what can i say except:

I am what I feel

Well what can I say about this, some important talks happen, one will just about to happen and there’s a lot of feelings, just Gastina and Lutteo this time. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Chapter 9  (Find the other chapters here)

Being away has never hurt so bad

Matteo sighs again and Gastón throws him a look. He has never seen his best friend so obviously upset about a girl and he is sure that in general he could count with the fingers of a hand the times he hasn’t been able to at least pretend he isn’t upset about something and all of those other times it had to do with his parents. Gastón takes a book off the table and stands up to leave it on the shelf, he has spent the whole week trying to find a way to cheer Matteo up or make Luna talk to him and at least explain what happened but the girl has disappeared off the face of earth and she has done such a great job at it that he hasn’t even seen Nina around.

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  • Bo Burnham: *Is hilarious/smart/creative/cute*
  • Me: *falls deeply in love with Bo Burnham*
  • Bo Burnham: girls who think they're in love with me are actually in love with the concept of me it's called parasocial interaction
  • Me: Oh yes thank you for that intelligent insight that totally helps me be less in love with you

You know what one of my most prominent thoughts is when I watch a Second Doctor serial?

“I wonder how meticulously they had to plan this scene so they wouldn’t get an up-kilt shot of Jamie?”

That and,

“I wonder if any outtakes exist where they got an up-kilt shot of Jamie?”

I love amnesia!Conan cause it’s like the prime opportunity for Shinichi to admit just how wrong he feels as Conan. 

“I’m seven? I don’t feel seven.”

“Man, I am not seven.

"Am I?”

That’s probably totally the reason why he looks so catatonic in the previews. This+no-smartness-filter is why this premise makes me smile.