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why do you think Jamie didn't marry Mary McNab when he came back from Ardsmuir? Could he have developed a real attachment there that could have complicated things emotionally when Claire got back? Unlike Loaghaire, Mary understood and respected what he had with Claire.

“Tell me,” I said. “How it was.”
Now he did look away, and I saw his throat move as he swallowed.
“It … was tender,” he said quietly, after a moment. “Sad.”
“Sad,” I echoed. “How?”
He didn’t look up but kept his eyes fixed on the flowers, following the movements of a big black bumblebee among the furled blooms.
“Both of us mourning things that were lost,” he said slowly, brows drawn down in thought. “She said she meant to keep ye alive for me, to let me … to let me imagine it was you, I suppose she meant.”
“Didn’t work quite that way?”
“No.” He looked up then, straight on, and his eyes went through me like a rapier through a scarecrow. “There couldna be anyone like you.”
It wasn’t said with an air of compliment, more one of flat finality—or, even, of resentment.


“There couldna be anyone like you.”

I think that statement says it all and explains why he never pursued a relationship by his own volition in those 20 years. After loving Claire, no one else could fill that void and he recognized it. Mary was a very submissive person not to mention a maid at Lallybroch. Her submissive nature is in stark contrast to Claire, who is far from submissive. Claire evokes a passion in him that no one else can and that passion is like a drug to him. She challenges him ethically, morally, intellectually and sexually. That’s what he likes. That’s what he needs. 18th c woman weren’t made like that. Perhaps he could have found some kind of solace with someone like Mary, but not the kind of love and passion that would have replaced Claire.

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Please give everyone lil head-cannons for what some of the TF's are like when they're jealous, such Transformers being TFP Ratchet, Bumblebee and MTMTE Rodders? Thank you!!!!

Jealous bois are my favourite bois, aaaaayyyy

TFP Ratchet

  • He will act like he doesn’t care. The only reaction you’d probably be able to pick up on would be him making a ‘harumph’ noise to voice any annoyance, or perhaps you’d notice that the way he’s standing seems more tense.
  • He also tries to act like he’s not really that phased by whatever is going on between you and whoever else, but you can probably tell he’s got some strong feelings about whatever is going down just by looking at him.
  • Key word in the last two points ‘act’. He actually really cares, like, a lot, and gets more grumpy than usual when he’s jealous, especially if someone is blatantly flirting with you or getting a little too close for his liking.
  • He will get 10x more grumpy if you flirt back with someone who decided to hit on you. He’s an old ‘bot who does what he can, don’t do this to him, please-
  • The only time he puts his pede down and steps in is if someone is flirting with you and he can sense or see that you’re incredibly creeped out and/or uncomfortable with the situation, then he’s your knight in shining white and orange armour, coming to your immediate rescue. Doesn’t mean he won’t act like a big grump while helping you out and mumbling his annoyances of course, but he will let you sit on his shoulder if your human so it’s worth his grumbling.
  • He honestly just looks grumpy for a while after the whole affair regardless of how whatever situation played out.

TFP Bumblebee

  • Poor Bee. It’s so obvious when he’s jealous. It’s literally written all over his faceplate, it’s in the way he moves, and how he holds himself. He looks so deflated when he’s jealous.
  • He’s torn between just walking up to you and silently begging for your attention or just sitting moping in the background, letting out loud vents to ‘voice’ how he feels.
  • If someone’s flirting with you and properly going for it, don’t think he won’t just straight up walk over to you and pick you up (human) or place a servo on your hip (cybertronian). He’ll keep up with doing his equivalent of pouting if you continue to show the other person more attention than him though.
  • If someone is being a creep and you want out of there, have no fear! Bee will gladly get you out of there in a sparkbeat and happily spend time with you.
  • If you flirt back however - and are basically trying to make Bee jealous - he won’t go over but will instead remain in the background and be pouty/sad for a good long while (if that happens, you better try make it up to him).

MTMTE Rodimus

  • Can this boy be anymore obvious when he’s jealous? (the answer is ‘no’ quite frankly.) He just sits there making loud exasperated sighs and groans, getting louder and louder if you try to ignore him.
  • Doesn’t matter what’s going down, he will be at your side near enough straight away, practically demanding (all) your attention.
  • Has next to no shame and will quite happily wrap himself around you and/or just be all over you if someone can’t get a hint that you’re with him. He just tries to make it as obvious as possible even if their not flirting, like Rodimus, chill-
  • If Rodimus senses even for a moment that someone is making you uncomfortable in anyway - if someone is getting all up in your personal bubble or hitting on you for example - he’s either gonna dramatically make an entrance a give you a nice long kiss, trying to make the other person uncomfortable so they’ll leave, or he’ll act real bored or calm about the whole situation and be absolutely savage to whoever this unwanted attention is before removing you from said situation.
  • He’ll be all over you no matter what happens. He just wants all your attention and loving ‘cause he’s a little (well big actually) attention hog. That is unless you flirt back just to spite Rodimus, then oh boy, does he think two can play at that game. Have fun with that.