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Long Post about Asian Parenting and Society.

One day, probably a year ago, I was talking to my boyfriend via Skype. We stopped talking for a while because he was talking to his mom on the phone. I was watching him the whole time (what else can I do right?) and it baffled me how he was so laid-back with her.

It was weird to hear something like, “well, mum. I must say that that is fucked up but what the hell can I do? It’s bullshit, I know.”

He’s American but mixed, his mom is a typical white mom.

What I don’t get is (and I mentioned to him so many times), Asians and most probably other ethnicity and race will never be able to pull that off. But since we are an anti Asian racism blog, I’ll explain more about Asian parents.

They are strict, yes, but it’s way more than that.

In Asian countries, we have a social status that can’t be altered regardless of time and cultural changes. Older people would usually be respected and we will have different ways to address them in our native languages. You can’t talk to your parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents/etc the way my boyfriend did with his mom.
I would probably be slapped or it could turn into an argument.
Not that I shame the way my boyfriend’s way of talking, it’s just an example of how different cultures are to different people in different countries.

Asian parents own you, they really do and it’s messed up. They want you to be doctors or lawyers so they can impress our relatives which doesn’t have any business meddling with our lives. They tell you that you’re fat or not fair enough for their expectations. They will threaten you in various ways if your grade is not “up to standard”. They do this and they are our parents.

Back in high school, my friend was punished by her mom because she came home at 8 pm instead of 6.

What’s the punishment? She was slapped and yelled at.

Because in Asia, there was this sort of acceptance in society that you only worth something when you follow the system.

You own a house and car before 35 years old? A successful member of society.

You are not married although you’re over 25 and a woman? There must be something wrong with you.

You express negative feelings or have mental illness ? That’s a weakness.

Racism/homophobia/bigotry/sexism/etc often comes from parents and society. Yes, I admit. There are many Asians who are not yet accepting with all those things I mentioned above.

“Women are supposedly submissive and be a stay at home mom, parents are always right, men have to be a reliable source of income, religions have to bashed each other, gays are a joke, trans are not real human beings and blah blah blah”

These thoughts are in core of most older generation’s (and unfortunately some younger ones’) mindset.

This is the reason why I combine parenting and society in this post because this is where the pressure comes from, this is why some countries can’t develop, this is why you shouldn’t belittle us Asians.
We are fighting this stereotype every single second of our lives and we have enough internal struggle to fuck ourselves up without the help of other non-Asian bugging through it, so please understand that this is not about any of you.

This is about us.

We are everywhere yet we are treated as if we don’t matter.

If you are reading this, please do not push your kids too hard, don’t mock your silent cousin, don’t frown at the fact that the person you used to know has changed into something that you don’t agree with.

Be kind.
We are here and we are significant.

*drops mic*

- Diva

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to sound rude but like what If VLD/AU kind of thing where the Galra do exists in the VF universe but not as NEARLY as powerful or anything like as a race. And kind of like VLD, Dan's mum was a big Galra warrior women (who he strongly takes after) and his dad is a Asian Texan man who left him for some reason or another. And that's why Dan's eyes are eerily purple, because that's all he got from his mum unless you hit a certain age and start getting furry and fangy

You arent rude, this is great. Itd give more backstory as to why daniel was in the GA (going with my favorite HC on his past, he was abandoned), and behind the fact hes purple. Daniel becoming a full blown galra, or at least taller and furrier would lead to some concerns from the force probably. His mother being out there somewhere, believing her son is somewhere safe on earth with his father, and ending up finding out hes 1. on Arus, 2. part of the galaxy alliance, and 3. part of Voltron, would probably lead to her going to Arus to find him. And who doesnt love giant purple moms.


how this could also go, however, is if him becoming more purple takes place after the 30th edition comic, leading it to be believed to be something haggar caused. 


Dans Giant Purple Mom: Hello, Im just looking for my son Daniel, hes much smaller than me

Lance: what the fuck


I want to thank god for allowing me to be able to do what my dreams were. i’d like to thank my mum and dad for making me asian and allowing me to have some sort of an effect on the asian community, it’s a massive honour.i’d also like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys that i ever met, whilst being in the band and doing all the amazing things that i did, some of the things that we did will stay with me for the rest of my life and i thank you for that. and, yeah, here’s to the future. thank you very much for everything tonight.  -Zayn Malik

  • me: MUM
  • me: *attempts to say toilet in chinese, which sounds kind of like "tchuh shuo"*
  • me: DID I DO IT
  • mum: what are you saying
  • me: toilet
  • mum: oh
  • mum: it sounded like you were saying "chest war"
  • mum: like this
  • mum: *starts chestbumping the air*
  • me: what
  • mum: i was confused about why you were saying chest war
  • me: is that not how you say toilet
  • mum: no it's *says it properly*
  • me: that's what i said
  • mum: no you said chest war