what cancer cannot do

What Cancer Cannot Do: cancer CANNOT shatter hope, kill friendship, corrode faith, cripple love, destroy peace, silence courage, conquer spirit, invade the soul, stifle laughter, erase memories, erode confidence, steal humor ~I saw this beautiful quilt behind the nurses desk in the chemo center in kaiser permanente…san marcos, california 2016

What Cancer Cannot Do

I found this poem and I believe it is the perfect poem for anyone who can associate with cancer. The poem, titled “What Cancer Cannot Do,” was written by an an unknown author. Here is the poem:

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited… 

It cannot cripple love.

It cannot shutter hope.

It cannot corrode faith.

It cannot eat away peace.

It cannot destroy confidence.

It cannot kill friendship.

It cannot shut out memories.

It cannot silence courage.

It cannot reduce eternal life.

It cannot quench the Spirit.

I love everything about this poem. Everything that the author states is very true. Cancer “cannot cripple love;” it only strengthens love and brings people together. Love is strengthened when a person has cancer, despite the stress and pain that goes along with cancer. You don’t know how long you have with that person, so you will love them as much as you can for as long as you can. Cancer “cannot shatter hope.” Cancer causes people to have more hope that they will beat the cancer. Having hope and faith can help battle the cancer. Cancer “cannot kill friendship.” Just like love, cancer strengthens friendship. Cancer brings people and friends together. Without a friend’s support, battling cancer would be very difficult. Friends come together and strengthen their relationships to support the cancer patient and be their rock. Cancer “cannot silence courage.” Everyone who has cancer is very courageous. They will fight the cancer no matter what and will do anything to beat the cancer, even if it seems scary to them. 

This poem is very inspirational. I really wish I had seen this poem earlier. I would have told my uncle all about it. I am sure he would find inspiration in it and would agree with everything. My uncle was one of the most courageous people I know. He never gave up and never lost hope. Cancer did not quench his Spirit; it set his Spirit on fire. The love of his family and friends was strengthened by his cancer. Every cancer patient and friends and families of cancer patients can relate to this poem. I’m sure they agree with everything in this poem. This poem gives cancer patients hope that they are greater than this cancer and will beat it with help, hope, and courage. 

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Here is the website where I found the poem: http://www.scrapbook.com/poems/doc/4878/403.html

Here is the website I found the image of the poem: http://www.zazzle.ca/what_cancer_cannot_do_poem_poster_print-228935306289537886

anonymous asked:

~~URGENT~~ Please Momma, sombody I don't know what to do!! I've been sick for a long time and the test results came back and I have cancer and its really really really bad. The only thing I have from my family is insurance, no support or acknowledgement or anything and my friends up and left because they don't want to "catch it" please I am so scared and I don't know what to do. My doctor says I don't have more than a year and I don't want to die alone. Oh god please I am so scared!!!

 Darling, what your family is doing is disgusting

 You cannot “catch” cancer. It is not contagious. Educate your friends and and family if you must, but if they’re going to leave you in your hour of need, it sounds like you need new friends, dear.

 M.O.D.’s aunt had cancer when he was very young, and his uncle had it a few years ago. His family members had always been by their side when they needed them. 

 Find Cancer Support Groups in your area, or even find ones online. Talk to your doctor, and please, PLEASE take care of yourself.

 You can get better, we all believe in you.