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Do you have a collection of Hyesung's different hairstyles/hair color pictures? I NOW LIVE FOR HYESUNG'S MESSY HAIR!!! And what hairstyle/hair color do you think suits him best? :">

I have a few of them here in this post http://hearts-shinhwa.tumblr.com/post/149693128017/i-want-to-ask-your-favourite-handsome-hyesung

Suit him best.. I read that as what hair does he look HAWT in ahahaha My all-time fave Hyesung hair color/hairstyle would be Sniper era black syung. BLACK ON HIM FREAKIN KILLS. Second fave would be platinum/blonde syung. Third would be forehead syung. In 4th and 5th would be blue syung and ponytail syung XD

And for the collection of Hyesungโ€™s different hairstyles, I scrolled through my folder and got whatever I can find:

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Open the gates: Commission Masterpost (USD)

Hello, hello pals, It’s about time I opened up shop to use all my spare time. What I have to offer is Detailed-sketches, inks, monochrome coloring.
Also, along with regular commissions, I offer art sessions per hour if you’re not sure what you’d like.

First off, if you’re interested any you can contact me either in PM’s or email:


(Additional characters +%50)
Headshot: $10
Bust - $15
Full Body: $18 USD.
Complex sketches (Includes dialogue/basic shades) + $5

Slot 1: Azriel on discord.
Slot 2: Available
Slot 3: Available
Slot 4: Available
Slot 5: Available

Example Links:
Boop! <– Fullbody basic 
Booop! <– Headshots
Boooop! <– Backgrounds included with Complex fee. 
Booooop! and Blp! and Blut! <– If there’s a style you’ve in mind, lemme know. I’m an expert at plager– I mean replicating. 
Bleeeeep! <– Multiple characters will are fun. 

Inks are an additional $10.
Slot 1: Available
Slot 2: Available
Slot 3: Available

Bloop! <– (I wanted to be Vayne…)
Beep! <– (A gif I worked on for abit.)
Y’know, I haven’t inked anything this year. I hope I get commissions like these, hah!

1. Slot taken. @cotton-hands

As for splash arts, where I spend hours recreating a league aesthetic with little to no hesitation on details for the intention of professional champion select quality! Just $50. 

Background and character will be monochrome flat. 
I’ll only work one at a time. 

Rent me is for those small doodles, y’know, the 5-20 minute rough sketches.

vv About an hour of work vv 

Rent me stream sessions are $15 an hour.
During that period I’ll doodle whatever you’d like, whether it be detailed or scratchy work. You can even set me to autopilot. I can fill out an expression character. I can draw bubbles. Really, aesthetic, bubbles.
Stream sessions can be private or public (You decide summoner).
We’ll decide on a set time and date together. 

You get the point. I won’t afk at Keyboard, I promise.  
I’m a submissive artist okay, feel free to yank my chain. 

If you’ve any questions or concerns, let me know. Hope to do business with’cha. Y yes i do nsfw hee-hee

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if you were to dye your hair a different color, what would you go for?

well aside from my trademark red hair, I’d love to try different shades of pink or maybe even something interesting like white!!

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Okay, so I've always wanted to know what kind of fashion you're into. Like formal attire, bright colors, skirts/shorts. I've always had an interest in others fashion taste. Fashion gives a gal 200 confidence points.

absolutely!!! if u look further down on my blog u can see a link and a tag I just posted in another ask that gives a lot of specific examples as to my fashion tastes cause I have a hard time putting it into words
but!!! the basic gist of it is just,,, super feminine stuff. poofy/frilly/pretty skirts, dresses, pastel colors, cute tights/leggings, stuff with cute fur lining on it, purses, etc.
of course that’s not ALL I’m into cause I also have the potential to enjoy a lot more casual stuff as well!! but that kind of stuff is my all time favorite

stay close to me ❄ for annie

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