what can you do

People/fans NEED to stop approaching the boys parents, bothering them and asking personal things, it’s not fair to them or 5sos and not to mention it’s creepy and rude.


Soldiers trust each other. That’s what makes it an army—not a bunch of guys shooting guns.

The Darkling and his nichevo'ya

I read the whole Grisha Trilogy by  Leigh Bardugo while on vacation these past few weeks. So good. I want to draw so many things! Also I need to do some black & white work/test, and thought he’d be interesting to start with, though rather darker than my normal…

and I know their eyes don’t actually glow i took a liberty

Imagine this.

The quest to free Emma from the darkness and banish it forever ends when Emma finally chooses the light and Killian pays the price for reuniting the blade. For those few moments before the Fury shows up, Emma is herself again, and Killian looks at her, knowing that it was worth it. Worth all those centuries of chasing after the dagger, worth all the pain and the heartache, worth this final sacrifice.

Emma doesn’t think so, of course. She’s only just got him back. She can’t lose him. Not now.

“It’s the rules, Swan.”

“I’ll break them. I’m going to find you.”

“Aye.” He holds out his hand. “Here. Take it.”

She hesitates, but he means it, so she slips the ring from his thumb. There’s a screech in the distance: the Fury, homing in on its target.

And they kiss, one last, desperate embrace before hell, literally, descends on the pirate and begins to drag him away.

“I love you.”

His eyes never leave hers. “I know.”

And then the Fury drags Killian Jones away, and the moon reaches its zenith, and Charon’s boat takes him away to the Underworld.

But Emma does not accept it. She’s been Fate’s plaything for too long. She won’t play by the rules anymore.

She announces her intention to travel to the Underworld, and no one argues. In fact, within a few minutes, she has an entire team ready to go with her. Killian Jones gave his life to banish the darkness that has haunted all their lives. The least they can do is fight for him now.

And so, the next night, they gather by the shore of the lake in the moonlight, and wait.

The moon rises. Mist swirls out on the lake. The now-familiar shape of a boat begins to emerge.

Emma takes a step forward, one hand gripping a sword, the other ready to cast whatever magic she needs.

There’s another shape, a figure standing at the back (the stern, Emma reminds herself) of the boat. A dark shape, standing tall and sure, with a casualness to his stance that looks entirely out of place for the ferryman of the dead.

The boat comes closer, grows lighter as it parts the mist. The figure remains dark.

Emma’s mouth drops open as she looks at the expectant smirk and sea-blue eyes of Killian Jones.

“You… that’s Charon’s boat.”

“Not anymore, I’m afraid.” The smirk blooms into a wide grin, and he cocks his head in a one-shouldered shrug. “Pirate.”