what big muscles you have

Ahaha Someone asked me for some tips on how I draw simple muscles. Unfortunately, my inbox glitched on me again and that message was no where to be seen. I apologize to that person who sent me it and, hopefully, I can make it up to you with this.

This is a short and simple tutorial.

I just use basic shapes that goes well together. Mainly, these two shapes, oblong and square, when I draw big characters.

The arm muscles are basically like big curves to me.

Apply this with a line of action and this is what you get.

Your muscles don’t necessarily have to be big. They could be slim, long, round and etc.  This could also work really well if you have the basic anatomy down, but don’t stress about it. Just simplify them as much as you can without stressing over perfect details.


Requested Imagine: Can I request one where the reader is an actor for the avengers movies and she had to go get her wisdom teeth taken out and the cast is left to take care of her loopy self? Anonymous

“Hi Thor!” you yell and giggle as the car pulls up to the sidewalk. You’re standing outside the dentist’s office. You are quite loopy, but only because you had to get your wisdom teeth out and apparently you had to be sedated for that. So you’re still a little affected by the drugs. You open the car door and stumble in nearly falling into Robert on the backseat.

“How are you feeling, sunshine?” Robert asks you with a grin already pulling out his phone. 

“Nooooo, no photos,” you say loudly and try to knock the phone out of his grip, but he doesn’t let go, so you almost start crying, because you can’t really control anything at the moment. 

“Fine, no photos,” Robert says and you immediately turn your frown upside down. You lean forward and reach out for Thor in the front seat. But you forget what you were about to say, when you feel his big arm muscles. 

“You have really big arms. I think they have the same size as my thigh. That’s like… You have thighs for arms, Thor.” And you start to giggle again not stopping before you’re at your apartment. Robert helps you inside while Thor finds a parking spot. Then he joins you in the apartment. 

“I can’t remember your name, so I’m just going to keep on calling you Thor,” you inform Thor. He just laughs and puts his arm around you. 

“My name is Chris,” he says and kisses the top of your head. 

“I like Thor better,” you say and poke his side making him laugh again. You run to the kitchen to find something to drink, but nothing seems interesting, so you abandon the mission and return to the living room where two new people are standing now; Scarlett and Evans. 

“I may or may not have invited the crew,” Robert says. You run to Evans and hug him. 

“Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favourite,” you whisper loudly and laugh. 

“And why’s that?” he asks with a smile keeping an arm around you to keep you steady. 

“Because you have a really perky butt,” you admit and pinch the perky butt. 

“How much did they give you, Y/N?” Mark asks as he enters the room with Jeremy. 

“We’re all together now, this is perfect. I have a proposal!” You clap your hands and stand on the sofa table to gain some height. 

“You all have to take turns giving me and Scarlett piggyback rides. And I’m the queen of this table, so you must do as I command.” And that’s the end of discussion. So the guys actually agree to give you and Scarlett piggyback rides. It’s the funniest afternoon you’ve had in a while. 


a little Steve blurb because Steve is under appreciated

“What the hell? Did you have a blade with ya?”

“No, Steve, I wasn’t carryin’ a blade. They’d probably kill me if I was.” You look down as your boyfriend scolded you ‘cause you’d gotten jumped. Like it was somehow your fault.

“Well you coulda least defended yourself with it, Y/N! I wasn’t there to fight for you!”

“Well it was no fair fight, Steve! There were four of them! What else could I do beside hope I didn’t end up dead?” You were still looking down, but Steve got closer to you and put his hand on your shoulder.

“They didn’t hurt ya too bad?”

“No, I’m ok. I just got sum scrapes. Think it was more of the shock of getting cornered by four guys.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for ya, Y/N.”

“It’s fine. It’s not like you an’ your noodle arms could do much,” you teased him lightly.

He flexed his biceps. “Do these look like noodles to ya?”

“Huh? Do they?” He pressed when you laughed instead of answering.

Steve picked you up and spun you. “You lucky I like you so much, Y/N.” He placed a kiss to your nose, making your cheeks heat up.

“Okay, okay. You can put me down now, Steve.”

“Not ‘till ya admit I ain’t got noddles for arms.”

“You have very big muscles, Steve.”

“And what else?”

“And I love you.”

“Now was that so hard,” he chucked as he set you down. You laughed and shook your head.

“You feelin’ better, Y/N?”

“Yeah, thanks Steve.”

just a small steve blurb because i’m bored and really love steve


:| ….I should have auditioned for the role of that block of wood.