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Music is in the air, my friends.  How can it not be? Music Meister was super annoying butttttttt I have to say, sending people in a musical world – sort of the best super power if you ask me. Barry downloaded the team about what we were all doing in the musical.  I swear, every time Barry time travels or goes to another dimension I never tire of hearing what my doppelgangers can do.  Apparently in the musical, I was a bus boy named Pablo – I dig it.

With Barry and Iris back on the right track, morale at a high - it felt appropriate that we all take a breather and go do something together.  And obviously, given what we were just up against it had to be karaoke. We got there and after a few rounds of liquid confidence everyone was ready to scan the book and pick their songs.

A lot can be said about your karaoke jam – take Iris for instance.  She’s not super musically inclined but girl picked crowd pleaser with TLC’s “No Scrubs.” It got the crowd going and everyone knew the words to sing along.  It brought me back to my middle school gymnasium dances where the girls hung out on one side and the boys on the other.  Yeah, I was the cool wallflower.  But that’s the thing about music – it can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Iris wasn’t the only one of us with good musical taste – Joe chose Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” That guy can sing ­– he’s so soulful and just a natural on stage….seriously, he should think about doing a career change.  Caitlin can’t carry a tune, bless her heart, but her song choice was solid – Alanis Morisette “Ironic.”  I think the highlight of the night was that H.R. didn’t know or recognize any of the songs – so he just grabbed the microphone and sang a “classic” Earth-19 song.  Everyone at the bar wanted to kill us but it was a hilarious moment that was so worth us almost getting kicked out for.

So I’m arguing with a guy I know over why rape jokes are not funny and are completely unacceptable. 
And I asked him would he tell a rape joke to a rape victim. He deflected, I pressed him. he said that he didn’t know anyone who he knew for a fact had been raped and it would depend on the person.
Then I said that you do not know the experiences of those around you, anyone can be a rape victim, you just don’t know, and to mock the experiences of the victims of one of the most horrific crimes there is Really Fucked Up. 
His response was literally, “Some people make rape jokes to cope.”
I pointed out that, as he has admitted he doesn’t actually know ANY rape victims, his point was weak at best. I honestly don’t know what else to say.

Disneyland Band Shenanigans #4

SOMEHOW my two friends and I found a way to fit into ONE teacup from the ride at Disneyland.  This is what happened.

Ride Attendant: -says long spiel about watching kids and what not-  Now everyone I have a challenge for you.  Whomever spins the fastest AND SCREAMS the loudest can get on the ride one more time.  Got it?  We want all of Disneyland to know that this is the best ride. -smiles-

Me: BRUH. (insert Friend 1′s name) AND I GOT THIS IN THE BAGGGG…

Friend 3: okay guys just not too fast…i get sick

Friend 1 and I: hahah no promises.  ignorance is bliss.

~ride starts~


Friend 2:  O H   M  Y  G  O D D D     D D

Me: -laughing-

~ride ends~

Ride Attendant: -walks over to us- Y’all can stay.

Friend 1 and I: YES! -high fives each other-

Me: -smiling and laughing-


Me: what in tarnation. -touches lip/gum- oh yeah…hey..


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about ur latino jason ask: how can a race 'suit' someone? i think latino jason is nice especially bc im latinx but that doesnt make sense, race doesnt = personality/background

What I mean by that is I think it suits his background. Growing up in Crime Alley, there seem to be a lot of minorities which sadly is norm for a lot of impoverish neighborhoods. It’s probably more likely that Jason was Latino or something other than a white kid. Idk, His whole personality is that of one who has been unfairly treated (either due to race or just the circumstances of his childhood). I can see him being pissy with the press over how “lucky” he is a generous man like Bruce Wayne gave a street rat like him a home or basing him off of stereotypes and him hating himself when he fulfills them.

You’re right, ‘suits’ wasn’t the best word for me to use in my last ask and I apologize because what I was trying to say is that race/background do influence people in both good and bad ways. I said it “"suits”“ him because I can see, given his background and personality, how being a Latino can fit that. Some headcanons I see are completely out of left field, to me, and doesn’t make sense regarding the character.

I am what I feel

Well what can I say about this, some important talks happen, one will just about to happen and there’s a lot of feelings, just Gastina and Lutteo this time. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Chapter 9  (Find the other chapters here)

Being away has never hurt so bad

Matteo sighs again and Gastón throws him a look. He has never seen his best friend so obviously upset about a girl and he is sure that in general he could count with the fingers of a hand the times he hasn’t been able to at least pretend he isn’t upset about something and all of those other times it had to do with his parents. Gastón takes a book off the table and stands up to leave it on the shelf, he has spent the whole week trying to find a way to cheer Matteo up or make Luna talk to him and at least explain what happened but the girl has disappeared off the face of earth and she has done such a great job at it that he hasn’t even seen Nina around.

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Hey guys!!

I just wanna say in spite of everything that’s been going on. In my eyes this fandom is still one of the best, and the kindest, fandoms that anyone can be welcomed into. I’ve met some of the most amazing people here and I can go on for hours about the amazing talent that y’all have shared with us! I hope everyone here just looks past all the cruel things that have been said as just another unfortunate thing that happens at times. Saying that, Anon person, If you see this, I hope no matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter the things that you’ve said, let this be an example of what it means to be kind. Have a good night/day where ever you are!!♥♥



  Grandfather also decided to take the short ride over to my place to see it in person. He seems pretty pleased about it. “I just want the best for my granddaughters.” He says to both of us. Jacques Villareal is a rock, he’s really done as much as he can for the Villareal name!

  “Lourdes here thinks this place is haunted or something!” I bring up, wanting to see what he and all his wisdom thinks.

  “Hmmm, she always did have an imagination! It could be! Either way, this little town is ripe for renovation I’d say.” Just like a Villareal he’s wondering how he can make simoleons from this place. 

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Hi Love! I was talking to a friend and are looking for views on a few topics and I would love if you could elaborate your thoughts on some: Can males and females be friends with no sexual tension in their interactions? Can you justify making your significant other drop (all) friends of the opposite sex? Do you think it's all right to compromise on significant life choices? What is your opinion on feminism (now/then/in general)?

Oh my, these are like half the biggest questions in life haha.

1. Can males and females be friends with no sexual tension in their interactions?

So, as @shorty-cake knows, When Harry Met Sally… is like just about my favorite movie of all time. As a young person, it heavily influenced me. The movie revolves around the premise of whether or not men and women could be friends. I don’t know if it actually ever answers except to may infer that if you are best friends, that should say something about what you really mean to one another, and I’m a big proponent of letting friendship be one of your foundations for a relationship.

Yes, I think males and females can be friends with no sexual tensions, but I think that’s probably an exception rather than the rule and that it depends largely on the level of friendship. I try my best even now (especially now) to keep female friends at arm’s length because I personally am a bad combination - I’m a romantic who pretends to be a realist and, well, I’m a male. Because of our makeup and because of the culture, men are so driven by sexual urges (and of course not of all of, and of course many women are, too) that we too often throw good sense out the window. And we also too often throw friendships about the window, too, for a chance at something otherwise, and, maybe this is closer to an answer to your question, we often become close with women because there’s a chance (in our minds) at something more. This isn’t always happening on a conscious level, but upon introspection, it hold true. We treat women as meat. So I think a lot of “friendships” between men and women are not really as loving as one side might think.

2. Can you justify making your significant other drop (all) friends of the opposite sex?

Yes, I think you can, but it depends on the spectrum of friendships and the specific people in the relationship. I’ll start with the second idea first - again, if you’re someone like me, I think you need to put other women at arm’s length, and being asked to do so specifically might help with that. When I was dating years ago, my then-girlfriend forcefully requested that I give up some friendships with girls that she knew had been interested in me or seemed like they might be, and I acquiesced, and I think it was a good idea (though I didn’t do it in a good way).

Also, some relationships have more challenges than others, and they might need that protection to succeed. I think it’s fairy tale to say that “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”; if you really want a relationship to work, sometimes and for some people, it takes really difficult, and sometimes painful steps to move in that direction. For some people and relationships, though, all this might not be a problem, though even then, I think there’s something to be said about reserving that intimacy for the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with (if the relationship goes that direction) and not sharing it with someone else.

3. Do you think it’s all right to compromise on significant life choices?

Well, we compromise every day on little things. And we if do that, we all too often will compromise on more significant things. I do both, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t even fight it. But I’m trying to have more integrity and more character - it’s an uphill battle, I’ll tell you.

I think there are things we hold sacred, things that we believe are absolutely right. For us, these things are without compromise. But perhaps, those things aren’t as many as we might think. If we take the time to analyze and think on our choices, we might find that our hearts are not as firmly set upon them as we might think. Compromise might be okay; it might be good, in fact. And further, sometimes there are multiple choices that we can make, because situations are complex. I find that for many of our more significant forks in life, the routes are multiple and run into and around and through each other, and we have to navigate with a quality lanterns, good shoes, and wisdom/know-how, rather than necessarily picking the exact right path (which we often don’t know) the first time.

4. What is your opinion on feminism (now/then/in general)?

The term “feminism” is so loaded with connotation above its meaning. I have no expertise in much of any of it, so I won’t make much specific commentary. But I do believe that we’re made equal, though not treated the same, and so steps need to made toward righting that.

At the same time, I’ll always say that the answer to our problems in this world - and one we’ll never adequately use - is grace. Grace ties in with justice and mercy, and it’s the power to change the world. Unfortunately, our souls are bent toward ungrace, and our culture in the west now more than it has since I’ve been alive is become more and more unforgiving, angry, and bitter, taking the route of forcing change on the outside no matter what happens within a person, rather than trying to change the person and letting that shift how we love each other, how we treat each other with basic respect and freedom, and how we see each other and encourage one another to become more than we are. When any movement becomes that - feminism included - I think its headed down the wrong route.

Thanks for the questions, Sara! They got my brain working on this Monday. :D

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Arthur. Your death isn't permanent. It will go away when you kiss Lewis and Vivi I think. But Lewis is alive, and doesn't remember the cave right now. That will change when you're aren't dead.


He wasn’t sure whether to be thrilled there was a chance to fix this, or cringe at the price his living would cost.

“So…..what you’re saying is….if I want to live….Lewis has to die? Again?”

He wasn’t sure he could do that, even if it was just to return things to normal. Lewis was alive, right? He could enjoy living again. Was his own life really worth that much more than his best friend’s….?

He already knew the answer. “Thanks for telling me. But….I don’t have the heart to watch Lewis die again. To kill him a second time. He can….he can just have a fresh start, I guess. Maybe him and Vivi can be happy this way.”

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There's this guy at school and... Damn does he piss me off. I'm FTM and in nearly every lesson I'm in with him, if someone says anything about transgenders being real he just shouts "There's only 2 genders!" And worst of all, he knows I'm Trans! He knows I can hear him to but because of anxiety I can't tell back at him. I really fucking hate him, his best friend knows I'm FTM but he calls me by male pronouns and tries to convince him. What can I do just to make him shut up? Sorry for swears :/

Oh you can’t do anything. Some people are just worthless assholes. If you really want to piss him off though then you should laugh anytime he says it. He does it because it causes you anxiety and upsets you. Can you imagine how mad he’ll get if you laugh every time he says things like that?

- Nicole

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Hey Amanda. I'm just really fed up with adults rn. I get my driver's license & then everyone asks me if I've practiced driving even tho I've already gotten it & then they ask me to learn to drive a standard & apply for university & get a job an I'm just really tired and fed up.I don't know what to do cuz I keep disappointing them when I say I haven't done anything to practice or apply.I'm honestly just so done that I don't care what they think even tho I can't help but feel bad..-Tired space dad

Tired space dad, adults can be the worst, they want the best for you a lot of the time but fail to stop and consider your feelings. Best thing to remember is going at your own pace is okay regardless of what anyone else thinks. Your mental health is the most important.


1) it’s painfully obvious that Chris is suggesting that Viktor and Yuuri are sleeping together

2) the fact that Chris implies this means that he has good knowledge on how Viktor feels about Yuuri


I live for Viktor and Chris being best friend’s and sharing this between the two of them it’s both hilarious and sweet I’m glad Viktor seems to have one person he can trust and see as a true friend


I love Chris and how the show so easily implies the possibility of sexual intimacy between Viktor and Yuuri without making it into a big deal or over sexualizing it as lots of other media tends to do 


So I said it in the vlog earlier but seriously, thank you all so much for being the coolest, most dedicated community around. You’re all so engaged and got so incredibly involved and invested in this whole antisepticeye thing that it went way beyond my expectations. I mean I had hoped people would get involved the way they did but not to the level it has become. It’s completely blown me away and I’m so incredibly proud and honoured to be part of this community. 

There is so much fanart relating to Antisepticeye, so many theories and discussions, people taking on their own “Dark forms” and just overall discussion that I can’t possibly get to all of it and I’m sorry for that. I really wish I could because and I will try my best, I adore reading all the stuff people had to say about it. I really mean it when I say I sat here refreshing constantly to see what people were saying and the references they caught. It’s been amazing. 

The biggest part of all this that I love though is how everyone came together. The community banded together and enjoyed something and had fun. You were all so encouraging and interactive with each other trying to figure it all out and it made me so incredibly happy to see. I’m very proud of you all.

So I’ll say it again, THANK YOU! For being part of this, helping create it in the first place, letting me take a character you all made and incorporate it into the channel and allowing me to do stuff like this and just have fun. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done on youtube and I had an absolute blast all month with it :)

Hamilton as quotes from my School
  • <p> <b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> I've had bags under my eyes for the last decade what's new?<p/><b>John Laurens:</b> I'm only a /little/ gay for my best friend.<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> How you say, shut up before I kill you?<p/><b>Hercules Mulligan:</b> I had to give up sewing once I lost half my body weight in blood from stabbing my fingers.<p/><b>Angelica Schuyler:</b> What's it called when you have the hots for a guy you can't have? My life.<p/><b>Eliza Schuyler:</b> I may look like a cinnamon roll but I will hurt you.<p/><b>Peggy Schuyler:</b> No it's just my goal in life to be beautiful and forgotten.<p/><b>Aaron Burr:</b> I will hit you with my chair if you don't stop talking to me.<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> That place is better than here and I've never even been there.<p/><b>James Madison:</b> I've accepted death the minute I was born, this world hates me. *sneezes*<p/><b>George Washington:</b> I'm going to die because of you all... *downs second red bull in two hours*<p/></p>
  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm thinking: Can you believe how badly the fandom has treated Roxy Lalonde since she was first introduced? They either make her Dirk's best friend who gives him relationship advice when he's upset. Or they give her alcohol and a cat. Her personality is more than just alcohol, a cat, and Dirk's therapist, or just a funny prop. Where's fan content with her as a scientist? A coder? A gamer? A fanfic writer? Where's the in-depth meta about her overcoming addiction or her fixation on femininity or her relationship regarding her mom and the post-apocalyptic world she grew up in, or her compulsive-heterosexuality when she's obviously more comfortable flirting with girls? When the fuck is the fandom going to respect Roxy Lalonde?

“And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”

Can I just say, that I absolutely love these two? I love Percy and Annabeth, I love them in the first series because they were best friends before they became romantic. I like that they like each other for their personalities, and Percy loves how Annabeth fights. I just love these two, protect them <3

Currently started reading the Heroes of Olympus, which I have not read yet… so this should be interesting! (NO SPOILERS OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN…)

Imagine Jack running into Beyoncé at the airport, prolly in the VIP waiting area and at first he doesn’t realise she’s there because he’s very into his book, but when he does he’s torn because obviously he understands she might not want to be bothered but on the other hand Bitty might marry him just so that he can divorce him for wasting this opportunity.

Then he has an idea. The best idea.

Fast forward to a year later.

“Hey Bits, you need to see something.”

“What is it hon?”

“Just sit here and press play.”

Bitty does.

Video starts playing. Beyoncé is talking.

“Hey Bitty, Jack has been telling me a lot about you in the past ten minutes and I have to say, I think you got a keeper! He mentioned this song was part of a very special moment for you both, so let’s keep the tradition going!”

*Beyoncé starts signing Halo*

Camera moves to a nervously grinning Jack.

“Hey Bits, I hope you forgive me for not telling you who I met at the airport straight away…”

*signing in the background is interrupted by Beyoncé laughing but quickly resumes*

“I know we have only been dating for a few months, but from the moment we kissed I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and I hope you feel the same. So…”

Jack shows a napkin to the camera that’s says, “Yo Marry Me Eric Bittle” on it.

“Say Yes Bitty!” Beyoncé whispers in the background.

Video ends.

And that’s how Bitty gets the best proposal of all times and receives a napkin signed by Beyoncé instead of a ring.

(For the record he does get a ring, but we all know which one he went for when Jack got on one knee to ask the question in person.)

(Jack will always jokingly say that he knew Bitty would never go against Beyoncé, so he was making absolutely sure his proposal was be bullet proof.)

the best part about the princess diaries 2 (besides everything) is that i remember watching it when i was a kid, and i remember when mia stopped her wedding to andrew i thought “oh so she’s going to marry chris pine instead” because thats just what happens in movies, but then, THEN, she says she isn’t marrying either of them because she doesnt need a king to be queen, and thats when i realised that the point of the movie isn’t that mia can be with whoever she wants, its that she doesn’t need to be with anyone, i was fucking 10 years old, that shit changed how i saw everything, the princess diaries is important af


She is who she is, and she is unapologetic. When you’re around her, you feel an honesty that brings out the honesty in you. She has an old soul. To this day, she still seems a little more worldly and intelligent than most people in the room. She’s very spontaneous, and she can make something fun out of nothing. Anything that seems interesting or adventurous, she’ll go for it — and her willingness breeds a kind of allegiance. Before you know it, you’re having a good time when you didn’t even know you could.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Honestly A Court of Mist and Fury was one of the single best reading experiences of my entire life and since finishing it I can't stop thinking about feyre and rhysand and how rhys waited so long to tell feyre about the mating bond and was literally dreaming about her before he even met her. and just the enormous amount of plotting SJM had to do to get us all the like Tamlin and the fact that when rhys meets feyre he says "oh i've been looking for you" BECAUSE HE LITERALLY HAS BEEN. this, combined with the recent release of empire of storms in which precious aelin is subject to horrors and is separated from rowan has crushed me mentally and i am an emotional black hole of anguish. i am so fragile i cry when i see baby birds because they remind me of rowan.