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And it’s all gemshippingtrash‘s fault like I somehow wandered onto their blog and BAM GEM EGGS and I was pulled into it all. And because it’s adorable (and sad but idc I do what I want) and because I’m otp/ot3 trash I did a thing and Jasper is just stupidly proud of all these gems like just wipe that smug grin off your face you’re all trash for this

Soulmate AU??

So I was at the bus stop as usual, about to go home, when an idea slapped me across the face. This is what i hate about my brain. Anyways, what if you could only find your soulmate at a certain age during a dream? Like, you don’t even have to be asleep, but you’ll suddenly just pass out and a certain sentence will be repeated over and over until you wake up. The first person who says that sentence to you after you wake up is your soulmate.

Just Imagine though.

Normal bro-friends playing a sport in the park and then person b faints and then hears “Do you think animals are homophobic or can they be gay too?” In their head over and over. They wake up two hours later with Person a beside them on a bench and Person a worriedly asks if they’re fine. Then a day after they walk to school and a says the sentence.

Person A is a cashier and really wants the adorable everyday customer to be their soulmate but then they get their ‘dream-soulmate-sentence’ during their break and wakes up to find their bossy ex bf/gf and now boss frowning and spitting out: “get your fat ass off the chair” WHICH IS WHAT THEIR DREAM SENTENCE SAID.

Person B is lost in an NYC crowd and they’re foreign but then suddenly they faint and minutes later wake up on the sidewalk. They don’t hear the sentence until a year later, when the lost college freshman from their country asks “you are (their nationality) too, right? Can you teach better english to me?”

Person A is asleep after studying till 1 for college finals, and get their dream. The morning after at six, they’re too tired to cook so the order speed-delivery pizza, and the pizza girl/boy says the sentence!

A fangirl/fanboy in a concert cheering as usual but then they black out and hear song lyrics. A few months pass and they hear THEIR FREAKING BIAS SINGING THE SENTENCE IN A NEW SONG.

I’m so glad this idea hit me.


I hope people use this idea!

(But please don’t say they made it theirselves)


(Also can one of you amazing chanbaek authors write a fic like this for me??? 😅I’m sorry but i just love my otp so much and them being in a story that i basically inspired or used in a soulmate au i made would be so amazing for me!!)