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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

Adulthood is literally just a cycle of spending every waking minute wishing you could go to bed until it’s actually time for bed and then it becomes the absolute LAST thing you want to do because going to bed is the thing that makes tomorrow happen and then you have to do it all over again

Alex: I call on my assistant council Burr, will you speak for your client please?

Burr:*clears throat*

Burr: I like the work, but Jefferson and Alexander? Bad choice. Why not do a jokey kind of one and do Lauren and Alexander? Everyone really likes them. Or do just normally, Alexander and Eliza! Just why not Jefferson and Madison everyone likes them together. Sorry, but you made the wrong choice in my eyes. Idk my opinion



Burr: i mean


Sorry but Ed and Oswald are both ruthless killers who both hurt each other probably in the worst way possible, so if you’re looking for healthy lgbt+ representation in this show/fandom you aren’t going to get it here. 

Yoongi and Hoseok Reaction to Pretending to be Your Boyfriend

New reaction series! They are your best friend and you used them as a boyfriend to get away from another man.

Part one of three!

Hope you guys like it! This was a request <3


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How do you get such up-close pictures of Prompto? Every time I try to take pictures of him, he walks farther away or turns around

Haha I know what you mean! Prompto NEVER STAYS STILL. Which is why when you’re taking pics you gotta be quick. You gotta be PROMPT like PROMPTO ;)

Here’s what you do: You corner him until he gives you that stank face he always does, then take your camera out, zoom in on those God blessed freckle sprinkled cheeks of his and


Snap a photo of him a billion times cause he’s gonna move any second and VOILA! You should have a half decent photo of the sunchild! ^-^

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“What an interesting dancing style, yahahaha!” 

Greedy blue eyes locked onto the exotic dancer, the god’s gaze raking down Violet’s form.Women were entrancingly beautiful even if they did not possess anything else, in the eyes of Enel. He stayed for a few seconds, admiring the show she offered before ripping his gaze away from her and move from the crowd. Gorgeous as she was, he wanted to see what this new island had to offer.

“Living toys, women who runs after men with knifes! Maybe fairy vearth was here all along, yahaha! I haven’t felt this excited in a long time!”

And then it happened. Someone bumped into him- or maybe he did? not that it mattered- 

“Oi, oi oi~ Where’s my apology?” It was still too soon to plunge this island into chaos. He had yet to uncover all of what it had to offer.

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Hey! May I pretty please have headcanons for the mait three + Phitchit for when their s/o confesses and starts crying from embarrassment and fear(or being rejected)? I hope this is a good ask I reeeallly love your blog!! ^^


-He starts comforting them right away 


-And then he gets a bit embarrassed himself


-Panicking to the max

-He almost starts crying himself 

-He’s pretty sure that the crying means crush is regretting confessing


-Is so freaking awkward

-Like ‘are you okay’

-No, he didn’t realise crush is crying at first, if you haven’t noticed. When he does, he’s pretty unsure about what to do next



-This wasn’t supposed to happen

-He was supposed to accept smiling and everything, not be comforting soon to be s/o!

Old messages.

“You should sit up straighter. Your going to mess up your spine.“This was Dan’s idea of trying to get over the awkward hump of silence after a fight.

“You should mind your own business more. Considering you made a couch spot fit your body.” Yes you were snarky but he kinda deserved it.

“I didn’t mean to scroll through your old Facebook messages with your ex. My computer happen to still be logged into your Facebook. One thing lead to another and I accidentally started reading the two year old messages.”

“There is no way your finger slipped that much.” Dan looked down like a little kid who just got in trouble.

“You’re not wrong. I do have one question for you.” After a long pause Dan decided that it meant you were ready to answer what ever he had been thinking about.“Why did you call him Tarzan and he called you chipmunk?” As much as you didn’t want to this made you crack a smile.

“Use your imagination love.” Dan took a few moments of contemplation before putting the puzzle pieces together. His eyes became uncomfortably large as he came to the realization. "I hope it’s not a sexual thing.” You laughed then gave a little nod to Dan. “ I regret everything. Please forgive me?”
About a Girl [5]

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Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4

Let’s make a deal.

“M-mr. Kim? What are you doing here?” Discomfort was written on his face. It was clear to you that he had no desire to be here. But why was he here? Your mind drifted to Jangmi, every dreadful possibility began floating through your mind. “Is everything alright? Is Jangmi okay?”

Mr. Kim threw up his hands to halt your onslaught of questions. “Please, miss Y/LN, Jangmi is alright. Well, kind of.” His face fell along with his hands. “I need to speak with you privately.” 

You opened the door a little wider, taking a step to the side. “Would you like to come in then?” He took a step into your hotel room and taking in his surroundings. You watched him closely as you shut the door. “So, what exactly did you want to talk about?”

“It’s Jangmi,” he turned to face you. “No one is good enough for her.”

Your head cocked to the side. “In what regard?”

Your former employer let out a deep sigh as he clenched and unclenched his fist. His normal calm and in control aurora gone had been replaced with one of frustration. “I’ve been looking for a new nanny. Normally that’s Jungkook’s job, but after your little outburst it made me think. I didn’t even know who you were the first time we met, what kind of father does that?” There was a brief pause. “All these candidates are amazing. Their experience, references, education, they’re all impeccable. But for some damn reason they aren’t good enough. And I have no one to blame but you!”

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I knew she was a hot and upcoming girl, and everyone was telling me I needed to work with her. Then I saw her, and I thought she looked like a supermodel with the personality to match. The good thing about [Gigi] is you understand what you’re wearing and what we’re doing, so you get into it. That’s very rare in our industry, which is why I don’t work with many models.
—  Photographer Mert Alas talking about his first impression of Gigi Hadid to The Daily Front Row

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my spirit companion seems to have two sides to him, most of the time hes like my protector, but every time i cast a spell to strengthen barriers around me i wake up to him choking me like hes mad, it kind of scares me what should i do?

You either need to have a serious discussion with him on why choking you out is NOT ok, or banish him. Personally I would go straight to banishing him because thats not acceptable behavior. From anyone. Human or spirit.


“Even if you could look me in the eyes and tell me you were leaving him–”

“But Elliot, I-”

Elliot’s head was spinning. They were standing so close, her scent was intoxicating.

“No,” he said roughly, “Why can’t you take no for a fucking answer, Clementine?! You came here in the middle of the night, dressed like that, coming from god knows where, and practically begging me to help you cheat on your fiancee…”

He pulled her arms back down to her sides and took a step closer, clenching his jaw.

“What? Do you get off on that? Hmm?” he growled, his face inches from hers, “You like it when I’m pining for you, knowing I can’t have you? Is that what you want, Clementine? Is it?”

  • Person: Are you watching that episode of Riverdale again? Haven't you seen it like many times already?
  • Me: Yeah, so what?
  • Person: Why do you even do this?
  • Me: What if I missed something important? A reaction, a glance... Everything is important.
  • Person: oh...
  • Me: *watches Bughead kiss scene from episode 6 again, squealing*
  • Person: Did you see anything different?
  • Me: Not this time... Maybe if I watch it again, I'm sure my OTP will surprise me.
  • Person: .... You have problems.
  • Me: I know.