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Jade’s manga was published in typical western format and IT WAS A FREAKING SHOUGO MANGA. 

I don’t know how this continues to keep getting better but it does. 

I’m surprised that Outo had a version of this at all. Like. How did that even happen. Is it also published in Edonis? Do they just include the digital version of it as an in-game object that you can buy and read so that you can keep up with your favourite manga WHILE playing the Outo game? 


Do people in Yama have bookcases full of scroll versions of manga collections? Is that how this is going to work? 

This is simultaneously the most amazing and the most baffling thing CLAMP has ever done. 



CLAMP don’t even care. Oh, the manga was published concurrently on the same world in the exact same order 1000 years apart? SURE. SEEMS LEGIT. 


this might be cliché bc i sort of based this PLOT idea off of gossip girl, the bling ring, and the song ‘children of the bad revolution’ by lana del rey; but i want a bunch “bad” rich kids who run in a their tight-knit pack and all come from wealthy families, but their families all came into their money different ways and all handle it very differently. like one family married into their wealth, while others have been rich their whole lives, where one has to work for it, but they all are still very loyal to everyone in their little group but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hella angst !! because they party all the time and all of their relationships are probably blurring at the edges because who is really just friends ?? and who are really lovers on the low ?? i need them taking selfies and updating their instagram feeds and then maybe doing designer drugs and linking arms and strutting down the streets of nyc probably in their nicest outfits !! and fights over stupid stuff that isn’t going to matter in three days and coming out on the other side a little bit more fucked up than you started but hey, that’s life !! and as long as they feel free at the end of the day and still have their trust funds, what else is there to complain about ?? e v e r y t h i n g, it turns out. bonus points if it’s a multi-muse group bc i want sibling ships/romantic ships/frenemies !!

I shouldn’t do this because I’m terrible at all forms of roleplaying and as a rule I tend to only want to do ships that I’ve written out like this in actual groups, but…………….here’s a list of m/f ships I’ve been working on for a while that I rly wanna do and if u wanna do one (or more) with me please please please im me, I will be absolutely ecstatic~~~~~

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps



okay, but gimme a thing where we create our own town (or something smaller, like an apartment complex or a school) and fill it with our own muses, and all of the characters are connected in some way (ex: the expectant parents have a connection with the doctor, who has a connection with the lawyer, who has a connection with the college professor, and etc.) so it’s not just one plot here and another plot there and so on. and if you wanted to, we could also have mini events and plot drops, like parades and block parties and maybe bigger stuff like power outages and bad weather that requires everyone to stay at storm shelters like on television. and we could do the accounts like multi-muse indie blogs, so we can have all of our muses on one page instead of having to worry about side blogs and whatnot. enough rambling though. just give me this !

mm ok, two best friends who have known each other for ~insert whatever time frame here~ and one of them, muse a is comfortable in their sexuality, like def knows they’re bi/gay/whatever. obviously muse b knows this and supports it because best friends and all, but then b starts feeling differently like ‘oh, maybe /i/ could be attracted to the same gender too, hm this is new’ and tells a about it. a is supportive of their friend and wants to help them so like idk takes them out to get drunk and hook up w someone or something like that, who knows, anyways it doesn’t end up working and a is sad for b because they couldn’t help them but then b in a drunken (or perhaps not) state is like “well, you could kiss me” and a is just like………. “if that’s what you want” and just, eshdfjgdsfla. go wherever from there but just, angst of b trying to figure out who they are and a realising ‘oh shit, i think i might be falling in love with my best friend now what’ and ahah dshfbszd i need it bye.


rugurghrguhru heres my new……video…… animation thingy….. 

give me a plot where muse a is a spitfire of a girl with a fiery temper and a winner’s mentality, who comes from a working class family and muse b is an obnoxious, arrogant upper class boy with a world of expectations upon his shoulders. both have been in fierce competition since they first met, both determined to be the top of the class, and both having to work together on the same co-ed sports team. final year of high school/college and muse a gets given the captaincy of the team, which muse b obviously despises but has to put up with for the sake of the team. over a break of sorts, muse a realises that muse b has strengths when it comes to the tactics/plays that they need to utilise in their games, so swallows her pride and asks for his help- they spend a lot of time together trying not to tear each others heads off (and realising the other isn’t so bad after all) before returning to school and returning to ignoring one another but for their snide comments in the classroom etc. cue them fighting and arguing during practices and everyone else on the team rolling their eyes and telling them to ‘get a room’ because lbr, the sexual tension is pretty much unbearable. the two of them are the only ones left on the pitch/field after one such practice, and they continue arguing heatedly until muse b surprises them both by kissing muse a in a way that’s too passionate to be a mistake. so ensues a period of avoidance and confusion and sexual tension that nobody knows what to do with.

long distance plot, but with a twist.

muse a and muse b met on an online support group for cancer/loss loved ones/etc. they began speaking privately, and eventually, they exchanged numbers. muse b, however, keeps a lot of details about herself private. muse a is curious and desperately wants to meet her, but muse b won’t allow it.

turns out, muse b has a very dangerous stalker and she fears that if muse a comes into the picture, he’ll die at the hands of her stalker.

not only have they never met, but they’ve agreed to not see pictures or videos of the other until they meet face to face. it’s been several months, and they’re both in love at this point, but their circumstances are just too severe.

it would be really fun to pick faceclaims and not tell the other until our characters actually meet bc idk it’s different??? like or message if interested