what cats stare at


Oooh these are all good points! Granted, I was leaving his presence in the game out for a moment because, as you said, having him or a cut-out of a different character everywhere can creep anyone out.

You mentioned it might be the smile, but I actually think it’s a combination of the smile and eyes. I was doing some comparisons to other cartoon characters, and Bendy’s eyes look wider apart than most others.

Here’s Mickey

Even though this is a ¾ shot, his pupils are still sort of close together, as if he’s looking at something. Usually what makes dolls or bad CG look immediately uncanny is if the eyes don’t appear to move or focus on anything. 

Now let’s look at Bendy

Maybe nothing looks immediately off, but what happens when you try to add lines for the lower eyelids and a line to separate the eyes?

I find it appropriate that you brought up dolls, because I think that’s what his eyes kind of look like. When the eyes look all connected together, they look vacant and lifeless. And this expression never changes or moves. We have the cut-outs, but there’s also the looping animation that plays when you restore pressure to the ink machine (it was also used in the steam announcement post over on TheMeatly’s patreon). And even though Bendy is moving in that loop- with even his horns moving a little- his face doesn’t.

Le Chat {Sirius Black x Reader}

Just some ol’ fluff for y'all. I don’t have much creative ideas for smut but I might make a smut part 2 if someone wants 😂


Enjoy! @allertonn


“N-N-N-No!” Sirius warned, glaring at the black cat who sat out of his reach above the fireplace where an antique vase was.

He had agreed to watch over (Y/n) who was an animagus like him while the boys looked for an antidote, thinking she was experiencing trouble from transforming back into a human when in fact, she was just tired of putting up with people. She had done this before but the prolonged hours of staying in her animagus form had pushed the four boys into thinking she was stuck and was showing signs she needed help. Obviously, she was enjoying every bit of seeing them panic around the dorm but she was not expecting Sirius to volunteer in watching over her by himself especially when his animagus was a dog. Nonetheless, she kept things “fun” by teasing him and running out of his reach while knocking down vases.

The black cat looked down on him with a smug look on her face, challenging him to take a step closer.

“No, don’t you dare, (Y/n)! I know you can understand me,” Sirius said, her paw touching the vase threateningly. The suspense was killing him and although he was ready to catch the vase if (or when) it falls, he was more worried that she might get hurt once it shatters. He stepped away carefully and sighed, extracting his wand from his back pocket.

“Either we do this the easy way or the hard way,” he said calmly but the cat only hissed at him. “Alright! You’ve pushed me! Accio-”

But before he could finish the spell, (Y/n) swatted the vase at him and dashed somewhere in the common room, hiding under the couch. Sirius caught the vase in time before it had hit the floor, his wand between his teeth.

“Fucking cat…” he mumbled as he settled the vase back on the ground safely and started looking around for any sign of his feline friend.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” he called but there was still no sign of her. His mind was boggled with ideas on where she could’ve hidden underneath when he had a brilliant idea.

“Should’ve thought of this sooner,” he smirked before transforming into a large, black dog. It took a while for him to fully form since he was just beginning to get the hang of it but once he stretched his body into its new figure, he relaxed and began to sniff the air. His senses were completely overwhelmed by what he could smell and less of what he can see. Everything was exactly the same but he could barely see proper colors as he looked around the room.

He focused more on finding (Y/n) instead of comparing too much and so he sniffed every couch, table, and corner until he caught a smell that was all too familiar. He stopped at the red couch where he would often sit by the window and looked underneath.

(Y/n) hissed at him and squeezed to the farthest back where he could not get her. Sirius did not understand why she was being very hard-headed. Nonetheless, he transformed back into himself and stretched his hand under the couch.

“C'mere, you…” he said before finally managing to get a grab at the scruff of her neck, pulling her safely into his arms.

The cat did not surprisingly fight back as he carried her to the couch, keeping his hold on her tight just in case she decided to bounce off again. Sirius sighed exhaustedly before sitting down comfortably on the soft cushion. He stroked her black fur and gave her a bit of space, allowing her to rest on his chest, purring loud.

“They’ll be back, don’t worry,” he said, placing a soft kiss on top of her head. “In the mean time, why don’t you take a nap?”

(Y/n) blinked at him slowly and kneaded his chest with her paws, hoping he knew what she was trying to say. For some reason, ever since she could transform, she somehow knew how to show her affection in ways only a cat would know. Not that she hadn’t attempted before, of course. As a human, she had always liked Sirius but she was scared he might not accept her the way she did with him. Remaining friends was the only option even though she was not satisfied with it. Closing her eyes, she listened to his steady heartbeat and tried not to fall asleep as he talked.

“You’re quite the stubborn cat, you know?” He said, looking up at the red ceiling of the common room, “Not much of a difference, really.”

Say something more!

“I’ve always liked that about you, (Y/n). Always refusing to rest, always wanting to help out people without thinking of yourself…You’ll be the death of me,” he chuckled softly as he went on, “But you know what I like the most about you?”

The black cat blinked.

“Your compassion. I’ve screwed up for than once and yet here you are, waiting for me…I honestly don’t know if you’re permanently a cat now but I don’t mind keeping you.”

Wait, what? Keep me?

Sirius smiled softly at the cat who stared at him with wide, green eyes before he broke away from his trance-like confession.

“Oh Merlin, I’m losing my mind…You can’t possibly stay like this forever. We need to get you back. I need to get you back. I reckon Professor McGonagall has some books about situations like this. Hopefully, she won’t suspect a thing…”

No! Don’t bring me to her! This has gone too far!

Sirius stood up with her in his arms as he waited for his friends and just as he heard the heavy footsteps approaching, (Y/n) suddenly shifted into her human form, legs wrapped around his waist. Her hands rested on his shoulder while he stared at her, completely shocked but still managing to keep his grip on her bare thighs. She was dressed in his oversized black coat and a smirk was on her lips.

“Hi,” she said innocently and that’s when he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her sweetly. It was her turn to feel shocked. She had not expected to him to love her back this much but now that it was definitely happening, she did not hesitate to kiss him back. Sirius smiled through the kiss before they finally pulled away.

“Hello to you too,” he said happily, brushing her hair over her ear in order to see that smile he fell so in love with.

“Sirius! We found it! We found the antido- WHAT,” James exclaimed at the sight of (Y/n) who was still clinging onto Sirius with a nervous chuckle. Remus shook his head at them while Peter bounced happily on his feet.

“I should’ve seen this coming…” Remus muttered.

“Hooray! Great job, Sirius!” Peter cheered.

However, the three of them had now set their eyes on (Y/n)’s legs, confusion written all over their faces which Sirius was quick to catch on but he did not care to explain right now.

“Honestly, boys, do you mind?!” He barked protectively as he set (Y/n) down and covered her with his body.

“There wasn’t even anything to see.”

“Yup! Definitely nothing.”

“Oh, wow, look at the time! It’s annoy Snivellus time! Gotta run!”

“Bye, Sirius!”

The boys left as soon as possible, not wanting to see any more of that and risk getting hexed by the couple. (Y/n) turned to Sirius shortly after they had disappeared through the doorway, her fingers in his hair while his eyes looked at her lovingly.

“So, Hogsmeade on Saturday?” He asked.

“Of course, Sirius,” she replied, kissing him quick and light.

He returned the gesture eagerly and leaned in close to her ear afterwards before he whispered, his voice now heavy with lust.

“Oh, and about that vase? I ought to punish you for that.”

(Y/n) smirked at this and the two raced back to his room, locking the door with numerous spells to avoid anyone from interrupting them again.

grumpyfoxes  asked:

Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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Piercings and Bourbon - Supercat

Note: not suitable for work.

This is a prompt fill for @coramvobis

Massive thanks to the lovely @rtarara for filling in so many gaps and fixing my errors (and being a “full service beta”). Oh, and @spaceshipsarecool for basically outlining the entire plot.



Cat let out a surprised exclamation when she turned around, bumping into an equally surprised Kara. The glass of bourbon in Cat’s hand collided with Kara’s chest and splashed all over the both of them. Slipping out of Cat’s hand, the tumbler shattered on the balcony floor.

“Ms. Grant, I’m so sorry!” Kara immediately scrambled, looking for something to help dry them. She set aside the folder in her hand, the article in need of review forgotten. Kara pulled off her cardigan. Her shirt was wet with the sweet smelling liquid, but her open sweater had managed to avoid the splash.

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Jealousy (Dan Howell x reader)

Originally posted by moriorlnvictus

(not my gif again lol oops)

here’s more Dan stuff wish me like on the finals I’m not studying for rn 

also I WILL make a second part to this one that is smut I’m just super tired but felt like I should post so here you go


 Jealousy. I hated to admit it but the was to overall feeling that rushed over me when Dan did collabs with girls or hung out with other girls. Watching him relate with all of this gorgeous girls who had the EXACT same job as him just made my blood boil. But little did Dan know these feelings…

  I struggled travelling up through the lobby of Dan and Phil’s apartment complex, hands full with bags of chinese food. Dan had just gotten back from his TATINOF tour so being the loving girlfriend I am I decided to surprise him. As I made my way to door of his apartment, my excitement suddenly fizzled out as the sounds of girlish giggles filled my ears. I quickly unlocked the door, fumbling with the keys slightly as I bursted in the door and rushed up the stairs. I rushed into the longue to find Cat and Dan happily sitting on the couch watching a movie. Her head laid on his shoulder as Dan’s attention turned to me. He suddenly hopped up and walked over to me.

 “Y/n! What are you doing here?” He questioned but my eyes still burned into Cat as I gritted my teeth.

 “I could ask her the same thing.” My eyes turned to Dan’s as anger suddenly took over me.

 “Y/n what are you…”

 “So instead of responding to your GIRLFRIEND’S text and not even TRYING to make plans with me you decide to invite her over?!” I slightly yelled causing Cat to jumped and Dan’s eyes to widen.

 “Don’t start this right now. She was in town and I thought since Phil was still in Florida, I would invite her over.” Dan spoke harshly at me as I turned my attention back to Cat who was staring at us, unsure of what to do.

 “You can leave now.” I spat at her causing her to nod and quickly exit the room and eventually the sound of the front door closing ringed through the room.

 “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” Dan shrieked at me causing me to chuckle.

 “Am I kidding you? Hm last time I checked I didn’t choose another girl to hang out with OVER MY GIRLFRIEND.” I yelled as Dan’s breathing began to increase, his face becoming red with anger. 

 “Y/n sorry I don’t want to hang with you ALL THE TIME. Sorry I actually have another friends that I liked to hang out with. Sorry my whole life doesn’t revolve around YOU. I’M SORRY I’M NOT A CLINGY BITCH LIKE YOU.” He screamed in my face as I felt everything around me disappear. Tears whelmed up in my eyes as I stared at the boy who I loved with all of me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I saw Dan’s face soften, realizing the harsh comment he had just stated. “Baby I…”

 “A clingy bitch huh? Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I won’t bother you ever again.” I whispered as I dropped the chinese food on the table. “Here’s your fucking dinner.” I brushed past him walking towards the front door as I felt somebody grab my wrist and pull me back.

 “Baby no. No no no no. I’m sorry you know I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He whispered, tears now rolling down his face as I kept my eyes on the floor tears now dripping on the hardwood floor. I felt a hand under my chin and lift my head up gently. My eyes soon met a pair of teary, caramel eyes as I let a quiet sob escape my quivering lips. Dan’s face created a concerned facial expression. I shook my head slightly mumbling.

 “Please… just leave me alone right now…” The expression the Dan showed next broke my heart even more. His lips were slightly parted as he nodded his head in understandment.

 “Okay angel, but please stay here with me. You can go into my room I promise I won’t bother you until you’re ready.” I agreed with a slight nod as Dan placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I pulled away turning my back to him as I walked into his room quietly closing the door and locking it behind me before crashing on his bed and completely breaking down.

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When She Sees You

When She Sees You

Okay, this one’s kinda short, but I wrote it first for supercat week. I think it’s really cute, and just be aware, this is a lot less cocky Kara and a whole lot more scientifically advanced Cat. Well, a bit. Cat knows her languages, it’s a thing she likes learning. Kryptonian is one of those languages. This is set before the series, the time Kara comes in for her interview, as we see a flashback of in season 1. It doesn’t go quite the same way.

Rated teen +. Trust me, I could do more, but… I had 7 stories to write in a week, so yeah. You want a follow up? DM me on Tumblr or here in the comments, and I’ll do my best. I’m a bit busy this month, since the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is around, and I have the best cosplay I have ever put together this year. I can’t wait for all of you to see it, there will be hundreds of pics after May 1st.


The day Kara’s world tilted off it’s regular set axis was the day she walked into Cat’s office and everything suddenly came into full colour. On Krypton, there was a rhythm to finding love. From birth, you saw colour, but you missed one. The eye colour of the person destined to you. Once you found your soulmate, saw him or her for the first time, you suddenly saw that colour as well. It was shocking, a stunning reveal, and never in history had this chosen fate been incorrect. For instance, Kara’s blue eyes would mean that her soulmate would never see blue until he saw her. And vice versa. Kara actually much liked the idea, but assumed she would always be alone, since Krypton was gone, and on Earth they had no such customs. Kara just boiled it down to say she’d always be alone, and considered her friends here her family, even Cat, her boss.

But standing here, stalk still, for her interview with Cat Grant, Kara’s words failed her. Suddenly everything was bright, and she could see the trees and the weirdly coloured mug on the desk, and leaves, and… Cat’s beautiful green eyes. Green. That was her colour. The one she’d never seen before. Kara swallowed, barely managing to keep her balance, and felt her world blue around her and her lips part. Kara stared, transfixed, at those beautiful orbs of colour while everything inside her mind shifted and regrouped, her past coming back like a sharp blade to her heart, and Kara spoke.

Without realizing her actions, the next words that escaped Kara’s lips were old, and curled with her ancient accent, and beautiful with her bold bell like voice, and… Kryptonian.

My confirmed soulmate, to you, our unity, only you, forever, beautiful.

Rahzh Ewuhsh Zrhymin, vo Rraop Kah Uchahvia, Chaviah Rraop uldif, Zrhueaio.

And then she fainted.


The next thing Kara saw was blurry faces and soft green eyes staring back at her. Kara felt soft hands on cheek, heard startled voices, but one tone above all others, from this woman. This woman. Cat Grant.

Kara blinked a few times, squinting, trying to block out the bright light. Suddenly everything was way too strong, the ceiling lights, the sunlight off the balcony doors, the stark white and cream of the office, and mostly, Cat’s wild green, worried eyes.

“Are you alright?”

Kara sighed at the voice, and lolled her head to the side, into the gold pillow beside her as her heart beat a wild drumbeat against her ribs, her mind racing and spinning, making Kara dizzy and weak all over again. Kara wanted to speak, to say something, anything, but couldn’t make the words come. The feeling of Cat’s fingers, so delicate and soft, over her skin, gently brushing her hair from her forehead, Kara’s body arched closer to the touch despite her will to stay put flat the the soft cushions of the sofa.

“Can you hear me? Say something. Do you need me to call you an ambulance?”

Kara shook her head no, just barely, and whispered the only words that came to her mind right then. The only words she had for this beautiful woman.

My one. My soulmate. I have found you.

Rahzh chahv. Rahzh zrhymin. Khuhp Kehp Ahvrig rraop.


Something clicked in Cat’s mind at those words. The word zrhymin. Cat knew it. It wasn’t human. It was… Kryptonian.

Cat looked up abruptly at the staff all standing around her, unsure of what they should do, a little dizzy in her mind, and told them to leave, to leave her alone with this girl. Cat knew. Even the queen of all media had hobbies, and besides writing short stories and shopping for shoes and fountain pens, Cat had a slight obsession with Superman and his language. Cat loved languages, she knew several fluently, and despite not knowing it as much as she would prefer, she knew the rumors about aliens. One of those rumors proven true, among a few other small ones, that certain aliens had soulmates.

Cat had rarely believed in such fancy things, but if aliens from thousands of light years away lived on earth, with powers and strength, well then Cat had to wonder, maybe soulmates weren’t such a stretch after all, considering.

Cat watched as everyone slowly left, talking and gossiping already, and turned back to the girl still lying on her sofa. Her eyes were on everything, every sparkle, every glint and shine, squinting at them, then looking at Cat nervously, meeting her eyes.

Cat stared into those blue blue eyes, just like Superman’s, and realized now she must be somehow related to him, not just one of his kind. She had to be… close to him. Those blue eyes, so dark and wild… there were stars in those beautiful blue orbs. Constellations. A whole new universe.

That one word repeated like a drum in Cat’s mind, one of the few words of Kryptonian she knew. Zrhymin. Soulmate. Kryptonians had one soulmate. One and one alone. That much Cat knew of the alien race, from her lengthy studies of it. And by the way this girl was staring at everything, anything, staring at anything green, Cat figured out what was happening. All of a sudden everything was still and clear, and despite Cat’s shock and sheer wonder at what had just happened in the last 10 minutes, she couldn’t help a smile.

Underneath her cold office attitude, she was a romantic at heart. And wasn’t it the most romantic thing to imagine finding the one person you’re meant to be with, after probably imagining you never would. Cat grinned at the beautiful girl and grasped her fingers, bringing them up to her lips for a soft kiss. If Cat was this girl’s one soulmate in the universe, well, she wouldn’t deny the girl. She thought about her previous marriages, failed, twice, and her son, Carter, and decided trying again might not be a bad idea, even if this girl was easily half her age.

“I’ve got you. Take your time relaxing. What’s you’re name?”

“Kara Dan… uh, Kara. Kara Zor-El.”

“Zrhueaio, Kara Zor-El.” Cat whispered, one of the few words Cat knew how to properly pronounce, pulling the shaking girl into a tight hug. It would take a while for her to calm down, if what Cat had read was true. It was a traumatic experience, suddenly seeing colour, light, more than you ever knew. Cat knew it would take the girl time, and she was only just glad that this girl was lucky enough to find her soulmate, who knew some of her world. It was better than a stranger to it entirely. Cat took a deep breath against the girl’s skin, and sighed. This would be hard. But, hopefully, worthwhile in the end. “Rraop nahn zehdh.”

You are home.

Jerome and you meet at Arkham (JeromexReader)

Sitting alone in Arkham Y/N just sat on her chair flipping through her book. She was completely bored and this was only her first day. Once in a while she would glance around the room looking at the other inmates.

But what Y/N didn’t notice or know was that a particular person had been staring at her.

“Hiya I’m Greenwood” Greenwood said sitting in front of Y/N she looked up from her book and just stared at him. “What happened cat got your tongue” he laughed she rolled her eyes.

“Keep it moving” she flipped through her book while Greenwood laughed.

“Look I’m not here for you attitude” he rolled his eyes along with Y/N “You see that ginger over there” he pointed towards the direction of the side of Y/N she turned and looked she spotted the ginger staring at her.

“Fire crouch yeah what about him” she shrugged going back to her book not finding any amusement.

“Well he likes you and he wants to be your best friend” Greenwood smiled devishly.

“Let me think about it……. no” Y/N snapped once again going back to her book.

The ginger kept his eye on Y/N he had been staring at her for a good while. He had some how found something interesting in her. He was intrigued with just the sight of her.

“A girl like you needs a best friend In this place the guards don’t care they think bad things happen to bad people and they do they happen all the time” Greenwood commented just staring at her face. Y/N thought for a second and looked at Greenwood and then back at the ginger.

“Take me to the ginger” she finally said while Greenwood laughed. They both stood and walked to the table where the ginger was alone.

“She’s all yours” Greenwood whispered into the gingers ear and he smirked and laughed.

“Hi gorgeous I’m Jerome” Jerome smiled widely.

“I heard you wanted to be my friend fire crouch” Y/N looked at him while he just smiled and laughed like a maniac.

“Yes I do I want to be your best friend” he commented as he patted his hands on the table.

Y/N insane mind thought for a second, her and Jerome could get into allot of mischief together. It sounded perfect for her. As Jerome thought the same thing.

“Hello best friend” she smiled looking into his blue green eyes. He smiled insanely.

“Oh gorgeous the beautiful amazing things we will do in this here very place” Jerome said as he stared at her she smiled and nodded.

“Indeed Jerome let’s have some fun” they both laughed insanely.

Drabble Challenge #38 - Conor

Drabble Challenge #38 “Why don’t you appreciate my sense of humor?” - Conor

“Hey babe.” Conor spread his body over mine on the couch, trying to get my attention.

“Yes?” I sat my phone down and looked at him, running my fingers through his hair.

“What do you call a group of unorganized cats?”

I sighed, knowing this would be another one of his horrible puns. I looked across to the other couch and looked to Jack for help.

“I don’t know, what?”

“A cat-ASTROPHE!” Conor burst into laughter and I just stared at him.

“Why don’t you appreciate my sense of humor?” Conor huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Con, I love you, but please get some new material.”

“Or new friends to use my material on.” He muttered causing Jack and I to erupt in laughter. “Oh so that will make you laugh but not the joke!” I laughed even harder, clutching my stomach.

He rolled over on his stomach and laid on the couch. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Love you Conor.”

“Love you too.” He mumbled.


The problem is that there isn’t enough energy, and there’ll be blackouts this winter.

It’s possible that Sean is just very good at acting and playing along, but I prefer to believe that he genuinely took that long to notice that he was getting trolled.


Catboy Jungkook au

Slight smut

‘You’ve always wanted a cat, but your boyfriend refuses to let you get one. What happens when you find a cat and it’s not what you thought it’d be?’


“You seriously need to stop obsessing over those cats” your boyfriend said. “They’re so cute!” You’ve wanting to get a pet for a long time now but Jaebum refuses to let you invest into one. “Baby, please” you begged while shaking his shoulders. “No” you pouted. “Jaebum, this isn’t fair. I really want a kitty” he rolled his eyes and put you on his lap. “The last time you insisted on getting a puppy we did, what happened to him?” He placed his finger under your chin so you two would make eye contact. “Hm?” He asked.

“I left the door opened and he ran away” you whispered. “Exactly, you’re not responsible when it comes to pets. I actually grew attached to the little thing surprisingly. Plus seeing you cry so much hurt me” you sighed. “I promise I’ll take care of the cat, please?” He shook his head no. “Maybe I’ll consider it soon, you never know” he removed you from his lap and adjusted his tie. “I’ll be back around 8, baby” he leaned down to place a soft kiss to your lips.

“Bye, Jae” you hugged him and he sent a smile your way before grabbing his keys and leaving out the door. You unlocked your phone to check the time '9:30 a.m’. It’s so early. You walked up the stairs into your room to change. Might as well get some errands done early. You changed your clothes and fixed your hair and walked out. It was such a nice morning so you decided to walk. You were walking down the street and admiring the scenery. First thing on your to-do list was to buy Jaebum a gift.

You know how hard he’s been working lately since he’s a CEO of a company. Picking out a gift for someone who’s crazy rich and has everything was a little difficult. You thought about getting him something more sentimental rather than buying him something he already owns. You walk to the nearest arts and crafts store. You grabbed a basket and started walking down the aisles. You were going to make him a scrapbook. You soon gathered all the materials you needed and walked to checkout.

Walking down the street to go back home you heard the sound of a garbage can dropping. You turned your head towards the ally and got curious. You walked towards the garbage can and saw it suddenly move. You cautiously opened the lid and aww’d immediately. You saw the cutest little cat ever. The cats eyes snapped up to you and meowed. You moved back and the cat jumped out of the garbage can. It stared at you for awhile until you heard the sound of a stomach growling.

The cat meowed again and turned it’s head to the side. You heard the sound again and got closer to the cat. It stared at you again before jumping back into the garbage can. You were slightly confused about what to do. You took one more glance before making your way back to your home. You continued to walk until you nearly tripped. “What the hell” you looked down and the cat was staring at you. You leaned down and pet its head. “Do you have a home?” It tilted its head. It’s stomach was growling. “I’m going to assume you don’t. Come on, let’s you some food and a nice bath”

You picked up the cat and walked to the closet store to purchase some cat food. You finally reached your house and placed the cat down. You quickly walked to the kitchen to take a bowl out and put the cat food in it. The cat slowly walked towards the bowl. It sniffed it and walked away. “Do you not like it?” You knew the cat had to be hungry. You walked towards the fridge and saw leftover pizza. Maybe the cat will eat it? “Come here, kitty” the cat jumped onto the counter and waited patiently.

“Want to eat this?” The cat came towards it and starting eating it immediately. You smiled and walked to the bathroom. You started to run a bath. You started looking up scrapbook ideas until you got a phone call. “Hello?” “Baby, I’m sorry but I’m going to home late tonight” you saw it coming considering he just got some new workers. “I understand” “I promise I’ll take you out to a nice dinner on Friday. I know we haven’t been able to spend much time together lately. I feel awful. I miss just sitting with you and being able to see your beautiful face”

“It’s okay, Jaebum. Your job takes a lot of work. I know you’re working really hard. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. You’re eating okay, right? I know you how you days without eating. Please drink a lot water too-” he chuckled. “Always so worried about me. Baby, I’m supposed to worried and taking care of you. This is another reason why I love you” you blushed. “You’re my boyfriend so of course I worry. I love you too” your startled by hearing something falling to the ground and breaking. “Is everything okay?” You walked into the kitchen and saw jars on the floor broken.

“Yes I accidentally dropped something” You hoped he wouldn’t question you. “Hmm, if you’re sure. I need to get back to work sadly, I love you so much. I’ll try to get home as soon as I can, baby, have a great day” “I love you too, work hard, bye” you quickly went to clean up the mess and checked the cat to see if it was hurt. It was okay. “Let’s take you bath” you walked into the bathroom and gently placed the cat into the bathtub. You started to clean it to find out it was a boy. He was purring every time you’d massage its head. You grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. You placed him the counter and plugged your hair dryer.

“You’re such a cute cat, would you like to stay here?” He replied by running its head on your abdomen. You smiled. Maybe Jaebum would let this slide.

You were halfway done with your scrapbook until you heard the sound of the door opening. You shot your head up and started to hide all of the materials as fast as you could. “Y/n, you’re still up?” You heard footsteps walking towards the living room. “It’s 3 in the morning. What are you doing?” You bit your lip nervously. “Uh, nothing. Just wanted to wait for you” you looked down and silently cursed when pictures fell off your bed. He raised an eyebrow and lifted the blanket up. “So this is what you’re doing” he smiled while looking at the unfinished book and looked at you.

“Hmm, so you lied to me” he started walking around the bed until he was right in front of you. “I-I wanted to do something nice for you. I wasn’t supposed to give it to you until it was ready” he leaned down. “I appreciate it I really do baby,” he bit your earlobe. “But you lied. Girls who lie are naughty. Are you my naughty little girl now?” He placed kisses down your neck. “N-no” you whispered. “Really? I think you’re lying again” he leaned lower to suck on your collarbone. He pushed you down on the bed and climbed onto you. “I think you need to learn a lesson” he ripped your shirt in half and teasingly flicked his tongue over your nipped. You moaned and arched your back.

His tongue swirled around the hardened nub and his hand trailed down your stomach until his finger met your slick opening. “Already so wet for me” he ripped your panties off and slapped your thigh. “Such a bad girl” he flipped you over and raised your hips so your ass was in the air. His hand rubbed up and down the back of your thighs until a harsh smack was sent to your ass. You gasped and tried to escape his hold. “You’ve been a naughty girl. Let daddy teach you how to be a good girl from now on” he sent another harsh smack over and over again. You moaned from the soreness and the throbbing sensation from between your legs.

His fingers slid into your wet hole and down to your clit. Your hips pushed against his hand. You received another smack. “I’ll reward you when I feel like you’ve been good” he threw you on the bed and threw your legs over his shoulder. His lips wrapped around your clit and sucked harshly. Your fingers laced into his hair and you moaned louder as his tongue slid into your aching hole. His fingers rubbed your clit at a fast speed that sent your body thrashing. His arms held your body down.

Your back arched off of the bed as your high got closer. “Daddy, oh my god. I’m getting closer. Please, daddy. Let me cum” his fingers replaced his tongue and his lips came up to wrap around your nipple. His fingers thrusted harder and faster until you couldn’t control yourself any longer. You screamed his name as his fingers fucked you harder. His mouth connected with your dripping pussy as you came. You soon became sensitive to his touch. He kissed up your stomach to your lips.

“Seems like you’re a good girl now” he smirked. He walked into the bathroom to grab a damp cloth to clean you up. He grabbed a pair of panties and one of his large shirts. After he cleaned and dressed you he went to take a shower. You tried your best to fight the sleep that was slowly taking over you. You finally closed your eyes and fell asleep.

“Baby” someone gently shook you. Your eyes fluttered opened. “I’m on my way to work. I’ll try to be back by 7, okay? I love you” he kissed me and pulled the blanket higher on my body. “I love you too” you said still half asleep. As soon as he left you went back to sleep.

“Jaebum, quit it” you said annoyed as he rubbed your legs. You groaned and turned around to say something but froze. It was a man. “What the hell?” You shouted and fell off your bed. You rubbed your head and looked up to see the man looking at you. “You should really be carful” he went to help you but you backed away. “Stay away, who are you? How’d you get in?” He sat in front of you. “You let me stay here” you looked at him confused. “I don’t recall that happening” he looked down. “You found me in the garbage can, remember?” You scoffed. “I found a cat not a-”

You looked at his head and noticed ears and his tail swaying in he air. “Am I dreaming?” He shyly looked up at you. “You’re not. I do want to say thank you though. I’ve been a stray for a long time now and everyone was always mean to me. You actually cared for me and fed me, made me clean, let me sleep in a comfortable and warm bed. If you want me to leave I understand, I’ll leave. I just wanted to express how thankful I was first” he stood and started to walk out. “Wait” he stopped and looked at you. “I’m sorry for reacting like that. If you really have nowhere to stay, you can live here”

He looked down. “You don’t have to do that. I can find somewhere else” he whispered. “I insist. Please stay, I wouldn’t feel right letting you leave and having nowhere else to go” he smiled at you and hugged you. “You’re so great. No one has ever treated me this good” you smiled. “I’ll show you to your room” you walked downstairs into the spare room that was never used. “I’ll get you some clothes and other things. We can go shopping and you can get things you’d like” he smiled and laid down on the bed. “I’ll be right back”.

You walked back to your room to take out Jaebum’s old clothes. You grabbed a duffle bag to put all the clothes and shoes in. You walked in the bathroom to grab other necessities. You walked to to him and gave him the back. “Here are clothes” he thanked you. “Do you have a name?” He shyly shook his head no and looked at the ground. “Hmm, what about Jungkook?” His ears raised “that sounds pretty cool” you smiled. “Jungkook it is. Are you hungry?” He nodded. “What do you feel like eating?” “Anything is fine really” you walked to the kitchen.

After shopping for what seemed like hours you and Jungkook finally got back home. You wanted him to feel comfortable being here. Being with him you could tell he was really shy. You always caught him staring at you but would immediately look the other way. He was adorable. Now you need to come up with a story as to way he’s here so Jaebum wouldn’t freak out. “I have a question” he looked up. “Do you control when you turn into a cat?” “Yes” you nodded. You grabbed a beanie you bought him and put it on his head. “There you go” now you needed to hide his tail. “Is there a way to tape your tail or something?”

“It moves on its own but I could wear something to cover it” you nodded again. “When Jaebum gets here I’ll tell him you’re a close family friend. If he asks questions just say we’ve known each other since we were 3, okay?” He nodded.

“Baby, I’m home” Jaebum dropped his brief case and loosened his tie. You were sitting on the couch nervously waiting to talk to him. He kissed your lips and sat next to you. “What’s wrong?” He asked while holding your hands. “I need to tell you something” he nodded waiting for you to continue. “A close family friend of mine got kicked out of their home and I wanted to let you know I’m letting him stay here” he looked at you. “Him?” You sighed. “I’ve known him since we were young. Please tell me it’s okay he can stay here. He doesn’t have anywhere else to go” you felt guilty for lying to him.

“It’s fine, baby. I know you’d be mad if I said no” you kissed him and thanked him over and over again. “Jungkook, want to come out?” After a moment he came into the living room. Jaebum studied him. “I’m Jungkook, thank you for letting me stay here with you two” he said softly, barley maintaining eye contact with Jaebum. “It’s no problem at all” he smiled. “I’m gonna go change” he kissed your forehead and walked away. You heard a hissing noise and looked up at Jungkook who was death glaring Jaebum. “Are you okay?” He quickly snapped out of it and looked at you. He nodded and sat down.

“I’m sorry” you shrugged it off still confused. Will this end up being a good idea?

A/n I know this probably sucked ass but I promise the next chapters will have a lot more Jungkook and smut involving him 🌚🌚🌚

Day 3

Today’s Weirdo of the Day was crowned as soon as I finished ringing him up.

A guy came through with tons of cat treats, canned food, and cat toys. To start a conversation, I asked him what kind of cat he had.

He responded with a blank stare, then after a long pause said in a highly affronted tone, “I don’t have a cat.”

I stopped talking to customers after that.

It has been five whole minutes since Andrew locked gazes with the feline brat sitting on top of the coffee table before him. Neither of them moved aside from the cat’s gentle swaying of its tail. 

An ear twitched, but Andrew remained still, watching the cat as if daring it to do something.

It mewled.

That was the first sound King Fluffykins had made in those five minutes of constant staring, and Andrew still did not know what the cat wanted. He did not want to know what the cat wanted. In fact, he would gladly return to his couch lounging and his whiskey if the cat would leave him be.

It mewled a second time.

“Could you feed the cat?” Neil called from a room down the hall. Andrew did not know exactly which room because he did not bother to turn and look; his eyes were glued to the feline’s.

The cat’s tail swayed like a grandfather clock, swinging over the edge of the coffee table where Cat 2 stared intently at it.

The cat was hungry, that much Andrew knew, but it was too late to back out of whatever was between them. This was war.

After what seemed like forever, King Fluffykins stood. Without breaking their cold war of stares, it jumped on the arm of the couch, perching itself right next to Andrew.

He raised his glass towards the cat, a subtle friendly gesture. The cat accepted it and sniffed his hand, poking its delicate nose inside the glass. 

A silver of pink barely peeked past its mouth before the furry creature was snatched away by the only other human in the household.

“I don’t think alcohol is meant for cats,” Neil stated rather simply, putting King Fluffykins down on the carpet.

Andrew just shrugged. “It was a peace offering.”

“Its not a peace offering if you know it will kill them,” Neil stepped over Andrew’s legs, taking a seat on the other end of the couch. “You’re just tricking Fluffy into an untimely death.”

“The cat is stupid for falling for it, then.”

“Who do you think he got it from?”

Andrew turned his head, scanning Neil though half lidded eyes. “You.”