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See the thing about Evangeline is that it’s pretty much as old as Jeremy and Michael’s entire friendship. Probably older, actually. Evangeline, of course, being the minifridge in their dorm that houses the Jeremy’s fantastic stock of Mountain Dew Red.

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what did au!magnus and au!alec get up to during that party?

based on the alternate universe in 1x10 and suggested by the wonderful @anthony-lovett ! i’ve wanted to write this for so long so i apologise for my lateness lmao

but enjoy! and of course, let me know what you think!

Magnus made sure to return to the party before Clary or Jace began questioning him. He slipped through the basement door and back into the main hall of the Institute, hastily trying to find the doors to leave.

Admittedly, he didn’t want to stick around in a place where he didn’t know anyone for too long. Maybe it was that stupid commercial that he was nervous about people recognising him from. Or maybe it was the butterflies in his stomach about that tall, dark haired boy.

Fixing his gaze on the exit, Magnus made a beeline for it. He walked past the drinks table quickly but heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Leaving early?” asked Alec in a chipper tone, causing Magnus to tense up. He slowly turned around, mouth agape and shoulders stiff but still managed to give Alec a smile. He didn’t want to be rude, of all things.

“I’ve gotta go,” replied Magnus with an apologetic sigh, pointing to the exit.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” he pressed with a chuckle. He turned around and took a step towards the drinks table before returning with two glasses of what looked like champagne in his hand. He held out one of them to Magnus and he tenderly took it into his hand. “Stay for just one more drink?” asked Alec, his eyebrow raising. “And then decide.”

Magnus looked up at Alec with a sigh and decided that his tarot cards could wait for one night. He gave the boy a shy grin and took a sip of his champagne, wincing only slightly, before moving to stand beside Alec.

“So tell me,” Alec started, turning to look at Magnus. “What’s a handsome someone like you doing in a place like this?” Magnus stayed silent, avoiding Alec’s intense gaze. Instead of answering, he lifted his glass and took one long sip, desperately trying to calm his nerves. Alec cocked an eyebrow at Magnus’ reaction. “Don’t tell me Raj was right and you’re actually here to crash the party…”

Magnus clenched his jaw, hoping that if he stayed silent, they would move on to another topic. He wished he could reply with something witty like ‘and what if I was?’ but he couldn’t. So he didn’t.

But just as he was about to reply something that he was sure would be boring, the song playing stopped. Alec whipped his head around to see Simon holding a guitar and stepping up to the microphone that was set up in a corner of the room. Alec gave the boy a thumbs up before turning back to Magnus. He leaned in closer than Magnus had anticipated and he immediately felt himself tensing.

“We should go somewhere quieter before it gets too loud,” said Alec and Magnus froze for a millisecond before nodding and following Alec into a hallway. He wasn’t too sure why he was agreeing but there was a squirming feeling in his stomach that compelled him to do so. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt that way. But he remembered enough to know that he should probably follow it.

They could still see the main area from where they were but they were still very much secluded. He could feel Alec’s eyes trained on him and Magnus noticed that his heart did not plan on calming down anytime soon.

“So, what are you doing here?” asked Magnus, almost immediate cringing at his own words.

“That’s funny,” replied Alec, looking at Magnus. He laughed softly and took a sip of his drink until he realised that Magnus really did not know what he did. Bringing his glass down, he pointed to himself. “Event manager,” he stated with a sparkle in his eye and Magnus gave him a knowing nod. “My sister, Izzy, works here at the Institute so she referred her boss to me.”

Magnus noticed Alec playing with the rings on his fingers but then looked back up to his face. Alec was incredibly attractive, Magnus couldn’t deny that. But it had been centuries since Magnus had properly been involved with anyone, much less a Mundane.

“I almost didn’t take that job… but I’m glad I did,” said Alec with a smile and Magnus found himself smiling back.

“Well, I’m glad Clary invited me,” he replied.

“About that… How do you know Clary?” asked Alec and Magnus suddenly realised the mistake he had just made.

“I… h-hardly do,” stuttered Magnus, trying to cover his tracks. The Clary of his world wouldn’t remember him. Alec squinted one eye at Magnus and nodded with a coy smile.

The two talked about small things for a little while longer, but mainly about Simon’s music. Eventually, Alec turned fully to face Magnus.

“You know, this is usually the point in the night where we exchange numbers and you tell me to call you-”

“Listen, Alexander… I- um… I don’t really-”

“I get it,” replied Alec, raising a hand to stop Magnus from rambling on.

“No,” sighed Magnus, a sad smile on his face. “You don’t.” Alec would never understand what it meant to be immortal, let along believe him. He took a wary step backwards. “You don’t want this.”

Alec frowned at Magnus and shook his head. “What do you mean?”

“It was nice meeting you,” he said curtly. The quicker he ended this, the easier things would be. Alec stepped forward hastily and placed a tender grasp on Magnus’ arm, his mouth dry.

“One dance,” he whispered with a hopeful look in his eyes and Magnus’ heart melted. He looked down to see Alec’s hand slide down his arm and hold his hand. He smiled softly and decided then that surely one dance couldn’t hurt, but that Catarina would give him hell for it tomorrow.

So he agreed and Alec started to pull him back into the main room but Magnus paused. “I’m not much of a dancer,” said Magnus sheepishly, struggling to catch Alec’s gaze. Eventually, Alec’s hazel eyes caught his and Magnus’ heart skipped a beat. Alec smiled a blindingly beautiful smile and walked back into the hallway, hand still attached to Magnus’.

“Here will do,” he whispered, stepping close.

Magnus’ breathing was uneven and his heart was racing. But he smiled back anyway and Alec smiled even wider at the sight of it. The song Simon was playing slowly morphed into a slow one and Magnus relaxed into Alec’s touch.

Nevertheless, it hurt him to think that this could never work.

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in the meantime, after they escaped the party.


Requested: “ I was wondering if I could make a request for a Percival Graves fanfic, where the reader is keeping a secret from him, and he has to chase them down and try and make them talk! Make it as cute and as fluffy as you like, I love that kind of thing! :)”

Requested by: the wonderful @heyitsteash

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 2316

Percival Graves couldn’t stand it.

He couldn’t stand the idea of you keeping something from him.

Whether it was big or small, nothing drove him nuts like secrets did. Of course you knew this and you did your best to never keep secrets from him, but there wasn’t anything you could do this time. This time the secret you carried within you was too embarrassing for you to even comprehend. It was too embarrassing to tell him the truth.

Because the truth was you were in love with Percival Graves. You loved the Auror who’d help train you when you’d come to Macusa just five years ago. The man who’d helped you become the auror you are today. But it was because of that past that you feared you couldn’t tell him the truth. You felt like you couldn’t tell him that your days together meant the world to you. You couldn’t say a damn word and it drove you nuts.

It drove you as crazy as your secret drove him nuts.

You knew Percival Graves didn’t know that you liked him, but you knew that could see through you enough to know you were keeping something from him. You could see how it drove him crazy, you could see your secret chipping at him every day that you kept it from him.

It had gotten so bad that you taken to hiding in your office whenever he was looking for you. Hiding behind your walls for comfort.

It was the only place you knew you were safe. Safe from him, his handsome face, and being that made you want more every time you saw him. Every time you were near him.

But you could only hide behind your walls for so long, until you had to go face him. Even as you stood behind your door with shaking hands, your eyes peering behind the door when you open it. As if you could somehow avoid him if you caught sight of him before daring to take a step outside of your door. A feeling a relief washes over you when you don’t see him, your body daring to cross the threshold as you walk forward. As you try your best to play off any and all feelings pulsating within you.

You had a meeting today, a big one, but you’d spent the better part of your morning thinking of Percival and the million scenarios that you could make up. Scenarios that were enough to drive you made, enough to make you lose all control of your breathing. It’s almost unbearable as you walk towards the office meeting room.

You’re not late by any means, but when you walk into the office you’re met by a sea of eyes that stare back at you as if you’d interrupted something important. As if you’d intruded. But of all the eyes that look to you nothing gets under your skin the way his eyes do.

Even from across the room you could feel Percival Graves and the way his eyes pierce you from afar. You see the strain in his eyes and the sensation of him wanting to be close to you, him wanting to figure out what it was you were keeping from him.

But you do your best to ignore the questioning in his eyes. The look of desire tugging at his features. A look that drove you mad with every passing breath. A look that remains on his face the entire meeting, the look that consumes you so much that you can’t focus at all during the meeting. It was like everyone else was white noise, like they weren’t there.

Like it was just you two.

When the meeting ends you feel your heart ache, and your feet are itching to get moving before he has the chance to stop you. Before he has the chance to corner you, but when you try to exit the office your coworkers seem to have another plan in mind. Instead of moving they feel compelled to take their time leaving, so much so that Percival makes his way to you. So much so that he corners you just like you feared he would.

“(Y/N), we need to talk…”

His voice rasps behind you as you keep your eyes from his, your gaze finding the floor intently. You knew if you looked at him you’d be done for. You knew you’d cave. You knew you’d break into a thousand pieces right before him.

“… I know something is bugging you (Y/N) and you can talk to me about it. No matter what it is I’m always here for you.”

You feel your heart skip a beat at his kind words. The words that always managed to seep their way in and get under your skin in the best possible way.

“I’m fine Mr. Graves.”

You feel yourself whisper as you dare to look over your shoulder, your eyes meeting his for a moment before you walk away.

Your feet carry you a few feet before you feel his hands reaching out to stop your body. The sensation of him touching you feels so foreign, it had been months since he’d been close to you, since he’d  actually tried to touch you.

“You’re keeping something from me (Y/N) and I do not appreciate you keeping things from me.”

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (Epilogue 4- OT9)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Epilogue Chapter to conclude the WPWT Series, enjoy :)

No specific warnings for this epilogue series but I’ll keep the themes as they are just incase.

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Life after underground activities. (Conclusions.)

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7Part 8 Part 9Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16Part 17 Part 18 Part 19Part 20 Part 21 Part 22

Epilogues: Epilogue 1-BBH  Epilogue 2-KJD Epilogue 3- ZYX  Epilogue 5-DKS  Epilogue 6- PCY  Epilogue 7- KJM  Epilogue 8-KMS  Final Epilogue

Word Count: 1,200 (ish)


2 years later:

Jongin sat at the back as usual. Last row right in the middle. He was sat in an addict’s anonymous group; he came daily and listened to their sad pathetic stories, these ‘complaints’ and ‘issues’ seemed petty to Jongin. He suppressed a scoff after every testimony and rolled his eyes. They thought they had problems? If only they had lived his life. He had been through the absolute most for the past few years, these people knew nothing about pain and suffering, not like he did. Jongin didn’t have an addiction but listening to other people’s stories made him feel better about how shitty his life was it made him feel as though he was coping that was the only reason he attended. Life after the death of Sehun was a mess for Jongin. He was in and out of jobs, in and out of relationships life in general hadn’t worked out for him and sometimes he would cry at night to himself and wish that he could have swapped places with Sehun. Sehun deserved life more than he did. He was worth nothing and he knew it. Life for him was worse now than it had been when he was part of the Genesis underground, at least then he had the boys to laugh and joke with at the end of the day, but he hadn’t seen them for 2 years not even Kris or Baekhyun and he missed them all. But he wouldn’t reach out to them, he couldn’t. Jongin was too ashamed of his life and what he had become, he knew that he would have turned out a failure compared to them. But maybe his life was the definition of the just world hypothesis, he received what he was owed and karma sure as heck was bitch. Karma most definitely fucked Jongin over and she did an amazing job at it. He rented one room in a three bedroom flat; he shared with a druggie and a drunkard. They’d both frequently beat him. Jongin could have killed them ages ago, he was aware of that. He still had his gun and made sure he took it with him when he moved out, but he didn’t want to use it he wanted to suppress all the evil that still crawled within his body so he let them beat him maybe this way they were beating the sin out of him, it’s the least he deserved after all. He touched the cut on his face which was still quite fresh.

The session had just finished but as per usual Jongin didn’t get up and leave. He sat in his seat staring at nothing in particular and began to think about everything that had happened to him up until this point. He sighed. He knew the other guys had never felt the same way about him after he revealed himself as the Tell-Tale, but he did all of that to help them, he wanted to protect them. Why couldn’t they understand that? It hurt his heart so much, they claimed they were family yet he had always felt like he was shunned by them. He tried so hard to be loved by them but nobody understood him. He focused his attention on the podium at the front of the hall, but he had noticed that this time he wasn’t alone there was someone sitting beside him. A woman.
He’d recognised her face she came every week too and always sat at the back with him. He could feel her intense gaze burning into the side of his cheek and so he turned his head slowly to look at her.

“Hi.” She smiled coyly

“Hi.” Jongin nodded his head. There was an awkward silence as he turned his head to look back at the podium.

“You never go up and speak. You don’t have an addiction do you?” Jongin turned to face her again as he raised his brow, intrigued that she had been watching him.

“Well neither do you.” He said, looking at her. She was weird looking. Pretty, but peculiar at the same time she was a different type of gorgeous.

“Yeah well I only come here to make myself feel less shitty, their stories have that effect. A stress reliever you could say.”
Jongin raised his eyebrow in amusement, who was this woman?

“Oh yeah?” He hung his head on the side looking back into her dark brown eyes. “Well same for me, I’ve been through the shit so this helps out a little.”

“I’ve been through the shit too.” She raised an eyebrow back as though challenging him. Jongin was intrigued, now she had his full attention.

“Not worse than me.” He argued, crossing his hands over his chest.

“Oh yeah?” She smirked “Try me.”
Jongin scoffed looking at her. This woman had some nerve, but he liked it, it was compelling. He took a deep breath in before he began to talk again.

“Okay, try having your mother being killed by your dad because you’re an illegitimate kid and then your dad out to kill you because of that same fact.”

She nodded smiling at him.
It was her turn.
“Okay well try your dad beating you half to death, shooting your baby brother dead in your own arms and then blowing his brains out right in front of you. Not so special now huh?”

Jongin’s eyes widened.
Where did this breed of ‘fucked over’ woman come from?

“The name’s Mandy.” She stuck her hand out towards him.

“Jongin.” He smiled wrapping his hand around hers and shaking it lightly.

“Ah, you’re name is cute. Your face is cute too.” She spoke with confidence. Jongin laughed she was smooth, her boldness was unexpected and caught him off guard. She surely was a peculiar woman. “So, how cute is your number?” Jongin laughed again louder this time, in shock he looked at her in disbelief.

“Listen Mandy. I’ve had my fair share of one night stands and trust me when I say they do not take pain away, not even temporarily, so I’ll pass on this one thanks.”
She rolled her eyes and scoffed at Jongin.

“I don’t want to sleep with you. I just want to talk, I’ve never met someone with such similar life experiences to me maybe this could genuinely help me. You’re face isn’t that cute and I’m sure little Jongin is even uglier.” She winked.

“Wow, you’re calling him little? But you’ve never seen him before. You’d be surprised at what a big boy he turned out to be.”

Mandy scrunched up her face and pretended to vomit as she pushed two fingers back into her mouth. She really wasn’t after a night of pleasure and that somewhat warmed him.

This was the most Jongin had laughed since Sehun had died, she had a sense of humour. It’s weird that he hadn’t spoken to her any sooner. She handed him her phone and waited for him to enter his number and give his phone a missed call.

“You can just save me as the ‘cute face’ that works well.” He smiled at her and she smiled back rolling her eyes. He looked down at his phone screen. It was 6:30PM and today’s date was the 25th. He stood up slowly.

“There’s somewhere I need to be but… I guess we can meet up sometime…if you want so see you soon?”

She smiled up at him and nodded her head.
“Yeah sooner than you think cute face.”

Eye of the Hurricane

Pairing: Fred X Reader

Prompt: You’re a Slytherin just trying to get by with all the crazy nonsense happening around Hogwarts lately. All you wanted was some peace and quiet so you could finally pass Transfiguration. Unfortunately for you, Fred Weasley has decided that you are to be his new friend. Just great.

Warnings: None

A/N: Cute prompt idea! Hoping to really buckle down on writing these days. Plus this one is pretty long, and I’m quite proud. Feedback always appreciated!

Originally posted by livingstills

The lake at Hogwarts was a very peaceful place. You often liked to go there just to escape all the chaos and noise from regular Hogwarts. These days, it felt like no one in this school cared about their grades anymore. It was all Potter this and Malfoy that. Especially in the Slytherin Dungeons. Which was why you decided to pick this spot exactly to resume your Transfiguration studies. Unlike most others in your house, you somewhat respected Professor McGonagall and did not want to be on her bad side.

You were sat beneath a large birch tree looking out onto the clear waters. You were shaded just right so that the sun wasn’t in your eyes, but the reflections from the water provided the perfect amount of light to study your textbook. The occasional gurgles from underwater (probably from the giant squid moving about) made for excellent white noise.

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anonymous asked:

I read Voyager a long time ago much before the TV series. I remember that Claire (and maybe Jamie) had sexual dreams with each other when they were separated but can't remember exactly those passages. Do you remember? If so, could you post them? Thank you! 😊

“She is gone,” he had said, and turned his face away. “Dinna speak her name to me again.” Loyal as always, Jenny had not, and neither had he. He could not have said what made him say it today; unless perhaps it was the dreams.

He had them often, in varying forms, and it always unsettled him the day after, as though for a moment Claire had really been near enough to touch, and then had drawn away again. He could swear that sometimes he woke with the smell of her on him, musky and rich, pricked with the sharp, fresh scents of leaves and green herbs. He had spilled his seed in his sleep more than once while dreaming, an occurrence that left him faintly shamed and uneasy in mind.


He dreamed of Claire that night. She lay in his arms, heavy-limbed and fragrant. She was with child; her belly round and smooth as a muskmelon, her breasts rich and full, the nipples dark as wine, urging him to taste them.

Her hand cupped itself between his legs, and he reached to return the favor, the small, fat softness of her filling his hand, pressing against him as she moved. She rose over him, smiling, her hair falling down around her face, and threw her leg across him.

“Give me your mouth,” he whispered, not knowing whether he meant to kiss her or to have her take him between her lips, only knowing he must have her somehow.

“Give me yours,” she said. She laughed and leaned down to him, hands on his shoulders, her hair brushing his face with the scent of moss and sunlight, and he felt the prickle of dry leaves against his back and knew they lay in the glen near Lallybroch, and her the color of the copper beeches all around; beech leaves and beechwood, gold eyes and a smooth white skin, skimmed with shadows.

Then her breast pressed against his mouth, and he took it eagerly, drawing her body tight against him as he suckled her. Her milk was hot and sweet, with a faint taste of silver, like a deer’s blood.

“Harder,” she whispered to him, and put her hand behind his head, gripping the back of his neck, pressing him to her. “Harder.”

She lay at her length upon him, his hands holding for dear life to the sweet flesh of her buttocks, feeling the small solid weight of the child upon his own belly, as though they shared it now, protecting the small round thing between their bodies.

He flung his arms about her, tight, and she held him tight as he jerked and shuddered, her hair in his face, her hands in his hair and the child between them, not knowing where any of the three of them began or ended.

He came awake suddenly, panting and sweating, half-curled on his side beneath one of the benches in the cell. It was not yet quite light, but he could see the shapes of the men who lay near him, and hoped he had not cried out. He closed his eyes at once, but the dream was gone. He lay quite still, his heart slowing, and waited for the dawn.



I woke up in the shadowed dark, hands clenched in the bedclothes, heart beating with a force that shook me like the skin of a kettledrum. “Jesus!” I said.

The silk of my nightgown was hot and clinging; looking down, I could dimly see my nipples thrusting through it, hard as marbles. The quivering spasms were still rippling through wrists and thighs, like the aftershocks of an earthquake. I hoped I hadn’t cried out. Probably not; I could hear Brianna’s breathing, untroubled and regular across the room.

I fell back on the pillow, shaking with weakness, the sudden flush washing my temples with damp.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ,” I muttered, breathing deeply as my heart slowly returned to normal.

One of the effects of a disturbed sleep cycle is that one stops dreaming coherently. Through the long years of early motherhood, and then of internship, residency, and nights on-call, I had got used to falling at once into oblivion when I lay down, with such dreams as occurred nothing more than fragments and flashes, restless flickers in the dark as synapses fired at random, recharging themselves for the work of the day that would come too soon.

In more recent years, with the resumption of something resembling a normal schedule, I had begun to dream again. The usual kinds of dreams, whether nightmare or good dream—long sequences of images, wanderings in the wood of the mind. And I was familiar with this kind of dream, too; it was common to what might politely be called periods of deprivation.

Usually, though, such dreams came floating, soft as the touch of satin sheets, and if they woke me, I fell at once back into sleep, glowing dimly with a memory that would not last ‘til morning.

This was different. Not that I remembered much about it, but I had a vague impression of hands that gripped me, rough and urgent, not wooing but compelling. And a voice, nearly shouting, that echoed in the chambers of my inner ear, along with the sound of my fading heartbeat.

-Dragonfly In Amber


Title: Bluebell

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2 420

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: A few swear words, reader doesn’t think she’s good enough for Sam, some angst, implied smut (But everything leading up to it is quite tame, I assure you, it’s all PG).

Request from Anonymous: Hi! Can you do a Sam x Reader where the Reader gets hit with a truth spell and Dean keeps asking them embarrassing things and Sam tells him to stop? The reader ends up saying all the things they love about Sam because of the spell as well. Also, the spell really freaks the reader out because they don’t want Sam to know how they feel about him because they think they’re not good enough. Thank you!!

Author’s note: I hope you like this Anon! I tried to keep it as close to the request as possible, but you didn’t specify how you wanted it to end, so I hope what I did was okay! And on another note, I’m sorry I didn’t post anything last week, I decided to take a little break from writing after I finished Angel Rising, I hope you guys can forgive me! –xoxo Katie

If you want to read any more of my stories check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       You could feel the subtle vibrations of the Impala’s powerful engine as the car flew down the road, its speeds far exceeding the legal limits, and you were sitting in the back seat as you and the boys drove to the bunker - after a week away on a witch hunt - when you’d first noticed something was wrong.

       “Hey Y/N, are ya sure you’re okay?” Dean asked as his eyes caught yours in the rear-view mirror, before he leisurely returned them to the stretch of asphalt in front of him. “That bitch threw something at you -”

       “Which you still have in your hair, by the way,” Sam cut in gently, causing you to feel a surge of embarrassment.

        Your hands flew self-consciously to your head, trying to shake out the remains of the blue powder the witch had doused you with in her last ditch attempt to get away. Sam always made you nervous. Ever since the day you’d met him you’d had a crush on him, and the more you’d gotten to know him the bigger it got, if it could even be called a crush anymore…

       Dean gave Sam an irritated grunt in response to being interrupted, but repeated himself and kept talking anyway. “She threw something at you, are you sure you’re okay? We don’t know what she was trying to do.”

       You thought about it for a second, and then said something surprisingly honest, “No, I’m not sure.” There was a pause. No, I’m not sure? Why would I say that? you thought. Sam and Dean seemed equally surprised. Yeah, it was true, you weren’t sure that the witches spell didn’t affect you. But the boys worried about you enough as it is and you usually didn’t like to give them more reason to, unless, of course, there was actually something to be worried about.

        For the rest of the ride home nobody really talked much, that is, after you’d all had a slightly-too-long conversation about what the spell might have been and the various dusty books that were going to be checked once you got back to the bunker. Why hadn’t you just said you were okay? You felt fine, the witch was dead, she probably didn’t even finish her spell. Right?

       You were bouncing impatiently on the balls of your feet as you stood behind Dean, waiting for him to unlock the heavy bunker door when it happened again: you were just a little too honest.

       “Whoa, why are you in such a hurry, Y/N?” Dean asked as he took in your nervously moving form.

       You were in a hurry because you just got back from a hunt, and you wanted to have a shower before the image of you covered in blood and mysterious blue powder was seared into Sam’s mind forever. The types of girls he usually talked to were always so prim and perfect, and then here you were, with ripped jeans, messy hair, and usually covered in some variety of monster guts. Really, you just wanted Sam to think you were pretty like those other girls, but you weren’t going to tell Dean that.

       “Because, I don’t want Sam to see me like this any longer than he has too.” Or maybe you were.

       What?! Why the hell did I say that?  you thought anxiously, avoiding Dean’s eyes at all costs.

      “Um, okay…” he said slowly, drawing out the last word. You didn’t dare turn around to look at Sam.

      “Uh, I gotta go,” you said hastily, pushing past Dean and barreling down the bunker’s metal steps. You faintly heard someone call your name but you ignored it and had the door to the bathroom locked a second later. What was happening to you?

      It had been almost an hour now since you’d come into the bathroom and your hand was hovering over the doorknob, but you couldn’t make it move.

      You still couldn’t believe you’d said, “I don’t want Sam to see me like this,” why would you say that? Wouldn’t, “I want to have a shower,” have been good enough? Sure it would’ve, but for some reason you couldn’t say it, like the words had just poured out of your mouth without permission.

      Suddenly there was a knock on the door and you were pulled from your anxious introspection, a familiar voice piercing the wooden barricade. “Y/N?” the voice asked. It was Sam.

      It was Sam! What were you supposed to do? Your first thought was to run, but you didn’t really have anywhere to run too. Your second thought was to pretend you weren’t there, but you would be forced to leave eventually and he would know you’d ignored him. So finally you were left with only one option: suck it up, open the door, and hope against hope that you don’t say anything stupid.

      “Y/N? Are you okay?” he called again. You drew in a deep breath.

      Yes, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, you said over and over in your head, ready with you answer this time. Then you forced your hand to move, flung open the door, gave him a composed smile and said, “No, not really.” Damn it!

      Your cheeks flushed hot, “yes, I’m fine,” that’s what you were going to say! You were ready! What happened!?

      Sam looked slightly uncomfortable – though you weren’t sure if it was from what you’d said earlier or because of the deep shade of red you were no doubt turning – and ran his hand through his hair. “Y/N, listen, um, we think we figured out what that spell was,” Sam said as he jerked his head towards the library, motioning for you to follow him. You did.

      “We were looking through some of The Men of Letters’ spell books and we found a page on these flowers - Bluebells – the powder she threw at you, it was blue, right?” you nodded your head yes. “Well, these flowers,” he said as he took a step into the library, where Dean was waiting with an oddly wide grin. “According to the lore they can compel people to tell the truth.” He handed you the book.  “It says that you have to wear a wreath of them for it to work, but we think that whatever spell she used allowed her to use a powdered version and made the effects more … permanent.”


      Your head was spinning.

      Truth spell. Permanent. Sam.

      Sam! If you were under a truth spell, Sam could find out how you felt about him! You’d already slipped up once – which totally made sense now – and who knows what other innocent questions your brain could twist into secret-spilling opportunities about your long-time crush on the youngest Winchester! Though, you supposed it would help if you weren’t thinking about him all the time…

      “Look, Y/N, don’t panic,” Sam said in his attractively deep voice. You dropped the book on the table and took a step back, you couldn’t let yourself think about such things right now. “We’ve already found a cure, and Cas is out getting the ingredients now, you’ll just have to wait a few more hours.”

      Your feet stopped moving, your heart beat slowed. “A few hours?” you said quietly, looking at the ground as if eye contact alone would compel you to spill your guts for all to hear.

      “Yeah, a few hours,” he said calmly. “Cas should be back soon and then we’ll start making it right away.”

      Okay, a few hours, you thought, I can do that, I just have to stay in my room and-

      “Do you think I’m attractive?” Dean suddenly asked, his smile only growing as he watched your eyes widen.

      “Of course I do,” you said automatically, then clamped your hands over your mouth in horror. Why did he ask you that? What would Sam think? Sure you thought Dean was attractive, anyone with eyes could see that Dean was attractive, but he was not the brother you were interested in. You had to get out of here before Dean asked you anything more embarrassing.

      Dean now wore an unbelievably smug face, grinning to himself as you backed away, and you could practically see his brain running through all the things he could do with this opportunity.

      “Would you ever hook up with me?” Dean asked quickly, seeing that he was losing his window.

      “No,” you shot back, still stumbling backwards. You were unbelievably relieved the answer came so easily.

      Dean looked off-put, but pressed forwards anyway. “Fine, so you wouldn’t pick me first, but out of the two of us,” he motioned between Sam and himself, “who would you pick?”

      You froze.

      Not that, anything but that! you thought, desperately trying to fight the spell.

      “Come on, Man, leave her alone,” you faintly heard Sam say, but it was too late. You’d been asked a question, and now you had to answer it. So after pressing your lips together in a pathetic attempt to stop the inevitable, you finally said, “Sam,” through gritted teeth.

      Sam looked shocked, Dean, once again, looked dejected, and you were mortified. Sam knew, he had to! Sam knew how you felt about him and now things were going to be awkward, he might never talk to you again!

      And then, as if he hadn’t done enough damage already, Dean asked one more question. He hammered the final nail in the coffin of your friendship with Sam. He asked why.


      Why, why, why, did he have to ask why? You knew he didn’t do it in a mean way, or a jealous one, he seemed to be genuinely curious. But he still asked. Why him? What does Sam have that he doesn’t? And you told him.

      You told him all the things you love about Sam. You told him how funny and smart his little brother was, you told him how he was an amazing hunter and the kindest man you’d ever met, you even told him how much you loved Sam’s hair in the morning, when it was tousled and he would run his fingers through it. You told him everything, and once you had finally exhausted your truth-spell-induced list of everything you loved about Sam, you all just stood there in silence.

      Dean looked guilty, clearly understanding that he had asked you something that he shouldn’t have. Sam looked confused, and overwhelmed, completely at a loss for words. And you looked – even though you couldn’t technically see yourself – terrified, and on the brink of tears.

      You didn’t want to run away, and you tried not to, but after 10 seconds of silence, then 20, you couldn’t take it anymore. You turned and ran down the hall, practically tripping on the steps, and made a beeline for your bedroom.

      I took a few seconds after you’d shut your door for you to hear it, but once you’d flopped yourself down on the bed you heard the familiar sound of Sam’s heavy boots coming towards your room – no, running towards your room. Then you quickly shot up when you heard a knock at your door.

      “Y/N, can I come in?” Sam’s muffled voice asked. He sounded nervous, and there was a sense of urgency in his tone.

      You wanted to say no, you really did, but you couldn’t. You could never say no to Sam, even if you had just completely embarrassed yourself. So you attempted to wipe the now free-flowing tears from under your eyes and said, “Yes.” You heard a sigh of relief from behind the door.

      “I’m, uh, I’m really sorry about Dean,” Sam said slowly, as he took a few steps into the room. “He shouldn’t have asked you that.”

      You wanted to cry and scream, you wanted to accuse Dean of being insensitive and taking advantage, you wanted to say no he shouldn’t have! But that wouldn’t help matters now, so you simply nodded and looked at the floor.

      More silence.

      “Listen, um, about what you said…”

      “No, please,” you said quickly, desperate to stop this conversation before it began, “you don’t have to say anything, I know you don’t feel the same way. And I’m sorry if I made things awkward between us,” you were rambling now, “and I understand if you want me to move out, and -”

      “Y/N!” Sam yelled, and you slammed your mouth shut. Now what had you done? “None of those things are true,” he said softly, “things aren’t awkward, and I don’t want you to move out, that’s the opposite of what I want!”

      You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, he wasn’t freaked out? He wanted you to stay? You were so confused, and then you did something you weren’t expecting.

      “What do you want?” you whispered, afraid to look him in the eyes. You saw his feet shuffle forward.

      “I want you.”

      Your breath caught.

      He liked you? Why would he like you? He was smart, attractive, funny, he could have any girl he wanted, but he wanted you? This didn’t make sense.

      “Y/N,” he said quietly, moving as close to you as he could get without physically touching you. “I like you, ever since the day I met you I’ve liked you.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “You’re brilliant, and you’re gorgeous, and you’re caring, and if you left the bunker, I don’t know what I’d do.” Your heart was pounding, “In fact, I don’t just like you,” you looked up, “I’m in love with you.”

      Your world exploded.

      Sam Winchester was in love with you. The man you’d been pining after for years, the man who never failed to make your day brighter, the man who made you feel like maybe this messed up world wasn’t such a bad place after all, was in love with you, and you had no idea what to say.

      You should really say something.

      “Uh, Y/N? Sam asked cautiously, “I don’t want to pressure you or anything, but, uh, it would be nice if you said something, I’m kind of freaking out here.” Sam looked anxious. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I thought -”

      He started to back away, but you grabbed his arm. “I love you too.”

      Sam stopped. “What?”

      “I said, I love you, too.” You were louder this time and you brought your eyes up to meet his. Sam broke into a wide grin. Then without warning, he had his arms wrapped around your waist, your feet off of the ground, and his lips pressed against yours.

      “Maybe that truth spell wasn’t so bad,” Sam said breathlessly, once he finally set you back on the ground.

      “Yeah, maybe not,” you grinned, and then kicked your foot out to shut your bedroom door.

      The antidote would have to wait.

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Part 6

Summary:  Hidden in the shadows of your brother’s endless mistakes you wanted to finally feel something. An old enemy confides in you after various mishaps and you realise you have more in common than you thought.

Tags: Reader Insert, Female Reader, Winchester Sister, Series, Season 10 - 11, Eventual Smut

Relationship: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, angst, SMUT, PURE SMUT

Author’s Notes: It took me a long time to write this and be somewhat happy with the outcome. I hope you enjoy it. I’m taking one-shot requests on any SPN character at the moment. 


The Cure

“Sound like your mother?” Dean addressed the king of hell like old friends, the pair had been chatting over the events of Dean’s earlier encounter with the witch, Rowena. Earlier that day she had painted herself in alchemical symbols and pagan ritual sigils, casting a few boys hurling at Dean and the hunter had fought them off with ease, sending Rowena on her way with a warning. She had decided to play a scene to Crowley, injuring herself and throwing him a misconstrued story of how Dean had beaten her bloody, the Demon knew better than to believe her.

So there sat Dean Winchester, talking to Crowley in a calm fashion over a drink. After a few moments of silence he decided to approach Crowley on a piece of information the witch had spilled previously.

“So you’ve got the hots for Y/N, right?” The demon choked on his Pinacolada, Dean’s jaw clenched the way it usually did when he was above boiling point below the surface. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

The demon beside him eyed the unhinged Winchester with considerable caution.

“Whatever gave you that idea? I told you my mother lies.” Crowley tried to diffuse the situation, but it obviously wouldn’t work, it appeared to Dean that he was trying to crawl into bed with the youngest Winchester, their beloved sister, but in truth the demon king wanted so much more than that.

“And so do you pal. Funny, I didn’t mention Rowena said anything about you trying to win my sister over… If you so much as touch Y/N, I will kill you.” Dean said calmly but firmly, sipping again on his neat whisky as he stared dead ahead. “Seems her and Sam do share something afterall.” Dean’s eyes crinkled as he laughed, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Care to share the joke? I know Sam likes to cohort with demons, I remember the Ruby fiasco, but I don’t think your sister would even dare.” Crowley snorted derivatively and continued to drink.

“Only because she knows I’d kill her too.” If Dean didn’t have the mark, Crowley would have thought he was joking, but with his current situation the hunter was unpredictable.


Sam had promised to tell you that morning what was responsible for sneaky phone calls to Cas, however morning had come and gone and Sam was nowhere to be found; he didn’t return that evening either. Dean was busying himself with chores around the bunker, insisting he was fine and avoiding speaking to you entirely until he too disappeared from the safe heaven, presumably to do what you had done the night previous and drink himself into an alternative mood.

You opened up Sam’s Netflix account and began storming your way through ‘Once upon a Time’, compelled by the story of Rumplestiltskin and Belle, you hated to admit that despite your line of work you had a beauty and the beast complex.

You had immersed your attention entirely on the show until Dean staggered through the door, the smell of alcohol hit you, you elder brother plonked himself down beside you and picked up the remote controller.

“You watching this crap?” You shot a cold look at Dean and snatched the controller back.

“Yeah, I am.” You brother sighed and stared disinterestedly at the television set, his brows furrowing in response to the story line.

“So that creepy Scottish dude is in love with the princess and she loves him back even though he imprisoned her? I think that’s called Stockholm syndrome.” He grunted, you could see out of the corner of your eye Dean shifted in his seat, was there an undertone to his voice?

“Fine. Here.” You shoved the remote into his chest as you stood to resign to your room for the night, not wanting to hear anymore from Dean.

“Rowena stopped to say hello to me today…” You stopped dead in your tracks; you knew Dean was now devoting his attention to you very carefully. “She mentioned that she visited you yesterday on your way to the bar…” You slowly turned around.

“Yeah, and?” You tried to act casual.

“So, the mother of Crowley pays you a visit and you don’t mention anything? You did mention that Crowley asked for your help after you straight up lied to my face, but you didn’t say what with. Care to tell me why the demonic royal family is after you so badly, enough to turn you into a demon?” He seemed… normal, his tone wasn’t odd, his body language wasn’t off either, this had you worried severely.

You shrugged. You had nothing you wished to share with your brother, especially not what transpired between you and Crowley the night before. “She was rambling on about how she wanted us to back off from him, nothing much. I told her to go to hell.” Dean smiled, but it wasn’t his usual humorous smirk, it was etched in darkness.

“That’s not what she told me… Seems someone is overly fond of my little sister.” Your heart stopped. “Crowley also paid me a visit.” Your chest felt tight, your breathing became heavy, it almost stopped entirely.

“You know she’s a liar…” Your tone was barely more than a whisper.

“Funny, Crowley said the same thing. I swear, if anything is going on between you two, so freakin’ help me…” You cut him off.

“Nothing is going on Dean, why would you even think that?” You jaw clenched tightly, you wanted to hightail it out of there as fast as you could. “I’m going to bed.” You grunted, trying to escape. Your brother turned into a monstrous predator, moving quickly to block the exit.

“You’re not getting out of it that easy. That rose was more than just a friendly peace offering, wasn’t it? What happened last night?” Fear flashed through your eyes. Damn, he was persistent.

“I already told you, look I don’t know if Crowley is trying to get on my sweet side because he’s trying to control you or get information but I didn’t tell him anything. I refused to help with his Rowena problem…” Your voice was pleading and desperate. Dean didn’t relax but he took a step aside and let you pass. You expected him to follow you but he didn’t.

You raced to your bedroom, closing the door in a hurry.

Adrenaline coursed through your veins, you found the bowl on your nightstand, you spilled the bag of ingredients across the bed searching desperately for the right ones. You hurriedly grabbed what you thought were the right fundamental elements to brew up a summoning concoction, throwing them into the bowl, you lit the black candles and drew the summoning circle around the bowl on the floor in chalk and struck the match. The ingredients simmered away to ash.

“Shit.” You muttered to yourself, it appeared it didn’t work, you threw open your bedside draw looking for your notebook.

“Hello, darling.” You jumped, it appeared the spell did work after all. “You know you could have just called me.” Crowley stood in the centre of the room, a very smug look plastered to his face. Your heart stopped beating entirely.

Something was burning inside you, like a flame… A familiar sensation pumping through your veins like ecstasy made you feel light headed, you couldn’t stand it anymore. You’d had a taste of the King the night before, you wanted him now more than ever.

“Well I’m not really that kind of girl. Didn’t want to seem too desperate…” You sighed in relief and laughed a little, relaxing more in his company.

“So you summon me instead? I’m flattered.” He didn’t move from the spot. “I take it by the look of panic on your face a certain someone knows more than he should?” You nodded. “He cornered me about my apparent affection for you…” His expression shifted, there was a hint of sadness in his face that you had only ever seen once before, when he was bound to the chair in the dungeon, the day you had wiped the sweat from his brow and his eyes closed to your touch…

“Yeah he knows a lot… No thanks to your mother.” Rolling your eyes you took a step closer to the demon before you. Your hands trembling and your chest feeling as though it were on fire.

“Well,” he spoke, finally he found his footing and moved closer to you, “looks like we’ll just have to disappoint him, won’t we?” Crowley snaked a hand around your hip and pulled you flush against him, clicking his fingers the world fell beneath your feet until your weight found ground again. A dark chamber emerged in your vision, adorned in gothic furniture and grotesquely beautiful demonic art. You didn’t take much time to appreciate it before your mouth found Crowley’s.

His lips ghosted over yours before biting your bottom lip, you whimpered and opened your mouth to allow him access, fighting against him for dominance, eventually you gave into the heated kiss and granted him access, letting your tongues dance against one another. Your hands laced into his dark hair as his dexterous fingers made easy work of your shirt, unbuttoning it to reveal the flesh of your stomach.

He parted from you to take a step back and eye you, his hazel orbs full of something you couldn’t place, he turned his attention to your neck, gliding his tongue over the spot between your collarbone and throat. You moaned as your head fell backwards, goading him further.

Gliding the jacket of his suit over his shoulders, he shrugged it off in a hurry and it dropped to the floor, forgotten. You could feel your weight being forced back towards the bed, you allowed it to happen, gladly.

Crowley’s hand slid under your back, popping the clasps of your bra and removing it from your body with expert precision. He breathed in the site of you before him as you were now exposed to him.

“Beautiful,” he muttered before kissing your neck once again, moving slowly down to your breast, his tongue dancing over your erect nipple. You let out a moan, arching your back as your nerves were electrified to Crowley’s touch, you knew you were a hot writhing mess below, all you wanted, all you needed was for the demon you’d grown so fond of . For so long you’d fantasied about this moment, about Crowley ravishing you, and finally this was it, but it was softer than you expected, more passionate… The way he often held himself with such confidence was so appealing to you. You had an affinity for the darker things in life, but this was a new level of darkness and yet somehow Crowley was being so delicate with you, like you were glass and he was afraid to break you.

He undid the clasp on your jeans, sliding down the zip and slowly removing the offensive garment that remained in the way of his view, slipping down your panties along with them, wasting no time at all. His hot and burning gaze on your body only empowered you more, you parted your legs for him and he softly inserted a finger into your centre, his thumb caressing your clit in circles, you hissed and arched your back, moaning loudly as he slipped another finger into you, working you quicker.

“Y/N, you’re so wet…” His voice was so low and husky you moaned softly.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to do this to me Crowley,” you studied his expression closely, he seemed shocked, a smile tugged at his lips reaching his eyes, he looked so charming. In that moment you knew that this was more than lust or desire, the feelings you had for Crowley were beyond anything like you’d ever felt for anyone. 

“Well I won’t leave you waiting any longer, darling” he spoke softly as he lowered his jaw to your soaked entrance his beard scratching along your thigh, his warm and textured tongue brushed over your mounds of sensitive flesh, he teased you and your throat caught, you couldn’t even let out a moan the sensation was mind blowing. Your hands raked through his hair, encouraging him more as his tongue slipped into your hole, flicking the corners of your entrance, your breathing became so heavy, a knot began to build inside you as you moved your hips to his tongue movements, you were so close and Crowley could sense this by how tight you were around his wet appendage.

He pulled his tongue from you, giving you one last lick up your front, earning that moan that had been building for some time. He sat up on his knees, removing his paisley tie and black shirt, tossing them over the side of the large bed. His weight shifted until he was above you; leaning up you kissed him softly, tasting yourself on him. He groaned into your kiss, you wrapped a leg around his torso and pushed against his body until you were on top, straddling him, the king of hell. In that moment you felt powerful. It was your turn to torture him. You laced kisses down his torso, making quick work of his belt and sliding off his pants, springing his arousal free. You took the base in your hands, sliding your tongue along his shaft, he hissed with pleasure. You took the head of his cock into your mouth delicately, swirling your tongue around the tip. His profanity encouraged you to to go even deeper.

You could taste his warm liquid spill when you did something to over excite him, your tongue working him to the edge of oblivion. Hollowing your cheeks you took as much of him in your mouth as you could fit, wrapping your hand around the rest and pumping him until he was breathing heavily, you could feel pulsations in his member, he was close. His fingers laced into your hair as he groaned your name. You drew your head back from him, climbing up to meet his lips with your own. Crowley cupped your face with one hand, his fingers still wound into your hair with the other. You lowered your clit onto his wet cock, sliding against him, begging him to fill you,

Crowley let out a feral growl and flipped you over pinning your hips against the satin sheets, lining his cock up with your entrance. He slid inside you without warning, stretching you out.

“Fuck,” he moaned, sliding out of you and slowly edging back in. You couldn’t hold it in anymore you practically screamed in ecstasy, he began fucking you so slowly it was painfully blissful, your bodies fit against one another perfectly, your nerve endings felt like white hot fire as he worked your folds with his cock so perfectly. 

“Crowley,” you moaned, the sound of his name spilling from your lips in such a guttural manner was all he needed, he began pumping into you, faster and faster, until the sound of bodies hitting each other filled the room along with your collective moans.

One hand propped him up as he angled himself with you, another held your leg up to force himself into a new spot, hitting it only a few times until you were seeing stars. You came undone around him, moaning his name as you spilled yourself all over his cock, sending him over the edge. A few more thrusts and he spilled his seed inside of you. The pulses from his cock making you ride out your orgasm even further.

He didn’t remove himself from your entrance for a while, instead he laced your neck with kisses, finding your mouth with such fierce desire and passion you didn’t even know he could give.

At that moment neither of you had a care in the world, all your current problems seemed to dissipate to nothing in the aftermath of bliss.

But as ever fate came knocking, or ringing. Your phone went off, eye of the tiger filling the room with its upbeat intro. ‘Dean’ flashed up on the front of your cell phone, the funny picture you had taken and put as his caller ID panicked you. Why was he calling you? The last time you spoke to him you were in the bunker… “Shit…” You cursed at your mobile. Before you had a chance to answer it went to voicemail. There wasn’t much you could do to squirm your way out of this one. You whined into the pillow. 

“I’m sure you’ll think of an excuse darling, I wouldn’t worry too much.” And with that Crowley’s phone went off. 

“Bollocks.” He muttered under his breath. He let it ring a few times. You could see the front of his screen had ‘Not Moose’ written across it. Your heart was racing. Dean knew everything, he must have… You remembered the evidence you had left sprawled in your room. You cursed yourself for not locking your door again.

As soon as Crowley answered he didn’t even have a chance to speak, you could hear Dean’s voice barking down the other end of the phone like a savage dog. 

“What did I tell you Crowley? You touch my sister and I’ll kill you. Next time I see you, you’re dead!” Your brother sounded hoarse, his outrage must have turned the bunker upside down. 

“Hello to you too squirrel. Thanks for the friendly warning but -” You knew Crowley was going to feign innocence to protect you on this one, you did the best thing to diffuse the situation… You grabbed Crowley’s phone. 

“Dean I’m able to make my own choices as much as you’re able to make your own mistakes. Worry about yourself for once.” You quickly hit the red cancel call button and handed Crowley his phone back. 

His expression was one of disbelief, he thought you’d be ashamed of what you had done, that you’d lie and wriggle out of it whatever way possible but you owned it, you told your brother to back off and for that he admired you even more. 

“You’re remarkable you know that?” He spoke softly, the compliment came out of nowhere, you gave him a warm smile and nestled closer to his body. 

“I’m aware I’ve done remarkable things, but I’m not remarkable as a person. You on the other hand, you surprise me more and more.” Crowley’s arm fell over your shoulder as he brought you even closer to him. He kissed the top of your forehead lightly, another tender action which left you wanting to explore whatever was forming between the two of you even more. 

You both stayed like that for a fair amount of time, you lulled off to sleep on the king’s shoulder, completely content for just a brief moment..

The Matchmakers - Part 11.

Sorry for the long wait! Things got really busy and hectic for the both of us, but here’s the long awaited (I guess) next chapter of the series I’m working on with @mariamagica (amazing person, and there’s no denying her talent :D).

As always, it got kinda long so there’s more under the cut.


“Thank you for your help. I will send the payment to your bank account this afternoon.” Pleased, Jumin ended the call and pocketed his phone. Zen put a plate of food on his lap and sat down next to him on the couch.

“Who did you just call?” His partner in crime - and bed -  asked as he turned on the television, keeping the volume low. Watching television during dinner was something he had never done before. Every new thing Zen showed him fascinated him so much that he wanted to spend time with the actor every time he was done with work, to the point where he had to hold back lest the RFA found out about them too soon.

“Yoosung’s classmate. I asked him to give Yoosung special homework in exchange for a small sum.” He said as he munched away on a piece of grilled meat.

Their attempt to match Yoosung up with Saeran two days ago had been thwarted when Yoosung realized how much homework he still had, leaving Saeran behind in the ice cream parlor much earlier than they wanted him to. It gave him an idea and through the help of a young intern he was able to get the contacts of one of the blond’s classmates that usually passed on homework assignments to him.

It was too bad he couldn’t have asked Assistant Kang for her help, knowing she would have received the information much faster. But he had plans for her too.

“Special homework? How is that going to help our cause?” Zen placed his legs across Jumin’s lap and faced him, completely uninterested in the television. Jumin thought it adorable.

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A Night With Alpha

Big bro - Alpha - wanted to hit the town.  In the car, in the descending dusk, he is telling me how it’s going to go.  I call him bro.  Just like any other bro.  And it doesn’t change anything, it’s just for the night.  How I feel, who I am, doesn’t change.  But big bro wants to hit the town, and we do.  He’s feelin the pump, I can tell.  He’s usually kind of reserved.  Quiet intensity.  Like a warrior preparing for battle all the time.  You can see that he is smart.  It burns in his eyes.  In the set of his jaw and the slight furrow of his brow.  Sometimes he even wears glasses, and man, I gotta say, it didn’t used to turn me on, but a lot of things didn’t used to turn me on before I met Alpha, and now they do.  I like it when he’s all intense like that.  Like a gathering storm. 

It’s hot.  The summer is splitting right down its side with humidity, oozing out everywhere.  No sense in wearing anything but a tank.  That’s what Alpha said.  Staring into the full-length mirror, flexing, posing.  I’m staring at him staring at himself.  Not like I can help it.  Alpha has a field around him, and it draws the gaze like a hurtling satellite.  It makes sense.  He is fucking planet-sized.  I’m big too.  More like dwarf planet-sized, though.  That’s why I’m in orbit around him.  He doesn’t ask me what I think.  He just flexes, poses, and then meets my gaze in the mirror.  He doesn’t have to ask.  The look in my eyes says what he needs, and he nods.  He’s wearing a cobalt blue tank that smokes from dark blue at the bottom to gray at the top, a dusky color that draws attention.  It hangs loosely over his massively defined pecs and what I know are raised cobblestone-sized abs underneath.  The flare of his lats, never-ending, is more like a wingspan, attaching his arms to his trunk.  He was vascular as fuck that night, veins snaking down and around his biceps and ricocheting, lightning-like, around his corded forearms.  He wore loose gym shorts, too, black, the Big Swoosh kind that Nike makes, the logo standing out in blinding white against his quads.  To finish it off, he’d gone a little flash on the sneakers - at my urging, I have to admit - and chosen a pair of Nike dunks, white and black at war with one another, and blue paint-splashes all over the upper.  No glasses - tonight his eyes were bared to the world, for good or for ill, and they were winter-sky blue, compelling and solid.  At times, they even looked like iron.

In short, he looked fuckin killer.  I’d thrown on a red and black tank, black gym shorts of my own, and some Jordans, topping it off with a fitted cap - my own, personalized, black with the face of a snarling wolf imprinted on the front.  Nothin special.  Not compared to Alpha.  The tank was his, anyway, and it was a little big on me, something I kinda liked.  The shorts were his too. 

A night ago: we laid in bed, next to one another.  He had exhausted me, and I lay in a stupor, my brain sparking and fizzing with half-hearted attempts at creating thoughts.  It made me horned up, actually, that feeling of being totally drained by my Alpha, that slight furriness in my brain and tongue, almost unable to speak English correctly good.  It made me roll over and groan a little, almost wondering at my voice - how much it had changed since Alpha became my trainer, started me on my cycle - so rough, deeper than before, and nuzzle at the side of his neck.  He wrinkled his nose and pushed me away.  He, too, was in a sort of post-coital glory, spread out, arms behind his head, muscles twitching under the skin.  His eyes, fixed on the ceiling.  Alpha was thinking.  “I want to go out tomorrow night,” he said, and I knew at that moment that we would be doing exactly that.  I made a note to cancel my plans.  “I want to hit the town.” 

In the car, Alpha explained to me how it was going to go.  He wanted to show off.  He wanted to be slutty.  He wanted to look good and have people appreciate his body.  The car was full of the sounds of the road passing by underneath us.  “How do you feel about that?”  He asked me, which startled me.  I kept my eyes on the road.

“I don’t like the word slutty,” I said.  “I feel possessive about you.”

He nodded, and shifted position.  His monster arms uncrossed, and his hand fell to my right shoulder.  “I understand.  You don’t want to lose me.”  He paused.  “You won’t.  I am the best thing that ever happened to you.  I don’t need anyone other than you.  My wolf.”

I fought the urge to howl, like I always do.  “But I need others to see my body.”

I understand.  I nod my head.  Of course I understand.  “And I need others to see yours, too.  This is what we work for.  Do you understand?  Hear your Alpha.”

It’s dangerous when he does this and I am driving, but I have no choice.  My limbs go on autopilot.  I am watching the road but his voice is sinking into my ear, confident and arrowed.  “I hear my Alpha.”

“You love it when your Alpha looks good.”

“I love it when my Alpha looks good.”  The yellow lines are straight down the middle of the road.  I maintain steady pressure on the gas pedal.  My eyes are firmly ahead. 

“You love it when you look good.”

“I love it when I look good.”

“Your Alpha is a cocky stud.”

“My Alpha is a cocky stud.”

“Say it again.”

“My Alpha is a cocky stud.”

“That’s right.”

I drift back up to reality, as though I was never gone.  Something about the edge of drifting to my Alpha’s voice and being his chauffeur is intoxicating - and I haven’t even had anything to drink yet.

At the club, it is dark, and there is a pulsing, grinding beat at the core of the darkness.  Lights flash through like search-lights, questing through the inside.  They are looking for Alpha, I’m sure.  Once they find him, they’ll stop, all at once, multicolored and variegated lights purring all over his body, shading and dappling his muscles.  At one point, I lose track of him, he merges with the darkness.  I don’t know how.  When I catch sight of him again, he is in full flex mode, and there are admirers all around him, a ring of fawning adulation.  Hands reach out as if in religious supplication to brush against the mighty ridges of his abs.  His biceps are squeezed by hands one-fifth the size of them.  He is impassive, he is like a living artwork, being adored by the throngs.  I can see that he’s stripped out of his tank and shorts too, gyrating slowly in only a pair of blue briefs.  Someone has rakishly stuffed a dollar bill right into the front, no doubt to get closer to the origin of his manhood.  Alpha’s eyes are closed, his head tilted back, as the music itself even seems to falter and stutter against his display. 

“Hey stud,” a voice from behind me.  There’s almost a taunt in it, and there is in the impish gleam in the eyes of the speaker that fades as quickly as a broken bulb as I turn around.  “Whoa, shit,” he said, looking - no doubt - at the size of me.  “You’re a lot fuckin bigger than I thought you were.”

I shrug, and do what Alpha taught me.  I flex, pulling the double-bi pose.  Just like every time, I feel a bit of my thoughts kinda leak out of one ear.  My focus becomes tight on my muscles, clenching and surging, as if in a war against the bones and ligaments.  “Fuck,” the dude breathes.  He works out.  But not as much as Alpha, or me.  He’s tiny, compared to us.  I guess he’d probably be hot to the natty guys, but he’s just not big enough for me.

“You can touch it, if you want,” I say, and he reaches out an arm.  I see his biceps.  They aren’t bad.  Kinda like mine when I first started out.  I glance over my shoulder, and Alpha has moved on to another clutch of people.  I am concerned about the quality of them.  Some of them don’t look like they workout at all.  They aren’t fit to touch Alpha.  My hackles raise, internally, and I keep a narrowed eye on them even as this dude palpates my 19″  biceps.  They’re big.  I like that.  Alpha helps me make em bigger.  Alpha’s biceps are 23″.

I let him lick my flesh.  I don’t know why.  It’s that kind of club.  It’s a turn-on that guys that size find me attractive, but it’s nowhere near as much a turn-on as when Alpha flexes in front of me.  In front of the mirror.  In our bed.  I could palm this guy’s head and lift double his body-weight with my little finger.  Still, it’s a turn-on.

Later, at home, again exhausted.  Brain spinning like a broken toy, chest heaving with exertion, muscles spasming randomly under my flesh.  Laying next to my Alpha.  Haven’t been fucked like that in months.  Does Alpha good to be cocky.  To go out and be adored.  To hit the town.  He lazily lets a massive hand fall to my breastbone, and he taps on it with his knuckle, once, twice, pauses, a third time.  As if ruminating over moving a piece of furniture in the living room:

“I think it’s time we get you inked up.”

And at that moment, I knew we would be doing exactly that.  I, once again, as always, resisted the urge to howl as electric joy rushed through me.  I failed, and as I loosed the sound, my Alpha turned his face to me and let it split with a huge, confident grin.

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I know it's a slightly contentious point but given all this talk about Robert needing redemption - do you think Aaron has redeemed himself now? I know that the narrative doesn't really suggest he needs to, but he's got a pretty violent temper and has no difficulty throwing wrenches and beating the crap out of Robert because he's angry. I'd quite like them to acknowledge that and apologise, but it's unlikely as the show doesn't really recognise male on male violence as problematic.

hello this is an essay i’m sure we’re all shocked

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A Lesson Steven Universe can Learn from Adventure Time

Adventure Time is ending soon, and honestly I don’t know exactly how to feel. I’m not exactly caught up on the series, but I freaking love the show! It’s what got me back into animation and broke me out of the stupid “tv animation is for kids” mentality. Many credit the show for bringing back quality animation to TV, if it wasn’t for Adventure Time we would’ve never gotten Steven Universe (for many reasons, one being that Rebecca Sugar worked on Adventure Time before starting Steven Universe). Now a days, the Adventure Time fandom has dwindled a bit and Steven Universe has pretty much replaced it, which is a shame because I still think Adventure Time is a good show. I might still think it’s slightly better than Steven Universe (OMG did I just say that?). At least it does do some things better than Steven Universe (and SU does do some things better than it). 

Originally posted by cartoonsondrugs

Let’s look at some of the things Adventure Time Does Better. I think it’s better at world building than SU, it’s more creative, its stories are more varied, it’s more experimental, and its non story arc episodes are better. Now to be fair, Steven Universe and Adventure Time are structured differently. Steven Universe is more story arc driven while Adventure Time is more about the smaller stories or adventures. Yet Steven Universe is not a purely story driven show, there’s a lot of “filler episodes” that don’t develop the larger story arc (in fact, there isn’t a story arc in the show right now). There are a lot of people who complain about these episodes, but I personally don’t hate the Beach City Episodes (that’s what I call episodes that are about the residents of Beach City) but they could be a lot better. Now let me list a bunch of great Adventure Time episodes: I Remember You, Princess Monster Wife, Thank You, Root Beer Guy, Jake the Brick, Simon & Marcy, BMO Lost, Gold Star, Dark Purple, Sky Witch, a lot of Stakes and more. Why did I list those episodes, because they all had one thing in common, they barely featured Finn. Now Finn is overall the main character of the show, but in those episodes, he wasn’t the main character. That brings me to my main point, Steven Universe needs to be less involved in Steven Universe. 

Originally posted by duracell-rabbit

Now I don’t hate the kid, he’s very likable. Finn is likable as well, but there are reasons him not being too involved in certain episodes work. It allows other characters in the show to get the spotlight and get some good character development. In Steven Universe, Steven is almost always involved in everyone’s stories to a degree (many would say he’s too involved). Some episodes really would’ve improved if Steven was much less involved or in the focus, such as Onion Gang. Onion Gang was the last episode released at the time of the posting, and it wasn’t really that good. The biggest problem in the episode was Steven himself. He wasn’t unlikable, but he wouldn’t shut up, he acted uncharacteristically dumb, the episode ended with Steven having a pity party since Onion wasn’t completely dependent on his friendship (until it turns out Onion was dependent on his friendship outside of the summer so no lessons were learned) and it was one of those episodes that made me go “seriously Steven, you’re 14!” He was weighing down the episode is what I’m saying. Now imagine if the episode didn’t feature Steven that much. The episode would feature Onion meeting the Soup gang and they would probably go on an adventure. The episode probably wouldn’t involve much dialogue, giving Steven Universe a chance to show it’s visual story telling props like Thank You did with Adventure Time. It would’ve at least made the episode more memorable. 

Originally posted by l1nk-ap

Now not every episode that should’ve featured Steven less were because Steven is annoying (he usually isn’t) it’s because it would’ve been stronger character development. Seeing how characters interact without Steven on their normal everyday lives or on a little adventure gives the chance to develop their characters more. Peridot rarely learns a lesson by her a volition, it usually involves Steven telling her what’s right and what’s wrong so her changes aren’t usually as compelling. In Drop Beat Dad, we spend most of the time with Steven so Sour Cream’s story is not nearly as compelling since he isn’t really the focus. Seeing a story from different character’s points of views would develop them a lot more, and seeing how they interact with the world outside of Steven or with other characters would make their characters more three-dimensional. The point of these “filler episodes” are to build world and build characters, but it’s sometimes hard when Steven shows up and distracts focus from those characters, or is just there being extraneous. Imagine if in Sky Witch, Finn went on the adventure too and we constantly had him making comments. It really would’ve detracted from the episodes and the Bubbline shipper bait. It would’ve also been a weight on the story since Finn wouldn’t have had a reason to be there outside of him being the main character. That’s how I kind of feel about Steven being included in episodes that he isn’t needed like Too Short to Ride. The next episode in the show is Gem Harvest and it seems to be about Lapis and Peridot raising a pumpkin pet. Well in theory it might, but chances are Steven is going to stick around the whole episode and be an unnecessary third wheel. Which would you prefer? An episode about Peridot and Lapis raising a pumpkin, or an episode about Peridot, Lapis and Steven raising a pumpkin. I’m not even a lapidot shipper and I know that I would rather have the episode  be about just Lapis and Peridot. 

Originally posted by pumpkindraws

Now chances for character development isn’t the only reasons I feel like Steven should be less prominent in more episodes, it’s also chances for world building. In Adventure Time there are many episodes starring other characters and usually the world becomes bigger. In Thank You we see an Ice Giant rescue a fire wolf pup and return it to its world. We see how the Ice Giant lives, how the fire wolves lives, and world expands. There are many Adventure Time episodes like that and the world is huge because of it. In Steven Universe, Steven is always involved with everything. In Restaurant Wars, he starts the war and then ends it. In Political Power, the gems are responsible for the power outage and Steven ends up calming the crowd down. In Future Boy Zoltron, most of the episode is about Steven until he meets Frowney and hooks him up with Smiley. There are many episodes like that. The fact that Steven always has to be involved makes the world of Steven Universe feel smaller. Like all of the characters don’t have stories unless Steven is present. I feel like if Steven wasn’t always involved it would make the world bigger and the characters more complex. I think that’s definitely a lesson Steven Universe can take from Adventure Time. 

PS: Yes, I know that there are technically some episodes that don’t feature Steven that much, but those barely count because they are usually being told to him as a story and involves the past like We Need to Talk, Garnet’s Universe, The Answer, and Buddy’s Book. I’m just thinking some of the episodes that take place in the present should involve less. 

Bad Boy Hyojong Part 2!

Part Two was requested by a lovely anon! Requests are open!

It was an hour before you had to be sitting in your chemistry lab when you got the text.

hyojong: hey y/n.. we have a chem lab today and the lab instructor said i can’t work alone anymore… can you be my lab partner again?

you: of course! let me just tell y/f/n that she can join another group today!

hyojong: thank you :)

you: you’re welcome

You couldn’t help but smile as you slid your phone back into your pocket. you missed working with him; he was very intelligent and more than willing to help, whereas y/f/n usually just put the work on you.

you walked into the lab with a little skip in your step, and went straight back to the lab table you and hyojong had worked at originally. he walked in a few minutes later, narrowly missing the bell tone.

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“Connecting Link” (ft. iKON’s Bobby) Ch. 6

너와 나의 연결고리

You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.

After you got home, you sat in your room and stared at the screen of your phone, wondering when Bobby would text. When you realized that he was probably still flying, you decided to leave him a text assuring him that you got home safely. Of course, there was no reply. So even if you tossed and turned, you forced yourself into a fitful sleep.

Late in the evening, the next day, he finally replied when you were falling asleep.

Ah, the pains of a long distance relationship.

Some days, even if it was just to talk to him, you tell him the little, trivial details of your life.

Days went by like this, long and meandering. You got used to it at some point, but it was not a feeling you liked. As you walked home from work, you saw how the leaves turned and autumn began preparing for the coming winter.

Suddenly, your phone started ringing and one Kimbab appeared on screen.

“Hello?” He chuckled into the receiver and you felt his voice crawl down your neck. “Go home. Now.”

“Nice try, babo. Last time I checked you’re not my dad.” You scolded him while he was trying to scold you.

There was silence and you simply breathed out as you sat on one of the benches facing the river. “This feels weird.”

“Same here.” He answered and you could almost see the smile on his face. You could hear chatter and jeers in the background, assuming it was the boys teasing Bobby.

“Where are you?” You asked, not really wanting to know, but you just wanted to hear more of his addictive tone.

“Just… you know, somewhere with meat.” He laughed, looking back at his members who were munching on burgers. “The kids are teasing me, your Jinhwan-oppa babbled about you so much it feels like he knows you better.”

“Don’t forget Hanbin too.” You added just to tease him.

“Hanbin is scarier. It’s like he wants to keep you for himself.” Bobby thought out loud. “But you’re mine.”

“Are you asking me?” You huddled your knees together, the autumn wind is sharper at dawn after all.

“Did you hear the question mark?” He paused and you didn’t answer. “I didn’t think so. It was a declaration, Y/N-ssi.”

“Ooooh.” You challenged and you both laughed the awkwardness off.

“How ‘bout you?” He shuffled around in front of the restaurant, trying to shake off the fluttering in his nerves. “Are you still in Hangang?”

“Yeah, still here. It’s getting colder though, so I might get going soon.” You sighed, looking at the beautiful river.

There was another silence and as if proving your connection, both of your hearts constricted in your chest at the thought of the other, somewhere halfway across the world.

“What are you thinking about?” Bobby finally asked, missing your voice a bit too soon.

“Nothing… Just wishing you were here.” You muttered a bit too sincere for your own liking, so you added, “…so that I can borrow your jacket. It’s freezing out here.”

“Don’t you want me to hold you?” He teased back, having been accustomed to your banters.

“Nope, just your jacket.” You laughed, standing up and retracing your steps back to Eunmin’s car. “I should head back.”

Your voice held the wistfulness and hesitation that always catches Bobby off guard. You would never ask him, but he knew that there was never a time when you actually wanted to hang up the phone or cut a conversation short.

“Yeah, you should probably get some sleep.” He bit his lip, trying to hide his own disappointment.

“Yeah…” You hummed, having no choice but to agree. “I’m hanging up now.”

You pulled the phone from your ear to press the red button, but you heard the low register of his voice trying to cut through.

“Baby!” He followed and he sighed when you said 'hello?’ again. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“What?” The key was already in the ignition and you were ready to go back.

“I can’t ask right now, but I will ask you when I get back.” Bobby’s usually confident voice trembled, his mind trying to get used to the fact that his heart was speaking. “I want you to think about me being an idol, of the short relationship we have formed; think about what’s great between me and you, think of all the cheesy and unromantic moments we’ve been through. Are you thinking about them right now?”

“Yeah.” You croaked over the erratic beating of your heart.

“Now think that we can do much better than all of that.” Bobby looked at the night sky and how it was still tinged with the colors of the late afternoon burst. “And Y/N?”

“Yeah?” The neon lights played with your vision as it danced with the soft waves of Hangang.

“I want you to please hold onto that feeling. Hold it close to your heart, turn it over and around until you reach a decision and by the time you do, I’m sure I’d be beside you already.” If Bobby’s hand, the one he was looking at then, could traverse millions of miles through the phone, then he would’ve used it to caress your cheek.

“Got it, Oppa.” You gripped the steering wheel, feeling light-headed and needing some sort of leverage.

“Okay, I’ll see you again soon?” He smiled at the hope of finally laying eyes on you.

“I’ll see you soon, Oppa.” You hung up.

The key was in the ignition, but you took it out, not knowing how you can possibly drive sanely because Bobby made you shake from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Bobby stuffed his hands in his pockets. The call was over, but the tell-tale sign of his flustered stupor remained; cherry-colored cheeks and a wide, foolish grin.

The leaves fell gracefully on the pavement, creating ripples in the water. Autumn had come and gone and with the first snow was Bobby’s return. 

Your eyes popped open, you turned over and saw that it was a bit too early to be going to work. You tried to settle in again, but you suddenly remembered that Bobby was returning at dawn. You took a look at your phone again and saw that you had a good hour before Bobby arrives. You had insisted on picking him up, but he thought it was too risky since fans would still be eagerly waiting even if it was already 2 a.m.

It was Eunmin’s idea to let you use the apartment for your 'date’ with your 'soulmate’. You weren’t comfortable with the idea, but Eunmin said that she will be back early anyway and that she was just accompanying Jackson before he leaves for a short Asia tour. She even warned you not to do anything naughty because she will be right back to meet your soulmate who you have been hiding from her.

You stretched out, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. You went through your closet to look for something pretty yet casual to wear, after all you were staying in. You didn’t specifically plan anything, but you did download a few movies and stocked on hot chocolate. You decided on wearing a white, cotton one-piece with the word, ‘nosy’ printed on it. It was one of those clothes that you initially bought to be worn outside, but have slowly transitioned into your regular housewear. You threw a black sweater over it just because it was especially chilly even if the heater was on.

You got out of your room and went to the kitchen where you saw that the snow was falling pretty hard. You frowned, worried about Eunmin, iKON and Got7. You went back to your room to get your phone, but something caught your eye. Beside your desk, you had discarded the bag you used during iKON’s fansign. You totally forgot that you had stashed it there months ago, but now the album peeked out ominously. You took it and holding it then felt strange especially when you have become quite acquainted with the members.

You flipped through it, purposely avoiding Bobby’s part. You smiled at the scribbles they made.

“Samgyupsal-ssi! We finally get to meet you, take care of Bobby!^^” Jinhwan wrote.

“Thanks for the food! You seem to like food, huh?” Yunhyeong wrote and you chuckled.

Your heart pounded as you searched for B.I’s sign. Somehow, and sometimes unconsciously, you get a compelling need to receive his approval.

“Y/N-ssi, it was nice meeting you! I mean it. Hope we get along.” Hanbin had written simply.

Junhoe had thanked you for the sandwich and playfully asked for more, while the others wrote the same generic message because, as per Jinhwan’s advice, you didn’t introduce yourself to them back then. Now, you can hardly get any sleep because the maknaes have been pestering you the moment they stole your number from Bobby’s phone.

Finally, you took a deep breath before flipping the photobook open to Bobby’s part. You let out a soft gasp as you looked at the filled page which contained the same sentence in different variations.

God, you’re beautiful.
You’re really pretty.
Do you know that you’re this pretty?
You’re insanely beautiful.
Beautiful eyes, beautiful voice, beautiful voice…
How can someone be as beautiful as you? 
Your smile is pretty too.
Your lips are pretty too.”

It said and at this point, you were grinning from ear to ear. Something was scribbled at the end and Bobby had striked it out, but you can still make out the words and when you did, your face started blushing like crazy.

Right after the line saying your lips were pretty, “I want to kiss you so bad right now.”

As if on cue, your phone buzzed and Eunmin’s name appeared onscreen. You immediately grabbed it to answer her call.

“Yo,” she said, pausing to try ans listen if anyone was talking in the background. “’…your boyfie’s not there yet?”

“Yes, my boyfie’s not here yet, Ma'am.” You repeated sarcastically. “Are you seriously checking up on me?”

“Hul, look at her go. For your info, I’m not one of those crazy girls.” She huffed and you could hear Jackson in the background laughing and trying to tell you something.

“Are you still with Jackson? Tell him and the other guys I said hi.” You said and Eunmin finally conceded and put Jackson on the phone.

“Hey, food buddy! What’s up with you these days? Heard you got a boyfriend! Does that mean I don’t have to buy you meals anymore?” He laughed boisterously and you could hear Eunmin and the other members scold him. “Okay, fine. Eunmin says I have to buy you meals anyway.”

You answered with a giggle and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to buy me as often.”

“Great! Anyway, uhm… You see–” His voice got cut off because Eunmin snatched back the phone. “You see, the snow is falling pretty hard, so Jackson’s flight got delayed and I’m being forced–” Jackson protested with a loud 'no’. “…to stay with him a bit longer. After all, he’s going on tour and he has this incurable sickness of missing me too much. You don’t have to wait up for me, the airline hasn’t made announcement and the ride has been delayed indefinitely.”

“Oh, is that so?.” You stood up and went to the kitchen again. “You can stay with Jackson then and let the weather calm down for a bit. You should be careful during your drive home too.”

“Yah, you should be more careful because your boyfriend gets more time alone with you. He might pounce on you while I’m not there, Y/N!” She warned through a low hiss.

“Don’t worry about me, Eunmin. If he pounces on me, that’s because I let him.” You teased with an equally low chuckle.

“Yah!” She hollered.

“I got it already! I’m hanging up, bye!” You heard her trying to stop you, but you just laughed it off.

You took a peek at the storm outside and if you listened keen enough, you can hear the howling wind. You chewed on your lip wondering if you should call and check up on Bobby. You glanced at the time, sighed and decided to give him a few more minutes. In the meantime, you started heating up some water because you were sure that after battling the weather outside, Bobby would want a hot cup of… something. 

You suddenly realized that you didn’t know a lot of things about Bobby save from the things you’ve read online. You didn’t know if he preferred tea over coffee, or if he actually drinks hot chocolate when he gets snowed in. You didn’t know what his favorite food was or even his favorite color and maybe you can find out with a few clicks, but it just dawned on you that you will never discover these things the way other people do because whenever you were with Bobby, being with him was the only thing that mattered.

You were stuck in this train of thought until you realized that the doorbell had been ringing for quite some time already. You sprinted towards the door and whipped it open without checking.

And there he was with blue lips and clothes too thin for the weather. The snow was melting in his hair plus he was shivering and yet, he smiled. He smiled so brightly when he saw your face. He was sighing as if he had just witnessed sunset on a clear sky.

“Hi.” He chattered out.

“Hi.” You answered, imprinting his smile in your mind.

It’s true that you didn’t know much about this man in front of you, you didn’t know how many people he has met, how many miles he had traveled, but he was there at your doorstep, looking at you as if you were the only truth in his world.

And somehow, you thought as you pulled the door to open wider, that wasn’t so bad.

“You sure you’ll be okay?” Jackson pouted holding both of Eunmin’s hands.

“I’ll be fine, will you be okay? You look like you’re about to cry, baby.” She pinched both of his cheeks before giving him a final hug and stepping away.

He groaned. “I can’t leave like this! Why won’t you tell me who Y/N’s soulmate is?”

Eunmin laughed loudly, she would’ve rolled around if she could. “Is this why you can’t leave? Not because you’ll miss me?”

“No!” He immediately exclaimed and waved his hand around. “I’m just curious what kind of person will earn your trust before you even met him.”

She shrugged. “I don’t trust him that much yet, but if my Y/N trusts him then who am I to interfere? Besides, it’s not my secret to tell, you nosy pants.”

“Hey! You are the nosy one here, you had her followed and everything too.” He accused with a pointing finger.

“Yah! Just go!” Eunmin shooed him away and pushed him towards the other members who waved back at her.

When they were out of sight, Eunmin pulled out her phone and started walking slowly towards her car. She sat in the driver’s seat and pulled up the photos of you going in and out of a YG-owned car. Eunmin also recalled your sudden interest in iKON, but most of all, when she borrowed your phone, she saw your selfies with Bobby.

She gripped the stirring wheel, before sighing and driving towards her parents’ home where she decided to spend the night. She can deal with you and Bobby tomorrow, after all, she knew so well the agony of a long distance relationship.


Maybe that wasn’t the word, but the air around you and Bobby was beginning to turn stale and cold. The silence and awkward stares didn’t help either. After all, it’s literally been months since you had last seen each other. He didn’t know what to do with his hands as you closed the door behind him. Should he hold your hand, hug you… kiss you? He licked his lips unconsciously at the thought, realizing that he was shivering from the cold.

“Why are you wearing so little? It’s almost below zero outside!” You scolded him as you went to get a towel from your room.

He stood in the middle of the apartment, not knowing where to stand or sit and merely followed you with his eyes. “I was in a rush to get here, dodging the fans and reporters was not easy, you know.” He tried to keep his voice even, but he was already shivering.

You reappeared and met his eyes, not looking away for a while until you stood in front of him. You recalled standing in the same polite distance when he had asked you to date him. You handed him the towel and his eyes shot back and forth from your face to the cloth. “Take a warm shower first, I’m going to make us a warm drink.”

“Y-You want me to take a shower h-here?” He asked, wondering if he heard it right.

“Yeah, why–” You stopped, realizing what he was implying, then proceeded to slap his arm. “Yah, you pervert. Get out.”

He laughed and you grinned, finally the awkwardness was dissipating and the comfort of being around each other settled in. He took the towel from your hand, slyly sliding his fingers between yours. He continued to look at your interlocked fingers, silently muttering, “I’m home.”

You placed your palm under his jaw to guide his gaze to yours. “Welcome back.”

Your hearts leapt in joy, charging the tension in the air with some kind of electric energy. Your faces gravitated towards each other, slowly… until the kettle on your stove gave a resounding whistle. You jumped away, as if you had been electrocuted by the very same tension.

“Wh-Why-Why don’t you step in first? I’ll go get that, what do you want to drink, coffee, tea…?” You trailed off as you took slow steps backwards.

“Guess.” He replied mischievously, taking a step towards you.

“Stop! The bathroom’s there,” you pointed towards a door. “…j-just shower comfortably and I’ll leave clothes by the door.”

He chuckled at your antics, before obediently heading towards the bathroom. You almost sighed when he closed the door, only to be surprised when he opened it again. “You sure you’ll have clothes for me?”

“I don’t, but we’re going to steal some of Jackson’s clothes from Eunmin.” You laughed like it was a clever joke and Bobby shook his head as he closed the door again.

You tried to pace your heart as you placed a hand over it. You finally turned the kettle off and poured the water into a cup.

'Guess, he said.’ You shrugged. 'I’m good at guessing.’

You were already sitting on the couch when you heard the bathroom door slide open. “Yo, I’m done.” He called out. With the towel around his shoulders he stood in front of you in a black shirt and gray sweats. His usually tamed hair had exploded into a mass of bouncy curls. You almost spat out your hot chocolate as you started giggling and Bobby didn’t look as amused.

“I expected a reaction, but I didn’t think it would be this mean.” he continued drying his hair as ge sat beside you. “Where’s mine?”

You coughed out to halt the giggles and gestured towards another cup of hot chocolate on the table. He took a sip and made a sound of satisfaction in the back of his throat as the drink spread its warmth all over his chest.

“Wow, you made the right guess, huh? Hot chocolate wasn’t even in the choices.” He leaned back, but you put your cup down and stood up. “Where you going?”

“I have something for you.” You smiled and disappeared into the kitchen again.

When you came back you had a small cake in hand with a single candle on it. “Welcome back cake?”

Bobby set his cup down as well to admire the cake. He sat closer and admired the neat strawberry shortcake. His smile was as warm as the hot chocolate. “You didn’t have to prepare all of these. You’re enough of a gift to me.”

Your cheeks rivaled the color of the strawberries, “Stop or I won’t light the cake…” You blurted out and he laughed, thinking you were needlessly being flustered.

“Oooh… Scary.” He taunted after you when you went back to the kitchen to get a lighter.

When you got back, the candle was already lighted and Bobby was already sitting on the floor closer to the cake. You sat near him with confused look on your face, “How did you light the candle?”

“Oh, a fan handed me a lighter for some reason.” He scratched behind his ear. “Can I close my eyes and make a wish now?”

You rolled your eyes, but nodded at him and watched as he closed his eyes, palms flattened against each other to make a wish. He was about to blow the candle when you stopped him by pecking his cheek. He halted almost immediately and with eyes wide open he turned to you.

“Did you just do what I think you did?” He was trying so hard not to smile, but it was not easy because, “I think my wish came true before I even blew the candle, what do I do?”

With your face in your hands, refusing to acknowledge what you just did, you replied with a muffled voice, “Make another wish then. I promised you a kiss anyway, so wish for something else.”

There was silence, so you peeked from your fingers and raised your eyes to find him praying more fervently, before he wordlessly blew the candle off.

He turned to you and gestured for you to move closer. You inched towards him a bit and seeing that you weren’t planning to scoot any further, he heaved in a huge breath and reached for your hands instead.

He rubbed circles on your knuckles as he looked for words to say. He licked his lips several times and kept his head low. You suddenly squeezed his fingers tightly and that made him look up.

“You sure you want to do this?” You laughed, but Bobby could feel the tremors in your touch. “I could give you the answer right now.”

“No! I-I-I have this whole speech planned out and…” he exclaimed until his voice slowly died down.

“I don’t need a speech and besides, let’s not try to be all romantic and cringy now. It doesn’t suit our ‘concept’.” He opened his mouth to say something, but you held up a finger. “You said that I should think about you and me and us… I realized just how dangerous being with you is and I’d be sacrificing a lot just to stay with you. I have a life somewhere else, but I have to change my plans because I met you. I haven’t told you yet, but my internship is ending in a few weeks. I have to leave, Bobby.”

“What?” His voice was weak, but his gaze was desperate.

“So now, I’m giving you the chance to ask me what you want to ask.” Your even face terrified him because he couldn’t read you.

“Y/N…” He hesitated, not knowing how his elaborate plan led to this. It was supposed to be romantic and you were supposed to swoon and leap into his arms, but now, he didn’t know. Honestly, sitting there with you should have been a pretty good indicator of your answer and yet, he didn’t have a clue. So he gathered all the courage he saved up for this moment and said, “Y/N, will you… Please be my girlfriend.”

a/n: OMG. AAAAAH. AAAAAHH!!! Those are my thoughts, what’s yours? :)

Haeng-Syo-Peace | Master List

*All Links Are In Their Respective Titles*

Alt. Universe  

Say His Name


After Woo Jiho returns home from a scandal in Japan, him and his long-term girlfriend have some things to work out. Whether it’s the presence of another man, a cheating boyfriend, or a hunted past, our reader will go through a series of flashbacks, passionate, and not so, to figure out what love truly means to hear. Follow this story of toxic romance, passionate love, and the changes in relationships set to riveting turn of events.

  • Type: Alternate Universe, Melodrama, Toxic Romance
  • Characters: Reader/ Woo Jiho/ Kim Namjoon/
  • Length: 20 Chapters/Completed
  • Rating: M+

Say His Name | Retrograde


After her mothers death, Sooyun finds herself waking up to no memories and wondering why on earth she was being monitored in the hospital. The doctors discharged her saying that memory loss was a perfectly normal side effect, and that she was curded from her old condition. Whatever that was. Now, standing at the foot of her mothers grave, being the only attendant at the funeral, she began to wonder about her past. Little did she know, forces were working to make sure she would never remember anything before this very moment.

The continuation of Say His Name was written for those readers who are unfamiliar to the original story, don’t worry- no prerogative knowledge of the older series is needed to enjoy this tale. (But it may make it more enjoyable)

  • Type: Alternate Universe, Melodrama, Toxic Romance
  • Characters: Reader / Woo Jiho / Kim Namjoon / Bang Yongguk
  • Rating: M+

The Closest Thing He’s Got


Song Mino and Kim Ara, a young girl of about 25, had just barely escaped the troubled past they was born into- and losing all those most dear to them, Ara and Mino have agreed to take care of each other, like brother and sister. But when the two decided to live their on lives, things begin to return to the way they were- will the thrill of the chase and the reunion of old friends bring Mino deeper into his past and drag Ara back down with him? Follow Ara on her road to self discovery, romance, loss, and hysteria meeting some exciting characters on the way-

  • Type: Alternate Universe, Gang, Supernatural Powers  
  • Characters: Multi-Fandom, Block B, BTS, BigBang, Epik High etc.
  • Rating: M+

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life


What happens when dreams don’t come true? When you find your self on the cusp of not knowing where you are, and forgetting how you got here in the first place- where do you go?When seven inseparable childhood friends met four women of the same caliber changing their live’s forever, they vowed to reach their dreams no matter the cost. But life doesn’t always have the outcome you hope for- and when you’ve finished college, found a job, got married, and ultimately decided your future, you wonder what it was you wanted out of life in the first place.

  • Type: Alternate Universe, Mellow Drama, Drugs, Abusive, Relationships, Success, Failure, Long Time Friends, Lost Love, Depression, StrongBonds, Sex, Family  
  • Characters: BTS, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook
  • Rating: M+



BlackOUT! a new seven member girl group is taking over South Korea with their hip-hop and r&b style music. Combining amazing dances, powerful vocals, and jaw dropping rhymes, these girls will soon take over Asia. With their concept of the 7 deadly sins, follow the girls through their journey to stardom hitting some bumps on the way. What do you expect from an extremely controversial girl group?

  • Type: Alternate Universe, Fictional Girl Group
  • Characters: Multi-Fandom appearances
  • Rating: M+

BTS: Noona Moments


So basically I wanted to write drabble’s for the boys running into daily issues- but then I got to thinking, who do they go too besides their other members? I mean they’re all still pretty young and lack experiences in some places- who looks after them like an older sister? Noona moments place the reader close to the boys while going through everyday scenarios, and maybe even some romance.

  • Type: Alternate Universe, One Shot Series, BTS Idols
  • Characters: Reader, BTS
  • Rating: N/A

One Shot’s

Thunder Storms


You loved watching lighting and the hearing sound of thunder mixed with the steady beat of hard rain. This was truly where you felt at peace, here, with him, with this storm only protected by glass but yet you felt completely safe.“Beautiful.” You heard from behind you slipping sweetly from his lips as if he was saying it only to himself.

  • Characters: T.O.P/ Choi Seunghyun  
  • Type: Smut, Romance
  • Rating: M+

Will You?


Yeoreobun!” He addressed the crowed screaming and crying trying to be the loudest sound in the world- trying to catch the attention of any of the five men like their lives depended on it- “We’ve all loved at one point or another-” the crowed simultaneously answered yes- “A love that this world would be meaningless without-” another answer of yes- “A love that could be leaving as I speak to you now-

  • Characters: G-Dragon, Kwon Jiyong
  • Type: Romance, Proposal, Fame  
  • Rating: N/A

We’ll Find A Way


“Why don’t we give up now- grow old together-” He began to kiss her shoulder and snaked his arm around her waist- “Forget all the fame and be normal- I- I forget how to be normal Jiho-”.

  • Characters: Zico, Woo Jiho
  • Type: Smut, Fame, FemDom
  • Rating: M+

Perfect Way To Start | 1 | 2


Jagiya-” you danced your tongue across his lips making him sweat as he tried to choke out the words- “Lets try now-” his grip on your face grew stronger as he studied your eyes looking for a sign. Worry, fear, and anxiety erupted in your pupils upon realizing how serious his tone had become. “I want an actual life with you- this may be the perfect way to start-

  • Characters: Zico, Woo Jiho
  • Type: Relationship, Fight, Smut  
  • Rating: M+

I’ve Always Starred


“Don’t you dare waste your tears on him-” he forcefully took your face between his hands compelling you too look up at him with tear stained eyes. He was sweating, a bruise starting to form just under his right eye and a small cut on the corner of his mouth- you could still see the faint traces of blood. “You’re- you’re-” he struggled to find the words as he violently pushed you up against a wall only to find release by punching the space directly right of you face without rest- he was manic, he’d been able to control himself until now- “You’re worth so- *huff*- so much more than that!” He struggled with keeping his voice down, he’d never felt something so powerful completely take over him before-

  • Characters: Suga/ Min Yoongi
  • Type: Smut, Romance, Friendship  
  • Rating: M+

Feel Special


Wonderful-” you cooed and kissed his cheek before heading into your bedroom- laid out on the bed was a beautiful emerald satin dress, not too fancy, but enough to make the evening a little more important. A note lay next to the dress reading, “To make you feel special-” in Jin’s hand writing. You couldn’t help but giggle on the cuteness of it all- that’s until you opened the black box placed next to the dress. Lifting the top reveled a stunning set of black lace lingerie- garter set and all- with a note reading; “For me to make you feel special-

  • Characters: Jin, Kim Seokjin
  • Type: Smut, Birthday
  • Rating: M+

Baby Goodnight


His lips were soft and wanting- making sure he kissed every inch of you that was appropriate for a fist date almost as if he was saying ‘I wanted to show you everything you made me feel tonight-’ without uttering a word.

  • Characters: J-Hope/ Jung Hoseok
  • Type: First Date  
  • Rating: N/A

I Need You


Jagiya-” you’d never heard him like this before. He was trying to hide the fact that he was hurting- “Can you- can you come to the studio-” you couldn’t tell if it was physical or mental anguish but what difference did it make- “I- I need you-

  • Characters: Optional Bias, Zico/ Namjoon
  • Type: Breakdown, Relationship
  • Rating: N/A

Indescribable Feeling’s

Chrysalism | Beenzino

the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.

Rubatosis | Song Mino

the unsettling awareness of your own heart

Opia | Zion.T

The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

Kuebiko | Zion.T

A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.

Nodus Tollens | Zico

The realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.

Rubatosis | Zico X Jaehyo

the unsettling awareness of your own heart

Onism | Kim Namjoon

The frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time.

Kenopsia | Nam Taehyun

The eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet.

Kuebiko | Verbal Jint

A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.

Okay… But Imagine


Small drabbles of my personal thoughts on how your relationship with your bias might work out through daily occurrences.  

 Okay… But Imagine Jiyong

Okay.. But Imagine Zico

Okay.. But Imagine Jimin

Okay… But Imagine Namjoon

Okay… But Imagine Yoongi

BTS: Kinks 


  • BDSM/ Dom Kink
  • Rated: X (read at your own risk)


  • Oral/ Denied Orgasm
  • Rated: S (for sweet suga swag smut….)


  • Thigh Body Worship/ Femdom
  • Rated: T (those thighs tho…)

Song Drabble 

Hey Mama

  • Characters: P.O, Pyo Jihoon
  • Type: Romance, Smut  
  • Song: Hey Mama - Nicki Minaj
  • Rating: M

Grand Piano

  • Characters: Kai, Kim Jongin
  • Type: Romance, Break-up
  • Song: Grand Piano - Nicki Minaj
  • Rating: N/A


  • Characters: Jimin, Park Jimin
  • Type: Smut, Dirty Dancing
  • Song: Oasis - Crush feat. Zico
  • Rating: M

Question Mark

  • Characters: Zion.t
  • Type: Quirky Romance, Change Encounter
  • Song: Question Mark - Primary Ft. Choiza (Dynamic Duo) and Zion.T
  • Rating: N/A

Hotline Bling

  • Characters: Rap Monster, Kim Namjoon
  • Type: Break-Up, Old Relationship
  • Song: Hotline Bling- Drake
  • Rating: N/A

BTS Chat Posts

Fighting With BTS:

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Waking Up With BTS:

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BTS As: 

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As Ouran High School Host Club Characters  Part 1 |  Part 2

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BTS: Hug

DBSK: Confession


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Idol Airport Fashion

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The photo
Relationships: Hannibal/Will
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: A haunting image of young Mads appeared on my dash, and I was compelled to paint him. And then this story appeared.
Will keeps a photo safe in his wallet, until one day, it slips.


Will reached for his wallet to pay for the gas, while Hannibal lingered a step behind, content with making eye-contact with the fat cat perched on the counter. As he was reaching to pet its calico head, Hannibal noticed a flutter of movement by Will. Unthinkingly he reached out, trapping the piece of paper between thumb and forefinger.

Hannibal was rarely struck speechless. And yet as he found himself staring down at a younger, so much younger, faded version of himself, trapped in the confines of a small square of yellowed photo paper, the words escaped him.

“That would be mine“ Will’s voice cut right through any semblance of thoughts crossing his mind. “If you don’t mind?“ Will’s fingers came an inch from his hand, ready to pry the once-glossy paper away.

Keep reading

and all the fools who lead their foolish lives may find it quite explosive

Pairing  Karma x Gakushuu

continuation of the idol/scientist ‘verse found here

AO3 Mirror

Koro-sensei pushes an armful of creepy octopus merch on to Karma. “Your popularity has gone up by nine per cent after you ended that routine with your now-infamous kapow pose, Karma-kun,” he says, beaming. “Please keep up the good work.”

“Sure thing, sensei,” Karma beams back, and pushes the mountain of merch back across the desk. “Don’t give me those things, they’re ugly.”

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The Sea Monster (Bucky Barnes imagine)
  • Request by anon: First off love your blog. Second I have a request for Bucky Barnes and a female reader au where she is a mermaid and is being kept by HYDRA. You can do with that as you please 😊
  • A/N: This took me two days to be written. I had so many ideas for this request I literally didn’t know how to write it. I’m kinda skeptical concerning the result so feedback would be much appreciated to tell me if I didn’t screw this up too much :P
    Anyway, thanks again for all the requests and enjoy !

« What’s in there ? »

« Nothing that concern you, Soldat »

The Winter Soldier turned his head to the large red door. In black letters were unscripted a phrase: ‘морское чудовище’. The first time he saw it, he restrained himself from asking its meaning. Later on, after Hydra took care of rebooting his brain, he easily understood the Russian words as ‘Sea Monster’.
He often walked down that same corridor. It was always dark, empty and cold.
One day, though, as he passed the mystery room, he heard screams of pain. As Hydra most skilled soldier, those sounds shouldn’t have affected him, emotions should have been out of his reach. But, for a reason he ignored, he felt drawn to it.

The next day, at dawn, he made sure nobody was watching him as he strode to the red door. As silently as he could, he forced the lock with his metal arm and rushed inside. Out of everything he was expecting, what he saw was something that had never occurred to him. As he stepped into the circular room, an enormous pool came into view. It was almost as large as the place and there was barely enough space to stand on the solid ground. He was surprised by how far the ceiling was and even more impressed by the pool depth.
Curiosity got the best of him and, taking a few step toward the tank, not knowing exactly what he was looking for, he starred at the water. He unconsciously cringed when he saw the shackles, just under the surface. They were made of metal, tightly hooked to the wall and seemed indestructible. For a microsecond, he almost felt compassion for whatever creature was living in the depth of this water when he noticed the chains were electrified.

As he turned his head to look at a screen on the wall, he could swore he saw something under the water. In a movement that was instinctive, he raised his metal arm and grabbed the gun attached to his thigh with his other hand.
What he discovered was even more unbelievable than what he could have possibly imagine. He first caught the sight of a tail, gliding with elegance and gleaming through the clear water. The undulation reminded him of a dance, following the rhythmic rise and fall of a heart beating. He was hypnotized by the scene. When he saw the creature heading toward him, he took a step back, apprehensive of the unknown.
A loud gasp escaped him as he saw a woman emerged from the water. He starred at her with wide eyes as she looked back at him, surprised.
She was magnificent, there was a shocking purity in her gaze and her eyes were colored in a breathtaking dazzling hue of dark emerald. He couldn’t help but glance at the long brown hair, falling like a waterfall along her back.

« Who are you ? » He mumbled.

She watched him closely, trying to evaluate the danger she was in.

« They call me Sea monster » She answered cautiously.

« But that’s not your name »

« No »

She tilted her head and he could see she was studying his arm with both fear and empathy. Her eyes narrowed, as if she was doing her best to focus on something.

« I don’t know my name » He suddenly admitted to her.

He honestly couldn’t understand why he would tell her that.

« Y/N » She confessed. « I’m Y/N »

« I … » He seemed to remember he was in Hydra secret base, in what was most likely her cell. Surely, the place was surrounded with microphones and cameras. « I shouldn’t be here »

« They can’t see or hear anything» She said as he was walking toward the door.

He turned back, confusion written all over his face.

« I’m not just here for the pleasure of their eyes » She explained.

« Can you … Do you have powers ? »

She chuckled.

« Have you ever had your head under water ? » She asked in a mischievous smile.

When she saw him flinch, she felt guilty, understanding he was reminded of the torture sessions Hydra was so talented to make in order to break their prisoners.

« That’s what’s happening to their cameras. It’s like … interferences » She quickly added to deviate the conversation.

He took a step closer, his eyes drifting once again on her tail.

« I’m a mermaid » She clarified for him.

« A mermaid ? » He repeated, hesitating on the word.

« You’ve never seen one before, I’m guessing »

« No »

She smiled at him. He didn’t know if it was wonder or astonishment that made him stay with her.

« You’re the Soldat » She said after a minute. « They call you the Winter Soldier»

« How do you know ? » He suspiciously questioned her.

« I hear them talking when I’m in the water »

« What did you hear ? »

« Enough to know you’re a murderer » She stopped talking when she saw a faint glow in his eyes. Again, she had that same expression of intense concentration on her face, as if she was trying to read him. « And a victim »

« What ? »

« They did something to you, to your mind. I … » She seemed annoyed by something. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration as he saw one of her hand pointing in his direction, moving slowly. « I can’t read you »

« Read me ? » He repeated, shocked.

« The memories » She tried to clear up for him. « I see them, in everyone. But yours … it’s like … like they’ve been wiped. There is nothing but torture, blood and violence in your head »

She never knew if it was because of anything she said, but, as soon as she had talked, he had ran away.
That same week, he came back every day, always at dawn. He didn’t know what exactly drew him to the mermaid, but he felt this impossible need to make sure she was okay. Almost each afternoon, as he walked by the door, he could hear the screams. He oddly felt this helplessness running through him each time but couldn’t do anything. If Hydra kept them apart, there was a reason.

Two months after their meeting, she had told him she could hypnotized people by the sound of her voice. At first, it had frightened him. He was sure everything he was feeling was his imagination, that she had toyed with his mind and made him go crazy. That is, until she admitted the hypnosis couldn’t work on him after everything Hydra had done to erase the memories.
Later, when he asked her why she hadn’t escape simply by compelling the agents to let her go, she explained that the water, because it didn’t come from the sea, weakened her. The reason they were keeping the chains, beside the torture, was because they didn’t want her to get out of the pool. Once she’d be outside, her body would take its human form. If she had powers and legs to run, then Hydra wouldn’t stand a chance.

Over the course of their conversations, they had both started to developed feelings toward one another. When they met, it was only wonder, but it grew to an indescribable attraction and the Winter Soldier found himself compelled to protect her.
One day, after Hydra had asked him to go after Captain America, and before they could work their wonder on his brain, he had sneaked out to see her. As usual, she was underwater, listening to everything happening on the base. As soon as he came in, she swam to the edge of the pool.

« Is everything alright ? » She worriedly asked.

« Bucky … he said … he said my name was Bucky »

Her eyes widened as she motioned for him to sit next to her.

« Who told you that ? » She questioned.

« The Captain »

« The … Captain America ? Does he know you ? »

« I … I don’t … The memories … they’re … I have flashbacks »

« Do you want me to look ? »

He vigorously nodded, agreeing to let her use her powers on him. He had absolute trust in the woman.
Before he could change his mind, she clasped her hands on each side of his face.

« It might hurts » She warned him.

When she saw the determination in his eyes, she knew she wouldn’t need an answer.
She felt exactly the same sensation the first time she tried to get inside his memories, like there was a lock, like something was keeping her out.
This time, though, she pushed through, focused on what she was looking for. Knowing there was a connection between the Soldat and Captain America helped her; all she needed was to find the right face.
She could feel his anger, his pain and his devotion through everything she was seeing. There were bribes of the surgery Hydra had performed on him, fragments of the initial tortures destroying his conscience. All the killings, all the people he had put down, they were all there, engraved for the rest of his life in his head. She almost let go when she felt the force of his guilt, buried deep inside a soul that hadn’t been his for a long time.
Finally, she saw the Captain. She almost didn’t recognize him, all skinny and frail. She went through their life as they grew up together.
The last memory she was able to make out was the Soldier falling from a train. When she saw the damage on his arm, she pulled back instantly, not wanting to relive his suffering.

« What did you see ? » He panted, out of breath after the intense cerebral effort.

« James Buchanan Barnes » She whispered to him, stroking his cheeks. « This is your name »

He brushed the tears she didn’t know had fallen on her face.

« You have to find him again »

« Who ? »

« Steve Rogers »

He shook his head, rubbing furiously his eyes as if trying to make up from a nightmare.

« I think I remember him » He admitted.

« He is Captain America and he knows you »

« He tried to kill me »

« He was defending himself, James »

He cringed at the name. It seemed all too unfamiliar to him.

« You have to find him » She repeated. « He can help you »

« How ? As soon as I get out of here, they’ll wipe out everything »

« I can protect you »

« No »

He looked intensely at her, his eyes boring into hers. He couldn’t risk her safety.

« Y/N, I’m warning you, don’t do anything that could give them a reason to kill you »

She softly smiled at him, taking his metal hand in hers.

« They won’t keep me alive for long, James »

« I’ll keep you safe »

« You won’t be able to » She muttered.

He bend down to kiss her forehead.

« Once I’m done, you’ll be out of their reach » She explained. « Your mind will be protected »

« Won’t they notice ? »

« Not if you run »

His eyes widened and his hand tightened around hers.

« I won’t leave you behind »

« You don’t have a choice »

« You can walk ! You said it yourself ! »

« And how do you plan on getting me out of the chains ? If you try, they’ll know. You won’t have enough time to run and all of this will be for nothing »

« I can’t leave you behind, Y/N » He brokenly confessed.

« You’re not. You’re going to find the Captain and fight for the both of us. I’ll be here to make you stronger »

When he didn’t answer, she grabbed his chin, forcing him to look back.

« I know you’re afraid of them … »

« I’m not » He cut her, making her chuckle.

« I forgot, the Winter Soldier doesn’t have any fear, does he ? » She sweetly joked.

When he took a step back to get up, she thought she had somehow offended him and was almost expecting him to get out of the room but instead, he knelt down in front of her and pulled her body so their faces would be on the same level.
She closed her eyes when she felt his hands stroking her cheeks, quietly enjoying their short intimate moment before he’d have to go.

« I’m in love with you, that … that scares me to death » He admitted in a breath.

He wiped the single tear rolling down her cheek before leaning his forehead against hers. They were painfully aware this was the closest they would ever get, and, in the comfortable silence surrounding the room, both their heart were breaking.
They knew there was no future for them, no world where they could be free. She was the Sea Monster and he, the Winter Soldier.

« I love you too » She whispered.

He slowly bent over, as if afraid to frighten her. Her eyes locked on his, she shivered at the agony she saw reflecting in his stare. When she felt his hand on the back of her neck, she leaned closer. Softly, exactly like a feather brushing her skin, his lips pressed against hers. For a moment, he didn’t move, waiting for a reaction. He was about to pull back when she grabbed the metal arm, forcing him to keep their intimate proximity. Softly, she deepened the kiss. Forgetting the world around them, they allowed themselves to drown into what had been their first and last embrace.

« Go, James » She breathlessly murmured.

He nodded, still not moving. He was trying to memorize every inch of her face, as if starring at her a little bit longer would protect their time together from Hydra. In a minute, he would go and they would once again play with his mind.

« You won’t forget » She reassured him when she saw the sad expression on his features.

« How can you be so sure ? This could be the last time I remember you »

« It won’t. I told you, I’ll protect you »

« How ? »

« We don’t have time for this, you need to leave, James. Now. »

« I’ll come back for you, Y/N »

« I know you will » She sadly responded, doing her best not to break in front of him.

He kissed her forehead before rushing outside the room, not knowing this would be the last time he would see her alive.

Here he was, months later, in that same place. Only, this time, it was abandoned.
He had done what she had told him, even after Hydra had used their machine on him. He had found the Captain and fought his way back to being the man he once was, Bucky Barnes.
Being accepted on the Avengers hadn’t been an easy task, but all he needed to do to keep going was the memory of her face.
He had come back for her, just like he promised, but it had been too late. She had died protecting him, and with her, she had taken his heart.

« Hey, Buck’ ! Where are you going ? » He heard Steve say behind him.

He didn’t acknowledge his old friend as he ran through the corridor he knew would led him to the red door.
He had come back with Steve and Sam Wilson to find the remaining informations the Avengers needed to take down Hydra once and for all. After showing them the archives room, where everything Hydra had ever done was recorded, he felt this impossible need to go back to the only place where he was able to be at peace during his stay there.
The moment he stepped in front of the pool, the tears he had tried so hard to hide freely flowed down his face.
The mermaid was long gone. The room felt empty and cold without her. He could still picture the tail moving with grace under the water and the beautiful sound of her voice filling the space with hope. He felt his chest tightening at the sight of the dried blood on the ground and the chains he had broken when he tried to save her.

« What the hell is this place ? » The Falcon asked as he and Steve arrived soon after the Winter Soldier.

« Buck ? » Steve carefully called.

He turned to them, completely shaken. Both Sam and Steve winced when they saw the pain on his face. They knew instantly that, whatever had happened in this room, it couldn’t have been good.

« What does that mean ? » The Falcon inquired, pointing at the Russian words on the door.

« Sea Monster » Bucky muttered. « It means Sea Monster »

Steve raised his eyebrows, looking warily inside the pool, expecting to find something dangerous.

« What kind of god awful creature did they keep in this ? » Sam questioned.

« The most beautiful kind » Bucky answered, a soft smile appearing on his face.

The Captain took a step closer to him, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

« Who was it ? » He spoke.

« Her name was Y/N »

« They kept a human being in this ? Man, that’s sick, even for Hydra » Sam exclaimed.

« She wasn’t exactly human » Bucky admitted. « She was a mermaid »

Both his friends looked at him as if he had grown three heads.

« A … you mean, like, a woman with … a tail, and all ? » Sam said.

« Yes. She was my … » He paused, thinking about the last time he saw her. « My friend »

« Okay, this world of superheroes just keeps getting weirder and weirder » The Falcon freaked out. « Like, to the point I wouldn’t even be surprise if Frozen was a real story »

Steve and Bucky looked at him curiously, not understanding the reference.

« Never mind » Sam muttered under his breath.

« What did they do to her ? » Steve asked, turning back to his friend.

« They … » He couldn’t find the force to say it out loud. The pain in his chest was still so vibrant, exactly as if he had lost her a minute ago.

Instead of answering, he went to the screen on the wall, looking for the camera footages. He hadn’t looked at any of those videos before, fearing it might be too much for him.

« What are you looking for ? » Steve inquired.

Still without saying any word, he kept searching. Once he found the right date, he took a deep breath. Finally, he was ready to see her last moments.
He clicked on the screen, smiling when he saw the images of her, swimming peacefully in the pool.
Ignoring the surprised gasp of his fellow companions, he rewinded the video to the exact time he was looking for.

« What do you want ? » He heard her yell at the soldiers responsible of her tortures.

« You are going to tell us what you did to the Soldat » The man answered, clasping the chains around her wrists and tail

Boldly, the woman started to smirk at them. For whatever reason, she seemed pleased.

« Did he finally run ? » She asked them, knowing very well none of them would say a thing.

« What did you do ? » A man in a lab coat harshly questioned.

« I gave him back his identity » She answered, the smile not living her face.

« How ? Your powers should not have worked on him »

« I saw them, all the memories, pieces by pieces » She explained, happy to tell them how they had lost. « All it took was a familiar face »

« The Captain » He guessed.

« The moment James saw him, his mind opened up to me. I saw everything you did to him, from the tortures you inflicted to the murders you pushed him to commit » She talked with venom in her voice, angry and hurt for her lover.

The lab coat walked to her, a gun in his hand.

« The machine should have worked on him » He told her. « Tell me why it didn’t! »

« Every time he came to see me, I went a little deeper in his head » She smirked. « I built barriers your machine couldn’t take down. I made him out of your reach »

When she saw his angry expression, she happily laughed.

« You will never have James again » She confessed. « I gave him his life back »

« Why ?! » He shouted back.

« Because I love him » She admitted

The Doctor sneered.

« He was a failure, then. The Soldat should not have allowed love to weaken him »

« That’s where you’re wrong » She said. « He wasn’t weak. I made him stronger than he ever was. He resisted you because of me, he fought back because he became a soldier you could never have created. You lost him, doctor … He has everything now »

« Everything, except one thing » He answered, raising the weapon to her chest.

« You can shoot me » She granted in a small smile. « James is safe and you will know it was I who beat you. The moment you kill me, the Winter Soldier will die with me »

Out of patience and furious, he fired.
Bucky felt his hatred invading every cell of his body as he punched the screen with his metal arm, shattering the device instantly.

« I never knew » He brokenly whispered toward his friends. « She said she would protect me but I never understood how »

« That’s one brave woman you had there. She saved your life » Sam told him in an attempt to ease his pain.

« What did they do with her body ? » Steve asked.

« Nothing. I came soon after he shot her » He confessed. « She was already gone when I pulled her out of the water »

He turned once more to look at the large pool.

« I buried her the day after »

« Here ? » Sam inquired, surprised he would keep her in the base.

« No, nowhere near that place » He answered. « I took her where she belongs, next to the ocean »

« She seemed like a wonderful woman » Steve comforted him.

« She was. I owe her everything I am today »

« Did you love her back ? » The Captain sadly asked.

« You know, out of everything that happened in this place, I would do it all over again if I had the choice » He deviated the question. « I saw horrors and despair inside those walls, but I’ve also find peace. She gave me hope, she made me want to fight, she was … »

He violently brushed the tear on his cheek, shaking his head at Steve. He had won a life back, but lost his heart in the process.

« She was my middle, the woman between the past and the future. I think she knew she was going to die the day she told me she loved me. She was in both of those world and she chose for me, she decided I belonged to the future and stayed in the past. »

He knelt down, starring closely at the water as if he would see her, hidden deep inside.

« I would do it all over again, just for a the chance to fall for the Sea Monster »

Safe haven

Chest heaving, Alec stood at Magnus’ door, now filled with doubt. Maybe coming here in the middle of the night and waking up the High Warlock of Brooklyn wasn’t the brightest idea in the end.

Dedicated to @trytocountelectricsheep, because I stalk their tags and those are bomb. (I hope you like it!)

This is an, about 3500 words long, Malec fic consisting of Alec actually talking about his feelings and Magnus telling him it’s okay to be human, soft trigger warning for panic attack description.

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