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Morgane and Emily are probably my favourites, which, you know, lesbians and pirates, what more could you want. Could you tell more about your pirate gays, like random facts or headcanons or something?

Ahhh I love those messages so much. I can definitely tell you a bit more.

  • First of all, they aren’t lesbians! They are both pansexuals, and Emily is aro. She still cares deeply about people she’s close to (like you would a best friend or family), especially Morgane, but just… don’t want/need/feel romantic love in any way. She does like sex, tho. Neither of them is monogamous.
  • Morgane is terrible at sailing at the time she meets Emily, but way better at handling a sword and a gun than her. She’s also a really good cartographer. 
  • While Emily put their crew together and is the one knowing how to sail, she may appear to be the Captain of their ship, but Morgane is better at handling parleys and with human connections in general, making her as important and in-charge. Also the ship technically belongs to Morgane. They are both considered Captain by their crew, and they both learn a lot from each other.
  • Emily is a very tender person with people she likes/are vulnerable/helpless/in need, but nobody believes it because of her usual violent cruelness towards people she dislikes
  • Morgane was originally created as being from (”French”) Polynesia (the Ra'iātea island) , loving the ocean and being chosen by mermaids as Guardian of The Ocean’s Secrets (it’s an important plotpoint so I won’t get into that further). With Moana out now, I’m considering changing some things because the similarities bother me a lot. 
  • One of the Mermaids is in love with Morgane. Said Mermaid really hates Emily, and not because of jealousy.
  • An old crew member once made a comment about women not having a place on a ship (+ other crass suggestions) and was promptly thrown overboard and fed to sharks by Emily after she shot him in the nuts pointblank
  • They are both morally grey people. Doing lots of bad things for the right reasons.
  • Morgane’s name isn’t her real name. Also, she hates seafood.
  • As of now, Emily has 19 major and visible scars on her body. Both of them have tattoos.

That’s all I can think of right now, if I keep going I’ll just write you the novel of their adventures. But we’ll wait for the comic to be out for that!

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This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


it is a CRIME that these two have barely interacted

  • My ipod, this morning : *plays Dusk Till Dawn*
  • Me : *sings along (terribly)*
  • My ipod : *follows with Sweet Creature*
  • Me : *chuckles*
  • My ipod : *follows with Strip That Down*
  • Me : 👀
  • My ipod : *follows with Too Much To Ask*
  • Me : *breathlessly waits for the next song*
  • My ipod : ...
  • My ipod : *plays Selena Gomez*
  • Me : fuck you.
Your Hands

My shirt.

No… Just the hems of my shirt. Shifting and repositioning themselves as I sprawl out across this space. Gently grazing up and down along the contours of my stomach and sides. The hems themselves produce a ticklish sensation all on their own. It’s torturously teasing. But it’s not enough. 

Just the hems of my shirt. They strengthen the fire. Intensify the desire and the want. The craving for the sensation. For it to continue. For it to grow. For it to never end. 

Just the hems of my shirt. They are enough to drive me crazy. To bring me to the point of insanity. To cause me to spew out a million different words a minute about how much I long to feel this sensation everywhere and in every possible way. I need this. 

Just the hems of my shirt. They alone can make me giggle. The goosebumps rushing along my torso and up my arms. It’s a ghost-like touch. Soft, innocent; but oh, is it present. My mind fixates on it and nothing else. It’s maddening. 

Just the hems of my shirt can make me react this way. Can bring me to my knees. Can make me beg. Can make me restless and impatient and eager all at once. Can make my adrenaline rush, my stomach drop, and my pulse quicken right when it starts.

Imagine what your hands could do.

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One Word At A Time (Chapter 1/?)

Pairing: Phan

Summary: Dan gets a text from a number he doesn’t recognize. Things progress from there. Maybe it’s weird to start a relationship with a guy you’ve never actually met, but then, Dan’s never been great at normal human interaction, anyway.
A Phan love story that develops over the phone.

Notes: I wrote a thing. I might continue, if people like it. (I’m really nervous because I’ve never published anything on here before.)

From: Unknown
Say what you will, but Ninetails will always be superior to Charizard.

Dan paused mid-bite and put his spoon back in his cereal bowl (and no, it was not pathetic to be having cereal at three in the afternoon) to check his phone, figuring it’d be a message from Cat begging him to go to some club or other with her and “actually have fun” on a Saturday night, or maybe Chris asking him if he wanted anything from the store.

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Can you describe Regina Mills in two words?

Evil Regal:

what do you think of Adam and Eddy?

what bout the CS fandom?

So if you could say something to Emma’s character…

(more random questions)

What do you think every time Regina breathes?

What about the rest of the plot??

Why do you keep watching the new season then?

Random interview of Selina Meyer an Evil Regal 

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i have a question i have a cat and since he was a baby we'd do a little head bump as a way of greeting, but then i read that cat post you did ages ago and now when he comes to say hello i get really distressed since you said that head bumps are a type of sexual behaviour in cats so i was wondering if ive been doing a sexual thing and im really worried?? this is stupid im sorry i know i could just google it but i trust what you say more than some random person on some page?

In general, rather than creating completely new things, evolution tends to work off of things that already exist. This is true for physical adaptations, but also for behavioral adaptations.

Much has been made of the fact that juvenile behaviors are often co-opted to have a social function. For example, it is likely that chin-licking in canids first evolved as a way for infants to beg for food from their parents. The adult animals evolved a nurturing reaction in response to the behavior. Later, adult animals began taking advantage of this response by using chin-licking as a way to make themselves seem less threatening- more “juvenile”- to their adult conspecifics.

In cats, sexual behavior has been co-opted in the same way. Sexual behaviors such as head-butting and rolling originally evolved in solitary species, where individuals needed to signal to one another that their intention was to mate, not to fight. As cats became more social, they used these behaviors the way that the canids use chin-licking. They are signals that are already programmed to produce a less aggressive response from others in social situations.

While these behaviors are still used in sexual situations, it is highly likely that when your cat head bumps you, he is only being friendly. Animals work off of their original repertoire of behaviors, which is why it is very important to pay as much attention to the context that the behavior occurs in as you do to the behavior itself.

I hope that puts your mind at ease.


Bradshaw, J., & Cameron-Beaumont, C. (2000). The signalling repertoire of the domestic cat and its undomesticated relatives. The Domestic Cat: The Biology of its Behaviour.

As an older person, I now understand why adults act like they do towards teenagers (mostly people between 13 and 18). I understand what “you’ll get over it” and “it’s not that bad” actually means, now.

What I still don’t understand, is the feel to diminish their feelings and opinions. Like, they are going through an actual natural hormonal change that makes them ultra sensible and emotional over things, they react way more intensely than adults to everything, they feel more deeply, it’s all messy and rushed, their brains starts to fully think on their own and realize that they are their own person, that they might in fact not agree with their parents & teachers’ opinions; rebellion is natural and a big part of what makes us original and diverse individuals. Wouldn’t that be the reason for listening to them instead of dismissing their problems? 

You, as an adult, understands that it’s “not that bad”, but instead of actually having a conversation and use the wisdom you gained by growing as an adult to help them out or guide them, you wave your hand in annoyance and say “you’ll understand when you will be older”, “it’s not that bad” or “you’ll get over it”. The problem is, they won’t. Not immediately. They don’t know what it actually means if you don’t tell them, if you don’t communicate. I understand and know where you are coming from, but dismissal is a real dick move. What do you intend to achieve by making them feel stupid, or not worth your time? You are just fueling their frustration and then you are arrogant enough to say to their face that their feelings or opinions are irrelevant or can be dismissed because “they don’t know what they are talking about, they are way too young, they are too intense”. Young minds are and always will be the future, young generations are always changing and growing, and some adults might even learn from them.

I’m an adult who don’t plan on having children, but I’ll be damn sure to listen seriously to any kids coming to me to talk about any kind of issues, personal or not or just making light conversation because seriously how stuck up and fucking arrogant do you have to be to think you’re better than younger people i’m so m a d

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Hip thrusts so hard, he turned into a monster