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Slow Burn - Part 1

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,995

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Ding dong!

Ding dong!

“Y/N! Open up!”

Shit. You were hoping he forgot.

You lazily walk over to the door and pull it open. “Yes, sir? What can I do for you?” You say dryly.

Your friend Justin looks you up and down and shakes his head.

“Why aren’t you ready?” He asks annoyed.

“Ready for what?” You say trying to sound as innocent as possible.

Justin just gives you a bitch face and then invites himself in.

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64 justlex :)

64: “You’re so beautiful.”

Justin wasn’t exactly sure how it started- it wasn’t ever really something he and Alex had done. They started off the afternoon as usual, sat in Bryce’s pool house, enjoying the luxuries of his life while the predator slummed it in jail.

The best part of it was that Justin knew all the hidy holes that Bryce had used to store everything he didn’t want his parents to find- including weed. So while Bryce’s family was away on usual business Alex and Justin would sweet-talk the maids into letting them in.

Three months after that first time they sat there together on the couch, slowly coming down from the bliss they’d been on while high. They’d gotten a lot more comfortable with each other, and Alex had his legs sprawled across Justin’s lap as they both giggled in a daze.

He couldn’t remember what they were even laughing about, but it was nice and he just felt like he could be himself with Alex there, so he didn’t think too hard about it.

“No, but think about it,” Alex encouraged him,

“I don’t want to think about it,” Justin denied.

They were very different kinds of high- Justin was so much more relaxed, while Alex was ready to take on the world and throw a million and one random facts at you.

“Jus!” Alex groaned.

Justin also wasn’t sure when that had become his nickname to the blonde, but he liked the way it sounded on his lips, so he just let it go.


“Do you ever feel lonely?” Alex asked, “like- like there’s so many people around you, but they’re just there for the material things. They don’t really want you. I mean, people tell you they like what you’re wearing, not that you’re beautiful or anything.”

Justin thought over Alex’s words for a moment. He wasn’t sure what made him do it, but he slowly crawled between the blonde boys legs and settled against his chest, looking down on him as he brought a hand up to Alex’s hair.

He leant down so that their foreheads were pressed together, and his voice came out barely above a whisper.

“You are so beautiful.”

Roommates pt2

pt2 of Roommates. Wow. btw working on pt3. Enjoy!

“Do you remember yesterday?” 

You began to think about those words carefully, your hangover still evident, making your senses slow down a bit. You do remember drinking a lot with Sarah and the others but with serious tone Justin was using right now, it made you think something bigger happen. 

“No.. why?” 

Justin pauses eating for a moment. 

“You were very touchy.” 

Your eyes bulge at this single comment. You were known to be very flirty and touchy, even Andrew would complain about this. 

“Did I-we do anything?” 

“You offered to give me head.” You face automatically burns in embarrassment at this comment. You did not believe his words. Justin, Jazmyn’s little brother, you. This is not how you wanted Justin to view you. You were not this type of person. Justin was like a little brother to you. This was not happening. You began to think you were going to faint soon. 

“Oh my, Justin i’m so sorry. I was not thinking straight.” 

Your eyes began to water, wanting to cry out right now. 

“I can’t believe I would do that to you. You know I only see you like a brother, nothing more, definitely not that way. Please don’t-” Justin jumps up and holds you still by the shoulder. You didn’t even know you were shaking so much. 

“It’s ok Y/N.” 

You hug him as a desperate move to apologise. You wanted nothing but to go on your knees and beg for your stupid mistake. Justin wraps his arms around your shoulder, pulling you in a tight warm embrace. Your body suddenly dying down from shakiness, you began to feel calmer. 

“I’m sorry Justin.”

“Justin! Are you nearly ready?”

You call his name at the top of your lungs, despite him only being next door to your room, that was how lazy were you. You and Justin decided to go out tonight and visit the new club that was opening today. You were already dressed. You check yourself in your full length mirror. Your dress was strapless, black and figure hugging. It was a little short you thought but you’ve been dying to wear it once so you couldn’t help yourself to give up the opportunity. Your hair was done nicely, makeup done to perfection, you couldn’t wait to have some fun, hoping maybe to meet a guys even. 

You looked down at your feet. They were so sore and aching you didn’t really want to wear heels but what else could you do. Justin was taking his time in the shower, you thought. He just came back from the gym, that kid never skips the gym. You make your way to kitchen. You check the time on your phone, 10:31pm. The event started at 11pm. 

You settle you phone on the counter and open the fridge to take out your favourite orange juice. You take a big gulp. You sigh. This shit was so refreshing. You clumsily settle down the carton, not even thinking and it causes your phone to bumped off and fall in the gap between the gap and the fridge. You now feel like slapping yourself for being so stupid. The drop was so loud, you prayed that your phone wasn’t damaged. 

Justin, being busy in the shower, could even hear the loud sudden noise. He gets startled a bit. 

“Y/N! Are you ok there?” 

He receives no reply. He starts to panic a little. He quickly wraps a towel around his waist and rushes out. He walks out, surprised to see you bent over the counter. Your dress was risen, showing a good portion of your back thighs and out peaked your lace panties. He suddenly wishes he didn’t come out, he freezes at the sight. 


You groan out in frustration, your arm was too short to reach it, you were so close. You raise up one leg, attempting to hopefully climb up the counter top and reach for the damn phone. This action causes your legs to even spread more, allowing Justin to see it, leaving very little imagination to his hungry eyes. He stood there, unable to take his eyes from the sight in front of him. The groans that left your went straight to his manhood. Dirty images of what he could do to you right now flashed through his head. 

You reach down a little further, allowing your fingertips to grasp the phone. 


You jump from you position. Finally you thought! You check close to examine your phone. You were lucky, you thought. The phone was good as new. You spin your body around, only to spot Justin standing there. He quickly turn his body around, attempting to hide whatever was going on behind his towel. 

“Justin, are you ready yet?!” 

You yell/whine out at him for being lazy and slow. He doesn’t reply, instead walks a bit faster to his room. You didn’t think this was strange instead you just wished he wouldn’t make you guys late. 

“You better not make us late!” 

You yell out, warning him seriously.

You jump out the car quickly. You were so excited. You walk quickly beside Justin, linking your arms together. 

“Are you gonna drink tonight?” 

Well, Justin was only 20 you thought, so he shouldn’t even be drinking. 

“Yeah.” You hear him mumble. 

You playfully smack his bare lower arm, “you better not.” 


He glances down at you. You smile at him and giggle at his funny monotone. 

“Yeah thats right! I’m gonna kill you if I see you drinking boi!” 

Justin smiles and shakes his head at your childness. 

The loud music blares in your ears. Wow this club was packed and you could see why. The places was so large yet looked small due to the amount of people in it. You spot Sarah and your other workmates. They see you too and wave out to you, signalling you to join them. 

“Justin!” You yell above the loud dance music, “I’m gonna join my friends!” 

“Yeah, me too!” 

He spots his a few of his college friends drinking and laughing together. You guys separate your ways. 

“Justin! BRO!” 

Khail, Justin’s bestfriend, spots his arrival and welcomes him, hyping his out his name. The others see Justin as well, shuffling over to let him sit beside Khail. Khail being drunk already, sloppy hands him shots of vodka. 

“Drink up, we have a long day ahead!” 

Justin attempts to push it out of his grasp. Khail simply laughs at Justin’s action but doesn’t question him. As time passes by, you start to hype up due to a couple of drink. You stumble your way to the dance floor, along with sarah. You sway your hips to the beat, you hands touching up your body. You danced like no one was watching you. Little did you know, Justin had his eyes on you the whole time. You were hard not to miss. Many eyes were on you, including hungry eyes from the guys and evil glances from the girls. Justin sees this and tries to ignore the fact he wasn’t alone. 

“Woah.” Khail exclaims as he spots you, “She’s good aye?” 

Justin narrows his eyes at khail, now noticing the whole crew was eyeing you out. Za, being a stupid drunk as he was decided to live up to pass everyone’s expectation. He walks up towards you and quickly grabs you by the waist. You see you have company. Your mind was fuzzed and dazed, you weren’t even sure if you were still standing or if you eyes were opened. You definitely didn’t care that Za slipped his hand a lit lower. 

“Baby girl, what’s your name?” 

“Y/N” you slur out. 

You throw your arms around his neck, pulling closer, using him for support. He wraps his arms around your waist, before slipping a hand underneath your dress. You pull away from the sudden unwanted action and try to swat his hand away. 


“What’s the matter? Don’t you wanna get it on?” 

Za says this to prove a point to his friends. Justin sees what was happening. He breaks free from Khail and the surrounding girls around him as he sees you walking to the bathroom. 


Justin spots your hunched over the toilet, letting out whatever you drank tonight. He pulls your hair away gently. You raise you to your feet, wiping off your saliva with your backhand. 

“I think we should get home now.” Justin carefully walks you to his car, watching you lazily slump dead in the back seat. He mentally sighs. You were a big mess. During the car ride, Justin checks a few times in the mirror, making sure you ok. 

“Y/N. We’re home. Get up.” 

Justin didnt want to put with you anymore, too many emotions taking over him at one. Even though he was angry with how you turned out, he couldn’t help but soften and take care of you. Justin carefully picks you up with ease and swings open the door with the other hand. He drops you down on you bed. 

“Change out of your clothes and take a shower.” 

You don’t reply, to lazy to even move an inch, you were acting like a kid. 

“Y/N. I know you’re awake. Stop being stupid.” 

You pout out at his words. You sit up and whine at his comment. 

“Take it off for me then!” 

You childishly whine until he finally gives up and unzips your dress. You stand up to shuffle out of your dress, leaving you in your bra and panties. Justin turns his head away from you quickly. 

“Take a shower ok?” he instructs, still facing his face away. 

“Do it for me!” You whine out again. 

He grips your back and pushes you, indicating he was fed up with our actions. 

“I hate you.” You march your way to the bathroom. 

You fall flat against your bed, face flat on your pillow. You groan as you feel the stress fading off and you fall asleep instantly.

Not being able to get a wink of sleep, justin jumps out of bed. He walks out of bed and into the kitchen, grabs a water bottle before heading off the 24 hour gym at 6am. Hours later, you wake up. Dead or alive you realise you needed to get up as it was already 3 in the afternoon. 

First thing you realise is your pounding head. Not this again. You walk into your bathroom and point a deathly finger into the mirror and make a stupid promise to never drink again, even though you know you would. You scrub your face harshly, removing you excess makeup and  continue to scrub your face clean, almost wanting to washing off yesterday’s events. You didn’t remember what happened yesterday but you just prayed you didn’t do anything silly, like blow Justin or anyone for that matter. 

Pulling you hair in a bun, you walk into the kitchen, you stomach empty and rumbling like a awaking storm. Speaking of storms, the weather today was pretty bad. It was cold and outside seemed like it was going lightening was approaching very soon. You realise Justin wasn’t home, you were about to call him but he suddenly comes through the front door. 

“Hey where have you been?” 

“Gym. I took a shower there. Want to go out for lunch?” 

You were hungry so why not. 

“Are you paying?” 

He walks past you to go change into something weather appropriate. 

“Are you?!” You yell out at him. 

“Get changed Y/N!” He yells back at you. 

You laugh at him, he was just too cute sometimes. You loved messing around with him. You quickly whip on some jeans, thinking sweatpants were attractive at all. You didn’t want Justin to think you were a slob or anything. You start to panic as you can’t find anything else to wear. You sigh as your head started to get dizzy. 

“Hurry up. I’m driving.” 

He was already leaving. You give up and walk out wearing a black v neck t shirt, you just hoped it wasn’t going to rain anytime soon. You run out the door, grabbing your phone in one hand and your low white converse shoes in the other. You run to the door, attempting to open the passenger door. This idiot locked the door! 

“Open up you idiot!” You frown. You see him poking his tongue out at you. He finally clicks open the door. You huff as you throw your shoes in the car, before sitting down, keeping your face away from you. He chuckles at your actions. 

“Stop acting so down Y/N. You always play tricks on me.” 

“Was the payback?” 

“Yup!” He says with his eyes on the road, popping the ‘p’. So this was a game? You knew how to play. You would definitely win.

After the short trip, you finally realise your destination. 

“Seriously, The cheesecake factory?” 

“What’s wrong with it?” 

“I don’t need to gain anymore weight, idiot.” 

You were quite, ‘chubby’ as Andrew would say, especially your stomach and thigh area. 

“Weight, where?” 

“Quit joking around Justin.” 

Your voice flattered, showing justin you were dead serious. 

“I’m not joking.” 

He flicks his eyes to your face for a second. You had a frown upon your face. Justin wanted to tell you in a serious matter you were beautiful, that you were perfect, sexy and amazing and that you were definitely not ‘fat.’You were so blind, Justin was caught by your breathless beauty as soon as he laid eyes on you.  

BEEP BEEP! A loud honk knocks Justin back to reality. 

“Shit.” he mutters, driving quickly to turn left. It was a green light. 

“Idiot! What time did you even wake up, still asleep I see.” 

Justin shakes his head back to reality and drives to find a carpark.

“Just wear it. Stop being picky.”

 Justin chucks his hoodie that as left in the back seat at you. It was now starting to rain, spitting now, the weather didn’t look like it’ll die down anytime soon. 

“Its too big.” 

You continue to make excuses. A sudden blow of cool air washes past both of you. You shake out, goosebumps rising along your bare arms. 

“See? Its fucking cold. Dont complain, I tried helping.” 

You sigh out loud, not really having an option. You pull on his hoodie and sneak your head out. Wow the smell was quite nice you thought but now you realise your hair was now ruined out of its bun. 

“Seriously! My hair!” You whine. 

Justin rolls his eyes at you. He pulls the hair tie out, letting your curls out, effortlessly framing your face. 

“Let’s go.” Justin starts walking. 

“Wait for me.” 

You run up to catch up to him, not caring about your hair anymore.

“What are you having?” 

You rack your eyes across the menu, not really knowing what to eat. You seriously were bad. You didn’t want to eat what you always eat, you wanted something ‘different.’ 

“What are you having?” You ask him back. 

He flicks the menu, pointing to what he wanted. 

“Yeah, i’ll just get that too. Minus the dessert.” 

Justin shuffles his eyes up at you with a ‘are you serious’ look. 

“What?!” you huff.

Before Justin you scold you again for being stupid, he spots Andrew with his friends. 

“What are you looking at?” 

Justin finally adverts his eyes back to you with a low cough, trying to not make it obvious. 

“We’ll just order now.”

“Is the food good?” 

“This is so cheesy, very yummy!” You say through a full mouth, your cheeks being hollowed out. 

Justin simply chuckles at you. 

“Good. you better finish it up.” 

“Why did you order two desserts. I hate you.” You glare at him. 

“Just eat it.” 

Justin was glad everything was going so smoothly, he would sometimes glance at Andrew and his crew. He was surprised Andrew hasn’t spotted them. From this distance, Andrew looked ‘happy.’ he didn’t even look like he was missing you at all. He was laughing, smiling and enjoying life. You on the other hand was crying yourself to sleep, drinking and a mess. The first few days were the worst. Now, after a month and a half, it was fine. But this did not mean you didn’t think or miss him. 

The two girls along with the two guys setted with Andrew all looked like scums. The brunette girl would glance back at Justin a couple of times. 

“So how college going?” 

You break Justin out of his own world. He shakes his attention back to you. 


“Are you studying?” 

“What else would I be doing in my room.” 

He says as he chews harshly on his food, trying to ignore a ‘happy’ Andrew. 

“Is the business thing, actually working out?” 

“Yup,” He popps the ‘p.’ 

He suddenly meet eyes with Andrew. Andrew’s eye widen, recognizing Justin. Justin tries not to freak out as he sees Andrew and the brunette coming to them. He quickly reaches and harshly pull the hood on your head. 

“What the f-” 

“Justin was it?” You recognize the voice immediately. 

Andrew still hasn’t noticed Y/N, only seeing the back of her, besides your frame was fully covered by Justin’s large clothes. 

“Stop checking her out dude. Brianna thinks you’re a fucking creep.”

 Justin chuckles and cough, “girlfriend?” 

“No-” “Yes.” 

Both Andrew and Brianna cuts each other off. 

“Does fuck buddies consider a girlfriend?” Andrew huffs out at Brianna. 

Wow, Justin thinks to himself, he did feel bad for Brianna, she was a pretty girl, he was just glad Y/N was away from him. 

“What are you laughing at kid.” 

Andrew returns his attention to Justin. 

“Is this your fucking girlfriend? Aye? Nosy fucker.” 

Justin ignores the name calling. The neighbouring tables notice Andrew’s loud words, they all eye him out. Andrew gets a big angry at this now. Andrew sees Justin’s smirk and wants nothing but to punch him right now. 

“You fucking wank. You fucking took Y/N. Why does she even fuck with a small kid like you.” 

Y/N hears this. She stands up and faces Andrew. 

“Stop being so full of yourself, for once in your life. Why do you think everyone else is the problem, when you are the problem.” 

Andrew’s eyes fires up at the very situation, knowing this all too familiar. He knew how to win, you guys had been together for over one year. 

“What are you doing here. Are you seriously with that kid?” 

“So what if I am. Hes hundred times better than you.” 

Before you got so fired up, you walk out past to get some air, you didn’t want to start yelling and cause a scene. You could hear Andrew’s firing back at you with nasty words. You start to feel the tears approaching as the cool air blows across you. You miss him, you really do. You wanted nothing but to go back with him but seeing that he has moved on you couldn’t. Brianna was pretty, prettier than you, skinnier than you. You saw her fucking stomach in the crop top, flat as a pan. He was always into model like figures. He would always persuade you to wear little clothes, then he would always scold you for looking like a ‘pig’ in them. 


Justin’s quiet voice makes you turn around to face him. Justin sees the tears running down your face, the red nose and bloodshot eyes. 

“Aw, baby. Come here Y/N.” 

He hugs you, squeezing you, a hand at the back of your head, stuffing you on his shoulder, almost making you lose your breathe. 

“Uhhh-h, stop. Justin. can’t .breathe.”

“Good. Stop, crying like a baby then.” 

You start to push away, pushing your hands at his hard chest, he didn’t move at all. You begin to give up, eyes not in the mood in crying but in the mood of killing Justin! He moves away and holds your face tightly, squishing your cheeks together. 

“Are you finished crying little baby?” Justin titles his head, teasing you. 

You start to smack him repeatedly.

“You’re dead!”

Masters list (not updated yet)

Justin: Justin Bieber

Jason: Jason Mccann

Fake texts: 

He’s at the studio and you’re bored (Justin)

You have a dinner tonight and don’t know what to wear (Justin)

He takes pictures of you at the gym (Justin) 

He wants to post a picture of you in bed (Justin)

He takes pictures of you (Justin)

You show off your outfit to him (Justin)


Fight Imagine - part 1 (Justin)

Fight Imagine - part 2 (Justin)

Who’s the better chef? - short (Justin)

A guy hits on you and he gets mad (Jason)

You’re upset his friends are living with you - short (Justin)

He’s angry you hang out with other guys (Jason)

It’s your birthday and he has a surprise for you (Justin)

Night in with him and his friends (Justin)

He sings the wrong lyrics - short (Justin)

He’s been acting bad and you’re worried (short) - Justin

Christmas - jb imagine

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber 

Summary: You and Justin are hosting a Christmas party in which both of your folks are coming over. Just like back on Thanksgiving, Justin’s a little nervous and worried something might go wrong.

Requested: no 

Warnings: nope. mostly fluff. 


I don’t know what was with Justin every time a big holiday came around but, it got me worried. Our Thanksgiving went as planned so what made him think that our Christmas wouldn’t go as well? 

I sat on the bed him and I shared, catching up with my e-mails, all while listening to Christmas music. Justin was inside the closet finding something to wear. He was going to be the death of me. 

“Okay, y/n. What do you think of this one?” He questioned, walking out the closet. 

I looked over at him, examining what he picked out. “Justin, why on earth would you wear a tux on Christmas? It’s Christmas, not a wedding." 

"I know but, I want to look presentable.” He replied, “Why don’t you work your magic on me, because you’re better at this than me." 

I chuckled at his remark, "I guess I could help you. Just let me finish this up and we’ll get on with it.” I finished typing what I was writing and closed my laptop. I walked over to him and dragged him back into the closet. “So, since you experienced Thanksgiving with my family, they don’t really expect much out of you as before.” I said. 

“Your parents expected a lot out of me?” He asked. 

“Justin. Not now.” I said annoyed, “I’m going to pick out something for you and you’re going to leave me be the rest of the day. Got it?" 

"Yes ma'am!” He smiled. 

“Good.” I began rummaging through his never ending line of clothes for something he could wear. I decided to pick out a white polo shirt and a nice pair of navy blue jeans. It was casual and he would more than likely like it. 

I showed him my choices and he looked at me with concern, “They won’t criticize me for wearing something like this?" 

"No. I’ve work ten times worse than this.” I joked, “It’ll look good on you." 

"What would I do without you y/n?” He walked over towards me, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Lord knows. Anyways,” I changed the topic, “I’m going to get in with the little cooking I have to do so, please try not to call me unless you’re dying.” He nodded his head and went back into the room, changing his clothes. 

Finally, I would have some peace and quiet. I sighed, running my hands through my hair. I walked out the closet, turning off the light. I walked out the bedroom to downstairs, to bake the cake and cookies. Everybody else was bringing their own dishes so, I offered to make something minor. 

I’m not saying I couldn’t cook but, let’s just say that I almost burned down the house last time I tried to make something big. I preheated the oven and waited for it to warm up. I couldn’t believe it was already Christmas. I mean, it just felt like yesterday was the first day of 2016. 

Where did time go? 

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I knew it was Justin because nobody else was here except for the two of us. “What now Justin?” I groaned.

“Nothing. I want to help you with some stuff.” He smiled, “If, that’s okay with you." 

I sighed content, "Of course I’m okay with you helping. I need all the help I could get." 

Everybody had arrived by now, bringing their own dishes. It all smelt phenomenal. All who was left to show up was Justin’s mom. I couldn’t wait to meet her. I only saw what she looked like in pictures but, I wanted to see her in person. 

The doorbell rang and I yelled, "I’ll get it!” I opened the front door and to my surprise, it was just the person I was waiting for the entire day. “Hey Mrs. Mallette! Come on in!" 

"Oh please, call me Pattie.” She smiled at me, engulfing me in a warm hug.

“Mom! You finally made it!” Justin said from behind me, “And I see you met y/n." 

"Yes I did. She’s such a beautiful girl Justin, I’m proud of you." She went over to hug Justin as well. 

I smiled at the two of them bonding with one another. Crap, I forgot we were having a party. "Alright, everybody! Let’s settle down so we can dig in!”

Everybody got to their seats as soon as I said that, leaving just, Justin, his mother and I standing. We soon took our seats, and said grace. Everyone dug in, enjoying everything prepared. I looked over at Justin, laughing, having a good time. 

There’s nothing more I love than having family coming together to celebrate. It was another successful Christmas and I knew there would be many more to come.


A/N: Happy Holidays! from my family to yours! :)

Did you study stupidity?//

Let me know what you think bla bla bla and have a merry christmas💋


“What crawled up your ass and died today?” I laughed and threw my brown curls over my shoulder. Before my boyfriend wanted to start speaking bullshit again, I held up one of my fingers to hush him. “I honestly have no interest in hearing your argument right now.”

Justin took a deep breath. “Stop being so goddamn annoying. You are wrong and you know it.”

I laughed once again and stood up. “Let me state some facts for you.” I started. “I hung out with my friend. My friend hugged me and that’s all over the internet now. This friend just happens to be a boy and now your panties are all in a bunch.”

Justin slammed his fist against the wall out of nowhere and so hard it surprised me it didn’t break. “Let me state something as well. This supposed friend of yours is also your ex boyfriend.” He said. To say Justin was fuming would be an understatement. This boy was always calm at the start of an argument but then suddenly he gets so fucking angry it’s scary.

“I didn’t date him.” Shrugging, I started to tug some dust off my long sleeved shirt. “We had drunk sex once.” This apparently only made him angrier because he gave me the look that meant not to fuck with him further.

I know how far I can go with him and I’m getting go the edge of his boundaries but it was riling me up that he didn’t trust me. And I’d never admit it out loud but it hurt. I never dealt well with hurt. I don’t like giving someone the power to hurt me so I just get them even angrier. “And what were you wearing?” Justin retorted throwing his hands in the air for emphasis. “Just admit that you hung out with him, out of the blue might I add, because you were jealous.”

“If you got it, flaunt it, right?” I strutted past him to the kitchen with him in tow. I could admit I was pushing it with my clothes and I will admit that I was a little pissed about the fact that he hung out with his ex the other day. Did I actually miss Daniel, the source of this whole argument ? Not really but Justin doesn’t know that. “Jealous?! Did you study stupidity or does it just come naturally for you?”

Filling up a glass of water and leaning against the counter, I focused on Justin again. His eyes showed rage and my heart stung, telling me to stop fighting my feelings. I was starting to really fall in love with him and that was scary for me. “I’m going to go. Speak to me again when you get your fucking shit together.” He yelled before grabbing his coat. Then the I heard the door slam loudly.

Fuming, I threw my glass against the wall. “Get your shit together, Y/N.” I whispered, running both hands through my hair in distress. After a minute of internally cursing myself, I looked at the broken pieces of glass on Justin’s wooden floor.

Justin’s wooden floor.

Justin’s house.

“This is his house.” I chuckled and ran to open the door only to find Justin looking around awkwardly on his front porch. I leaned against the door frame and looked at his awkward state in amusement. “What are you still doing here?” I questioned.

“This is my house.” He said.

“I know.”

Silence fell over us in which Justin was looking around as if he’d never seen his own fucking porch and me just trying to hold in my laugh. At one point I couldn’t hold it in anymore and in less than a second, Justin joined me. Slowly stepping outside, I held out my hands to him for an embrace. “I’m sorry.” Immediately his hands wound around my waist and mine placed themselves around his neck as I buried my face in the crook of his neck. I breathe in his familiar scent and pulled away to place my hands on his face. “I’m sorry. I was jealous and I promise to never do that again.” I pouted and pecked his nose.

Justin smiled. “How could I stay mad at your cute face.”

Road trip with Justin

“Baby, wake up” Justin’s gently voice said as he shook me. I groaned and rolled onto my stomach. I buried my head in my comfy pillow and tried to fall asleep again, but Justin wouldn’t let me, so I opened one of my eyes and looked at him.
“What?” I asked him, since I just woke up my voice was really raspy, and I kinda sounded like a guy…
“You’re so sweet” Justin chuckled, then he turned me around and got on top of me.
“You need to get up and get ready” he then said, I opened my eyes completely and furrowed my eyebrows.
“What time is it?” I asked him as I rubbed my eyes.
“5am” Justin smiled, I stopped rubbing my eyes and looked at Justin with wide eyes.
“Are you crazy? Why did you wake me up now?” I asked Justin. Justin chuckled and grabbed my hands, and then he intertwined our fingers.
“I have a surprise for you, but you need to get up and get ready” he said, I sighed and nodded my head. Justin smiled and leaned down, but before he could place his lips on top of mine, I turned my head so his lips met my cheek.
“Why did you turn your head?” he asked me as he pouted, I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, so I have a bad morning breath,” I told him with a smile, now Justin rolled his eyes…
“So what? I don’t care” he said, then he grabbed my jaw and made me look at him, and then he leaned down and kissed my lips with all of his passion.
“Whoa, that was some of a kiss” I told him as I smirked, Justin smirked too and nodded his head.
“Of course… Now get up so you can get your surprise” Justin said as he got off me and helped me out of bed. I groaned again and pouted. Then I went into the bathroom and showered.
After showering I wrapped a towel around my body and went into the bedroom, where Justin was sitting on the bed checking his phone.
“What should I wear for this surprise?” I asked Justin, which got me his attention. He looked up from his phone, he didn’t say anything, and he just stared at me.
“Justin?” I said as I moved my hand in front of his face. Justin closed his eyes, and then he was back from his trance.
“What?” he asked me as he looked me in the eyes. I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
“What should I wear you dummy” I chuckled; Justin got up from the bed and grabbed my hand. He dragged me into our walk-in closet and made me sit on one of the comfy chairs. He looked around for a little while before finally finding something for me to wear. First he threw a pair of high waisted, black shorts over to me, then a black crop top and one of his black and white flannels. I smiled and stood up, and then I walked over to him and kissed his lips. I went over to, where I had my underwear, and I was about to open the drawer, when Justin suddenly stepped in between the drawer and I. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up at him.
“Why can’t I get some underwear?” I asked him, Justin nervously smiled and shrugged his shoulders, then he turned around and found some underwear for me. I rolled my eyes and took the underwear, and then I turned around and walked out of the room. I got changed into the clothes and did my hair and makeup.
“Okay, I’m ready” I told Justin as I unplugged my phone from the charger.
“Okay, grab your bag, your sunglasses and your charger” Justin said, I furrowed my eyebrows once again and did what he said, then we went downstairs, and I grabbed my leatherjacket and put on my Adidas shoes.
“Okay, wanna know what we’re doing?” Justin asked me as we walked outside, and he locked the door. I nodded my head and waited for him to continue.
“Okay, we’re going on a road trip” Justin excitedly said as he opened the trunk of his new, old car. I gasped and covered my mouth. I smiled widely and walked over to him.
“Aww Justin, you’re the best!” I squealed as I wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck. Justin smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Should we get going?” Justin asked me, I nodded my head and unwrapped my arms, and then I got in on the passenger seat and found my sunglasses. The sun was rising, and it was just beautiful.
“So, where are we going on this road trip?” I asked Justin as he turned on the engine and drove out of our driveway.
“I was thinking New York? But we just gotta know it will take weeks” Justin said, I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“That’s a deal, and just so you know it, I will be happy to take the wheel now and then” I told Justin, Justin smiled and nodded his head.
“Great, because I’m not sure I will be able to drive everyday” Justin chuckled, I chuckled too, then I turned up for the radio and started singing along to “This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker”.
“I see her dancing in the streets. Sipping champagne on the beach. So expensive when she eats, cause she’s so fancy. I see her when I go to sleep. I check my phone when I am weak. She never posts anything deep, cause she’s so fancy” I sang along. Justin smiled widely and sang along too.
Around 10am Justin drove in to this small diner on the road, we were both getting hungry, so we hurried inside and sat down by a table.
A lady hurried over to us and smiled, when she saw us.
“Hello and welcome” she said, then she handed us some menu’s. I opened mine and looked at it, but I didn’t need to look far, before I found what I would like.
“I would like the waffles with a big strawberry milkshake” I told her with a smile. The lady smiled back and nodded her head.
“And you sir?” she asked Justin, Justin looked over at me and smiled.
“I’ll take the same,” he said, then he handed her the menu’s again, and she left.  
10 minutes later we got our food, immediately I started eating, and so did Justin. The waiter had been so sweet, so she had gotten us a big milkshake with two straws. So every time I would take something to drink, Justin would do it at the same time.  
We finished eating, and Justin paid, then we where on the road again. I had always loved road trips. I used to go on them with my friends in high school, when we had gotten our summer break. So now that I was able to go on a road trip with Justin, everything was just perfect.
It was getting really hot in the car, so Justin rolled off the roof. I chuckled and leaned back in my seat, and then I placed my legs in the window and closed my eyes as I enjoyed the win in my face.
“This is really nice,” I told Justin as I looked over him. Justin nodded his head and placed his free hand on my thigh. He squeezed it as he kept his eyes on the road. I happily sighed, and then I grabbed my bag from the backseat and found my Polaroid camera. I turned it towards Justin and took a picture of him looking at me with a smile. I bit down in my lip, and then I leaned my head back in the seat and closed my eyes.
“This had already been the best road trip I had ever been on, not only because I didn’t have to worry about money, but also because I got to be with the love of my life, completely alone without anyone disturbing us.
Justin had planned this road trip for months, because as we reached 8pm that night, he parked his car by an okay hotel. He grabbed our two bags and walked inside.
“I have a reservation here,” he said as we made it up to the reception. The man behind the desk nodded his head and looked at the computer screen.
“What is your last name sir?” the man asked Justin.
“Bieber” Justin said, the man nodded his head and typed in Justin’s last name, then a few seconds later he handed Justin a key to our hotel room. Justin and I hurried up to our room and fell down on the bed, and not long after there was a knock on the door. Justin got up and went to open the door, and a minute later he cam into the bedroom again with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
“Cheers to a happy life together” Justin said as he handed me a glass with champagne. I nodded my head, and then I moved the glass up to my lips and took a sip of the bitter champagne.
“I love you,” I told Justin as I placed my glass on the nightstand. I placed Justin’s on there too, then I made him lay down, and then I got on top of him.
“I love you, too” he said, then I placed my lips of top of his, and we started kissing passionately.        

It Suits You

  [So pretty much this is an imagine requested by an Anon about Justin getting insecure about something you say to him. Being that I, a very bias writer, don’t like Justin’s hair these days that’s what we’re gonna use as a muse]

     There are many attributes to the world famous Bieber Charm. Between his soft, calming eyes, pouty lips and down right enchanting smile, Justin had himself the all the lethal components needed to be a serious heart breaker. But the single most iconic Justin Bieber look is his hair. Justin’s hair has some iconic eras. Of course the most popular look was the 2008 - 2010 Bieber Bowl Cut. Every flick of his head caused pandemonium and false alarm heart attacks. Next was the Believe era quiff. This, you had to admit, was Justin’s best look. You had met Justin right when he had gotten the cut. Of course the girls cried and complained about him getting rid of his longer hair, but they eventually came around to love it. 

     Throughout the course of two years Justin had experimented with several different cuts and colors for his hair. He dyed it dark brown, then grew that out, cut it again, dyed it lighter brown and so on. It shocked you when Justin dyed his hair platinum blonde a while back. It wasn’t that it looked bad, (but you didn’t think it looked that great either) you just never saw him as a blonde. Pattie had shown you a couple of pictures of Justin when he was younger and you noticed how his hair had natural blonde highlights. In his youth, he looked good with them but he looked weird with it now. 

     The current status of Justin’s hair could only be described by you in one word. Crisis. The awkward cut of his hair, the uneven length, and now the re-dyed, almost blinding blonde color was just all too much. You loved Justin dearly. You weren’t the type of person to be so stingy about people’s looks - but Justin needed a total style intervention. Now of course you’d never say any of that to Justin. Not to his face anyway. Justin, despite his rather cocky attitude, can be very self conscious at times. Which is why when he heard you and a couple of your friends chatting the other day, he felt embarrassed and insecure.

    “I just don’t get it. He’s got such nice hair. But he just keeps styling it all weirdly and tosses some new color in like it’ll make it look better. I honestly hate it, its such a gross look on him.” You gossiped to your friends. You were all sat on the couch in the living room of you and Justin’s house. Justin had left earlier that morning to do a radio interview, and came back early just to spend time with you. But when he had heard that, he quietly removed himself from the house and took a drive around the neighborhood, waiting for all your friends to leave. 

     Upon entering the house (again) he realized all your friends had left. You were currently sat on the couch watching TV while waiting for Justin to come home. Once you heard the door close, you turned around on the couch and gave Justin a warm smile. A small ping of guilt washed over you as you got up to approach Justin.He had the hood of his long sleeve jacket covering the top of his had, and his hands stuffed in the front pockets of the jacket. He looked like he had had a tiring day.

    You felt even worse now. Not even half an hour ago you were sat with your friends talking badly about his haircut, and now you were acting like you were completely innocent. You draped your arms around Justin’s shoulders and kissed his chin. Usually Justin would have wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead, but today he just stood there, not moving. You could sense the tension in this one hug, and decided to pull away. 

     “How was your-” before you could even fully inquire about Justin’s day he had turned away from you and made his way upstairs. Oh god, you thought, Does he know about what I said? You couldn’t imagine Justin being cross with you for any other reason. And this was no random act of anger. You quietly but quickly went upstairs and walked straight into the shared bedroom you two had. Out of the six rooms you two had upstairs, the only one Justin ever uses is the master bedroom. 

     You saw the light from the bathroom in your room was on and walked to the doorway. You found Justin standing in the mirror with a pair of clippers in his hand. His hood was now off his head and his long hair was in his face. “What are you doing, Babe?” You asked. You were starting to hate how you felt right now. You were trying to act coy to mask the endless pit of guilt you were wallowing in now. Justin, without looking at you, aligned the clippers to the very ends of his hair while he looked in the mirror. “What’s it look like I’m doing, [Y/N]?” His response was monotonous. Justin had opened the clippers and was prepared to cut a large section of his hair off before you walked further into the bathroom. “Justin, stop! Knock it off.” 

     Justin was spent. He rested the clippers on the sink counter top before turning to you. He looked annoyed. Not sad or depressed, just annoyed and betrayed. “What’s wrong, [Y/N]? I’m giving you what you wanted. I’m getting rid of the gross hair.” Once he referenced your earlier statement, you knew that he had heard what you said. Your heart had fallen to the pits of your stomach now. “You know, it’s one thing if TMZ says something about it, or if one of the guys fuck around with me about it. But you..what you say matters the most. I’d expect some of your catty friends to say those kind of things. But not you.” And with that he turned back to the mirror and picked the clippers back up to resume. Just as he was about to take some off the ends you rushed in and carefully removed the scissors from his hands. 

     “Jesus, Justin Stop.” You sighed and smoothed your hair back and moved so you were now standing with your back to the counter and face to face with Justin. You dropped the clippers to the grown and looked up at him. When you saw the look in Justin’s eyes you felt your chest cave in. What Justin wears, and how he styles his hair, and what trends he creates have been the things tied to his identity. People think his hair is all he is. You knew that Justin dressing and styling his hair the way he has been the past couple of months was a way from him to diverge from what people wanted him to look like. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders again and made him look at you. 

     “I know I said some…not nice things about you, Justin. And I know you take pride in how your hair looks. And I also know that your style is unique to you. I just..I don’t know. I had a specific look in my mind for you and I went about expressing my feelings in the wrong way. It’s not my place to tell you what makes you look good and what you should to to your physical appearance. Truth is, you could crush any look. You’re a beautiful man.” His cheeks got warm and turned an adorable rosy color. 

    And with that, he wrapped his arms around your waist and drew you in closer to his body. “You sure you don’t want me to cut it? I could go back to looking sexy.” He teased with a cocked brow and playful smirk. You rolled your eyes with a soft smile before shaking your head. “Nah it’s fine. I’m actually kind of liking this look,” you twirled your fingers though the dangling pieces of his hair. “It’s growing on me. And it actually kind of suits you.” Justin pulled back and grabbed your hand, and you two made your way out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. “Oh and cool it with the melodrama next time, Bieber.” You both laughed while walking.

softspokenshawty  asked:

hey Justine! what lipstick are you wearing in the video where u stopped to admire your hair cuz the lighting was so great. lol I've been looking for a brown lipstick like that for ages!

its chestnut lip liner by mac and Nars vixen lipgloss

thank you :)