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Honestly, I'm just convinced that the reason dan couldn't do a live show tonight was because they were filming/editing a gaming video for tommrow. They seem to put out new videos on the channel every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. And it seems pretty suspicious that phil retweeted something about the horse prince almost two hours after what would've been dans live show. So maybe we can look out for a two hour my horse prince final tommrow?

very plausible!!!!!! i def think they’ve been really swamped, per their own statements about stress/not sleeping/etc. and i think the frequent uploading is a big part of that! i think youre right in suggesting that the horse prince finale will be coming soon (if not tmrw then sometime this week i imagine). especially bc the second horse prince video flopped by their standards (in terms of views) so they probably just want to get it over with instead of randomly uploading it a month from now. also generally, bc they have so many travel plans coming up (hong kong + other vacay possibly, to australia for the convention, to florida for lester family vacay, although dan joining that isn’t confirmed it’s v likely imo, and then to playlist) it seems very possible to me that they might also be trying to pre-film a lot right now for dapg, on top of whatever other stuff they’ve clearly got going on, which means it is totally unsurprising that they’ve had to cancel and they’ve seemed so tired lately lol 

You can’t tell me Yakov wasn’t channeling his inner Dad when he:

-tried to stop Victor from running after what looked like was a train-wreck in the making.
-still drove him to the airport anyway.
-burst into a tantrum about how self-centered his son is on TV because he wouldn’t just listen and stay home.
-was totally leery of the Katsuki kid his boy Victor is head over heels for.
-insisted that Victor come home (before he makes a mistake and gets heartbroken by a one night stand offer.)
-sulked and ignored Victor like a dad who won’t budge over his unsavory opinions on who his son chooses to date.
-refused to spend dinner with Victor and this sketchy pole dancer and likely got annoyed that his son didn’t insist that he go
-could barely look his son’s crush in the eye even when he was his coach-for-a-day (“This guy? This guy is seducing my son?”)
-terribly awkward around his son’s boyfriend, especially after he realizes that he might not be so bad after all
-is probably now dreading saying his speech at Victor and Yuuri’s wedding, because it’ll be tough explaining how he’s actually warmed up to this anxious, bespectacled Japanese man his boy Victor is besotted with.
-is also probably spending every night working on that speech right now, word for word, and reluctantly asking Lilia for her opinion.

au where bitty becomes a really popular youtuber

and after jack publicly comes out they do the couples yoga challenge for eric’s channel and jack has never been quite this bad at anything in his life, and eric is just like “oh, honey, can you not lift your leg over your head? what about touching your toes? well, at least you can lift me. lord, this just goes to show that if figure skating were easy they would call it hockey.

Isaac and Jackson are living together when Derek finds them in London. 

Isaac turned his pain from Allison’s death into art and has been writing music and playing local pubs to make money. Jackson learned control and after that he started to channel all of his energy into school. He ended up finishing university by 20 and is not onto the London School of Economics for his masters. 

Derek crashes on their couch for two weeks before Stiles shows up at the door.

“Jackson called, he aid I had to come collect you,” Stiles days with a smile, “Something about pining and not wanting to hear about me anymore.”

“I’m not pining,” Derek mutters, which was a bold face lie. He was pining so hard Stiles could probably have felt it across the ocean. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“Studying abroad this semester,” Stiles says, “Care to come on an adventure to Warsaw with me?”

“Will your roommate mind?” Derek asks, looking at Stiles like he can’t believe he’s really there.

“One bedroom apartment, my only roommate is the stray cat that keeps finding his way into my living room.”

“I’ll come then,” Derek says with a shrug.

“Only one stipulation,” Stiles says with a big grin, “You’ve gotta stop pining.”

Derek’s heart skins and his face falls, “Yeah okay.”

“Because we can’t both be pining, that’s just pathetic,” Stiles continues before stepping into Derek’s space and pulling him close, brushing their lips together.

“Finally!” Isaac yells from somewhere in the flat, “Not get the fuck out, you’re messing with my game.”

“You have no game Lahey,” Stiles yells back before kissing Derek again. 

They end up adopting the cat. He moves back to DC with Stiles that summer. Oh and so does Derek. 

Gemini & Cancer
  • Gemini, stroking Cancer's hair as they watch TV together: Hey Cancer, what show are we watching?
  • Cancer, looks up at him creepily as she changes the channel: You'll see
  • Gemini, gets a bad feeling: Oh no
  • Cancer, laughs as Gilmore Girls come on, takes the batteries out of the remote and throws them into the darkness: OH YEEEEEEAAAAAH
12x10 - “Pterodactyl Screeching into the void” - Part 1

My title is borrowed from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak comment on my crazy blogging after first watching this episode earlier. I feel like it is a fitting title for how this episode made me feel. To clarify, these are very very happy pterodactyls.

Steve Yokey wrote this episode and he appears to have well and truly taken up the gap left when Robbie Thompson sadly left the show. In fact this episode to me channels the ghost of Robbie in many different ways. From the fanfiction-esque moments of poor suffering third wheel Sam, to the meta nod to Charlie Bradbury, there is much of Robbie to be found here. Basically, it was bloody perfect.

I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come. Yokey has picked up the characterisations brilliantly, and seems to have an understanding of what the fandom desperately craves in terms of Castiel, his character, his personality and his development. I adored his sass in this episode. Some other writers *cough*bucklemming*cough* struggle to really capture Castiel’s sass and humour. Showing their lack of understanding of Castiel’s persona and his intelligence and instead writing him in a way that is jarring and sometimes basically stupid. Castiel is far from stupid. In this episode he was written perfectly, in a way I haven’t seen since Edlund’s time. Is that a sweeping statement? Maybe. But I’m still riding my high so let me have it this time.

This episode gave us three of my favourite things. Badass and Sassy Castiel, Overprotective grumpy husband Dean, and poor long suffering brother Sam. (baring in mind this is how they are usually written in fanfiction nowadays this is exactly my jam and I am so so happy to see it play out on screen. Seriously who sold their soul to Crowley for this episode?)

This review will also be in two parts. Because I have so freaking much to say about it.

The first part will focus on destiel, the second on everything else including Castiel’s emotional arc (as separate from destiel), his relationships with angels, angels and gender and Lily Sunder’s character.


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Today the #YouTube channel I’ve been hosting since February hit 200K subscribers, which is still blowing my mind. (For the 1% of my followers who are friends and family, and wondering what the hell I am talking about, @KindaTV_ is the flagship YouTube channel of Smokebomb Entertainment, which produces original scripted web series like @carmillaseries… y'know, that lesbian vampire show!) Anyway, before I got this job I thought YouTube was just for cat videos and Tumblr was just for porn… so needless to say, this adventure has been quite the challenge and experiment for me. But it’s also been super rewarding, and cool to see how communities come together through it, and how much people enjoy watching me stumble around the Internet for some reason. So like, before this turns into a sappy inspirational post or some shit, I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. Truly. by natvanlis

A message to the Gotham writers

Thank you

I want to stay as diplomatic as possible and before any of the later episodes come out, say; Thank You. 

Writing for public television is very difficult, as is working on the whole production. Especially if you’re on a channel (Fox) that has been known to cancel many TV shows early. There are a lot of risks involved with trying to please the fans, the producers, the censors and all at the same time. 

You could have not given us lgbt Oswald at all. You could have never brought up his sexuality, and you took a big risk, and a morally correct risk by making Oswald not straight. Despite what shippers and fans are saying, many of us are grateful just for that. I am. Of course I want Oswald with Ed, many of us do. I think it’s a good decision to have Ed be with Oswald, even if for a short time since you did take the risk of making Oswald fall in love with him. But I do understand if it can’t be done. I understand if there are obstacles that just can’t be surpassed.

I am saying this because I think we shouldn’t be pissed at the Gotham writers if these two don’t end up being happy and dandy with a cherry pie relationship living life with smiles on both their faces. We don’t know what they personally have to go through to get these things done. They didn’t have to give us anything in the first place, but now we’re here.

So thank you Gotham writers. I’ve enjoyed watching these episodes, even if I have been very frustrated. I don’t want people to spread hate, so even if Nygmobblepot doesn’t work out I’m going to remain positive and keep shipping this damn ship until it’s sailing every sea. 


Another Goddamn Yooseven Youtuber AU

I know this has been done several times but here we fuckin go

yoosung is a gaming channel and he has a lot of fans that don’t go for the kind of like… standard gamer channels like he’s really good at games but he also just comes across as rly sweet and innocent (basically he’s like…. the opposite of critikal) 

seven’s channel is vlog style and it’s a mess of everything he’s interested in but his personality is interesting enough that he has a ton of followers anyway. every single one of his videos clocks in at 7 minutes, seven seconds, or 7:07. no one knows how he manages that every time but it’s his trademark.

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Kissing under mistletoe
Harry styles imagine
Where y/n meets harry at a Christmas party
“No Noel, I’m not coming, there will be tons of celebrities there and I’m what? Just a college student who working two shifts to pay her apartment payments” I change channels looking for a good tv show
“So what? You’ll go with me and maybe meet a celebrity ” she’s insisting on me follow her to that Christmas party, Noel is my friend but we can’t close our eyes on the truth that she’s a spoiled little girl with a wealthy family whose invited to a Christmas party and not a normal party.
“Please y/n , I don’t want to be alone out there, what you gonna lose anyway?” She’s right, what I’m gonna lose? So I smiled at her “just this one time” she jumps up and down “you’re the best, c'mon, I brought you a dress” she runs to my bedroom. I just sigh.

After two hours getting ready now we’re out side of two large golden door. Lots of paparazzi with big cameras are waiting there for a celebrity. what are you saying y/n, of course they’re not waiting for you obviously, I roll my eyes at myself, I don’t know but sometimes I wish I have a good voice, maybe become a singer and have better life. But If I was lucky enough at least I could’ve been born in a wealthier family. Then I could’ve had a better life not working my ass to pay for my college and that small apartment.

We walked in hall, exactly opposite of what I thought here is so bright and decorated with cheeky Christmas trees and stuff like that. everyone are dressing casually, like us?!
My dress is a long golden dress that’s tight around my waist, it’s not too long neither too short
“Oh god here is so hot” Noel said , I looked around the room knowing some of the singers and actors but not really interested. They’re just human like us and they’re so selfish as well because of what they’re doing. I hate those people who don’t know what’s life, while they’re enjoying their time . The only time they’ll get the idea of our lives is when they play a role in movies as poor people.
“Down to earth"Noel shakes her hand in front of my face “what?” I totally get lost in my thoughts “I said do you want a drink? And I said it three times ” she rolled her eyes “sorry I was deep in thoughts” she takes my hand “so there’s a reason to get loose tonight” she pulled me toward bar “no Noel I’m not drinking” I don’t like drinking “yes you do because I’m saying, it’s Christmas y/n don’t be so tight , have little fun” I sigh. There’s no chance in protesting, she gonna do what she wants and makes me do too.
“Two shots please” she told bartender as he eyes her and she shoot the best and sexiest smile ever to his way. Typical Noel.

I look around the hall again. In the corner of room there’s a group of people hanging around and drinking champagne but the only thing that gets my attention is a man sitting in center of group looking at them as they talking, his eyes are the best green I’ve ever seen. His eyes gets crinkles as he laughs, his long curly brown hair is floating in air and he pulled it back time to time, he’s wearing a red sweater that fits him perfectly. I wonder who is he

“He’s styles, harry styles, do you ever heard of one direction?” Noel said like she reads my mind. I shake my head without breaking my stare at him “the biggest boy band, I wonder why you don’t know them” she mocked me. I barely listen to music, hardly have time for myself in a day and then I’m too tired to even keep my eyes open let alone do something else.

His eyes fell on mine in distance, I turned around blushing, I don’t know why I’m blushing this hard because he cough me staring, Noel stands up “c'mon let’s dance” I shake my head as no, I’m not a good dancer if you could count swaying your feets back and forth a dance. And Noel knows this better “ok then I’m on dance floor if you needed me” she said and I nod at her, “there’s some hot guy if you’re interested” she whimpers before leaving.

I’m playing with drink in my hand thinking about tomorrow ,I have a day off and I don’t know what to do with it, I mean I don’t have anything special to do anyway. Maybe just watching tv and stuff.
I look at the curly boy again, but I can’t see him, I turned in my seat to get a better look of where the group is but no he’s no where to be seen. I don’t know why I’m so disappointed
“Are you looking for someone?” A husky voice makes me jump, I clutch my chest where my heart is , turning around greeting with a pair of green green eyes.

He smirked “sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” I shake my head “it’s ok” he smiled as his dimples fall out. I stare at him hypnotized by his beauty. There’s a song I heard in taxi the other day, those days I was so depressed, moving out of my childhood house not by my choice, was the hardest thing ever , and that song makes my heart ache. I don’t know is it the reason or the song was awesome because I can remember the lyrics so damn well “green eyes” , his eyes are just like that song “green eyes”.

“I’m harry, by the way” he take his hand out, I take his in mine “y/n” I said out of breath, because of him I forgot how to breathe. Why someone could have this effect on me?

“Beautiful name” he said with his thick British accent “thank you” I don’t know what to say anymore. I want to stare at him till morning but I take my hand out and stare at my untouched drink playing with straw. “You don’t drink?” I shake my head at his question “well that’s interesting ” I look at him, he’s still smiling at me. I wonder why he’s interested in me. I mean I’m not a beautiful girl, even far from it, I’m slender but that’s not because I’m working out or something. He may only wants to get in my pants. I’m not bad for a shag.
I sigh “you know I’m not one of those girls” I suddenly state, don’t know why ,maybe I’m betrayed by my own thoughts. He look at me confused “which girls?” He asked his eyes don’t leave mine a second “I’m not those one night stand girls. I mean I’m not even into sleeping with any strangers so if you want to just …” he cuts me “wait wait, who said I want to sleep with you” he has a funny look on his face “so why you’re talking with me?” He laughs “why shouldn’t I?” I shrugged, I’m just overthinking everything “sorry” he patted my back “it’s ok”
I stare at my drink while his hand is resting on my back “I didn’t see you around , what you doing?” He asked , I don’t know should I tell him truth or let him think highly of me , I’m not gonna see him after tonight so why lying , even if he want to judge me I will not lose anything “I’m a waiter at restaurants and working at a bookstore as well, actually I’m here with my friend” I point to my back where Noel left.

He didn’t change the way he’s looking at me and make me wonder what he’s thinking right now “that’s fantastic, I was working at a bakery as well, it was the best. I’m smiling whenever I’m thinking about those times so I can say that was one of my favorite works” I look at him confused “were you? I thought Noel said you’re a singer” this time I look at him funny, he laughs and god his laugh and the way his lips move , he’s a masterpiece “well I didn’t born a singer love” oh.

“Sorry” I said, I’m just a fool. “Don’t be ” he moves his hand up and down my back “so tell me about yourself ” he said ordering a drink for himself, I think a moment “nothing special about me ” “sure there should be, let’s start with your favorite color ” I think a moment, “I know it’s strange but I’m really into grey ” “your favorite food?” He asked again? I don’t know why he’s asking but there’s no harm in answering him, there’s not lots of people who wants to know me “I have a special passion for pasta” he smiled “see there’s lots of special things about you” I stare at him as he locked his eyes on me , he leaned closer and I find myself leaning closer. I know it’s wrong but I don’t know why ? He takes my hand “come with me” he suddenly pulls away and holds my hand pulling me somewhere, “where we’re going?” He didn’t answer just makes me follow him. His grip on my wrist is so soft and gentle and strangely I’m not worry about where he’s taking me , he suddenly stopped, I almost hit his back , he turned back facing me smiling, I smile back , he motioned up and when I looked up I saw lots of mistletoes , I look at his wild eyes that are lock on my lips “it’s cheeky but let’s kiss under mistletoe” I smirk and feel his lips crush on mine passionately and softly, I can feel fireworks in my belly or what? Butterflies? I wonder why.

He hold my face in his hand and I run my hand in his hair, he pulls me closer as we kiss , finally he pulled away , “well y/n , can I take you to a really good Italian restaurant that I know tomorrow?” He asked as his finger running on my cheek “I don’t know, only if you guarantees they have good pastas ” he hold my waist tighter “I don’t know about pastas but I’ll make sure they hang some mistletoe on our table” he eyes me carefully waiting for my answer, I nod my head as his lips moved up again “good” “good” his lips crashed on mine again this is the only and the best Christmas party I ever attended. Or better say the best Christmas I ever had.

A/n: hope you enjoyed, send me your requests. Xx

40 planes, 15 fans from around the world, 13 planes to disney channel, 11 planes to netflix, 10 planes to hulu, and 6 planes to amazon later…

Im so thankful for the @planes4gmw campaign. It helped pull me out of a dark time by giving me something to focus on. I’m so very proud that this fandom was able to come together, despite our differences, in support of this little show that we love so much. Even if someone doesn’t pick it up, I am happy and proud of what we’ve done. Thank you guys for giving me hope. I love you all.

     “But maybe if you don’t hope for too much, but let
        yourself hope for one thing, it might actually happen.”
                  - Maya Hart  (Girl Meets Hurricane)

My feedback on Anti-Month:


I honestly can’t put into words or expressions on how fun and amazing this month has led up to. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions, mixing the feeling of suspense and excitement into one BIG finale. If I’m honest, I haven’t experienced something this thrilling in a very long time and I must thank Jack and Robin for making this for us. 

Jack, from the creepy acting to the cryptic text, I was on the edge of my seat, getting chills up my spine for each new video to come out. You took a concept created by fans about the dark side of you and incorporated that idea into your videos to make the channel more spooky for Halloween. That is so unique and I love how well you executed it till the very end. What impressed me the most wasn’t just the performance of it all, It was your efforts and fondness you had of this “insane” character that really sold me. What a fantastic show!

 Also, please lets all take a moment to appericate Robin, the mastermind editor behind all the magic. Every glitch you saw, every static noise, every filtered clip, Robin was behind it all. Now I’m in a technical school where I go to learn Multi-Media Production (aka YouTube, Photography, learn to be Adobe Certificated). Robin is INCREDIBLY skilled in using Premiere to create all those little details.Take it from me who has been using the program for about 4 years now. I use Premiere every day and I can’t begin to imagine how he went about doing it. So honestly major props to Robin for planning out those videos and making a month feel like a horror film.

Truly amazing fellas I fvcking love both of you

Thank you so much 

- Haley D


how to make a good disney channel cartoon

takes place during summer break

have it star two siblings of the same age

have a 15 year old redheaded girl who really wants to come off as cool and collected but it constantly stressed by her family

of the two siblings, have one who is only called by his nickname, and never by his birth name in cannon, leaving your fandom to come up with wild fan theories on what his name really is

someone has to have a really remarkably obvious crush on a redhead

gnomes are a running theme in the show

morally gray character voiced by the creator of the show, introduced as simple comic relief until the show goes in depth into his childhood, where we learn that he has always been made to feel inferior to his brother and that he was abandoned/kicked out of the house by his parents, among other unsavory childhood/adolescent memories, and that he’s actually a pretty tragic character until you really just want him to be happy goddammit let grunkle stan and doofenshmirtz be HAPPY

weird inventor with a tragic past who is kinda funny but also pretty sad, is also all but married to an animal (raccoon wife, perry.) also has an estranged child who is embarrassed by their father, but comes around and loves him by the end of the series. also voiced by creator of the show

one of the siblings, same one with the nickname thing, has a crush on a cool teenager who works for the morally gray character voiced by the creator of the show

cool teenager that nickname sibling has a crush on has an overly posessive goth ex-boyfriend

character making the sacrifice of their memories for the ones they love

groundhog day plot/time travel shenanigans

emotional episode about the last day of summer

finding cryptids just for funsies

have information that can only be known if you buy spin off books

j.k. simmons

we all know how bad isak is at maneuvering the internet™ so what if even helps isak get to know the gay side of the interwebs (beside the gay test of couse)

even introducing isak to gay youtube like:

  • “you never watched a coming out story???” and then proceeding to show him the ones that helped him come to terms with himself
  • showing him cute couples that vlog (and picking up their catch phrases)
  • “actually there are also gay people on youtube whose videos don’t revolve around being gay. like there is this science channel that even i like to watch and they are a gay couple” and isak is really surprised that they exist

even going “isak you know you don’t HAVE to buy every film you want to watch, right?”

  • and then showing him his favourite gay lovestories including, but not limited to, “The Way He Looks” and “Jongens”

slowly easing isak into pop music again by playing him his favourite songs byy out and proud gay artists

  • think about them listening to years & years while cuddling in bed
  • isak quietly singing along to Troye Sivan 
  • even convincing isak to listen to Pentatonix and then spending an evening marvelling at their talent. he even gets isak to admit that Scott kinda rally is his type. 
  • Frank Ocean
  • feel free to add to this list

What’s up everyone! I’m launching a new show on my channel called “Randome”! The way it works is me (and sometimes friends) click the “Random” button on Crunchyroll and watch the first episode of whatever comes up! Let me know if you all enjoy it and if I should make more!

This first episode features @jaymonoto and I watching a way too cute slice of life show about art called “GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class”! We hope you enjoy!

Icon by @brugchu

If the anime looks like something you’d enjoy watching yourself, you can find it here on Crunchyroll! (not sponsored) (yet)

A YouTube AU for Arbor

- she has a beauty channel!
- Does lots of makeup videos but also stuff about clothes and what sorts of things look good together
- The channel is part of her own company, Altea Designs
- She has some of her models guest star a lot, so she can show different ways to use makeup on different face shapes and skin tones
- She also has her models come on with her fashion tips vids
- Her company & videos are well known for diversity; she has models that represent a vast array of race, body type, health, gender, age, and orientation
- Shiro will sometimes guest star and do one of those “boyfriend does your makeup” videos except he’s atually Really Good at it because he likes to watch allura’s videos and he has learned from them

Shiro & Matt:
- they co-run a channel
- It’s one of those vlog channels where the videos are kind of random topic-wise, but they always end up geeking out no matter the subject
- Shiro and matt are long distance, and whenever they visit each other they make sure to make a bunch of videos together
- Those end up being the longest ones because they geek out even MORE when they’re together and they keep causing each other to digress into different subjects until their discussion on recycled water somehow becomes excited rambling about aliens
- They are also really animated in their videos together because being near each other makes them happy
- The running gag of the channel is that they trade off turns posting and making videos, so at the end of each video Shiro will give matt his next topic and vice versa. Sometimes he will choose himself or take a question from their fanbase, whichever one he feels like
- Allura likes to guest star in shiros videos, and she’ll happily join in on the subject if she knows things about it, but if she doesn’t she’ll just listen to Shiro talk and ask him questions to keep him going. A very common video topic fans always request for matt to give to Shiro is one about his relationship with Allura, and matt has given that as a topic at least ten times (because he loves seeing his boyfriend full of love. that and he always gets mentioned and gushed about too)
- They aren’t exactly sure how they got fans, seeing as they’re pretty random in content, but they love their fan base very much and go to conventions a lot to meet fans

Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge:
- they have a channel that’s kind of like a talk show in a way (like gmm)
- Pidge is the camera gal, and the other three are the talkers
- Lance likes to do weird challenges the fans come up with. The episodes where he has the most say are the food challenges (like guessing what kind of meat something is, or testing their spice tolerance) and the wacky game episodes (so far his all time favorite was the fast food themed mini olympics, and he is the reigning champ)
- Keith likes the more fact-based episodes, where they really just talk about a subject and make the learning really entertaining. Think of those videos that like, show you the stuff certain foods like pineapples and cashews grow on. However in this category of episodes his favorites are talking about urban legends, ghosts, cryptids, and aliens, and he ends up talking a lot more than usual in these episodes.
- Hunks favorite videos are the ones where they test certain things. They’ve done stuff like seeing how ice baths effect your ability to answer trivia questions, or if there’s really that much of a difference between brand name products and generic products. However he is always very talkative on other episodes, and has never been one to refuse to do something in a challenge, not matter how outlandish it may seem
- Pidge is the channel cryptid. She’s constantly referred to by the others, and her voice is in an episode once in a blue moon, but the fans Never See Her And Never Will
- The fanbase they have is super supportive and loving, and there’s running jokes about who’s the best host. The fandom will often color code their blogs and such with the primary color that’s assigned to their “favorite” host. There are many, many blogs with yellow themes in their fanbase
- There used to be some gross fans in the beginning that shipped lance and Keith together. However they all found out this was happening and made a video specifically focused on irl shipping and how toxic it is, and they asked everyone to either stop shipping them or to unsubscribe, because they wouldn’t tolerate it and were made very uncomfortable by it
- This is a fictional world so the fans actually respected that
- Eventually, after a few years of having the channel together and growing ever closer, the three announced they had all started dating. They made sure to clarify that them dating didn’t mean people could still make ship content of them, and the fans were very happy that they found love with each other and never, not once, make klunk fanfiction because all the fans love them dearly and would never ever purposely make them uncomfortable like that

- Coran doesn’t actually have a channel, but he’s basically everyone’s surrogate uncle (or in Alluras case, step father)
- He’s made guest appearances on everyone’s channels, and he’s the biggest fan of each channel
- His appearances aren’t rare, but they’re also not common, but the fans of all the channels absolutely adore him
- He has a small fanbase of his own that call themselves the Coranics, and while this confuses coran greatly it also makes him very happy

That’s all I have for right now, but I’m actually really liking this au so I might write more for you later

aaaaaa i love this and u??? 11/10 best youtube au i’ve ever seen!!!!

what have our lives become?

i am so grateful that i stumbled upon that youtube channel about isak and even, while it was still running. i have never been so invested in a show before, and of course it has a lot to do with the format (daily posts, extra material, clips in “real time”)

but i am also so grateful for the little niche of a fanbase that i get to be a part of. it is so fascinating to see us grow and slowly come up with gifs and videos and fics and theories and … it’s lovely.

so thank you, everyone involved ..

and please, norwegian people, have mercy on us non-norwegians and translate the hell out of everything!!


(Requested by Anon)

Ever since you changed you had more energy than ever. You were stronger than everyone and you just wanted to fight. You wanted to feel the ache of your muscles that you got after a good workout. As a vampire, that wasn’t possible. 

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So close to 12 million subs! Also…

* GMM 1100 airs on Thursday

* they’re gonna be on Jimmy Fallon… on Thursday night

* they just made an announcement that they’re starting new shows/ fully rebranding one of their channels

* they also announced Ear Biscuits is coming back on Monday, and there was the word “cookie” in the wheel ending. What’s with those guys and cookies/biscuits?

That kinda stuff happens a lot to them, doesn’t it?

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