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Houses as things I overheard while hiking part two
  • Gryffindor: "Yeah I'm going to chug all four servings of this entire energy drink now so that I'll crash later and actually get some sleep."
  • Hufflepuff: "Your aim's a little off- now look at that. You just smushed the ant. Now it can't crawl anymore."
  • Ravenclaw: "I don't feel that sore right now, but ask me again tomorrow morning and I'm sure I'll have a more colorful answer for you."
  • Slytherin: "If I don't have calves of steel or abs of iron by the end of this trip, I'm going to feel so cheated."
Some of my favorite voltron headcanons
  • Shiro has made the team travel to the other side of the universe to go to a specific space mall that sells a special hair conditioner that makes his white bangs look flawless.
  • Hunk always does everyone’s laundry and he is TIRED. He “accidentally” puts a red sock in the weird altean washing machine the castle has. Shiro actually thinks they rock the pink and makes them wear it every Wednesday (wink wink get it?)
  • Keith occasionally lets out a “bless your heart” whenever someone says something dumb or naive.
  • One day Shiro and Allura start arguing:

Allura: *says something in altean and storms out* 
Shiro: Wait what did you say??! 
Allura: Oh I don’t know. Maybe I insulted you. Maybe I confessed my love for you. You’ll never know. 
Shiro: ಥ_ಥ

(Coran knows what she said. But won’t tell Shiro. Cos he’s a lil shit)

  • Now Keith and Lance do the labyrinth exercise perfectly without a single electrical discharge.
  • Shiro has a great voice and can literally sing any kind of music. He can perform I Will Always Love You and Hallelujah perfectly. He also knows the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody word by word and can even rap the Alphabet Aerobics. The team discovered his talent as he was leaving the shower one day singing a somehow emotional rendition of Barbie Girl.
  • Allura and Coran refuse to tell Keith and Lance how to use the pool. They eventually ask Hunk, Pidge and Shiro for help. The team spends days in the pool room brainstorming ideas, looking for buttons and control panels but they find nothing. “FOR THE LOVE OF ALTEA” Shiro screams once out of desperation. Coran and Allura laugh their ass off.
  • Shiro, definitely at some point: My back hurts from cARRYING THIS TEAM 
  • There is a slipperies epidemic. Apparently, not only middle-aged alteans can get it. The entire team is Sick (haha) Of It™, except for Pidge, who learned how to slide around like Coran did and can now go around the castle way faster than her tiny legs allowed her to. Also, their lions refuse to let them in because they are sweaty and disgusting.
  • Shiro tries to teach Pidge some self-defense techniques. Turns out it was completely unnecessary (obviously) and Pidge is the one who actually teaches Shiro a thing or two.
  • Keith: Anyone who’s ever seen my soft side has to die. I can’t have them running around with that kind of information. 
  • They eventually go back to earth and somehow bump into Shiro’s ex-girlfriend. Allura is Not Happy.
  • Shiro also finds out about a boyfriend Allura had back in Altea and gets jealous. “Was he handsome?” “Of course.” “Was he in shape?” “He was ripped.” “Did- did he have nice hair?” “Shiro stop doing this to yourself.”
  • Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith sneak into Shiro’s room one day to check his closet because they cannot understand how he can wear those super tight clothes without being uncomfortable ????? Shiro actually does get uncomfortable sometimes but won’t tell anyone and keeps wearing it for the sake of fashion.
  • The team finds out that Keith plays tHE VIOLIN. He somehow let it out by accident and now they all want to search the entire galaxy to look for a violin for Keith to play for them. He’s glad that they’re in the middle of space and can’t find one. But he lowkey misses playing because it was a huge stress reliever.
  • Lance now yells “GET REKT BOI” whenever he takes out a galra.
  • Pidge, Hunk and Shiro make Coran manipulate the castle all the time to trap Keith and Lance in small places together. This only feeds Lance’s belief that the castle is haunted and is somehow trying to kill them. Keith secretly knows it’s them but doesn’t say anything.
  • Voldemort’s dock: Voldeport
  • Voldemort organizes the house: Voldesort
  • Voldemort gathers some pillows and blankets: Voldefort
  • Voldemort kicks a ball: Voldesport
  • Voldemort bakes a delicious pastry: Voldetorte
  • Voldemort laughs at a funny joke: Voldesnort
  • Voldemort realizes these puns aren’t funny: Voldabort
✨ Fic Rec List ✨

Well, my friends, I think it’s about time I made one of these. I’m so terrible at reading fics because I’m more into writing them, but I think I’ve read enough to at least start a list of fic recommendations, so–here goes~

(And please be sure to check out all the writers/blogs below, because they’re all amazing and talented, and have many more wonderful stories listed on their own master lists. I seriously respect them all so much 💕)

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[Fluff/Smut] Damn The Delivery Boy (Jungkook x Reader) | @deerguk

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[Kinda-smut] Stay With Me (Namjoon x Reader) | @chokemejimin

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[Smut] Teacher’s Pet (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

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(I’ll try and remember to update this list periodically~)

The OT3 as Conversations I've had with my Friends

Izuku: “You look really good in that!”
Katsuki: “Baby, I know.”

Shouto: “If I fall asleep in the car with YOU driving, that means I must trust you a lot.”
Izuku (talking about Katsuki): “Would you trust him that much?”
Shouto: “HELL no.”

Shouto: “I miss my bed already.”

Katsuki (in the car): “What the hell?! LEARN TO DRIVE IDIOT!!”

Izuku: “I’m looking up how to get abs in a week.”

Shouto: “My dad’s in one of his moods.”
Izuku: “What does that mean?”
Shouto: “It means I’m living at your house now.”

Katsuki (trying to email something with shitty wifi): “FUCKING—WHAT—SEND YOU FUCKING PIECE OF—FUCK!”

Izuku: “I think I broke my toes.”
Shouto: “How’d you do that?”
Izuku: “I turned around and walked into the wall.”

some lowkey domestic-ish headcanons

- by the end of the war, all of the house elves in malfoy manor have been driven out (or freed), and so draco spends the summer before his eighth year teaching himself to cook. in between trials and testimonies and public appearances, with his father increasingly lost in the east wing and his mother stripping the booby trap spells around the property, her gaze steely. in between it all: draco in the kitchen, radio on, swiping his hair out of his eyes with his forearm, glaring at a cookbook and cracking eggs into a mug.

- everyone sleeps more in eighth year, like they’re all catching up on rest after a year of panic and fear, but the strangest addition to the castle is draco sleeping in public places: on windowsills, in the library during a free period, dozing on the breakfast table. always gentle, like he’s slipped off to sleep without thinking about, always strangely soft, so that harry’s steps slow as he passes without even thinking about, looking at draco’s mouth, lips parted and pink

- draco wandering around in sweatpants and drinking from a bottle of red wine

- harry staring

- midnight trips to the offie around the corner from grimmauld place, harry blinking and yawning in fluorescent lights and buying milk, crisps, papers, draco shuffling next to him all sleepy-eyed

- harry and draco have tea for breakfast every morning. harry has it with three sugars and draco has it with none. both privately judge the other one for it.

- draco brings home flowers a couple of times, normally before they’re having a dinner party with lots of slytherins or when his mother is due to visit, arranges them in vases and puts them on tables without really thinking about it

- harry is completely taken aback by this, and then wildly, weirdly happy about it. he brings home flowers from train stations and public parks and secret wizarding gardens, huge bouquets wrapped in newspaper or clutched in both arms, and he hands them over to draco hopefully, watches with poorly concealed reverence as draco takes them and rolls his eyes, “yes, i suppose there’s room in the spare bedroom”

- draco never gets a weasley jumper, but he steals harry’s regularly, to the point where eventually mrs weasley starts knitting them in shades that suit draco’s colouring

- speaking of: “it’s funny that you complain about how ugly all my clothes are,” harry said loudly “mm,” draco said, winding harry’s scarf around his neck and reaching for the keys “you coming?”