what colors should i do tho

Jumping aboard the bandwagon (Articuno sprite ratings)


A loud child. They are yelling and excited. A round borb body. Bird orb. Their tail too long for their gotdamn sprite 6/10


Floof! Bright intense color! Big flowy tail! FEETS!!! A good birb 8/10


Pale and fat. Not enough floof but a biiiiiig tail end to make up for it. Not as excited as their blue sprite tho! Needs more yell 5/10




They are good and strong! Inquisitive and reaching out to snatch you up with their claws! A flowy shiny tail! Like a big icy rooster I love them 10/10


Like silver but in motion! Look at their beak! A chatty child! Their tail swishes and they twitch their wings! They want to fly with you!!! 11/10


They are flying! Flying and they’re looking down at you with their red eyes and waving! They think you’re neat! A nice powdery blue and floof! Looks like winter 9/10


They swoop and flap and yell hello! Hello friend! 11/10


Look at those feets! They stomp and dance and sing! 8/10


A deeper blue and brown legs! A bigger floof! Look at them nod and flap! Sinnoh is cold and nice and they love it! 8/10


They are excited! Their tail is flowy and they are poised to leap into battle! 10/10


They flap and coo! Unova is exciting and they’re ready to whip up some winter for everybody! 8/10

X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Back to softer colors! They aren’t as yelly or dancy but look at those flaps! Look at that tail! Very smooth and fluid! A good birb! 9/10

Bonus sidegame time!


Look at them! So strong! Ready for anything! Intense and powerful but still elegant and perfect! 11/10


A good friend with a big floof! Big wings and a long tail! You can feel the determination to win in their eyes! A good mascot! 10/10

Red/Blue Rescue Team

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So bright! So flappy! They’re floaty but they have weight! And look, their friends are here too! 9/10

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people would join the nazi party bc they were scared of what would happen if they didnt ?? it was similar to mccarthyism n the red scare. also, if he really believed the same as nazism then why would he fall in love w a black girl. i just feel like amandla is right, u know?? we dont know. why would she, a bisexual nonbinary person of color who's views tumblr dot hellsite has never had a problem w before, suddenly turn around and be all "forgive nazis" u kno ??

I won’t say much bc I honestly don’t think I’m educated enough to speak on the deeper issues of the holocaust. But I do think in this racial climate it should be understandable why people were quick to jump to conclusions, and they responded kinda poorly imo…I understand some of what ur saying tho. But at the same time just because they r nb/black/etc that doesn’t mean they can’t be an apologist/supporter of humanizing the enemy/etc

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7, 11, 14?

7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?
coloring is kinda fun tho I honestly have no idea what I’m doing

11. warm or cool colors? 
cool colors are… calm??? Idk but I’ll go with that

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore? 
I used to draw so many OCs. I have an old notebook filled with my crappy OCs. I got rid of most of them tho and now I have a few, nicely done characters.

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Nickname: Joji (one girl calls me Jojo)

Height: 5'9

Favorite music artist: Mitski right now

Last TV show you watched: Adventure Time

What kind of stuff do you post: idk man shit I like, cool anime stuff, illustration stuff, cool images

Do you have any other blogs: one but I want to improve my art skills before I post on it

Why did you choose your URL: Freshman year I asked a friend what my username should be for a phone game. I basically use it for all my stuff. I want to change it next time tho

Hogwarts house: Harry Potter ain’t my thing

Favorite color: vermillion, Indigo, Turquoise

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 and a comforter (I like blankets dude)

Following: 238

Followers: 30

20 blogs I’m tagging: @swoinks
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Name: alex
Gender: nonbinary
Height: 5'3"
Orientation: asexual
Age: 14
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown
Smoking, Drinking, Drugs?: do what ya want Job: im too young 
Favorite Color: grey
Favorite Band: waterparks
Siblings: a sister
Tattoos?: nah
Favorite Book?: read way too many
Perfect Date: just talking and watching movies
Hobbies: drawing, playing guitar
Why should I pick you?: im really loyal + im too ugly for others to want me lmao
Why do you even want to date me?: you seem really nice

well, the only thing i seem to do is watch movies and talk so thats perfect loL

youre so cute and smol tho??? i could just bend down and hug u  om g

also dude you draw and play guitar thats so radical?? i play bass but i dont know much guitar you could play me songs ; )

ALSO SHUSH youre cute ily


a giveaway!

ive never done one of these before so uh, bear with me?

i hit a follower milestone a little while back so! im doing this as a thank you.


1) should be following me lets be real

2) must answer in 24 hrs

3) uh idk actually i think thats it??

what i will draw:

1) OCs

2) characters

3) furries maybe

what i will not draw:

1) nsfw (blood/wounds are ok tho)

2) anything very complicated, but u should ask


3rd prize is a bust, second prize is simple full body and third prize is full color up to 2 characters!

if you dont want to take the chance of not winning but still want a super kool drawing, please consider commissioning me!

so just uh, like or reblog this and good luck! ill be announcing the winners, uh, july 17th i guess?


Screw shading, I think these look great enough without it.

I’ve had fun with this idea and this drawing and how silly it is.

The exact show I used the poses from was Power Rangers: Dino Charge, and each Sans is in the pose of the Ranger with the corresponding color:

Red - Tomato Soul - @amber-acrylic

Yellow - Lithos - @mirrored-with-puns

Green - Clover - @rainbowchu3

Blue - Edgelord - @louisethe4th (hope you don’t mind me adding the boots and belts)

Pink - Stardust - me

What’s bad is that this is the first time I’ve drawn all of these Sanses in full-body with color (since I sketched Clover before). What a way to premier them in my art style.

Hopefully I’ll actually try drawing something serious with these guys.

sometimes a zayn pic will pop up in my dash and leave me breathless even though I run a zayn blog and it’s so wild like… sometimes you have to stop what ur doing and just stare at him, u know? All the lines in his face, the colors in his skin, eyes, and think “damn…” because to know a person with all that unique features - carrying all that beauty - is somewhere out here living at the same time you are like- damn…


In the name of asexuals, I will punish you!

An anon asked me what my favorite colors are (purple, white, and black) and itstimetodrew was like “you should be the ace magical girl” so that’s what I became B^)

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I saw your James Bond post, I personally feel that Bond should be killed off or retired( killed off so they can't keep revamping his story.) And they should pass the 007 torch on to someone of color. What do you think?

Personally I don’t think three’s the need to do much story acrobatics (that one seems fine tho ) to make it happen. 

If there’s a will there’s a way, I mean, it’s not like we are talking of some crazy science fiction mind blowing twist. I’m pretty sure POC exist in the UK.

Naveen Andrews as 007? There’s a thought.