what are you two doing to me


Context: Our normal DM wasn’t able to be there so I was DMing our alternate campaign (We call these Chaos days because I purposely let silly things happen. its funny and leads to things like this) we had 2 Rouges, a wizard, and a fighter, they were exploring a goblin hideout. they had just come out of taming some wolves. this is what happened (Note: I am laughing my butt off the entire time and we purposely consumed many sugary things :3):

DM(Me): you are in a cave there is a stream two side passages and one main passage.
Rouge1(ooc): I’m going to roll perception *rolls* 21
DM: You hear rustling from the first side passage and snoring from the second side passage.
Rouge1: I’m going to walk up so Im level with the first side passage. Do I see anything?
DM: roll perception
rouge1(ooc): *rolls* 17
DM: you see a Taco.
Rouge1(ooc): how would my character know what a taco is?
DM: I just saying taco so I’m not describing a taco.
Rouge1: Ok i’m going to throw a dagger at it *rolls* 23
DM: it hits the taco the taco is now almost broken and has a dagger sticking out of it.
DM: its a really old taco.
Wizard: I roll to see if its possed *rolls* 17
DM: its not possed it looks tasty tho.
Rouge1(is suspicious): i’m throwing my other dagger at it. *rolls* 19
DM: The taco breaks
Rouge2: Thats it just the taco breaks?
DM: thats it the taco breaks.
Fighter: welp Im going to go get that taco and feed it to my wolves.
Everyone else: Were coming too!
*they wade through the stream*
Rouge1: I stealthly walk up to the taco. *rolls* 24
DM: roll perception
Rouge1: *rolls* 25
DM: you see a pile of tacos
Everyone: WHAT?
DM: if you want to blame someone for this blame my brother he gave me the idea.
Rouge1: I shoot the pile of tacos with my crossbow. *rolls* 15
DM: you hit and A Black and Taco colored thing Streaks out of the pile. Roll perception.
Rouge1: *rolls* 26
DM: you see a Feline that looks to be wearing a taco
Fighter and Rouge2: *Walk into the cave*
Rouge1: I’m going to throw a Knife in front of it *rolls* 16
DM: you startle the cat and it runs over to [fighter’s name]
Fighter: I crouch and coo the kitty. *rolls* 19
DM: the cat instantly seems to take to you. roll cat knowlege
Fighter: *rolls* 17
DM: You know basic cat knowlege such as things like you should let a cat sniff your hand so its not hostile. also roll perception
Fighter: *rolls a 12*
DM: you see a sign over the pile of tacos that says tacos.
Fighter: (is not going to tell the others about teh sign) PEOPLE COME LET THE CAT SNIFF YOUR HAND
*Everyone Rolls well*
*They roll well except for the wizard*
DM: you everyone except fur the wizard sees the sign that says tacos!
Wizard: IM GONNA EAT THE PILE OF TACOS *Rolls* nat20
DM: You eat all the tacos then feel sleepy. [fighter’s name] roll perception.
*Fighter rolls decently*
DM: you notice a cord around the cat’s neck. will you inspect it?
Fighter: HECK YEAH! *rolls a 18 for perception*
DM: you see the words taco cat on the tag.
Rouge2(ooc): So its a taco cat called taco cat?
DM: yes! because paradoxes! btw you all feel safe in this room. :3

{You’re Welcome} A Bucky Barnes imagine

“Come on, old man,” I hufffed out, throwing him to the mat, “gotta do better than that,” I laughed and he gave me a dirty look. I held out my hand to help him back up. “I’m outta practice,” he mumbled and I laughed again. “Super soldier? Out of practice? Yeah, right, Barnes,” I told him with a wink.

“You know,” I heard Tony say from the doorway, “you two should probably just make out and get it over with,” he grinned and I rolled my eyes. I looked at Bucky and he raised his eyebows. “Don’t know what you’re talking about, Stark,” he said as he walked over to lift weights. I couldn’t help but watch him as he lifted, the muscles in his shoulders flexing. “I could cut the sexual tension in here with a knife,” Tony laughed. We walked passed me and leaned in, “just go sit on his lap and get it over with,” he said and I felt my face get hot. 

I decided to distract myself with the treadmill when I saw Sam walk in. Great. If Tony was bad, Sam was worse. “What’s going on, Pretty girl,” he said, stepping up on the treadmill next to mine. I could feel Bucky’s eyes on me as Sam continued flirting. “Lookin’ good, lookin’ good,” he said with a chuckle as he watched me run. “Funny, Sam,” I told him with a grin, “never gonna happen.” He laughed again and I watched Bucky walk over, clearly angry.

“So, Bird Man,” he started, jaw clenched, “I think the lady doesn’t appreciate the flirting. When are you going to get that?,” he finished and I was pretty sure Bucky wanted to slam his fist into Sam’s face. “Whoa, whoa, there,” Sam started, putting his hand on Bucky’s shoulder, “just trying to get you worked up. Wanted to see how you felt,” he said as Bucky’s face changed from anger to confusion. 

“Everyone knows you two like each other,” Sam started, looking at both of us. “Just trying to help you along,” he finished as Bucky gave me a long look. “Should we?,” he asked me and I shrugged my shoulders. “You two are ridiculous,” Sam laughed. “Just kiss her, Tin Man,” he told him and Bucky gave me a questioning look. I nodded as he moved closer and put his hand on the back of my neck to pull me in for a kiss. All of a sudden, noise erupted from outside the training room and we looked up to see everyone cheering us on. 

I looked at Sam to see the smile on his face, and I couldn’t help the one that was spreading across my own. Sam clapped Bucky on the shoulder as he walked away. He turned around as he reached the door, gave us both another smile and said “you’re welcome.”

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I hate when a customer calls and as I'm listening to them my boss starts talking to me & telling me what to say?? like I know what I'm doing and you don't know what the customer is saying? I can't listen to two people at once and I don't want to ask the customer to repeat themselves after every sentence...

People that do that(talk to me when I’m on the phone) irritate me so bad it’s in my top three pet peeves. I will swat at you if you do it to get you to shoo. -Abby

  • Dazai: From now on we'll be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One
  • Dazai: Chuuya is "Been There Done That"
  • Chuuya: *chokes on food*
  • Dazai: Atsushi is "Currently Doing That"
  • Atsushi: *blushes and looks away*
  • Dazai: Akutagawa is "It Happened Once, In a Dream"
  • Akutagawa: Wait what-
  • Dazai: Yosano is "If I Had To Pick a Girl"
  • Yosano: *rolls eyes and crosses arms*
  • Dazai: And Kunikida is... Eagle Two
  • Kunikida: Oh thank God

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"Because it's fun" is one of the best reasons to do something. I'm sorry that people are trying to steal the fun of cosplaying away from you. I wish you every joy. I think I should let you know that the two things I love most about your style of cosplay is that 1. I can tell you were having fun, and 2. your costumes always remind me that the heart of cosplay is creativity. Expensive materials can produce flawless results, but cleverness and ingenuity go farther. That's what your work shows me.

wow, thank you so so much

  • me: oh boy i can't wait to log onto twitter and see wassup
  • leafyishere: just uploaded a new video, its about jacob sartorius
  • me: sigh
  • me: [lights cigarette, begins writing "bitch i can't believe you're doing this tired shit again" in my finest calligraphy]
  • me: [sends message via carrier pigeon]
  • leafy: wow can't wait to start working on this video about the latest buzzfeed post
  • carrier pigeon: [swoops in, drops note atop desk, flies into distance]
  • leafy: hm? what's this
  • leafy: [reads note, single tear falls down cheek]
  • leafy: [picks up phone and dials me] please can we just talk about this
  • me: the time for talking is done.
  • me: [hangs up]

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Hi! I just wanted to ask you, what is your opinion about the new episode? I really want to know what do you think about Starco and Jarco. Thanks in advance (:

I’m not exactly sure if i’m the right person to talk about this considering this episode doesn’t do a ton for me since neither of those ships are my favorites.

But if you insist i’ll just give some of my two cents on it.

I really wonder how long Star knew about Marco liking love sentence, because i know that it certainly wasn’t during “Red Belt”.

Also they called it their “thing”, which is hard for me to comment on because they’ve never enjoyed love sentence together before this episode. So i’m not really sure how big it is for them.

I still think it means more to tomco, whose entire relationship only hit off because of their love for the band. Well that, and we only found out Marco liked this band in that episode, along with Tom, it was a discovery and a gateway to their relationship.

(( Which of course bugs the heck out of me that Tom wasn’t in this ep, especially since Love Sentence is a band he made a dang shrine to.

they probably didn’t add him in because they didn’t want to break the tension going on but he still could’ve made a cameo in the background))

Oh well, moving on..

Star’s motives are weird, she clearly wants Marco to be happy with Jackie, and went through all that trouble to add her into their group. But she also doesn’t like seeing them extremely close together.

I mean it’s clear she’s bothered by it, but she also kinda doesn’t want to ruin it for her friend.

And it’s clear seeing Marco having a close relationship with someone else makes her upset.

She’s upset because Marco having a girlfriend means he’s going to be spending more time with someone else, and that she’s no longer going to be as close with him as she used to be.

She’s torn between Marco’s happiness, and her own.

She probably should’ve just told Marco the truth but i suppose she didn’t want to make everything weirder.

Like i said before, i don’t particularity care for Starco, so this episode doesn’t really hit me like everyone else because i kinda like them more as supportive friends. But if that’s your cup of tea it’ll work for you.

Jackie and Star interacting was really nice, they actually have a lot in common and really get along nicely.

Jarco is still pretty cute in my book, not my fav ship, but I think their interactions are sweet.

Songs were good as always.

Welp, for the people out there who was calling stuff like Friend-Enemies “QUEERBAITING”, there are literal gay and lesbian couples kissing in this episode.

so hate to burst your bubble, but looks like ships like Tomco have more of a chance of happening since the censors don’t care anymore.

Ending is a bit sad to look at because you know she’s dying inside, but her emotions are very unhealthy and she needs to resolve this.

Star reminds me ALOT of how Tom was before Marco talked him out of trying to win Star back.

Being angry and bitter all the time, spying on them, unable to do anything because they can’t control the situation.

and because Star is acting the same way Tom was, i still want her to learn the same lesson he did.

((I don’t care who it is, if it’s not ok for Tom, it’s not ok for Star))

I don’t personally think Starco will happen by the end of this season, just because it’s hard to imagine Marco just giving up on his crush he’s waited for years to be with for his friend who he doesn’t like in that way.

Besides the fact that it’s chicle, and this show tends to strive away from those for the most part,  it really doesn’t make alot of sense.

However, this crush biz only started THIS season so by the looks of it, it will be resolved one way or another by the end of this season.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on it.

It’s a good episode all in all.

Commander Minis

So, last night/yesterday, @odric-master-swagtician made some neat commander posts based on the shards/clans. Being that I love both Mardu and Jund, I posted these:

But I’m not really sure what to do for the rest. If any of you have suggestions, feel free to either reblog this with one or more or send me an ask. And yes, that even includes new ideas for these two as well as ones for the guilds. XD Might just do a bunch of minis of different color identities.

I’m still dinking around on the ‘meet the minis’ sort of posts (likely going to be posted later today or saturday), but if you need some simple details to know what they are and are like: Think ‘eldrazi’ but cute and nice. They are many, they are about the size of a cupcake, and they will eat anything (but also can magic up some treats for others). And yes, they are all girls (or at least girl identity, they don’t really have any parts or holes aside from what’s in their heads XD)

I will likely come back to this on sunday and make my own attempt to think about this further, but working on other things till then, so figured I’d see what folks that have a better feel for the color identites might offer. XD (and yes, if I use an idea, I will give credit to all those tied to it)

And yet again, more Keith angst ...

I’ve talked about this already — I know he isn’t brooding all the time, so why, why is it so hard to write him doing his Red Paladin thing with only minimal inner torment?

Keith, what am I going to do with you?! Why must you do this to me?

Right. So … I can’t actually be mad at this poor mullet.

*sighs* I managed to work in some cheesy fluff, alongside Keith’s angst.

And dancing. Lance, dancing, to be specific, in order to teach Keith. And Keith dying inside. Because of pining. 

So, I give you two dancing paladins and Keith’s inner pain! Here ya go:

Pressed in Close (Porque La Rumba)

Essentially, Keith’s POV of the dance lesson from Objects in Motion, plus bonus dance practices and sage advice from Shiro and Allura. Because Keith needs all the help he can get, in regards to his pining for Lance. 

In regards to the dancing? He’s actually pretty good.

In Your Shoes

This is for you @storybycorey@contrivedcoincidences6 @the-space-between1013 @need-not @ccoble

Mulder and Scully stood holding hands outside area 51 as the UFO passed over them. It felt strange, like there was just something really different and…weird going on.

“Are you ready to go, Mulder?” Scully asked. She was shocked when she realized she had just spoken in a familiar, deep male voice.

Mulder looked over at her. “Scully?” he asked, his voice squeaking in fear. “Either there’s two of me or we just switched bodies.”

“Oh God, what the fuck are we going to do?” she asked, adding, “And why am I suddenly craving sunflower seeds?”

“Why do I suddenly want Tofu?”

“Mulder, we have to get home and get some sleep. This is all a bad dream. We must be tripping or something. Maybe we’ve been drugged…”

“Always the rational one, eh?” It sounds weird coming out of my mouth.”

For some reason Scully couldn’t stop staring at her own mouth, wishing it were wrapped around her-his, cock.

Stop it, she thought. This was so fucked up.

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Do you want to RP with me?

I’m having an exceptionally bad day on top of second guessing myself, worried that others are mad at me for no reason.

So! Instead of being mad I’d really like to hear… do you guys want to RP with me? With what character and what kind of plot? I can’t promise anything as I’m working on going to ECCC soon, and my computer is dead too, but if I can, I’ll see about a thread or two maybe if it sounds cool!

So, let me know! Tell me your thoughts. Give me ideas. What do you see Rin and your character doing? I’d really love to hear and plot and think of cool ideas to draw or write to.

torinspeer  asked:


(this ask is the very reason why I love ENFPs haha)

1. Have I met anyone of this type?                                                                   - Yes I have two good friends and couple of acquaintances of this type.

2. Do I have any Tumblr friends/faves of this type?                                      - Probably.

3. What type of relationship do/did we have, or how well do/did we know each other?                                                                                                         - One ENFP I’ve known since we were 5 years old, and the other one I met through a mutual INTJ friend aroundd 4-5 years ago. I’ve always found it very easy to get along with this type, we’ve had lots of not only fun but interesting and #deep conversations. I always end up spending way too much time with them without even getting that exhausted. We have a very similar, stupid sense of humor.

4. First impressions?                                                                                          - They always have this “not fully present” vibe going on, bubbly, social, creative, endearing, some of my ENFP classmates have occasionally rubbed me the wrong way with their constant blabbering, adventurous, funny as hell.

5. Positive impressions?                                                                                    - So creative, excellent company, good and offbeat sense of humor, very intelligent when they choose to focus, individualistic, inspire others, have this good balance of honesty and social awareness, once again who doesn’t just love them?

6. Negative impressions?                                                                                 - This very odd, timely lack of empathy for people or things that they’ve determined to be “bad” etc., sometimes have trouble really listening and taking their time for others, afraid of conflict, sometimes too all over the place people who experience difficulty in focusing and settling down.

7. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?                                            - Hmmm anything really !

Hearing Voices Part IV - Memories
  • Ruby: I don’t really understand how this works.
  • Oscar: *sighs* That makes two of us.
  • Ruby: So like you see something, or someone says something, and then you see a memory? But like, it’s not your memory it’s Professor Ozpin’s, and you see it like… though his eyes?
  • Ozpin: She understands better than she thinks.
  • Oscar: Yes.
  • Ruby:
  • Ruby: This is weird.
  • Oscar: Believe me, I know.
  • Ruby:
  • Ruby: Do you…do you like…remember what he’s said to me? Professor Ozpin? Can you remember what was the first thing he noticed about me the first time he saw me?
  • A memory forms. Ruby, not much younger than she is now, sits at a table. He approaches her carrying milk and cookies.
  • Ozpin: Ruby Rose.
  • Ozpin: You have silver eyes.
  • A second memory interrupts the first. He is sitting at a desk flipping through a stack of photos of a toddler playing in a mud puddle.
  • Ozpin: Qrow, why did you take an entire roll of film of your niece eating mud?
  • Qrow: She’s really sweet, isn’t she?
  • Ozpin: She is. Did it ever occur to you to put down the camera and stop her from eating the mud?
  • Qrow: *shrugs*
  • The memory fades.
  • Ruby: Oscar? Are you okay? What did you see?
  • Oscar: *clears throat* Your eyes. The first thing he noticed were your silver eyes.
Things That Are Making Me Irrationally Angry That Are Not Politics:

1) the Manfred Walk rule, fuck you Manfred.
2) the amount of articles about “what color do you think this article of clothing is?” Ala that gold and white dress from two years ago. Fuck you, weirdly lit accessories.
3) Moms referring to their “tribe” or “village,” usually associated with trying to sell me some accountability cleanse program. Fuck you, cleanses.
4) Poorly painted furniture marketed as “shabby chic.” Fuck you, chalk paint.
5) Anti-Vaxxers. Fuck you, anti-vaxxers.

What’s making you angry this Friday? LET IT OUT, LET IT GO.

fazerinsininen  asked:

Any dialogue ideas for person B who has never seen the snow and for person A who takes person B to their home, which is super snowy and cold

Person B: so you mean to tell me that this white, cold mess is totally normal and there is no need to panic?
Person A: that’s exactly what I mean to say! Besides, I don’t know what good a flame thrower is going to do against two inches of snow.

Person B: I just… it’s all so pretty!
Person A: I guess so. I mean, after a while you just get used to it. We can go and walk–
Person B: What?! We can’t walk in that! Our foot prints would just mess it all up! We should just stay inside and enjoy it from here. Together.

Person A: Isn’t it pretty?
Person B: Girls are pretty. Boys are pretty. Sunflowers and roses and drawings of sunny days are pretty. Snow is an abomination.

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Ok, so in regards to that 15 y/o ask, do you think you could just do some short hc of what their relationship would be like with the other agents? Mostly McCree Hanzo Genji and Zenyatta? Bro you have me obsessed with LilSis Zenyatta and I can already tell that this could be another winner! I love your writing so much! If you don't want to do it feel free to ignore.

I’m glad you’re enjoying these and also Zenyatta lilsis. These are all strictly platonic as reader is underage. 


  • The two of you are as thick as thieves
    • He feels a kinship with you
    • The two of you are cracking jokes together
    • He even lets you wear his hat
  • He trains you how to use a pistol
    • World not as safe as it was back in your day
  • You start using some of his more colourful southernisms
    • McCree just smiles and everyone else groans


  • Doesn’t really know how to react at first
    • You’re a teenager out of time
      • Too old to be a child, too young to be an adult
    • Treats you with a bit of awkwardness
  • As the two of you grow closer 
    • He gets less cold
    • Inviting you to drink tea with you


  • The two of you are immediate friends
    • As soon as you talk to him
  • He brings you snacks and candy
  • He shows off his ninja skills
    • You’re a little in awe
    • Having though ninjas were a thing of fiction
  • He brings you souvenirs from each mission
  • When you get homesick he talks about Hanamura
    • His time with his brother and growing up


  • He enjoys being around you
    • You bring a fresh perspective
    • Having not lived through the crisis 
  • He talks to you about the future
    • The one where he hopes human and omnics can live together in peace
    • He says that you’re meant for greatness
    • Just keep your hope
  • He can sense if you get homesick
    • He gets you to tell him about your life
    • about homework and teenage drama
    • Things that felt important at the time
  • He tells you about life at the monastery 

So, I just had an idea…
(As if I don’t already have enough requests and, hm, two ongoing series rn *sigh* 😂)

Basically, I just wrote a police!Jungkook scenario (partly inspired by a prompt I came across, partly inspired by Dope ((I’m aware dope was literally almost 2 years ago buuut)) 😂

So I was thinking, do you guys think I should write a series of scenarios, one for each member, based on what their role/job was in the Dope M/V? Is this something you guys might want to see? Let me know! I’ll only do it if you guys want to see it cx

anonymous asked:

How do we know your actually Stefan's step daughter? It would be incredibly easy for me to go onto his social media accounts and pull in or two pictures of one of his children, claim it as my own, and make up a few stories here and there about interactions with him. Catfishing is really easy, and I'm PRETTY SURE your lying about this. Idk what you're gaining from doing that, hope it feels good.

cool dude. i went public in idk november i think in a post that i made to thank people for the money they raised for dad through gofundme. it’s just a quick lil recording of dad from the hospital that i asked him to make to thank the users of tumblr (and in particular @nicolas-px who made the original post that gained a whole ton of attention) for helping us out. 
here’s a link: http://cokefather.tumblr.com/post/151947923329/hey-guys-after-my-family-saw-the-super-kind-post
have a nice day 

Bodacious 400 Count Follower Forever

   – I can’t believe I already have half of what I had on my older blog in only two months. 
It just is so overwhelming to hear positivity about this blog that I’ve poured heart, soul, and tears into.
So this is the least that I can do, to tell each and every one of you I love you forever! Though we haven’t interacted yet doesn’t mean that we can’t in the future! I love all of my followers! Each and every one of you!
These people have made this blog possible… They’ve made me love, laugh, cry, get angry, all of the emotions that I pour into passionate RPS.

Without further Ado! My Bias List!

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