what changed in you to make your s

To Live a Happy Life …

1. Make peace with your past – try to let go of the baggage.

2. Don’t pay attention to what others think of you.

3. Don’t compare your life to others’ lives - as you’re not on the same journey.

4. Give yourself time to change, learn and grow.

5. Let go of the pressure to always know the answers.

6. No-one’s in control of your destiny but you.

7. Don’t take yourself and others too seriously.

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How did you color like retro anime?

The retro anime style(?) is actually a lot more of after effects once you finish drawing and coloring. It doesn’t really matter what your drawing style is (whether it be 80s anime style, current anime style, or realistic). However, you can make a really convincing retro anime still if you emulate the 80s-90s anime style (ie. Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl, Macross, Cowboy Bebop).

Another style point is the cel shading. Current animes lean heavily towards softer and pastel palettes (not all but it’s a pretty drastic change from the punchy, saturated colors of the 80s-90s). Also, the shading isn’t as harsh and just looks really soft overall. I usually do a mock up of how I want to do the cel shading with 3 colors: 1 light color for highlight, 1 dark color for shadows, and 1 darker shade for even darker shadows. For reference, I normally use a light green for highlight, a medium purple for overall shadow and a darker shade of purple for deeper shadows. You don’t have to go by these colors. It’s just my preference since I end up using this mock up as the final cel shading (as a clipping mask under the multiply layer style).

I think the biggest thing that sells the whole look is achieving the old grainy TV effect (example below).

If you look closely, the lineart looks like it has a blue and red halo around it (I believe this effect is called chromatic aberration). CSP doesn’t have a preset for this but I achieve this look by duplicating my lineart layer 3 times, color 1 dark red, one dark teal, one dark yellow, then blur and more them a pixel or two (in any direction). Here is a comparison:

Only Black Lineart (No Texture Applied)

Lineart with Chromatic Aberration (No Texture Applied)

Finally, you put a grainy texture and drop the opacity down a bit to get the final look! 

Grainy Texture Applied

Of course, depending on the artist some may use overlays (like me) to really punch up colors. It all depends on what you want. But really if you get the cel shading, fuzzy lineart and grainy texture down, you pretty much have nailed the retro anime look. 

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Can you pretty, pretty please share another small little snippet of your wonderful Captain Swan 2.0 story? 🤗🤗

Rogers sits on the steps, the cool wind of the night blowing against his face and he takes a deep breath. The giggles from inside the house–his daughters followed by little Hope’s–make him smile and he almost moves to wait in there with them, but he stays. It’s better if he tells Emma and Killian without the others around–Alice feels terrible enough as it is. 

Looking up at the sound of voices, his body reacts the way it always does when he sees the man baring the same face as him approach with his wife. They aren’t looking at him, they are too busy looking at each other with small smiles and whispered words and it makes Rogers ache just a bit. Because while he would never for one second want any life without his Alice, he’s found since moving to Storybrooke and having to see the True Love between Emma Swan and this Killian Jones everyday, he’s now, for the first time in three hundred years, wishing he there was someone out there for him to share his life with, as well.

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Ok so if was on t for like YEARS (like 6 years) and then stopped completely what would happen? Would my voice change back? Would I look different? Thank you I tried looking this up and couldn't find any thing on it

Lee says:

As to your two specific questions, your voice will stay the same, but your body and facial fat redistribution will change back over time so you will look a little different.

More info on what will stay and the things that will change back are in the what happens if you stop T link from the Testosterone FAQ

It’s safe to stop taking testosterone, but make sure you consult with your endocrinologist first- just like you should talk to your doctor before you stop taking any medication.

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I just checked out your insta and saw that you used to have blonde hair, and that made me think of a few questions. What's your natural hair colour? What colour have you dyed it in the past? And are there any colours you're planning on dying it? And do you have any tips and tricking for dyed hair?

Hi lovely!

  • My natural colour is dark blonde/mousy brown.
  • I’ve been blonde, pink, blue, half purple half pink, rainbow, brown, black, variations of red, green, lilac & silver. Also a lot of dip dyes/ombrés haha.
  • I don’t plan on changing my hair anytime soon, i love the red.
  • My advice? If you’re making a drastic change, GO. TO. A. PROFESSIONAL. There are many times I wish I had LMAO.
  • I do all of my colours myself and have had MANY bad moments, all lessons learnt :-).

never feel like you have to apologize for not being on, or not replying, or whatever. seriously. you don’t owe anyone anything. so long as you’re not hurting anyone or partaking in gross behavior, the only concern you should have is whether or not you’re having fun.

if you’re not, change that! if you want to drop threads or delete memes, or just start anew, remove characters, etc., people will have to understand. and if they don’t? that’s their problem, not yours. this godawful website gets a tiny bit better when you let the idea of obligation roll off your back.

just… don’t let what should be a fun hobby/writing practice/way of making friends drain you, okay? because that mentality coupled with this off-blue hell will do that.

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While we've already seen you reblog and like (?) Silver!Au fanart, what's your reaction to fanfics of it not made by you?

go wild I’d love to read them

its not like I’m making canon material or am I so yeah if you wanna add your own pieces to the au or expand on it / change / whatever do whatever you want!!

melody: being a teacher sounds really cool.. being able to shape a kid’s future just sounds.. so right? is that the word? i don’t know.. am i talking too much? i’m sorry

atlas: hm? n-no! you’re okay. listening to you talk abut this stuff is really great. talking about my own future is pretty scary but listening to you makes it seem not so bad. you make it simpler than what my mind makes it seem. i feel like my brain goes 90,000 miles a second

melody: yeah.. i get you. the future is pretty scary but it’s all i usually think about. i have names for my cats ready, too.

atlas: cats?

melody: yep.. i want one to be wasabi and the other one to be ginger

atlas: thats.. actually cute. i’ve never considered myself a cat person, though

melody: i can probably change your mind

atlas: maybe

I am now ready to admit that I had a rather rough start with Tim especially in season 2. I liked him just fine, and everything he did and said was absolutely justified, but something about him still made me feel lowkey annoyed with him. 
In retrospect I can’t really say why, and I can’t say when it changed, exactly, but He Is My Son Now and I love him and there’s two (2) main reason for that.

1) He’d have had every reason to fall into an even deeper Depression Pit upon finding out what’s actually going on. I mean, your boss being an insane eldritchy murder psychopath, some other insane eldritchy murder psychopaths trying to cause the apocalypse, being suspicious of your co-workers because of Trauma and probably hating that you are… The list goes on, and every single one of those would make for a valid enough reason. But instead, he musters up every single sliver of pettiness he can find within himself and turns his sarcasm up to 11. He doesn’t discriminate, he just Goes Hard on Everyone. He tells Elias to either kill him or fuck off, that’s the biggest fucking dick energy I’ve ever had the joy of witnessing. Heck, I’m sure he sometimes glares at Nothing In Particular while he’s alone and says “Just in case you’re listening: Fuck you and everything you stand for, Elias”. And I can respect all of that so much.

2) Tim is Having None of the Chosen One Trope. So, the world is ending? Too bad. What, you’ve got your fancy little Archivist, I’m not gonna put active work into helping any of you. He is literally trapped there, he never wanted any of this, he just misses his brother and wants to go back to the Institute research group. He just wants to have a beer after work and talk about sports and how Hannah from financing cheated on her husband. He just wants to have a normal fucking life and he’s so bitter about being denied that; the prospect of being able to contribute to saving the world doesn’t make it better at all. And I can respect that, too, I love characters who defy the tropes that are thrown at them.

I love him so, so much now, and I really, really hope he gets to be a lil bit happier in season 4.

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looks soft, is soft, but in times of crisis goes into calm and collected mode. (character ask meme thing)

Haler 1000%. He makes all the plans, and has to change them on the fly whenever things go horribly wrong. 

which is often, because y’know, tfw your second in command is secretly a rebel and sabotaging you, and some other guy on your train is patriotic to a dangerous degree

what’s your favorite character type?

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I can’t remember if you’ve answered this before but do any of the kids or their spouses change/double-barrel their surnames when they get married?? I can see Penny becoming Queen but I feel like Jules wouldn’t change her surname and maybe Ellie would double-barrel? But I’m curious what your plan is x

Penny and Jules both change their last names. Penny because of tradition and a sense of belonging to/with Nate. Jules because it’s symbolic to her of the life she chooses for herself. Ellie will hyphenate. And, in a change from earlier plans, so will Will (making his name William Christopher Clayton Prescott-Queen while his lovely wife becomes Ameliam Jean Prescott-Queen, which - much to Will’s delight - rhymes).


*sun & moon my angels (maybe rising too)* 

Aries You know it’s not always going to be like this. You will get out, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But every day that passes brings you closer to where you are supposed to be. Stop listening to people that say you are too childish or too intense or intimidating. If they could see life through your eyes they would find a person with a sophisticated balance between work and play. Don’t let anyone bully you into submission, that is not your place. You are meant to work hard for success, and you can never please everyone. Be the one with compassion for the lost souls and a voice for those who have been silenced. That is your power, own it. 

Taurus Your pain is one of the deepest ones, because it cuts right into your bones, spreading through your entire body in seconds. I know you would rather stay numb but your love is far too important, you have too much to give. You carry everyones weight along with your own, and you do it with so much dignity. You truly love when you can touch the lives of others, but you can’t go on like this with your heart in pieces. Self care is not selfish, you have got to love yourself first. Look inwards, determine what you need to feel loved and love yourself that way. And remember, what you do to numb your pain does not make you a bad person. Today you leave your guilt behind, you don’t deserve it.  

Gemini You’re constantly changing, evolving yourself and your beliefs. Which is a very ambitious trait, for you it’s second nature. You would rather sell your soul to the devil than to stay the same your entire life. But since it’s second nature, that means it’s also your survival instinct. You leave people behind easier than a femme fatale in a 70’s indie film with a silk scarf wrapped around her head, driving off into the desert in a Mustang convertible. But believe me when I say you can’t outrun your demons. Seek closure, because in life we leave pieces of ourselves with every person we interact with. If you don’t, you’ll wake up one day with a crack in your mask. Confrontation is worth not being haunted with feelings you don’t remember. 

Cancer Oh baby, I see you. Everyone saying you’re so dainty, so fragile that you start to believe it. Someone once said there is bravery in being soft, bravery most people couldn’t even muster if they wanted to. But don’t you ever mistake your softness for weakness, and don’t you dare let other people tell you how to feel. Be as big and as bold as you want. Don’t you ever be ashamed of what you need out of life, or love for that matter. Even if it’s too much, or maybe nothing at all. Realize, and do this as quickly as you can, that you do not need anyone to feel whole. You are already whole, you have an entire home inside of you. Take care of yourself as such because you are a treasure. Also get a house plant, it will calm your soul when it dances in the sun. 

Leo Oh my dearest. You do realize that no matter the colour in your eyes the light from within you shines like Superman’s goddamn laser beams. Or at least I hope you realize. You have the advantage of a very strong sense of self. Knowing yourself is very important to you. What you need is to never become so jaded that you won’t let yourself change. Otherwise you’ll become a faded version of yourself, addicted to the memory of who you used to be. Baby you just gotta be. Change is natural, and it’s wonderful. You become wiser and you feel deeper. Stop worrying because not everybody you meet is judging you. You are so pure hearted, believe in good intentions. Sometimes all it takes is a little faith. And I have faith in you. 

Virgo My prima ballerina, I see that look deep in your eyes. The pure terror of never achieving your true potential, the way you strive for perfection in everything you do, and at the end of the day you come home and search for solace but you find nothing. Because you’re completely hollow. Stop picking yourself apart in the mirror, don’t you know that success has no face? Everyone around you looks at you in wonder, how a person with this much talent would make themselves so small. Don’t look for the perfect thing or “the one”, because there are many “the ones”. Take your time to find what you are passionate about, and don’t keep pouring yourself into people that take your efforts for granted. In an imperfect world, you are the closest thing we have to perfection and don’t you ever, ever forget that. 

Libra Your pain is standing in a crowd with white noise ringing in your ears. You wonder where you lost yourself, or to who. And you never let it show, because you don’t want to let others know that the laughter has stopped. But you have to go below the surface, even if it hurts. You need to realize that not letting everybody into your life that wants in is a form of self love. Not everyone deserves the sheer adoration that comes with your love. Learn to listen to your own voice, the one that has reduced itself to a whisper. Let it roar because if you don’t put yourself first, no one else will. Choose your friends carefully, practice loyalty, smile at yourself in the mirror because you are that bitch. Take yourself on a date, tell yourself you’re fantastic because honestly, we all wish we could be as effortlessly charming as you. Own that shit. 

Scorpio You put in all this work, all this energy and at last you feel comfortable. Until you feel restless again. You are so volatile, sometimes you don’t even know what you want. All you know is that you want something else. You run on energy. You’ve got that clairvoyant instinct, trust it. Bet everything you have on it. Because when it comes down to it, rock bottom has only one way. Up. The excitement of being alive is to great for you to ever give up on yourself. Be fearless in your mistakes, let the experiences shape you. You’ll know when it’s right. You’ll feel it in your entire body, as your blood stops vibrating. 

Sagittarius I know how it feels to be so empty you are scared nothing will ever be able to fill the void. Determination with no purpose. You always move so fast, but you don’t have to be so afraid. Slow down, take control of your breathing. Feel the force of your heart pumping life into you, the life you always wanted. Practice turning loneliness into solitude, do it for the sake of your heart. Put on your favourite underwear, put on lip balm, live for the light and read more. I know it’s hard but start small, like The Little Prince. Let him take you to places you never thought you would go. And then further. You have to learn who you are outside of others, and you do that by spending time with yourself. Don’t rush, take your time. All that determination will wait for you, until you find the purpose within yourself. I promise. 

Capricorn If anyone can do it, it’s you. You are disciplined, gorgeous and smart, if they don’t like you they respect you. Because you’re not here to start fights. You’re here to start your life. But business is about humans, and humans need trust and connection. Trust yourself, those who love you sure do. Like Virgo, remember success has no face, so leave it out. This is about you and what makes your heart pound harder than anything else. So put on your warrior paint and work until you can ask the bitch from your old school why her boyfriend is your number one fan. 

Aquarius Hi you. Yes you. You are not alone in this world. I know you feel like a ghost amongst the living but you’re not. You are us, all of us. You are what drives us, you and that delirious little brain of yours. I know that you think you are either genius or psycho, but believe me you’re both and it’s excellent. Now, stop treating the masses like they are the birds you put out seeds for in the winter. Get out there, with your empathy and your honesty. You preach that most of the people in this world are good hearted, now it’s time you start believing it too. Start gracing them with your divine presence, and take a chance. Because you are one of those people that can effortlessly interact with people from all walks of life. Unite us, we’ll wait for you. 

Pisces You are whip-clever and slightly nuts. You sometimes find it hard to pin down your own feelings, leaving you a bit confused. Nothing to stress about, just… confused. You sometimes wonder if you are two souls in one body. One wants something extraordinary, and the other wants something else, but just as extraordinary. Try to merge your lanes, make compromises on either side. It will ease your mind as you try to sort out the mess that is your personal life. Now listen to me, if you feel your feelings they are valid, because they are your reality. Have more empathy for yourself, give yourself credit for your efforts and don’t let people take advantage of you or discredit you. The opinions of toxic people simply don’t matter. Also, try to keep your promises. And you know what, sometimes it’s okay to be sad. Watch Romeo + Juliet, stay inside for a few days and try to see a silver lining, like how lucky we are to be able to experience life this deeply.


How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]

i want to make one of these too
  • lavender: what's an iconic outfit of yours?
  • ochre: what 5 songs would you sing along to even on your deathbed?
  • lilac: weirdest thing you're afraid of?
  • teal: what mythical creature would you want to be?
  • aqua: what song(s) gives you nostalgia?
  • pixie pink: who are your favorite youtubers?
  • mauve: 5 favorite tumblr blogs?
  • maroon: describe your first crush
  • burgundy: what's your favorite lush bath bomb?
  • magenta: what fandoms are you in?
  • sky blue: if you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
  • indigo: compare yourself now to yourself 5 years ago. what has changed?
  • ivory: put your playlist on shuffle. give me the first 6 songs that pop up
  • cream: favourite boy names?
  • fuschia: favourite girl names?
  • azure: favourite unisex names?
  • turquoise: what emojis do you think are the most aesthetically pleasing?
  • periwinkle: what are your most used emojis?
  • peach: 5 favorite characters of all time?
  • cyan: one fact about your hometown?
  • violet: what are your current favorite songs?
  • beige: who are your current favorite bands/singers?
  • mustard: what are your favorite words in your native language?
  • shrek green: 3 of your favorite memes?

Intro: Dt sugA 

  • “My size is different to fit in the K-pop category” 

Agust d

  • “Damn only strong ones can mess with me”
  • “Some think it was easy for me to reach my position. F*** you”
  • “Right, if you want to go ahead, try reserving first class. My seat is business yours is economy, forever behind me kissing my a**”
  • “I’m the guy who shoves his junior or senior who copies from copiers. Doesn’t matter if I’m nasty or if I’m a wack or fack, I’m the guy that will carve history on the ground”
  • “Hey ho I don’t give a shit when you’re busy being a moron. I will simply bury you alive in the grave you dug out yourself. Hey ho you can’t handle meYou wasted rappers should be grateful that I’m an idol”
  • “I hope those idiots who have lost their opportunities keep each other company”
  •  “I’m sorry I mean it I’m sorryI’m sorry for taking away your source of income, boyI’m sorry I reject furyYour mom’s going to be sad when you lose your only asset, health”  
  • “I’m sorry, you should change your job Your ability to make yourself look like a moron is extraordinary so change your job, boy”

 Give it to Me 

  • “What you know about me? You can’t control my s***” 
  • “I’m still not sure about the secret to success. But I think I know the secret to failure. The secret is to play the fool just like you. And keep blabbing your mouth” 
  • “Don’t touch me, don’t even put your hand on me. You might end up in a coffin” 


  • “Watch me after a year ass****, look at what I’ll be doing. You would see me on TV and then decide to contact me”

The Last

  • “Show me the money (Korean rapper show). It’s not that I couldn’t but I didn’t shit” 
  • “Who do you think you’re fooling by pretending you’ve gone through all the miseries”

Tony Montana

  • “Hey gentleman. Wait a minute. You pray for my failure. Sorry I have no problem s***” 

| “This is AGUST D’s 2 years anniversary today so I hope you liked this post^^" @mimibtsghost

seventeen asks

shining diamond: favorite gemstone and why?

adore u: who is someone you really admire?

ah yeah: what is your turn up song?

jam jam: turn ons?

20: what is one of the relationships in your life that you hold dearest to you?

fronting: what is your dream partner like?

mansae: happiest memory?

when i grow up: if you could give any one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

omg: ctrl + v / right click > paste the last thing you copied.

rock: craziest (and/or most embarrassing) thing you’ve done around someone you like?

q&a: if you could ask your bias one question, what would it be?

chuck: when are you most confident?

pretty u: do you wear makeup often?

still lonely: what do you do when you feel lonely?

hit song: your current favorite song?

say yes: last person you said ‘i love you’ to?

drift away: is there anyone you have drifted away from in your life? how do you feel about it now?

monday to saturday: what are you looking forward to this week?

love letter: if you could write a letter to someone in your life right now, who would it be for and what would it say?

no f.u.n: what do you do when you’re bored?

very nice: your most prized material possession?

healing: how do you relax after a long day?

simple: most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?

space: hardest you have ever worked for something you wanted?

check in: if you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be?

beautiful: who or what can always cheer you up?

boomboom: when was the last time your heart raced?

highlight: most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

lean on me: how do you deal with overwhelming emotions or situations? do you vent to someone, do you paint, do you scream, etc.?

fast pace: are you a patient person?

don’t listen in secret: create a playlist of 5-10 songs to listen to for the rest of your life.

i don’t know: are you an indecisive person?

smile flower: what is your favorite thing about seventeen?

don’t wanna cry: do you cry easily / often?

habit: what is one good and bad habit of yours?

if i: biggest regret?

swimming fool: can you swim?

my i: what or who will you always stand up to fight for and protect?

crazy in love: what is your favorite love story (or poem)?

change up: how do you respond to change? are you a person that likes consistency and security, or do you welcome change into your life?

without you: one thing you think your life is missing?

clap: when was the last time people clapped for you?

bring it: your biggest strength / best skill?

lilili yabbay: are you religious?

trauma: what was your last life crisis about?

pinwheel: do you believe in fate?

flower: what is your favorite flower?

rocket: have you ever seen a shooting star? did you make a wish?

hello: how many languages can you say ‘hello’ in?

campfire: s’mores or stargazing?

Some tips for college students:

  • Try to get some sleep every night
  • Don’t believe in the myth that an all-nighter is some glorious rite of passage, you need to take care of yourself and to do that you should be sleeping regularly
  • Try to drink water every day
  • You can, if needed, use a coffee pot to make ramen, among other things
  • The dollar store is a good friend
  • Sing in the shower without shame
  • Seriously, check your email
  • Talk to your professors!!! Not just if you’re having trouble but because they’re super cool people and you should say hello!
  • Turn off the TV while you’re studying. Get off social media. No twitter. No - put that phone down - no - you can answer that text later -
  • Most colleges have designated quiet areas for studying in the library!
  • Take notes in class! Writing stuff down helps you remember it! If you have a lot of trouble with this, most colleges actually hire note takers!
  • Don’t be too timid to ask that question! Raise your hand!
  • Remember that you are paying for an education, and if your professor isn’t doing their job you have every right to complain. They do not get to treat you like dirt or be lazy just because they feel entitled or have tenure. You are paying for a service and they better fucking give you that service.
  • If you’re gonna have sex, remember to use protection. Condoms are everyone’s friend!
  • If you are in an uncomfortable situation regarding a sexual encounter, you have every right to leave! If something happens, report it without shame! Consent is always necessary! Always! On both ends! 
  • If you aren’t clear on whether the person is consenting, straight up ask! If you get anything less than an enthusiastic yes, verbally, STOP EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY! 
  • Depressed and anxious? Overwhelmed? Everything is too much all at once? Go to your colleges counseling center. Pretty much every college has one now and it’s good to talk to someone; some can even prescribe medication.
  • Stretch every morning
  • It’s okay to not wear makeup to class if you wake up late! It’s totally fine!!!
  • Grades are harder to obtain in college. A high school A is like a college C.
  • So don’t be quite so hard on yourself.
  • Tea is a great alternative to coffee. But go easy on energy drinks, they’re really bad for your kidneys. 
  • Water! Water! Water! 
  • The “Freshman 15″ is kind of a myth because honestly around your early 20′s your metabolism changes a bit, and starving yourself to try to make sure you don’t gain weight isn’t going to help anyone least of all you, so seriously, don’t worry about it.
  • Put your keys in the same place every night. No really. You will lose them frequently if you don’t do this, there’s already so much to keep track of
  • Study hard, but also give yourself a break.
  • You get out of it what you put in, but if it’s killing you you aren’t going to get anything out of it, so seriously, please take breaks now and then.
  • You’re going to have to say no now and then to hanging out with people. That’s totally okay to do for any reason that you need to.
  • Be your own advocate. No one else is going to do it. That assignment not in the grade book? That professor not doing his job? Have a disability and need accommodations? You have to be the person who says something.
  • If you figure out that you can’t do as much as other students (like take as many classes) that’s fine!!! Take as long as you need to graduate. It’s better than running yourself into the ground.
  • Remember that being a workaholic is glorified in college but don’t fall for the myth! YOU matter more than your grades!!!! You don’t have to be in every extra curricular!! You don’t have to try to do all the things!!! Take breaks!!!!
  • It’s okay if you figure out that college isn’t the best path for you. There are options!
  • Take photos of everything!
  • Talk to your roommate about something if it bugs you. You are going to be living with that person for a few months; talk to them directly about the problem. No passive aggressive bullshit. For example, “it bothers me when you drink my soda without asking. Can you please stop doing that?” You state what the problem is, not dodge around it, and asked for a solution. There you go. Simple. 
  • If you really hate living with someone, and they ask you if you wanna live with them again, say no. You don’t have to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy.
  • Forgive your roommate if they’re messier than you might like - and talk to them about it! Maybe there’s a reason why they haven’t been cleaning!
  • There is no shame in being an utter nerd, especially in college
  • You don’t have to be who your parents want you to be. You are in college for YOU. Not for them. 
  • That weird social event? Check it out! That person you think you have a crush on? Talk to them! Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out! 
  • You don’t have to find your soulmate in college. Marrying the wrong person is much worse than not marrying at all.
  • In the end, remember that this stuff is important, but you should only be sacrificing so much of yourself for your education. You are always, always, always more important than your grades or a degree. Always.
31 Day Journal Challenge
  • Welcome to my journal challenge, you can interpret these is any way you like. Feel free to submit your journal challenge pages to my blog and I'll post them, I'd love to see how creative you guys get with these!
  • OR tag them with #liljournalchallenge
  • Have fun!!
  • 1: The last song you listened to
  • 2: Doodle your happy place, real or fantasy
  • 3: Today's weather
  • 4: The things you ate and drank today
  • 5: Dear ____, I love you because...
  • 6: Colours
  • 7: What kept you awake last night
  • 8: Write down a secret that no one else knows, then do something to the page to make it unreadable
  • 9: Doodle and write down the contents of your wallet/purse/handbag/backpack
  • 10: Quote of the day
  • 11: Your sexuality
  • 12: A collage
  • 13: What are you worried/stressed about
  • 14: The great outdoors
  • 15: Your favourite poem
  • 16: Ink/black & white
  • 17: Reasons to smile
  • 18: Sketch some tattoo ideas for yourself
  • 19: Write a letter to someone you used to love
  • 20: Space
  • 21: The song stuck in your head
  • 22: Books to read
  • 23: Flowers
  • 24: Your mood-board
  • 25: Doodle your favourite animals
  • 26: Bucket list
  • 27: a e s t h e t i c
  • 28: Your Hogwarts house
  • 29: Survival guide
  • 30: Current season
  • 31: Favourite phrases in other languages
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Things that language learners should remember:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others, you learn in your own way.
  • Don’t expect things to be easier after a couple of days. 
  • Don’t give up even if it seems difficult now, it won’t be like this forever.
  • Change your study method, experiment. Maybe you will find something more useful.
  • Challenge yourself. 
  • It’s okay to take breaks once in a while.
  • It’s not okay to procrastinate and post about it several times a week. A joke is okay, but you might influence others and no one learns anything if they procrastinate because it seems “cool”.
  • Be optimistic. You’ll learn/master that grammatical concept/spelling.
  • Your notes don’t define how good you are. Do you learn? That’s all you need. You don’t need fancy notes just as you don’t need simple notes. You do them for yourself so addapt to your liking, not to a trend. 
  • You’ll lose your motivation at some point, it happens.
  • Appreciate your work. You don’t need to learn as much as others. You are you, they are they.
  • Be open minded. If a method didn’t work for you, it might work for someone else. 
  • It’s okay to ask for help. 
  • Mistakes happen, accept them because this is how you learn.
  • Everyone has an accent at the beginning, don’t feel bad about it.
  • Try not to judge others. They chose a certain language, method, resource for a reason. It works for them, leave them alone.
  • Can you help a fellow language learner? Then help. Don’t think “someone else will help”, what if no one will know the answer or see that post and you’re the only one?
  • Don’t expect others to know everything. People make mistakes and they aren’t perfect.
  • Ignore what you dislike. If people have a different opinion from yours, move on. Not everyone has to agree with each other; we are all different.
  • If someone says what they have done today or just practices their target language(s), take 5-10seconds to read. It means the world to them to know that someone appreciates what they are doing. 
  • Never expect others to change for you. 
  • Remember that productive can mean 60 new words but sometimes it just means 1 word and singing badly a Disney song.
  • There isn’t any secret to language learning (or we just didn’t discover it yet) so don’t look for shortcuts.
  • Be nice with each other. Someone is new in the community? It will take 3 seconds to say “hi, welcome” and an emoji. Someone is down? Send “don’t give up”. You don’t have to change their situation, you don’t have to do miracles but 1 kind word, sentence, act might change someone’s day.
  • Don’t be a mean piece of biscuit because you want to hurt someone, don’t agree with someone or you just don’t like someone. 
guide to the first week of college

hey guys! i’ll be starting my sophomore year of college in just over a week (!!), and while i’m not new to the whole college thing, i will be new to my school this year as a transfer student, so i wanted to share these tips for y’all !

  • figure out where all your classes are beforehand - there’s nothing worse than being late on the first day, especially if you have small classes. don’t start off on the wrong foot! hopefully you’ll have some sort of orientation/tour that shows you the basics, but if you’re living on campus, you’ll likely be at school before the first day of classes - use this extra time to get familiar with campus and find out where all your classrooms are (not just the buildings, find the actual class if possible - some buildings are ridiculously complicated as far as room numbers go, trust me!). if you’re commuting to school, try to come an hour or so early to do this as much as you can (and you can also use time between classes to figure out where you’re headed!)
  • become friendly with the people around you - whether this be your roommate, the people sitting next to you in class, or the other people on your floor, it’s always nice to be on good terms with as many people as possible. make friends early - even if they don’t stick (and a lot of early friendships don’t), it’s nice to know a lot of people! get to know people in your classes, even though it’s harder to do this than it might’ve been in high school since often you just have the one class together. you never know when you’ll have to miss a class, and having someone to get notes from is such a relief (also study buddies !! super important !!)
  • wait until you’ve gone to class to buy textbooks - a lot of teachers will tell you that you don’t really need it, or that an older edition works just fine. whatever the case, it usually doesn’t hurt to wait to buy textbooks until you’re at school (plus, if you’re like me you may end up dropping the class you already bought 7 books for)
  • try out different study spots - there are so many places on a college campus to study: your dorm room, dorm lounges, library, student union, coffee shops, random class buildings, the quad - try them out and see what works best for you! a change of scenery can go a long way toward helping your productivity!
  • call your fam - they probably already miss you and with so much new stuff going on you’re bound to have lots to say - don’t get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of a new year!
  • get comfy with your dorm room - this is your new home for the year, make it work for you! it should be your happy place. figure out good storage systems. & try to have a good relationship w ur roomie(s)! 
  • keep ahead on homework - it’s easy to put it off when it still feels like summer, but come next week you’ll likely be drowning in work and lack of free time - do as much as you can as soon as you can, future you will thank you!
  • look into a job on campus - see how your class schedule plays out, and see if working on campus is a good idea for you. there are so many options and there are usually still a lot of openings by the first week, so take advantage of it now before all the positions fill up for the semester! (also from personal experience working in a dining hall is decidedly Not Fun, would not recommend), however
  • be kind to the maintenance workers and kitchen staff - as well as other workers on campus. usually they go unnoticed, but they’re (from my experience) so so kind when you take the time to say hi and ask them how they are. the kitchen staff i worked with in the dhall were some of the sweetest people i met on campus last year
  • keep your door open and hang out in your floor lounge - (if you have one) first week is prime time to meet new people, since everyone goes into it brand new. keep your door open and have convos with people who walk by (maybe have some treats and invite them in to share - everyone loves free food !). so many of my friends were made by “studying” (i use the term loosely haha) in the lounge
  • go to events - they’re probably free and often give out free food/goodies/t-shirts, plus they’re a good way to meet people and see what sorts of things you can get involved with on campus! esp if you have an involvement fair with clubs presenting, go and try to go to the first meeting of any club that sounds interesting to u! there’s no commitment to keep coming back if it isn’t for you, and you never know what amazing groups of people you could meet! i’d recommend only going to two or three clubs regularly though, any more than that can be a bit much (and try to balance fun with academic! - my last school even had a stationery club)

if you have any questions about college/that first week, please feel free to ask me! (also tag me in ur dorm room pics bc i love that stuff!) good luck w uni, frends!