what are you two knuckleheads doing

my new aesthetic is Neil and Matt as Hiro and Tadashi from the beginning of big hero 6

Neil: *runs away from danger* perfect timing!

Matt: *saves Neil*you ok?

Neil: yeah!

Matt: are you hurt?

Neil: *relieved sigh* no

Matt: *repeatedly hits neil* then what were you thinking!? Knuckle head


they both get caught and Dan bails them

Matt and Neil: hi Dan

Dan: are yo guys ok? tel me you’re ok

Neil: we’re fine

Matt: we’re ok

Dan: oh good *drags them by their ears* then what were you two knuckleheads thinking?!

bonus bonus:

Dan: for ten months i have done the best i could to keep you in check

Dan: have i been perfect? No!

Dan: do i know anything about how guys think? No!

Dan: should i have picked up a book about how guys work? Probably…

Dan: where was i going with this. i had a point

Matt: sorry

Neil: we love you Dan

Dan: Well i love you too!