what can i do to see you all smile

Having a bad day?

Just take a look at the Japanese emperor caterpillar! they’re sure to cheer you up! they’re happy to see anyone!

These guys really love to peek, and their cute horns make it all the more better!

Soon. they actually just mean that hugs are coming to you soon, there’s nothing to worry about~

They’re also very silly. 

What do you mean I can’t listen to leaf?

They’re also very little but still love meeting new friends!

Look at this tiny one, stepping into the world to start peeking!

Tiny peekers in training! they’re doing well.

Need I mention cat ears?

When you’re feeling sad, just think about these emperor caterpillars. they’d probably love to peek and see a pretty human with a smile on it’s face. 

I’m sorry if I seem different sometimes… if there are times it feels like I’m not the same person any more – but the truth is I’m not.
Living with pain changes you. It’s exhausting… Every morning I wake up and I go to war… with my body, with my mind, with the world around me. Every day is a struggle to keep my life as close to normal as possible whilst fighting negativity and despair. I try my best to stay positive, if not for myself then for the people around me but it’s difficult to smile sometimes when all I really want to do is cry.
I’m not asking for your help – but what I do need is your continuing love and support. So please understand that those times when I may not seem like myself it’s because I’m smiling on the outside when there is a whole world of pain going on inside you can’t see or understand…. So just stand by me – because knowing you’re there no matter what makes everything that little bit easier to bear and makes all the difference in the world.
—  Ranata Suzuki | Living With Pain
Wonho Smile Appreciation

(credit goes to the people who own these gifs and pictures)

can we all just take a hot second to appreciate Wonho’s smile. okok.

it is literally my favourite thing about him

like, damn boiii you shine so damn bright

it’s quite spectacular, isn’t it?

just look at him. are you seeing this?!!?

i’m honestly suing because he should be illegal.

god, i feel blessed.

what did this cruel world do to deserve such a thing…

so cute but sexy at the same time T-T

alright i’m out. i’m done. i’m deceased.

i’m certain this boy enjoys watching us suffer so..

adios amigos.

if you have any requests for other appreciation posts or you have ideas for fanfics/smuts, then my requests are open <3

random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know

[SUMMARY: Negan doesn’t allow his wife to work in the sanctuary on Valentine’s Day. Although she still tries to so that she can gain respect, Negan leaves the men with a warning so he could have her all to himself.]

Smut/Semi Fluff

Negan and Ebony.

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I watched the Caryl bit at the Paleyfest for myself, because that’s the only way to know what’s really going on.

Interviewer: One of the high-points of this season was your reunion with Daryl. [the audience cheers] What is it about you and Norman that clicks with [the viewers]? Why do you think that people really see them…? [more cheering from the audience]
Melissa: You know what, I have no idea! [the audience laughs] I have no idea! Norman and I have a good time together, too, and— [The audience cheers]
Someone shouts: Yeah, you do!
Melissa: *smiling, rolls her eyes and head all cutesy before making a mock serious face* Stop.it. [The audience cheers some more]
Melissa: Can I just say - [turns to Sonequa] - I’ve never sat this close to you before. You’re stunning!
Sonequa: *punches the air, looking highly pleased, then kisses Melissa’s hand*
Melissa: [turns back to the interviewer] I’m sorry.
Interviewer: Anyway…
[The audience laughs]
Melissa: Yeah.

- Source (Waiting for a better and complete version of the panel)

exo reaction : their gf has a cute side/half smile

minseok : he l o v e s it every time you do it he forgets what he’s saying and just stares at you lovingly 

“and then Jongdae ran awa- oh wow, what was i saying”

luhan: it’s one of his favourite traits about you and would do something dumb on purpose just to see you smile like that.

“Aww baobei flash me your million dollar smile!”

kris: he could be in the worse mood ever but all you’d have to do is give him a lil grin and then he’s shitting rainbows out his ass 

junmyeon: Your smile is his literal lifeline, he’ll cuddle close to him every single time you crack a grin

yixing: he physically can’t like he can’t handle how it makes you even more gorgeous than normal

“Why do you hurt me this way baobei whY!”

baekhyun: Like Minseok you could just be doing something normal like scrolling through your phone and you’ll smile a lil and he will just stare at you, basking in your loveliness without saying a word

jongdae: you know it’s his weak spot and will use it every single time you’re in his bad books and he’ll just look away knowing what you’re doing but he’s caving in 

“You can’t do that when i’m mad at you, stop being cute”

chanyeol: you had accidentally made Baekhyun mad and now Chanyeol was conflicted on whose side to take, his lover or his best friend? But like Jongdae, his weak spot is your smile and once you give him a full blown smile, it’s game over for Baek

“Do I take my best friends and risk making y/n mad or vice versa? Oh no she’s smiling oh no- Sorry Baek”

kyungsoo: Your cute little side smile keeps him up at nights, tossing and turning, his head filled with it

“Is she still smiling that cute smile of hers, is somebody making her not smile, is she doing okay is she safe is-”

zitao: It has such an effect on him and you wouldn’t even know, like he would think you’re doing it on purpose

“y/n you better stop i know you’re doing that smiling thing on purpose, don’t act innocent”

jongin: be warned once you show him your cute side he will constantly bug you to do “the thing” and his grin will get 100x bigger

“The thing! Do it one more time please baby!”

sehun: Won’t admit it but he finds it so adorable and will literally melt in your hands when you do it

“Hm you may be cute but not as cute as me~”



“Well doesn’t this look cosy.” Stefan hummed as he sat down and smirked at your boyfriend as his jaw tensed.


“What do you want Stefan?” You sighed and set down your glass.


“I overheard you saying you were going out on a date with a Gentleman, naturally when all I saw was this guy I figured you’d be disappointed, and someone like you deserves a Gentleman so here I am.” He fixed your boyfriend with a sarcastic smile and chuckled as he got up.


“Leave me alone, oh and by the way, seeing as you’re a Gentleman you can pay for the meal.” You snapped and hurried after your boyfriend.

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Caffeine Challenge #6

Whoo, good job everyone! That was a fun challenge :) You can read all past challenges and today’s HERE on this doc! It also has other’s who participated.

Here’s also mine below!

[END TIME lol I actually finished a contained short story for once!]

You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things. The demon in front of you doesn’t see anything amiss, doesn’t question your choice of writing implements, doesn’t do anything but what she’s been doing for the past hour; smiling.

“There we go,” she coos and pets your hair like a mother would. “Easy, easy and so much time life, darling. You made a good deal.”

“…Thanks,” you say, trying not to lean into her touch. It’s been weeks since anyone but a nurse has touched you, even longer since anyone has touched you with something approaching the amount of affection this demon is showing you.

It’s a lie, you think, staring down at your hands. They’re thin and brushed with purple and blue, your skin nearly translucent under the weight of your medications. Your fingers knot in your flimsy hospital gown.

“Take care, kid,” the demon says and brings the contract to her lips. She kisses the crackling paper and smiles wickedly at you. “I’ll be seeing you soon enough.”

She disappears in smoke and fire, a vortex of light and sound in the sterile hospital room that sends all the machines hooked up to you shrieking. She takes with her the sense of peace she’d brought, probably something artificial too.

You sigh and begin to pull the IVs and patches from your body.

“Stop!” Nurse Blanchett rushes into your room, eyes wide. She’s wearing pastel pink scrubs today, the brightest color in the hospital. She grabs your wrist as you go for the heart monitor, pinning it to your side. “Lavina, you can’t pull the–”

She breaks off as, slowly, you lift your arms, forcing hers up. You’re strong, so much stronger than her, and she loses the concern in her eyes to fear.

“I’m checking out,” you say and she lets go, stepping back from you. You swing your legs over the side of the bed, your bare feet still thin, still sickly, but filled with so much strength that your knees don’t buckle when you stand. “Goodbye, Nurse Blanchett.”

You don’t have any normal clothes at the hospital, but that’s fine. You need to go shopping before your final destination anyway.

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We’re Scotsmen. We’re brave, and we’re strong, and we have God on our side, so why should we waste time with all this shite? Aye. I was like-minded. Then I went to France, and I became a soldier. I saw what a modern, well-trained army can do. Oh, it’s a pretty sight at first… Seeing them all marching together in their neat rows and columns, music playing, banners waving… So pretty, you want to smile. I laughed, too, the first time. Then they fired the first volley. First, you see the flash of metal in the sun. Together, as one, an entire line of men raise their muskets, aim, and let loose. The musket balls come tearing across the field like a sheet of metal rain, cutting down men left and right without mercy. Sound of gunfire… Rolling thunder across the hills. By the time the last of it fades, the second volley is already on its way. I realized it takes more than courage to beat an army like that. It takes discipline. It takes a well-trained soldier… an army of soldiers. Now, if we have the discipline to stand together, to march together, and to fight together, then by God, I ken we will win together.

Jamie Fraser, Outlander, season 2, Je Suis Prest


Damon x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One

Warnings: hints of smut

“Are we done being dramatic and having fake dates with werewolves?” Damon snapped and you smiled, dropping who ever you’d been feeding off and turned to face him.

“I’m just having fun, without you.” You huffed and Damon rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I can see, I imagine you’re going to feel rather hung over what with all the frat boy’s you’ve drunk.” He pointed at the half-conscious boys and the slight sway of your body and flush of your cheeks.


“Well you’re not going to stop me from having my fun.” You huffed and he groaned.

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As a sort of goodbye to Sam and Hatchworth: here are some of my favorite photos I took of him over the years, one from every show I went to.

These are from, in order:

  • Youmacon ‘12 (November 2, 2012)
  • Youmacon ‘13 (November 1, 2013)
  • Midwest Media Expo ‘14 (April 25, 2014)
  • Youmacon ‘14 (October 31, 2014)
  • Midwest Media Expo ‘15 (April 10, 2015)
  • Youmacon ‘15 (October 31, 2015)
  • Youmacon ‘16 (November 4, 2016)

Sam, thank you for all the music, the smiles, the jokes and laughs, and for one of the most uniquely lovable characters I’ve seen in recent years. Steam Powered Giraffe won’t be the same without you and I’m sad to see you go, but I’m excited for you and all you have planned for the future.

Wishing you the best of luck, I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Not So Bad After All

Originally posted by westallengifs

“Central City is so far away though.” Kara complained while she helped you load some things in the moving truck.

“You can probably get there in no time if you ever feel like seeing me.” You said smiling at her.

“What am I going to do without you though?” She asked furrowing her eyebrows together.

“That’s a good question.” You laughed and continued, “What will Supergirl do without me? I don’t know, maybe, fly? Save people? Do what she’s always done and is quite good at if I may add? Kara on the other hand, she’ll will be sad for a while, and bored the rest of the time, but she’ll live. She has friends that love her and support her.” You said pulling her in for a hug.

“You are one of my best friends, I don’t think I’ll survive without you around.” She whispered and wiped a few tears that had begun to fall.

“Yes you will. I promise I’ll be back here whenever I can. I’ll call and write.” You said wiping a few tears from your face.

“Okay.” She smiled at you and gave you one last hug before watching you climb in the truck that almost immediately drove away.

“I’ll call you when I get there!” You yelled confident she heard you do to a certain ability she had that allowed her to pick up even the quietest sound.

The ride was long and exhausting, at least for you it was. You wanted to cry do to the life you were leaving behind, but that was no good, now it was time to meet new people and try new things.

After you arrived at your new apartment you decided you would drive around to find a good coffee place and maybe stop by your new job at S.T.A.R Labs just to see what awaited you.

Jitters was just the place for coffee and Big Belly Burger was amazing too. Overall, Central City was beautiful and so far, quiet.

S.T.A.R Labs was pretty darn big, you got out of your car and walked around the building. You weren’t looking where you were going and ended up bumping into someone.  

“I’m so sorry, I was distracted and didn’t see you there.” You began apologizing.

“No, it’s okay. Don’t worry, I was also distracted so I’m so sorry.” The tall guy with mesmerizing green eyes and dashing smile stood there in front of you. You both laughed after the little quiet moment and he extended his hand out to you. “I’m Barry Allen, I work here. Sometimes.”

“Y/N Y/L/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You shook his hand smiled.

“Do you know someone who works here?” He asked pointing at the building.

“I’m starting here Monday.” You said and he nodded in understanding.

“Oh okay. Well, I gotta run. See you Monday Y/N!” He walked away and the next second he was gone.

“See you Monday.” You were left wondering what he had done to be out of sight so quickly.  

You grabbed your phone from your purse and dialed Kara’s number.

“Hello?” Came her voice from the other side.

“Kara I just met the MOST AMAZING guy ever!” You said a little louder than necessary followed by a giggle from both of you.

Guys sorry i haven’t been uploading anything. Thank you for being so wonderful.


Happy birthday, Doug Walker :D Thank you for being amazing and inspiring me and keeping me smiling every week. Your silly videos are more than just silly videos to many of us. They brighten my days and make me laugh when not much else can and you’ve given us yet another year of funny moments and I can’t wait to see what you show us next. We appreciate all you do and we’re sending all our love to you.

Hold You

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader is muggleborn and best friends with the marauders and she’s dating a muggle and they break up so the marauders comfort her and secretly sirius has been in love with her the whole time? and can it be really fluffy? this is so long omg i’m sorry😅

Originally posted by petraalexandra

Sirius watches over his goblet as Y/N reads the latest letter from home. Clearing his throat, he catches her attention.

“How’s Matthew doing?” he inquires with what he hopes is a pleasant grin. Y/N gives him a radiant smile in return, making his heart skip in his chest.

“He’s great! I’m so excited to see him when I go back home.”

Remus leans across the table. “Have you told him about all this yet?” Y/N’s smile falters as she slowly shakes her head, and the mood at the table darkens slightly.

Then James reaches across the table and ruffles her hair, making the group of friends laugh. “Don’t worry. Now hand over some treacle tart.”

Y/N stumbles into the common room the next day, her hair a rumpled mess and her eyes bloodshot and puffy. Sirius glances up and, taking in her drooping form in a split second, jumps out of his seat and runs over to her.

He takes her by the shoulders, expecting her to raise her eyes and tell him everything is okay, but instead she curls up against him and starts sobbing softly against his chest.

Sirius stares down at the top of her head incredulously and soothingly rubs large circles on her back. “Love, w-what’s wrong?”

Y/N pauses and sniffles just long enough to say, “He broke up with me,” before breaking out into a fresh fit of crying. Sirius hears a cough and looks around to see James, Remus, and Peter surrounding their entwined forms with sympathetic expressions. Remus jerks his head towards the dormitory and, along with the other Maruaders, leaves to give Sirius and Y/N some privacy.

“Let’s get you upstairs, yeah?” Sirius says, eager to get away from the few straggling prying eyes in the room. He whips out his wand and enchants the girls’ dormitories staircase before helping Y/N up and into her room. Pleased to see that her room is empty, he walks Y/N over to her bed and slowly sits her down, then takes a seat next to her.

“Hey – hey, Y/N, look at me,” he coos and cups her cheek in his hand. “Did you tell him about being a wizard? Is that why?” Y/N shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut. “What then? Love, you can talk to me.”

She surprises him by looking him straight in the eyes, her own still welling with tears, and asking, “Is there something wrong with me?”

Sirius’ eyes widen and he quickly shakes his head fervently. “No! Y/N, you’re perfect, love, don’t ever think that about yourself. Did he make you feel that way?” Rage fills him as he envisions what that vile boy could have done. He imagines scenarios in which he could make Matthew pay for his actions, and –

Y/N gently lays a hand on Sirius’ arms, jerking him back to reality. “He didn’t do anything, Sirius. It’s just – sometimes I wonder, you know? Matthew has been the only boy to ever think of me that way, and he doesn’t anymore, and –”

Sirius quickly wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. “Y/N, Matthew isn’t the only one who thinks of you that way,” he says softly, voice muffled by her hair as he presses his mouth to the top of her head.

Y/N makes to jerk back and look at Sirius’ face, but he stops her. “Just wanna hold you like this. Please?”

As Y/N’s tears dry on her face, she smiles into Sirius’ chest and nods.


Requested by @stilesxxstilinskii

“No! I’m tired of doing what you say.“

“Stiles are you… hey!” You yelped when he slammed his bedroom door and scrambled around before opening the door with a wide grin.

He pulled you in and glanced at his wardrobe which was clearly hiding a big pile of books “Hey (Y/N).”

“You want to hand out or are you busy again?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Yeah I could do with a break.” When you tried to see, what was slowly falling out of the cupboard he jumped off his bed and slammed his hand on the door.

“You know if you’re studying I could help?” You offered and he slid his arms around your waist.

“It’s just extra research and besides, we’re taking a break.” He smiled and stroked your cheek.

“Is this to do with the thing with all of our friends that I can’t know about?” You asked and he sighed.

“Just… will you stop asking about it I’m trying to keep you safe!” He sighed and stepped away from you. sitting at the foot of his bed.

“No! I’m tired of doing what you say.” You shook your head and jabbed a finger in his direction. “I’m sick of all the secrets you guys have from me so… tell me or… or I’ll… I won’t talk to you again.”

His head snapped up and he slowly looked you over to see if you were joking. “(Y/N) I can’t do that.” He sighed reluctantly and he saw the flicker of hurt in your eyes. “I love you I’m just trying to keep you safe, don’t go…”

Omg solangelo 93 please!!! Xx

Sorry this is later than the others. I had school again today and I accidentally deleted it so I had to start over. Hope you like it! xx

‘I like it when you smile.’

‘What?’, Nico asks, a soft laugh escaping his lips. They’re lying under the covers of the bed in the Hades cabin, waiting for the night to fully settle over them. Through the half drawn curtains, they can see the dusty pink of the sunset. Nico’s head is resting on Will’s chest.

‘I like it when you smile.’, Will repeats himself.

‘I smile all the time, Solace.’

‘Yeah, but I like it when you smile a real smile.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Just… most of the time when you smile, it feels kind of forced you know. But I love your real smile. Your eyes light up and your whole face relaxes. I don’t know, it makes me happy.’

Muttering against Will’s chest, Nico lets out a muffled: ‘Sap’, but there’s a pleasant shade of pink tinting his cheekbones. 

After that they don’t say anything for a while. just relishing the fact that they’re together and in love and that nothing can come between them and this peace. Nico’s hair feels velvety through Will’s fingers. He’s calm inside. Moments like these are what stars are made of.

Then Nico breaks the quiet by bluntly saying: ‘Your smile is like the sun.’

Will lets out a delighted laugh that echoes through the silent cabin and Nico has mortification written all over his face. ‘Gods, forget I said that. This moment never happened.’

‘I don’t think so, Sunshine. Or do you want to start calling me that from now on?’

‘Shut up!’, Nico exclaims from behind the fingers covering his face. His cheeks are flaring bright red.

‘Am I the light of your life? Do I warm your heart?’, Will teases

‘I swear, I will kick you out of this cabin if you don’t stop talking immediately, Solace. And considering you’re not wearing a shirt and it gets a little cold after dark, I don’t think you’d like that very much.’

But despite his sharp words, Will recognizes the amusement in Nico’s eyes. 

After a while, many insults and I hate yous later, Will shuts up. He can’t stop his mouth for twitching into a smile, though. ‘I like it when you say things like that.’

Nico huffs. ‘Yeah, well, don’t expect much more of this. I’m supposed to be scary. I’m the ghost king.’ 

‘Sure you are.’ Will pulls a reluctant Nico closer and kisses the top of his head. ‘You’re also adorable and a hopeless romantic deep down.’

Will can barely make out the grunts Nico lets out against him, although he’s sure it’s nothing positive, but Nico buries his head into Will’s chest anyway. He lets out a yawn.

‘Go to sleep, Death Boy.’

This is so fucking sappy omg

I wasn’t planning on continuing this after yesterday, but I guess you can still send me prompts from this list and I’ll write you a short drabble.

You can also still send me normal requests for longer fics, if you want :)

BTS reaction to you being smarter than them

ANON: bts reaction to you being smarter than them

Jin: “you may be smarter than me but I can cook better.”

Namjoon: “you can say your smarter than me but I guess we’ll find out.” *thinks of an equation to for you to solve*

Yoongi: “yeah yeah, does it really matter?”

Hoseok: “ you might be smart but you can’t dance like me,”

Jimin: “ if your smarter than me can you do this?!” *does random things to see if you can remember what he did*

Taehyung: “what do you mean smarter?” *is all confused*

Jungkook: “ y/n we all now I’m a little smarter.” *smiles so you won’t fell bad*


pairing: lin x reader

warnings: they’re so in love it’s annoying + some cursing

words: 1402

summary: lin and reader have been crushing on each other for a long time but they’re both oblivious. renee, pippa and jasmine get tired of this and decide to set them up.

notes: it’s five am and i’m kind of a mess, i’m sorry if this is also a mess.

send me requests!! | part 1 and part 3


After meeting the cast, you guys started hanging out more frequently. You soon became really good friends with all of them, but you were closer with Pippa, Renee and Jasmine. You were convinced the three were sisters in real life. At the moment, you were sitting with them while they were on a break from rehearsals.

“So,” Pippa started, looking at you with a smile, “What can you tell me about Lin?”

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things I noticed after watching r1 a second time yesterday:

  • Cassian looks obviously shaken after he kills his informer on Kafrene. He swallows, and you can see him mentally and emotionally attempting to detach from what he’s just done. 
  • As their ship approaches Jedha, Cassian tells Jyn that what they do there will get them closer to her father. For the first time, we see the hint of a smile on her face as she looks down on the desert planet. She is beginning to allow herself to hope.
  • On Jedha, when Saw’s rebels capture them, Jyn refers to them all as “my friends.” All it took for Jyn to begin seeing Cassian this way was his trust in her, as well as the way they both had each other’s back in combat in the recent firefight (she actually saved him too, throwing herself on top of him and getting him out of range of an explosion). It is clear that she’s an emotionally walled-off person, but she’s starved for emotional connection as well, and she’s clung to this first bit of interpersonal interdependence like a lifeline. She even ran out in front of K2 to protect him from Baze, even though she expressed nothing more than annoyance towards him up to this point - but he’d just recently done his best to protect her and Cassian, and because of the person she is, she saw fit to return the favor. It is behavior like this that later influences K2 to call her “a surprising person,” very much an outlier in defiance of his statistical calculations.
  • As Saw’s hideout is being destroyed by the Death Star test, she touches his arm and says “Come with us.” Knowing that his death is near, he declines, but I imagine this meant a great deal to him. Their reconciliation is sadly brief (I wish we’d gotten to see more of him as is hinted at in the trailers!) but meaningful, and he tells her “Save the rebellion, save the dream.” She does not forget his words (and in fact later quotes his battle strategies to the Rogue One crew during the descent to Scarif), and those of her father (that the Death Star “must be destroyed”) and Cassian (”Rebellions are built on hope”) all inform and motivate her ultimate decision to let go of self-preservation and devote herself to the cause. Self-preservation, of course, was her greatest defence mechanism - having lost her parents and then been abandoned by Saw because of her connections to the Empire potentially being used against him and endangering her, she knew that no matter where she went the past would dog her steps so naturally she disconnected from everything and learned to depend on nothing and no one but herself. But as I mentioned under the last bullet point, it takes surprisingly little for her to open herself up and invest in others, because she has a deep need for that emotional connection and a compassionate heart that has her throwing herself into harm’s way to protect perfect strangers (the child in the streets of Jedha, for example). Jyn knows what it is to be lonely and without protection and it is her empathetic desire that no one suffer similarly - as she and Cassian both did as children - that drives her decision to sacrifice all. 
  • No one thought killing Galen, especially via deceiving Jyn, was a good thing - but they all stayed out of it when Cassian asked if they had anything else to say. It wasn’t just Jyn who thought it was the wrong choice. Bodhi, Chirrut, and Baze all give him looks of disapproval in the wake of what happened on Eadu - so it’s strange that people make it seem as though Jyn is the only one upset about it. Regardless, there was really no right or wrong answer in that situation, which is why the two of them reconcile through deeds rather than words.
  • When Jyn sees Cassian fall, the horror in her face is evident, but she pushes it back so she can keep climbing. It’s painful to watch, but she is determined.
  • “I knew they would never believe you but I do,” Cassian tells Jyn after her speech before the Alliance, which reveals how she’s fully devoted herself to the cause now, and not just because of her father. It’s Jyn, not Cassian, who makes the speech before the rebels because Cassian knows they can’t convince the Alliance, but knowing that Jyn is throwing her weight behind this, knowing the strength of her hope, he believes it’s worth a gamble and therefore assembles a team to support their mission together. 
  • As Rogue One descends to Scarif and Bodhi is in the process of convincing the Imperial base to allow them to land, there’s that beautiful shot of Jyn thinking of her mother and the Force as she handles the kyber crystal her mother gave her so long ago. When they are allowed to land, she and Bodhi celebrate and Cassian comes up into the cockpit to congratulate Bodhi on his accomplishment. As she walks past him, they brush past each other and there’s a noticeable pause where they merely gaze at each other with something like adoration - they easily could have kissed at that moment, among many others.