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from now on whenever my friends move out on their own I’m giving them a care package of medicine that they’ll need because so many of them don’t have basic medication???

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I've asked for a URL graphic multiple times and nothing has been done. I understand that in your rules you only make graphics for URLs that inspire you, but the least you could do is TELL the person you don't have time for their graphic instead of leaving them in the dark for months on end. I asked for one (for the first time) sixth or seven months ago. You responded to my ask the same way as every other one regardless of whether you'd actually make the graphic.

I’m not sure what your url is, but im just working my way down the list. If you want me to check where ur at on my list let me know ur url.













These are the next 10+ on my list. For a point of reference, I have 56 URL requests to do.

There is a chance I may have missed you, or ur further down the list. I’m honestly just making my way through the list and I’m trying my best not to skip anyone, if i do, then ill hold them back until inspiration strikes.

I appreciate the fact that this has annoyed you, but there’s simply nothing I can do about it. I’m just working my way down the list (which is ordered of when people asked for the URL graphic)

idk guys, max lightwood-bane is very clearly described as having dark blue skin, so I really don’t understand all the fanart of him with super pale blue skin, and I ESPECIALLY don’t understand all the fanart and headcanons giving a human glamour that’s white

hit 200 followers!!

OMG I just realized that this blog has over 200 followers which is crazy to me because I honestly started it for myself to keep me on track with my weight loss journey, but now you guys are motivating me to stay on track and to keep on the path that i’m going on and to just stay dedicated thank you guys 💕💕😭😍

Heyyy if there’s a guide on how to make friends and not embarrass yourself can someone link it to me please? Thanks fam


year 2016 & bts


Soldiers trust each other. That’s what makes it an army—not a bunch of guys shooting guns.



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