what awards did it win

Imagine a gentle smile appearing on Woozi’s face when he hears you quietly singing a Seventeen song to yourself.

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congrats y'all played yourselves and kept people who actually deserve the award from winning


NOT ME‼️ 🙅🙅🙅

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M, 5h won best music video for the iheart awards. They posted it on their official website. Harmonizers are calling the awards fixed. However iheart just tweeted afterwards that Zayn won break out solo artist. I don't know what happened, but this makes even less sense for GG to be brought into his acceptance speech. I think they had him for best video, but then changed it when they double checked the numbers? Otherwise why intro GG as his costar for his break out solo award?

I’m confused what did Zayn actually win yesterday because 5H won best music video but Zayn posted a thank you for best music video but now they’re saying Zayn won best breakout artist but that wasn’t even a category? ahhhh this has no punctuation because thats exactly how it was in my head

Oh man. OH MANNNN. So the short of it is, it looks like iHeart gave Zayn an award that he didn’t *actually* win, and then to cover up their fuckup, invented a category that never existed in the first place.

Some intern really done fucked this one up, because Zayn sure thought he was accepting an award for Best Music Video (otherwise, Gigith’s presence makes even less sense), and iHeart posted on their Snapchat that he did - you can see the graphic on the original video (that they since deleted):

Hell, the media even reported on it:

Buuuuut yeah, Fifth Harmony actually won that award and accepted it:

In reality, Zayn did not win that award, but actually won a seemingly random category called Best Solo Breakout:

But guess what? Best Solo Breakout is a category that never existed in iHeart’s original list of nominations, as you can see on their page and a screen shot I uploaded here just in case hoes try to update that. 

Here’s the thing. Televised award shows are usually fairly rigged (even socially voted ones), because it makes for shit TV if you’re giving awards to artists that aren’t there to accept them. That said, Fifth Harmony had the analytics for best music video, their win seems legit. 

But this is me at iHeart’s fuckup right now:

Me before the Tony Awards: I will love and support all of the shows because every single one of them is magnificent ❤️❤️❤️ I love broadway!!


wild world was a phenomenal album. dealt with real world issues, the best reactionary album coming out of 2016, up with the likes of the best political album lemonade. okay im pissed.

PISSED that it wasn’t acknowledged in places like the grammy’s but didn’t even win other award shows.

what bastille did with wild world is what the public needed and wanted. it was fun, but serious. you had songs like oil on water, way beyond, the currents, winter of our youth, four walls, etc


but because of popularity, because the recording academy and the likes are AFRAID of the social commentary people beyond the fandom will never know. because the shows don’t give them credit when it’s due.

reviews, awards shows claiming to show this “resistance”, claiming to actually look for talent and meaning, didn’t for once mention wild world or bastille in anything. trust me i looked!!!!!!

wild world far surpassed bad blood and all this bad blood. it’s the truth.

im pissed people will never get to hear it and that bastille won’t win anything because of it. they worked so hard, have brilliant minds and hearts.

thrown away for what? normalization of neutrality, people in fear that music should not be political? the 1975 just being popular?

whatever the reason that may be im mad as fuck.

full offense but if you’re gonna be completely silent when your faves are (rightfully) criticized for working with woody allen then please don’t bother talking smack about him during award season. it’s not a cute look. i’m certainly not saying you need to hate whoever works with him (altho imo whoever does i can’t respect as a person, specially the ones who say shit like “as the actor in the film, you just have to step away and say, I don’t know anything, really” or liken accusations of csa to tabloid fodder). it’s not like you can force a person that you don’t even know to not work with another person in the same industry as them. but don’t just ignore it like it’s nothing, like it’s not the big fucking deal that it is. like it’s not perpetuating the culture of pedophelia and child abuse that exists in hollywood. because it is. every time he makes a new movie, every time an actor praises him, every time he gets nominated for or wins awards, he’s getting away with what he did all over again. he and people like him are reminded that he/they can do whatever he/they want(s) and get away with it. and i don’t presume to speak for victims and survivors of csa, but i would imagine that that’s not a good feeling. and if there’s any side to take in this conversation, it’s theirs. always.

Been watching Superstore, and damn, Ben Feldman’s hair is still a work of art.

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Girl give me ALLLLL the angsty Ethan fic! YESSS!!!!

Haha! Not sure how long I can legitimately continue the story given that she’s dating other guys early on in season one…

But yeah. It seems to be a trope that’s universally appreciated!

Poor Ethan. I wonder what happened in his life after Scully. Did he win awards for his work? Did he get married to a honey and raise beautiful kids. Did he travel and find peace in the mountains of Wales? Is he still waiting for another version of that feisty redhead who simultaneously turned him on and off with a roll of her eyes?


Alex Kingston red carpet interview for the TV Guide Awards in Los Angeles, 5 March 2000. 

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I just woke up from a nap so please excuse any typos butttt Tom would be so supportive jfc and god forbid you were having trouble with school or something because even if he was away shooting you can expect to hear "hey love Dont fret, I here and I can help if you want" and my blanket is so warm rn I can think correctly

canon. tom would also be the type of boyfriend to make stupid fucking jokes to make you smile. “hey. hey, babe. what do you call a fake noodle?” “i don’t know tom, what?” “an im-pasta!” or “why did the farmer win an award? because he was outstanding in his field!! get it? cause, he’s a farmer. he owns a field.” and you’d laugh, because he looked so proud of himself (even though you knew ?? he got them from the internet just a few seconds before) 

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did tyler's song win awards or what, why's he boasting

loool no! i don’t even think it charted anywhere. he just wants some attention since zayn is thriving and he’s not

Zimbits Airport AU (Part 3)

Ao3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

Jack falls asleep some time later, and even though Bitty must have slept for a couple of hours at the gate, almost immediately he yawns like his life depends on it. With nothing to do but listen to music and do his reading for class, sleep suddenly seems like a great alternative to being productive, so Bitty pauses his music and stops trying to keep his eyes open.

It seems like only a moment later he can feel bright lights shining down on his closed eyelids and a flight attendant announcing that they’ve landed in Boston. As Bitty remembers where he is, it becomes rapidly aware that some things have changed since he fell asleep. For one thing, there’s a blanket spread over him, probably one of the ones that the airplane provides. For another, he’s not sitting upright. He’s curled up in his chair with his head on someone’s shoulder. Someone’s very broad shoulder. Jack’s shoulder.

“You awake, Bitty?” Jack says.

“Yeah.” Bitty sits up and tries as best he can without a mirror to get his hair into some semblance of not looking like he just woke up.  He can tell it’s not working very well. “At least, I think I am? Are we getting off the plane?”

“Not yet, we still have to taxi up to the gate, but soon.”

“Okay.” Bitty turned his phone off when he went to sleep, so hopefully it still has some battery left. He’s proven right when the screen turns on, but he only has twelve percent left. It’s probably better to keep airplane mode on until he can get to an outlet.

Since they’re in business class, and not in economy, Bitty manages to get off the plane much faster than usual. Neither he nor Jack starts up a conversation on the way to baggage claim, but they almost automatically walk in step the whole way. There’s an outlet right by the carousel at baggage claim, so Bitty plugs his phone in and turns airplane mode off.

There’s a barrage of messages and one missed phone call from Dex. As Bitty scrolls more carefully through his notifications, all of the messages seem to be from Dex as well, which is weird because Dex doesn’t double text.

It’ll be easiest if he just calls, so that’s what he does, but it’s not Dex who picks up.

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Colin Firth is absolute perfection

(Really long appreciation post)
I did say I was gonna make a post for this man. Here it is. Why? Because Colin Firth, that’s why. This man doesn’t need explanations. After all, the best things in this world are inexplicable. And because he’s my favorite. Which is also obvious.

But let us just revel in this Englishman’s perfection together. ❤💘💘

If you saw my post on Taron Egerton, you must have seen the picture of him dressed as a prince. He’s the perfect prince.

Well, make way for the perfect King.

And his queen is right here. Me.

Red is my favorite color.

So is blue.

And white.

Red, white, blue… At this rate, I wouldn’t mind wearing a union jack outfit or printed shirt just to impress him.

Thank you, Rose Tyler.

Colin can make even messy hair look so good.

To be a gentleman, you gotta behave like one. And Colin Firth knows that real well. I mean, he looks like a work of art even while just standing there. That, and his glorious accent.

Something so alluring about classy gentlemen I tell you. I swear Colin shows up like this in front of me, I would be dazed and just fumble with my words.

But who doesn’t admire a guy in a tuxedo? Don’t worry, I got that covered.

This “Magic in the moonlight” style. He definitely is Magic in the Moonlight alright.

He’s an expert in the art of tuxedos.

Bonus: Looking sexy in glasses.

Speaking of which…

Oh those glasses.

He makes me feel good about wearing them.

How about this sexy duo?

Colin Firth AND Benedict Cumberbatch?? Count me in!

Or this duo.

Or all three of them together in this fine British picture.

Enchanting Englishmen overload.

Ironic how Benedict Cumberbatch himself is explaining how I feel.

This award-winning look. (See what I did there).

It’s great you won an award, sir. You’re extremely talented but could you mind not looking so damn fine while doing it? I need to catch my breath.

All the times he places a hand on his face or head and you wish the hand was yours instead of his.

This one in particular. See the thumb there.

Why you do this, Mr. Darcy???

They say a smile can brighten one’s day. Colin’s smile does plenty of justice to that alright. Like it’s just ingrained in his DNA.

He looks so incredibly unassuming when he smiles. Like everything is calm and peaceful. You can just casually ask him out for coffee and like a sweetheart, he won’t refuse.

This is like one of those times you said something you probably shouldn’t have. Colin illustrates that adorably.

Bonus: A guitar to add the icing to this cake.

At this point, I would just gaze at this magnificent man.

In the off-chance he catches me staring at him, such will be my reaction, out of shock. Because I wouldn’t know what to do:

Then there are these times when this man has the nerve to look unbelievably cute.


You know those times when you see your crush and then that one fine moment when that person says hi to you.

Yep. Exactly. That moment of glory. And you’re just like:

Same here.

These beautiful portraits.


Sometimes it’s okay to indulge in your favorite food to your heart’s content. Even Colin agrees.

Look at him. Not a care in the world.

I love this man.

Sitting in style.

Sitting on a bed.

Or rather…

Let’s take this a notch higher.

Screw consciousness. Whoever said sleep is for the weak has never been so wrong.

Oh my God… I’m gonna join him.

Bathtub and a glass of wine.

Now I’m REALLY gonna join him. Out of my goddamn way!

This glorious picture.

This Hollywood Walk of Fame moment.

Is he waiting for me?

I’m coming!

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even think for a second if Colin took you on a date in a train. First Class.

Or a car. A romantic drive never gets old.

Or even a boat.

You just can’t resist this man.

Maybe a snowy night alone with him will do perfectly.

Or day.


Colin is like fine wine. He only gets better with age.

Much better.

Beards, five o’clock shadows. A perfect stubble goes a long way.

Suits aren’t the only things he looks attractive in. 

Because you have to look goddamn attractive even when casually stepping out to grab some lunch.

This is your definition of casually???

Thank you for explaining my feelings again, Mr. Cumberbatch.

When I’m casually stepping out of my house, I’m okay with a t-shirt and jeans. I look like any average girl or sometimes, when I couldn’t care less, I look like a hobo.

But no, when Colin Firth steps out in a shirt and jeans, it’s glorious.

What the hell kind of a sorcery is this?

Again, this is how he casually steps out.

Are you kidding me with your handsome self, sir?

He even makes ugly sweaters look freaking adorable. Wtf.

I can’t take this. He looks so unbelievably cute. I want this Darcy!

It only gets a lot better.

When he looked absolutely debonair.

This is too much for my heart.

A young, dashing Firth.

My heart skipped a beat.

He really shouldn’t be sitting alone here.

If I found him like this, I would just take him into my house.

Being a true British. He can take his tea anytime, anywhere.

May I have some, too?

His rapport with Taron Egerton is so incredibly delightful. I think we can all agree.

In fact, I like how Taron looks like this loyal sidekick while Colin walks ahead in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

When Colin gave Taron a top notch gift.

External image


This. Just this.

Look at their laugh. Swoon.

Or this. Taron rubbing Colin’s arm to let him know he’s got his back in any situation. And Colin can always count on him.

I get it, Taron. I totally get it.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more endearing than that. These two aren’t afraid to show the world they’re fond of each other.

Of course you did, boys.

This kiss.

Back to you, Colin!

The list can go on and on and on because I can keep appreciating this man and it will never be enough. He’s wonderful, endearing and extremely talented. It doesn’t matter if his movies don’t fare well. His presence always manages to leave a mark.
And he’s a sight for sore eyes.

Love me some amazing Colin Firth.