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About the McHanzine,

(pops on to edit clarification: *the Bullseye McHanzine, no other zines are related to this situation.)

for those of you who are not yet aware, there have been allegations against the mod who headed up the zine project (if you would like the link please speak to me on private messaging)

this is an extremely concerning situation. I learned of it when most of you did just a few hours ago, and am completely blindsided.

i have been trying my best to follow it but from what i have seen i personally, do not feel i myself can say who is in the right either way YET (as of writing this at 12:30 AM on 11/17). Yes, i have read and seen the screenshots and posts and defenses and rebuttals from both sides on all the discords and on tumblr. there’s a lot that will be revealed and talked about here probably in the next 24 hrs but i do not want to say too much yet because there is just too much and also not enough information coming all at once.
Again this is just my personal opinion at this present time, once i have a definitive answer i will do my best to provide you all with that information.

Regardless, it is extremely concerning, and professional, responsible action needs to be taken either way.
For those who have purchased a zine, Lyn has stated here and here (idk if those links will work tumblr is not allowing me to access their site right now but just browse the feed everything is there) that all zines will be shipped and proceeds will be sent to the charities and refunds will be given upon request.

While this is being sorted out please rest assured i will also do my best to keep this blog a safe, happy place for you guys and myself. 

Above everything, I value my reputation and integrity as an artist, and i value each and everyone one of you guys and our love for this game and these characters and this ship, so whatever the outcome, I will no longer be associating with the mchanzo blog. 

My biggest, tightest, warmest hugs to all contributors, i don’t know about you but i just had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. And another big tight warm hug to all who have purchased the zine, i am worried and deeply sorry this situation is happening. It never should have.

My mental health can’t take much more, so i will be logging off for tonight.

Look, it’s Papa! - Tyler Sequin - Chapter Two.

A/N : some of these chapters will be jumping back and forth from present day to the past. Moments in the past will be in italics. Let me know what you think! xx


“Babe, I wish you and (Y/D/N) could be out here with us.”  Tyler says over your usual FaceTime call before he goes out on the ice for pregame warmups. You never expect him to call before every game but he always does. His eyes have a sparkle in them as he talks to you. “When are you going to give in and move down to Dallas with me and the boys?” he gives you the best puppy dog eyes he can when he asks this one.

“Ty, I can’t just yet. I miss you and the boys when we aren’t there. I know (Y/D/N) misses you because she watches the tv so intently when she sees a hockey game on the screen.” you smile at him. You really do want to move out of LA and to Dallas badly but you made a promise you would give this place 3-4 years and you didn’t want to give up yet.

“(Y/D/N), baby! Look at Papa!” Tyler says in the voice he uses for all the dogs. (Y/D/N)’s ears perk when she hears him say ‘Papa” and gallops over to the phone. He calls for her again and her head tilts to each side looking at him. Wondering why he is in a tiny box and not giving her belly rubs.

“Sweetheart, you’re torturing her” I say laughing and he gives me the biggest smile thats slowly turns into a slight frown. “I miss you so much, (Y/N). “ he says to you. You try not to show him how said you are so you just keep smiling to him and tell him how much you miss him too.

“I miss you too, sweetheart. You’ll be able to come home to us soon for a few days. Will you bring the boys along this time?” You smile at him. “Yes and I am counting down the days. Jamie keeps mocking me because I put a countdown in my locker even on the road. But he can fuck off because it makes it go by faster with the countdown.” he starts chuckling and throws something at Jamie who just walked by and through his hand infront of the camera.

“Hey Benn!!! Don’t be a dick!” You say laughing. “Love you too, (Y/N)!” Jamie says through a huge belly laugh.

“Alright babe, I’ve got to get on the ice in a couple minutes. I’ll talk to you later” he says with a smile and pecks the camera with a kiss.

“Talk to you after, darling.” you peck back.

And then he was gone. Even though on game days the calls are shorter they still mean the world to you both. You always leave the call falling for him even more than before and amazed how well you clicked with this boy from Canada so quickly.

“Is that how game day usually is?” the producer snapped you back to reality.

You smiled at him while (Y/D/N) cuddled up at your lap staring at your phone hope Tyler’s face showed back up. “Yeah, game days we usually talk before a warmups and then as long as he isn’t too torn up from the game we will talk after the game once he is at the hotel or home.”

“Come on baby. Papa will be back later” you say to your puppy while you try to get her to eat her dinner.

“Did you and Tyler get her together?” the producer asked. A smirk began to play across your cheeks. “No actually. I got her but the two of them quickly fell in love with each other and he started calling himself Papa to her. It stuck.”

“And what about his dogs?” you started to laugh. You pet (Y/D/N) and said, “Again, Tyler had decided on that one. He claimed that his dogs never took to a new person as quickly as they did to me. I met them before I got this little girl.” You smiled looking at her.


“Boys! Papa’s home!” Tyler called out while three labs started booking it down the hall of his home in Dallas. He wanted you to finally come down to Dallas to meet his dogs and to see his home away from Canada.

“(Y/N), meet the boys. Marshall, Cash, and little nugget Gerry.” He smiled as they all started crowding around your feet.

“Hey there little guys.” You immediately started playing with them on the ground and the look on Tyler’s face was beautiful. Like he was so amazed that you were already playing with his babies.

“Okay boys, go lay down. Stop hogging her” Tyler says and right away the dogs go run back outside.

“Wow, Ty. Can you train my future puppy?” You laughed purely amazed at how well trained they are.

“Of course! When are you getting a pup?” He smiles his biggest most infectious smile.

“Well I’m actually planning for next month. So as long as you don’t get sick of me by then” you say with a laugh and he just immediately steps closer to you and pulls you into the biggest hug while kissing your forehead. “(Y/N) I truly don’t see that happening any time soon” He smiles and kisses your lips.

“Perfect then.” you smile and kiss him back. “I hope my puppy isn’t a pain”

“I’m sure the pup will be perfect. Her papa will train her.” He winked.

“Papa? Are you already claiming her as your own?” You just smile at him. Amazed as usual with how comfortable you two are together.

“Absolutely.” Tyler smiled and pulled you in for a cuddle while you both sat outside watching his dogs. “Boys, come! Give your Mama some love” he winked over at you as the three boys started run full speed for your couch and smothered both of you in kisses before Cash and Marshall settled down at both of your feet. Gerry was cuddled up on your lap. “I love this” Tyler said with a smile.

“I really do too” You looked over at Tyler and kissed his cheek then put your head on his shoulder while petting a sleeping Gerry.


“And a week later Tyler surprised me the day before I got (Y/D/N) so he could be wish us for the first few nights.” You smiled while telling them.

The producer and crew were all smiling. “You two are really such a perfect and beautiful couple.”

“Thank you so much. Really it means alot.” You smiled at them.

Tyler’s game was about to start. Luckily you already took (Y/D/N) out before the call so she would be good for a few hours now. As you flipped the channel on (Y/D/N) ran over and sat at the TV watching the players skate around. The zoom in on Tyler perked her ears up.

“See baby, I told you Papa would be back soon.” You smirked and winked at the camera like he does to you during games. You smiled thinking about when he sees that when it airs.

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I know this can be a touchy subject. But I noticed that you're a Christian, yet you post a lot of things that support homosexuality. I personally am a Christian and I don't hate on or try to convert people and I come to people out of love always, but to my knowledge the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. Just wondering what your views there were. Love your blog!

You already know my views. So why would you ask me for it if you just said you saw that I support people who are gay? My opinion is that everyone has a right to live their best life and that it’s not my place to tell people what they should do. Being straight doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven, so I don’t believe being gay means you’re going to hell
I mean, I couldn’t be more clear on my opinions on this hun. It’s very much very clear.

Can I just say that I have never been more happy in my life? Hamilton brought me and my wife closer – it got us through one of the worst traumas of our lives, and it brought me here. Where I get love and support for just being my dorky ass self and drawing my little doodles of these amazing and wonderful characters.

Thank you guys, all of you, so much for being so sweet and supportive of my fun little hobby and continuing to encourage me. You guys are all beautiful and amazing and just

thank you. For showing me personally that being myself is okay. That me and my wife are #goals, you guys are goals, all of you beautiful wonderful people akdhlgs;

I just get so emotional thinking about it I love you all so much ;___; Thank you for being here and existing and being you. <3

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What type of binder is best out if the tank binders? Full or half?

I wouldn’t say either is particularly ‘better’. They’re both good, it’s just personal preference. I found the full ones awkward when putting on boxers/pulling up jeans because they can come quite low. I tend to go for half binders.

I actually have a new red Gc2b half binder on it’s way to me in the post.

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Help! My friend who began her transition about four years ago, who I thought was really thriving, recently confided in me that she regrets coming out and transitioning and is afraid that it was a huge mistake. How do I help?

Lee says:

The best thing to do when supporting friends is to ask what they want you to do to help them. Going on walks together and letting them vent can be nice too. Remind them that you support them no matter what they know they decide to do and that you care about them and won’t judge them if they end up changing things up.

Ultimately you can’t figure out their gender for them, you can just try to support them while they try to work it out.

When I looked it up, I got:

  1. Be available to listen, or just be there for them. Sometimes you don’t need to say a word. Don’t offer opinions or advice; don’t judge them; be patient and understanding; be empathic, gentle and compassionate.
  2. Take them out of their environment as a change of scenery can help to change our mood. It doesn’t have to be wildly exciting – just a walk by the river or a coffee at the mall is often enough to shift things a bit.
  3. Encourage your friend to seek professional help. A friend or family member can be a real lifeline; but objective support from a professional counsellor can help them cope in a more effective way. (Source)

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*Things that males me happy:* Seeing any new post of Lea because she is a great person, artist, videogame enthusiast, blogger and deserves all the love in this world and others (btw one of my favourites is the #shut up lea, ironically don't want that never ever happens bc you know... your awesomeness and stuff xoxo)

Oh……oh my god anon ;___; I can’t even add an appropriate reaction gif because none could capture my real reaction.

Thank you so, so much, this message really means a lot! Thank you for taking the time to type it out and send it to me, you just made my day a whole lot better ;_; Aaaaah I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

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Iris, I honestly think BTS are magical. I was sobbing in the bathroom earlier, having a mental breakdown, and then Hoseok went live. Even though I can't understand Korean, just listening to him talk makes me happy. I was a sniffling, broken mess and then by the end of it I was actually laughing along with him so much my cheeks hurt... I think what I'm trying to say is, I'm so glad I decided to stan BTS. I truly think it was one of the best decisions I made in my lifetime. 😊✨

I haven’t had a chance to watch anything that’s happened this week (thanks work!), but I’m so happy he went on VLive. I love the vlogs and I miss Hope on the Street a lot. It’s nice to be given the chance to connect with them as fans, even if it’s just sitting down to dinner with Jin or listening to song meanings from Namjoon. I find them all very relaxing and feel spoiled to even have them.

I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time. I hope it gets better. This time of year is hell for us mental health sufferers, so please take care.

I just found another page that’s basically just taking my quotes (originals done by my friend and I specifically for this blog included) and again I’m not gonna say who but I just want to say anyone who is running an incorrect Wynonna earp quote blog (any other fandom is different because then you have to figure out what quotes to use and the characters. If you run a completely different quotes blog not related to Wynonna Earp feel free to use these quotes as long as you put the source in (usually the last tag)) that you should find your own quotes. Don’t just go to another Wynonna Earp blog and just copy and paste all of their posts, find them yourself, work out the characters yourself, because that’s what I have to do and you can’t just play off someone else’s work as your own even if it is just working out what quotes would work and what’s the best character to say them. I’m getting sick of this.


I posted the screenshot before but i left her @ on the top (without noticing) you can see the date of when that conversation started and as I say before, I don’t have the need to lie and fake screenshots because….. why would I? like what’s the gain on doing that when I’m the first one in jump against this kind of things?

as I said before I don’t have a problem in screen record the whole thing. I just wanted to protect her because I still believe attacking her in her new blog (because their @ are pretty similar) isn’t the answer or the best option. she needs profesional help not anon hate.

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Can I just say, i fricking love the stuff I’ve got from you! I have the UFO chew, and it’s the best thing <3 one question though, I’m really bad at comparing things, so what could you compare the weight of the weighted stuffies to? Sorry if this is hard to answer, I’ve just been wondering for a while

You can definitely say that! :D

For weights, I weighed some items from my kitchen and found that

Stingray or Crab = medium size banana

Lizard or Butterfly = large lime/medium lemon

The weight distribution is a little different though so the lizard and butterfly have their weight spread more widely than the lime/lemon. And the stingray and crab have their weight more concentrated in the center than the banana. I hope that makes sense!

My medication is good because well it’s not a given I’m going to start sobbing at some point every day, but I wish it dulled the feelings of hyper anxiety I have. It feels like my anxiety’s racing around my body and my body’s just sitting there. I don’t know, things with my psychiatrist aren’t the best. I feel like I’m coaching myself into recovery and paying her hundreds of dollars to say that my ideas are right. I try to tell her that while I know what to do it’s hard to implement things in a sustainable way. Out loud I can articulate my illness and deduce the logical advice in a way that she views more positive then it actually is. I do try to tell her this, but she never really addresses that and then I don’t see her for another few months and I still haven’t been able to sustain a progressive recovery. 

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Distraction anon: For any language(s) you know, what are your top 5 favorite words, and why?

I’m learning Manx, and these are my top 5.

Bwoid- penis. Because how can you not love calling it bwoid?

Myn-schree- dearheart. I’m still working on the best way to say beloved.

Cha nel- no. It just sounds nicer. Or like hell no, if you lisp it right.

Pihtt- vagina, because along with bwoid it gives me words to say when I really need to vent in an unknown language.

Rosag- rose (as in flower). I love roses in any language.

I have this problem where its like I could date some people right now, but they’re all poly. Now I have nothing against dating someone who is poly but for my first (possibly) healthy relationship, I think it would be better if it was non-poly.
I just have this feeling that for me to grow and learn more about love, doing that with someone who is dating like 4 people is going to stunt my growth,
So I think it’s best for me to wait until I get non-poly relationship just so I can learn what healthy relationships are like and know what to expect then jump into a relationship where they can’t spend much time with me.

But still its hard to just say no because they’re poly like it sounds dickish to do, but its really not the best for me right now, or at least I think so but I don’t know
Does this many any sense? I want to know if I’m making a logical decision or not.

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What happened?? It’s okay if you don’t wanna say, I respect that.

After the ambulance came and took me? Well my sister and best friend saw that, first of all. They shat on my head when I got back from the hospital. They told my mom. Mom told dad. They think it would be best for me to come home and live with them again because I can’t take care of myself. I accidentally let my best friend see the cuts on my thighs. I had to spill the beans on everything (well of everything. I just told her that I’ve been depressed and cutting since I was like 9- didn’t say anything about the weird eating). She swore she wouldn’t tell anyone. She told my sister and they told my mom. Mom told her sisters and probably my dad. My best friend is acting like she didn’t tell anyone (I read my mom’s texts you bitch) and my sister is acting clueless and my mom still hasn’t told me that she knows. Her sisters are pretending like they don’t know anything that’s going on. She told them about the ambulance and the depression. My mom suspects I have an ED. She’s making my housemate check everything I’m eating and make sure I’m not purging. She keeps trying to force me to eat (not like it’s hard. Put food in front of me and the binge gods will make me unleash).

And yeah, that’s it so far.

merry inktober !

I know many of you may be upset about not getting invited to a SS, especially if you live around the area Taylor is doing it at. I genuinely feel your pain because I’ve been there too! I’ve watched my friends meet Taylor countless amounts of times and as much as I wanted to be happy for them I was still jealous obviously (just never turned my jealousy into hatred) but…. I waited my turn. I was patient and I told myself that my time will come and if I spread happiness and kindness in the world it will come back to me. And guess what? I got a message from Taylor Nation during Taylor’s 1989 tour asking if I wanted to meet Taylor! 

So a reminder that it is okay to be upset, I totally understand. But Taylor is doing the best she can to meet you. And if I dare read one of your posts saying “Taylor doesn’t want to meet me” OF COURSE SHE DOES! You’re a fan of hers and she appreciates you so much. She even told me when she met me she tries her hardest to find everyone, despite how busy she is. (come on she watches our livestreams when she’s in meetings!!!!) 

Please don’t give up hope, this post was made to remind you to be patient and keep up your hope because Taylor will meet you one day and she’ll tell you how much she loves you and how much you love her, and good things come to those who wait. 

Jikook have been so obvious recently, and I’m lovin it. They just don’t give a single fuck about people and what they think, and same I’ve come to a point where if jikook kiss on stage I won’t be surprised at all and will just be like oh yeh so what they are lovers they can kiss in front of people.

I have always tried to respect people when it comes to jikook and not disagree with anyone’s opinion but recently I’ve seen people saying things like. Respect jikook and their relationship because they might so close because they are best friends like the proper close type of where skinship is normal even kissing them but it’s all none sexual.

—first that bts has lived together for so long I don’t think there is anything like friends and close friends between them they are all equally close to each other. ( Unless it’s something more than friendship like jikook) Hence why bts is so successful as team.

Let me tell all those people I am engaged, I have a lover I know what’s friends relationship vs romantic relationship. They are not the same for obvious reasons which I’m sure everyone knows. And the way jikook behave towards each other I don’t sense just friendship it’s something else definitely something else. Boys are never affectionate or subtle between each other like even however close they might.

—A male friend (jk) would never get jealous of his”best friend” (jm)being close or affectionate twords other male friends (other bts members) especially if they all live together and are all close to each other.

—Two male friends would not be so eager to sit and stay next to each other 24/7 or become happy when they are asked to team up or lose just to share room with the other

— a Male friend would never film a another friend and make a top quality edit of only that friend with the background music bing about gay love.

— a male friend or any friends in general would never get flustered or look whipped when another friend looks at them or complements them.

also highkey fuck anybody who says kali and episode 7 was just “to show that eleven has a moral compass and knows right from wrong.” Eleven made a choice to follow her own moral code and did what was best for her personally, but that does not mean that she was right and kali was wrong, or that el’s morals are in any way “better” than kali’s. Kali is her own character and not just some foil for El, and i really hope she’ll be back for season three so we can learn more about her and see her have her own story. She is a gorgeous, badass, complex woman with awesome hair and a lot of justifiable anger and her own cool moral code, and i hope the duffer brothers/fandom don’t sleep on this or use her just to prop up El 

Just wanted to say that Amon already knew that Kaneki is Hide’s best friend, he’s known for a long time now, because back in part 1, Hide said so himself.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 90

And Amon wondered how he was going to confront his best friend.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 94

Yet, despite already knowing what Kaneki meant to Hide, he still asked:

And I can’t help but think it’s because he just feels like Hide’s feelings can’t be summarized by “he’s my best friend” anymore, otherwise Amon wouldn’t waste time asking a question he already knew the answer to. And he gets an answer I don’t think he expected.

To me, it looked like he liked what he heard.