what can i say i'm sexually frustrated

  • naruto: sasuke, I have something to tell you
  • sasuke: what, dobe
  • naruto: I think I- I mean, you're the- I'm in- That is to say, the reason why I'm- stop staring at me-ttebayo!
  • sasuke: that
  • sasuke: is that what you wanted to tell me?
  • naruto: yes, I mean no, I mean um
  • sasuke: as if being forced to look at your garrish mug, subject myself to those ridiculous expressions
  • sasuke: and your eyes
  • sasuke: everything you think is written right there
  • sasuke: a shinobi is supposed to conceal-
  • naruto: are you saying you can tell what I'm thinking just by looking at my face?
  • sasuke: no, I'm saying ANYONE can-
  • naruto: so, do you uh, like
  • naruto: does that mean you already know?
  • sasuke: I was waiting for you to figure it out
  • naruto: *slyly* figure what out, bastard?
  • sasuke: I don't know, weren't you going to tell me?

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I'm extremely upset with AL, I thought he was the captain of Richonne. Did you read his statement to EW ?! he was talking about how there was sexual tension with his character and Jadis. No respect to Richonne, really unnecessary his words .

Hi there. While I can understand your frustration, this is not what I took away from that article; I didn’t feel like he was disrespecting Richonne at all.

AL was answering the question from Dalton Ross regarding what it was like working with PM and what she brought to the show. He did not say that there was sexual tension between them; he spoke of the dynamic that Jad!s brought to their scenes.

The only mention he made about what Rick was feeling was him being ‘kind of amused by them, but also inspired’. That was mainly because, even though they spoke in a strange manner, they meant what they said and said what they meant.

Dalton Ross was the person who said there was a flirtation between the two of them, not AL. AL said, on Rick’s part, it was about humour and a lightness to Rick which is part of his journey right now.

I get why you’re upset, I really do; but go easy on Andy. He isn’t aware of how fandoms work; he isn’t aware that there are people out there who will latch onto the New White Woman™ and ship her with Rick. He doesn’t know how certain fans will take his words as fodder for their fandom fuckery and crackshipping. He was just answering a question about what his new colleague brought to the scenes, not that Rick was reciprocating any of those dynamics (or feelings).

He ended the interview talking about Richonne, even though he was not asked about Michonne or Richonne in this article. This is why he is the Captain of the S.S. Richonne. He brings them up even when he doesn’t have to.

Literally the last word in the interview is Michonne’s name.

Please consider my take on this and then go back and re-read the interview.


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  • *Qrow and Winter are sitting next to eahother during another meeting*
  • Qrow: *Puts folded up piece of paper into Winter's hands*
  • Qrow: Pass this to General Ironwood
  • Winter: *Rolls her eyes and reads it.
  • Note: "Geez, you read this? Talk about nosy." *Picture of a less than flattering picture of Winter*
  • Winter: *Angrily crumples it up and throws it at the ground*
  • Everyone: *Turns to her*
  • Winter: I was, uh, just about to recycle that.
  • Winter: *Gets up and throws it in the recycling before sitting back down*
  • Qrow: *Puts another note in her hand*
  • Qrow: Pass this one to him-
  • Winter: *Standing up* General, Ironwood has informed me that he wishes me to present this to you. I have not opened it yet.
  • Qrow: Huh?!
  • Ironwood: .......very well. Let's see what it says. "My boss General Ironwood can suck a big fat juicy dick. Sincerely, Qrow".
  • Winter: Seriously, Qrow?
  • Qrow: I didn't write that!
  • Winter: Do you think anyone will-
  • Ironwood: Winter... I'm not his boss. I'm yours.
  • Glynda: And this is far too neat to be Qrow's handwriting.
  • Ironwood: It's not yours either, Winter...
  • Qrow: Give me that. *Takes it*. Here, there are ink blots at awkward moments. That's clearly faked handwriting.
  • Winter: No---but---wha---how?!
  • Ironwood: Winter, did you think we wouldn't realize this was you?
  • Qrow: Geez, Winter, I know you're sexually frustrated over me, but taking it out on me in these immature pranks is not the way to handle the situation.
  • Winter: *Past her breaking point, leaps at Qrow in a fit of rage*
  • Ironwood: Winter, are you seriou-
  • Ozpin: I'm pretty sure Qrow forged the handwriting.
  • Ironwood: But-----Yeah that seems about right.
  • Glynda: Should we stop her?
  • Ozpin: Oh, let them fight it out for a bit.
  • Ironwood: For the love of god let it stop.
My *thoughts* on Don Carlo so far

 - The conducting and orchestra are lovely, and Asher Fisch clearly understands the piece.

 - Jonas is singing and looking sehr gut as usual, and making a nice contrast between non-crazy Carlo in the first act and super-fragile Carlo later on. The amount of chest showing is also pleasing.

 - Anja Harteros has a beautiful voice and is really warming up as she goes along, so I can’t wait to hear her Tu che la vanita.

 - Rene Pape as Filippo, who really comes into his own in the fourth act, is now coming across as a huge douchebag, hopefully with the result that his Ella giammai m'amo will be all the more heartbreaking. LET ME LOVE YOU FILIPPO MY MISUNDERSTOOD BABY

 - Boaz Daniel is also singing well, though his costume looks oddly Dickensian and out of place. I’ll be interested to see his death scene, because I like his relationship with Jonas’ Carlo but he comes across as bookish rather than revolutionary.

 - The costumes in general are serviceable, and it’s to see a lot of colours (the green dresses of the French women in the first act and Eboli’s multicoloured entourage) instead of just black and red or black and white, although there was still a hell of a lot of black in this production.

 - The Carlo/Elisabetta duet (Io vengo a domandar) was so good. Harteros brought out all the sexual tension and maternal affection that should be going on simultaneously in this scene. Jonas was also absolutely bang on, although he might have sounded better with his shirt off just saying.

 - The auto-da-fe scene was gloriously gaudy and grand lol alliteration, exactly how it should be.

tl;dr Jonas is sexy I love Don Carlo 

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I really don't want to sound insulting or anything, I'm just really confused. How do I "know" what my gender/sexuality is? I've been questioning things for the past few months but I can't figure out anything. Thanks for your time and patience.

Don’t worry, my friend, and trust me when I say this: lots of people feel the same way.

For some, their gender and sexuality can be really confusing and hard to understand (*cough* like me *cough*).  It can take a very long time to figure everything out. I know this is frustrating and seems unfair, but it’s just the way it is.

Something you can do is know that it’s 100% okay to be unsure about yourself and what you identify as. You can take as much time as you need and want to do research, experiment with labels, and/or experiment in other ways (there’s no wrong way to figure out your gender/sexuality).

Also know that if you don’t find an identity that fits you perfectly, that’s okay too. You don’t need to label yourself if you don’t want to. You could even just label yourself “questioning” and leave it at that. It’s up to you.

Just don’t freak out, and know that you are not alone in this. There are a lot of people out there who feel the exact same way you do. It can be hard to know exactly what you are. It can take some time, so just relax and let the chips fall where they may. 

Good luck! <3