what can i say except:

  • Bo Burnham: *Is hilarious/smart/creative/cute*
  • Me: *falls deeply in love with Bo Burnham*
  • Bo Burnham: girls who think they're in love with me are actually in love with the concept of me it's called parasocial interaction
  • Me: Oh yes thank you for that intelligent insight that totally helps me be less in love with you

You know what one of my most prominent thoughts is when I watch a Second Doctor serial?

“I wonder how meticulously they had to plan this scene so they wouldn’t get an up-kilt shot of Jamie?”

That and,

“I wonder if any outtakes exist where they got an up-kilt shot of Jamie?”

I love amnesia!Conan cause it’s like the prime opportunity for Shinichi to admit just how wrong he feels as Conan. 

“I’m seven? I don’t feel seven.”

“Man, I am not seven.

"Am I?”

That’s probably totally the reason why he looks so catatonic in the previews. This+no-smartness-filter is why this premise makes me smile.