad Side of TJLC

(The previous paragraph is also relevant to this section and thus again I must state that whilst shipping two characters is fine, outright ignoring their identity and labelling them yourself is not.)

On paper, TJLC (The JohnLock Conspiracy) is not too harmful, you can speculate as much as you want. Where it becomes harmful is where people delve into the realm of delusion. There are many TJLCers who wholeheartedly believe that Johnlock is already canon or has to be canon and it is these people who appear to harbour the strongest negative beliefs about the recent episode and who are doing the most damage to this community.

I have seen countless posts recently along the lines of the following: 'clearly we know more than Moftiss’, 'how could they not see it was so obvious’, etc. Such arrogance as to your own beliefs is extremely harmful to the wider community. You do not know more than the creators of the show, the show is as they intended it to be - anything that you find within the show (with your TJLC-tinted glasses) that supports your predetermined theory is simply you putting two and two together and making five. It was not intended and therefore not symbolic of your beliefs and so your interpretation is no more than that - an interpretation not fact.

Believe it or not, for those of us not in the TJLC community, JohnLock was not obvious - for someone like me, when I first heard of this ship and TJLC I was incredibly surprised because I saw no romantic connection whatsoever - just two friends; and that was all that they were intended by the creators to be. If you were aware of the cast and crews comment of the subject and still deluded yourself into believing that TJLC was true - that was on you. No one else is to blame for your beliefs not lining up with the facts of the show.

Your ship does not rule this fandom and you do not speak for the whole fandom so those of you saying they didn’t give the fandom what they wanted - you are wrong. They didn’t give you what you wanted. You don’t speak for me and you don’t speak for the countless others like me who actually enjoyed the episode and/or are not in any way JohnLock shippers.

Sherlock Holmes and the Delusion of the Fake Episode

For those of you who still believe in some way that the episode was a fake one, that a  new episode will come out and say that it was all a dream etc. Again, you are deluding yourself and this is not healthy and will only lead to disappointment. It is what it is. Failure to accept reality for what it is and move on from there, living in a constant state of denial is a serious problem.

I have so much more to say and honestly not the words to say it without going off onto too much of a tangent right now. I may add continuations (in fact I most likely will once I can formulate sentences again) to this if I think of anything.

I know that one post on Tumblr isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference and the fractures in this community may never heal but I honestly could not hold this in any longer.

You are welcome to ask questions or for clarification on any point made or any point you wish me to address.

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“I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.” - Andreil ... Pretty please ! :D xxx

There’s a cuckoo clock on the wall of Betsy Dobson’s office, an ugly little thing with a vaguely orange patina and a hand painted figurine inside. It announces the end of your appointment, hell or high water, and Neil spends his mandatory sessions staring it in the face.

Betsy waits patiently and scribbles notes, usually. Nudges her things around her desk. Plucks cardboard answers out of Neil and files them away like they’re wafers of golden insight.

This particular appointment is not (strictly speaking) mandatory, but Neil’s hackles are all the way up anyway. It has everything to do with Andrew lounging at his side, making eery small talk with Betsy in the sprawling sun. Neil stares at the clock, and waits.

“Can we trouble you for some input, Neil?”

Neil glances over at her, then back at Andrew, where he’s regarding him with a truly colourless expression. More like he’s scrubbed it clean than the usual mask overtop of his emotion. Neil considers that Betsy, Andrew, and him might be an unusual group of people to cluster in one place like this. He realizes tentatively that they might be two of the people Andrew trusts most in the world.

Neil’s shoulders relax a little. “Input?”

“On your season. You have some tough contenders coming up in the semifinals, or so I’ve heard,” Dobson says, smiling encouragingly.

“You were talking about exy?”

“Yes, your lack of interest was unsettling,” Andrew says.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“I’m glad we could do this,” Dobson interjects. “It’s been enlightening, so far.”

Neil narrows his eyes at her. He can’t imagine what she’s gleaned from the three sentences total he’s spoken to her, but he supposes therapists will give unnecessary meaning to anything. “Great. Then can we get on with it?”

“Rude,” Andrew reprimands, eyes vaguely fixed over Betsy’s shoulder. Neil follows his line of sight to her framed certificates of merit, graduation, psychiatry degrees and various clippings lauding her achievement. Neil glares at the side of Andrew’s face. He fed Neil her credentials without even having to speak.

“This room has seen much, much worse manners, as I’m sure you know, Andrew.”

Andrew nods at her, and Neil’s frown deepens.

He’s only here because Andrew kept scribbling Dobson’s number on his belongings and suggesting to Wymack that Neil’s performance was suffering for his mental health. He’s been half wrestled into this chair by suggestions.

He had struck a deal with Andrew as a very last resort. If I’m signing up for someone to overanalyze my personal life, you — as a part of that life — have got to come in with me. 

Andrew had simply shrugged and come along. It hadn’t even put a dent in the momentum of the whole thing. And now Neil’s pinned by Dobson’s overly fixed eyes and Andrew’s familiar presence between him and the door.

“So. ‘Getting on with it’. How are you feeling?” Betsy asks, ballpoint poised over an already half-filled page. Neil scoffs. His eyes wander to the clock again, and he pulls at his armbands. She waits, and the warmth of her eyes and the sun and Andrew’s thigh pressed into his is all a bit much.


Andrew pinches his leg and Neil startles, catching his hand instinctively. Betsy watches this exchange over her glasses, and jots something down.

“I feel fine,” Neil reiterates. “I’ve had a couple of nightmares, but. Otherwise fine.”

“What kind of nightmares?” Betsy asks. He sighs. He knew it was coming, but it still stirs the pot of his blood flow a little faster.

“Bad ones.” Neil bows his head. He feels Andrew watching him, and he knows it’s not a demanding kind of watching. It’s a safety net. He looks up and meets his eyes, trying to give him permission without opening his mouth. They’re getting better at that.

“He relives Baltimore,” Andrew says, toneless. “Or Christmas. Or Thanksgiving in Columbia.” Neil flinches at that one, at the simple way it comes out of Andrew’s mouth, like it doesn’t burn his mouth and his whole throat to say it. (Like it does Neil’s.)

He’s extremely aware of giving away more than he ever has in front of a therapist. There’s something about Andrew at his side that twists all the faucets in his head so they run clean and hot.

“And how frequent is “a couple” of nightmares?” Betsy asks, expression serious.

“Every few days.”

“Every day,” Andrew corrects.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is your appointment, Andrew,” Betsy chides, smiling, but Andrew looks unapologetic. “Do you think you can give me a little insight into those bad dreams?” she asks Neil, her pen moving independently from her forward-facing eyes.

His stomach squirms. He watches the clock, and when the ticking gets to him, he switches to Andrew’s face. “I’m back… there. Like I’m watching it from outside. That’s it.”

“I would guess,” Betsy starts, putting her pen down, and tucking mousy hair behind her ears. It looks peculiarly like she’s throwing gloves down. “… that that’s not it.”

Neil swallows. “It’s— I freeze up. I can smell my own face burning off but I can’t move, even though the cuffs are off. Sometimes I wake up that way, and my body doesn’t work.” Every word feels like it’s a crown being pried off a tooth.

“It’s weird as shit,” Andrew interjects. “I’ve never seen night terrors or sleep paralysis from the outside.”

Betsy tilts her head, thoughtful. “It’s more common than you’d think. There are a few things you could try,” she says, riffling around in her desk and producing a pamphlet. “Giving yourself some time between practice and bed to wind down, trying for more hard REM sleep hours. Herbal teas. Dream journalling. Different things work for different people.” She hands him the pamphlet and he stares without taking it.

“I don’t really have any hours to spare,” Neil says, flinty. “And excuse me for doubting tea and journals, but I think you’re mixing me up with someone who isn’t a torture victim. Thank you, though.” Andrew looks at him and Neil shrugs. “I said thank you.”

“I’m just giving you your options,” Betsy says, unfazed. “It also sometimes helps to have someone else there.” Her eyes slide over to Andrew.

“Well it’s not helping,” Neil says, crossing his arms.

“It also helps, believe it or not, to talk to someone about it.” She picks her pen back up. “You see yourself as a torture victim?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s the definition for someone on the receiving end of torture, yeah.” His nerves seethe.

“Maybe you should start seeing yourself as a torture survivor,” Betsy muses. “Just a thought.”

Neil look down at his own hands, the criss-cross of mostly healed scars, the easy fist he can make without feeling any twinges at all, now. “Maybe,” he lets himself say, and his chest pulses with loss. Like that ‘maybe’ was the pop of a stitch.

“And maybe Andrew’s helping more than you think,” she continues. Neil nods without thinking, and Betsy leans back in her chair, a smile curling her mouth. “Did you ever imagine when we met, that we’d be sitting here having a productive appointment like this?”

“I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.” He looks at Andrew, who hasn’t stopped looking at him. “I guess it might work, for a while.”

For the first time, when the clock chimes at the end of the appointment, Neil startles. He wasn’t watching.

'Grey's Anatomy': Jo's Estranged Husband May Finally Get Introduced | EW

The moment Grey’s Anatomy fans have been waiting for may soon be on the horizon: meeting Jo’s estranged husband.

As revealed at the close of season 12, Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) could not marry Alex (Justin Chambers) because she was already wed to an abusive man, whom she ran away from, changing her name in the process. Though Jo has been hiding from him this whole time, if she ever truly wants to be rid of him, she’ll need a divorce (or annulment!), meaning there’s a good chance he could soon come into the picture.

“There is a chance, a big chance,” executive producer Debbie Allen tells EW. “It’s the elephant in the room, the one piece that we have not been able to fit into the puzzle of why they have not been able to get married, what she’s been holding back and what she’s been dealing with. It gives us great story.” In fact, it’s potentially such a rich story line that Allen adds, “It can go all the way into next season, I can tell you that.”

The question remains whether Jo is actually ready to face her ex, or if Alex may put her in that position himself — after all, if he does want to properly propose, he could try to track down the man himself. “Possibly yes,” Chambers says. “Or maybe the guy comes back. He’s still out there. I don’t know yet. They’re still married, Alex is still in love with Jo, he wants to marry her, so that’s going to have to come to rest, that whole situation.”

After he nearly ended up in prison for beating up DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), would Alex take the high road with Jo’s ex, even though this man abused the woman he loves? “I would think he would be a little more cautious, but Alex always does things unpredictably, so we’ll see what happens,” Chambers says.

In the meantime, DeLuca will finally come to terms with his feelings for Jo, which should stir up new drama in the wake of last year’s finale. “The whole season has been teasing at that,” Gianniotti says. “He has tiptoed around how he feels about her, but he hasn’t directly said it. By the end of the season, we’re going to see him confront her and his feelings. I don’t know how it’s going to go for him. Nice guys often finish last, so we’ll see.”

This time around, however, it doesn’t look like things will get physical between Alex and DeLuca in the aftermath. “I don’t think he’s going to beat him up again,” Chambers says. “I think DeLuca is just going through a little spell, he just has a crush on her. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Jo still loves Alex, so I think that’s where it’s at.”

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Imagine watching 2x06 way back then and NOT thinking they were setting up something epic for Emma and Hook. Those poor people who have been in denial. Man, that callback was everything.

The call back definitely was everything. It was my high point for the finale. And probably my third favorite scene in 6b after the wedding ceremony/happy beginning and Pancakes.  We were blessed with great scenes this back half of the season. 

To your point, though, how anyone could have watched the beanstalk episode and not know what they were setting up… it boggles the mind. 

To see the beanstalk come full circle and for Charming to witness what it meant to Hook, and to Emma, and how we had the symbolic transition of Charming realizing that Emma is indeed Hook’s wife, and therefore Hook is calling the shots when it comes to fighting for her was really awesome.  A true family moment. 

Teen wolf 6A was not a good season!

Reasons include:
1) Stydia. Enough said already, but they are not the cute couple that is goals. Lydia in season 5 literally attempts to break out of Eichen house to save Malia, but then cries and does nothing all throughout season 6 and rolls her eyes when Malia attempts to remember Stiles, and don’t even get me started on season 6 Stiles and the lack of an apology from him to Malia, I mean that is so OOC. And all those scenes and relating back to that kiss in Season 3? What the hell? That could’ve killed him!
2) No Kira- Where the hell she at? She is a beautiful character, who would’ve fit in so nicely with the Ghost riders as surprise they use storms to get around. What do storms have? Thunder and lightning. What is Kira? A thunder kitsune. She would’ve been a great addition to the Series. Had it not been for the “Stydia is Teen wolf relationship goals we probably could of had an appearance(s)
3) Peter Hale & Theo Raeken- What did they have to do with the story. Absolutely nothing, but let’s add them anyway. What were they even there for? We got nothing from them and lost some potentially good storyline on them and this brings me to my fourth reason
4) The disrespect of Malia- I’m not going to lie, she is my absolute favourite character, however the disrespect that she was given. Not only does she have to go to summer school, they had to play that joke one last time at her expense, they made her relate to Peter. We all know that she is a Tate. Malia HALE is a not existent I don’t care how many people say that, you do not truly care about Malia if you want her to be a Hale and relate to Peter. And to add I swear to god if they add Maleo I will shank a bitch.
5) The loss of character development- In my opinion this is the worst point. Not only did Lydia go from a snake, popular cliche girl to a compassionate young women whom would do anything to her friend, where we left off in season 5 that she was interested In Parrish, and Stiles who went from unhealthily stalking Lydia to having a healthy relationship to Malia, break all their character development and go back to being Season 1 character. Look season 5 Lydia straight in the eyes and tell me that she would want to date Stiles. She wouldn’t because it’d hurt Malia. What happened to this? You can add to this if you want
To conclude season 6 of teen wolf really made me dislike certain aspects of the entire show. I don’t look at Stiles or Lydia as the same. To me Stiles is a fuckboy who used Malia when he wanted to be with Lydia and honestly Lydia isn’t as bad as she made the conscious decision not to be with him but what the fuck happened? Anyway I really hope teen wolf 6b changes some things *cough cough* Stydia* But it looks unlikely, all they seem to be interested in is boring us with Stydia and making us gag at those ugly kissing scenes. By the looks of it their trapping Malia in beacon hills and making her watch Stydia, much like how they’re trapping us with watching the last ten episodes and watch Stydia. I don’t hate Lydia or Stiles I just hate season 6 and the way that they abused all the characters. Jeff Davis fix your show for the last teen episodes

“Irresistible” Dean x Reader PART 2

Word Count: 2,000ish

Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean takes you out on your first date.

Warnings: Language, fluff, kissing


You stand in front of your mirror, taking in your appearance for the night. After meeting Dean last week, he had immediately asked you to go out on a date with him. You had originally scheduled it for last weekend, the night after you two had met at the bar, but he said something “came up” and he couldn’t make it. He was short on the details, so you assumed it had something to do with his top secret FBI job or his family. You told him it was completely fine and that you would just go out this weekend instead.

He didn’t tell you what you’d be doing, so you just opted for something that could work for both a casual date or something nicer. You were in skinny jeans and a sweater, along with your hair down and enough makeup to satisfy you. You wanted to look nice- this was your first date since your breakup with your ex. Plus, Dean is a very attractive guy.

You were about to put on your shoes when you heard a knock at your front door, implying that not only was Dean there, but he was early. Like, fifteen minutes early.

“Shit,” You hurry to put your shoes on, looking in the mirror one last time. You look around your house and see that it’s a huge mess, making you internally groan.

“Hold on!” You yell out to Dean, trying to make the house look a little nicer just in case he decided to come inside. You really hope not.

Your attempt to clean your house within thirty seconds was somewhat of a success, but by the time you open the door you’re out of breath.

“What, did you just run a marathon or something?” Dean gives you an amused look. He’s wearing jeans and a flannel- completely different than the suit he was wearing when you first met him, but goddamn did he still look good.

“I, uh,” You bite your lip, trying to think of something to say. “Anyways, we should go.” You avoid the question, hoping that he doesn’t expect to be let in. You grab your purse from the cabinet on your right and exit the door with Dean.

Not even five minutes into the date and I’ve made a complete fool of myself.’ You think to yourself.

“You look great. Even better than I remember.” Dean winks at you as you two walked towards his car.

“Thanks- holy crap, is that your car?” You ogled, seeing his impala parked at the end of your driveway. You don’t know much about cars, but you know enough to know that he had a nice one. Your dad always used to tell you that you can tell a lot about a man by his car.

“Ah, yes, this is baby.” Dean pats his car, and opens the passenger side door to let you in.

“You named your car baby?” You laugh. “Well, ‘baby’ is a nice car.”

“Know much about cars?” He asks, and gets into the driver’s seat.

“I used to. My dad used to know a lot about cars and when I was younger, he would always talk to me about them. I don’t remember much but I do know enough to tell you that you’ve got your hands on a pretty good one.”

“Yeah, it was my dad’s actually. Guess both of our dads liked them.”

“Yup.” You say. “So, mind telling me where we’re going?”

“I was thinking we could go fishing. I heard bass is in season this time of the year.” Dean says with a straight face.

You look over at him oddly, not sure if he’s joking or not. Fishing? What the hell?

“You can relax, babe.” Dean laughs, and he pats your thigh. “I’m only messing with you. I don’t fish. We are going out to eat, though. Hope you like burgers.”

“Oh, thank god.” You let out a sigh of relief. “Burgers sound great.”

“You like my car AND you like burgers? Where have you been all my life?” Dean laughs, being his charming self. You blush at his words even though you know that he’s probably only making a joke.

The ride to the burger place only takes about fifteen minutes, and the place was insanely cute. It was an old 50’s diner style restaurant that was complete with checkered floors and handmade milkshakes.

“This place is adorable.” You admire, walking into the building. Dean leads you to a booth and you two look over your menus.

“So, you’ve been here before?” You ask.

“Yeah, me and my brother Sam used to come here all the time. I come more often than he does now, since he’s an absolute health food freak these days, but I still love this place. The burgers are freakin’ fantastic.”

“Sam’s the one who’s your partner, right? I still think it’s really cool that you two not only have the same job, but you’re also partners. I doubt that happens often. Do you ever get tired of working with him all the time or are you two best friends?” You question.

Dean furrows his eyebrows, and his face seemingly having a confused expression. If he did, it was gone instantly and his smiling self was back.

“Oh, right.” Dean says slowly. “Yeah, nah I don’t really get tired of working with him. He’s a pain in the ass but in the end he’s my brother, and yeah, he’s my best friend. One of them, at least. I have another best friend named Cas.”

“Cas? That’s an odd name. I kind of like it, though.”

“Yeah.” Dean laughs. “We’re just like one big family. But anyways, tell me more about yourself, Y/N. My life is pretty boring, I’d rather talk about yours.”

“Before I do, I need a suggestion on what to order. They all look really good.” You bite your lip, looking at the menu.

“Oh, definitely the cheeseburger with bacon. And make sure you order it with a side of their special sauce, that shit is the bomb.”

Just as he’s saying that, the waitress comes over, a notebook in her hands and a pen behind her ear.

“What can I get for you two today?” She asks, her eyes lingering on Dean longer than necessary. She sets two water glasses down in front of you, filling them both up to the brim.

“We’re both going to get the number four, I think.” Dean looks over at you for approval, and you nod your head.

“Coming right up. See you later, Dean.” The waitress winks at Dean, walking away. Dean immediately puts an uncomfortable smile on his face and looks at you, waiting for your reaction.

“So, know the waitress?” You raise your eyebrow, taking a sip of the water that was left on your table.

“Yeah, I, uh-“ Dean looks obviously flustered, not knowing what to say.

“You can relax, babe. I’m only messing with you.” You joke, repeating what he had told you earlier. You’re not under any impression that he was some lonely, single, virgin man before you met him- I mean, look at him- so you know that the fact that he probably fucked the waitress doesn’t affect you. You’re the one sitting here with him tonight, not her.

“You’re hilarious.” Dean grins. “But anyways, back to talking about you.”

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Anything, babe. I’m all ears.”

“Well, okay.” You try and think of something. “I’m twenty-four, but you already knew that. I graduated college last year with a degree in nursing. I’m currently working as a nurse at the hospital in town, although I am strongly considering going back to school to get my master’s degree. You already met my best friend Ana, even though she was drunk as all hell. I have two sisters, and both of my parents passed away when I was a teenager. I really like to watch Netflix when I have free time. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are my shit. I also like reading but I have a hard time finding books that actually interest me…” You pause, realizing you’re rambling. “Wow, I’m sorry, I’m rambling.”

“No, it’s okay.” Dean smiles. “I like hearing you talk.”

“Okay.” You blush.

“I didn’t know you’re a nurse. That’s cool as hell.”

“It’s hard.” You admit. “But I really enjoy it.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about my job too. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. You get to save so many people.”

“I could imagine. You get to see some crazy shit being an agent, don’t you? My dad’s best friend used to be a cop, and he would tell me all about the stuff he would see. But he got to save so many people from dying, or kid’s from kidnapping, or just anything like that. It’s completely different from the life-saving that I do, but it’s super important as well.” You say.

“Exactly how I feel.” Dean replies, and you both see your food coming to your table.

“Oh, it smells so good.” Your mouth starts to water, and you realize how hungry you actually are.

You both eat your burgers, continuing to talk about your lives. You learned from him that both of his parents had passed away when he was younger as well, and by the way that he talks about his job, that it’s his life. He really enjoys it. You tell him more about yourself as well, but only dumb things like your favorite color or your favorite food.

Before you know it, the night was coming to an end and he was already dropping you off at your doorstep. The date had gone tremendously well and you prayed that there would be another one.

“I had fun tonight, Y/N.” Dean looks down at you.

“I did, too.”

His eyes are focusing in on your lips, and you look at his. He leans down, and the space between your lips closes. You were expecting a fast and rough kiss, but to your surprise, it was slow and romantic. The kinds of kisses that you see in the movies. And oh man, did he know what he was doing.

You pick up the pace, and wrap your arms around his neck. His hands go to your hips, pushing you up against the wall as he continued to kiss you. You’re about to take it a step further when he pulls away, his forehead still touching yours.

“I should go.” His voice comes out low. You can tell that he’s holding himself back, just by the look in his face (but you can also feel it pressing up against your leg, if you catch my drift). You desperately want to tell him to stay, to come inside with you, but you just nod your head.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Dean whispers, and kisses your forehead. You watch him as he walks back to his car, slightly disappointed but also glad that he actually said he’d call.

You walk inside and go straight to your bed, not even bothering to change as you curl up underneath the covers. It was a good night, and you can’t stop touching your lips where his were once pressed up against. One date and you’re already wrapped around his finger. 

“I’m so screwed.” You groan to yourself.


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Reasons why you should watch 3% on Netflix

-Extremely diverse cast
-hunger games but better and not white
-joana is what katniss should have been….jlaw could NEVER…you wanted a black katniss? Watch 3%
-one of the main characters is a moc who is in a wheelchair and it’s AMAZING REP…I hope I’m not speaking over the disabled community but really from what I know he’s amazing rep…he’s also literally the love interest and it’s like…I never see that in movies/tv unless it’s some tragic love story…..he’s such a great character and I can’t wait to see what he does in season 2 (which is confirmed btw)
-the writing is incredible?????
-all the characters are so fucking realistic and nobody is just good or bad everyone has their demons and their good traits so by the end it really leaves you wondering what side you’re supposed to be on?? Like you kinda get who’s good and bad but also nobody is 100% good and perfect which is realistic imo
-again…it’s hunger games but 1000x better
-please support this show so they can get more funding and better sets and stuff!!!
-acting is incredible
-Netflix never disappoints
-it’s in Portuguese and for whatever reason it defaults to the dub so make sure you go in and change it to subs because the dub is god awful
-my only critique is lack of LGBT but it’s so good in other areas I can’t go too hard on them for that I’m sure they’ll fix it at some point I trust Netflix
-please watch this amazing show!!!! Please!!! Everyone is sleeping on it!!!