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I work in a grocery store bakery and I get really annoyed when people get cakes for kids and just get them stereotyped colors based on their gender. At my store when we decorate cupcakes we HAVE to do “girl colors/toys” and “boy colors/toys” (but they’re not sectioned or labeled as such).

Well today I helped someone pick out cupcakes for their daughter(?), who looked about 5/6 years old. I showed the parent the two varieties we had, one w/ pink frosting and pink ribbons and one with blue frosting and (American) footballs. And the parent actually called their child over to choose which one they wanted, instead of just going with the pink one “because it’s for girls”. They said “Which one do you want? The football one or the pink one?” The child did pick the pink one but it just made me so happy that the parent actually cared what their child was interested in and gave them a choice and the child got what they wanted. It was so cool, so unusual, and so wholesome; at the time, it made my day.

Sherlock: Honey?

Molly: What?

Sherlock: Where’s my coat?

Molly: What?

Sherlock: Where’s. My. Coat?!

Molly: I, uh, put it away.

Sherlock: Where?

Molly: Why do you need to know?

Sherlock: I need it.

Molly: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no daring-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!

Sherlock: The public is in danger!

Molly: My evening’s in danger!

Sherlock: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!

Molly: ‘Greater good?’ I am your girlfriend! I’m the greatest you are ever gonna get!

Song Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘Gorgeous’

It appears the “old Taylor” can come to the phone after all. For anyone hoping for a more conventional Taylor Swift single from her forthcoming sixth album, “Reputation,” the third time’s the charm, as “Gorgeous” finally provides some of the conventional pleasures that only a pop song about falling deeply in crush can.

Not that “Gorgeous” (released at the stroke of midnight Friday, in advance of the album’s Nov. 10 drop) would ever be mistaken for an outtake from “Fearless.” Producers Max Martin and Shellback have taken the track’s musical bed in the same deep electro-throb direction of the two preceding singles released from the album, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready for It?” It doesn’t even involve the currently trendy trick of combining electronic and acoustic instruments: If you’re looking for an “organic” element in the arrangement, you might have to settle for that split second pause between the verse and chorus, when we get what sounds suspiciously like… a triangle solo.

But in lyric and spirit, “Gorgeous” is, essentially, “Enchanted 2017.” And the segment of her audience that wasn’t entirely down with the paranoid turn of “Look What You Made Me Do” will be enchanted to meet the lighter side of Swift again.

Like “Enchanted” (from 2010’s “Speak Now”), “Gorgeous” is a sweet song about becoming besotted to the point of shyness while circling an object of desire at a social gathering. The main difference between then and now is the references to these suddenly desires being influenced by being under the influence: “You should take it as a compliment that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk,” is the opening line. Later, she establishes their location as being at the intersection of “whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine,” where she’s got “a boyfriend (who’s) older than us… in the club doing I don’t know what.” (Dorothy, we’re not in “Our Song” anymore.)

The language is alternately self-mockingly dramatic — “You ruin my life by not being mine” — and whimsically frisky: “I can’t say anything to your face, because look at your face.” The effervescence of the chorus melody makes it clear that we’re not to take too seriously any of this being bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.

Or are we? Speculation immediately ran rampant that the song is about her rumored boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, with the soon-to-be-forgotten older dude in the disco possibly representing her past with one of the world’s more famous DJ types, Calvin Harris. Or, maybe this time around, she’s stopped writing autobiographically. (Sure she has.) A reference to “ocean-blue eyes” is likely not random, historically speaking. In the past, Swift’s references to eye color have been a veritable decoder ring to real-life lyrical assignations. (A brief history: the guys in “Sparks Fly,” “Everything Has Changed,” “I Know Places,” and “Wonderland” had green eyes, a la Harry Styles or Conor Kennedy, while the fellow in “State of Grace” had blue peepers, making him Jake Gyllenhaal, in perception if not reality. Maybe blue is her color after all.)Apparently fans will have to wait another three weeks for the release of “Reputation” (an album so closely guarded her team doesn’t even plan to reveal the remaining song titles in advance) to try to figure out if the would-be swain in “Gorgeous” is, in fact, the guy who ultimately met the cats.



COMMISSIONS TAKE TWO! I’m still unemployed and in need of money c’:


  • Anything NSFW (gore, sexual content, anything nsfw.)
  • Fetish art
  • Furries/Animals (Maybe some day, but not today.)
  • I have the right to decline your commission for any reason.


  • OCs (Human/Humanoid)
  • Weapons
  • Characters from most works of fiction (Movies, games, all that cool stuff.)
  • Robots (Might need to be discussed with the client.)

If you’d like something that isn’t mentioned in the second list or on the commission sheet, feel free to ask about it!



  • I’ll need references and descriptions on the character(s) you want me to draw. The more complex the character, the more references I’ll need. Two to three should do it.
  • PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED IN FULL BEFORE I BEGIN TO WORK. I can only accept payment through paypal, all prices are in USD.
  • The client will receive the full resolution image through email. The client is free to use it for their personal use only. If you’re unsure of what personal use is, you’re more than welcome to ask.
  • The low-res watermarked version will be available on my usual uploading sites. The client is free to repost the art (the fullres or lowres version) where they please ONLY if credit is given and there are links back to me as the original artist.
  • Client will receive a sketch WIP before I do lineart to make sure everything is to their liking.
  • I am starting out with THREE (3) slots open at once. You can check how many slots I have available by looking at my blog sidebar on tumblr, OR my donation pool and commission deviation on deviantart!
  • You can expect your commission to be done within two weeks.
  • All commissions are for non-commercial use only.

You can see all my finished commissions here.

More Bust Examples

More Waist Up Examples

More Full Body Examples

If you are interested, please contact me through my email at sodacola109@gmail.com.

If jewelry’s more your thing, I’m selling bottle cap necklaces as well and I do custom orders!

(Reblogs are appreciated!! <3)

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You can do it komaeda! We believe in you!!

I-It’s really nothing. You should go back to-

Spill it.


Now that Nanami-san is back isn’t it better for you to be with her? You two were close during the simulation, right?


Don’t play dumb, Hajime. I know that you were starting to have a crush on her. But you thought she was gone so you had to move on. Now that she is back with us….I’m just in the way.

….You are kidding, right?

Do I really look like I’m joking?

Don’t you dare take that tone right now! Are you saying that I’m only with you by pity?

That would be totally understandable.

Shut up! So what…You were gently waiting for me to run back in Nanami’s arm? Just like that? Without saying anything? Or doing anything to stop me?

Why would I stop you? That would have been a better choice for you.

….A better choice?

So is it really how you see me? Like someone who would only be with you because there was no one else?

For my sake…Liar! You’re so into your self-destructive tendancies that you totally ignored my feelings for you and decided that you knew better than me how I felt and what is best for me.

That’s not true! It’s only natural to believe that someone like Nanami-san is better for you than someone like me!

I don’t care about this! I don’t give a fuck! What I care about is my boyfriend of more than six month telling me that he has been waiting for me to get together with someone else like it is nothing!

I know that you don’t have a lot of self confidence but…Is your trust in me and my love for you so weak too? Was those months together just a charade for you? Were you just waiting for me to end it all this time?


….I see. *starts to walk away*


Sorry but I need to be alone right now. But don’t worry, I’m not going to throw myself into Nanami’s arms. Not that you seem to really care about it. *walks out*

“I guess there are worse places to live than L.A.,” Sara joked, “and Harry’s house there is probably not too shabby either.”

Sophia smiled. “I can‘t wait to tell him. He‘s gonna be so happy… or I hope so, at least.”

“What do you mean?” Sara asked.

“I don‘t know,” Sophia sighed, shrugging her shoulders. “Things have been weird between us lately. I hope this will show him that I‘m serious about us, that I‘m willing to put in the effort. I think he‘s been a bit disappointed in me lately.”

“Listen, I know I‘ve been skeptical about you two at first but if I know one thing, it‘s that H is absolutely crazy about you. He loves you. Probably has since the day he met you. He‘ll be over the moon,” Sara said, trying to calm Sophia‘s nerves.

“I hope you’re right.”

twenty (aka the final chapter) coming soon!
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Mother Tongue - h.s.

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Requests: One: req? y/n is from a different country where they don’t speak english and so whenever she gets irritated, upset and mad she talks in her mother tongue to him THANK YOU LOVE YOU. Two: can you do a request where y/n is from another country that doesn’t speak english but she’s fluent in both languages and whenever she gets annoyed, mad and others she speaks in her native tongue

Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

A/N: I didn’t know what country to make the reader from so I randomly picked France. This is shorter than my usual fics but I have a lot of requests waiting to be written so I decided to make this kind of short. BUT if anyone wants me to extend this I have an idea for how I would do it x

The first time you did it, Harry just looked at you in complete bafflement.

It was one of the first real arguments the two of you had ever had, over something that really wasn’t worth it. At the time you were both just overworked, tired and stressed, so it didn’t take much for a petty debate to spark into a heated argument.

“Je ne peux pas te croire, Harry!” you had yelled in frustration, your French accent thick. I can’t believe you Harry, is what you meant to say in English, but you were getting so worked up that you were reverting to your first language without thinking.

You had moved to England from Paris when you were just six years old and had grown up speaking French at home with your family, as well as speaking English at school. Harry had always loved your French heritage and enjoyed nothing more than hearing you talk in your mother tongue, but he had never heard you speak French with such fire in your voice.

At your words, you could visually see the anger melt away from Harry’s facial expression. “What did you say?” he asked, a smile playing on his lips.

“Sorry, I just- When I get too angry or upset I start to speak French without even thinking about it. I didn’t mean to-”

Without warning, Harry cut you off by pressing his lips to yours. He pulled away, a grin spread across his face. “I love you,” he spoke as though in a state of pure nirvana, despite the fact the two of you had been yelling at each other less than a minute ago. It was the first time you had heard him say those three words, and oh how sweet they sounded.

“Where is this coming from? You were just yelling at me.” No matter how much you wanted to return those three words, you needed to prod him first.

“I don’t know, I mean I already thought I loved you, but then you told me that and I realised just how much I really love you. I’m sorry for getting so worked up and picking a fight with you, but I just needed you to know because I couldn’t hold it in any longer,” he resisted the urge to kiss you again once he had finished speaking.

“Well, I’m glad you finally said it because I was too scared to,” you connected your lips once more, both of you smiling through the kiss. You already felt elated, but it was like his lips against yours just kept lifting you higher and higher.

“Wait,” Harry said, as he pulled away quickly. “So this means?”

“I love you, you idiot,” you laughed, still on top of the world. “Good,” he said before crashing his lips to yours once more.

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Tyler: … 

Tyler: Is that a freakin’ gummy ring??? 

Lily: Yes! Okay - like - agh - I’m so jumpy rn. 

Tyler: How long has that been in your pocket??? 

Lily: Since the party started - had to go through the candy bowl to find the perfect one yah know ha…ha…

There was a pause. A moment of tension between the two. 

Tyler: Are you? Trying to ask me, what I think you’re trying to ask me? 

Lily: Okay, uh- Ty. Soo, we’re about to go into senior year of university - we’ve been dating for the past four years - and honestly it’s been the best four years ever. You just get me. And I get you, I think. And idk man, like I can no longer think of my life without you. We like the same things, you support me in what I do, and that’s just amazing. You - you - just - I just…I just want you in my life for a while longer. 

Tyler: Lily Berry are you proposing to me???? 

Lily: NO! No - well, like I’m hoping you would propose to me someday - but this is - like a promise ring? Yeah a promise ring. Or it just symbolizes one because I felt that if I got a real one that would be waaaay too real yah know? 

Tyler smiled and took the gummy ring, sliding it onto his ring finger. 

Tyler: Huh, looks good.

Lily: Soooo, is that a yes?? To like just being together - possibly forever??? 

Tyler: Eh yeah. 

Lily: EH YEAH??????? :(((((((

Friday Fic Recs - Week 2

Hey friends, it’s Sarah! I’m still not really in the headspace to do much on the internet right now, so once again @call-this-a-mask and @boxesfullofthoughts are filling in for me like the superstars they are! Thank you for your help, you two, and I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said here about these fics!

To the rest of you, seriously if you haven’t picked these fics up yet what are you doing??? They’re all fantastic!!

you’re the one i wanna grey with - cosetties @bechnaesun (Even/Isak; 5k; canon + established relationship)

  • A fic set in the early stages of Isak and Even’s relationship, all about Isak exploring how he feels for Even and if he’s allowed to miss him as much as he does.
  • Isak’s voice is incredibly well done for the time, showing that his insecurities and hang ups don’t just disappear now he’s in a relationship, as well as showing his progression through learning about himself and his relationships with others.
  • Even though Even isn’t actually there for most of this fic, he is still very much present in the details written in, and his and Isak’s relationship is painted very clearly.
  • Isak’s dynamics with the other characters are incredibly realistic and well done too, with the way he acts around each of his friends and how they all respond to him in turn.
  • Even and Isak’s relationship is wonderfully well balanced, with both of them caring for each other just as much.
  • Both Isak and Even’s characterisation and how they deal with the situation is also incredibly accurate, with them both feeling very much the same about each other but showing it in their own ways.
  • It’s so easy to feel how Isak feels, and shows how he’s growing and starting to acknowledge his feelings.
  • A really well done, feel good fic that captures the start of Isak and Even’s relationship perfectly.

seasons may change (but i love you) - kittpurrson / @towonderland72 (Even/Isak; 3k words; 5+1 Childhood best friends AU)

  • A childhood best friend’s AU, showing Isak and Even’s relationship through snapshots of their life together.
  • Explores their dynamic through different ages, and each time their behaviour and Isak’s voice is age appropriate and fitting to them for the time.
  • Whilst this is a short fic using small snapshots, the small details put in there flesh out their relationship brilliantly, and convey a sense of history effectively.
  • Well paced, showing the emotional shifts between them and the tension as they start pushing boundaries and exploring their relationship.
  • Their dynamic seems very true to them, despite this being an AU, both Isak and Even are very in character.
  • The visuals in this fic are beautiful and very easy to envision, each clearly carefully chosen and written to paint the picture of the scene.
  • Isak’s feelings - not just about Even, but what he’s learning as he grows up - are also very easy to understand and feel along with him. Whilst it doesn’t go massively in depth, it’s still very clear what he feels.
  • An incredibly sweet story with wonderful and very realistic progression

Not a Bird, Not a Plane - shakespeareandsunshine / @shakespeare-and-sunshine (Even/Isak; 5k words; superhero AU)

  • Engaging writing style and good pacing; the story develops well and never seems too rushed despite being only a few thousand words
  • Amazing characterisation, despite the different circumstances. Isak is a grumpy doctor who’s actually all soft on the inside and Even wants to change the world and finds the most extra way possible to do it
  • The dialogue is wonderful - from their banter about how Even is totally not a superhero to discussions of more serious subjects, their conversations flow really well and make me smile to read
  • Isak is so oblivious and it’s wonderful. He’s not an idiot and it shows, but he completely ignores all the signs of Even being a superhero, and it makes so much more sense and seems so much more in character than if he hadn’t (because who starts theorising their crush is a superhero???).

Confess eiqhties / @eiqhties (Even/Isak; 1k words; first I love you)

  • Devastatingly in character - dialogue and interactions are absolutely spot on and feel very true to them and their relationship, to the point where it could have happened in-show
  • Absolutely adorable, fluffy without being overly sappy. They’re full of sass but in love, and it shows (especially considering the subject of the fic lol).
  • The setting is wonderfully ideal. Isak confesses randomly while brushing teeth??? Even chokes so badly that he needs five minutes to recover????? Legendary.
  • The writing is fun and the voice feels true to Isak and his headspace
  • Despite being only 1k, it feels like a part of something much larger, and it’s a delight to read!

Imma just air my KS dirty laundry now so people know what they’re getting into with me

  • I don’t ship SangBum. I just cannot. HOWEVER, I honestly couldn’t give two shits if you did, so you do you boo boo.
  • I lowkey love like all the characters to some degree. Unless they’re just cunts to Bum for no reason. Then they can catch these hands.
  • I gotta love hate relationship with Sangwoo but he’s still a really interesting character to me.
  • I want Choker Boy to be given a name at least.
  • Please
  • I’m both lowkey frustrated Sangwoo didn’t get caught but also pleased because plot.
  • The artwork in KS is so pretty??

  • That’s all I had I guess lmao
Wanna One Prompt List

Yow mates! 

I’ve been wanting to write something but it’s no fun if I think of the ideas myself soo… I’m opening a prompt list for Wanna One yayy 

Pick and choose, combine, do whatever you want, and tell me what to write! Oh and make sure to lemme know if you’d like a 19+/21+ rated story hehe. 

Here we go… 


  1. Tonight, just the two us [Energetic]
  2. Will it stop? These raindrops, these tears? [Downpour] 
  3. I wanna see you again [Never]
  4. Is it an illusion? A dream? I’m scared [Open Up]
  5. Someday the cold rain will become warm tears that’s falling [Downpour] 
  6. My heart is only for you today [Open Up]
  7. Close your eyes, as slowly as you can [Always] 
  8. Uh, I don’t like those other guys next to you [Energetic]
  9. Let’s stay together like the word ‘forever’ [Always] 
  10. You make me feel so high [Energetic]
  11. I’m going on my way [Never]
  12. Always wih you, right here, right now [Always] 
  13. Don’t leave anything behind, don’t look back [Burn it Up] 
  14. Now I’m not afraid of tomorrow, because I’m not alone anymore [Burn it Up] 
  15. Hurry and come to me tonight [Energetic]
  16. To me, you’re only like a dream [Open Up] 
  17. Even if I say it a thousand times, you won’t know how I feel [Open Up] 
  18. Work your body [Energetic]
  19. Open up [Open Up]
  20. That word that hovers around deep inside, I love you [Never] 
  21. My own self epilogue shall end in my own hands now [Never] 
  22. Come, it’s time to have fun [Energetic]
  23. I’m really scared of you [Never] 
  24. I promise to love you [Always]
  25. We’re different from others [Energetic]
  26. I’ll only open my doors for you [Open Up]
  27. I don’t know why I’m falling for you [Energetic]
  28. I’m feeling so energetic [Energetic] 

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asexualkittyclaws  asked:

i personally agree with you on the subject of what mika and yuu do in bed. To imagine that and fetishsize two teenagers is wrong and i agree that we should not pry into that. Its also kinda gross how people reguarly sexualize them but thats just my two cents. I just wanna say Im behind you on your statement!

Thank you ❤

At the very least people can have their preferences on fanfiction (where they’re usually written as adults), but thinking about who would top and who would bottom… as if you could take an opinion from the way they behave as two 16 year olds… kind of irks me. Especially the people who are like “X is the woman in the relationship!” disgust me.

so you mean to tell me

that two entire magical ethereal kingdoms were programmed from that fucking clown doll?

fuck, what if he had just taken a shit and thrown it into the kernelsprite? what then, huh?

i don’t want to jump to too drastic of conclusions, but if that’s why those shale imps were wearing clown garb, does that mean everyone in those kingdoms are decked out in clown fuckery?

i also have MANY questions about the fact that all of this bullshit was triggered by john’s actions when there are other people playing the game. do they all just live in differing dimensions or is he the most important for some reason or

anonymous asked:

Hi for the first time ever I watched and finished the original sailor moon series on Hulu and I thought it was fantastic. I was wondering if I should watch sailor moon crystal now because I’ve heard a lot of negative reviews on it, I don’t know what’s the different between the original and crystal? Should I watch it?

Hi, anon!! It always makes me so happy to hear that new people are finding and loving the original Sailor Moon <33 That show was/is SO incredibly important to me, and I love when others find the same joy in it that I do.

As for Sailor Moon Crystal….

YES , you should definitely watch it!!!

Don’t let the haters get you down, lovely anon! 

The show is certainly not without its flaws, but what an incredible gift the fandom has been given 20 years after the original stopped airing!! 

The main difference between the two shows, is that Crystal follows the manga story line almost exactly. And the 90s anime…well…didn’t lol at least for a lot of things, making Sailor Moon one of the only fandoms with characters who feel like completely different people from the manga to the anime. (THANKS, WRITERS!!! xD)

I love Sailor Moon Crystal for lots of reasons, but my main love of it stems from the development of Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship. It’s SO beautiful, and SO much more organic than the 90s anime. There’s never any doubt that those two are a couple, and there’s a depth to their relationship that you just don’t see in the original anime.

All that being said, you should DEFINITELY give Crystal a chance. At least watch it through! And a lot of the complaints about the show are addressed and gone by the Infinity Arc, which is absolutely lovely, and beautifully done. Even a lot of Crystal haters enjoyed the third season of Crystal!

Hope this helps, and stop by soon to let me know what you thought <33

annie-thyme  asked:

"we've been friends for about ten years now and you've been asking me out on dates as a joke ever since we've met wait what do you mean you weren't joking?!?" AU

They are 16 years old. Charlie introduced them two days ago and they haven’t stopped talking since.
‘Asked Ruby on a date. Got rejected. Fml -S’
‘Don’t even know why I’m telling you this. Don’t laugh? -S’
‘Aw, Winchester. Never mind. ID date you! -G.’

They are 17 and it’s two days before new year’s eve. Gabriel’s brother has just blown him out on plans to go to the fireworks, and he has nobody to celebrate with. It’s too late to try and worm his way back into a party now, and his parents would never let him throw one of his own. Gabriel turns to his best friend.
“So. You’re free. I’m free. Why don’t we get all cozy down at the fireworks. I promise I’ll give you a great smooch when the clock strikes!”
Sam laughs.
“I’ll go to the fireworks. And very funny.”

They are 18 and suddenly the adult world seems very real. Gabriel is going to the college a town over, but Sam, Sam is moving away. Big dreams, far too big for Lawrence. Gabriel is trying not to cry.
“It’ll be fine, Gabe. I’ll visit, and we can skype.”
“I know, I know,” Gabriel sniffed. “You could at least let me take you to dinner if you really have to go.”

They are 19, they are 22, they are 22 again. They are 23 and 24, they are 25…
They are 26.
They feel a little like children again, a big group of them swarming the streets post-cinema, laughing and eating leftover pick-n-mix. They are Gabriel, Sam, Charlie, Castiel, Dean, Balthazar, Jo.
“So Sam, when are you and Gabriel finally going to go on that date he’s been begging you for?” Charlie asks. Gabriel shoots her a look.
“Oh, you mean the running joke of a date? Hmm, let’s see… I’m not that gullible.”
In that moment, Gabriel is faced with a choice.
He chooses to be brave, just this once.
“Actually, it’s kind of… not a joke.”
“Then… tomorrow night?”

Song Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘Gorgeous’

By: Chris Willman for Variety
Date: October 20th 2017

It appears the “old Taylor” can come to the phone after all. For anyone hoping for a more conventional Taylor Swift single from her forthcoming sixth album, “Reputation,” the third time’s the charm, as “Gorgeous” finally provides some of the conventional pleasures that only a pop song about falling deeply in crush can.

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Polyamorious relationship with 2017 penny, 1990 penny, and their s/o tho- Good shit

Yes! Okay this would be perfect
I’m weak for (healthy) jealousy so can you imagine the fights between the two?

“I love them more.”

“The hell you do, Nickelsmart. I was here first!”

“Stop calling me that! I give the best kisses anyways so suck on that!”

“I give the best cuddles! Chubby is better because of all the body heat.”

- so much affection
- you’ll always have one to cuddle while the other one is hunting
- imagine teaching both of them memes
- 90’s Penny just doesn’t fuckin get it
- 2017 Penny gets what you mean but fucks them up still
“Babe, I just scared the HECK out of this kid and he tasted delicious! It was so fire!”

Sneeeeeeeak peeeeeeeek!
Well here it is! The beginning of my fanfic!!! :D
I hope you like it, let me know what you think, obviously this is only like the first two paragraphs but I’m hoping it seems okay!
(Also, this is written by me, belongs to me so I’d really appreciate it if you don’t use this in your own works etc :3)
Also, I know it varies depending on different things but for any of you who write/read lots of fanfics, do you think you could tell me roughly how many words there usually are in a chapter? This is probably my first fic I’m atcually publishing and I don’t wanna mess it up xD thanks in advance :))))
Eeeeeeek I’m so excited to be writing this!!!!!

  • Kara: I quit
  • Lena: wut?
  • Kara: I said I quit
  • Lena: well unquit
  • Kara: I-
  • Lena: Kara, I bought the media you were working for literally two days ago in order to win your heart, if not that idk what else I can do
  • Kara: but-
  • Lena: I'm your boss now, you can come back today and get back to work, there's no need to worry about James
  • Kara: Lena, I-
  • Lena: here, look, you're hired
  • Kara: Lena-
  • Lena: you don't even have to work if you don't want to, just please spend time with me

anonymous asked:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 more specifically, how do they feel about you being an otaku/fangirl?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦- What’s your family like?

oh god uhh

okay lets split this into two

my Family (Mum) and my Relatives (Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and other Aunt)

My family is fucking awesome, though borderline neglectful, and lets me do whatever wacky fangirl stuff i want (bought me a cosplay wig, lets me go to cons, helps with art stuff, bought me a Freakin Body Pillow). She’s a graphic designer who grew up in Hong Kong with two sisters and an extremely laid back family by Eastern Asian standards. She’s also super duper hardworking and has our whole situation financially stable, and thought me how to support myself for college or university. 

uh oh spaghetti os the next part is Edgy™ 

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