what badassness can these guys not have to use to their advantage

Female Characters to Avoid in your Writing:  An Illustrated Guide.

1.  The Bella Swan (i.e. the blank sheet of paper)

Who she is:

In Twilight, Bella has absolutely no qualities that make her interesting as a character.  She’s shown to have very little personality, in the books or onscreen, and is only made “interesting” (a relative term here) via the inclusion of her sparkly, abusive boyfriend.  It feeds into the harmful mentality of adolescent girls that you need a significant other in order to find fulfillment, particularly if he’s significantly older and likes to watch you sleep.  Yikes.


Bella is welcomed to school by a friendly, extroverted girl and given a place to sit amongst her and her friends.  Despite this girl’s kindness, Bella shrugs her off as a stereotypical shallow cheerleader, and spends her time staring wistfully at the guy across the cafeteria from them.  Once Edward becomes her official boyfriend, she immediately loses interest in her new friends as her life shifts its orbit to revolve completely around him. 

How to avoid her:

  • Female characters are allowed to have lives outside of their significant others.  They’re allowed to have friends, quirks, hobbies, and interests.  Give them some
  • The best fictional relationships are based off of characters who compliment each other, not one character who revolves around the other.  Make sure your female character’s life does not centralize around her significant other.
  • Strong female characters don’t look down on other girls, even if they are outgoing cheerleaders.  Being pasty and introverted doesn’t make you a better person, y’all – if it did, I’d be a decorated hero by now.
  • Give them aspirations besides getting an obsessive, much-older boyfriend.  In fact, don’t give them an obsessive, much-older boyfriend at all – if you do want them to have a significant other, give them one who cares about their interests and accepts that they have lives and goals outside of them.

2.  The Molly Hooper (i.e. the starry-eyed punching bag)

Who she is:

 Like most things about BBC’s Sherlock, Molly was an amazing concept that went progressively downhill.  I used to love her quiet tenacity and emotional intelligence, and was sure that with her strong basis as a character, she would overcome her infatuation with the titular Sherlock and find self-fulfillment.  Nope!


She remained stubbornly infatuated over the course of five years with an ambiguously gay man who, en large, treated her badly, leading to her public humiliation with zero pertinence to the plot or resolution.  Moreover, her infatuation with Sherlock quickly usurped almost all of her other characteristics, leading her to an increasingly immature characterization that was difficult to relate to.

How to avoid her:

  • By all means, please write female characters who are quiet, kind, and unassuming (a female character does not, contrary to popular belief, need to be rambunctious, callous, or violent to be “strong”) but remember than none of these traits need to make the character a pushover.  Let them stand their ground.
  • Similarly, attraction to men (or anyone, for that matter) does not invalidate a female character’s strength.  Just be sure she values herself more than their attention.
  • As I said earlier, don’t be afraid to make characters who are gentle and soft-spoken, but be wary of making them “childlike,” or giving them an infantile, emotionally characterization.
  • My best advice for writing gentle, soft-spoken, unassuming women would actually to look to male characters in the media fitting this description; since male characters are rarely infantilized as much as women are by popular media, you’ll get a much better idea of what a well-rounded character looks like. 

3.  The Irene Adler (i.e. the defanged badass)  

Who she is: 

Yup, another one of the BBC Sherlock women, among whom only Mrs. Hudson seemed to come through with her dignity and characterization intact.  In the books, Irene and Sherlock have absolutely zero romantic connotations, only bonded via Sherlock’s irritation and respect with her substantial intelligence.  In the show, it’s a different story entirely. 


Irene is a badass character who’s turned into a teary-eyed Damsel in Distress via her uncontrollable love for the show’s male lead.  It doesn’t help matters that she’s a self-proclaimed lesbian who falls in love with a man, which, unless you’re a woman who loves women yourself and writing about a character realizing she’s bi/pansexual, I would recommend against doing under any circumstances.  She ends up being defeated and subsequently rescued by Sherlock – a far cry from her defeat of him in the books. 

How to avoid her:

  • If you’re writing a badass female character, allow her to actually be badass, and allow her to actually show it throughout your work as opposed to just hearing other characters say it.  And one punch or kick isn’t enough, either:  I want to see this chick jump out of planes.
  • That said, “badass” does not equal emotionally callous.  It doesn’t bother me that Moffat showed Irene having feelings for someone else, what bothers me is how he went about it. 
  • When writing a character who’s shown to be attracted to more than one gender, just say she’s bisexual.  Pansexual.  Whatever, just don’t call her straight/gay depending on the situation she’s in.  Jesus.

4.  The Becky (i.e. the comedic rapist) 

Who she is: 

Most people who know me can vouch for my adoration of Supernatural, but it definitely has its problems:  it’s not as diverse as it could be, its treatment of women is subpar, and yes, there is some thinly veiled sexual violence:  all three of its leading characters have dealt with it at one point of another (Dean is routinely groped by female demons, a virginal Castiel was sexually taken advantage of by a disguised reaper, and the whole concept of sex under demonic possession is iffy to say the least.)  It’s rarely ever addressed afterwards, and is commonly used for comedic fodder.  Possibly the most quintessential example of this is Becky.


Becky abducts Sam, ties him to the bed, and kisses him against his will.  She then drugs him, albeit with a love potion, and is implied to have had sex with him under its influence. 

How to avoid her:

  • Male rape isn’t funny, y’all.  Media still takes rape against women a lot more seriously than rape against men, particularly female-on-male rape, and I can assure you its not.
  • Educate yourself on statistics for male sexual assault:  approximately thirty-eight percent of sexual violence survivors are male, for example, and approximately one in sixteen male college students has reported to have experienced sexual assault. 
  • Moreover, be aware that forty-six percent of all instances of male rape have a female perpetrator.
  • Read more here in this amazing article: http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2014/04/male_rape_in_america_a_new_study_reveals_that_men_are_sexually_assaulted.html
  • In other words, treat themes of sexual assault against men as seriously as you would treat themes of sexual assault against women.       

5.  The Movie Hermione (i.e. the flawless superhuman) 

Who she is: 

Okay, in and of herself, Movie Hermione is amazing:  she’s beautiful, intelligent, and heroic, as well as possibly the most useful character of the franchise.  She only bothers me in context of the fact that she takes away everything I loved most about Book Hermoine, and everything I loved about Book Ron, too.   


Book Hermione was beautiful, but not conventionally:  she had big, poofy curls, big teeth, and didn’t put a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance.  Movie Hermione looks effortlessly flawless, all the time.  Book Hermione was intelligent, but also loud, abrasive, and unintentionally annoying when talking about her interests (which meant a lot to me, because as a kid on the Asperger’s spectrum, I frequently was/am that way myself – it was nice to see a character struggling with the same traits).  She was also allowed to have flaws, such as struggling to keep up with academia, and being terrified of failure.  

Movie Hermione also took all of Ron’s redeeming qualities, and everything that made him compliment her as a couple:  his street smarts used to compliment her academic intelligence, for example, staying calm while she panicked in the Philosopher’s Stone when they were being overcome with vines.  He also stood up for her in the books against Snape, as opposed to the jerkish “he’s right, you know.”     

How to avoid her:

  • Allow your female characters to have flaws, as much so as any well-rounded male character.  Just be sure to counterbalance them with a suitable amount of redeeming qualities.  This will make your female character well-rounded, dynamic, and easy to get invested in.
  • There’s no reason for your female characters to always look perfect.  Sure, they can be stunningly gorgeous (particularly if their appearance is important to them), but it’s physical imperfections that make characters fun to imagine:  Harry’s scar and wild hair, for example.  Female characters are no different. 
  • If you’re writing a female character to have an eventual love interest, allow their personalities to compliment one another.  Allow the love interest to have qualities that the female character is lacking, so that they can compliment one another and have better chemistry. 
  • Basically, write your female characters as people. 

Check out my list of male characters to avoid here:   https://thecaffeinebookwarrior.tumblr.com/post/161184030785/male-protagonists-to-avoid-in-your-writing-an.

God willing, I will be publishing essays like this approximately every Friday, so be sure to follow my blog and stay tuned for future writing advice and observations!

ok, so i was watching escape from beta traz a few days ago. and i realized something. Lance never misses.

here he is, shooting the warden. if those metal arms weren’t there, the shots would be hitting him right in the face. it’s already impressive that every shot is hitting its target, but it’s ALSO implied that for most of those shots, lance was running and aiming simultaneously

and then there is THIS scene. i think lance was overshadowed by shiro here because shiro does some pretty crazy shit! but lance does some pretty crazy shit too.

theres this little screencap, which i love, because it shows lance being serious and concentrating which isnt something we get to see very much.

the two sentries in this photo were taken down by lance in the first few seconds of the conflict. Shiro does some cool fighting shit, using his environment to his advantage, it looks really cool. He then takes down a sentry that Lance, admittedly, DID have. I’m not bitter about it, but Lance is, and that’s why I mention it.

also look at laika shes so cute

but anyway. at this point, the warden and pidge both show up. the REAL fight begins.

lance takes on the big guy asap. again, if not for those metal arms, the warden would be toast. but it doesnt stop there, no. to avoid one of the wardens attacks, lance propels himself in the air and continues to shoot.

and still doesnt miss!! what a badass!!

and, of course, we have the sharpshooter scene. but thats been analyzed already, so i wont go into it.

“but how can you know that this is intentional?”

easy. everything in animation has to be intentional. both keith and hunk also operate guns in the series at some point. hunk, who has little experiencce with guns, has sporadic shots that sometimes do not meet their targets, or take multiple shots in order to do so. In season 2, episode 12, keith shoots at some galra sentries. but not all of his shots hit them either.

These are some screen shots of that particular scene. Keith hits the walls too, not just the sentries. Meanwhile, Lance is making the target with every shot. And I’ve only examined this one episode, so who knows how much i’ve missed.

Anyways, it’s intentional. Super intentional.

TL;DR: Lance is an expert marksman and sharpshooting is his thing. The others just haven’t realized it yet because his talent isn’t as flashy or as obvious as the others and often gets overshadowed

Thor’s got the power

Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok below!

Of course one of the things that just make me so gd ecstatic about Ragnarok is that we finally got to see Thor and the level of power he really possesses. I still don’t think we’ve seen what he can fully unleash yet, but Ragnarok was a breath of fresh air because I feel as if they severely depowered him in the past movies.

This panel pretty much sums up my feelings about his situation for the past movies:

You want some ice for that, Tony?

Thor 1 made sense with his powers not being as formative looking because he spent over half the movie without them. In Avengers we saw his strength and his power, but it wasn’t anything that we were presented with as being overly different or magnificent. We see him light shit up and fight like a badass, but I still think that the MCU didn’t really tap into what made Thor Thor. Whether this was intended because he was holding back or not isn’t too clear, but still, I was left wanting.

Dark World and Ultron showed us some more of his powers to affect the elements and use them to his advantage. Also, we how much he could endure in a fight without him getting too beat up. But still, it felt like they didn’t give him his due.

Mjolnir has always been such a prominent weapon, fixture, and symbol for Thor that you literally cannot picture him without it. The immediate knee-jerk reaction is that Thor without Mjolnir isn’t as powerful or deadly. Even Thor thinks that because it’s what he was presented with as a youth. Almost as if it were a crutch. Mjolnir was a very powerful weapon, but in the end, Mjolnir was only as powerful as Thor. Odin even said that it was there to help focus the power he already had and that Mjolnir wasn’t source of how powerful Thor could be. He’s not the god of hammers, he’s the god of thunder.

I love Mjolnir. I feel like they were a character on its own and they will be missed. Korg put it so nicely: 

Sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and you losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one.

That’s a nice way of putting it.

That is perfect because to Thor Mjolnir was a part of him and seeing that part of him destroyed is no minor thing. He’s lost his father, found out that his sister is a maniac that just wants to rule and kill everything, and had Mjolnir bite the dust all within a literal 10 minute period. Seriously if that were me I’d be a mess, but hey, this is Thor and he can compartmentalize like a champ.

While I’ll miss Mjolnir very much, the destruction of them was very necessary for Thor to grow as a character and fighter. It gave the audience who may not be as familiar with Thor as we diehards are a good look as to how powerful he really is. He is the weapon. He is the one that would ultimately cause the destruction of his enemies, not Mjolnir.

I’m happy that Ragnarok showed us what Thor could be without Mjolnir same as in Iron Man 3 we saw what Tony could do without his suits. These guys are far, far more than their tech and their weapons. It showed us they can be equally badass without.

Then there’s his fight with Hulk. There’s always debate about who is stronger and who would win, but Thor was created to be stronger than Hulk.

Of course, it varies with writers through the comics, but he was originally created to be stronger, so he’s stronger than Hulk and no one can tell me differently.

We saw in Avengers how well matched he was with Hulk, but there was no clear winner because things were all over the place in regards to what was going on.

This is why I love the gladiator arena fight so much because you see both Thor and Hulk just absolutely throw down and not hold back. You see Thor throw Hulk and just send him flying around half the damn arena. Thor gets absolutely pummeled in the face repeatedly and he barely has a scratch on him. This is how powerful and indestructible he really is. He is in no way a lightweight in the MCU and can go toe to toe with the best. 

I fully believe that had the fight been seen through that Thor would have won. I think Grandmaster realized this, especially as Thor was connecting to his powers deeper down. Hulk would lose so Grandmaster did what he had to and took Thor out of the game. While I would have liked to have seen Thor win, I thought that this was kind of a clever way to have it as so there was no clear winner. Everyone kinda leaves happy.

Then, of course, there’s The Scene™. The Scene to end all scenes and my life. We see a fully powered up Thor that absolutely deals out destruction and doesn’t take names. This is Thor THE God of Thunder. This is the Thor that hasn’t been given to us before. This is the Thor that finally understands the depth and reach of his powers and that it’s him and nothing else doing this. This is him unleashing the thunder and lightening to end all thunder and lightening.


is the


I have 

been dreaming of

I literally cannot thank Taika Waititi and Ragnarok enough for this. I hope that he just grows more powerful and we see more epic shit like this in Infinity War.

The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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How about Dean and Cas as University professors? Where one is a leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-driving badass and the other wears sweater vests and dorky glasses? And none of their students realize they're married until some event happens that ends with someone witnessing them kissing goodbye in front of one of their offices?

Gossiping is a powerful urge. University students are by no means exempt from it, despite ostensibly being intelligent adults. So when one sunny Monday morning, Professor Novak shows up to class with a visible hickey on the side of his neck, the rumor mill goes spinning out of control.

Because, yeah, Novak is good looking but he’s always seemed kind of… untouchable. Like a monk, but a hot one.

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Favorite BNHA characters ( top 10 ) and why?

This question should be illegal. I’m only taking the students because that would be too hard I love Yoshitori and Aizawa too much and dhojdfkhfjds.


1. Kirishima Eijirou

Originally posted by sanuske-ramblings

Cinnamon roll. Deserves everything. I’m not gonna be great at explaining why I love him - or just everyone in this list - because it’s just this feeling of overwhelming love when you see a character you like fhjdkfsd.

He’s talented, strong in his determination and in his power, and his kindness doesn’t have limits. Sunshine.

Even though he has self-confidence issues, he’s always here to help people. He does realize he has flaws but is working on it the best he can. I admire the fact that he overcomes his fears but you can still clearly see the internal struggling. (This is a great character development we got here if you check his past.)

Also, Bakugou respects him. And if you gain Bakugou’s respect, you must REALLY have something because Bakugou’s not the easiest person to please. He didn’t even try to it just happened

Kirishima Eijirou is the best friend everyone would dream of.

2. Midoriya Izuku

Originally posted by anime-trash-for-life

He was my first favorite before Kirishima’s story came out

Who the heck is even this boy? How pure is he? How stupid was this reaction of his to save Bakugou in the very beginning when even the heroes - even All Might - didn’t move? Also, the fight against Todoroki? The boy BROKE HIS BONES, and SEVERAL TIMES for his friend to move on. That’s- I have no words.

Midoriya Izuku is the perfect next symbol of Peace: his selfness and need to help people wasn’t made by his quirk but by his soul and that’s what pleased most people, and his dream won’t be stopped no matter what. All Might chose well.

3. Uraraka Ochako

Originally posted by jyoshikausei

Look at her. She’s shivering and yet smiling and explicitely showing to her friends “I’m good, don’t worry.”

THIS GIRL ROCKS. She’s so clever. She’s talented. She fought against Katsuki Fucking Bakugou and could have won. I was in awe when I realised what was her plan all along during the fight. I’m still not over it.

And her motivation? No, not money, not really. Money is a mean to a goal. Her goal is to help her parents who she loves dearly and it’s one of the most adorable things. She wants to become her parents’ hero because they were the heroes of her childhood - look back when she was a kid how she admired their work and how frustrated she was not to be able to help.

I’m so excited about her she has so much potential.

4. Tamaki Amajiki

I honestly don’t know much about him - like everyone else I guess? But from what I’ve seen, this character is… different. I can’t really explain. Actually, all the characters are really different, the author is doing a great job for so many characters. 

I was surprised to hear about a group of three amazing future heroes, and see this guy, so shy, so awkward, with a real anxiety towards people - this is not comic relief to me. And this is important. Tamaki is going in front of a class, with two of his best friends/team-mates, and tries to stand up for what he believes in.

And since the last chapters I’m really worried about him I need new content pls help

5. Todoroki Shouto 

Very complexed character. His past makes who he is now. He is physically marked by the disfunctional family father he’s living with, and mentally too. You can’t make me believe seeing his mother in such a state, hurt him, and losing her for the rest of his childhood isn’t a great impact on his personality. You can’t tell me, having a “dad” who forbid you to play with your siblings to train for his own selfishness didn’t touch him.

This is a terrible past, and I realize how Todoroki actually easily confessed it to someone in his class - to Midoriya. But doing this is the first step of the development of his character which made me love him, oh so much.

I liked the grudge he’s holding against his father, and the fact that he still does, but put it apart in order to follow is own ideals, his own project. I was so proud of him when he chose to work with Endeavor because he figured it was the best for his powers.

This kid is so young but so mature already. He faced his father, and then came to see his mother on his own, to face her too. That’s amazingly brave.

And finally, in the scans for the “Bakugou Arc” Todoroki more and more cares about not just his own motivations, but also his classmates. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN THEY TAKE AWAY HIS FRIEND. You can definitely see it before tho, when he’s teaming up with Momo and listens to her after realizing he might have been too focused on himself and not on sharing ideas.

Originally posted by neotokyotre

Also did I tell you how incredible and badass his power is?

6. Kaminari Denki

Originally posted by petitt-mafia

Another precious boy. But who isn’t? Mine-who? Don’t know this guy.

Let’s just appreciate this pic of our Human Pikachu.

I don’t feel like he got a lot of moments yet, so I’m really excited about knowing more about him, but I liked him right from the beginning - I actually liked him more than Kirishima at first. He’s motivated to do his best, but knows his limits. Even though he still acts without thinking sometimes and that’s killing me xD

He rocks. That’s all I can say. In this arc, he nailed it, and-

He got his bff’s support, which is BIG. (Also, again, Bakugou). He improved a lot and I’m so proud of him.

Despite what a lot of people think, my son is clever. Just remember he’s a 15 yo guy and teens do mistakes and stupid things all the time. 

I remember reading somewhere he’s always showing his thumbs up to let everyone know he’s alright once he’s off. This is incridibly touching. I don’t know about you, but if even when his brain turns off, his last will or his subconscious is yelling at him to let everyone know he’s good and that they can go on, I think already a little part of his job, as a future hero, is completed.

You go, Denki.

7. Mirio Togata (also known as Tintin)

I didn’t know I would love him. I thought I would like him, but I didn’t know my heart would just go down and drown with the last chapters. I hate this manga sometimes.

He looks so nice. So at ease. All the time. He trained so hard, I understand Izuku’s expression in this panel. This guy is impressive and you don’t realize it right away but when you do- oh damn. I mean. He was supposed to be the next Hero of Peace.

D E T E R M I N A T I O N in everything he does, in his beliefs. I also believe - and I’m pretty sure - he’s helping Tamaki with his social issues and awkwardness.


Listen to him he knows what he’s talking about everything’s okay *sobs*

8. Katsuki Bakugou

Alright what about Bakugou. I like his character. He’s unstable, and that makes my feelings also unstables. His agressivity is the reason why I’m a bit indicisive, but he does have great moments which explain why he’s in this top 10.

Originally posted by fymyheroacademia

Believe it or not, despite ALL OF HIS FLAWS, Bakugou is a human being. A shitty human being yes - I’m referring to the very first episodes (I can’t forgive him to, basically, tell Izuku to kill himself, ‘who cares’) - but still human. I LOVE his character development. He’s being forced to consider his classmates and - hey everyone knows that, this guy is pretty clever.

One of the many reasons I love Bakugou: his fight with Uraraka. She fought with everything she could give, and he NEVER once underestimated her. Here’s something I need to see more: don’t judge the oponent by the way they look, and please especially not if they happen to be a woman. The whole croud yelled at him for “torturing” and “hurting” a girl, but that’d be okay with a guy? C’mon. I’m proud of you, Bakugou.

He also notices more than he seems to, like in this panel, for Izuku’s power. ‘

I’m really glad we got this moment of pure angst - I’m sorry I hated it but it also made Bakugou so much more human? He’s a kid. A kid with issues. And he lived traumatising things. 

But he doesn’t talk about those events. Because he’s too proud. But in the end? He’s just holding those regrets, those feelings of guilt, and cries them out. He’s a mess and he is lost.

Plus great bonus: friendship. Bakugou never seemed to develop strong relationships before, his only one with someone of his age is with Deku and that’s not one of the healthiest. But then you get Kirishima. And later on, a bit Kaminari, and more. He’s trusting Kirishima with his life (cf. first panels in Kirishima’s examples), and cares about him. THAT IS IMPORTANT.

Let us see how GREAT Bakugou is going to become and let me grab some pop-corn before I die in the process because it’s not gonna happen with some angst

9. Ashido Mina

The Queen.

Actually I loved the Alien Queen, I’m sad she didn’t get to keep the name.

Originally posted by sabaishi-desu

I can’t really tell much. She’s extraordinary. 

I love her enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’. She’s giving the class a great atmosphere of friendship etc. And she kinda rocks her abilities. Also, pays attention to her classmates’ powers and takes advantage out of it (cf. Battle against the Laser French Guy).

Plus: she inspired Kirishima, somehow? HORN BUDDIES? Oh dang, I loved this so much. I want them to be partners as heroes now.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo

The Precious Princess.

Originally posted by izukus

I didn’t pay much attention to her at first but her power is really nice. She’s in charge of the class with Iida, and I’m proud of her.

She is always willing to help and contribute, but since she was admitted by recommendation, I guess this is why she started losing the confidence she started with - but she also compared herself to Todoroki which wasn’t a good idea, the guy has TWO abilities.

In this arc where she’s in team with Todoroki, I liked her more and more. Thanks to Aizawa the communication and exchanges get better and she gains more confidence after they win thanks to HER plan after Todoroki’s failed - that means a lot to her.

AND HERE IT’S DONE. I have so many things to say honestly I spent too many times on it already damn.

I can’t believe I didn’t put Tsuyu or Fumikage please end me. This list is absolutely unstable and could easily change how can I do a top seriously?

[PS: It’s almost 3am sorry for the bad English hrm]

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Bucky my dude, Avenger animals was awesome, but what about Sam?? Sure, he's a falcon but I bet you have other ideas...

i guess ill do the newbie avengers too. 

sam would be a dolphin. fast and effective in their environment of choice but pretty useless outside it, dolphins are also very smart (dont tell sam i called him smart) and absolutely lethal to threats to their own. they also care for their own sick and injured and will even help injured or distressed humans sometimes.  and they talk freaking constantly.

pietro would be a ferret. smart, mischievous, high energy, social, and as hard to catch as greased jello. fights dirty. loves to mess around. 

wanda would be a stoat. like a ferret, they too are very clever and mischievous, but are also extremely adaptable, able to use their brain to turn circumstances to their advantage. theyre one of the smallest carnivores around and they have attitude totally disproportionate to their tiny little bodies. dont mess with stoats guys. they feel no fear and they hold grudges. 

scott would be a raccoon. fun loving and social but also total troublemakers, always getting into places they shouldnt be. and stealing your stuff. and making messes. and then looking totally confused about how on earth all this got everywhere, i was just grabbing a snack, i swear. 

peter is a bluejay. like ravens, theyre smart and chatty, and are excellent mimics. despite their small size, theyre surprisingly fierce, but they prefer cunning to force. but dont think that makes them pushovers–bluejays are tiny colorful badasses, despite how fluffy they get when its cold out. 

tchalla is a cat. i tried to reach with this one and find something else, but he totally is, nothing for it. he’s a cat. dignified and graceful, good with people but definitely still a predator underneath. also im pretty sure that if tchalla ever did something embarrassing, hed just straighten himself out and pretend it never happened, exactly like cats do. 

rhodey would be a california condor. theyre pretty much the biggest bird in north american skies, with a wingspan of over nine feet. they have an intimidating reputation and can look pretty scary but underneath they are very loyal to their chosen families. they have very complex social systems and tend to be dedicated but tough-love parents, and are also very curious about the world around them. theyre big, badass, and enduring–one of the oldest species still aloft. nothings got staying power like a condor. or an air force guy flying around in a tank. 

“That Idiot” Part 2

“Welcome Home”
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre: Action, fluff
Words: 1888


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           Love is painful. You found that out when you were young. It’s a given that your life would be tough, growing up in the underground and all, but your family seems pretty special. Well, that is if you could consider it a family.

           That’s why … it took a while for you to reciprocate Levi’s feelings. Though, you can honestly say you really weren’t able to do much. It’s just that, you can’t help but feel as if you don’t deserve him. He’s too good for you, and getting comfortable with him is taking advantage of him. He doesn’t deserve that.

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can you sort the percy Jackson characters into Hogwarts houses?


okay so let’s all remember: Gryffindor- ‘courage, bravery, nerve and chivalry’, Hufflepuff -‘hard work, patience, justice and loyalty’, Ravenclaw- ‘intelligence, creativity, learning and wit’, and Slytherin- ‘ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness’. 

Annabeth Chase- Ravenclaw, she’s definitely one of the easier ones when it comes to this. While she would fit nicely into other houses, her intelligence and wit are almost always what saves her ass. She’s a great fighter but she prefers talking her way out of situations, disarming her enemies with words. Not to mention she had Arachne weave her own trap on the spot, like, come on. 

Thalia Grace- Slytherin. She could definitely fit into Gryffindor, but Thalia’s very ambitious, resourceful as hell, and her fatal flaw is literally being power hungry. She slides into leadership roles automatically and gets enraged when someone tries to question her authority or ability (see: all her fights with Percy, ever). She’s definitely most at home in this house. 

Luke Castellan- Hufflepuff. He’s literally a poster boy for the puffs before he joins Kronos. ‘But wait,’ you say, ‘he should be Slytherin, he was cunning and resourceful and leading Kronos’ army!’ NO HE WASN’T. He was following Kronos’ orders and acting like a mouthpiece 90% of the time! Luke had a strong sense of loyalty- and it was used against him. He had a strong sense of justice- and he felt everyone the gods wronged deserved that. He was a hard worker and crazy patient as a camp counselor and those traits came into play when he was working for Kronos. This boy is a Hufflepuff. He also personally recovered Kronos’ remains, so, like, he’s even a particularly good finder. 

Grover Underwood- Hufflepuff. Honestly I shouldn’t even really have to explain this one, but: there’s a reason Pan chose him as a replacement. Grover puts his literal everything into whatever task he’s given, whether that be searching for pan, restoring the wild, or protecting demigods. Unfailingly loyal, extremely patient with all the ridiculous demigods around him, and always willing to fight for what’s right even if he’s scared. I love my hufflepuff goat boy!!! 

Rachel Elizabeth Dare- Gryffindor. She’d fit in so well in Ravenclaw, to the point where I wanna say ‘fuck it’ and put her there, but like…this girl found out the boy she had almost died around twice was half god and immediately believed him and went Ride Or Die for him. She lead a bunch of potentially crazy strangers through the freaking death trap maze on a hunch that she could. She highjacked a helicopter and flew it into a warzone to help her friend. She let an ancient prophetic spirit posses her body even though she knew the last person who tried lost their mind. She hit the titan lord Kronos in the eye with a plastic hairbrush, and then immediately decided that hairbrush was the only weapon she would ever need to defend herself with, even though everyone else around her has swords or fangs. This girl is batshit crazy impulsive and filled to the brim with nerve, Gryffindor is where she belongs. I love her bye. 

Bianca di Angelo- Gryffindor. She was always a little more hesitant than the others, but when push came to shove she always took risks to do what she thought was right. My baby was brave as hell okay. 

Zoe Nightshade- Slytherin. She was a great leader for centuries, and dreamed big for the future of the hunters even when she knew she was going to die. Was literally one of the most pulled together people in this entire series. Resourceful as shit. She was also very set in the ways of her past, a common trait among slytherins- she just couldn’t bring herself to care about the mortal world outside of when it directly effected her, and often put up a fight when she had to conform to it. Slytherins are also often very loyal to their own, and, well, we all remember how her story ended. She would do anything for Artemis. I’m literally still crying over her okay bye. 

Nico di Angelo- Hufflepuff. I will not stand for all these slytherin Nico posts any longer, guys!!! This boy is a hufflepuff!!!!! Holy shit!! Okay, like, the slytherin traits? He hates leadership, his only ambition is to not have severe depression, and??? cunning??? This fucking loser cunning???? Like, sure, he hid the camps from each other but like…not well. Everyone knew he was hiding something, just no one bothered to press him on it that hard lmao. And he doesn’t do ANYTHING for his own personal gain. He belongs in hufflepuff- Nico is loyal to a fault. He’s been double crossed so many times because it just didn’t occur to him that people would take advantage of him, because he personally would never do that to someone. Nico di Angelo has every reason under the sun to want to betray the gods and he just…doesn’t. He never even considers it for a second, because he has a strong sense of right and wrong, and even if he feels like an outsider at camp that’s still the place where his loyalties lie. Percy, as a narrator, has had moments where he’s been suspicious of Nico’s motives, but he’s never once doubted Nico’s intent. He doesn’t always know if he can trust Nico as a friend but he’s absolutely sure Nico will always be an ally. Nico’s an incredibly hard worker even if he doesn’t let it show to the others, but he’s always pushing himself to his absolute limits to help. And like, again, half the time he doesn’t actually have to work so hard to help, some people never really even expect him to help at all- but he goes out of his way because he knows it the right thing to do. He holds grudges and lashes out in anger because his sense of justice is almost overpowering. This kid is a hufflepuff and I’ll actually fight you on it. 

Ethan Nakamura- Gryffindor. He’s…really hard to place, honestly, but I think this spot fits him better than slytherin. Even if he was misguided, he was very brave and had a lot of nerve. 

Charles Beckendorf- Gryffindor. This boy was literally everything Godric Gryffindor had in mind when he created the house. He’s a Gryffindor wet dream. Had a lot of nerve, was a big brother to basically everyone in camp, and readily sacrificed himself for the greater cause. My brave boy I miss him. 

Silena Beauregard- Hufflepuff. She was extremely loyal, even if she put her faith in the wrong people at points. Sacrificed herself trying to do what she knew was right. Very hardworking and always willing to help anybody. I love her sm. 

Clarisse LaRue- Slytherin. Literally who’s more ambitious and resourceful than Clarisse. Who loves taking charge more than Clarisse. No one. No one at all. This girl is 100% Slytherin and she kicks ass doing it. 

Will Solace- Hufflepuff. He tries so hard to help people!!! Patient enough to help Nico work through his shit!! Unfailingly loyal to his ridiculous father!!! Never shown to be anything other than a sweet guy who just wants to do good in the world. This goofball sunshine is precious. 

Jason Grace- Hufflepuff. Jason often finds himself in positions of power, even though he hates being in power, just because he’s the only one people know they can trust 100%. And he does it without complaining, and does everything he can to make sure everyone he’s working with is doing okay. He acts all stoic to try to make people feel more protected but this fucking dork is always stressed, Ride Or Dies for everyone he knows and if you ask him to describe any of his friends he’ll probably tear up while singing their praises to you. He works SO HARD to make sure everything is going okay, and strongly believes in teamwork. He’s patient enough to deal with, like, everyone he’s ever encountered, and always does what’s in the best interest for others. Speaks up to his father about honoring the forgotten gods because he knows it’s what’s right. A total screaming dork and I love my boy. 

Piper McLean- Gryffindor. Like…half of her character arc is dedicated to her learning to be brave and fighting for what’s right. You need a lot of nerve and power to work charmspeak as well as she does, and she’s always ready to pull some ridiculous stunts. She starts out somewhat panicked and timid, but once she starts to grow she realizes that if anything’s gonna get done, it’s because she has to have the balls to do it herself. Will throw herself into dangerous situations, and is fiercely protective of her loved ones. Literally ran into a temple of fear and terror and??? Completely conquered it and took over and used it to wreck a giant???? This girl is a brave badass and nobody should ever mess with her MY GIRL. 

Leo Valdez- Ravenclaw. He??? Is literally a prodigy child??? Like I’m sorry I’m just so sick of people downplaying Leo’s intelligence. He understood complicated mathematics and basic engineering before he hit double digits. He captured and fixed Festus all by himself, in one night, when his entire cabin had been trying to do that for months. He found out he was a demigod and threw himself into studying ancient greek history. He designed the entire Argo, is the only person who can fly it and fully understands how it works, and is also the sole person who keeps it up and running with repairs. He figured out how the spheres work in record time, he’s always able to work out complicated riddles or problems. Remember that time he was about to crash into the ocean and he??? Taped the sphere to his chest and built a functioning personal helicopter to steer and soften his crash in like…under three minutes? That time he casually strolled into a grocery store and got all the stuff he needed to make a bomb in half an hour? He’s always making really little inventions that seem silly but are actually incredibly helpful? He’s hyper and goofy, sure, but Leo’s literally a genius. He’s incrediblely creative and fast thinking, loves learning and is always excited by new things. Please give my boy the credit he deserves. 

Hazel Levesque- Hufflepuff. Hazel is honestly SO HARD to sort because she’d be a model Gryffindor honestly but like…She didn’t have to sacrifice herself to stop Gaea, but she did anyway because she knew it was the right thing to do. She sacrificed eternal happiness because she knew it wasn’t fair for her mother to suffer. She has a very strong sense of justice and is always willing to fight for it. She’s always giving her 110% when she’s working at anything, be it practicing magic or sword fighting, and it really pays off. She deals with her failures with grace and is unwavering when it comes to the people she loves. Queen. 

Frank Zhang- Gryffindor. Literally his Whole Thing is that he has to be brave because he never knows when he’s gonna die. He’s always going to make sacrifices and fight for the people he cares because he’s set on burning bright. He’s got a lot of nerve, he just needs to be pushed to remember its there. A good leader whether he believes he is or not. Even when he’s not feeling confident, courage and bravery are the traits he admires and values most, and that’s what he wants to shoot for. I miss this teddy bear so much. 

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - Gryffindor. Like…come on. This is one of the easier ones. She’s one of the most courageous people in the series. She has enough inner strength that she can lend it all to an entire army. She found the bravery to stand up to her father in defense of her sister. She survived being captured by pirates. She threw herself on top of a bomb to protect the Athena Parthenos. My girl is a custom made Gryffindor. 

Calypso- Ravenclaw. She loves learning more than anything else, she’s super creative and ingenuitive, and is taking steps to learn magic again. High hopes for this girl I love her. 

Octavian- Slytherin. Doesn’t need much explanation tbh. Very cunning, very ambitious, very power hungry. Willing to do anything to get his way. Remember that time he like, scammed Apollo and then further scammed his camp into basically making him pope??? Wild. I don’t miss him.

Meg McCaffrey- Gryffindor. She’s pretty hard to place but she’s arguably one of the braver characters, even if she doesn’t believe she is. She gets nervous and scared a lot but she’s often able to push past that and stay strong. Back talks everyone under the sun because she barely gives a fuck. At the end of the day she knows what’s right and wrong, and she wants to help. 

Percy Jackson- Ravenclaw. Listen. Let me explain. First of all, Percy is SO HARD to place and I completely understand all the ridiculous discourse over whether he’s Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Slytherin, but I NEVER see cases made for Ravenclaw Percy and I think it’s a travesty, because he’d fit in there quite nicely. So, listen, I know the boy has a bit of a bad rep for being slow, but like…most of the time he really isn’t? It’s just one of those things that got exaggerated. Percy’s a very observant person, he just doesn’t exactly always let the other characters know that. He’s not a straight A student, but we do know he’s not awful- a lot of times there will be moments where he directly goes “hey, I remember learning something like this in school!” and applies whatever it is to the situation. Some of his plans have been crazy or ridiculous, but they are creative, usually have some kind of logic behind them, and do often work out for him- when they had to get off the Thrill Ride O’ Love, when he used Thalia’s shield as a sled for them down a hill, when he pulled a stunt similar to that trying to get to camp Jupiter, when he somehow made a pulley system out of chains and pulled his giant half brother off the ground, stuff like that. Like Annabeth, he’s also very good at talking his way out of situations- he doesn’t always like to, but he can absolutely pull it off when he needs to. He’s a very smart talker, honestly, there are multiple instances of him managing to manipulate others into doing what he wants them to (not just the scene with Bob, which gets the most attention bc it was outside of his pov). He’s incredibly witty, in both definitions of the word, and often times it works to his advantage because other characters downplay his intelligence. He has a good sense for battle strategy, and he’s incredibly perceptive about his surroundings, often times picking up on things the others (even Annabeth!) miss. He has a strong intuition and things usually work out when he follows it. There’s more I can use to back this up but this is already long enough, point is- I think Percy is just an unconventional Ravenclaw. Like, upon meeting him you don’t immediately understand why he’s in that house, but it becomes clearer the more he opens up, like Luna, I guess? Anyway, I love my boy and he’s very smart please give him some credit. 

Feel free to send me your guys’ opinions!!! :) 

Sam in 12x14:

Do you guys remember in season 11 when Sam is infected by the Darkness and he knows he’s dying and goes into the chapel to pray? But he’s not praying for himself; he says: “Dean deserves better. Dean deserves a life.” 

That moment is exactly what I thought about when Sam made the decision to join the British Men of Letters at the end of the episode. I actually thought about it near the beginning of the episode when Mary is telling Sam that her reasons for joining the BMOL are centered on her motivation to get Sam and Dean out of the hunting life essentially. When Sam tells Mick, “I’m in,” he’s looking right at Dean, and I have no doubt that Sam’s feelings about Dean being deserving of a better life had something to do with his decision. 

Even with it’s flaws, I think Sam sees real hope that maybe working with the BMOL will allow Dean to have that life. Sam is allowing himself to have faith that maybe he can help fix the flaws he sees with the BMOL to help change the world - and also the brother’s way of living. A life of no hunting for him, his brother, and his mom? A possibility of his family and the world being safer? We (the audience) know he’s going to get hurt/betrayed in the end. We know that Sam has yet to find out that Ketch murdered the psychic girl he liked; we know that the brother’s aren’t aware that he killed the soldiers that were just following orders, that innocents, whether human or “monsters,” are all expendable to Ketch and the BMOL. They’ll likely find out the hard way. 

But Sam’s enduring faith and hope, even at the expense of his own well-being and having to work with people who have hurt him already, are the core of his being. Such as his belief that good can be done through this decision. Perhaps he thinks he can help fix the flaws of the BMOL he saw during tonight’s ep and take advantage of the weapons, tech, etc in order to expand on the good he wants to do not only for the world but for his family. 

Sam’s complexity as a character is certainly underappreciated. At the end of the day, through right or wrong, his heart is always in the right place. He simply just wants to do (and be) good. And, like I said, maybe try to give his older brother the life he deserves. Now that Mary is back, maybe he’s trying to do the same for her. We’ve seen him say more than once that he knows she didn’t want to be a hunter anymore; maybe he’s ultimately trying to find her a better life, too. 

(Side note: Another fan brought up an interesting viewpoint that Sam may have made this choice as a way to keep a closer eye on Mary, and by extension, the BMOL. It’s an interesting thought; what if Ketch or the BMOL goes to betray the brothers down the road and finds themselves double-crossed first? It’s certainly an intriguing possibility. Secret spy/double agent Sammy?)

And I don’t want to ignore the fact that Sam is always made to forgive those who have hurt him. I understand the arguments (and agree with many of them) of why it’s painful (and sometimes disturbing) to see. From a character perspective (not the writers) that forgiveness has become a core part of Sam’s being the same as faith and hope always have been. I don’t necessarily think he’s “forgiven” the BMOL for what they did, though. I truly see it as Sam utilizing an opportunity he thinks he can use to his, his family’s (and the people they want to save) advantage. 

I have so much love for Sam Winchester. My heart aches for him and he’s a pretty incredible, badass, sensitive, smart, flawed aka human, and complex character. 

Deeper Than Skin (Alternatively titled: Wow for a bunch of heroes you guys can be real jackasses sometimes)

Holy crap, Lovestarved surpasses 300 notes and I’ve surpassed 100 followers already?? I have no words! I never would’ve imagined people would like my writing so much! Seriously, a big thanks to all of you, especially those who reblogged and left such nice words! It’s really been making my month a happy one, and really encouraging me to write more! <3 Though that may not be a good thing, hehe And a HUUUUUGE thanks to @paperhatcollection for making it all possible, you have been my role model in this fandom! People, read their works if you haven’t already!!! They’re a brilliant writer!

So speaking of writing, here’s another Paperhat story for you all! This is basically still going off Lovestarved still (not as long and probably not as good though lol kill me), as are the other ones I’m working on, sort of like its own dumb little mini series I guess, he. So here, have some suffering so I can satisfy my thirst for Hyperprotective Boyfriend Mode and also bonding between these gay nerds. Also expanding on/playing with @paperhatcollection‘s ponderings about souleater Flug’s mom and taking the dark aspect of it a step further. I hope that’s ok with you

(Also feel it important to note that I’ve not used every aspect of their portrayal of mr.nerdface, basically just what you learn in Hunger. Though I still feel pretty badass for predicting the fire weakness in a roundabout way pfff must be psychic or something XD)

Previous works: Lovestarved

And fun fact for those who’ve never seen one, this is what a fire whirl looks like:    

Anyways. On to the actual story. :p (Is mobile still being dumb and not letting the ‘Read More’ work? Lemme know and I’ll post a full version again)


Dr.Flug has always had a large bull’s-eye painted on his back since joining Blackhat. For one, he’s vital to the success of the most accomplished villain merchandise organization in the world. And on top of that, he’s known for his timorousness, whereas Blackhat is known for savagery and prowess in battle. In short, he makes a far easier target in comparison. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

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Happy Together 1/2

Steve Harrington/Reader
Word Count:

Request: “Anonymous said: Hi if you’re still open to requests, could you do something with Steve Harrington? I just binge watched the whole show this weekend so I’m kinda feeling a storyline where a girl who’s a cheerleader and has always been jealous that Steve never recognized her. But after one of his games, there’s a huge party and he maybe ends up helping her when she gets too drunk? Or they just fall asleep together? Idk I’m being extremely vague haha”

A/N: I changed the plot from your request slightly, because I initially misread it and missed the part about the party being after one of Steve’s games. Hope you don’t mind, anon! Cut it into two, once again, because I have no self-control and can’t keep these things short (btw the next part is sinful as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)….As always, requests are OPEN here and on Archive of Our Own, under the same username.

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RWBY Musings: I didn’t go into RWBY Volume 5 expecting to ship RoseGarden as much as I do now. I didn’t even know this ship existed in the first place...

…But then I saw the way Oscar practically gazed at Ruby in Episodes One and Three…and that was it, I got bit HARD by the RoseGarden shipping bug. This ship got me hook, line and sinker.

I saw Oscar’s face and now I’m a believer!

“…I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never met real huntsmen and huntresses before..” says the boy who literally just met a huntsmen 5 minutes ago at a bar and has the spirit of a huntsmen living in his body.

But, sure, I’ll accept you saying that totally-not-BS excuse to the girl you just tried to sneak a peak at, looking at Ruby the same way Scrat from Ice Age looks at his nuts.

I just don’t know how much more I can voice about my interest in this ship that I haven’t already said before. I know it’s something that certain shippers are against but I, for one, really would like to see this become something.

I truly want Oscar and Ruby to have a close friendship that could/would ultimately turn into something more.

As a matter of fact, let me tell ya’ll what I want for this ship:

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Breaking Molds and Taking Names

Part 2

Warnings: none

Word Count: 3.8K

Pairing: ??? x reader

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To be fair, you didn’t just trip on nothing.

After making an impact with the stage itself, you noticed that one of your heels had gotten entangled with a loose cord. Be that as it may, it was still embarrassing. In fact, for lack of a better term, this was definitely the nightmare scenario.

Can’t wait to see that all over the internet tomorrow,’ you thought bitterly.

While you detangled yourself, Sebastian and Anthony, who had been called right after you, helped you get resituated. You on the other hand, were mortified and wanted to hide somewhere. Or at least have the ground open up beneath your feet and swallow you whole. Not to mention the slight stinging pain in your knees from how hard you landed. You stood back up and winced at the ache. Seb gave you a look of concern but you waved him away to not let him worry so much.

“You alright [Y/N]?” Mackie asked you.

“Oh my god, no. Please take me out. Right now. Kill me,”

Both men chuckled at your dramatics and said that it’ll all be ok. The three of you settled down in your designated chairs and you took advantage of the free bottle of water in front of you by downing half of it in one go. Inhaling to steady the nerves that had crept up, all you could do was smile and wave for now. Best to get the show on the road. It could only go up from here after all, right?

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Alphabet Boy

Tw: swearing.
Genre: literally fluff, smut, and angst with a happy ending.
Words: 3,146
Summary: Phil always pesters dan with the alphabet. Sneering at him in hallways and such. All because In 1st grade he was so nervous he said “A,C,B” but what happens when dan finally loses it and shows dan he’s big now? Riding, teeny tiny bit of overstimulation, Daddy kink and rough smut. Pastel! Dan and punk! Phil
By the way I suck at grammar and such as you can tell so I’m so sorry about this all and hopefully I’ll get better

Dan hated school. He absolutely despised it. He saw no reason to want to go somewhere super early only to learn stuff you’ll never use in your life again. So he couldn’t help the glare that he wore as he walked through the crowded halls. He couldn’t help it, people just got on his nerves. They were loud or picking on someone or some people just didn’t know when someone needed to be left alone. Sighing he stuffed his hands in his white jeans. Dan was definitely what people call an aesthetically pleasing person. He wore a soft pastel pink oversized jumper today, white jeans, some pastel lavender converse, and of course his favorite lavender and pink flowered flower crown. Dan never cared what people thought of his outfits. It’s his taste and he doesn’t force others to like it so he’s glad No one has tried to force him not to like it. You see, he didn’t hate people because of his outfits or sexuality, no, this school doesn’t judge. Everyone accepted him and he had friends, he just knew they respected his wishes to be alone. He hated school because of one person, one person who made his life hell. Phil Lester. Badass punk who somehow managed to beat dans grades by miles. He didn’t even study! How was that fair? But still he ruined his life. You see in first grade he was asked to stand and list the alphabet, not that hard right? But you see dan was a horrifyingly shy kid. Still shy, even at 17 years old, but when everyone’s watching you and you’re shy you speak quickly And of course the dreaded mistake happened.


Groaning internally he stood shaking slightly. Everyone was watching him, everyone knew him, if he messed up they would never let him live it down. He hated the attention being on him, it made everything so awkward. Some say it was anxiety and some say he was too young and simply shy. Either way Dan Howell was about ready to jump out the window. Deciding he could either embarrass himself or let the teacher embarrass him which also involved getting his mom involved for disrespecting his teacher, he said it once in his head then bolted out “The alphabet, a c b” He quickly glanced around close to tears as everyone snickered. Of course they weren’t being mean. Simply being immature like kids their age were. Dan didn’t know it just that moment, but a boy in the back of the class snickering to himself was about to change his life in a bad way. For now.

:flashback over:

Of course people forgot. They moved on in only a week. Soon the biggest discussion was Annie broke her leg and used crutches and everyone got to draw on her cast, but that didn’t stop Phil from mentioning it. Didn’t stop him from making him cry nightly, and certainly didn’t stop him from reminding the whole School that he was stupid. ‘Speaking of’ he thought dryly as he watched the boy walk over. Phil Lester was beautiful. He couldn’t deny that, he had pale skin that dan swears sometimes he can see through him, his body was slim and tall standing at 2 inches above dan which royally pissed him off, his hair sat perfectly on top of his head never having to worry about it curling, and his eyes were enough to make anyone swoon. Still an asshole though. “Hey alphabet fuck up!” Phil said smirking at the Pastel boy with the same glint in his eye he got every time he saw dan, probably hate. “What do you want alphabet boy.” He asked glaring at the raven haired boy before him, more than likely here to fuck with him, and not in a kinky way. You see, those weren’t cute nicknames that made his heart melt, it was a reminder that no matter what Phil was better than him. Phil usually switched around the nickname but dan continued to call Phil alphabet boy. It was an insult in his mind, probably not in Lesters. “What’s the second letter of the alphabet?” Phil asked laughing darkly. Of course he was here to make fun of him. “Hmm I hope it’s F for fuck you.” Dan said smirking. Phil glared at that and stepped forward pinning the pastel boy against the lockers. He tried really hard not to think about how Phils body fit perfect on his own. “Don’t make me punish you Howell. That mouths messed up before but I’m sure we could find better use of it.” He whispered darkly grinding his hips ever so lightly to make it seem as though an accident. Dan of course let out a pathetic whimper blushing at the sound Phil could rip out of him at the smallest touch. He hated Phil. He did, But come on, hot guy pinning you against a locker and whispering dirty sentences in your ear? Fuck yeah he was gonna take advantage of it. He felt the hot breathe of the other on his neck and oh god, his neck was his most sensitive body part, he didn’t know why but it was. Phil laughed again before backing up, shaking his head and saying “pathetic.” Before walking away surely heading to smoke with his friends. And God fucking dammit did Dan Howell hate Phil fucking Lester.

Sighing he headed towards his English class a few minutes later. You see dan wasn’t stupid, he knew what to do, how to do it, and exactly why. He just didn’t care. Nobody took him seriously with English anymore so why bother. He saw no point in trying to impress the others. So he sat down at the back and pulled his sketch book out, zoning out and ignoring the teacher that walked in and began teaching. Dan began to sketch, at first drawing harsh lines that no one else would be able to picture but soon filling in and shading the picture in front of him. It was clearly a cherry blossom tree now. To most people this was just a tree, but to dan he saw the meaning, it explained the beauty of life but also how tragically short it was.

“Howell!” He heard his name being shouted, and with a breathless gasp he looked up from his sketch book to see his English teacher. “Finally with us I see.” She said before heading back to why learning this shit was “important.”
He heard a quiet snicker and immediately knew who it was but decided it was best if he just act like he’s listening and continue his sketch of a cherry blossom tree.
Once the bell has rang he proceeded to get up hoping to leave quickly and go home, maybe play some video games and ignore how fucked up his life was, but that was ruined when his teacher called out “Lester, Howell, I need to speak with you both.” Of course. Of-fucking-course. What did Lester do? Had he started something?Groaning quietly he walked over to her desk. “Yes Ms. Julie?” He asked hoping it was nothing serious and he wouldn’t have to stay for very long. “You’ve been failing Howell. Your just not getting this, so I think it’s best we get you a tutor.” She said. Are you fucking kidding me. How dare she. In front of Phil? Was this just more reason for him to insult me? “Oh, um okay.” He mumbled clearly embarrassed and fuck Lester of course he was smirking. “And since Lester has perfect scores, he’ll be tutoring you.” “WHAT?” He yelled, oh no no no no this couldn’t be happening to him. School was different. He had people there, but since he lived alone there would be no safety. This couldn’t be happening. He heard Phil quietly snicker and turned to glare at him. “Whatever, your coming to my house, and I don’t wanna hear a thing until we’re there.” He growled before storming out beginning to head to his house. He can’t believe she’s making him spend time with Lester. He just wanted to go home and relax but no. “Wow what nice words, alphabet slut.” He heard. Dan willed himself not to cry at the word slut. He was a virgin so why was he being called something so rude. “I will murder you.” He said through his teeth as he clenched them together. “Stop talking.” He added on.

The walk to his house was silent but he knew hell was to come. Walking slowly dan took this time to think about everything. Why Phil thought it was hilarious to torture him, why the earth was so pretty but held such assholes, and why he couldn’t read Phils emotion right at the moment. It annoyed him too no end not to be able to read his emotions. His face was just set in a blank expression giving no hints to what he was thinking about and It made him feel stupid. Soon he was arriving at his house and unlocking the door. “It’s not much..but I live alone so I guess it doesn’t matter” he shrugged awkwardly. He quickly made his way in inviting Phil inside before closing the door and heading upstairs. He opened his door blushing at the anime and video games that located around the room. “Sorry for the mess” he mumbled. “We could make a bigger mess.” Phil said smirking at dan and winking. Dan rolled his eyes but blushed more. “How about we get this over with?” He said sitting down at his desk and pulling out his books. Phil sighed and reluctantly sat down on the bed beginning to explain the chapter they are working on in class.
Even though Dan already knew what to do.

~time skip because I’m not a teacher~

They sat there for a few hours working on the lesson. Dan was beginning to get annoyed. He knew all of this he just didn’t care so why was he being forced to learn all of this? At the moment Phil was reading over a paper, so he decided to take some time studying him. He looked over his face first, the way his eyelids fluttered the tiniest bit when he read, the way his lips parted ever so slightly, he watched the way his eyes moved along the paper as though it was a girl he found attractive. You see, dan wouldn’t lie, he’s hot. God he’s hot and he definitely wouldn’t mind that mouth on his neck, wait shit he can’t think like that. Slowly his eyes travelled down to his body, his hands which would be perfect for holding him down, no, none of that, his torso which he could bet would fit perfectly on his, and slowly travelled down to his crotch, of course he was wearing skinny jeans which left almost nothing to the imagination. You know what, fuck it, He was done being teased, he just wanted to be fucked by Phil Lester and he had a plan for that, he would say something to annoy him, then say something in which hopefully he’ll take as a hint. So he slowly looked up and said “My eyes have crossed. I am now blind. I can not continue or I will die.” He said dramatically. Phil rolled his eyes “just shut up Howell.” He said glaring at the pastel boy. Dan but his lip before he spoke lowly, “why don’t you make me?” He said fluttering his eyes for effect. Phil growled under his breath before walking over to the boy. Phil knew his plan and if that’s what he wanted then that’s what he’ll fucking give him. Deciding they could do soft later he quickly grabbed Dans hair but before he pulled and they started this he looked down “are you sure you want this?” He asked. See he wasn’t a total dick. Dan quickly whined nodding “yes daddy.” And fuck every restraint went out the window as he yanked up on dans hair, forcing him to stand. “Say red if you need to stop. We won’t continue for another second but you’ll need to say it.” Phil said. Dan let out a whimper already feeling himself harden at the roughness. Yes he hated Phil, but he wanted to be fucked and screw anyone that judged him for that. “Tell me who you belong to.” Phil said dominance clear in his voice as he pulled dans trousers down quickly. “You daddy.” Dan moaned blushing and whimpering as the cold air hit his throbbing member that was already half hard. Phil smirked and smacked his ass before saying “I want you to ride me in your jumper and crown baby” he said pushing dan on the bed and undressing himself quickly. He stopped at the edge of the bed stroking himself for a minute while letting out deep grunts. Dan was in pure bliss and he hasn’t even been touched yet. He watched as Phil stroked himself and quickly looked up at Phil “can I suck you off daddy? Please daddy wanna make you feel good.” He whined his mouth practically drooling at Phils cock. It was huge but not too big and plenty wide. It was definitely perfect in Dans eyes and he needed it in his mouth. Phil smirked at his baby before climbing on the bed and guiding Dans head onto his cock. Fuck. Phil wasn’t religious but he was positive this was heaven. Dans mouth was hot and wet and he was kitten licking the tip and Phil was positive he was seeing Jesus.

Dan glanced up and made eye contact with Phil as he went deeper taking him down his throat. Pro of being dan Howell. No gag reflex bitches. Phil continued to let out moans and dan pretty much drank them up swallowing Phil down. Phil could only moan as he watched the boy take him and stared in amazement at his lack of a gag reflex. But soon he was getting close and all good things got fucking better as he stood up and shushed a whining dan grabbing the lube from his school bag. Phil walked back over to the bed leaning over dan as he left soft kisses up and down the boys exposed collar bones from his jumper pushing down. Dan whined softly at the feeling of Phil being sweet and his hips thrusted up on their own accord silently begging Phil to get on with it. Phil chuckled whispering a small “needy” to which dan whined at. Phil quickly decided this needed to move on and poured a generous amount of lube onto his fingers before taking his pointer finger and moving it in circles around the boys hole. Dan whimpered trying to push back onto the finger and Phil laughed making sure there was enough lube that it wouldn’t hurt as much then pushed his finger in quickly. Dan moaned loudly and leaned up sucking hickeys into Phils chest pushing back into the thrusts of Phils finger. “Daddy please” he whined “please daddy I need you!” He whimpered impatiently. Phil looked at dan and smirked quickly pushing in two more fingers loving the way the boys face twisted into pain but his mouth held open spilling moans that proved he loved this. “You’ve been so bad, being so rude to your daddy, your lucky I’m here to help you, I’d usually never help such a slut.” Phil growled out biting at dans neck leaving angry purple splotches. Dan was so close already and this hasn’t even gotten to the best part yet. “Daddy please need to cum daddy please make me cum with your fingers then take me with your cock daddy please” dan sobbed out as Phil began stroking him. Phil chuckled “kinky little shit” he said stroking dan faster “cum you little slut.” He said thrusting into the boys hole harshly with his fingers.

Dan sobbed as he came spilling all over their stomachs and began to whimper at the pain of Phil stroking him and thrusting into his abused hole. “Daddy oh please! Please don’t stop!” He sobbed. He wasn’t really sure if he was pushing back to get away from the pain or to get to the pleasure faster as his hips moved on his own. Deciding it was time and dan was hard enough he rolled them over lining his cock with the boys red hole. “Ready baby?” He asked sucking more hickeys into the boys neck. Phil whimpered letting out breathy moans as he nodded quickly and that’s all it took for Phil to smirk and drop dan into his dick. Dan continued to sob and moan slowly starting to move up and down making sweater paws and biting at his knuckles through the jumper to shield his sobs. Everything was so much. It was too much but not even close to enough and dan swore up and down this was going to kill him. Dan let out a series of small “daddy’s” and whimpers of “ah ah ah” and Phil couldn’t get enough of it as he flipped them over again pounding into dan roughly feeling himself get closer to the edge. “Daddy!” Dan screamed as he came again and Phil followed not far behind as he moaned loudly slamming into dan one last time before stilling and pulling out. Phil then got up and went to walk away when he heard a small sob and a tiny voice saying “your leaving?” At which Phils heart exploded with pure fondness of this boy. He never hated dan, he loved him, he just knew he would never go for someone like him so he teased him. Turning around his heart broke at the sight of dan looking up at him with tear tracks down his cheeks his eyelashes wet and his lips formed in a pout. He looked so vulnerable he would swear this wasn’t the same boy who called him daddy no less than two minutes ago. “No baby I’m gonna go get some towels, run a bath, and get you some water. Want anything else love?” He asked kissing the boys forehead.

Dan thought for a minute before nodding shyly “I um, is this, what, what are we?” He asked blushing. Phil melted and smiled “we’re us love.” And went to grab this stuff leaving dan to blush. Okay maybe he wasn’t so bad. Still an asshole though, he laughed to himself.
And that’s how he spent the rest of his night, being cuddled and pampered while they watched anime. And Of course he had questions and he didn’t fully forgive Phil yet but he knew he would eventually. Because Phil was HIS alphabet boy. “My alphabet boy” he mumbled kissing Phils jaw. To which Phil smiled.
The End

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You'll talk someday about how the Port Mafia is portrayed? ( not the bightest bulbs in the chandelier huh. Not the most subtle either) im not trying to rush you, it bothers me too and im just curious. I like your analysis. Have a nice day

Haha all kidding aside, I’ve been meaning to talk about them for quite a while now. It’s just that I want the stuff I write to make sense, because usually they’re self-indulgent rambles. And this one won’t be an exception, especially since I have so many feelings about Port Mafia.

Usually it’s the protagonists who are outmatched, outgunned, outnumbered, or just generally outclassed. Through sheer force of will and nakama power perfect teamwork do they come out on top. Even then sacrifices have to be made. At the start, the Armed Detective Agency seemed like it will follow this mold, but soon we are introduced to their abilities.

On paper and in practice, the abilities of the members of ADA greatly complement each other. This means that even with few active operatives who can work on the field, they got all bases covered. If this were an MMO they’d have Atsushi and Kenji as tanks, Atsushi again and then Kunikida for DPS, Tanizaki going for Assistance/Crowd Control, Fukuzawa as Buffer, Dazai as Debuffer and of course, Yosano as their Healer. Not to mention Ranpo, the formidable brains behind their operations (with Dazai as backup, or even vice versa).

Now let’s take a look at the mafia. Not counting Odasaku, in their group who doesn’t have an offensive ability? Ace? Sure, but his ability only applies to his subordinates, and anyway he’s also dead. See the problem? Chuuya probably has the most versatile ability in the mafia right now, but it’s either he takes great pride in his prowess as a martial artist or he just can’t think of creative ways to take advantage of the fact that he can, well, manipulate gravity. There’s also Elise, who seems to be “programmed” to be able to do feats no ordinary human can, but we don’t know much about her. Outside of these two, the one who impresses is Kajii. His ability sounded like a joke sure, but he knows how to make use of it and in the right circumstances, can be that one member to watch out for. There’s also talks about another executive member or two. Whether one exists we don’t know, but I can only hope they’ll possess an ability that is a supportive one, or something gamechanging like mind reading or memory wipe.

Don’t get me wrong! It is rather refreshing to see a team full of competent people, especially in their line of work where they’ll find themselves smack dab in the middle of dirty matters the police and the military would rather not handle. That they are well-rounded means it’s easy to imagine why the government would want their help, why they get the requests they do, and why they are favored to take on cases that will pit them against criminals/evildoers who have their own deadly abilities.

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A/N: Badass! y/n


You sucked in a deep breath as you looked up at the tall building in front of you, “You can do this Y/N”, you gave yourself a pep talk, “Just go”, you lectured yourself as people gave you weird looks, “Now you’re looking like a fool, just take your ass in there and make him feel sorry.”  You wiped your clammy hands on your blacks jeans and popped the collar of your leather jacket before slipping into the building.

“Who are you here for”, a receptionist asked.

You adjusted your sunglasses before walking past her, “None of your business.”

“Ma'am! You can’t just do that”, she yelled after you as the elevator opened and you stepped in, pressing the button to the 25th floor, “Stop where you–”

She was cut off by the elevator door closing. You looked down at your nails with boredom as you waited for the elevator to reach it’s destination. Once it did, you suddenly felt your anxiety creeping back.

“Come on Y/N”, you whispered to yourself.

“Who are you here for”, a familiar receptionist asked.

You lowered your sunglasses an inch or two, “How have you been Crystal?”

Her jaw dropped as beads of sweat slid down her face, “Uh-uh….are you here for Calum”, she fumbled with the phone as she picked it up.

“Oh that won’t be necessary”, you sent her a glare (even though you knew she deserved a lot worse for what she did with your husband), “He’s expecting me.”

She gulped, “R-really?”

“Yes, and you should’ve too”, you sent her a devious grin before spinning on your heels and strutting toward Calum’s office, leaning against the door frame.

“I knew it”, he didn’t look up from the keyboard he was typing on, only painted his signature smirk on his face, “Missed ya babe.”

“Likewise”, you tried not to let your confidence shrivel in front of him, “But do you wanna know what I didn’t miss”, you closed the door behind you as you leaned on the wall behind his seat.

“Hm”, he responded with a slight crack in his voice, you were winning. He knew you knew you were winning and it was making you feel golden.

“When you do things behind my back”, you responded, trying not to get emotional.

“What kind of things, if you’re being specific”, he noticed my sudden change in emotion, using it to his advantage instead of feeling guilty for his sinful actions.

“Like messing around with that receptionist”, you bit on the inside of your cheek, “I don’t need you in my life Calum”, you stated, making him tense, “Just let me know that you don’t want to be with me, instead of wasting MY time”, you crossed your arms in wrath, “Because you aren’t worth my time or love if that’s the–”

“Shut the hell up”, Calum stood up, pinning you against the wall, “You know it’s not like that.”

You let out a dry laugh as a single tear fell down your face at all of the emotions that were rushing forward, “Then what’s it like? So you get to cheat on me AND make me the bad guy for being mad? You must be out of your fucking mind”, you sniffled.

“Don’t cry baby”, he seemed to lose a bit of his confidence, while you were being fueled off of it. He tried to raise his hand to wipe your tear.

“Don’t touch me”, you loosened out of his grip, “I just came by to give you this”, you tossed him the familiar object.

He caught it without missing a beat, his face falling at what was no in his hand, “Please Y/N”, a tear fell down his face, “It doesn’t have to be like this. What are you gonna tell the kids?”

You let out a hearty chuckle, “Me? No, you have 24 hours to tell them the truth or I tell them everything–”

“No”, Calum shook his head.

“Don’t test me Hood, because I mean EVERYTHING”, you threatened.

He looked down at his feet, “I love you, and you knew it didn’t have to be this way.”

“Nope”, you popped the ‘p’, “You knew that I knew and yet you continued, it 100% had to happen this way.” You turned on your heels and strutted out of the room, him following close behind.

“Mrs. Hood, with all do respect–”, Crystal began.

“My parents were always right, give your used toys to the less fortunate. Enjoy”, you stepped in the elevator and waved at both her and Calum as tears streamed down his face, “Good day Crystal, good life Calum”, you winked at him as the door closed.

Sexism in One Piece

I was asked to collab in a youtube video about sexism in One Piece and accidentally got upset about it. I did not realise that I would get this worked up about it and I think that’s because when you’re watching the series, there are little moments of sexism that you can ignore. But when you actually research it and think about all the moments that have made you feel uncomfortable, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that One Piece is sexist.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I watch One Piece, because I know that they’re going to google it to check it out and they’re just going to see boobs. I would never buy a figurine of a female character in One Piece because I wouldn’t even be able to look at it.  I’m not saying that large boobs don’t exist in real life but it’s a problem in One Piece because it’s gotten to the point where every young and attractive female character has giant boobs. There is barely any diversity between female characters. And to be honest this isn’t the type of anime I signed up for. The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable when watching the anime was in the Alabasta arc and seeing Miss Doublefinger outfit. I was like wtf, who would dress like that but I could just write it off to her being a crazy villain. But after that moment the boobs grew bigger every One Piece arc, until after the timeskip when in the manga you couldn’t even tell which female character was speaking because they all looked the same.

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The Perfect Happy Ending. For a Hunter.

Pairing- Dean x Plus size!Reader

Author’s note- This was my first Dean fic! How was it? It was fun to write! It got a little out of hand, just a bit.

Summary- Prompt 42: “This is hard for me too” request by the lovely lilacprincessofrecovery

Warning- language, making out I guess, smut reference

Word count: 1,605

Request: Yes

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Dean and I have gotten so close over the years. We met five years ago on a werewolf hunt that lead us to cross paths. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Being my size, no one ever really saw me as a threat, they figured they could just out run me. I was a bigger girl, but I can still kick some monster ass.

That was a perk being underestimated.

The werewolf was taking women to this place, women who he saw as unthreatening. He viewed me that way, I used this to my advantage.

He brought me here, so now here I am, trying to find where he went after breaking out of the ropes he had me in. There was a little house in front where I knew he had to be. As I approached, a car slowly rolled up the drive way. I hid out of sight, hoping it was him. But I was wrong it was the fucking Winchesters.

“You sure this is the right place, Sammy?” The shorter brother spoke.

The taller one looked around, nodding, “Yeah this where I followed him to earlier, he had a girl with her.”

Dean spotted the barn and silently signaled to Sam. They pulled out their weapons and walked to the barn. Luckily, they never spotted me.

I’m in the house, I can hear him in a room with a girl crying and screaming for help. I quickly jump into action. I pulled out my gun full of silver bullets and kicked in the door, he got distracted.

“Come get me you over grown poodle!” I shouted and waited for him to charged. Then I took off out of the house.

Gun in hand, I run to the barn seeing the Winchesters opening the barn doors I yell at them.


They jump in shock and look up.

I can practically feel the monster’s claws scrap at the back of my shirt.

I slide on my knees to turn to it, I point, shoot, THUD.

“Dead son of a bitch now.” I mutter to myself as I stand and brush the dirt from my legs.

“Holy shit.” Dean stared at me, shock visible in his features, while Sam seems to be figuring out what just happened.

“You’re freakin’ awesome.” Dean spoke with admiration in his voice.

I shrugged, “Yeah I know.”

I was pulled from my thought by the man himself, Dean Winchester.

“Hey there, Dollface, what’s got you all smiley.” He took a swig from his beer and sat next to me on the couch in their dingy motel room. Sam sat on his bed with his laptop and newspapers laying everywhere.

My smile only grew, “Just remembering the day we all first met.”

He chuckled, “Yeah you were one badass bitch I’ll give you that.”

I scoffed, “I’m still a badass bitch thank you very much.”

“I don’t remember a time where you aren’t one.” Sam spoke, eyes still glued to the computer screen.

I gave Dean a triumphant smile. 

“Alright, alright. Yeah you are and always will be a bad ass.” Dean surrendered, looking at me with that damn look in his eye that always takes my breath away.

I laughed which turned into a yawn.

“Oh, looks like the little bad ass is sleepy.” He teased, taking another swig.

I rolled my eyes and shoved him.

“Yeah well you boys tire me out.” I made a move to stand and leave.  

“Oh, I can think of a few ways to tire you out.” Dean said with a wink.

A blush I couldn’t control made its way to my cheeks. He is always a flirt, he does it just to see me blush.

“Sorry, Winchester, I’m too tired tonight. Maybe some other time.”

I got up and walked to the door, “Good night, Sam.”

He nodded in my direction and made a noise like he was going to speak but he was to lost in his little researcher world at this point.

“Here, I’ll walk you.” Dean stood and followed me out.

I didn’t protest, I enjoyed our moments alone, even just walking in silence to the next room.

I turned to him and noticed how his demeanor changed, almost like he was nervous. His hand scratching the back of his neck and eyes casted to the ground.

“You okay over there, Winchester?”

He sighed, “Look I don’t know how to say this… I’m not one for words.”

“Dean, what’s wrong?” I stepped forward to get him to look at me. I was a bit shorter than him.

“Can we go in your room?” he asked, shifting from foot to foot. God, he looked adorable all fidgety like this.

“Y-Yeah.” His nerves were rubbing off on me, I fumbled a little opening the door.

I walked in with him trailing behind me, I stood near the bed and waited for him to speak.

“Dean, you’re scaring me.” I walked closer to where he stood near the door and put a hand on his arm.

I looked at him with concern while he stared at where my hand was touching the bare skin of his bicep.

He seemed to laugh to himself then he finally looked at me.

“How do you feel about me?”

The question took me by surprise my grip unconsciously tightened and he noticed.

I gave him a smile that came out as more of a grimace.

“You know how I feel about you, Dean.” My voice breaking off a bit at his name.

He sighed running a hand down his face, “No I mean…”

His eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to find the right words.

“Look, I was talking with Sammy and…”

I felt something in my chest drop.

No. No, god please tell me Sam didn’t tell him what I think.

“W-What did you guys talk about?” I could feel the tears coming.

He shrugged.

“You know, just brother stuff.” He mumbled and looked up at me, “And you.”

“Oh?” I breathed.

He nods taking a step closer to me, my hand drops from his arm and I step back.

“What d-did he tell you?” I whispered, desperately hoping it wasn’t what I thought.

I may or may not have let it slip to Sam when I was drunk my true feelings for the older Winchester brother.

He shook his head, “You didn’t answer my question.”

“I-I told you D-”

“The truth Y/N.”

“Look, Dean, I don’t know what Sam said-”

I was getting panicked now.

Why is he doing this?

“Just tell me.” He sounded desperate.

I winced I don’t know if I could do this.

“Dean, this is really hard for me-”

This is hard for me too, Y/N!” his sudden outburst startled me.

I squeaked and jumped away from him.

His eyes held regret, “I-I’m sorry, baby girl. I just… I don’t want to ruin this, the only good thing I’ve had for a while.”

He looked so broken, those gorgeous green eyes shone with unsaid words.

I sighed, I guess I have to…

“I love you, Dean. I always have. You know that, but…” I hesitated before continuing.

His rough, callused hand cupped my face.

I looked up at him and into his eyes.

“I’m in love with you, Dean.” I whispered, a tear escaping.

Relief flooded his face.

“Oh, thank god.”

I looked at him confused, “Wh-”

But he interrupted me, by pressing his lips to mine.

I was shocked at first, eyes wide before they fluttered shut and I leaned into the kiss. My arms wrapped around his neck as the kiss deepened. He walked us back to the bed, his strong arms wound around my body.

I was lost in the kiss I barely registered us laying on the bed.

We pulled a part long enough for him to mumble,”I’m in love you with you, so fucking in love with you.”

Butterflies were an understatement at this point, a warm fuzzy feeling seemed to fill my while body and over flow. 

Dean nudged my thighs apart with his knee and began trailing kisses down my neck. I was breathing heavily by now, gasping and moaning as he nipped at the sensitive spot on my neck.

His hand roaming under my shirt, gripping my hips and sliding up my sides.

He moaned against my neck, “You’re so goddamn soft baby girl.”

I gasped when he moved his grip to the back of my thigh, hiking it up higher around his waist. I could feel his nailed scraping slightly at the skin.

“Dean,” I let out a breathy moan when his hand slid up my shorts to grip my ass.

His lips were back on mine, more intense and needy now.

He worked my shirt over my head then sat up to take his own off, only breaking the kiss to do so.

His lips worked their way down my chest while my nails dug into the muscles of his back.

He groaned against my skin, “You gotta stop that, baby or I would be able to stop myself.

“Who says I want you to?”

His smirked sent tingles straight down to my core.

“Oh, baby, I was hoping you’d say that.”

Let’s just say the next morning, Sam wasn’t so happy with the paper thin hotel walls.

“Next time, we get rooms as far away from each other as we can!”

Dean had a smug smirk on his lips while I was a blushing embarrassed mess.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I loved him, he loved me.

This is the perfect happy ending. For a hunter.

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Yesterday (All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away) // A Phan One-Shot

For the Phandom Big Bang 2017

Genre: fluff, angst, band member!dan, botanist!phil

Words: 36.0k

Relationship status: strangers to friends to lovers

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, family problems

Summary: Daniel Howell, lead guitarist for the band The Tomorrows, is tired of his life in the spotlight and all the struggles that come with it. So, one night, he abruptly leaves his band in the middle of their tour and finds himself in a small town near Manchester, where he meets a group of people who seem to have no idea that Dan is a famous musician. Dan decides to use this to his advantage to pretend as though his fame doesn’t exist so he can be like a normal person. Will he be successful, or will his lying ways cause even more trouble to stir?

A/N: Oh my God, here it is: my PBB 2017 fic! This was my first PBB experience, so I’m very excited to share it with all of you, as I have worked extremely hard on it, and I hope all of you like it!

I would like to thank @killingmeitsso2yearsago for being an awesome beta, and thank you so much to @missritch for her awesome art! You guys are both so great, and thank you so much for helping me bring this story to life! And, of course, thank you to Mel and Natalia for being awesome squad mods and helps :D And thanks to everyone else who helped out with the PBB; this was an amazing experience, and I’m really glad I decided to do it! 

So, I won’t keep you guys waiting any longer; here it is, my baby, “Yesterday” :D

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