what can pregnant women eat and do

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RFA's reactions towards pregnant MC who eats a lot AND frequent (like they just had their meal a while ago and she's already fishing for snacks) thank you!<3


  • Genuinely worried
  • Encourages her to eat foods that’re healthier than what she’s been eating.
  • If a baby is making her this hungry, that’s the only thing, right?? It’s not affecting her health, right?????
  • When he finds out that some pregnant women are just,,, always hungry, he chills out but still worries about her health.
  • Makes her healthy food as often as he can because he knows she won’t do it herself.


  • Honestly, same MC.
  • He indulges in snacking with her a lot, and cooks with her all the time.
  • He loves cooking with MC anyways, so he’s not complaining.
  • Bigger portions so that they can just stick it in the fridge for her to heat up when she wants it.


  • She’s carrying an extra 8 pounds worth of baby, so she deserves it. 
  • Prevents her from eating sweet foods too often so that the baby’s health isn’t affected.
  • Low key likes having the excuse to cook for MC or take her out all the time.
  • Time to try new things!!!! Whatever weird thing MC is craving, she’ll usually try it with her.


  • He’s telling the chef to make her three meals a day to keep both her and the baby healthy.
  • Little does he know that she bribed the chef with a few good jokes and the “come on, I’m pregnant” guilt trip to make her some sweets and extra snacks.
  • When she starts gaining more weight than expected, he’s all worried, but she’s just always so hungry holy shit.
  • At around 7 months, he’s not concerned. She’s pregnant, who cares how much she eats?


  • “You nag me all the time about how bad snacking is and now you think you can get away with it because you’re pregnant???”
  • She nods her head as she steals his chips.
  • He always gives her a hard time, but honestly, he’s kinda happy about it?
  • They low key bond over food while she’s pregnant. They end up liking the same flavors, so they just make a TON of one thing and go for it.

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Imagine you and Jay are together and both work in intelligence and you find out that you’re pregnant after you get sick at work multiple times in one day.

——— Request for anon ———

You’d spent your lunch break running to the drugstore to get anti-nausea medications. You could barely function at work with how sick you felt, on-and-off like an unpredictable hell of your breakfast coming back to haunt you in the worst way possible. Its only when you walk past the baby aisle that you stop in your tracks, going wide-eyed as it finally dawns on you that you may be pregnant. Your period coming late wasn’t anything new, but with the sickness tacked onto that, now you were worried.

You decide to grab a test, just to be safe.

It was in that drugstore bathroom that the two little lines formulated one right beside the other. It was outside that drugstore that you walked back to your car, halfway in a daze. It was in the drugstore parking lot that Jay sat on the passenger side, giving you a questioning look as you took your place in the driver’s seat.

“Where do you wanna’ grab some food? I’m thinking that little place right next to the precinct would be quick,” Jay doesn’t notice the look on your face or the way you lick your dry lips nervously and you can’t be sure if you’re thankful or kind of pissed that he didn’t notice a difference in your behavior right now. “What do you think?”

You take the anti-nausea meds that were safe for pregnant women before tucking the plastic bag containing both the pill bottle and the positive test in the space between you and Jay.

I’m pregnant screams from the back of your head, but all you can think to say to Jay at the moment is, “Yeah, let’s eat there,” despite the fact that eating was the last thing on your mind at the moment. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant.

Jay looks positively thrilled at your answer for the second that he glances towards you, “Great! I’ve been craving that place all week!”

At the first red light you come to, you blurt out, “I’m pregnant, Jay.”

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Hi, I was looking through your blog and it made me curious: I personally don't really know what I believe. Like on one hand I believe that unborn babies are alive as soon as their heart starts beating separate from it's mother's heart. But at the same time, I feel like woman should have that right to choose. I guess what I'm asking is if I am a traditional feminist with prolife values, then where is the middle ground? I'm open minded so you wont scare me away with any of your controversial views

Hi! Thanks for contacting me!

I can definitely see how that can be confusing. First, I want to clarify what you’re saying about the biology of when life begins. Human life actually starts before the heart starts beating - otherwise, how could a heart grow if there was no living, growing, developing organism? At fertilization, a new member of the human species exists with its own genetic code and its own developmental path totally distinct from that of the mother. The mother’s body supplies nutrients and oxygen, but her blood never mixes with her child’s (many mothers and children have different blood types) and her heart does not beat for the child. Starting at fertilization, the child’s cells are growing, dividing, and differentiating to develop the various systems of the body (nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc). The heartbeat begins when the cardiovascular system develops to the point that it needs a pumping heart to distribute nutrients, hormonal signals, and oxygen to the various cells. This happens after about 3 weeks (18-22 days) of life and development within this new organism.

That said, most women don’t know they’re pregnant until around the time the heart starts beating (4-6 weeks after their last menstrual period), so in the majority of cases a child who is intentionally aborted has a beating heart.

Now let’s talk about choice. We all make choices every day. We choose what to wear, what to eat, what to study in school, what to do for a living, and so on. We can also make choices that directly affect other people. All of our choices have consequences, whether those consequences are good, bad, or neutral.

Every law we have restricts our choices in some way. Traffic laws restrict how we operate our cars. Taxes restrict how we spend our money. Regulations restrict how we run businesses. We may debate whether or not these laws are necessary or justified. Other laws, like laws against stealing or killing, restrict choices that would directly harm other people. Most of us can agree that these laws are both justified and necessary for a functioning and peaceful society. If we wanted complete freedom of choice, that would be anarchy. Any government that exists restricts your choices in some way.

The question, then, is whether it is necessary and/or justified to restrict a woman’s choice to have an abortion. To me, the answer to that question lies in whether an abortion directly harms another person. If it does not, then restrictions on abortion would fall into the category of government regulations that are highly debatable and probably an unjustified or unnecessary restriction of our right to choose. If, however, abortion does directly and intentionally harm another person, then a restriction or ban on abortion would fall into the category of laws against stealing or killing, and would therefore be both justified and necessary.

I believe the latter is true. Like you, I believe that abortion kills a living human being. Therefore, our law that already exists banning the intentional and premeditated killing of human beings should also protect preborn human beings. That is, we shouldn’t need a law against abortion. We just need to include preborn human beings as people protected by the law.

This still leaves women with a lot of choices. I just don’t believe anyone has the right to kill another person except in a self-defense situation (which does not describe pregnancy).

Now, I don’t consider myself a feminist. Largely, this is because I don’t want to be associated with what the modern feminist movement has become. However, there are many pro-life feminists who have found a way to balance a concern for women’s rights and welfare with a concern for the lives of the preborn. In fact, many will say that the two can actually go hand-in-hand.

I recommend checking out the following organizations for more on how you can be pro-life and feminist:

Feminists for Life

Feminists for Nonviolent Choices

New Wave Feminists

Secular Pro-Life

Life Matters Journal (@lifemattersjournal)

I know this was a really long answer to your question, so let me know if you need me to clarify anything or if you have any questions! I’m happy to continue this conversation as long as you want to.
I Knew I Loved You

Hey all!  I know you guys have been waiting for a sequel to “Bulletproof” since I posted it… so here it is!  It is also a prompt “You’re telling me you’ve never been to Ikea?”

So here it is!  Hope you enjoy… and I really thank you all for your patience in me getting to these!  Some inspiration comes from the Savage Garden song by the same title.

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The request with daddy Bokuto was sooo gooood!!Can you da a similar thing with Kuroo or Iwaizumi or Oikawa? I give you the choice!Thanks!

I have to go with my baby, Iwaizumi. I’m really having the feels for him this month, even more so than usual. Imagining him as a father makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, he’d make a great dad.

  • He’s always had a soft spot for kids and you’ve always been surprised at how naturally the young ones took to him. You always had a smile on your face when you saw him surrounded by kids and playing around.
  • When he learned that your cold was actually the first signs of a pregnancy, he wasn’t sure how to react. Iwaizumi was filled with emotions of happiness and excitement that he couldn’t help but fall to his knees and cry. You had never seen him act like this before.
  • While he was still kneeling he wrapped his arms around your middle, pressing his face into your stomach and whispering, “I’m going to be a father. I’ll take care of you and your mother little one.”
  • Oh god, your heart just melted???
  • The first thing he does is reading up on meals for pregnant women. He knows how important it is to make sure you eat enough for yourself and the baby so he’s doing his best to make sure he’s an adequate chef. #kissthecook
  • He won’t admit it, but he’s so nervous. He doesn’t have any siblings so he’s not sure what to expect out of being a parent himself, but you quickly reassure him how much the neighborhood kids adore him.
  • When you go out shopping to simply browse around, he internally screams at how cute and small baby clothes are. Like how can a human be so tiny???
  • He’s the type of husband to participate in all the parenting classes and do yoga together. You’ve never seen an ass so fine in yoga pants. Almost went into labour right then and there.
  • Speaking of parenting classes, Iwaizumi had to learn how to change a diaper and he was surprisingly good at it??? You agree that he’s now on diaper duty.
  • When you cuddle, he’s always so mindful of your stomach, making sure you’re laying on your side. His hand is always placed on your belly, absentmindedly tracing the skin.
  • He secretly keeps a list of names in his nightstand of possible names for the new baby. He thinks you don’t know, but you do.
  • Every morning before he goes to work, he kisses you and plants a kiss on your tummy before leaving.