what badassness can these guys not have to use to their advantage

The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2

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Bucky my dude, Avenger animals was awesome, but what about Sam?? Sure, he's a falcon but I bet you have other ideas...

i guess ill do the newbie avengers too. 

sam would be a dolphin. fast and effective in their environment of choice but pretty useless outside it, dolphins are also very smart (dont tell sam i called him smart) and absolutely lethal to threats to their own. they also care for their own sick and injured and will even help injured or distressed humans sometimes.  and they talk freaking constantly.

pietro would be a ferret. smart, mischievous, high energy, social, and as hard to catch as greased jello. fights dirty. loves to mess around. 

wanda would be a stoat. like a ferret, they too are very clever and mischievous, but are also extremely adaptable, able to use their brain to turn circumstances to their advantage. theyre one of the smallest carnivores around and they have attitude totally disproportionate to their tiny little bodies. dont mess with stoats guys. they feel no fear and they hold grudges. 

scott would be a raccoon. fun loving and social but also total troublemakers, always getting into places they shouldnt be. and stealing your stuff. and making messes. and then looking totally confused about how on earth all this got everywhere, i was just grabbing a snack, i swear. 

peter is a bluejay. like ravens, theyre smart and chatty, and are excellent mimics. despite their small size, theyre surprisingly fierce, but they prefer cunning to force. but dont think that makes them pushovers–bluejays are tiny colorful badasses, despite how fluffy they get when its cold out. 

tchalla is a cat. i tried to reach with this one and find something else, but he totally is, nothing for it. he’s a cat. dignified and graceful, good with people but definitely still a predator underneath. also im pretty sure that if tchalla ever did something embarrassing, hed just straighten himself out and pretend it never happened, exactly like cats do. 

rhodey would be a california condor. theyre pretty much the biggest bird in north american skies, with a wingspan of over nine feet. they have an intimidating reputation and can look pretty scary but underneath they are very loyal to their chosen families. they have very complex social systems and tend to be dedicated but tough-love parents, and are also very curious about the world around them. theyre big, badass, and enduring–one of the oldest species still aloft. nothings got staying power like a condor. or an air force guy flying around in a tank. 

“That Idiot” Part 2

“Welcome Home”
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre: Action, fluff
Words: 1888


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[A/N: Here it is… what ya’ll have been waiting for! LOL I hope you like it, peeps! - Mod Max]

           Love is painful. You found that out when you were young. It’s a given that your life would be tough, growing up in the underground and all, but your family seems pretty special. Well, that is if you could consider it a family.

           That’s why … it took a while for you to reciprocate Levi’s feelings. Though, you can honestly say you really weren’t able to do much. It’s just that, you can’t help but feel as if you don’t deserve him. He’s too good for you, and getting comfortable with him is taking advantage of him. He doesn’t deserve that.

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Alphabet Boy

Tw: swearing.
Genre: literally fluff, smut, and angst with a happy ending.
Words: 3,146
Summary: Phil always pesters dan with the alphabet. Sneering at him in hallways and such. All because In 1st grade he was so nervous he said “A,C,B” but what happens when dan finally loses it and shows dan he’s big now? Riding, teeny tiny bit of overstimulation, Daddy kink and rough smut. Pastel! Dan and punk! Phil
By the way I suck at grammar and such as you can tell so I’m so sorry about this all and hopefully I’ll get better

Dan hated school. He absolutely despised it. He saw no reason to want to go somewhere super early only to learn stuff you’ll never use in your life again. So he couldn’t help the glare that he wore as he walked through the crowded halls. He couldn’t help it, people just got on his nerves. They were loud or picking on someone or some people just didn’t know when someone needed to be left alone. Sighing he stuffed his hands in his white jeans. Dan was definitely what people call an aesthetically pleasing person. He wore a soft pastel pink oversized jumper today, white jeans, some pastel lavender converse, and of course his favorite lavender and pink flowered flower crown. Dan never cared what people thought of his outfits. It’s his taste and he doesn’t force others to like it so he’s glad No one has tried to force him not to like it. You see, he didn’t hate people because of his outfits or sexuality, no, this school doesn’t judge. Everyone accepted him and he had friends, he just knew they respected his wishes to be alone. He hated school because of one person, one person who made his life hell. Phil Lester. Badass punk who somehow managed to beat dans grades by miles. He didn’t even study! How was that fair? But still he ruined his life. You see in first grade he was asked to stand and list the alphabet, not that hard right? But you see dan was a horrifyingly shy kid. Still shy, even at 17 years old, but when everyone’s watching you and you’re shy you speak quickly And of course the dreaded mistake happened.


Groaning internally he stood shaking slightly. Everyone was watching him, everyone knew him, if he messed up they would never let him live it down. He hated the attention being on him, it made everything so awkward. Some say it was anxiety and some say he was too young and simply shy. Either way Dan Howell was about ready to jump out the window. Deciding he could either embarrass himself or let the teacher embarrass him which also involved getting his mom involved for disrespecting his teacher, he said it once in his head then bolted out “The alphabet, a c b” He quickly glanced around close to tears as everyone snickered. Of course they weren’t being mean. Simply being immature like kids their age were. Dan didn’t know it just that moment, but a boy in the back of the class snickering to himself was about to change his life in a bad way. For now.

:flashback over:

Of course people forgot. They moved on in only a week. Soon the biggest discussion was Annie broke her leg and used crutches and everyone got to draw on her cast, but that didn’t stop Phil from mentioning it. Didn’t stop him from making him cry nightly, and certainly didn’t stop him from reminding the whole School that he was stupid. ‘Speaking of’ he thought dryly as he watched the boy walk over. Phil Lester was beautiful. He couldn’t deny that, he had pale skin that dan swears sometimes he can see through him, his body was slim and tall standing at 2 inches above dan which royally pissed him off, his hair sat perfectly on top of his head never having to worry about it curling, and his eyes were enough to make anyone swoon. Still an asshole though. “Hey alphabet fuck up!” Phil said smirking at the Pastel boy with the same glint in his eye he got every time he saw dan, probably hate. “What do you want alphabet boy.” He asked glaring at the raven haired boy before him, more than likely here to fuck with him, and not in a kinky way. You see, those weren’t cute nicknames that made his heart melt, it was a reminder that no matter what Phil was better than him. Phil usually switched around the nickname but dan continued to call Phil alphabet boy. It was an insult in his mind, probably not in Lesters. “What’s the second letter of the alphabet?” Phil asked laughing darkly. Of course he was here to make fun of him. “Hmm I hope it’s F for fuck you.” Dan said smirking. Phil glared at that and stepped forward pinning the pastel boy against the lockers. He tried really hard not to think about how Phils body fit perfect on his own. “Don’t make me punish you Howell. That mouths messed up before but I’m sure we could find better use of it.” He whispered darkly grinding his hips ever so lightly to make it seem as though an accident. Dan of course let out a pathetic whimper blushing at the sound Phil could rip out of him at the smallest touch. He hated Phil. He did, But come on, hot guy pinning you against a locker and whispering dirty sentences in your ear? Fuck yeah he was gonna take advantage of it. He felt the hot breathe of the other on his neck and oh god, his neck was his most sensitive body part, he didn’t know why but it was. Phil laughed again before backing up, shaking his head and saying “pathetic.” Before walking away surely heading to smoke with his friends. And God fucking dammit did Dan Howell hate Phil fucking Lester.

Sighing he headed towards his English class a few minutes later. You see dan wasn’t stupid, he knew what to do, how to do it, and exactly why. He just didn’t care. Nobody took him seriously with English anymore so why bother. He saw no point in trying to impress the others. So he sat down at the back and pulled his sketch book out, zoning out and ignoring the teacher that walked in and began teaching. Dan began to sketch, at first drawing harsh lines that no one else would be able to picture but soon filling in and shading the picture in front of him. It was clearly a cherry blossom tree now. To most people this was just a tree, but to dan he saw the meaning, it explained the beauty of life but also how tragically short it was.

“Howell!” He heard his name being shouted, and with a breathless gasp he looked up from his sketch book to see his English teacher. “Finally with us I see.” She said before heading back to why learning this shit was “important.”
He heard a quiet snicker and immediately knew who it was but decided it was best if he just act like he’s listening and continue his sketch of a cherry blossom tree.
Once the bell has rang he proceeded to get up hoping to leave quickly and go home, maybe play some video games and ignore how fucked up his life was, but that was ruined when his teacher called out “Lester, Howell, I need to speak with you both.” Of course. Of-fucking-course. What did Lester do? Had he started something?Groaning quietly he walked over to her desk. “Yes Ms. Julie?” He asked hoping it was nothing serious and he wouldn’t have to stay for very long. “You’ve been failing Howell. Your just not getting this, so I think it’s best we get you a tutor.” She said. Are you fucking kidding me. How dare she. In front of Phil? Was this just more reason for him to insult me? “Oh, um okay.” He mumbled clearly embarrassed and fuck Lester of course he was smirking. “And since Lester has perfect scores, he’ll be tutoring you.” “WHAT?” He yelled, oh no no no no this couldn’t be happening to him. School was different. He had people there, but since he lived alone there would be no safety. This couldn’t be happening. He heard Phil quietly snicker and turned to glare at him. “Whatever, your coming to my house, and I don’t wanna hear a thing until we’re there.” He growled before storming out beginning to head to his house. He can’t believe she’s making him spend time with Lester. He just wanted to go home and relax but no. “Wow what nice words, alphabet slut.” He heard. Dan willed himself not to cry at the word slut. He was a virgin so why was he being called something so rude. “I will murder you.” He said through his teeth as he clenched them together. “Stop talking.” He added on.

The walk to his house was silent but he knew hell was to come. Walking slowly dan took this time to think about everything. Why Phil thought it was hilarious to torture him, why the earth was so pretty but held such assholes, and why he couldn’t read Phils emotion right at the moment. It annoyed him too no end not to be able to read his emotions. His face was just set in a blank expression giving no hints to what he was thinking about and It made him feel stupid. Soon he was arriving at his house and unlocking the door. “It’s not much..but I live alone so I guess it doesn’t matter” he shrugged awkwardly. He quickly made his way in inviting Phil inside before closing the door and heading upstairs. He opened his door blushing at the anime and video games that located around the room. “Sorry for the mess” he mumbled. “We could make a bigger mess.” Phil said smirking at dan and winking. Dan rolled his eyes but blushed more. “How about we get this over with?” He said sitting down at his desk and pulling out his books. Phil sighed and reluctantly sat down on the bed beginning to explain the chapter they are working on in class.
Even though Dan already knew what to do.

~time skip because I’m not a teacher~

They sat there for a few hours working on the lesson. Dan was beginning to get annoyed. He knew all of this he just didn’t care so why was he being forced to learn all of this? At the moment Phil was reading over a paper, so he decided to take some time studying him. He looked over his face first, the way his eyelids fluttered the tiniest bit when he read, the way his lips parted ever so slightly, he watched the way his eyes moved along the paper as though it was a girl he found attractive. You see, dan wouldn’t lie, he’s hot. God he’s hot and he definitely wouldn’t mind that mouth on his neck, wait shit he can’t think like that. Slowly his eyes travelled down to his body, his hands which would be perfect for holding him down, no, none of that, his torso which he could bet would fit perfectly on his, and slowly travelled down to his crotch, of course he was wearing skinny jeans which left almost nothing to the imagination. You know what, fuck it, He was done being teased, he just wanted to be fucked by Phil Lester and he had a plan for that, he would say something to annoy him, then say something in which hopefully he’ll take as a hint. So he slowly looked up and said “My eyes have crossed. I am now blind. I can not continue or I will die.” He said dramatically. Phil rolled his eyes “just shut up Howell.” He said glaring at the pastel boy. Dan but his lip before he spoke lowly, “why don’t you make me?” He said fluttering his eyes for effect. Phil growled under his breath before walking over to the boy. Phil knew his plan and if that’s what he wanted then that’s what he’ll fucking give him. Deciding they could do soft later he quickly grabbed Dans hair but before he pulled and they started this he looked down “are you sure you want this?” He asked. See he wasn’t a total dick. Dan quickly whined nodding “yes daddy.” And fuck every restraint went out the window as he yanked up on dans hair, forcing him to stand. “Say red if you need to stop. We won’t continue for another second but you’ll need to say it.” Phil said. Dan let out a whimper already feeling himself harden at the roughness. Yes he hated Phil, but he wanted to be fucked and screw anyone that judged him for that. “Tell me who you belong to.” Phil said dominance clear in his voice as he pulled dans trousers down quickly. “You daddy.” Dan moaned blushing and whimpering as the cold air hit his throbbing member that was already half hard. Phil smirked and smacked his ass before saying “I want you to ride me in your jumper and crown baby” he said pushing dan on the bed and undressing himself quickly. He stopped at the edge of the bed stroking himself for a minute while letting out deep grunts. Dan was in pure bliss and he hasn’t even been touched yet. He watched as Phil stroked himself and quickly looked up at Phil “can I suck you off daddy? Please daddy wanna make you feel good.” He whined his mouth practically drooling at Phils cock. It was huge but not too big and plenty wide. It was definitely perfect in Dans eyes and he needed it in his mouth. Phil smirked at his baby before climbing on the bed and guiding Dans head onto his cock. Fuck. Phil wasn’t religious but he was positive this was heaven. Dans mouth was hot and wet and he was kitten licking the tip and Phil was positive he was seeing Jesus.

Dan glanced up and made eye contact with Phil as he went deeper taking him down his throat. Pro of being dan Howell. No gag reflex bitches. Phil continued to let out moans and dan pretty much drank them up swallowing Phil down. Phil could only moan as he watched the boy take him and stared in amazement at his lack of a gag reflex. But soon he was getting close and all good things got fucking better as he stood up and shushed a whining dan grabbing the lube from his school bag. Phil walked back over to the bed leaning over dan as he left soft kisses up and down the boys exposed collar bones from his jumper pushing down. Dan whined softly at the feeling of Phil being sweet and his hips thrusted up on their own accord silently begging Phil to get on with it. Phil chuckled whispering a small “needy” to which dan whined at. Phil quickly decided this needed to move on and poured a generous amount of lube onto his fingers before taking his pointer finger and moving it in circles around the boys hole. Dan whimpered trying to push back onto the finger and Phil laughed making sure there was enough lube that it wouldn’t hurt as much then pushed his finger in quickly. Dan moaned loudly and leaned up sucking hickeys into Phils chest pushing back into the thrusts of Phils finger. “Daddy please” he whined “please daddy I need you!” He whimpered impatiently. Phil looked at dan and smirked quickly pushing in two more fingers loving the way the boys face twisted into pain but his mouth held open spilling moans that proved he loved this. “You’ve been so bad, being so rude to your daddy, your lucky I’m here to help you, I’d usually never help such a slut.” Phil growled out biting at dans neck leaving angry purple splotches. Dan was so close already and this hasn’t even gotten to the best part yet. “Daddy please need to cum daddy please make me cum with your fingers then take me with your cock daddy please” dan sobbed out as Phil began stroking him. Phil chuckled “kinky little shit” he said stroking dan faster “cum you little slut.” He said thrusting into the boys hole harshly with his fingers.

Dan sobbed as he came spilling all over their stomachs and began to whimper at the pain of Phil stroking him and thrusting into his abused hole. “Daddy oh please! Please don’t stop!” He sobbed. He wasn’t really sure if he was pushing back to get away from the pain or to get to the pleasure faster as his hips moved on his own. Deciding it was time and dan was hard enough he rolled them over lining his cock with the boys red hole. “Ready baby?” He asked sucking more hickeys into the boys neck. Phil whimpered letting out breathy moans as he nodded quickly and that’s all it took for Phil to smirk and drop dan into his dick. Dan continued to sob and moan slowly starting to move up and down making sweater paws and biting at his knuckles through the jumper to shield his sobs. Everything was so much. It was too much but not even close to enough and dan swore up and down this was going to kill him. Dan let out a series of small “daddy’s” and whimpers of “ah ah ah” and Phil couldn’t get enough of it as he flipped them over again pounding into dan roughly feeling himself get closer to the edge. “Daddy!” Dan screamed as he came again and Phil followed not far behind as he moaned loudly slamming into dan one last time before stilling and pulling out. Phil then got up and went to walk away when he heard a small sob and a tiny voice saying “your leaving?” At which Phils heart exploded with pure fondness of this boy. He never hated dan, he loved him, he just knew he would never go for someone like him so he teased him. Turning around his heart broke at the sight of dan looking up at him with tear tracks down his cheeks his eyelashes wet and his lips formed in a pout. He looked so vulnerable he would swear this wasn’t the same boy who called him daddy no less than two minutes ago. “No baby I’m gonna go get some towels, run a bath, and get you some water. Want anything else love?” He asked kissing the boys forehead.

Dan thought for a minute before nodding shyly “I um, is this, what, what are we?” He asked blushing. Phil melted and smiled “we’re us love.” And went to grab this stuff leaving dan to blush. Okay maybe he wasn’t so bad. Still an asshole though, he laughed to himself.
And that’s how he spent the rest of his night, being cuddled and pampered while they watched anime. And Of course he had questions and he didn’t fully forgive Phil yet but he knew he would eventually. Because Phil was HIS alphabet boy. “My alphabet boy” he mumbled kissing Phils jaw. To which Phil smiled.
The End

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You'll talk someday about how the Port Mafia is portrayed? ( not the bightest bulbs in the chandelier huh. Not the most subtle either) im not trying to rush you, it bothers me too and im just curious. I like your analysis. Have a nice day

Haha all kidding aside, I’ve been meaning to talk about them for quite a while now. It’s just that I want the stuff I write to make sense, because usually they’re self-indulgent rambles. And this one won’t be an exception, especially since I have so many feelings about Port Mafia.

Usually it’s the protagonists who are outmatched, outgunned, outnumbered, or just generally outclassed. Through sheer force of will and nakama power perfect teamwork do they come out on top. Even then sacrifices have to be made. At the start, the Armed Detective Agency seemed like it will follow this mold, but soon we are introduced to their abilities.

On paper and in practice, the abilities of the members of ADA greatly complement each other. This means that even with few active operatives who can work on the field, they got all bases covered. If this were an MMO they’d have Atsushi and Kenji as tanks, Atsushi again and then Kunikida for DPS, Tanizaki going for Assistance/Crowd Control, Fukuzawa as Buffer, Dazai as Debuffer and of course, Yosano as their Healer. Not to mention Ranpo, the formidable brains behind their operations (with Dazai as backup, or even vice versa).

Now let’s take a look at the mafia. Not counting Odasaku, in their group who doesn’t have an offensive ability? Ace? Sure, but his ability only applies to his subordinates, and anyway he’s also dead. See the problem? Chuuya probably has the most versatile ability in the mafia right now, but it’s either he takes great pride in his prowess as a martial artist or he just can’t think of creative ways to take advantage of the fact that he can, well, manipulate gravity. There’s also Elise, who seems to be “programmed” to be able to do feats no ordinary human can, but we don’t know much about her. Outside of these two, the one who impresses is Kajii. His ability sounded like a joke sure, but he knows how to make use of it and in the right circumstances, can be that one member to watch out for. There’s also talks about another executive member or two. Whether one exists we don’t know, but I can only hope they’ll possess an ability that is a supportive one, or something gamechanging like mind reading or memory wipe.

Don’t get me wrong! It is rather refreshing to see a team full of competent people, especially in their line of work where they’ll find themselves smack dab in the middle of dirty matters the police and the military would rather not handle. That they are well-rounded means it’s easy to imagine why the government would want their help, why they get the requests they do, and why they are favored to take on cases that will pit them against criminals/evildoers who have their own deadly abilities.

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General Fairy Tail Appreciation Post

100 Things I Love About Fairy Tail

1. Levy’s English voice actress is literally great.
2. Gajeel’s character development: 💯💯
3. Everyone’s development tbh
4. Natsu and Lucy’s seiyuus are the actual cutest
6. Lucy is a goddess.
7. The fact that Erza starts wearing revealing clothes after Tower of Heaven because she understands that she doesn’t need armor to protect herself anymore.
8. Natsu Vs. Cobra during Nirvana
9. T O D D  H A B E R K O R N
10. I know they’re sex jokes but they’re hilarious sex jokes
11. Wendy being able to use Dragon Force ON COMMAND YOU GO QUEEN
12. “Tell that to Lucy Heart-Feel-Me-Up”
13. NALU
16. Natsu and Lucy’s friendship even if you see it platonically like they are goals and are literally perfect
17. Natsu in general, which brings me back to…
18. T O D D  H A B E R K O R N
19. Wendy Vs. Ezel
20. Erza Vs. 100
21. Some of these fights are actually really creative like the aforementioned Natsu Vs. Cobra where Natsu’s big mouth literally just blew Cobra’s ears out or Natsu Vs. Eragore where he used the wind to his advantage or Gajeel’s fight during Tartaros where he used the carbon in the water to become actual Black Steel Gajeel
22. Sorcerer Weekly
23. The fact that Lucy carried on for a year despite the fact that she was by herself and very well might have had situational depression
24. Strong female characters– some might say that fanservice retcons this, but I disagree because all the women are portrayed as being comfortable in their sexuality and there is nothing wrong with using sexuality as a weapon
25. The original anime arcs like I loved Infinity Clock and Phoenix Priestess and Dragon Cry is gonna be great
26. Dragon Slayers my chILDREN
27. Wendy and Carla when they almost were killed by FACE their friendship is amazing
28. Lucy loves Natsu.
31. Mashima spoils us with ships more than in any other shounen from what I’ve seen and it’s great
32. It’s nice to have girls actually present in the plot
33. Semi-weekly chibi doodles
34. The Exceeds
36. Why is Ultear literally perfect
37. Meredy did puberty right
38. Sting and Rogue who are obviously so gay for each other.
39. Lucy’s character development AYYEEE although it’s not a sharp leap from “Go ahead, do it, and you’ll have the scariest guild on your ass” to “Goodbye, Daddy” to “It’s more fun when we’re together” to “you were my first friend” to “Go ahead, do it, I can still see with my imagination bitch.” In conclusion Lucy has always been a badass don’t know why Alvarez surprised you
40. T O D D  H A B E R K O R N
41. Lucy rewriting END like everyone wanted her to
42. Gray and Lucy’s brotp
43. Guildarts and Cana fr
44. Gray being super patient with Juvia even though he doesn’t have to be
45. All of the fan creations
46. Lucy standing up to her father
47. Actually Natsu and Lucy having parallel storylines in regards to their fathers
48. Everyone is hot af
49. Yes, even Gray
50. Especially Gray
51. Mashima writes character relationships excellently
52. The way he stays transparent with the fans is 10/10
53. The fact that Lucy is a fckin nerd writer
54. The fact that Lucy, Natsu, and Wendy are fckin dork children
55. The whole concept of Fairy Tail is really cool actually having Dragon Slayers taught magic by dragons to slay an evil Dragon Slayer is great and the whole Beauty and the Beast/Princess and the Dragon parallels for Gajeel and Levy and Natsu and Lucy are A+
56. The name Fairy Tail is kickass
57. The fact that everyone is called “the Fairies” which sounds kinda girly but they will fuck you up so fast
58. Anime openings are great. Like, FT was my first anime so I expected them to sound derpy but they’re honestly pretty Western like Rock City Boy and Believe in Myself (BOY) and Be As One specifically but there are so many other good tracks like…
59. GLITTER (OMG) Never-End Tale (I see what you did there), Fiesta, FT, Boys Be Ambitious!! (I like to think of this one as Igneel’s song for Natsu), Hajimari no Sora (So much fun), Yakusoku No Hi (Which fits its arc perfectly), We’re the Stars (I cri everytiem) Ashita o Narase, Break Out (Holy shit yes), Don’t Let Me Down, Masayume Chasing (FUCK YES), Never Ever (This fits the girls so well), Strike Back (both the actual full opening and Natewantstobattle’s cover [look it up it’s great]), and Towa no Kizuna
60. The original soundtrack is amazing as well Lightining Flame Dragon Alights, Tokihanatareshi Chikara, Mahou Taisen and literally the whole Tartaros soundtrack are gifts to this world
62. Natsu’s power is based on feelings and this was literally established by Chapter fifteen so quit being salty about the power of friendship
64. Gray’s magic is so unique like you go ice son
65. The fact that Fire, Air, and Iron are such unique elements to choose instead of going with the traditional four
66. Badass Grandpas
67. Badass Dads
68. Juvia’s long hair is gorgeous no SHE’S GORGEOUS GO GET YOUR MAN
69. So many Nalu moments it’s all about the little stuff
70. Wendy has so many older brothers like God forbid some guy ever made her cry because he’d have Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, AND Jellal on his ass
71. Princess Hisui is a badass
72. Her father is not and it’s awesome
73. Loke and Aquarius in general
74. P L U E
75. The foreshadowing in this series is ridiculous
76. Future Lucy’s death scene makes me cry
80. The guild is so homey it’s great
81. The impact that it’s destruction had on Natsu during Phantom Lord was incredible
82. It has the FUNNIEST FILLER like oh my God I don’t know why ya’ll hate it so much it can’t be death and screaming children all the time
83. The locations are great
84. the fact that every city is named after a flower
85. Mavis is a child, a girl, a raging badass, cursed, and was the founder of the best guild in the country.
86. Mavis’s backstory in general.
87. Prayers for Yuri Dreyar.
89. The Thunder Legion in general but Freed especially YOU ALSO GO GET YOUR MAN
90. Magic itself is actually so unique in this universe like the Celestial Spirit magic and Requip and Maker and Script is sweet
91. “It’s more fun when we’re together!”
92. Stardresses
93. Blue Pegasus
95. Natsu’s birth parents were hot like wtf
96. Zeref is a truly compelling villain given his curse and backstory
98. Lucy sacrificing Aquarius. In the English dub before she convinced Lucy, Aquarius told her “Natsu’s not coming, it’s on you” and tbh I think that makes it that much more impactful like that bitch loves her and they need to reunite
99. NALU. They’re truly a blessing.
100. “Do fairies have tails? No one knows for sure. It’s a neverending mystery, but a neverending adventure.”

Breaking Molds and Taking Names

Part 2

Warnings: none

Word Count: 3.8K

Pairing: ??? x reader

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To be fair, you didn’t just trip on nothing.

After making an impact with the stage itself, you noticed that one of your heels had gotten entangled with a loose cord. Be that as it may, it was still embarrassing. In fact, for lack of a better term, this was definitely the nightmare scenario.

Can’t wait to see that all over the internet tomorrow,’ you thought bitterly.

While you detangled yourself, Sebastian and Anthony, who had been called right after you, helped you get resituated. You on the other hand, were mortified and wanted to hide somewhere. Or at least have the ground open up beneath your feet and swallow you whole. Not to mention the slight stinging pain in your knees from how hard you landed. You stood back up and winced at the ache. Seb gave you a look of concern but you waved him away to not let him worry so much.

“You alright [Y/N]?” Mackie asked you.

“Oh my god, no. Please take me out. Right now. Kill me,”

Both men chuckled at your dramatics and said that it’ll all be ok. The three of you settled down in your designated chairs and you took advantage of the free bottle of water in front of you by downing half of it in one go. Inhaling to steady the nerves that had crept up, all you could do was smile and wave for now. Best to get the show on the road. It could only go up from here after all, right?

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Sexism in One Piece

I was asked to collab in a youtube video about sexism in One Piece and accidentally got upset about it. I did not realise that I would get this worked up about it and I think that’s because when you’re watching the series, there are little moments of sexism that you can ignore. But when you actually research it and think about all the moments that have made you feel uncomfortable, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that One Piece is sexist.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I watch One Piece, because I know that they’re going to google it to check it out and they’re just going to see boobs. I would never buy a figurine of a female character in One Piece because I wouldn’t even be able to look at it.  I’m not saying that large boobs don’t exist in real life but it’s a problem in One Piece because it’s gotten to the point where every young and attractive female character has giant boobs. There is barely any diversity between female characters. And to be honest this isn’t the type of anime I signed up for. The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable when watching the anime was in the Alabasta arc and seeing Miss Doublefinger outfit. I was like wtf, who would dress like that but I could just write it off to her being a crazy villain. But after that moment the boobs grew bigger every One Piece arc, until after the timeskip when in the manga you couldn’t even tell which female character was speaking because they all looked the same.

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Hold on Tight - Tony Stark x Reader

Anonymous said: Can you do 28 and 14 with tony pleeeease!!

A/N: I made it kinda angsty cause I’m awful but also kinda fluff? lol I’m sorry, hope you enjoy.

14. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

28. “Keep your eyes on me.”

Warnings: injury, blood, fighting, minor violence, getting shot

Your boots made no noise as you walked along the concrete floors of the HYDRA compound. The team had found out HYDRA was experimenting on people in this facility and had infiltrated to get them out. 

Since HYDRA facilities are basically mazes and filled with tons of enemy agents, you snuck in while your team waited outside to get to the control room and guide your teammates to the prisoners from there.

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Flash Rant/S4 expectations:

Though TF is one of my favorite shows, this last season was not the best: The pacing of the episodes was off, the savitar reveal came way too late and people had already figured it out making it anticlimactic, Savitar was underdeveloped and more time could have been spent on him and of course EmoBarry. But there were individual things that rubbed me the wrong way, so here we go:

Star labs:I am so sick and tired of star labs. I am sick and tired of seeing the set. Why tf is 80% of every episode in star labs?!? there is an entire city to use and all we see is Star Labs. I know I wasn’t the only one happy to see it get destroyed in the finale. Yes, I get it is the focal point of the show as far as locations. That’s where team flash comes together, thats where the Flash goes. BUT, its been 3 seasons. We get it. We saw it. Lets move on. Allow the characters to have lives outside of Star Labs. They deserve it. 

BARRY: LET BARRY BE GREAT. LET BARRY BE SMART. PLEASE. Barry Allen is a genius but the show has stripped so much of that away from him in order to give importance to *drum roll* STAR LABS. That’s bullshit. Show him being smarter, on his own. Let him make decisions. On his own. He doesn’t need 80 people telling him things he should already know. 

What I want for Barry in S4: I want to see him using his brain. I want to see him do his job. CSI stuff. I want to see him happy and excited about being the Flash like in S1. He’s been through a lot. Let him thrive now. Let him have a stronger connection to the speed force. Let him be FASTER than everyone else. Let him be the one giving the pep talks, not receiving them. He’s learned a lot. He’s grown as a man and a hero. Lets see it. 

IRIS: Iris did more reporting in S1 and S2 than this entire last season. We never even saw the CCPN set ever again. Let her do her job. Please. In the comics, Iris is not only a brilliant reporter but her research and investigations directly help Barry in some of his work as the Flash. LETS SEE THAT. Again, in order to give Star Labs more to do, Iris has been stripped of many opportunities where her journalism could of come in handy. I may be alone in this but I feel like S3 took some agency away from her character by not allowing her to directly influence her fate by the hands of Savitar. She is not a damsel in distress and though we may know this, sometimes I feel it could of came off stronger.

What I want for Iris in S4: I want to see badass journalist Iris. I want to see her contribute more than we have seen her do in the past. It makes no sense in a city like Central City reporters are not used more in the main story lines. Use her. Also, Let her have emotions. She was preparing to die and we barely got a few scenes of her coming to terms with that. wtf. She is the leading lady of the show. Treat her like one and recognize how effective she could be. Also, I want to see her happy. Candice Patton has a great sense of humor. Allow her to bring that to the character more often. Let her be silly and fun, especially with Barry. And, give Iris a female friendship. Sometimes I feel like this show wouldn’t pass the bechdel test. 

JOE: again, let Joe do his job. Yes, hes a detective and we see him doing some things. But its not enough. He should be Captain and will have more influence at CCPD. You can’t have a talented actor like Jesse L. Martin and utilize him mostly for pep talks and musical numbers. 

What I want for Joe in S4: A story line consisting of his work at CCPD. He also doesn’t need to be at Star Labs so much. Lets see him do his badassary as detective. We know hes a great father. But I would like to see more about Joe outside of his kids. He deserves that much. Also keep Cecile and dont ever hurt Papa Joe. Ever. 

WALLY: He’s freaking Kid Flash and yet, he barely had any screen time in the last few episodes of the season. I hope this is because they are saving it for his bigger role in S4 but still, Wally is underdeveloped as a character and needs more focus on him as Wally and as a superhero. 

What I want for Wally in S4: Same as Barry, I want to see him thrive as the Flash but also go through growing pains. He has a lot to learn and S4 can deliver a great coming of age type of story arc for Wally as he learns to make mistakes and become a better hero.

CISCO: I love this character. And as much as I love him, I need him to back off a little bit as inventor and creator of all things team flash. Cisco has way too many jobs. Many of which as I mentioned can easily go to other characters. Now as Vibe, Cisco has other greater things to learn and develop for himself. Let him. 

What I want for Cisco in S4: Strengthen that Vibe power. Develop it, harness it. Vibe is extremely powerful. Let him get there. I want to see him work on his abilities with Gypsy and be an active hero, not just one who sits in front of a computer. He’s too useful for that. I also want to see him Happy. Give us funny, lighthearted Cisco we love. Allow him to go on a date. Flirt. Get a GF (preferably Gypsy) and overall be unstoppable. It would be great to learn more about his backstory as well, such as his family. 

KILLER FROST: Let KF be complex. The one thing this show is too afraid to do is go too dark. I get that with some characters but not with KF. She is canonically a villain. Let her be one. She’s more interesting that way.There is a way to do that without going over the edge. Right now, KF is helping the Justice League in the comic books but is still considered a villian. She has a Harley Quinn like thing going on and it works. 

What I want for KF in S4: Let her balance the line between good and bad. Let her explore her KF powers and figure out who she is. Please don’t let her be bad one episode and have her be good the next and return her to star labs. She needs to feel the full weight of her actions as KF. Show those conflicting emotions. She can be a bad guy and still have good in her. She doesn’t need to be Caitlin again. Let her be a new version of KF. Develop her powers, and explore more of her backstory. There are deeper and darker things in Caitlin’s history that we still dont know about. 

HARRY: Just bring back OG Wells. That’s all. 

TEAM FLASH: Lessen up the team. There are wayyyy too many characters on this show. And the more characters, the less time can be spent developing them. Tracy is cool but we dont have room for her on the team, at least not as a regular. Julian is cool but outside of being Dr. Alchemy, we don’t really need another person with the same skills as Barry as a CSI. Its just too bloated and needs to be shrunk down. 

THE VILLIANS: Speaking of Julian, I hope the show has bigger plans for him because if not, Dr. Alchemy was completely wasted. He was supposed to be an interesting character and one of Flash’s biggest foes but instead was used very little and then almost forgotten about.I hope the plan is to revisit that at some point. No more speedsters. At least not for a while. Suicide Squad, if possible would be a phenomenal additions for S4.  

Thats all. I’m sure theres more stuff but this is all I can type up. And remember, these are just MY opinions and feelings about the show and what I hope to see in S4. No matter what, TF is insanley popular, I just feel sometimes writers and showrunners take advantage of that and get kind of lazy. Unforunatley, I feel that happened this season. 

Here is hoping for the best in season 4!

anonymous asked:

Friend, thank u so much, I've never heard anyone question Sokolov like?? Had him pegged as a creeper at best in DH but he was useful so w/e, but we're supposed the care in 2? Between the merderous inventions, the Outsider's "he performs disgusting rituals", and Delilah heavily implying he took advantage of her when she was young... mm. MMM. No. Maybe he's a toothless old man now, but that everyone was buddies with him made me entirely uncomfortable. Can i at least be rude to him. Game, plz.

You’re welcome! I know for certain that I’m not the only person uncomfortable/angry with this whole Sokolov thing, but I haven’t seen people discussing it much neither. My guess would be that there is part of the fandom that jumped in from the second game and may believe this weird framing Arkane went with and people who remember what a sleazeball Sokolov really is just prefer to sweep it under the rug and focus on parts of the sequel that are enjoyable (like Emily being 100% badass).

Seriously I have so much dirt on Sokolov that if I wanted to list it all this post would become unbearably long. But in my reading Sokolov was clearly one of the villains of dh1 along with Burrows, Campbell and Daud. Actually I’m not a fan of the whole Loyalists betrayal plot point, because it takes attention away from the 4 guys I mentioned above. Because dishonored was a story about selfish assholes who made life miserable for others while cozying things up for themselves, which is painfully realistic type of bad guys. And now dh2 telling me that I should throw all of that out off the window and believe in redemption arc that consist only of warming your ass in Serkonos? It feels insulting.

And I would like to point out some of the ways devs managed to make this whole ordeal extra uncomfortable:

  • presenting Sokolov as the old and weak, he was kidnapped and hurt, in this game he is at clear disadvantage, they are using our natural empathy to sneak in their forced narrative, which feels pretty manipulative
  • biased framing; oh god, this one is so painful to look at, because it feels like writers both remember that he was awful, but at the same they already decided to present him the certain way, so they are standing on their heads to smooth things out or present them as not as bad, or even good. this is a really clear example:

[Sokolov’s] buzzing and glowing devices kept me safe

aka invention helps our protagonist = GOOD

while in Jindosh’s case his invention helps our antagonists = BAD (nice ableist slur there too, I wish dishonored wasn’t like that, goD)

the funny thing is that without this emotional narration I can tell you that both of Sokolov’s and Jindosh’s inventions are exactly the same thing: violent security mechanism, available primarily to the wealthy. I remind you that Anton’s wall of light, arc pylon and tallboys were the means that Burrows used to maintain his authoritarian power

who would have thought that having it turned against you would actually feel bad

  • okay rant almost over, now cherry on the top, some of the things that writers threw into dh2 to show Sokolov as more sympathetic OUTRIGHT CONTRADICT what we got to experience in dh1

there is a line from the Heart (aka device that is supposed to know the deepest truths about people so we are supposed to be able to trust it completely) in dh2: “In his dreams, he sees the names and faces of every subject he experimented on in the name of progress.”

that’s nice but we could see him interacting one of his subjects and we have this fun audiograph bit: As for test subject 312, after the characteristic sloughing of the skin, she should be dead by mid-morning tomorrow.

he didn’t even know their names and referring to someone by a number alone suggest he barely seen them as human. isn’t that something that The “I’ll say all your dirt out loud” Heart would rather comment on?

Worth Part 4

On Thursday of the second week of training, Tyler took you on your first ambassador training. You were going with him to Candor to solve a security problem reported by Jack Kang. Apparently the factionless were always one step ahead, every decision made in Candor’s leadership was immediately known by the factionless. So all security was compromised.
You two took the train there and were talking during the trip. He wanted to know everything about you. Without rambling around, he nervously started to ask you questions.
“What do you like to do on your free time, Y/N?” He started questioning.
“I don’t have much free time, but on my day off I usually give the proper attention to my bed.” You said joking. The air was feeling stiff for you. You clearly didn’t like people getting to know things about you, it reminded you the time when the only reason why was to take advantage of you and hurt you, so you were a little uncomfortable.

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Reaction to You Doing Ballet/Jazz. . .

Anonymous said: EXO reaction to  you dance ballet and jazz?

Reaction to You Doing Ballet/Jazz…

A/N i’m gunna make it switch from reaction to ballet to reaction to jazz for each member, hope that’s okay. 

Kai Eonni ~


When he walked into your practice room you were so engrossed in the music that you didn’t notice him walk in. What he saw was breathtaking. How you glided across the floor and moved so gracefully to the music, to him, is the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. That look of determination and concentration would be very attractive to him, something he would grow to admire about you. He’d be so entranced with your ballet that it would take a moment to snap out of it. He wouldn’t tell you that he had seen you, but would hope in the future he would get to witness such a side of you again in secret, and maybe one day he would tell you that he had seen you, but not anytime soon, worried you would lock him out of your practice room and he wouldn’t get to see your talent ever again.


Seeing you practice jazz would be his new favorite hobby. It’s so different from what he’s used to dancing, and therefore he would love to watch and learn more about it. He’d have this weird view about it, liking that you were teaching him something new about the world. For him, jazz would be so out of his element, but this would make him admire you even more for being able to master something so new and foreign to him. Like Suho, he’d love to watch your face and see that look of determination to get the choreography down – being a feeling that he could resonate with.


This boy would be hyped. The fact that you’re a dancer is huge, he already feels like his girlfriend is a badass just ‘cause you’re a dancer, but the fact that you can do ballet, like, makes your badass image to him x10. He’s a giant, so there’s no way his giant-ass could master those little twirls or graceful leaps that you do. You also have now banned him from the practice room because he’s not only extra when he watches you practice with his cheers and hyped up ass, but he also made it a habit to now bring Thing 2 with him (a.k.a. Baekhyun) to your practices. They both be causing a scene and you’d think you were at a wrestling match with how unnecessarily competitive they got over you practicing by yourself.


He’d be a genuine child when he watches you practice jazz. It’d be like bringing  a kid into their first candy store, absolute awe. And it’s not just during the first time he sees you practice, it’s every time. He’d be very supportive of your dancing and would always stay late with you if you were practicing over time. He’d love to bring you drinks and little snacks as well, wanting to be the best support you have, also loving the feeling of taking care of you in such a way.


We all know how in-touch Yixing is with his emotions, and so because of this, watching you practice ballet would be so moving for him. He’d love how smooth and graceful it looked, and this would make him see you in a different light. Not a bad one, but one of elegance and unique beauty. It’d be as if he was falling more in love with you, which, lezz be honest, he probably is. He wouldn’t boast about it to others, but if they were to ask about what you do, he’d be able to talk for hours about your skills in ballet, with a huge adorable dumb smile on his face.


He would be proud, but like, wouldn’t make a big deal about it. Maybe like the first time he saw you practice jazz he’d be more hyped about it, but afterwards he wouldn’t make a big deal about it.This is something that just comes off to him as some kind of talent, and he knows everyone has talent, and so therefore he wouldn’t see the need to make a big deal about it. However he would always be proud of you when you accomplish another choreography, finish a performance or get some sort of award for a dance competition. He might joke around about having you teach him some moves or try to do his own interpretive dance just for fun.


This would be his language – he has found his soulmate. The moment you show him what you can do he’s in awe and is so proud of you. This would be something that he’d find as a hobby to do with you, wanting to improve his dance skills by broadening his dance knowledge through various dances. He’d stay late with you dancing, both you teaching him ballet moves and him teaching you hip hop choreography. This would be a new way for him to get even closer to you than you guys already were, and he’d absolutely love that, making him fall even more in love with you – which he thought was impossible.


This would be something that Baekhyun holds pride in. He’d love that you have something you’re so passionate about, and he would feed off of this and put his own passion into his work just like you, in a way feeling like he needs to work better for you. He’d love to practice with you, feeding off of your determination. He’d love to also just sit on the side and watch, loving the vibe that comes off of you while you practice, finding that this is something he only ever sees when you dance jazz. At the end of each practice he’d always comment on you for how well you practiced and would reward you with kisses and hugs.


This would be something that wouldn’t particularly freak out over, he’d think it’s amazing that you could do jazz, but he wouldn’t make a big deal over it. He’d like to watch you practice occasionally, and he’d be so supportive of you, wanting to go to your performances and competitions, but that’s because it’s you, not because of the dance you do. To him it doesn’t matter, all that matters to him is to support you the best he can and that you’re happy – if you’re happy with what you do, then he’s happy.


He would relate to this as his martial arts, he’d support it and love that you have something you love and are good at. He’d like to goof around with you teaching you martial arts while you in turn teach him different ballet choreo. He’d be so hyped when you have a performance or competition, he’d be all about cheering for you and helping you work hard before during your practices, practicing with you, getting you snacks or drinks, drying your tears when you would get frustrated when you felt you couldn’t get the choreo down. He’d be a complete sweetheart.


He’d use this to his advantage, saying things like, “I got a talented girlfriend because I’m talented.” He’d feel like the power-dance-couple because he himself is a dancer. Though during practice when he watches you he’d be a little shit, pointing out every misstep you took, or when you were off beat. But he would just be doing this because deep down he wants to see you get better because then you would be more happy with yourself, and therefore he’s going to help you get to where you want to be – even if you didn’t ask him to – he’s gunna take it upon himself to help you, as a way for him to make up for all the times he couldn’t word or show you how much you mean to him.

(i just love this gif so imma put it here)


He’d be another that wouldn’t make a big deal of it. I mean, he thinks it’s amazing, he could never do ballet, but you can, and that’s impressive to him, but it’s not something he’ll make a big deal of. He’s chill and reasonable, and therefore this isn’t something that would get him hyped. But he would always be supportive, help in any way, and you bet he’s gunna be at every performance that you have.

The Problem with Porn is... (complete)

So here is the whole thing.
Warning smut (also it is not as edited for grammar as it should be… sorry about that)

Paring NamJin

A quick knock at the door brought Namjoon crashing back to reality. He desperately started trying to close several tabs as the door opened and Seokjin walked in.

“Hey, Hyung.” Namjoon squeaked out before he cleared his throat as he shifted in his seat, turning the computer screen more away from Jin’s line of sight as Jin fell into the other rolling chair.

“Don’t “hey” me Namjoon. Let me see all the new porn you have been downloading. I hope it isn’t any more of that artistic bullshit you have been so into lately.” The older boy sighed as he rolled his eyes toward the silver haired rapper.

Namjoon choked at the words and shifted more in his seat while Jin watched him, highly amused. Even before the world new about Bangtan’s porn watching habits, it was no shock to any of them when Namjoon would disappear into the workroom and overly loud music would start pouring though the speakers as the lights went out. Almost like clockwork, 30 minutes later a much more calm, peaceful, and smiley Namjoon would come sauntering out and everyone would know the computer would need to be wiped clean again… and the hard drive would need to be swiped of viruses again too.

Hoseok once went to do work and came out less than five minutes later with the face of someone who had seen things. That’s when they had all been forcibly set down by their manager who explained – in graphic detail – everything teenage boys needed to know and then said porn was a safe outlet since idols were not truly free to explore their sexuality any other way. He told them that porn was safe. Use it and get over any weird things others might enjoy, “you never know. Give it a chance you might like it too.”

And that is when the work room devolved into the pleasure den. A whiteboard was hung with requests for a specific type of porn that one might find easier, and when found it was marked out. Certain times of day were held specifically for one member and if someone was feeling a little extra needy, there were “free” times when one could hang a handkerchief on the door and no one would bother them.

It was much like a college frat where hit songs were occasionally written and produced.

Namjoon wasn’t usually all that shy when it came to his turn in the room or talking about sex in general, which is why his behavior both amused and troubled Jin.

As Namjoon looked everywhere but at Jin – his hands, the wall, the door, the computer monitor (where he blushed tomato red) and then at the floor where his eyes stayed – Jin was running through several emotions himself. Enjoyment, worry, a brief stint of annoyance, and then curiosity at what could cause the famously sexual rapper to blush that much.

“Please don’t tell me you downloaded granny porn Joonie.” Jin said with a laugh.

The rapper looked shocked. “No! Of course not. Never. I… I just stumbled on to some stuff I wasn’t expecting, and I found it…” The younger man looked at his hands tangled up in his lap and refused to say anything else.

Taking it on himself to set everything in Namjoon’s world back to rights, Jin took over the mouse and tilted the screen so he could see it better.

“Fine, if you are so ashamed you can’t say it out loud I will just look and see how horrible a person you are from your browsing history.”

3 clicks was all it took and while it shocked Jin, it wasn’t because of how horrible it was.

“That’s it? Really? You’re ashamed of this? Why?”

Jin browsed the gay porn page that Namjoon had “stumbled on” but found nothing as disparaging as how Namjoon was acting.

“It’s not that it is gay porn… It’s just the one that I really… The one I really enjoyed watching.”

Jin rolled his eyes.

“Stop being melodramatic. What is so horrible about this guy? If he gets you off, what’s so wrong with him?”

“Hyung. He looks just like you.”


Jin coughed in surprise. “I promise you Namjoon, it’s not me. I haven’t had time to delve into acting in porn. Show me this guy though.” The singer said as he leaned back so Namjoon could take the mouse. After a few seconds of waiting Jin turned toward the younger man with a quirked brow.


The silver haired man was looking back at him as if he were insane.

“You… You want me to show you the guy. The guy who looks just like you. The guy I just got off to because he looks like you. Hyung, you’re taking this really well.”

Jin never lost eye contact with Namjoon but did blush a bit as he softly murmured, “I can take a lot of things well Joonie.”

Jin almost laughed out loud at the comical look on Namjoon’s face. His dark eyes were the size of dinner plates and his luscious lips hung open in astonishment at the implied confession. Jin gently ran his thumb over the full lower lip and then softly shut the man’s mouth.

As the moment stretched on, relationships changing and shifting as eyes looked into questioning eyes, Jin wondered with a sense of supreme power and certainty why he had never broached this before. The feelings he had had for Rap Monster, the suave, demanding, sexy rapper had long sense bled into his feeling for Kim Namjoon, the dorky, God of Destruction who had just awful taste in fashion.

“I want to know, Namjoon. What about this guy gets you going?” Jin shifted in his chair, turning it toward his friend and caging him in so his long legs were on either side of Namjoon’s and rested his hands on the younger’s knees. Namjoon’s body shuddered and his long fingers wavered in midair before laying lightly on Jin’s. His face showed his confusion even as he boldly leaned in and laid his head on his hyung’s wide shoulder.

“Please don’t let this mess with our friendship. What if we do something we can’t take back? We can’t change. I don’t want to…”

Jin roughly grabbed Namjoon’s chin and forced his face from his shoulder.

“Don’t think so much. You have got to be the most annoyingly smart man on the planet. It will be fine. If you knew how long I have liked… no. If you knew how long I have loved you, you wouldn’t be worried about the future as long as I can have you now.

“Are you happy Namjoon? I just recited the most clichéd bullshit that is in the romance novels you have hidden behind your philosophy books. Yeah, don’t look so surprised. Everyone knows. Now use those lips for what they were meant to be used for.”

Namjoon looked offended for a brief moment before he crashed his lips onto Jin’s. Rap Monster was known for talking up how great he was in bed, and was able to back up his kissing prowess as he ran his tongue over the seam of Jin’s lip and moved his lips in an intoxicating manner over his friends, but before Jin could allow him entrance into his mouth Namjoon pulled back to lightly bite at Jin’s lower lip.

One of the rapper hands found the back of Jin’s neck and rubbed the skin which was both soothing and highly erotic as the younger man manipulated his hyung into tilting his head and then taking advantage and biting over Jin’s jaw line down to his neck.

“Joon-ah, slow down. Ah! We have time.” Jin panted out as his hands grasped the rappers shirt and fisted the material as Namjoon’s tongue and teeth worked the skin – lighter than what Jin really wanted but both knew that no marks could be on visible skin.

“I’m not taking the chance that someone will fuck this up and open the damn door.” Namjoon was tugging the hem of Jin’s tank top up even as the words left his mouth and then began shedding his own oversized black t-shirt.

Jin stood from the chair and glared at the whiteboard that showed times like a train station schedule and then the clock beside it.

“Free time.”

Namjoon looked up in bewilderment from toeing off his slippers and unbuttoning his pants.

“We have 45 minutes until Yoongi is scheduled. We can do this without acting like fumbling virgin teenagers.”

The older man looked around and found the red handkerchief used to mark the room as in use and waved it like a flag. As he went to tie it to the outer doorknob he called back for Namjoon to pull up the video. He wanted to see his sexual doppelganger.

Luckily no one passed him in the hall as he made quick work with the fabric as he turned back into the room he flipped the lights earing a shocked squeak from the infamous badass Rap Monster. Jin smiled and shook his head.

Jin stood beside the computer as Namjoon clicked through the site. He unbuttoned his jeans slowly and lowered the zipper. As the sound reached the other’s ears, Namjoon slowed his frantic typing and stared in awe as Jin shimmied his hips like a stripper. He had never seen his hyung move so fluidly before.

It fucked him up.

Jin left his red boxer briefs on and went to sit back in his chair just as Namjoon cleared his throat.

“Found him. Er… I mean I found the video. The one…”

“Never in my life did I think you had such a problem with stuttering Namjoon. It’s cute.” Jin caressed his cheek and then turned to the computer.

Namjoon clicked play.

The movie started and revealed it to be a cam show and at first all the viewer could see was his well-toned back and butt. The guy’s hair was dark brown, and his shoulders were wide like Jin’s, although his ass was more round like Jimin’s. He walked to the bed and crawled onto it on all fours. He glanced over his shoulder, bangs falling to cover his eyes as he gave his ass a coy wiggle. Rap Mon coughed into his hand beside him and then laid both hands in his lap. Jin was having trouble with just wanting to watch his reaction to watching porn instead of watching the porn.

Kim Namjoon was too cute.

But on screen the man turned over and spread his legs and Jin gave a surprised gasp.

“I told you, he looks just like you.” Namjoon said quietly beside him.

“You really get off to this guy because he looks like me?”

Namjoon wouldn’t look at him, instead keeping steady eye contact with his folded hands resting on his lap. Not so much resting as trying to hide the tent in his boxer briefs.

Jin stood from the chair and shoved the computer screen back. The blush was high on his cheeks as he took a deep breath and then pushed his underwear down his legs. He leaned back against the desk, naked, as a long moan from the lookalike came from the speakers behind him. Namjoon glanced up and found his friend staring back at him.

“Well Namjoon. What are you going to do?”


Namjoon looked at his hyung, his friend, his longtime topsecret crush standing naked in front of him and wondered if Taehyung and Jungkook had slipped him something.

Well if I am drugged up might as well make the most of this dream.

He stood from the chair and approached the other man, using his height to his advantage as he cupped Jin’s face, his thumbs lightly caressing the skin of his cheeks and jaw. Right before their lips met the lewd sound of lubed up skin rubbing the skin and the moaned that followed it caused Jin to laugh and whatever strange and uncomfortable tension that had been hanging in the room vanished.

Namjoon leaned to kiss Jin and their lips met softly. Sweetly. With feeling and with wonder at the new and still forming relationship.

Jin’s hands lightly touched the hands holding his face so sweetly and ran up the strong forearms to the corded muscles usually hidden behind baggy t-shirts.

The kiss, as innocent as it started – even with the non-innocent situation from which it developed from – soon became more-needy as teeth nibbled on lips and tongues met and danced. Jin broke away with a gasp when Namjoon pressed his hips into Jin. Their erections rubbing together with only the fabric of the rappers underwear separating them.

Jin dug his nails into Rap Monster’s shoulders as his hips jerked to grind more against the younger man.

“Oh my god. Hyung don’t stop.” Namjoon moved his hands to desperately grasp the older man’s firm ass and dropped his head to Jin’s shoulder and bit the skin he found.

“More. More. Namjoon. Where is the lube?” When he didn’t receive more of an answer other than another mind-numbing roll of the rappers hips Jin buried his hand into the other’s hair and jerked him from the bruises his mouth was working on forming on the skin of Jin’s shoulder.

The pleasure combined dizzily with the light pain and Namjoon let out a loud moan. When his glazed eyes looked at Jin, Jin couldn’t help but smile at how adorable the boy was.

“Joonie. Yah, Joonie, we need lube. Where is it?”

As the glaze left his eyes Namjoon starting looking around in a confusing jumble of panic that it was actually going to happen and pure exuberance at oh my god, this is actually going to happen.

Ripping up drawers until he found plain lube, the bottle half empty, and beside it condoms.

“What the fuck is having sex in here?” Rap Mon wondered out loud as he grabbed one with one hand while desperately ribbing off the remaining barrier from being as naked as Jin.

“You really don’t know?” Jin laughed, “You’re so cute Joon-ah. Yoongi and Jimin have been together since Jimin graduated from school last year. I am kinda disappointed that you haven’t noticed.”

Namjoon tripped over the chair on his way back to Jin, but the older man caught him and pushed him down into the chair. The moans from the man on the computer screen becoming more insistent, getting ever closer to reaching his peak, but Namjoon barely heard it, much to wrapped up in watching Jin place kisses on his chest before reaching down to firmly grab his cock. The feeling of Jin’s hand on him caused him to buck up in the chair.

“Do you know how this is going to work Namjoon? Have you ever done this before?”

“No. No. I mean. Yes. Oh god. Harder.”

Jin shook his head at his lover. Taking all the responsibilities of this first time onto himself. He reached over to grab the bottle and condom, realizing that time was passing a bit quicker – they needed to speed things up a bit – and he was finally getting something he had wanted for years and the thought of Namjoon inside of him was making him anxious to feel him.

He kneeled down in front of the other man, spreading his knees out and popping open the bottle and squirting some of the thick liquid onto his fingers, reaching back to prep himself. The slide of his finger against his rim caused him to moan, resting his head on Namjoon’s knee as his index finger slid around his tightness before slowly pressing in smoothly but slowly. He felt the younger man’s hand curl into his hair and calmly brush the strands off of his face.

“Jin hyung, I want to help. Let me help, please.”

Jin brought his face off his knee and mouthed at the hot thick cock in front of his face.

“Next time, we don’t have time now. Just let me…” He slid his own middle finger in and started scissoring the digits, working himself open as he gasped around the head of Namjoon’s cock.

Soon the slick slide of his own fingers inside of him, the sound of his doppelganger getting off on the screen behind him, and Namjoon’s groans as he watched his cock disappeared into Jin’s mouth was enough to make him frantic to get off. He quickly forced in a third finger, to fast, the stretched burned harshly but the pain made the upcoming pleasure seem that much more in reach and as soon as he could start pumping the fingers with any sense of ease, Jin got off the floor and straddled Rap Mon’s chair. Grabbing the condom off the table and almost dropping it in his haste.

Namjoon grabbed it and opened it with sure fingers, his earlier fumbling have turned into the suave, smooth lover Jin knew he must be. He slid the condom on just and added a little extra lube, Jin falling firmly in love with his caring nature even in the middle of sex.

Jin brought their lips together as he started to guide Namjoon to his opening. As he started to press in, the rappers hands rubbed soothing motions onto his hips and sides, moving to grasp Jin’s weeping cock as Jin finally slid all the way down. When he bottomed out Jin let the most beautiful sound Namjoon had ever heard escape his lips.

Jin might not be the best dancer in BTS, but Namjoon was quickly impressed and even more quickly enthralled at how well he could move while being filled to the brim. He was so impressed, and it had been so long since he had been in anyone, and Jin was so god damn tight and so god damn beautiful with his head thrown back and Jin’s nails felt so good scratching lines into his chest, that Namjoon realized he wasn’t going to last long.

He jerked Jin and tilted his hips to be able to thrust up every time Jin came down.

“Jin, I can’t. I’m close.”

All he received was a moan for an answer, but with one quick tilt of his hips Jin cried out. Afraid at first he had done something to hurt his friend, Namjoon stop thrusting to tried to reach out and comfort him.

“No! There! Damn it Namjoon, do it again!”

“Oh.” Namjoon tilted his hips again and hesitantly thrust up, when the reaction from Jin was the same cry, Namjoon felt like the God of sex and started thrusting to the same spot and trying to hit it with more and more power.

In only a few more hits and jerky jerks at Jin’s cock the older man came with a loud drawn out cry, the sound was more erotic to Namjoon’s ear than any porn ever and caused him to reach his own peak gasping as he filled the condom.

Jin collapsed into Rap Mon and they sat in silence as they caught their breath. The sound from the movie now silent, they didn’t know how long it had been over with, but it didn’t truly matter.

Seokjin looked at Namjoon and shyly smiled. They met in a kiss they spoke of a future.

Suddenly the door rattled harshly in the frame as someone started banging at it.

“Stop fucking fucking! Your time is up and so help you god if my lube is gone! You are buying me more!” a slightly lower voice tried to calm Yoongi down.

Namjoon laughed loudly and the pounding at the door started again. Jin pulled off, a light sigh left him as Namjoon slipped from his body.

“Come on, let’s go talk about things in your room.” Jin held a hand out to Namjoon. The smile on the younger’s face causing a smile to form on his own.

They dressed in silence even as they heard Yoongi fuming on the other side of the door. As they opened the door and started to remove the handkerchief, Yoongi stopped them with a blush.

“No, just leave it. This room is taken.”

Jimin blushed beside him.

“You might want to restart the computer. I think it might have froze.” Namjoon said.

Jin smiled at Namjoon, “That’s the problem with porn. It freezes just when things are getting good.”

A grandaughter's problem

“Ah so there’s my little lightsaber, come to visit your old granddaddy eh?” Obiwan Kenobi huffed wheeling his wheelchair down the hall of his retirement haven, towards the angry form of his most rebellious granddaughter Kira, rolling his eyes at her revealing clothes he raised an eyebrow in the way only a retired member of the Special Joined, Equanimity Division of Intelligence (J.E.D.I) order could “you just missed Rey and Daisy, who by the way had a very interesting piece of gossip to share”

“Daisy and Rey don’t know anything” Kira snapped crossing her arms over her scantily clad chest, taking in his subtle chastisement and making a beeline for Obiwan’s linen closet, emerging minutes later clad in one of her grandfather’s old black Jedi Council tunics and sweatpants three sizes too big “they need to stay out of my bloody life, what gives them the right to butt in?”

“So, you haven’t been receiving flowers for a whole week in a row coupled with Slayer CD’s?” Grandfather Kenobi wondered raising an eyebrow “and you haven’t been refusing to let them read the cards that come with said gifts?” Wheeling himself to the adjacent kitchen Obiwan reached for the ever-boiling kettle that was a hallmark of the Kenobi household “have some tea Kira”

“FINE, I’ll tell you…but only because you’re you and because you’re not being a pain in the ass like Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum” Kira accepted the tea with a grudging smile and groaned “Gramps I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me!! I swear one minute I’m fine, going about my life, punching the crap out of my competition in the ring and one minute I’m not and then everything goes bloody sideways, and it’s all my stupid fault for saving Ben’s life”

“Kira, calm down, I assume it’s a long story yes?”

“Of course it is arghhh I just want to punch the bloody asshole”

“Start with the beginning, why did you have to save Ben’s life?”

Obiwan sighed, he often told himself had done a good job with the girls, Luke and Leia could vouch for that, after surviving the fall of the Emperor’s drug empire and with Anakin (no longer Vader) living out his remaining days in a high security glorified nursing home, Obiwan Kenobi hadn’t planned on one day being contacted by social services just about ten or so years later with the news that the secret son he’d had with Satine, who was supposed to be living a happy tragedy less life in Mandalore, was dead and unless he claimed custody of his son’s three orphan children the girls would be shipped off to some place far like Jakku.

So Obiwan had stepped up, retired to a modest house near the beach in Yavin IV and raised the girls himself with the occasional help from what was left of his friends.

Funny how the reason he’d abstained from mixing too much with Leia’s family was because he thought her own set of pre teen triplets were already enough work for Han and her her and in the end it turned out that it was Obiwan who found himself handing out sage advice to her.

Kenobi didn’t regret raising the girls away from Coruscant, if anything he was glad Rey, Kira and Daisy had gone to small town schools and roamed the beach and woods to their hearts content.

He just hadn’t counted with their strange fascination towards the Solo boys.

Anakin (Mustafar blast him) liked to laugh trough his life support and tell him he deserved it for all the grief Obiwan ever put his former Padawan trough.

“The beginning…Well, I guess it started last year when that bantha shit of Ben Solo said I wouldn’t know how to dress like a real girl even if Jessica Pava herself let me borrow her whole wardrobe, which is a load of… ”

“Was this before or after you ruined Kylo’s chance with Rey by showing her that video of him trashing his tattoo parlor after talking to Han” her Grandfather interrupted with narrowed eyes

“a bit after, the next day I think” Kira admitted ruefully “in my defense I have nothing against Kylo, he’s just a violent weirdo who doesn’t deserve Rey”

“Kira! You told Rey that Kylo had torched the falcon with Han inside!” Obiwan scolded “And belittle him infront of her every time you get a chance”

“He’s not good enough for her! Someone’s got to make sure she knows it” Kira protested crossing her arms over her chest.

“And Daisy with Matt?”

“Those two can ruin their relationship on their own”

“KIRA LAN KENOBI” Obiwan snapped raising his voice to scold her once again “sabotaging the happiness of your sisters is not something I approve of”

“But Grandpa!”

“Just continue your story”

“Well, then I told Ben that how would he know, since the only time he’s ever been interested in girls clothes was when he’s trying to take them off some poor unsuspecting soul”

“It all escalated from there until he said that from looking at my chest he understood why guys ran away from me”

“And you punched him in the face” Obiwan guessed wisely

“I did”

“You know his hostility might have had something to do with your single-minded tendency of ruining his brother’s happiness” but her grandfather’s observation got ignored by Kira

“But every time we’ve seen each other since then is the same thing” Kira kept on talking “he was always bloody remarking on the fact that I’m too boyish and tough and violent, and screw him I might not be all boobs and ass like Bazine but I’m not a bloody guy!”

“Isn’t that Bazine the girl you called “skanky cabaret stripper” after the Solo’s last New Year’s Eve party?“ Obiwan recalled the moniker being repeated with way too much frequency whenever Kira complained about Ben Solo’s womanizing and why that made Kylo and Matt entirely wrong for Rey or Daisy

“That’s the one, she’s got fake: nails, boobs, hair, teeth and personality"Kira listed angrily before returning to the subject at hand "so last week after debating it out with Rey in Han’s garage I got fed up, I just went downtown, bought a couple of dresses that would make even someone like Solo stop and pay attention and showed up at Poe’s birthday bash with Rey”

“Yes, I remember, incidentally Daisy told me that you and I quote "looked like a goddess of darkness, but got angry and left early’ and those were her exact words”

Kira smirked she HAD looked like a goddess thank you very much, that red and black one shoulder cocktail dress with her best skull printed fishnet stockings and loose hair had been enough to make her stand out even next to Phasma (which was a feat considering Phas had the term ‘Chrome Queen’ down to a trademark and Kira always looked like a punk rock Hobbit when they hung out together) “here’s the thing Granps, Hux was there too, he tried flirting with moi, which made me laugh at every three words he said”

“Why? Didn’t you want boys to notice the pretty dress? Daisy said Hux was your type” Obiwan had long ago accepted the fact that his girls were grown up, honestly after having to give them the talk before puberty and managing to survive ten or so years of synchronized periods, he considered the whole talking-about-boys thing the least traumatic of conversation topics.

“Hey one, ew it’s Hux, he doesn’t count as a boy because he’s a ginger and please feel free to take offense, gingers are the devil” Kira pointed out making her grandfather laugh “two, everytime Armitage Hux tries flirting with me it’s only because he’s trying to look casual when he turns around to make an actual move on Phasma, constipated and anal retentive as he is” Kira snorted “and three, it wasn’t a PRETTY dress, it was a badass masterpiece of clothing that was dug out from a ceremonial tomb in the ruins of Jedha and restored to its original glory by a black market Tailor”

“Kira what have I told you about doing your shopping in the ill-obtained-goods district of Coruscant?” Old Kenobi interjected with exasperation

“It’s a dress Grandpa…Or two or three, the tomb of Wesi Ker isn’t going to miss them and they came at a lower rate than the designer garbage General Organa loves to dress Rey in”

“Force give me patience” Grandfather said elevating his eyes to the sky “Don’t change the subject young lady, what did Hux do that you left early?”

“Hux? Nothing, didn’t I just tell you that Hux has a weird fetish for gigantic and blonde bi ladies?” Kira snapped, recalling Hux smarmy compliments “it was Ben! He’s the one who called me hot one moment and as soon as he saw Hux said I looked like cheap a skin girl, the idiot, chauvinistic, pompous bantha anus that he is”

“I take it you also punched him for the remark” in fact if she hadn’t it would have been a sign of the Apocalypse for Old Kenobi

“Of course not, it was Poe’s birthday, I promised Rey that there would be no punching”

“Then what..” old Obiwan raised his finger to ask

“…I took advantage of the slit in the leg of my dress to knee him in the nuts” Kira elaborated then she added for good measure “like a lady good and proper”

Privately Obiwan hoped it had hurt as much as Kira’s pride “so you left early” he deduced with a knowing look

“And ended up saving Ben Solo’s life, when I should have left him to die”

“I take it there’s more to the story than just leaving early then”

“Look I was going to! I even made nice with Poe and everything, bought him this very nice empire era X-Wing air freshener as a gift and abstained from insulting Finn’s obvious bad taste in boyfriends” Kira protested hotly “But Poe, the bloody Tautun, had to make a whole spectacle out of it and Daisy was begging me to stay because she’s Daisy and since Solo is Poe’s best friend, he attempted to cajole me into letting him drive me home, Grandpa, the gall of him! as tough I’m some simpering little idiot who doesn’t know what nasty shit he uses the Millennium Falcon for”

“Kira, didn’t you carpool in Rey’s car that day? Ben Solo might be a scoundrel but I’d have to agree on that one” Obiwan interrupted “I know, I know, you’re Kira Kenobi and can take care of yourself, but don’t blame an old man for being a worrier”

“I was planning to use my speeder, since Phasma brought it and I knew she’d be crashing with he’s-just-a-good-colleague Hux in his fancy Coruscant penthouse”

“A speeder in a dress? Force help me Kira! Not even your grandmother ever did that and believe me, I saw Satine wear a lot of strange clothing when escaping assassination attempts back in the day”

“Solo said the same thing…Well give or take a few ‘do you plan on flashing all the Commonwealth district’ and ‘Kira let me drive you home blah blah blah’ oh and when I wouldn’t listen to him he kissed me but that’s unimportant what’s important is that Dabba the Hutt’s minions…”

“Kira?” Obiwan leveled her another Jedi Council eyebrow raise “Ben Solo kissed you?”

“He did, I was trying to get away from him, he followed me to the parking lot and kissed me” She squirmed under her grandfather’s all knowing look

“Ben, the scoundrel you’ve been complaining about since you were thirteen, that Ben” Another Jedi Council eyebrow

“Yes that Ben, the same one I slapped minutes later”

“The Ben that you claim not to like”

“Grandpa! I really don’t like him, he’s an egocentric prick with a hero complex and a wandering dick” Kira didn’t like the laughter in her grandfather’s eyes not one bit and okay maybe that first kiss hadn’t been that bad and maybe he’d tasted like cigarettes and corellian wine but she absolutely still hated him

“Oh the follies of youth my child”

“Anyway, he kissed me, and don’t look at me like that I slapped the grin of his face and told him I’d never in a million years be a notch in his bedpost then he got angry and told me he’d see me in hell for that lie and I thought that was it, except it wasn’t because as he was leaving the parking lot to join the party Dabba the Hutt’s minions ambushed him”

“What is it with Solo men and angering Hutts? I could tell our one or two stories about Han in his Hutt days that would make even you feel like vomiting” Obiwan huffed as he put two and two together “he might be my namesake but Ben takes after his father too much, why didn’t they just name the boy Han junior?”

“I know! But guess what it turns out this time it wasn’t Ben’s fault” Kira smirked “I know shocking isn’t it”

“Very” her grandfather agreed bring the mug of tea to his lips

“So the twilek and the togruta mobsters ambushed him because that skank of Bazine is now Dabba the Hutt’s sidepiece, and pummeled Ben into submission before stuffing the idiot in the back of a van” then she paused “this is the part where I decided to be an idiot too and followed them in my speeder” she HAD been forced to rip her dress but the shorter length had suited her just fine

“Did you subdue them with a blaster or did you let your fist do the talking?” Obiwan hummed putting his mug down

“A Blaster but how did you know?” In fact she’d followed them into a warehouse and had started shooting warning blasts as soon as she saw Solo tied up with a bag over his head

“I raised you Kira, I know everything” was the sage answer she got

“Anyway there was I shooting at some Hutt minions, saving Solo’s ass, handing him my spare gun and he suddenly gives me that look!” Kira grumbled opening her eyes exaggeratedly and fluttering her eyelashes while trying to imitate Ben “you know the look, the pathetic one Kylo gives Rey when she’s not looking”

“Ahh the Bambi eyes”

“Yes and it’s ridiculous because I’m beating the shit out of those dumpsters for him and we’re right in the middle of a fight, what the hell Grandpa? I didn’t ask for the Bambi eyes!” Kira got angrier “that’s Matt’s deal, hell it’s Kylo’s too, but I am Kira Kenobi and I could have lived the rest of my life perfectly happy without knowing Ben was capable of directing that look at me”

Obiwan knew exactly what look she was talking about, the one that only a Skywalker could replicate, a gaze that was a mixture of awe, worship and admiration with just the right ammount of love that made mooncalfs look tame. Leia had a habit of sporting Bambi eyes whenever she looked at Han after the war.

In hindsight maybe the triplets had inherited the look from Shmi Skywalker, the blame for this couldn’t be laid exclusively at Anakin’s door.

“So he gave you the Bambi eyes and…”

“And now I’m doomed”

“Perfectly understandable”

“No I mean yes, I mean” Kira fisted her hands “We were fighting and he’s looking at me like I’m his new religion or something and then we’re tying up the twilek and the togruta and getting the hell out of Dodge in my speeder and it felt so right grandpa” she took a deep breath and a gulp of tea “and then I’m dropping him off at the Senate building and he’s kissing me again, only this time I kiss him back because dammit who can resist those stupid brown eyes when they have that look”

“So that’s why you think you’re doomed” Obiwan agreed “you’re right dear, you are very much doomed, has he asked you to marry him yet?”

“After we broke apart from that kiss”

“And now he’s sending you flowers” Grandfather chuckled “if you dislike the gesture why don’t you tell him to stop?”

“Because then I’d have to talk to him!” Kira replied then she smiled a little bit momentarily lighting up the perpetual scowl on her face “besides nobody has ever sent me flowers before, all the guys that like me are way too scared”

“What do your sisters think about it?”

“Oh Force if they knew it’s him I’ll never hear the end of it from Rey, they all know scoundrels are so not my kriffin type”

“Exept one scoundrel apparently is”

“I blame the Bambi eyes” Kira crossed her arms over her chest “and you grandpa are not allowed to tell anybody capisce?”

“Who would I tell?” Obiwan lied knowing fully well what his next topic of discussion with Anakin would be when they met up for senior discount brunch in his penitentiary’s cafe

“So what do I do? I don’t want to like him, he’s still an asshole with a hero complex and a womanizer track record”

“Trust the force?” Her grandfather joked earning him a glower from Kira “just follow your instincts Kira, that’s what my old master used to say”

“Your old master died a virgin”

“Actually Qui Gon lied to the Jedi Council about that but that’s a story for another day”

“So it wasn’t just you and vader who lied about that?…You know you Jedis had a ton of double standards” Kira needled in, much like the eldest Solo triplet, Kira had also done a stint in the Secret, Institution for Terror and Hostility (S.I.T.H) that opposed the Jedi order during her teens.

Obiwan had breathed easily when Kira’s fascination with the emperor (who was rumored to be related to the triplets mysterious mother) had dwindled from Sith tendencies down into a simple knack for collecting empire related memorabilia. As opposed to Kylo’s much more painful experience at the hands of Snoke the last head of the Sith organization.

“And that’s a lesson to learn from the old Jedi order that Luke took into account” Obiwan cut off good-naturedly “avoid double standards” he sent her a pointed look “anything else you’d like to share? I can see it’s eating you, trust me my dear if he likes you everything will be fine”

“His last flowers came with tickets to a Black Sabbath concert” Kira confessed ruefully “I didn’t exactly talk to him, but I might have sent him a text telling him to pick me up in three hours”

“I don’t know what millennials are calling that nowadays but in my time we called that a date”

“It’s not a date! I don’t do dates, dates are for pathetic people like Matt and Daisy”

“Does Ben Solo know that?” Obiwan chuckled

“Shut up Grandpa” Kira put her head in her arms and let out a scream “Force I’m so kriffin doomed”

And Obiwan did as a good grandfather would and didn’t voice his agreement out loud “it’s all right Kira, if he gets too out of hand you can just punch him again”

“What if I don’t want to punch him?” Kira raised her head from her arms

“Then you don’t punch him, simple as that”

“I don’t want to be a notch in his bedpost, I’d die if I’m just a game for his stupid nerf herder ass”

“Kira any man that even thinks that you’re the type of girl that gets used like that, deserves all the pain he’ll get when you disabuse him of the notion”

“Thanks Grandpa, that…Made me feel oddly better”

Obiwan sighed leave it to Kira to be comforted by thoughts of violent retribution “You have a Jedi blessing to break that boy’s bones if he doesn’t behave”

“And here I thought you couldn’t be a sweeter old man” Kira smiled “thank you, I really needed to hear that”

Oh Anakin would have a life support field day when Obiwan shared the latest Grandchild gossip, that’s for sure, but in the meantime Obiwan Kenobi poured more tea and listened to Kira’s dramatic death threats towards the man she liked.

He wished Satine could see him now, she would laugh too.

An: lils happy early birthday, Dark Rey was fun to write. Lilithsaur dear this fic was inspired by Franco and Sarita’s relationship in PDG. Also the girls love for quirky Grandpa Martin..

VIXX as Bodyguards

What would they be like as bodyguards?

N – A constant shadow at your shoulder. This man with a mysterious aura who whispers in your ear and keeps a Mona Lisa smile at all times. It may not seem like he’s doing much, but his quick eyes catch everything. If there was danger he’d let the other guards handle it unless the threat reached a close proximity to you. With lithe grace and blinding speed he’d incapacitate them. Dance and martial arts are close cousins. Through the centuries some of the martial arts styles have been disguised as dance, and he’s learned them well. In public he’d seem cool and calm, deferring to your authority. Alone with you he’d drop the pretense, warmly assuming the role of equals. Hakyeon would also fuss over you to eat and sleep properly. With you he’s outspoken enough that you’d think he’d say whatever was on his mind. Which he does, except for mentioning the fact he’s in love with you. Scared you wouldn’t return his feelings, he’d keep it a secret. Expansion

Leo – Leo’s presence alone would be scary as hell and quite the deterrent. Imagine him next to you, never smiling, never talking, eyes always alert and searching. And heaven help someone if they caught his attention. His scowl would be directly proportionate to how close that person came to you. His ferocity would earn him a reputation that would only grow because he’d do nothing to quell it. Rumors like that work in his favor, so why not let them spread? Alone with you his demeanor would soften. While he may be harsh with others at times, Taekwoon would always speak respectfully to you. You’d try to cajole him into relaxing but he wouldn’t feel he could. He’d love you deeply but think his position was beneath yours. If you love him and get that through his thick skull, you’d become essential to his wellbeing. Any threat to you would be taken down prodigiously no matter the size. His biggest fear would be failing in his duties and losing you. Expansion 

Ken – Of all of them he’s the one who would hate physical confrontation the most. He’d do it, and he’d be proficient if he applied himself but it would go against his nature. While smarter and more shrewd than people give him credit for, he isn’t aggressive. He’d be extremely protective of you, even using himself as a shield between you and danger. But over time the life of a guard would wear him down. The violence and constant threat would tarnish the beauty he sees in the world and make him cynical. In his position Ken wouldn’t be able to help falling in love. He’d be up front about how he felt but try not to pressure you. His feelings would make him stay to keep you safe even at the risk of his own conscience. Once you saw the first hint of darkness creeping into his eyes you’d remove him from guard duty. Your life isn’t worth sacrificing his smile.

Ravi – If he felt you were being threatened he’d start off with a bluff. Puffing himself up, making himself look like a badass he’d hope that would be discouraging enough to squash any conflict. He knows the best way to win a fight is avoiding one. If his strategy didn’t work a stillness would come over him as he became deadly serious. He doesn’t care what he has to do, nothing is going to touch you. Wonsik loves life but he’d give up his own for yours without a second thought. Given his temperament it’d almost be impossible for him not to fall in love. But he has too much respect for you to cross that line. He’d see it as taking advantage of his position. So you’d never know unless you picked up on those mournful puppy gazes he wasn’t even aware of giving you. It’d be obvious to everyone who saw him how he felt. Expansion

Hongbin – Bean is awkward and reserved. At first. Once he is given a role and allowed to become familiar with it, he can be formidable. While training to be a guard he would practice his skills non-stop until he was as close to perfection as he could get. By the time he’s assigned to you, he’d be comfortable and have a quiet reserve about him. When faced with danger he may get nervous but allow muscle memory to take over. He’d do fine, each encounter building his confidence. Gentle by nature, he has a protective streak once his heart is involved. He wanted to be the best before but once he loves you it would become much more personal for him. Threats against you would make him angry, fueling his desire to keep you safe all the more. You might suspect his feelings for you but he wouldn’t directly admit it on his own. If you confessed to him, he’d get flustered making his awkwardness resurface.  

Hyuk – The guard that everyone thinks is a nice guy and no one takes seriously. Until they see him in action. Sharp witted, broad, and strong, any incoming threats would falter against him like hitting a stone wall. And in the off chance they found a crack in his defenses, Hyuk would retaliate as if it were a personal affront. And that’s before he fell in love with you. After he did he’d observe you carefully to see if you might return his feelings. If he received any hint that you felt the same, he’d confess. He’d be nervous but it’d be difficult to tell until you accepted him and he breathed a sigh of relief. Hyuk would continue to do an exemplary job as your guard. However now that you’re together his perspective has altered. Before he took threats as they came but now he’d be more proactive about keeping you from being exposed to dangerous situations. ​

Complicated (Prt1) - Barry Allen x Reader

Complicated (Part 1) - Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: it’s sloppy srry. more to come soon lmao. I did this on my phone riiip

Summary: Reader, from Starling city, Oliver’s sister, goes back with Barry to Central City to see particle accelerator turn on & gets a lot more than what they bargained for.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually watched arrow so I apologize for that.

Warnings: suggestive themes ? swearing ig

Word count: roughly 1,300

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Submission from madelineontheweb:

I don’t seem like a typical Slytherin at first. Of all the HP characters, I’m the most similar to Luna Lovegood. People underestimate me constantly and assume I’m a harmless docile gentle soul, which I used to resent, but lately I’ve found that I can easily work it to my advantage.  My competition doesn’t see me as competition, until they’ve realized that I’ve been laying the foundations of my plan all along, and by then its already to late to change their tactics. I have won many, many, many board games this way.

Having a powerful capacity for manipulation isn’t a bad thing. It just means that you understand people’s character. To me, being a Slytherin isn’t about being constantly vengeful and badass all the time. It’s about watching and waiting and learning the patterns of things, so that when you need to, you can pull a cunning solution out of your sleeve that you’ve been keeping safe all along. For me, Slytherin means being very aware and in touch with your inner dragon. It’s better not to make rash decisions or stir up a storm, but if you need to, that dragon is there for you to use. You know how to destroy a person with a few words, and more importantly, you know how to behave responsibly about it.

Being a Slytherin, in my mind, is about recognizing your darker, traditionally negative qualities, and embracing them— using them to your benefit. Anger can turn into inspiration and drive, contempt can turn into awareness, coldness can become observation and self-reflection, weakness can blossom into creativity.

Once you accept yourself for who you really are, faults and flaws and strengths, you start to figure out ways to use everything you’ve got.

That’s how I think of it.

I agree with you. What do you guys think?

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 33!


  • In other news, the most adorable, completely Keyleth spell casting moment when she dispells Anna’s illusion lol:
    • “…” “…” “…Now, I do it now!”
    • Rest of VM: “…???”
    • “I’m not good with anticipation!”
  • “Is it…is it ‘Good Percy’ casting Friends, or ‘Shadow Monster Percy’ casting Friends?”
    • “We’ll never know - until he and Anna kill us all!”
    • “I’m getting a little creepy, I know.” “What do you mean, ‘getting creepy’?!?”
    • “You are at the moment, the luckiest person in Whitestone. Do you know why? Because you’re at the bottom of my list.”
    • Seriously, no matter how many times I watch this part, still the same level of fucking bamf
    • “I found your recent work fascinating -” “I would be happy to give you a very personal and up-close demonstration.”
    • “I’m going to take a leap of faith, and believe contrary to all evidence that you’re a smart woman.”
    • Also: I can’t stop giggling at Travis’s facial expressions whenever Taliesin comes out with a particularly badass/terrifying/snarky line hahaha. He’s so impressed and proud each time!
  • Vax’ildan vs. the Doors of Whitestone, AGAIN
    • This time because Vex had pretended to try to pick the lock on Anna’s cell to placate her when they had originally planned to just leave her there, and Vex had broken off a lockpick in the lock. 
    • Takes longer than usual: “Sorry, this normally doesn’t happen to me, I swear!”
  • Taliesin/Percy: “Just as we’re walking, I just want to very gently take my gun -” Scanlan: “And shoot her!”
    • Me too, Scanlan, me too
  • Vex: “I would loot, but, well, it’s Percival’s home.”
    • Um…Vex…do you not remember attempting to loot the boxes in the lower level of the castle right after you got through the secret tunnel? Because I do! LOL
  • Grog throws caltrops in front of the main door, rest of VM congratulates him on such a smart idea.
    • “Grog, using your noggin!” “One a day, one a day!”
  • BEST MOMENT: Scanlan: “So you’re telling me that somewhere in this castle is a room full of caustic acid, that can destroy the very stones it’s built on?” “Yes.” “I reach into my bag, take out my potion of acid resistance - and I drink it.”
  • Taliesin rolls so many fucking Nat 20s that they all decide to ban the Golden Snitch die for the rest of the episode!
    • “You’re the anti-Wheaton!” “If you are Wil ever played in the same room, all RPGs would fold in on themselves and cease to exist.”
    • Marisha rolls the Golden Snitch die, immediately rolls a Nat 1. 
    • Taliesin immediately rolls a Nat 20 with a different die
    • “Are you…Jesus?” “No, I’m the devil. I’m the devil and I’ve come to do the devil’s work.”
    • Agrees to lick Laura’s and Travis’s dice hahaha
    • Rolls another Nat 20. Matt suggests he go to Vegas and find a D&D casino.
      • …..Hmmm, and what, might I remind all of you, shows up in a new city in about 30 or so episodes? Might it be a fucking casino for which Matt created 3 different actual games?!?
      • LMAO
    • Grog gets dominated by Anders, ordered to kill Vax. 
      • Scanlan: “It’s Hulk versus Wolverine!!!”
      • “Remember what he did to your beard!”
      • “I know! Is it me grinning, or is it dominated me grinning?”
    • Taliesin pretends to be absorbing Matt’s good dice rolls when Matt rolls badly - and then Matt immediately rolls two Nat 20s hahaha
      • Marisha: “You mock fate, fate punches you in the mouth!”
    • “This is the dawning of the Age of a-Groggius!”
    • Scanlan’s CLUTCH counterspell!
      • “Uh-uh, that door is locked, motherfucker! Get used to it, because I am!”
    • “You’re the face I saw when murder entered my heart. This is your doing.”
      • Percival, finally face-to-face with one of the people who had just straight-up betrayed his family, after working for them for so many years :(  :(  :(
    • And obviously I have to mention this line: “Percival, how are you?” “Fine.” “Darling - take the mask off.”
      • <3 <3 <3
  • We interrupt this imminent rebellion for a moment of love confession!
    • “You know I’m in love with you, right?”
    • Marisha starts hardcore blushing!
    • Matt just cackling in the background hahaha
    • “Roll for…contact?” “Roll for tongue action!”
    • “You know that way you turn into animals and stuff is really cool.”
  • We interrupt this love confession to bring you Percy beating the crap out of Vax with Vex’s arrows, for yet again busting into a dangerous situation without the rest of Vox Machina hahaha. 
  • Sibling Reunion!
    • Hugs, yay!
    • Matching stress hair.
    • The look on Percy’s face? This gentle sort of hope and soft happiness, oh Godddd.
    • The almost immediate sibling tension lol
    • “Percy -” “Oh, she’s so obnoxious - what?” “You have a sister!” “Oh, god, I do!” 
  • Cassandra de Rolo in her mother’s armour! <3
  • Bye, Anna, see you in REDACTED
    • Ooh, I wanna shoot her in the face
  • Percy gives Scanlan Anna’s (unloaded) pistol; Scanlan spins it around on his finger before holstering it, gunslinger style; would have shot his own foot if there had been any bullets in it haha
  • Scanlan turns everyone into Percy and Cassandra with Seeming - it is at once sweet and lovely, and very disturbing and weird.
    • “Abrasiveness is his most powerful weapon.”
    • Keyleth tries to have a moment with Vax, but suddenly realises she can’t actually tell which Percy is Vax. Scanlan immediately takes advantage of this.
    • “This is really creepy, because it looks like Percy and Cassandra are having a romantic moment!”
    • “Is there anyone who isn’t made uncomfortable by this??”
    • “Um…just…be careful.” Percy-pretending-to-be-the-Vax-Percy: “Of course, Keyleth.”
    • “So what’s the marching order guys?”
      • “Percy, Cassandra, Cassandra, Percy, Percy Cassandra…”
  • Scanlan’s SECOND Vicious Mockery HDYWTDT in Whitestone haha
    • “You’re not even corporeal! You have no substance! You’re a nothing! You’re a nobody! You won’t amount to NOTHING in this world! You were nothing in life and now you’re nothing in death!”
    • “Which one of my ancestors did you just shame to death, again?!?”
  • Scanlan Shorthalt: Devious Good Alignment
  • Percy fighting the wraiths, wincing every time a member of VM inadvertently destroys a part of his family’s crypt. 
  • Taliesin’s fucking wraith impressions when Percy gets possessed omfg. 
    • Vax decides to punch possessed-Percy with the symbol of Saranrae instead of, idk, just touching him with it? 
    • Vax punching someone with divine affection is so fucking in character I can’t even lol
    • Scanlan: “Can I just say - this is Percy beating up Percy right now!”
    • Percy: “I’m trying not to read too much into it. This is not a metaphor!”
  • “You got those moves with dagger, you got those moves with dagger…”
  • “Is there - is there any point in looting -” Percy: “NO!
action movie story structure: mad max edition

Mad Max: Fury Road is a huge, non-stop, deliberately over-the-top action bonanza. But one of the reasons it works so well is that it’s built on an exceedingly simple and perfectly structured storytelling frame. It’s like a screenwriting master class for action storytellers.

Although the action is near-constant, it’s broken down into six distinct set pieces, in a movie that’s very clearly structured into eight sequences. Each discrete piece of action plays a very clear role in not only advancing the plot, but advancing the characters’ relationships to each other. Using the three-act, eight-sequence structure of a standard screenplay, you can describe them as follows:


Sequence 1: Max’s introduction, capture, and failed escape attempt

Sequence 2: Furiosa’s introduction and the chase into the sandstorm


Sequence 3: Max and Furiosa’s meeting, fight, and detente in the truck as they approach the canyon

Sequence 4: The Rock Riders’ attack and the chase with Joe in which Angharad gets killed

Sequence 5: The Bullet Farmer’s nighttime attack

Sequence 6: Meeting the Vuvalini (which is not really an action sequence, but important to the plot), up until the point when Max separates from the group


Sequence 7/8: The third act is a single giant piece of action: deciding to capture the Citadel and the huge road battle that ensues. It’s about 20 minutes of constant action, with a five-minute coda back at the Citadel. It’s divided almost exactly in half by the moment when Furiosa gets stabbed.

If you watch the timecode, you’ll see that the movie breaks down almost perfectly into a 30-minute first act, an hour-long second act and a 25-minute third act. (Like a lot of movies, it’s a little front-heavy, because we have more patience at the beginning of a film. By the end we just want to be zipping along.)

What can we observe about each of these sequences? In the first sequence, we see Max alone. Furiosa is also alone in her own way in her introductory sequence–she’s driving with a team of War Boys, who will fight and die for her, but we know from early on in the sequence that she’s already betrayed them.

Max and Furiosa first see each other in the middle of the sandstorm chase, but they don’t interact until the beginning of the second act. They start off trying to kill each other, but within a few minutes of screen time, they find themselves teaming up–and they are clearly awesome together. Max goes from pointing a gun at Furiosa to loading one and handing it up to her as she shoots out of the top of the truck. By the time we reach the midpoint of the movie, which happens right after Angharad’s death, Max and Furiosa are a team.

(One of my favorite aspects of this sequence is that Max and Furiosa never stop to have a conversation about this dramatic reversal. It just happens. The moment when they should be metaphorically or literally high-fiving about their badass teamwork is undercut by Angharad’s death. They’re united in a very different way, in grief and guilt.)

In the next sequence, when the Bullet Farmer attacks the rig at night, we see Max not just teaming up with Furiosa in the heat of battle, but proactively going off to do some violence (blowing up the Bullet Farmer’s vehicle) in order to protect the crew on the War Rig. I think it’s clear from Furiosa’s reactions when he comes back splattered in blood that she’s aware this has a psychological cost for him, even if it’s necessary to ensure their survival. She also catches herself implicitly admitting that she cares about his fate when she asks what they should do if he isn’t back by the time the engines are cool.

Meanwhile, the third warrior character, Nux, has been on his own journey. Nux starts off in opposition to both Max and Furiosa, and in the first half of the second act, he’s still trying to kill Furiosa. But after failing multiple times, and watching Angharad get killed, he has a crisis of faith. Capable finding him in the back of the rig, and offering him kindness instead of violence is enough to bring him to their side. In the third sequence of the second act, he joins their team permanently. He also starts out with a gun being pointed at him, but at the most dangerous moment in the Bullet Farmer’s attack, Max, Furiosa and Nux are all working together to move the rig out of the mud, with Nux behind the wheel.

The fourth sequence of the second act is really the only extended breather from the madcap action, but we get important story developments. We learn the most we’re ever going to learn about Furiosa’s backstory. And we meet the Vuvalini, who are both the last survivors of the matriarchal society from which Furiosa was stolen as a child, and the last component of what will become her army in the third act. We also learn that the Green Place is no more, and Furiosa’s original plan cannot succeed.

The second act can also be seen as a continuous process of more characters joining Furiosa’s mission, with one major development each sequence. Furiosa and the Wives are on the mission together in the first sequence, Max fully joins them in the second, Nux in the third, and the Vuvalini in the fourth.

After bringing all these characters together, the end of the second act gives Max a chance to separate from the group again. He instinctively takes it because running away is what he does. For the first time since the beginning of the movie, Max is alone (in a shot with him center-framed against the desert with his back to us that echoes his introduction in the beginning of the film). 

But once he’s alone, Max realizes that he’s made the wrong choice. The guy who’s always running away from everyone realizes that running away is not the solution–both for him, and for the rest of the characters currently biking across the salt flats. After being unwillingly thrown together with them at the beginning of the movie, he voluntarily chooses to rejoin them and convinces them to turn around and capture the Citadel together. He does it not just because he cares about their fate at this point, but because he realizes he himself needs to be with them for his own emotional healing. This is a key moment for Max, in that he chooses collective resistance and solidarity over individual survival, which was his goal throughout most of the beginning of the film.

(Many action movies follow a pattern in which the protagonists are reactively responding to the antagonist’s attacks for the first two acts of the movie, and then turn around and face the antagonist in a proactive, consciously chosen fight in the third act. Fury Road literalizes this structure by having the characters literally turn around and go back to the place they came from, which also happens to be the villain’s lair.)

By the third act of the movie, all these characters are united as a team, and can do the climactic action working together, at their highest degree of unity. The internal conflicts between them have been resolved, and the focus is on the external conflict with Joe, which is as it should be during the third act of a movie. Two characters who started out fighting Furiosa–Max and Nux–both do some pretty important things to contribute to the success of her mission. Nux, whose journey is about his ideological break with Joe’s world, switching sides and using his martyrdom impulse for heroic instead of destructive ends, sacrifices his life to ensure the team’s escape. Max, whose story is about re-learning human connection, ends the sequence with both a literal blood connection and a deep emotional connection to a person he started the story trying to kill.

Most people who go to see a blockbuster movie haven’t studied screenwriting. But we’ve all watched a lot of movies, and I think we often have an instinctive sense of when the structure feels satisfying, because the right things are happening at the right time to move the story forward, versus when something feels off. The fact that Fury Road is perfectly structured is part of what gives it its momentum and makes it feel so emotionally compelling. Because the writers knew how to use the structure to their advantage, characters are able to go on huge, life-changing emotional journeys over the course of the movie in a way that feels so natural you almost don’t realize it’s happening in the midst of all the action–but it is, and it’s enormously satisfying. That’s great storytelling.