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BTS Reaction to you moaning in your sleep

Anonymous requested: “Bts react to you moaning in your sleep ( you can make it nsfw , if you want ) . Thank you .”

A/N: when my friends and i used to fall asleep on call together one of our guy friends always moaned in his sleep and oh boy it was kinda cute


Jin kept on calling you for dinner from the kitchen, but you, being in the bedroom, didn’t hear him. He sighs and starts to walk to the bedroom and when he opens the door he sees your body sprawled all over the bed, noticing how you’re in such a deep sleep.

“Jagiya?” He whispers as he takes a few quiet steps towards you.

You turn to curl into a ball and let out a small and soft moan.

He freezes, “Jagiya?!” he says a bit too loudly and causes you to wake up, “Jagiya, what are you dreaming?! Me, right?!”

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Yoongi comes back home late once again and finds you knocked out on the couch. He smiles as he places his belongings down and walks towards you, kneeling down and grabbing onto your hand as he watches you sleep.

You turn your head over and moan a bit, gripping onto his hand tighter.

He holds his breath and sucks in his breath, standing up and walking out of the room. “Nope, Yoongi, you have to fight it.” He says to himself while attempting to push his dirty thoughts to the side.

He hears you moan again from the hall and he stops his tracks, “Okay, nevermind.” He says while walking back to wake you up.

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Hoseok and the other guys comes returns to the stylist room backstage, finding you sleeping on the sofa. He smiles and jumps to you, “You’re so cute when you sleep.” He says while brushing your cheek with the back of his hand.

“Hoseok.” You moan while shifting.

He turns in head around, looking at the guys to see if they heard you and thankfully, they didn’t.

“Baby, what exactly are you dreaming about?”

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Namjoon and you were in the middle of a study session, but then you knocked out right on top of the book. He walked to your side, poking you and shaking you to wake you up, “Jagiya, we have to study.”

You slip out of his grasp and let out a groan that sounds a bit too sexy for him. He freezes for a second or two before shaking you until you’re awake.

“We can study later, please.”

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You were waiting for Jimin to come out of the shower so that you two can finally go on your date, but you fell asleep.

“Jagiya, I finished!” He calls out to you, but sees you sleeping on the bed looking as delicate as ever, “Oh, come on.”

He walks over and shakes you to wake you up, but you moan as he turns you over, your shirt getting tugged down as you turn and your cleavage accidentally getting revealed, turning him on a little. “J- jagiya!?”

You’re fluttering your eyes open, but you’re also too tired to speak so when you try to say his name it comes out as a long groan that builds the tent in his pants.

“God damn it, I just took a shower.” He says, “Can our date wait or can we have it in our bed right now?”

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Taehyung took a little too long to finish his photoshoot and you knocked out on the chair in the dressing room. “Baby, we’re done.” He says softly, but sees your sleeping figure get reflected off the mirror.

“Baby?” He walks over and brushes your hair out of your face to kiss your forehead.

You moan and try to reach for him, but sleep takes over you. “Tae…”

He swallows his breath and looks at you in the mirror- looks at the way his head is right at your neck and how you sort of look fucked out, but literally, you aren’t. He’s about to change that.

“Baby, wake up.”

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You knocked out on Jungkook during the movie you two were watching together on the couch. He notices how you’re sleeping soundly and shuts off the TV to take you up into the bedroom. His hand glide under your legs and his other arm going behind your back, preparing to carry you bridal style.

When he lifts you up, you let out a small groan. “Mm, Jungkook.”

He pauses and looks down at you, biting his lip, “You must be kidding me.”

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Okay, here’s the thing, fuck all writing advice that tells you how to do your story or write your scenes, because guess what! THEY ARE NOT THE ONE’S WRITING THE STORY!!! I can not stress this enough, you are the one with the vision for how YOUR story is supposed to go. Only you know how to tell this story. Only you. Fuck anyone who’s like “Prologues are bad, blah, blah blah,” “Don’t kill your main character off early, I feel cheated, blah, blah, blah” or “Starting off with a dream sequence makes me feel like I’ve been lied to” GUESS WHAT ASSHOLES THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE, WE WRITE THINGS TO INVOKE A FEELING, BE IT GOOD OR BAD, ITS A FEELING TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE CHARACTERS FEEL DUMBASS

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so ya know how they kept ARC troopers in stasis cause they were too INDEPENDENT and UNPREDICTABLE yeah. wonder what he’s dreaming about

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How to Find Yourself

1. Follow lots of interests and try lots of activities. That will reveal your genuine passions, and highlight the things that you really enjoy.

2. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to others and to reinforce healthy boundaries. If you don’t, you will find you get pushed around, can’t think for yourself, or can’t simply “be me.”

3. Enjoy being alone and embrace solitude. That will stop the distractions and quieten the noise.

4. Travel, go on adventures, and see something new. That will change your perspective and give you fresh dreams.

5. Be with people who’re different, who challenge your views, extend your horizons and change how you think.

6. Think of those who inspire you, and cause you to dream. What is it about them that ignites that spark?

7. Don’t quieten the longings that rise from your heart. They reveal your soul – and the person you are.

how can niggas really tell somebody to follow their dreams and do what you love creativity just cause they got lucky and made it when 

-theres a million niggas that wanna be rapper, makes music, or has a clothing line

-a million niggas make apps hoping to make the next flappybird or instagram

-a million niggas got a sports/music/fashion blog and a matching podcast

-a million niggas streaming games with a youtube channel

-a million niggas writing a novel or book

-a million artists drawing and animating tryna be the next Anno 

when none of yall are anything special just cause you have an idea, you see one nigga make it doin somethin you like then you go “yah i can do that” ignoring the millions of niggas who thought the same thing and whos gonna fail just like you. Its all luck. The universe doesnt reward talent or hard work. I get the whole “do it for yourself” thing but at the end of the day youre gonna wake up and realize youre broke, no one believes in you, and the entropy of the universe sets in as you ignore ya baby mommas calls and pack ya lunch for that job you hate…

Narcissism is a bitch

I wonder if, within the first few moments of waking, Bucky ever mistakes the feeling he gets from his metal arm, as his arm simply being numb because he has been slept on funny. But then he realizes.