what can i say...i like murderers

Then again what I said about s1 Murphy was:

I’m not sure he ever really was a sadist; he just liked this really specific, toxic idea of being tough and in control.

And oh boy, that MOSTLY changed? Sort of changed? But six *very eventful* months later (in series time) John Murphy is still the person who had a yen for turning tables on people who made him hurt/scared/powerless and forcing them to feel what he did, so he not only instantly gets what Emori says she wants but is fully in support and proud of her for it.

I love someone who was beaten and tortured by a man who thought he could control her.

He would. He does. And for all his vaguely intimidating behavior, he has zero interest in hurting that man and way too much interest in seeing her do it.

THESE TWO PEAS COULD NOT BE MORE POD-LIKE, is what I’m saying, I can’t believe Emori having a revenge-murder drive (how much real? how much fake?) is a parallel I needed this much.

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53, 91, 99

53: have you ever watched the rocky horror picture show? heathers? beetlejuice? pulp fiction? what do you think of them?

Now, please don’t kill me, but I’ve only seen Rocky Horror, and I thought it was alright. As I’m in a very artsy school, I tend to be almost murdered for not being obsessed with all these, but I’ll watch the rest one day! I like the music from Rocky Horror and it’s an alright movie but I just didn’t get obsessed like everyone was telling me I would, y'know? (I was also slightly horrified at the adult theme, what can I say I’m too pure to function in this world)

91: where do you plan on traveling this year?

My friend is going to college in Leeds, England and we’re going to visit her in December! It’ll be amazing, as I’m going to miss her like hell <3

99: list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them. (i love this one) (Sorry if it’s too many I just got so excited)

What A Wonderful World ~ Louis Armstrong (my favorite song)

Big Fat Bass Drums ~ Softengine

Can’t Help Falling In Love ~ Elvis Presley

Never Say Never ~ The Fray (I have a long history with this song)

La Vie En Rose ~ Louis Armstrong

Sloppy Seconds ~ Watsky

Yellow House ~ Softengine

Canon in D Major ~ Johann Pachelbel

Iris ~ The Goo Goo Dolls

Strong As an Oak ~ Watsky

Night at the Museum ~ Alan Silvestri (the movie itself resonates majorly in my soul)

  • [Inquisitor advisors help you deal with a difficult co-worker]
  • Josephine: I know a friend of a friend who has a friend who can get him fired. There doesn't need to be a reason.
  • Leliana: Look, I'm not saying murder him, but I'm not saying DON'T murder him. Be open to murdering him, is what I'm saying.
  • Cullen: Subterfuge and unlawful killings are unworthy of our Inquisition. I say send twenty of our best templars to his house and have them burn it to the ground, like civilized men.

everyones like “dont make villains gay!!!” bcos it has bad associations but tbh most supervillains are gay. most heroes are gay and most supervillains are gay too

your fave is problematic: the darkling

- invented emo culture
- occupation: drama queen
- can’t seem to be able to stop saying alina’s name
- no seriously he can’t
- drinking game: drink everytime he says alina in one paragraph. blackout guaranteed
- it’s not a pHASE MOM!!!!1!!!!!!1111!!
- literally fakes his death at the smallest inconvenience, get on his level
- thirsty™
- i’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour aesthetic
- mirror mirror on the wall who’s the most pretentious of them all
- does not handle rejection well, like will murder a small village to ease the pain
- only has two emotions: what a gr8t day 4 murder & lovesick puppy
- did i say murder??
- sinnamon roll who’s probably killing you as we speak
- alina starkov’s biggest fanboy
- ‘my alina’ ☀✨💛👌😍😍😍😍😍💘
- the villain w/ a sweet tooth trope™ is strong with this one
- runs on bitterness and salt. pls help him
- will probably sell his soul for a piece of cake

Half-fiend: “Oh, come on, what’s a bit of blood between friends?”
HF: “What, why not? You hurt me so.”
HF: “Oh, come now, that all in the past.”
Rogue: “It was like??? Two months ago!”
HF:“See? In the past. Now come with me. I promise I won’t even torture you! Much.”
Rogue: “S t o p.”

So there have been a couple of posts about Sportacus’s book… closet (that is not a shelf) and a few of them have some decent resolution and I just have to say that Sportacus’s reading selection is… pretty specific? We’re talking like picaresque novels, bildungsromans, themes about murder, revolution, revenge, and redemption, heroes fighting against insurmountable forces, disadvantaged young/youthful heroes being shunned by society and striving to get any kind of tiny moral victory, children being the center focus of very dark situations… Kudos to the people who put that kind of thought into what he’s reading but now I can’t ever look at Sport the same way. I don’t want to make too specific a statement about his reading list because I haven’t identified most of the books and read even fewer, but. Dude. DARK.

edit- I forgot a major theme to many of these books: SLAVERY. He even has a book (The Weeping Wood) about the history of rubber production and the exploited Indian slaves!

okay just because eva @mydeddyalabama is getting unwarranted shit for this and because it’s been on my time… i feel like there is this weird policing of lesbian sexuality on tumblr.com in that it’s very normal to see people joke about dude celebs with over-the-top, plainly gratuitious sexual talk - you know what i mean, like tagging pictures of harry styles with “raw me” or saying “i want to suck oscar isaac’s dick dry” and that’s absolutely fine and i understand and wholeheartedly support that, but it… never seems to happen when it comes to lesbians talking about their celebrity crushes? i mean, you’re far more likely to see “i want daisy ridley to murder me” or “janelle monae please step on me.” and that’s obviously its own can of worms lol but it is VERY telling that eva makes ONE silly post saying “i want to suck beyonce’s titty” and IMMEDIATELY there is an army of anons coming out of the woodwork to literally be like

Yeah of course lesbians having sexual feelings towards women isn’t misogyny but anyone constantly graphically talking about a woman (who is a strangers) genitals and graphically describing various sexual acts with them without any knowledge of if it’s okay is gross and reducing them to body parts. It’s so harmful to spread the idea lesbians can not harm and objectify and mistreat other lesbians

like fuck off????? fuck all the way off??? lesbians should be allowed to be silly and gratuitous and explicitly sexual about their crushes??? if you’re attracted to men you’re allowed to be as raunchy and over-the-top as you want but if you’re a lesbian you have to be like #step on me #kill me #murder me ??? fuck that i should be able to post “i want to scissor gina rodriguez in a hot tub while emilia clarke licks my boob” and i should be able to post that with impunity and without shame and without a bunch of people calling me a misogynist that’s all i’m saying

Random Sentence Starters:
  • "Any time I say "asking for a friend" you know it's fake because I have no friends."
  • "God bless that ass."
  • "In eight hours I will have been awake for twenty four hours."
  • "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple."
  • "You can't snort Captain Crunch. That's what Cocoa Puffs are for."
  • "These skinny jeans are stifling."
  • "Are your pants made out of Fruit Loops?"
  • "Yoga pants are the reason corporations go bankrupt."
  • "Your mother would never lie to me."
  • "I'm pretty sure Ren and Stimpy were werewolves."
  • "It's like he has chicken pox but like... on his dick."
  • "Call the government."
  • "Everyone has that one emo band that got them through puberty."
  • "Between you and me I love her shoes but I hate everything that she stands for, if you know what I mean."
  • "The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist."
  • "I don't speak German but I'm pretty sure that dude just said go fuck yourself."
  • "I'd sell my soul for a cheesy snack."
  • "I can't date guys who look better in eyeliner than I do."
  • "I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was sixteen and three quarters."
  • "If you know that vampires exist it's your civil duty to report that shit to someone."
  • "I'd really like to smack a bitch."
  • "Who gave you permission to breathe my air?"
  • "Would you rather fuck Edward Cullen or Peter Parker?"

Son Of My Savior: DeanxReader with a little smut.

Despite the freezing temperatures outside, the hotel room was warm and cozy, with a perfect view to just lay in bed and watch the snow fall all day.

Baby It’s Cold Outside was playing quietly around the room as Dean Winchester and Y/N snuggled under a plush comforter.

“This is so great…” Dean said, pulling her against his body for a hug. “In moments like this, I can almost imagine a world where nightmares are just nightmares and never a reality.”

She knew all too well what he was referring to. She wasn’t a hunter herself, but after her mother and father were murdered by a demon, the young hunter who saved her, she could only recall that his name was John, let her in on the secret of what went bump in the night.

“I would say that maybe one day you’ll have that peace.” Kissing his cheek, then the corner of his mouth, and then his lips, she sighed. “But I know that’s impossible. There’s just too much out there.”

“Which is why…” He smirked and pulled her on top of him so she was straddling his waist. “We should take advantage of this down time. Relax and have some fun.” He slide his hands under her sweater and up her sides before pulling it over her head and tossing it aside. She was left in a sheer pink bra, which happen to be his favorite one.

“You are so naughty.” Giggling, she leaned down to give him a playful kiss, biting his lip before sitting up again. “Sam said he wouldn’t be gone long. What if he walks in on us?”

“He can either wait outside, or stay and watch.” Wiggling his eyebrows at her in a silly manner, he pushed her back so she was laying down now and he was looming over her with a hungry grin. “I want you, Y/N. Now.”

She involuntarily licked her lips. “Yes, Daddy.” A growl sounded from Dean and she slipped his shirt over his head. They quickly helped each other out of their pants and were now just left in their underwear.

Here comes a little smut!

Leaning down he took her nipple into his mouth and bit it carefully. She shivered and closed her eyes, giving herself to him to do with as he seemed fit. He reached underneath her and unclasped her bra and tossed it away. Swirling his tongue around her nipple, he kneaded her other breast with his hand, teasingly pinching that nipple every once in awhile. After a minute or so he switched his mouth to the other breast and his hand to the first.

A soft moan slipped through her lips and he left her breast to kiss down her stomach, to just above the sheer pink panties that matched her bra. “Y/N…” He groaned, taking in just how wet she already was. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…”

Giggling, she gave his hair a tug. “Shut up and get to work Winchester.” She joked, shaking her hips at him.

“Oh, yes ma'am!” Dean gave a cheesy salut before slipping her panties off. He placed a kiss to her, earning himself an impatient moan. He licked her wetness off his lips before throwing her legs over his shoulder pushing his tongue against her.

He licked, kissed, sucked, bit her sensitive skin until she was moaning his name in bliss and he was tasting how sweet she was.

Breathing heavily, Y/N arched her back and he wiped her wetness from his face. Seeing her like this, sweaty and glowing and pleased because of him, made him so hard…

“Please…” She was whispering now, thrusting herself up against him. “I need to feel you…” She opened her eyes and pouted at him. “Hurry up.”

“Alright.” Laughing, he ditched his boxers and positioned himself. “Are you sure you want this?” He asked, just to torture her.

Before she yelled at him, he pushed into her easily and deep. “Good you feel so good.” He kept still for a moment to let her enjoy how full she felt. He knew what his girl liked.

She grabbed him by the hair and jerked his lips to her, not caring if she was being too rough.

He took this as encouragement and began thrusting in and out of her slowly for only a second, his movement quickly taking on a rough motion. She moved her body with his to ensure he was hitting just the right spot.

“Y/N… I’m…” He slipped an arm around her waist to pull her up against him.

“Dean…” She gasped out.

He was about to cum, and was about to pull out…

When all of a sudden the hotel door opened.

All at once, Dean was moaning with Y/N as he came inside her, and Sammy was yelling in surprise as he quickly turned and slammed the door shut.

“What the hell!” He shouted from outside, and the two just began to laugh, smiling happily at each other, completely unembarrassed.
Today is just not my day, so really hope you enjoy this! If you know why it’s titled Son of my Savior, send it in an ask 😁

When AA fans discuss the future of the series

Random fan: “In AA7 I want a real plot twist! I’d like to play a case about a main character’s murder, like Phoenix Wright or Miles Edgeworth!”



Ngl I’m not really feeling my new sketchbook. Anyways some doodles that I don’t really like as much as the last ones… Just thought I’d update. I’ll probably color them eventually bc I need validation & people seem to like that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Anyways, my hopes for future chapters I guess ^^????? No idea. Sorry @slvrhvk I never seem to draw ACTUAL scenes… Ngl this was probably just an excuse for me to draw Jeffmads smooches bc I’m actually The Worst.

Also Aaron is upset bc he wasn’t invited to the murder party. Doesn’t matter what universe, he will always be perpetually out of the loop.

Edit: i forgot to mention this is for How to Get Away with Revolution so it’s a sequel to this post for this fic 

  • soo ho: so, we're here to collect evidence on last night's murder. find any possible clues that can help us lead to the answer.
  • ban ryu: there's a note on the ground. looks like this crime was planned.
  • han sung: *picks it up* it's blank!
  • soo ho: han sung, turn the card around. *flips card to written side*
  • han sung: oh! okay then. *stares at note intensely* no way... this can't be...
  • ban ryu: ... what does it say?
  • han sung: i'm trying to read it, ban ryu! if you stop interrupting me, i'll be done by now.
  • ban ryu: ... okay then...
  • han sung: *continues to stare at note intensely*
  • ban ryu:
  • soo ho:
  • han sung: *gives card to ban ryu*
  • ban ryu: ... well?
  • han sung: there's too many big words on this card. i don't know what it says.
Fucc Sangwoo Chapter 19



Ok , review a bit :

I had thought that chapter 19 would be Bum being hesitated on killing Jieun that we would have had a whole chapter about what Bum thought , his past , blah blah blah … 

And the things came out though it surprised me , I still feel it’s a bit random . I can figure out like the last time when Bum and Sangwoo killed the gay bar man together , he’d already thought about the flashback girl in this chapter so it happened again in this chapter . I would love to see Bum had thought about that girl before Jieun said the thing that remind him of the girl , that would be smoother , i geuss . 

In the end , still , I’m hurt asf . Still , Sangwoo’s surprising face amuse me . Bum is Sangwoo’s ‘’trophy husband” now , somehow , the random thing had happened show that “look , Sangwoo , it’s now all about you , it’s what Bum wanted to do himself “ and it hurt me the most ‘cause this is what Bum chose to avoid being pain and it’s easier to blame on someone about the person you become ….



I feel really creative and I have been wanting for ages to learn how to do both these things. In case i ever quit my job in rage I wanna have some hobbies I can turn into commissions or something…

That and I keep failing when it comes to making moving jaws and it’s annoying me to no end knowing that I can’t do it lmao

I have sculpting clay, foam, hot glue but I don’t wanna buy silicone if i get the wrong stuff or get any mixing wrong as I’m not allowed to do it where i live but I do wanna do it one day whenever I move out. 

I’ve done carving foam and then covering with fabric but it’s messy and inaccurate unless i spent far too much time on it, plus again, the jaws never work. So um as an novice I will absorb any advice whatsoever - I lost all my tutorials when my laptop rebooted :C

Iconic Hannibal Fics Rec:

Cause we all deserve a little re-taste of the classics, right? 


Shark Tank

What Dreams (Series)


Rubies (Series)

Ladders (Series)

The Way A Knife Loves A Heart

Crystal Ship (Series)

The Business (Series)

House Guest

Beasts Of the Earth According To Their Kinds (Series)

Ya’aburnee (Series)



Nice Work If You Can Get It (Series)

Say Stop

Demolition Lovers

Food For Thought


Warrior (Series)

And, of course, Every Hannigram Fic Ever: The Crack Compendium (Series)



Well, re-enjoy, in this case. 

Ridiculous things I have been told about my practice:

  • “How can you worship a fertility goddess and not want children?”
  • “Do you like, wave your wand in the air and pretend it shines?”
  • “Be careful. You have depression. That makes you naive. It’s so easy for naive people to join sects.”
  • “What did your god tell you to do now?”
  • “Did you kill it?” (when I mention the lamb skull on my altar)
  • “Why do you say all these weird words in other languages?”
  • “Isn’t that the evil god of death and murderers?”

What crazy things have you been told about your practice?

My question is how did they find the actors for zero hour? Who approached them n said “hi you look like two teenage murderers do you wanna star as them in our documentary” and what did they say? “lol swag yeah that’d be cool” like what!! Happened!! I’ve been trying to find their names as well but I can’t find anything. Lots of thoughts in my head rn

Watch on poetrystudios.tumblr.com

I cant run to the cops cuz they’re murdering anything they feel like it and getting away with it. He keeps acting shady cuz he jealous and making sly comments about my life and money. Then keep saying I should fight people I catch at my window 😐 THEN he making me side eye him now cuz I’m from the hood and I know when niggas trying to do a home invasion not knowing what’s waiting on them the moment they tried. This is ridiculous and I can’t keep a Peaceful life for nothing. Y'all be treating me like a Movie Star or something! Stay away from my crib…or it’s VENGEANCE!!!!!

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