what can i say

The larrie: New year expectations vs reality.

The larrie on nye: Finally they are on break, they will probably be out of managements hands, cut the bullshit, be free.

Harry: *solo rumors* *pr stunts on a yacht* *Hendall* *Haylor throwbacks* *fueled womanizer image*

The larrie:

Louis: *pr stunts* *has a ”girlfriend”* *drunk,partyboy image fuelled* *takes so called girlfriend to a skii trip into the FRENCH ALPS*

The larrie:

HC where Naruto is embarrassed but also totally smitten by Sasuke’s small but endearing gestures when he’s least expecting them like a hand at the small of his back when he walks past him and they’re about to go somewhere together or a kiss at the side of his forehead when Naruto is talking about how worried he is about a recent mission report or how Sasuke goes into explicit details of what he’d like them to do later at night in his ear when they’re around people.