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Queerbaiting in BBC Sherlock

Note: Before you label me as a ‘butthurt LGBTQ fan’ (as if such a thing even exists), I’m straight. Because apparently that makes my opinion valid now.

What is queerbaiting? 

There’s a pretty wide definition, actually, but the one that’s most relevant here is: it’s when you make very heavy references to queer relationships or even queer characters in your shows, but then you never follow through on these references. It’s done to increase viewership and draw LGBTQ fans in (because of the promise of positive representation). So basically, it’s a marketing technique, but a harmful one.

Why is queerbaiting harmful?

Think of it this way. You’re gay/bi/a lesbian, and people around you aren’t very accepting or are plain homophobic. You see these two men on TV, and you start thinking…wait, it looks like they’re in love. You go online and realize that you’re not the only one reading the show in this way - there are literally thousands of other people interpreting it the same way. So you tell everyone around you, look at these two men. They’re gay and in love, and this is a popular TV show, and it means that my sexuality and my feelings are valid, and there’s nothing wrong with how I feel. Everyone laughs at you and says “Nope, they aren’t in love. You’re delusional.” 

You think, okay, let them laugh. When this becomes cannon, they’ll know. The queer subtext is all there, and the writers wouldn’t dare not follow through on it, right? But sadly, the queer subtext remains just that: subtext. And suddenly all the homophobes around you stand validated.

But there’s no gay subtext in BBC Sherlock. It’s just a wishful ship.

Wrong. I’m not saying that everyone has to ship Johnlock, but no matter what you ship, you can’t deny the gay subtext in this show. People have written thousands of words worth of meta about it - and it all makes perfect sense. (I believe @inevitably-johnlocked has a master list - or she can link you to one). There are videos decoding all the gay subtext -  let’s take the example of TJLC Explained - 48 videos, and they add up to a total time of 37 hours, 49 minutes and 41 seconds - each one decoding a different aspect of the gay subtext in BBC Sherlock. Apart from the TJLC Explained series, there are a lot of other videos doing the same thing. Sure, a small number of such videos and meta are a little far-fetched, but the majority of them are well-referenced, well-written, and properly decode the various literary tropes used by BBC Sherlock. (Like, seriously, kudos to this fandom for being the absolute best meta-writers I have ever seen. You could turn half of these metas in as proper college essays.)

But the writers and BBC have said that there is no gay subtext.

The problem isn’t even so much with Johnlock not becoming cannon - it’s with the way Mofftiss and BBC have responded to being called out for their bullshit. Yes, they did a complete 180 around the time of season 4, saying “that is not the story we want to tell” and “it has never been implied that John and Sherlock are in love”. When so many people, literally thousands, are reading your show the exact same way, it’s because you put the subtext in there. Saying anything else is an insult to our intelligence - and again, it’s blatant queerbaiting and feeding heteronormativity and straight culture.

*yawn* Heteronormativity and straight culture are myths.

In His Last Vow, if Sherlock had come back to life for Molly or Irene Adler, everyone would insist that he’s in love with them. There would be no question about it. He came back to life for John, but him and John are eternal bros, right?

That, my friend, is heteronormativity right there.

Basically, you’re bitter that your ship didn’t become canon. 

LOL. Read above^ you think anyone would put in this much effort just because ‘their ship didn’t become canon’? The Johnlock community is literally comprised of people of all ages, sexualities, nationalities, and genders. So honestly, pegging us as ‘horny teenage fangirls’ - bit ridiculous. We aren’t waving flags and going around yelling “It’s gay because they looked at each other!”, we’re actually ANALYZING and DECODING the show. Before you label us, go read some meta, then tell us we’re still delusional for believing Johnlock could be real.

Besides, I don’t see such an uproar happening about hetero ships. You know why? Because they have representation, whereas LGBTQ representation in media is still severely lacking.

But artists have the right to do what they want with their art. 

Of course they do, but if my art offended an entire sect of society, I think I’d at least apologize, instead of blatantly denying everything and insulting the people who called me out for my bullshit. 

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How To Stop Procrastinating

For all the procrastinators out there, here’s a list of tips that a fellow procrastinator has found very useful through the years to get her actually doing stuff.

Start studying from day one

I know you’ve heard this a million times, but seriously, before the panic of “I can’t possibly catch up with all of this’ kicks in. Once this happens, you won’t even want to try so you’ll just procrastinate even more. I know it seems overkill to study on the first day, but think of it this way, you’ve covered almost no material and it will take you no time. Also, it only takes 30 days to form a habit, I promise you revising every day becomes second nature after a while.

But I’m already in the middle of my academic year and I can’t possibly catch up!

I’ve heard that excuse a thousand times, from myself that is. So you can’t catch up? Well, don’t. If it’s a class where you don’t need to know the previous material to understand what you’re learning about right now, take it from that point and keep up with it. You can catch up on the previous stuff little by little when you have free time.

But it’s a cumulative class and I need to know the previous material to understand what the heck my profesor is talking about! 

Watch some youtube videos on the material or go to Khanacademy. You just need to grasp the basics, you can perfect your knowledge on those topics later on, if you have time.

I just can’t get myself to open the book 

First, what is it you need to do TODAY? Let’s say you need to study a unit that has x pages and you have three days ro study it. Today you will study x/3 pages. You get it, don’t just study aimlessly, give yourself a finish point. Then write down what you want to accomplish (it’s incredibly satisfying to cross things out) but don’t write more than 5 tasks (unless they’re really small ones) per day.

Now is when you find that you don’t actually want to do any of the things on that list, so what do you want to do NOW? Do you want to watch a youtube video? Read a book? Pee? What were you planning to do to procrastinate? Well you can still do it. That is, once you study a page (or x pages, whatever you feel up to). This can be repeated until you hit that finish point you stablished earlier. You can also add extra weekly rewards like ‘If I do all my studying this week, I can do x or I can buy y’ (think small stuff, x can be calling a friend to hang out and y can be a color pen). But remember, just as important as getting that reward if you do your work is NOT getting the reward if you DON’T do the work. I don’t mean like don’t indulge if you haven’t finished one or two tasks, but, if you’ve been slacking all week yet you get the reward anyway, what your brain understands “It’s ok, I don’t actually need to work”.

I just want to lie on my bed for a bit

Yes, studying on your bed is awful and you should avoid it. But you know what’s worse than studying on your bed? Not studying at all. If you’re like me and sometimes you just randomly get these urges in the middle of the afternoom to lie on your bed ‘for a bit’ and then you fall asleep, bring your study materials to your bed. DON’T lie down, just get into a slightly reclined sitting possition. I find that this kind of tricks your brain into thinking that you’re resting but you can still get work done.

I have to write a paper, not study

I was planning on telling you that I have literally no tips for writing papers and lab reports (these in particular are the bane of my existence, I literally feel such hostility towards them that I will refuse to even look at the document I’m sure it has nothing to do with being a failed writer) BUT luckily I’ve found something that kind of works. So, forget about your paper for a minute, open a text document, and just WRITE. You can literally write about whatever - your day, how adorable your pet is, or a random story that makes no sense whatsoever. Force yourself to write for about three minutes. Now look back at your paper. I find that once I’ve started writing, I am a lot more willing to keep doing it, even if it’s not about the same topic. This may not work for some people though. Also, write a SUPER rough outline or just bullet points of what you want to say like “Then we add HCl. Later decantation. Test for acid pH. Finally filter and evaporate”. Expanding on something is much easier than writing it from scratch.

Clean you desk the night before

I promise having a clean space to put your books on will motivate you the next day.

And finally, a little tip from a recent experience - YOU’RE GOING TO WISH YOU HAD DONE MORE 

Personally, every time “I can just cram for this” even crosses my mind, I remind myself of how stupid I felt last semester when it came to finals and how badly I wanted to go back in time and beat past me to a pulp. But also, I remind myself of how thankful I was to past me for every little thing that she HAD studied because it was one less thing to worry about. So, when you want to slack off, think of your future self thanking you for not doing so.

So, with this advice in mind, go hit your books right now and start becoming a better version of yourself!

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Thanks to the lovely Elena, now we have the video of Yuzuru’s FS with Ambesi and Dolfini’s comments.

M: “And the first to skate is the current Olympic champion, Yuzuru Hanyu, a skater who’s won everything in his career, besides 4CC. An icon of this sport. There is great anticipation for Yuzuru Hanyu, on the eve of the world championships he was considered the favourite, but he’s sitting in fifth place after the short program. Yuzuru Hanyu, who turned 22 at the end of December, a legend in his country and not only there. He’s in charge of his own fate, because if he skates the perfect free, he can win this competition.”

A: “You’re all familiar with this music by now, by Joe Hisaishi.”

Some comments they made during Yuzuru’s performance:

Angelo: “4lo, fantastic”. Max: “+3″

A: “4S textbook.” “3F, after difficult steps, perfectly executed. ” “Now comes the pivotal moment of his program.”

“4S3T, perfect!” “4T! 3A2T with both arms over the head! 3Alo3S, and a spread eagle after it! Terrific.” “One jump left, the lutz. 3Lz! He did not make any mistakes! This is a new world record! 121 points of TES. Only this spin left.”

M: “Welcome back to planet Hanyu! Inhabitants one, only him! *to Angelo* Continue, because I can’t do it.”

A: “Impressive, the best free that has ever been skated by Yuzuru Hanyu, and that means that this is the best free that has ever been skated in history. 125 of TES are something incre- …terrific. It can annihilate anyone, I imagine it will be much more than 90 PCS, this is a performance-” M: “90? I’ve never seen anything like this! You cannot not give 100 PCS, you cannot not give 10 for everything, because there’s never been something like this. Interpretation, 10! Choreography, 10! Transitions, 10! Do you even want to talk about that, look at the others! [it means, you can compare what the others do and what he does :P]. Performance, 10! Skating skills, 10, this is the best you could see, complexity of edges and steps that we’ve never seen. I repeat, go on, because  I feel like crying, because this is an incredible performance, a historic moment for sport in general, incredible, a living legend. ” *max was really shook guys, told you lol* 

A: “A living legend, and now we expect an astounding score. It will be [literal, he’ll go] much beyond 220 points, well he’ll surpass 220 points for sure, let’s see by how much. Tremendous, we had never seen Hanyu like this, and we had already seen incredible performances by him.”

M: “He had something inside him *kind of difficult to translate this in english, sorry*, something snapped inside his head, he did not stomach that score [his SP score].” 

A: “And now he re-established the chain of command. Now it will be extremely complicated for the others to skate.” M: “yes, this will put a lot of pressure on everyone. The best Fernandez can try [to win].” A: “Yes, the best Fernandez yes…because he can achieve 210-215…” M: “Anyway I’d like to metion that the best TES that has ever been achieved is 120,92. PCS-wise he has had 98,56, but here you got to have the courage [literal, the balls XD] to give him 10, because we’ve never seen a program  like this in figure skating’s history.”

A: “True. A pity, he starts from…98. It will be difficult to see a total WR, because he managed to score 330 and he can’t achieve that here. But just because of the short program; the free will be the best free that Hanyu has ever skated and so, the highest score we’ve ever seen in a free program. Sensational Hanyu, truly sensational.” M: “I’m truly speechless, this is an incredible performance, and even in training, during run throughs he had never skated this program like this. Let’s remember that no Japanese man has won two world titles, he can try to do it. It won’t be easy because Fernandez has a huge advantage, but the roles have reversed, compared to last year. The runner-up had the perfect program. The FS record is 219,48…223,20…97.08 is a scandal, we’ll have to take note of that. 223,20 the best free that has ever been skated in history and now you can try to catch him. It doesn’t end here, five more to skate.”

“Kolyada’s  face says it all.”

Video ends here, I’ll leave the other things I caught during the commentary here, and if the video shows up I might translate those too ^^

[after Chen]

M: “But Angelo, what has he [Yuzuru] done?”

A: “Hanyu is…the best ever. There has never been one like him.”

M: “But it isn’t just what he has done, but how he has done it.” *more to come*

There’s actually more, but I did not catch everything at the moment. *I would translate everything, but again, I’m doing this while they talk, so it’s a bit impossible xD* I missed some parts, though, I’ll probably update when I have the video.

2. ESP aired the gala, again, bits and pieces here ^^

M: “His free program has already made history.” A: “He showed us something truly incredible, striking, he was the only one who could do it.”

M: “As of now, the emotions he can make us feel are something rare in figure skating. And to think that some people describe him as “cold”…it’s a heresy.”

A: “I think he’s extraordinary and the best skater I’ve ever seen, because of how he jumps, how he skates and what he can makes us feel.

This boy was born to do this.”

M: “He’s the one who’s incredible, inside and outside the rink, in spite of the results.” […] “We’d never seen in history a free skate like the one he has skated.”

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prompt: more of even thinking his boyfriend is the funniest/cutest person ever whenever he does anything honestly (see as reference: even's look directed at isak before proceeding to kiss him in disbelief/amazement after the whole "your mother pays me 500 a week no wonder she wants to meet me thing"

Sometimes - most of the time - the way Even looks at Isak still overwhelms him. Isak always shoves his gross feet into Even’s lap whenever he’s cold. Even will complain about how high maintenance he is, but he’ll massage Isak’s feet with a grin. Isak will make some bad joke about atoms and hydrogen bonding that falls flat with the rest of the guys, but Even will still kiss him, even if the rest of their friends have started mental lists of “reasons why Isak isn’t funny and shouldn’t be allowed to try.” Isak will try to rap along to whatever NAS song is playing at the time, and he knows his rapping is subpar at best, but Even gets this dopey look on his face like I chose you, dorkiness and all.

It’s a lot of pressure to handle, especially when it feels like he should be more, the way Even is. Even can pull off ten layers of clothes in all of his hipster glory, even if, by all accounts, he should look like a very sad burrito. Even knows all the best songs, the most artsy movies, and when he gets excited, Isak can hardly keep up. Even’s friends are actually popular, and it’s not fair, because Even’s just transferred to Nissen. Isak’s pretty sure he caught Magnus eating M&M’s off the floor the other day. There’s no parallel universe where his friends are actually cool.

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Okay, so here’s the situation…

A video was posted online today of David Tennant signing stuff for people, and I can honestly say I have never seen a more perfect example of people not having enough respect for another human being. Read that again and look at the word respect, because that’s what I want to talk about here. 

Put yourself in David’s shoes - you’ve got to be somewhere or you’re going back home to your family, yet you still decide ‘you know what, there’s a few people outside, I’ll go and sign some stuff for them’. He’s taking time out of his day to be able to sign things for people - and yet behavior such as screaming his name, trying to grab his attention and shoving people out of the way seems to be the way people are thanking him for doing so? I mean, if you go and watch the video, there’s a point where he actually has to tell people to ‘calm down’ because the shouting is ridiculous. 

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re getting the chance to see/meet your idol, someone you look up to and you’re super excited - and I think in the midst of this some people loose their basic concept of respect. I know some of these people in the crowd are probably professional autograph hunters and so on, but still - that concept of respect is greatly tossed around here. 

When getting the chance to have something signed by someone, and I’m not just talking about David Tennant here anymore, I’m talking about celebrities in general - make sure you don’t loose your sense of respect. Don’t shout at them, don’t provoke them to come and sign something for you simply because ‘you’re shouting the loudest’ or ‘you can scream their name 100 times per minute’ and can shove people out the way. Stand quietly, be polite to others, wait your turn - respect the fact they are human beings.

And I’m not just going to use this video as one example. When I was lucky enough to go and see Richard II, I noticed just how many fans screamed at him to go to them when he came out to sign the booklets, people literally shoved other people out the way. I was lucky enough to not get seriously hurt, because at that point in time I was on crutches suffering from a snapped Achilles heel, and people still felt the need to push me out of the way to try and snap their way to the front of the line - and bare in mind I was staying out of the way to try and not get hurt. It’s a funny world, right?

So please, just remember one word when you’re in situations like this - respect.We’re lucky to have David Tennant as someone so lovely and compassionate to look up to. Respect him, and just as importantly, respect eachother. 


I don’t want to add my opinion into this massive shitstorm because all of this is becoming a little too much for me and I can’t take it…..

But I at least have to say this. 

Sean did not backstab Felix. 

If acknowledging the fact that your friend messed up, while still being there for them, is backstabbing, then….you may need to look up what a friend is. 

Now if Sean just straight up denounced Felix and completed separated himself from him, then that’s a whole other story, but that’s not what happened. Sean stood by his word that Felix was a decent person who messed up and now has to face the consequences, whatever they are. He even said that he was still there for him. I can see how some might see that as him “throwing Felix under the bus”, but…..if your friend messes up, you can’t ignore it like that. You just can’t. It’s a tough situation to be in. 

Yes, I understand that he didn’t go enough into the media side of it in the video, but enough people have covered that topic pretty well, and he wasn’t defending what they did exactly. He was saying that the media could do what they did, which doesn’t mean he agrees with it (and he doesn’t). You can understand something but not agree with it. For some reason, that’s hard for people to understand….

Could he have elaborated more and been clearer on that? Yes, of course, that would have helped a lot, but making a perfect video that perfectly explains everything you want to say is damn near impossible. If you’re someone who hasn’t watched a lot of his videos, or you already don’t like him, it’s easy for you to misinterpret this as him being “too lenient” on the media. And I get that, because he focused more on Felix than the media, it looks like he’s taking sides. The “wrong” side. 

You don’t always have to take a side. Not every “fight” requires you to take a side. And if you don’t choose, it doesn’t mean you’re abandoning someone or you’re too afraid. Being able to see and understand both sides, and acknowledge the faults in both without needing to declare one a “winner”, is not a bad thing. And it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be there for one of the sides. 

And before you say it, I have watched Sean for a while and it is possible I’m biased because of it. But if I see someone mess up no matter who it is, I will speak up about it. Sean has made mistakes in the past, I know he has, but sharing your balanced opinion is not a mistake. So I’m going to defend him. 

Of course, I’m just a person on the internet, so what do I really know about the situation, but I could say the same to you: You can’t tell someone how they should react to something. Felix hasn’t said anything on the matter yet, if at all, so we don’t know how he reacted to this. From Sean’s tumblr post last night, I would like to think that Felix didn’t react as harshly as some other people did. 

And to those people, I say: Back. Off. 

Opinions exist for a reason, so allow people to share theirs and don’t try to force them to change it.

I’m not trying to start something, but I woke up this morning to Sean’s tweets saying that he regretted his video, and it broke my heart. I was so proud of Sean for saying what he did– for proving that you can be a good friend while also saying that your friend made a mistake– but then everyone took it way too far and started oversimplifying things and making generalizations. That’s not okay, and I won’t stand for that.

You can’t bully someone into retracting an opinion that they believe in. 

Just stop it.


And Sean (@therealjacksepticeye), I’m sure I’m not the only one who is here for you if you need it. Your opinion is not wrong, and people can’t pressure you to change it like this. 

We’re here. 

(I know I didn’t address everything, but I don’t feel like writing a novel. I’m also so tired of this, and I want it all to end.)

“Our fans ship us.” (Grayson)

Requested by @its-me-actual-trash​: “an imagine where y/n is a youtuber as well and her and the boys collab and after it is uploaded all the fans are shipping her and one of the boys (either one) and they confess their feelings for each other”


I wrote one with sort of the same idea with Ethan a while back, so this one will be with Grayson. :)


“(Y/N), please come collab with us. We haven’t filmed with each other in such a long time, our fans are starting to miss you on our channel.” Grayson text you on afternoon.

“My viewers have been saying the same thing.” You said.

“So, what do you say?” Grayson asked.

“I have meetings all morning, but I should be done by noon. How about I come over afterwards, and we can film for both of our channels. Sound good?” You asked.

“Sounds perfect. I’ll let Ethan know the plans. See you later. :)” He replied. You put your phone back on the charger and finished getting ready for the day.

The entire morning, while in your meetings, you were distracted. You kept thinking about the twins and trying to come up with a video idea. You were excited to finally film with them again. Once your meetings were all over, you headed home and changed into a more casual outfit. Once you were dressed, you fixed your hair and your makeup and headed off to the twins’ place.

“(Y/N)! You’re here!” Ethan said to you when he opened the door.

“Hey.” You said with a smile as he pulled you in for a hug.

“Grayson is doing his hair.” Ethan said.

“We should probably get comfortable, that’ll probably take a while.” You laughed.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Grayson called from the bathroom.

“Sure you will.” You said as you took a seat on the sofa. You and Ethan sat in the living room and exchanged small talk while you waited on Grayson. 

“Okay, I’m ready.” Grayson said as he walked into the living room. 

“Finally. We were starting to fall asleep waiting on you.” Ethan said. 

“Whatever. Let’s just get to filming.” Grayson laughed.

You ended up spending pretty much the rest of the day over with the twins, filming and having a good time. You filmed the video for their channel, and afterwards, you filmed the video for your channel. Once you finally finished filming, you took your memory card out of the camera and put it back in your purse and started to get ready to leave.

“Leaving so soon?” Grayson asked when he noticed you gathering your things.

“Why? Do you want me to stay?” You asked with a sly smile on your face.

“Well, we’re not doing anything for the rest of the night. so if you wanna hang out, or something, we wouldn’t mind.” Grayson said awkwardly.

“(Y/N), please say yes before he malfunctions.” Ethan joked as he finished putting away the cameras.

“Okay, yeah. I can hang out.” You said. You spent the rest of the night with them, listening to music, eating junk food and just having a good time. It had been such a long time since you’d hung out with the twins like this and you missed it.

* * *

It was finally Tuesday, which means it was the day that the twins upload. You had worked out an upload time so both of the videos would go up at the same time. You finished up your editing and uploaded it, scheduling your post for noon so it would be up on time.

Once the video was up and posted, you tweeted out the link with your weekly hashtag, followed and retweeted a some fans. You spent about an hour online, interacting with your fans, and after the spam had died down, you ended up falling asleep.

You were woken up a couple hours later from a knock on your door. You answered the door and saw Grayson standing on your porch.

“Gray, what are you doing here?” You asked with a yawn.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you? I shouldn’t have come here unannounced. I’ll come back another time.” He said as he started to walk off.

“Grayson, wait. It’s fine. Come in.” You said.

“No, you should get back to sleep.” He said.

“If I sleep any longer, I wont sleep tonight, now come in.” You said sternly. He gave you a shy smile and walked in. “Can I get you anything?” You asked as he sat on the sofa.

“No, I’m fine. I actually just wanted to talk to you.” He said as you sat next to him.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“So, I’ve been reading the comments on our new video, and tweets from fans on my timeline, and our fans ship us.”

“What?” You asked, confused. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you. 

“Here, just see for yourself.” He said. You scrolled through the screenshots he’d taken on his phone of tweets of screen grabs and gifs of you and Grayson.

“Wow, I ship Grayson and (Y/N) so hard.”
“I’ve been shipping them since they first collabed, I need them to date already.”

“Wow, your fans are very vocal.” You said awkwardly.

“Yes, very.” Grayson laughed.

“So, is that the only reason you came over, or is there an underlying message to you showing me these?” You asked.

“Well, there is sort of an underlying message.” He admitted. “(Y/N), we’ve been friends for a good while, and every time we’ve hung out, it’s been an absolute blast. I really like you. More than I thought I ever would.” He explained.

“Oh really? I couldn’t tell by that awkward plea for me to hang out with you the other night.” You joked.

“(Y/N), I’m trying to be serious here. But this is so awkward for me. I’m not good when it comes to talking about feelings.” He said.

“Grayson, look. This doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation. I like you too. And I have for a while. I enjoy hanging out with you, you make happy, and you make me laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever spent time with. I’m honestly glad that everyone’s been saying this because I was worried that if we ever did dated, that all hell would break loose, but now that I’ve gotten sort of a seal of approval from your fans-” Just then, your words were interrupted by Grayson’s lips pressed against yours.

“You talk too much.” He said when he pulled away.

“Sorry.” You laughed, kissing him again. “So, does this make us official?” You asked.

“As official as ever.” 

My Top 5 fave Magnus Bane Fanvids (1st half of 2017 Edition)

What can I say? Getting the right Magnus fanvid can be the saving grace of a long and shitty day.

1. And no, it’s not just because @latinalightwood owns my heart. This is some really good shitttttt right here. 

2. Sure there’s some Malec in there (not like I’m complaining) but it doesn’t take away from the fact that @malecwings created a real masterpiece and a perfect Magnus Bane video.

3. Who do I have to sacrifice to get @xbeautifulyumex to make us moreeeee Magnus masterpieces? 2B is almost here. Please put me out of my misery! 

4. Come on, Bad Reputation was made for Magnus, it has his name written all over it and this video is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Hahahahahahaha.

5. Goddamn this vid gave me the chills. Scenes on point, music on point, editing on point, goddamn this entire video is on point.

I just want to say a huge thank you to fanviders. Y’all put in so much work and you bring us some high quality shiiiiiiit. Really, thank you, whether you’ve got only one subscriber or a million, you’re awesome and you’re doing God’s work and we might not say it often, but we sure as hell appreciate the work you do. Bless. 

I’m Here

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Jackson x Reader



Word Count: 1865

“Do you have your aftershave?” you asked.

“Yes” Jackson said.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be gone for a whole month and a half” you sighed.

“I know, I don’t want to leave you here” Jackson sighed too.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. I’m just going to miss you that’s all” you pouted.

“I’m going to miss you too; I’ll be back before you know it” he smiled and kissed you on the lips. Each peck was as sweet and loving as the next. You embraced each other, you gazed into each other’s eyes.

Flight 266 to Shanghai, China is now boarding! Flight 266 to Shanghai, China is now boarding!

“That’s my flight” Jackson said pulling away. “I’ll call you”.

He glared back one last time, you smile and wave good-bye.

A whole month and a half, they’ll be gone. China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and America

You knew these tours would happen. You told yourself positively, I can get through this. No pressure.

You knew Jackson is always determined to make things work between the two of you. You two were peas in a pod, always had inside jokes no one knew about. You both cherish each other’s thoughts, feelings, and secrets. Jackson tries relentlessly to make you work out with him but you rather stay home. He constantly kept you on your toes and not a day would go by until he makes you smile. You were his queen and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

Each night he would call you from his hotel room, “How are you?” you asked. “Tired, a bit jet lagged” Jackson said laying across the bed. “Have you eaten yet? It’s getting late there” Jackson wondered. “No, not yet” you said sadly. “Babe, I need you to take care of yourself ok?” Jackson urged. “I know babe but I’m doing fine” you reassured. “If something happens to you, I would blame myself for leaving you home” he sighed. “I know, but don’t worry about me. Besides, I’m more worried about you anyway” you pointed out.

“Don’t over it, try to get as much sleep as possible” you suggested. He nods and says “I love you”. “I love you too baby” you said kissing the phone screen. He kissed the phone screen back and threw a finger heart. “Bye” you said and hung up.

You would think a video call would make things better. But you knew Jackson couldn’t stand being away from you for a very long time. As you lie awake in bed, wanting to be spooned in Jackson’s arms. You looked over to Jackson’s side, now an empty space.

Each morning, you received a text: Good morning, baby. Guess what happened? Did you sleep well? I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I miss you! And I know you miss you. I’ll see you soon!

His morning texts helped you start your day. It made you smile. He didn’t text back, due to practice and performing. When he has time, he sneaks in a kissing emoji, maybe an eggplant or two.  

He finishes your day with a text: Good night baby, how was your day? You aren’t stress, are you? If you are, I wish I was there to help you relax. Did you eat well today? Did you exercise today? Take care of yourself or I’ll have to. ;)  I miss you. I love you beautiful. Sleep well, dream of me.

You responded back while smiling. Your day ended perfectly knowing he thinks of you and only you.

It was close to Jackson’s birthday; but you wouldn’t be there to celebrate with him. They were going to start touring in America in another week. You were just going to send Jackson a ‘Happy Birthday’ text.

While you were at work, your cellphone rang, it was an unknown phone number. You answered anyway.

“Hello” you said.

“Hi, this is Y/N?” a woman asked.

“Yes, this is she” you answered.

“My name is Ms. Kim. I am a staff member here at JYP Center, we know you are dating Jackson. We are putting together a special video message for his birthday and we wanted to feature you, will you be able to come in sometime today and film for us” she asked.

“Yes! I can come around 4 today” you confirmed.

“Great, see you then” she said.

After work, you went to JYP, you walked in and found a woman at the front desk. “Hi, I’m here to film a video message” you spoke shyly.

The receptionist, “Are you Y/N?”. You nodded. “Follow Me” she instructed. You followed her downstairs into a room; three people were waiting for you. You saw the camera was ready to record. You came in and comfortable sat in the chair.

“Hi, Y/N. I’m so happy you can join us today” a lady spoke behind the camera. At a precise angle, she took her eye away from the camera and saw you. “I’m Ms. Kim, I oversee all film production of JYP” she continued, “Since Jackson’s birthday is coming up, we want to do a video of those closest to him. And you being his girlfriend, you would be a perfect”.

“Thank you for having me here” you said pleasantly.

“No problem, we’re going put some makeup on you first and then we can get started”. You nodded. “Are you nervous?” Ms. Kim asked. “No” you said. “Do you know what you’re going to say?” she inquired. “Yes”.

“Alright let’s get started” Ms. Kim insisted. “I’m really interested in what you have to say, stay calm, talk as though you’re having a conversation with him, take your time, and you can start talking whenever you feel comfortable”.

She counted down: Three, Two, One

You started talking, there was no hesitation in your voice. Not even a stutter. Everything you said was sincere. Because everything you said came from the heart.

After you finished talking, you saw Ms. Kim left in awe. “How did I do?” you asked shyly. “You were amazing” she beamed “I know he’ll love this”.

“It’ll be nice to see his reaction when he sees this” you chimed in.

Mrs. Kim raised an eyebrow and spoke, “We can make that happen”. You froze. “Are you serious?” you asked.

“They’re last stop is Los Angeles; we can fly you over there and let you surprise him” she suggested. “That would be great”.

“Perfect, we’ll send an airplane ticket and have reservations for you at the hotel and concert” Ms. Kim said writing the details in her schedule.

You flew out to LA, you were nervous walking through LAX, as if people knew who you were. You were going to see Jackson after a month and half. Your palms kept sweating. You spotted a JYP official holding a sheet of paper with your name on it.

“Are you Y/N?” he asked as you approached him. “Yes, that’s me” you answered. “Follow me, I’m June by the way. I’ll be your assistant for tonight” he introduced himself. “Oh thank you”.

He escorted you to the car and drove you to the hotel, “So you’re Jackson’s girlfriend?” he asked. “Yes, I am” you smiled. “He’s a lucky man” June smirked, “I will escort you to the concert tonight, so get as much rest as you can, I will pick you up at 8pm”.

You could use some much-needed rest. The flight between LA and Seoul was very long.

It was around 6:30pm and you wanted to look your best for him. You decided to wear high waist jeans and a white crop top and black ankle high converses along with your black bomber jacket.

8pm came, June was waiting for you downstairs and drove you over to the concert. The concert had already started; you hear screaming fans and music playing in the background. The boys were performing beautifully as usual.

“Hi, Y/N” you heard someone greeting you, it was Ms. Kim. “Hi!” you said happily. “After this song, they are going to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, then we’ll play the videos” she informed you, “Once the videos are over, you are going out on stage to surprise him”.

You were happy to see Jackson; you keep twiddling your thumbs just ready to run out on stage already. But you waited.

“Now, today is a very special day” the translator spoke after the performance was over. “And what is that special day?” he asked. The entire audience screamed “ITS JACKSON’S BIRTHDAY”. They cheered. The members and audience started singing ‘Happy Birthday to him”. “Alright everyone, look at the screen, we have something very special to show to Jackson” the translator chimed in.

You peeked from behind the curtain and saw Jackson’s parents video playing. You looked over at Jackson down in one knee, he started to cry. You knew how much he misses his parents unfortunately they were not able to make it. Their video ended with I love you.

Then you appeared on the screen, you quickly looked at Jackson’s face. His eyes were wide and happiest grin spread across his face.

You spoke:

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you and how wonderful I feel when I’m with you. Jackson. I feel blessed for having you in my life. You make everything seem easy and simple. You help me get through each day since you’ve been gone. You always put people before yourself and yet when I worry about you, you always worry about me more. You don’t start a day nor end a day without making me smile. I’m so grateful to be yours. You have made me ever so happy. Every second, my love for you grows. Though I can’t be with you, just know I am sending you all the kisses, hugs and love for all the times you missed me. Happy Birthday Jackson, I love you!

Tears forming in your eyes. You looked over at Jackson forming more tears.

“Go now!” Ms. Kim whispered in your ear as she nudged you to the stage. You slowly came out, you only stared at Jackson. The audience grew louder pointing at you. The members turned to your direction. You waved. Mark crouched down next to Jackson and whispered in his ear. Jackson saw you. His face glowed, he mouthed “Oh my God”, he ran to you and you ran to him. With open arms, you embraced each other.

“Surprise” you said in his ear.

“I’m so happy to see you” he said holding you even tighter. You heard fans saying “Awwww!” as he kissed you full on the lips.

“How’s your birthday going so far?” you asked quickly.

“It’s better now that you’re here” he said biting his bottom lip with his hands going further down your waist.

“Babe, now is not the time, nor the place. You got a show to finish. So, I will see you afterwards.” you said.

He nodded and pecked you on the lips before he continued with the concert.  

You hurried off stage, happy to be with Jackson on his special day.

Evan x Pregnant Reader Headcanons!

Some Headcanons for Treeboy

Requested by: @weeping-chi


- You and Evan had been Married for about two years and Evan had mentioned having kids a few times. And usually the conversation went like this:

- You’d be cuddled up on the couch and he’d be watching those little Facebook videos and one of cute kids comes up and his face lights up. “Hey baby look at this cute baby, you know I bet we could make a cuter one. It could have your eyes and my hair and it would be the perfect. That is if you want one, I mean it’s your body so you can decide what ever we do but like it would be cute that is if you want one,” his hands would fidget with his shirt and he’d struggle to make eye contact. Old habits die hard. You’d smile and say one day but you weren’t quite ready yet. “That’s alright darling just tell me when you are,” he’d kiss your cheek and hold you tighter.

- It was a Thursday nights when you realized you might just be pregnant, you realized your period was later than usual and you went to the bathroom, your friend gave you pregnancy tests as a gag gift on Valentine’s Day. You peed in the cup and placed the stick in it waiting for the time on package to pass. You left the room and settled into the couch, when you stood up to check the test you found it in Evan’s hand. Not taking his eyes off it he spoke quietly “(y/n) wha- what’s this?”

- “I think you know very well what that is and why I had to use it,”

- “(Y-y/n) it’s, it’s positive. Does this mean? Does this mean we’re parents?” His voice and eyes lifting. You nodded and his eyes filled with tears. He ran over to you and picked you up and spun you around in a hug. He smiled so wide that you thought his cheeks might split.


- Evan told you every morning that he loved you, and with a hand spread against your belly “I love you too little one!”

- he’d talk to the bump shamelessly. Telling it how loved it is already, and when you would fall asleep he’d tell it how he’ll be the father that he never had, he’ll be there for every thing, every school concert, every game, every step along the way. You’d wake up to tears falling on to your stomach.

- IMAGINE HEIDIS REACTION. Heidi would scream and hug the two of you so tightly, she’d offer to help in anyway possible. When you two moved into a new house she helped you move in and gave you so many hand me downs from Evans baby stuff.

- Connor (he’s not dead fuck off) would offer to paint the nursery. Knowing how amazing his art was you’d let him do it. He painted the nursery an ombré dark blue fading to green. You were confused, don’t get me wrong it was gorgeous but you’d expected more for Connor.

- Evan had packed a bag of hospital essentials a month early, explaining he was born prematurely and he wanted to make sure you’d both be ready. You went in to labor three days before you were due and on the way to the hospital Evan mumbled “I don’t you so”

- “I’m sorry what?” You growled a contraction racking your body.

- “About the bag. I knew they would be early,”

- “Shut the fuck up Hansen!”

- “I love you, too (y/n)

- While you were at the hospital Connor used the spare key hidden under the door mat to get in and finish the nursery. He painted the three inches above the trim a light yellow and placed a vinyl decal of a skyline onto the wall. Painting the dark blue over it again, he pulled the decal off to show a skyline wrapping the room. He than painted five silhouettes in black flying on the wall above the crib. On the wall opposite he painted a giant silhouette of Big Ben.

- you have birth to day beautiful healthy daughter. You have her the perfect name (f/n)(m/n) Hansen.

- you brought her home and you’d never seen Evan drive with so much determination as he had when thinking about your daughter sleeping in the back seat.

- you took a shower when you got him while Evan played with her in the living room. You got out of the bathroom, and found your husband tickling your daughters belly, his face lighting up when she’d start giggling.

- later into the night, one Connor Murphy come out of the nursery telling you that the paint fumes were mostly gone so you can come inside and look. The four of you walked into the nursery and your jaw hit the floor. The room was blue fading up to green ombré, the London skyline just above black trim, the silhouettes of Peterpan, Wendy, John, Micheal, and Tinkerbell soared over the crib on the wall, across from that was was the giant silhouette of Big Ben. The ceiling had glow and the dark stars spread all over it, the furniture was dark brown wood and so was the floor, a carpet of a red feather on the floor.

- you broke into tears, it was perfect. you hugged Connor tightly thanking him over and over.

- Evan gave your daughter ever bath for the first year of her life. He made sure he was there when she took her first steps, he taught her how to ride a bike, he was there for it all

- he promised you the night you told him you were pregnant that he would be ten times the father that his own was.

- your daughter was the biggest daddies girl ever. And he made sure never to give her reason to doubt his character.

- Jesus the world had never seen a better father.

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you’re my precious

pairing: kihyun x reader
genre/warning: no warning. f.
word count: 510
description: based on monsta x′s ‘need u’. he’s away and acting extra about missing you.

Your phone buzzes. It’s Changkyun this time, “Noona, he’s unbearable! He needs you! I need you! We all need you!” The text reads, and you can’t help but chuckle. You’ve been receiving similar texts ever since the boys left for their tour. According to the boys, Kihyun was miserable without you. He missed you so much. He wouldn’t shut up about you. The messages varied based on the member. The only person you haven’t received texts from is your boyfriend.

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A Long Overdue Apology

I know that this is far past the point where it should have been done but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and it would be wrong of me to remain silent on the matter.

This is directly addressing the issue that I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with. First off, I’d like to say that I AM sorry for hurting people either directly or indirectly from my actions AND my inaction. I made an off-handed post in response to what I thought to be people misinterpreting my original intention in regards to another separate post made long ago. However, in my flippancy I ended up hurting those who were validly criticizing me while attempting to dismiss what I thought to be invalid.

I understand that within the context of the screenshot I posted that it could perpetuate a negative stereotype against trans women. But what was infinitely more harmful was my dismissal of the possibility that I was wrong. For all of this I am very sorry. 

As people have pointed out, in the past I’ve used slurs against trans people, not in malice but in ignorance. At the time I was saying these slurs, I didn’t know the full ramification of the harm it was perpetuating, and at the time the videos were made I was called out on it too. After I was informed of the wrong I was doing I apologized (and will gladly apologize again now) and did my best to rectify my error. I would like to state that since the last time I used a t-slur a couple years ago I have never said it since because I know NOW what harm it can bring.

I’m not perfect and I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I am. But I am always trying to be a better person. I am very sorry that I betrayed the faith of those who previously believed in me and I would like to work towards gaining that trust again. I hope that it goes without saying that I respect everyone’s way of life so long as that does not harm anyone else in the world. I only want to promote goodwill and I hope that we can reconcile this error of mine and move forward towards a better understanding.

I would also like to state that I DO NOT condone the attacking of anyone for their opinion. Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t automatically make them wrong, even if you feel very strongly they are. I’m okay with people not liking me for my content or my actions, but please don’t bully or harass anyone in the name of “Markiplier” or this community. We should strive towards acceptance and empathy and a better world for all, not just those who agree with us. Remember that we’re all part of ONE community and that we need to be there for each other. Always.

Thank you so much for listening,


phantasmaturgia  asked:

Good evening! I just saw your post about the Music of Marie Antoinette and since I can't attend the event, because I live in central Europe I wondered if you could enlighten me about the difference. I'm very enthusiastic about baroque music. Thank you for your time! :)

Hi! So great you are interested in baroque music! I have to say that living in central Europe is quite an advantage! Many festivals, concerts and groups are pretty near you.

There are many differences between a baroque (or early music if we’re talking about other older periods) and “modern” or classical interpretation: many things from the number of musicians playing to the speed they choose to play.

For a simple and fast explanation I’m gonna give two examples of very well known music in two quite different versions: Vivaldi’s four violin concerti Le Quattro Stagioni (ca. 1721, published in 1725).

First, this version by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, conducted by Kenneth Sillito, Violin: Julia Fischer.

And now, this other version by the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Conducted by Clemens-Maria Nuszbaumer, violin: Midori Seiler

WARNING: this video version has a choreography (that I find quite distracting) but the music is PERFECT. The four concerti are based in a sonnet, and the choreography is based in that sonnet, so you can read it HERE if you wanna know what is going on there XD.

Both are VERY different, right?

Well, the first version is like the ones we usually hear by a quite famous chamber orchestra (nowadays conducted by Joshua Bell). Of course it’s nice and good, but I have to say it is not the way i like my Vivaldi played.

The second version is by one of the most famous chamber orchestras who plays (mainly) early music.

Taking a look at the videos (and of course lending an ear) some of the differences easier to spot are:

  • The tones are different. Musicians in an orchestra tune their instruments to A, but before the late 19th century, A was not the same pitch everywhere (I know, wtf). Modern A is 440 hz but a baroque A could be as low as 392. Baroque performers nowadays use A=415 hz to tune their instruments. That’s why the second version is in a lower pitch.
  • The vibrato. Look at the violin players in both videos. The ones in the first version use their regular vibrato, and the ones in the second do not. In baroque music the vibrato was an ornament, so when it was used there was a reason for it, or sometimes it could be used at the end of a long note. This also applies to singers.
  • A baroque version may not sound like the music you remember. This is a funny one: in the baroque era many of the ornaments or embellishments that we now think as fixed in the music, were not even written and the musicians were supposed to add them to the music according to their taste and (of course) were supposed to know how and when ti use each and every one. Now, this make that people working with the music with no ornaments add their own ornaments and that makes that no version is just like another and that my friend, is what for me makes baroque music (played in a baroque way) so appealing. This is particularly delicious with singers (just went to a concert of Philippe Jaroussky last week and he never sung a single phrase the same way twice. I love him).

This of course, is very broad and simplistic way of explaining but I think these are the easier to spot details. Remember as well that many of these musicians may be playing original instruments from the period or reproductions, that also sound (and look) quite different from the modern versions (check the wind instruments! They were/are awesome!), and that the places where this music was played were different from our modern music halls, so a different sound and number of musicians were needed (in those times something like Mahler’s symphonies weren’t even an idea).

Also to all readers: if I wrote something totally outrageous and out of place or plainly wrong, please let me know and correct me! I’m always happy to learn and correct my infromation <3

Heartlines - Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Reader moves into Avengers Tower to finish her PhD in safety, the last thing she expects is to have something in common with the shy insomniac Bucky Barnes.

A/N: hi guys! so this is my first ever fic posted on tumblr! i hope you guys enjoy it, there’s a bit of set up in this part but i promise there’s more bucky action in the future! if you have any feedback pls hit me up, i appreciate any comments :) thanks for reading! t xx

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 5APart 6Part 7, and Part 8

Part 1

It’s not the first time you’ve been in the common kitchen at Avengers Tower, but it is your first time as a resident. Finally, officially, with your last box of sci-fi novels rescued from the wrong removalist van, you’ve moved into the Tower. The coffee from Tony’s state of the art machine has never tasted so good.

Tony rarely uses the kitchen for breakfast (he’s never around before noon) but today he’s made an exception. He’s not feeling so out of character as to put on actual clothes, and so while you’re in your usual pressed best, he is un-ironically wearing a matching Iron Man pyjamas set.

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anonymous asked:

gifs don't do that vlive stare justice tbh you gotta watch the whole thing on vlive, like how jimin was leaning in closer to jk and said something just to him (in a lower voice while looking at jk so he said it to jk not the fans) and idk if jk was looking at what the fans were saying or jimin from the screen but he was just humming when jimin talked to him then he looked at jimin and got totally lost lol and then their faces aligned perfect for kissing. amazing lmao

This is true, not much can do that vlive justice. A true golden moment it was. (and like have of it had the quality of like 2 pixels lol)

Anonymous said: I fell in love with jikook even more while watching “reason why i ship jikook” by yutensol90 seriously her videos r masterpieces 😭 no overreacting/overanalyzing just some beautiful jikook moments with a beautiful music she’s not really that active anymore 😢 I miss her I wonder if u know any other jikook channels with this kind of content or if anyone has a recommendation pls 🙏 there r a lot of moments nowadays but I didn’t see a one single satisfying video 😢😥 help pls

ah yes I’m familiar with it! I appreciate observations without overreacting or overanalyzing, I really can’t handle stuff like that so unfortunately I don’t watch videos like these so I haven’t watched hers either. Now that I know this perhaps I will, tho I’m not a video type of person. So no, I don’t know any channels and more specifically ones that don’t over exaggerate or overanalyze… :/ sorry!

The Boyfriend Tag || Calum Hood

makes perfect sense, babe xx

I M A G I N E 

“Hey guys, welcome to today’s episode!” You cheered in front of your camera. “Today I have a very special guest that a lot of you know and like. It’s my gross best friend, Calum Hood!” Calum jumped on the end of the bed beside you, giving the camera a smile and a peace sign. 

“I am not gross!” Calum then exclaims, playfully shoving your shoulder. You were a very famous Youtuber who gained your subscribers legitimately. But Calum and the boys boosted your fame just a bit, which you didn’t mind. And it was awesome because Calum was almost always able to join you in your videos when you asked. “You’re the worst best friend, Y/N.”

“You love me!” You coo at him, cupping his cheeks as you shake his head side to side. You let go with a few giggles before turning back to the camera with a cheeky smile. “So I’ve brought Cal over because I wanted to do the boyfriend-does-my-makeup tag and didn’t have a boyfriend… So he was the next best thing.” 

“Yay,” Calum says dryly, having you shove his shoulder to gain a chuckle from him. “The only highlight of this is the fact that you’re letting me mess with your face.”

“You can use this highlight as the highlight,” you joke, putting up your small container of highlight. Calum chuckles and takes it from you as you look back at the camera. 

“But yeah, so Calum is gonna do my makeup,” you speak to the camera. As you go over a few of the rules about it, like not looking at a mirror while Calum does your makeup, he was playing with your hand. He kept wiggling your fingers one by one, seeming immensely amused by them. “Cal, what are you doing?” You say as you turn to smile at your best friend softly. 

“Your fingers are small and soft,” Calum says quietly as he at you and gives you a cheeky smile. You poke his nose, causing him to blink quickly. That caused the both of you to have a fit of laughter before going back to the video that you were supposed to be doing. You lay out all your makeup on the bed, allowing Calum to look at all of them and become familiar with them all. It was amusing to see him pick up a few and study them. 

“What’s this, Y/N?” Calum asks as he holds up a pretty fat, glass container. 

“That’s concealer,” you tell him. 

“What does it do?”

“Conceal my face,” you say, having him give you a playful glare as you giggled. “You put it on my face to cover blemishes and stuff. Or like, my dark eyes over here.” You gesture to the area right below your eyes, making Calum focus on that. But then those almond eyes stare into yours, making you blush a bit before you shook your head. “But yeah, it’s supposed to be my skin tone as well so it works.”

“Alright, well,” Calum says. “Let’s just put this all over your face.” Calum immediately went to work, having you two exchange jokes and conversation as you did so. It was for a video after all. But during this, you couldn’t help but feel something as Calum did your makeup. The way he would rub your jaw before pushing it lightly to apply contour. Or the way he looked into your eyes so many times while putting eye-shadow and eyeliner. And every time he finishes one part of the makeover, he would look at you with this face of… admiration rather than achievement. He’d say it’s looking amazing but is he talking about the makeup or you? Either way, your heart raced every time Calum did these things. 

“Okay, let me just put this lipstick and we’ll be finished,” Calum comments as he looks through your lipstick. “I want a good color for your lips. You know, something that compliments everything.” 

“Well, you’re the makeup artist right now,” you say, smiling at him. “Pick what you think is best.”

“Let’s just put this clear lipstick to make your lips shiny,” Calum says simply as he picks it up. 

“Wait, what?” You tilted your head in confusion as Calum went to your lips and began to apply the clear gloss. “Why don’t you want to use any color? These mattes are super nice!”

Calum remained silent as he put the gloss on your lips. You watch as he carefully applied the clear gloss on your lips, making sure he doesn’t get anything outside of your lips. When he finishes, he closes the gloss and studies your face once more. Calum gives you a more… sad smile that usual. “You can look at yourself now,” he says quietly as he grabs your mirror and offers it to you. 

“I probably look like a monster,” you joke, ensuring your viewers enjoyment. But you couldn’t help but think about Calum and his choice in not putting on any lipstick with color. As you look into the mirror, though, you were shocked: Calum did really well. “Holy shit.”

“What? Is something wrong?” Calum began, suddenly frantic. 

“N-no!” You reassure, still studying your face. “It’s just that… you did my makeup really well. Like scarily well. My fucking eyeliner is perfect on both eyes, what the fuck!” 

“I think the eyebrows could’ve been better though,” Calum says with a frown. You look at them and completely disagree. 

“They’re on fleek, Calum, I promise,” you say, putting down the mirror while giving Calum a smile. He flashes you a cheeky smile in return. You began to really adore the crinkles that occur by his eyes when he smiles. He can light up the night with his smile. But you realize you have a video to do and quickly break the gaze. 

“So yeah, let me give you guys a good look at me,” you say with a smile as you put your face at the camera. You move your head so they can get a good look at both of your sides, forehead, and chin. “Let me know in the comments if you’d hire Calum as your makeup artist.”

“Yeah, I need a job!” Calum says with an enthusiastic face. “I’m leaving the band to pursue my real dreams of being a universal makeup artist.”

“I’m so done,” you giggle as you shake your head your best friend. You then recall your lips and look at Calum with a quizzical stare. “I’m serious though! Why didn’t you use any colored lipstick?”

“Well…” Calum dragged, looking shyly at you. His chubby cheeks begin to tint pink as he stared at you. “Your lips were already such a beautiful color. So I didn’t feel the need to cover it up. Instead, I just wanted to highlight them with a shine,” Calum says quietly. You found him going closer to you as he spoke, making you blush but unable to move away. “They’ve always been so lovely.” He goes closer, with his hands landing on the bed, staying on both sides of your waist. “And so plump and soft.” Calum begins to whisper as you felt his breath on your lips. “And kissable.” He breathes, his lips finally clashing on yours, giving you a brief and gentle kiss. He pulls away quickly, with the two of you sharing very red faces. 

“I…” you begin, attemping to think of what to say. But the situation made you speechless and your mind was racing. You swore that your heart was going to run out of your heart and win a rely race. 

“S-sorry, Y/N, I don’t know what came over me–” 

“Do it again,” you whisper as you grab his shirt and pull him to you. His lips attach themselves on yours once more, having him instantly ease into the lip. You were melting, finally feeling those plump, pink lips you’ve want to kiss since you met him. His taste was splendid, with the flavors of cookies and pizza. You were instantly hooked, addicted to his lips and kissing him. Calum then pulls away shyly. 

“What’s wrong?” You whisper, afraid that you’ve done something wrong. 

“The camera is still on,” Calum says softly, having the both of you turn around to see the bright dot of red flicker at the both of you. 

“Fucking hell,” you groan as you go and turn off the camera. Once you did, you go back on the bed and stare at Calum. He bites his bottom lip, staring at you with adoration. Grabbing the neck of his shirt teasingly, you pull him close enough to have his lips one inch away from you. “Now,” you breathe,” where were we?”

“Right here,” Calum says seductively as he finally places your lips on yours to have another loving kiss. 

Ooo Calum the makeup artist. tbh I think he’d be pretty good if someone gave him a chance. 

With each passing day I feel like I come to a new understanding Craig’s artpop. As I was watching the youth pastor Craig video I, like many, found myself wondering wtf he was doing but it also sparked a moment of clarity for me. I realized I a very superficial knowledge of what qualities your standard fire and brimstone preacher should possess outside of the element of performativity and vocal cadence. And I can’t imagine that this is and area Craig had a baseline knowledge of this on his own. So like, I guess from that I can only assume that Craig took the time to research this. Like I have this image of him watching preacher videos on YouTube and getting super into it all for the sake of perfecting his character. So between this and that gross concoction he put in his water gun during the Cyborg level, I’d say Craig has officially usurped Clyde and his lobsters as being THE most overly invested kid in the game. 


At long last, here is my masterlist! Note for my Supernatural re write: There will be a separate Masterlist for each season after the finale:) I would recommend maybe opening my prompt list in another tab, as there are a few prompt fics here and there. You can find it here.

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Martin once stopped and gave a spoon of sugar water to a grounded bee to revive it.
He once broke character in the middle of Richard III to say “bless you” to someone who sneezed.
He once gave a pizza ordered for him to some fans who hadn’t eaten that were visiting setlock and had been waiting there for hours.

Ben once stopped what he was doing to go and help some fans he saw being shoved over and crushed by paparazzi.
He once recorded a short video saying “happy birthday” to a fan who got sick and couldn’t make it to an event.
He’s been known to call his parents at premieres, and after talking to his dad at the Hobbit premiere, passed the phone to Martin (who some of you may know lost his father when he was young) so he could, too.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is nobody is perfect, not even your faves, but can I just point out how lucky we are to have these two as our Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?