what colors should i do tho

All hail showers, the worlds greatest source of inspiration. 

  • It’s April 1st, and Nicky decides to go on a pranking spree 
  • This naturally starts a prank war
  • What happens during this prank war is actually not important to our story, so I’ll leave that to you guys.
  • What is important is that Neil keeps getting pranked because he doesn’t know what April Fools is. 
  • At the end of the day Nicky explains and he just goes “oh”. Ya know, that kind of “oh” that really means “oooh I should do that" 
  • Well the foxes forget all about it. 
  • But Neil doesn’t. 
  • See this whole post is born from the fact that we, as a fandom, seldom talk about Neil spending nearly a decade switching personalities like most people switch clothes.
  • Not Neil tho he’s better with personality than clothes I mean Jesus fuck kid, jorts? 
  • What I’m getting at here is: Neil is fucking amazing at impressions.
  • Which the Foxes find out the next April when Neil shows up to practice in the morning with black hair, green color contacts, and a tattoo of a chess queen on his cheek.
  • Kevin is horrified.
  • The upperclassmen are delighted.
  • Nicky starts laughing literally every time Mini Kevin opens his mouth.
  • Aaron acts like he doesn’t care but he secretly records the whole thing with his phone and it’s gold.
  • He doesn’t show it, but this is the first thing Andrew’s found genuinely funny since he got off his meds.
  • Neil doesn’t break character once, no matter how many times Kevin tries to trip him. His imitiation of Kevin’s voice is perfect. He berates Andrew for his eating, criticizes everyone and everything during practice, real Kevin included, and mutters curses in French whenever something doesn’t go his way.
  • The foxes would’ve gotten tired of it quick if not for real Kevin acting NOTHING like himself for all of this. It’s like Mini Kevin stole his personality.
  • Right after afternoon practice Kevin gets a phone call from Jeremy.
  • Aaron uploaded the video to youtube and it got over a million views in under an hour and a half. The trojans are watching it on repeat. Jean laughed so hard he fell back from his chair and hit his head on the floor, rendering him briefly unconscious.
  • Kevin doesn’t tell anyone about this.
  • (Not that he needed to. Jean already called Renee and told her the story between fits of laughter.)
  • It makes the evening sports review channel news.
  • But by next morning it’s back to regular Neil.
  • And that’s the story of how Neil was invited to guest on Saturday Night Live
MEA: Ryder Meme

yeah sure the game is a month away and we know nothing of the cc, little of the story and nothing about Ryder’s personality/motivations, but we still have those head canons tho. Plus I love these so get to it.




Eye Color:

Hair Color/Description:

Skin (Color, blemishes, tattoos, ect):

Misc physical attributes

Preferred romance option:

Relationship with Alec & Sibling (Do they get along? ect.):

Projected BFF (The squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take):



Other (What else should we know about your Ryder):


W: Nope…not a clue got to go BYE!!

L: …unbelievable….this demon….

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What about Butters?

BUTTERS: I uh- I think my dad would be awful sore at me if he knew I w-was, going around and tellin strangers on the internet what I was..and stuff.

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Ok, so I’ve FINALLY come up with a sketch/ idea I like, after like… weeks (so hopefully It turns out good ;v; ) I still need to do the line-art and coloring tho!

I found the company I want to order them from and I made a tictail to sell them through! My packaging stuff is coming in little by little, so everything should be ready to go once I order my charms♡

I wanted to put little acrylic star charms on them, but I can’t find solid purple ;_; same for hearts, so not sure if they will have any additions ;v;

But thank you for asking!!! It helps me feel so much better about investing my time into them knowing people are interested ;v;

Ah! I should also mention I won’t be doing preorders, I’ll just sell them when I get them♡ If they happen to sell out, and there is a high enough demand, I will restock ♡

♡Thank you!♡

Seventeen going to a BBQ Restaurant

Episode Two: Where Seventeen goes to a BBQ Restaurant and all hell breaks loose

Scoups: “To celebrate our debut and also as a team bonding session, let’s go to a Korean bbq restaurant, it’s on me”

Vernon: “I want pizza, I’ll go book a table for us”

Scoups: “No more pizza Hansol, let’s go eat proper food”


The8: “Oh boy”

Waiter: “How many portions would you like?”

Scoups: “For thirteen people please”

Mingyu: “But I want more….”

Scoups: “We’ll order more when we finish eating what we’ve ordered Mingyu”

Mingyu: “But I usually eat five portions of meat”

Scoups: “What are you a hippo? How do you even finish that much food?”

The8: “Five portions? does the company even give us that much food?”

Mingyu: “I have my ways…” *smiles*

Wonwoo: “Wait… No wonder I felt like my meat was disappearing from my plate”

Jun: *glares at gyu*

Vernon: “Meat? No wait I thought we were at the pizza place down the street?”

Seungkwan: “Keep up Hansol Vernon Chwe, there’s a grill, there is an exhaust above our heads, where the heck do you think we’re at?”

Vernon: “But I already made a reservation…." 

Seungkwan: "Well isn’t that just too bad” *rolls eyes*

*meat arrives*

Scoups: “Time to grill the meat, who’s going to cook it?”

Mingyu: “Mingyu volunteers" 

The8: "No what the heck, you’re gonna secretly eat it all”

Scoups: “Okay so not Mingyu, who else wants to give it a go? Maknae do your job”

Dino: “The pain of being a maknae is real, I should’ve known… I should’ve listened when everyone warned me about it. I should’ve been born one year earlier! Why mum WHY?!!!" 

Seventeen: ….

Jeonghan: "Seungcheol, leave our baby alone you’re stressing him out, be a man and cook it”

Joshua: “You mean our baby”

Scoups: “Ugh I’m already paying and I still have to grill these for you all…”

Jeonghan: “Hmmmm… I think I should tie up my hair, if not it’s going to smell real bad after this”

Joshua: “Do not stare hong jisoo. DO. NOT. STARE. DAMMIT EYES”

DK: “Can I eat it yet?”

Scoups: “No”

DK: “How about now?”

Scoups: “No, Seokmin no”

DK: “What color does it need to be to know if its cooked?”

Scoups: “Brown”

DK: “It’s already brown tho, can I eat it?”

Scoups: “No its not brown enough”

DK: “Now?” 

Hoshi: "I wanna pee”

Woozi: “No one’s stopping you soonyoung”

Hoshi: “But there’s someone in there….” *points and pouts*

Woozi: “Then wait for the person to come out?! jeez…”

Hoshi: “Then can you tell me if the person comes out?" 

Woozi: "Fine, as long as you stop talking" 

Hoshi: "Is he out yet?”

Woozi: “No”

Hoshi: “Is it empty yet?”

Woozi: “Duh, no”

DK: “Is it cooked yet?”

Scoups: “Oh my god Dokyeom NO”

Hoshi: “Now?”

Woozi: “No stop asking me about it”

DK: “hyung is it done?" 


DK: “Well someone has anger management issues”

Jeonghan: “Here you go my baby, you need more meat so you can grow up to be a healthy dino”

Dino: “I’m 18 hyung”

Jeonghan: “Sure you are”

Joshua: “How about me Hannie?”

Jeonghan: “Alright, this is for you Joshie”

Joshua: *blushes* “Best day ever”

Wonwoo: “where did my meat go?”

Jun: “Give Wonwoo back his meat Mingyu!" 

Mingyu: "What are you talking about?”

Jun: “You know what I’m talking about… i saw you taking it from his plate”

Mingyu: “Where’s the proof?”

Jun: “It’s all over your face Mingyu”

Mingyu: “Ugh fine, it’s too late I already ate it all anyways”

Jun: *throws lettuce*

Mingyu: “Two can play that game” *throws kimchi at Jun*

Wonwoo: “Erm”

Jun: “Kimchi?! You ruined my white shirt, I saved this for a special occasion!”

Mingyu: “Oops want some water to wash it away?” *throws water at jun*

Jun: “Ugh that’s it you tall thing, I’m taking you down" 

Woozi: "Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Scoups: “Don’t encourage them Woozi. Guys sit down!”

Mingyu: “Ow ow ow, get off me jun”

Vernon: “Oh shit the pizza place is calling me! What do I do?!”

Seungkwan: “Don’t answer it”

Vernon: “I can’t, they know my name, my number, they know where I liveeeee”

Seungkwan: “Why would you tell them where you live?" 

Vernon: "Pizza delivery?”

Seungkwan: “Just decline the call vernon!" 

Vernon: "Oh no they are calling again! Help me Seungkwan!”

Seungkwan: “Just give me the god damn phone” *snatches phone*

Jun: *yanks mingyu’s hair*

Mingyu: “Rawrrrr” *picks up the metal spoon to hit jun*


Mingyu & Jun:*silently sits back down*

Scoups: "I need a drink”

Joshua: “Drink water”

Joshua: “Not alcohol”

Scoups: “Soju is clear like water” *drinks a shot of soju*

Joshua: “Close enough”

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Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to meet each other for the First Time

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Hi zephyo, sorry for bothering you but I was wondering how do you tackle learning? I've stopped drawing because I was overwhelmed while learning the fundamentals of art, but I want to start drawing again :) Btw I've been following your art for about two years now, they're really amazing so keep up the good work <3

omg nice anons are never a bother!

I try to make learning fun. Boring learning is ineffective! You want to be intrinsically motivated to learn - aka, you want to learn about color because you enjoy learning about color, not because you want to make a bombass portrait and your colors seem to suck <- you’re not learning about color for the sake of color.

So this is what I do nowadays: whatever I’m in the mood for - drawing beautiful nekkid ppl or seeing the nice dichotomy of cool greys against red - I do. I shut off all distractions - phone, games, that nice cheesecake ooh so tempting - and with the aid of good resources and motivating music, I draw for hours. And I enjoy it.

Here are some good resources

All of Andrew Loomis’s books (anatomy) (yes there are PDFs online.. if you can buy you probably should tho cuz they’re so good)

Perspective! for Comic Book Artists by David Chelsea (perspective)

Blender Guru’s “Understanding Color” and “Understanding Composition”

Linran’s tutorial (light and color)

Worqx (color)

bumskee’s art (omg I just like looking at it and there’s so much to learn about composition and color)

And never forget: art should be fun! 

PS. Sorry I blabbed so long XD Hope this helps.

i should just always answer all questionnaires myself anyways

January - do you rather warm or cold weather?
• warm. i hate winter

February - give one fact/detail about your crush
•i dont really have crushes except in the sense of wanting to be friends or admiration crushes. none right now tho smh

March - favorite color?
•kind of azure, kind of venice blue, a very electric bright saturated greenish blue

April - what religion are you?
•none but i like religion a lot

May - what is your eye color and hair color?
•blue eyes, brown hair

June - what is the best thing you’ve ever experienced?
•i guess ive had good luck in getting to meet a fair number of people who i think are really cool

July - what do your summers usually consist of?
•the last bunch of summers have been work. once i took two 6 week multivariable calc courses. i like to swim but i havent in forever, and it makes me really glad when spring comes around and i like a lot about the concept of summer still

August - what is the worst thing you’ve ever experienced?
•my least favorite memories are times my mom was laying into one of my siblings

September - would you rather be inside or outside?
•usually inside, but i like to have windows around. a front porch

October - what is your favorite movie?
•i dont know!

November - what is your favorite food?
•i dont know! hot browns are really good. i love a fried egg on toast. ice cream though probably

December - what do you want for christmas?
•i dont really like christmas. a lot of money

01 - what type of computer do you have?
•a pretty weak hp laptop. i think the battery is dead rn. its definitely not working

02 - favorite web site?
•tumblr i guess, im most invested in the stuff i do here. i check it most. those memes are good

03 - who would you consider your best friend on tumblr?
•i appreciate people being mutuals and i notice people who seem to like my blog a lot in the notifications

04 - do you play a musical instrument?
•i had to practice the piano for like five years but i never got that good at it. i learned the recorder in fourth grade or whatever. i technically have an accordion, i cant play it very well of course

05 - do you want to play a musical instrument or another musical instrument?
•i dont know, it mightve been fun to learn a brass or string instrument. but i wanted to do the other classes we had in middle school, life sciences of home ec, art, shop, and a computer/typing class

06 - share one time that you let someone down
•one time lol….on a personal level probably rarely. once i had a duo presentation in some science class and i accidentally slept through the class the day of the presentation. rip

07 - favorite overall thing (can be anything)?

08 - bottled water or tap water?
•tap is fine

09 - post your desktop background
•my laptop doesnt work

10 - favorite blog on tumblr?
•mine. its a finely curated meme collection. i look at it all the time

11 - what is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
•??? pretty neutral

12 - what is one word that you love?

13 - favorite subject in school?
•i never liked school but in one english class in 8th grade it was the last period and i’d get done with whatever worksheets we had early and the teacher would let me go hang out with the librarian

14 - what do you want to be when you grow up?
•dead at 33

15 - what time does your alarm clock go off?
•alarms are not currently in my life

16 - are you a cat person or dog person?
•both but i super like cats

17 - what is your morning routine?

18 - sexual orientation?
•gayass queer

19 - what do you look for in a significant other?
•i dont do that shit

20 - what is the most expensive thing you own?
•the broken laptop, but i didnt buy that. some of my shoes/jeans were about $50

21 - why did you choose your url?
i saw it on a sandwich board and i thought it was funny

22 - what url would you like the most?
•this one is fine, i cant ever really choose anything like that

23 - what is your favorite app?
•this one, i guess

24 - favorite number?
•phi and tau are good. 13

25 - what is your favorite childhood memory?
•we had some fun vacations i think

26 - what is you most successful post?
•probably an art joke

27 - do you like or reblog things more often?

28 - do you think mcr will come back?

29 - what is one food that you despise?
•i dont like the texture of fat on meat, though i can tolerate it on bacon and sometimes try to force my way through it in general. weirdly i like corn but not like, removed from the cob unless its hominy

30 - mouse or trackpad?

31 - can i talk to you about jesus christ our lord and savior?
•last time someone did this it was me being approached by a random man at the gym. it was a lot less disastrous than it could have been. he wanted to tell me right then that jesus loved me. im sure his intentions were fine but it was still undue stress for me and fairly entitled and inconsiderate of him in a few ways. i was annoyed but it was only like 30 seconds thanks jesus

tbh Baz with eyeliner is the only thing i need in my life

baz with soft smudgy, dark dark dark eyeliner

baz with killer winged eyeliner, so on point you could stab someone with it

baz with glittery eyeliner that brings out so many colors in his eyes

baz with eyeliner

Doing a recolor for a M!A I got. I don’t know what color to make her sweatshirt… I’m also not so sure about her hair ;;

I have another nebula/space background that’s blue… Maybe I should have just gone with plain colors instead of fancy patterns D=

(Remember: @89animegirl made this icon)

drawing ashton

hey guys i’m back again with another drawing tutorial. this time we will be drawing Ashton 

step 1: as usual, begin with a circle and for the head 

step 2: draw in lines for the neck and shoulders

step 3: to make ash’s bandanna, draw a slightly curved rectangle that runs the whole way across his forehead

step 4: now it’s time to draw his hair. begin this by making two curvy lines that face to the right

step 5: continue drawing ashton’s curls by making a series of curving and bending lines that face in different directions. this creates his messy curls. 

step 6: finish the hair by adding two tufts behind his ears, some curls sweeping over his bandanna, and some sideburns

step 7: add in the eyes and mouth. in this drawing, ashton is sticking his tongue out. (you can now erase your guide circle if you have not already)

step 8: we will now start the body. start by drawing a cross or a “t” shape, and add in ovals for the arms (the picture below explains it much better)

step 9: to make ashtons “rock hand” draw a guide circle at the end of his right arm, then make 4 ovals for fingers (I never draw all 5 fingers lol)

step 10: the legs are basically two rectangles that should be equal in length (if not slightly longer than) the torso area.

step 11: add in minor details to the pants and shoes and color if you want. wow now we r done that wast too bad was it even tho i’m shitty at explaining 

Calum tutorial will be coming soon. maybe later tonight, maybe in a few days idk. anyway, you can request tutorials or drawings if you want. im thinking about doing a coloring tutorial once i finish 4/4 what do you guys think?

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nickname: Nik, Nikki, Niko here
height: 5'7 I think
last thing I googled: Target closing time. I hate walking while the sun is out so if I need to walk somewhere I go after 8
favorite music artist: They’re a band but Marianas Trench ✌
song stuck in my head: Blackbear- My Bad Luv
last movie I saw: Moana. End credits are literally playing as I type this.
what am I wearing right now: Black dress with white lace top/trim!
why did I choose my url: Idk I’m gonna change it again tho.
do I have other blogs: Like, twenty lol.
what did my last relationship teach me: People are shitty and you should look out for yourself first 👌
religious or spiritual: Neither I guess?
favorite color: Yellow!!!! 🌻
average hours of sleep: Am I Ever Awake?
lucky number: 2!
favorite characters: I’m sure I have some but none come to mind right now?
how many blankets do I sleep with: One!
dream job: Graphic novel author/illustrator! Being a therapist would be cool too.

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1, 3, & 9

1. what is your favorite color to work with? Blue! Tho maybe it should technically be purple? I use purple mostly for effects and all that jazz. 

3. what song(s) do you listen to when you do art? Usually instrumentals or the soundtracks for the thing I’m drawing for- music with lyrics is too distracting, makes me wanna sing along and interrupts the mental image, haha!

9. what drawing program do you use? Clip Studio Paint! I’d sing it praises all day every day, really good program. 

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25: Do you miss anyone from your past? Yeah a few friends I drifted apart from as I grew up, my grandpa, and even tho I never met her sometimes I get upset that my grandmas not around

26: What are you craving right now? Water lol

27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart? I don’t think so, if I have they never told me

28: Have you ever been cheated on? Never been dated on pal

29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Never had one :/

30: What’s irritating you right now? Umm,,, nothing really, I should be doing hw tho but I can’t bring myself to and that’s annoying

31: Does somebody love you? Ya this @heyyoucoolemo girl said so one time she’s okay ig

32: What is your favourite color? Idk I love all colors but I really like purple, or blue lol

33: Do you have trust issues? Sometimes, it depends, I’m a pretty trusting person tho at face value

34: Who/what was your last dream about? Umm,,, crap, I can’t remember, I think some ppl from some movie tho, or maybe kids from school idk

35: Who was the last person you cried in front of? Probably my friend Emma, but only briefly cuz I had a show to do and couldn’t ruin my makeup

Send me asks!!☺️ (literally anything guys idc I love getting these)