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A Stone Wall (Business AU Minho)

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Type: Fluff Angst

“We can’t do this" he said as he was brought in for another kiss “then stop” you tell him as he melted into the kiss more. It was hard to believe this was your father’s second hand man. You couldn’t help it, you watched Minho grow up to the strong man he was. He grew more handsome to you as well. Everything about him made your mind go blank and everything. He watched you when your dad had to leave for a trip and worried that something would happen to you. Your father was not a good man per say, he was a common overly wealthy business man and Minho was something you never understood. He didn’t make sense to you at all, you wondered if he was always sorta stick-in-the-muddish.

His eyes widen as your hand had grabbed him “woah” he said pulled away. “You’re so young” he said as you chuckled “I’m 20 Minho, An adult” you coo as he pulled your hand away. You chuckled pulled him towards your room. You unbuttoned his jacket “you’re always so overdressed” you told him sliding the jacket off of him before pulling to your bed. You pushed him onto it as his eyes widened but your actions. You smirked jumping onto the bed beside him grabbing the remote. He watched as you cuddled into him and turned the TV on.


“Your dad is right os in the living room” he whispered as you smiled “that’s why I have you in the linen closet” you tell him. You pressed your lips to his but he didn’t kiss back. He was a private man so that was why you were guessing he wouldn’t mention that he even liked you to anyone. At least you wished that was what it was. “I have to go. I’m sorry” he says pulling away as he grabs a random thing from the self “say you needed a towel for a shower and couldn’t reach” he says as you roll your eyes “if you don’t like me you can just say so, you’re so unhuman it’s crazy” you say walking passed him annoyed. He sighed walking out “daddy, I want to go shopping tomorrow” you tell your dad as he gives you a look.

“Sir I can take her-” “no I want to go out with a friend of mine” you stop Minho mid sentence. “Who?” your father asked “just a friend” you tell him as you gave a smile before kissing his cheek. You turned and sent Minho a glare before venturing towards your room. “Do you know who she going to see?” your father asked “I’m not sure sir” he responded. “You know I won’t have her go alone right?” his father asked “I know I’ll do the normal” he tells.


“So the guy who’s always watched you?” Yoonkyeong asked, another daughter of the an overly rich business man. She was know for being a bit of a troublemaker and someone your father asked you to try to avoid but you had to say you liked her. She picked something out for you and held it up to you “you should buy lingerie” she said as she took your hands pulling you off to another section. 


You walked out of the store laughing as Yoonkyeong told you a story “so is what I heard about Taemin true?” you ask gesturing downwards “yes” she said before you smirked. “It must have been nice” you say “what happened to Jonghyun?” she asked as you shrugged “he’s got a nice body as well but he’s not my type” you tell her. “Yeah awkwardly silent yet sexy men are your thing” she teases as you shrug. “I don’t think he’s capable of emotion anymore” you tell her as you two start walking out of the store “oh my god” you state as you look out into the parking lot “I’m taking you home” Minho states as he glances at Yoonkyeong “I should go my mother wants to meet up for brunch” she says as she heads over to her car. 

You sigh “your father said to stay away from her” he tells you “and I don’t care” you inform as he opens the door for you. “Why did you go there?” he asked as he caught sight of the Victoria’s Secret bag “none of your business” you continue as you buckle up. He gets in the front seat and starts the car “about yesterday” “don’t worry you made it clear” you tell him as you look at your phone. Minho stopped the car making it jerk to a halt “what the hel-” “stop acting like freaking little kid. For godsakes you grabbed my crotch, your mind doesn’t seem to understand that I work for your father. He can fire me. Do you understand?” he said loudly which was very out of character for him.

You moved back in your seat feeling weird “I’m not unhuman I’m logical and not acting like a horny teenager” he continued before he turned the radio on loudly not wanting to hear your response. The ride home you spent in your thoughts feeling bad. He did work for your dad, and you would hate if anything had happened because you couldn’t keep your tongue to yourself.


You began avoiding Minho since the last time. You weren’t mad or anything, you just felt bad. Minho and your father even began noticing that you were avoiding being around him. “Did something happen between you two?” your father asked as him and Minho were in his office. “What do you mean sir?” he asked “you two don’t even glance at each other and my daughter normally stares at you” he states as Minho looked shocked. “Cone on Minho I’m old but I’m not dead. I can see It” your dad laughs as Minho looks down. “I’d want her to be with someone like you, maybe even you. It wouldn’t be bad if it was you either” your father tells him.

A clear blush came over Minho’s face “you’re a good kid Minho” you dad told him slapping his shoulder “show some emotion you brick wall” he teased. Minho gave a slight smile before looking back down. “Your 12 o'clock should be here soon” Minho states as he heads towards the door. “She likes the expensive cafe down the street” your dad called.


You stood in front of the mirror looking over the baby blue lingerie you put on that Yoonkyeong picked out. You turned to the side looking at your butt before you looked at your chest. “Not bad” you comment before your door opened. You looked over casually seeing a wide eyed Minho there. His mind was now blank “not bad right?” you ask before picking up the cute black dress you had on earlier. “I um I” Minho stutters as he takes a deep breath to calm himself down. “Okay okay” he said to himself “you gonna stand there and talk to yourself or tell me why the hell you’re here?” you ask. He steps forward grabbing your arm and dragging you into him.

He pressed his lips to yours putting as much emotion into the kiss as he could muster. Surprise filled you but you quickly kissed him back. You even jumped when his hand grabbed your rear. This was a Minho you had never experienced and felt wrong if you even tried to stop him. By the time he pulled away his once neat hair was everywhere and you were fanning your face before a giggle left it. “Hello Minho. Finally glad Mr. Robot can express some things” you tell him.


Your father was a grand man and often hosted large events though it the year. Usually those who attended were trying to cut into your families money by them trying to seat you up with their sons and even once a daughter but now you had a valid reason not to accept. “Ah Miss. Y/L/N” an English voice called as you turned from your friends “hello Mr. Royce” you say as you looked at him, he was a friendly 40 something year old man who came to Korea only a few years ago for a meeting with your dad and finally moved here permanently. “This is my son Clive. The one I told you about the other week” he spoke as you nodded looking at the little blue eyed male. “Clive is new to Korea and I’m hoping you can speak to him in English” he said as you nodded.

“Hello Clive” you say as he smiles you offer him your hand as he takes it. “Can I show you my cars?” he asks “I think it would be wrong if you didn’t” you joke as he giggles pulling you off. You waved your friends off who were awing at the going boy.


“Mr. Y/L/N” Minho turned to the man before giving him a bow “ah I’m glad you could make it” your dad says taking Mr. Royce’s hand. “Clive seems to like your daughter. I left the two of the to bond” Minho peaked at the words. “I think he’s even dragged her off somewhere” Mr. Royce continues as Minho looked around the large reception hall for you. “I’ll be back sir” Minho spoke interrupting the pair before leaving. “He’s the one dating your daughter?” Mr. Royce asked “engaged” your father clarifies. “He knows my son is 5 years old right?” Mr. Royce asks “with that look he has no idea” your dad says.


“Don’t sit yet” Clive stops you as you two were about to sit on the floor to play. He pulls off his jacket and lays it down “dad says you shouldn’t get a lady’s dress dirty” he says as you giggle “well aren’t you a sweet boy” you say sitting down on the small jacket before he sits down with you. “You know my dad has the real deal things” you state as you were handed a car you knew your father owned “really?” Clive asked bright eyed “maybe we can talk him into allowing you to see them” you wink as he nods rapidly. Heavy footsteps filled your ears as you turned to see Minho who looked out of breath “hey” you say as he looks down at the two of you confused.

“Who’s that?” he asked “Clive” you say as Clive waved at him. “My god” he groaned before sighing. “Mr. Royce didn’t mention that Clive is a child” you say. “Who’s that?” Clive asked “he’s gonna be my husband” you tell him as he nods. “He’s jealous because I ditched the party to hang out with you” you continue as he giggled. “I’m not jealous” Minho says “yeah you are” you tease as he rolls his eyes. “Do you want to play Mister?” Clive asked. “I have to be-” “you don’t have to be my dad’s lap dog right now” you hum as Minho sighs sitting down on the ground.

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Could you write about Kibum having a youtube channel (he does diy stuff like making candles or make something new out of his clothes just like in key's knowhow) and Jong is boyfriend who sometimes appears in his videos and all of Bum's subscribers just love seeing them together.(Just something fluffy and funny)

Title: Little Freak #1 

(jonghyun is of course Kibum’s biggest fan)

“Goood evening my lovely lil freaks, this is Key here starting up another episode of my little Knowhow!” Kibum greets with a bright smile, his newly dyed pink hair fluttering atop his head as his miniature fan blows a cool breeze against his face. “Today on my DIY I’m going to be creating candles,” he addresses the camera with a suggestive smile. “And for what?” he reaches behind him and pulls out a single rose. “A date night perhaps?” he brings the flower to his nose and tips his head back. “Sweet, yes? Today I’ll try mimicking this scent in the candle I create.”

Kibum started his youtube channel around two years ago and gathered a total of 3.8 million fans. He mostly uploads DIY videos, occasional vlogs and accidental uploads with his boyfriend; sometimes said boyfriend will make a guest appearance and help Kibum to edit the videos once they were done being filmed. Jonghyun—Kibum’s boyfriend—is known for the indie radio station he DJ’s every Friday and Saturday night—he has a pretty large fanbase of his own and overall, they’re one of Korea’s most popular online couples.

Kibum gathers the items he’ll be needing for todays DIY, calling them out as he brings them to the camera lens. “Candle. Wax. A sensie.” Unbeknownst to him, the bedroom door creaks open and a brown tuft of hair peeps inside. Kibum continues to conversate with the camera as Jonghyun slips into his room, it’s only when the door clicks shut that Kibum looks to his right. He blinks and watches as Jonghyun tiptoes over to him. He gestures for Kibum to keep going, but at this point Kibum sighs and pushes his items away to make room for Jonghyun on the bed.

“Come sit.” He calls and Jonghyun pounces onto the bed almost knocking Kibum over in the process. Kibum glares his way and then looks back to the camera. “Some of you may already know Jonghyun…but this is my boyfriend.” Kibum grips Jonghyun’s chin and moves his head from side to side. “Say hi.”

Jonghyun grins crookedly. “Hello to all of Kibum’s lil freaks.” He gently removes Kibum’s hand from his chin and intertwines their fingers. “And some of you may already know, but Kibum,” he brings the back of Kibum’s hand to his lips. “…is mine.” He smirks at the camera before kissing the top of Kibum’s knuckles. Kibum shoves him away and flings a pillow at his chest.

“What do you want?”

“To help.” Jonghyun explains and Kibum’s eyes turn into two little slits.


“Yeah, you know how much I love candles.” Jonghyun tucks the pillow under his arms and sits criss-cross on the bed, he leans against Kibum and rests his head on his shoulder. “I won’t bother you.” He hums and Kibum relaxes and places his hand to Jonghyun’s knee.


Jonghyun looks up at him from the hood of his bangs. “Kiss me?”

Kibum’s eyes widen and his cheeks flush slightly. “But the camera…” Jonghyun purses his lips, Kibum rolls his eyes and then grips both sides of his face. He pulls Jonghyun in close until their lips touch. It’s a light peck, but Jonghyun’s feeling a little greedy today. He quickly slips a hand against the back of Kibum’s neck and holds him there until the kiss lasts a little longer. He pulls back with a snarky grin.

“You little—”

“Just one more,” Jonghyun holds up a finger. “And I’ll stop for real, I’m serious.” He does those puppy eyes and licks his lips slowly. It’s a killer combo for Kibum and so he nibbles on his lip before nodding. Jonghyun grins and excitedly taps the side of his neck.

“Here please.”

“Oh hell no,”

“Bum, you promised.”

Kibum turns to look at the camera and mouths. “This is what I have to fucking deal with.”

Jonghyun taps his neck insistently and Kibum shoves him down against the bed before climbing ontop of him. He shakes his head. “You’re ridiculous.” He grumbles and then leans down to kiss the side of Jonghyun’s neck. Jonghyun smirks and wraps an arm around Kibum’s waist, he pushes him into his body and licks the shell of his ear.

A few moment later

Kibum turns the camera back on a few moments after Jonghyun tackled him to the bed and did things to his body that could never, ever be posted to his Youtube channel. Kibum looks into the camera with a dazed, goofy grin. His pink hair was no longer swept up like he had it previously styled, but instead it was tousled and frizzy and there was a questionable red mark at the center of his chest where the collar of his shirt hung loosely. Jonghyun on the other hand was configuring the candle quietly, his body swaying to and fro.

“Uhm,” Kibum clears his throat—his voice sounded slightly hoarse. “Sorry for the interruption there my lil freaks,” he swallows. “Just ran into a little problem with filming.” He explains and Jonghyun chuckles from beside him, Kibum shoots him a glare.

Later after the video is uploaded they gather around Kibum’s Mac to read the first few comments.

DIYsoul: what cute candles and that rose is as red as the mark on Kibum’s neck ^^

“Suddenly that smiley emoji seems so threatening.” Kibum murmurs, Jonghyun laughs.

Babay453: uhm adorable? Why are you two so freaking cute

Redlightonly: do it yourself? More like with your boyfriend kekeke

“Nice, I think I like redlightonly.” Jonghyun says, Kibum shoves him in his shoulder. “Get out.” Jonghyun laughs some more and takes Kibum’s hand in his.

Freakingfreakfreak: oh nice, maybe I’ll try this myself! Looks pretty neat, thanks again Key for the amazing diy :D

Kibum smiles happily. “Finally a person that can appreciate the art of what I do.”

“Then are you saying I don’t appreciate you enough?” Jonghyun questions with a pout.

“Jonghyun, what do you want? First you crash my video and then you…” Kibum’s eyes flit to Jonghyun’s lips and he looks away quickly. Jonghyun grins.

“Go on.”

“No.” Kibum refuses clicking away at the mouse as he scrolls through the rest of the comments. Jonghyun looks to him with sparkling eyes and pulls Kibum up and onto his feet.

“I’ll treat you to dinner.” He suggests trying to coax Kibum back into the joyous mood he was previously in.

“White wine?” Kibum asks with a childlike look.

Jonghyun nods and slides an arm around Kibum’s waist. “White wine for my gentleman.” He winks and Kibum laughs lightly as he falls into step with Jonghyun, they dance around the bedroom to the music in their heads.

SHINee confessing they have a crush on you

Key: “I keep trying to hide it but it’s so damn difficult when you look beautiful all the time…ahhh…what am I trying to say?! I like you.”

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Taemin: “Do I have to tell you? Isn’t it obvious? I stare at you all the time. How could you not know I like you?” 

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Minho: “What?! You saw the text to Jonghyun saying I like you?! I guess I can’t deny it now…”

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Onew: “I know this might make things weird between us if you don’t feel the same but uh..I think you’re really beautiful and I li..wait…you already know?! I told you when I was drunk?! Why didn’t you say anything?!”

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Jonghyun: “What would you say if I told you I can’t stop thinking about you and that I want you to be my girlfriend?.. You’d say of course?! Wow…”

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Vomit and Burns (Host Club AU Jonghyun)

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Type: Fluff

Jonghyun zipped up his pants as you brushed your teeth. “I can’t believe you did that. Do you know how much these pants cost?” he asked you. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it” you mumble sarcastically. “You puked on my lap. These pants cost more than what your family makes in a year” he hissed “that’s depressing” you click your tongue “someone is dumb enough to spend that much money on pants” you continue as you throw his pants back at him. “Must be nice having your lame existence handed to you” you say as you walk out of the men’s room you were both hiding in after the incident.

“You’re lucky you’re smart or your poor ass would have never been accepted to this school” he hissed sassily sticking out of the room you guys were in as you roll your eyes.


“I’m not going in there” you tell your new friend, Jieun who pouted “but the boys there are so perfect” she said on awe. “They’re a bunch of stuck up rich kids” you say before covering your mouth. “I’m aware silly. They’re just pretty to look at” she tells you with a chuckle. It was something you liked about her she was very sweet and different from the other rich kids you had met. You were dragged with force into the room to be greeted by the five boys who called themselves Shinee. You went to back out when Jieun grabbed you again. 

You sat down away from everyone scrolling through your phone when a presence sat down next to you. “You know most girls come here to socialize” you hear as you looked up to see Lee Taemin there. “You’re the chick who puked on Jonghyun” he said as you quickly covered his mouth “don’t say it out loud” you tell him as he smiles. “Anyone who wears pants that cost that much are asking for it” he jokes as you smile. “He wouldn’t shut up about his designer pants but now he wants nothing to do with them” Taemin laughs as he smiles at you. “Why don’t you join me over there? We have cake, cookies, tea, and coffee” he said sticking his arm out for you. You took his arm “why did you puke?” he asked as you smile “I had a smoothie drinking contest with my younger brother and Jonghyun happened to walk by at the wrong time”  you say as he nods “what flavor?” he asked “mango” you tell him as laughs.


Jonghyun laughed at the girl who told him a bad joke as he moved some hair away from her face before he saw Taemin sitting there. His smile dropped when he saw you there “excuse me for a minute princess” he said as he got up and made his way over towards you two. “Are you here to apologize for ruining my pants?” he asked as you chuckled “the moment I apologize will be the moment your ass actually looked good in them” you say as Taemin held back a laugh “do they not teach manners to poor people?” Jonghyun asked as you smiled “we’re nothing but uneducated swine” you coo as he scoffs. 

“Just say sorry for ruining my pants” he said as he got closer to you “I won’t apologize” you say stubbornly as Jonghyun looks you over. “Then you’ll pay me back for the pants” he says crossing his legs.  “What size do you wear?” he asked as you raised a brow.


You held a tray behind your back to cover your skirt as you bowed. “You know how to pour tea right?” Jonghyun asked as you looked down. “Pour” he ordered as you set the tray down and picked up the pot. “What is this?” one of the girls asked “tea” you state “what kind of tea?” she asked. “Green tea” you say “it’s good for keeping your figures” you say as she smiles “really?” “yup” you say pouring the tea. You gave a smile before you picked up the tray. Bowing you walked off. 

“I didn’t know you were hiring people, can I work here?” she asked excited as Jonghyun smiled taking her hand. “Princess, she owes me a big favor. Even though I would get to see you in a cute little maids outfit, you’re much to pretty to be pouring tea” he says as you scoff being able to hear him. “Are you saying our new server isn’t pretty?” Kibum asked as he popped between the pair “of course not. She’s just used to having to work” Jonghyun defended. “Contradicting yourself something fierce” Kibum says resting his head on Jonghyun’s shoulder.

Soon the crashing of a cup filled the air followed by a hiss “you can’t even pour tea right” the girl said as you held your leg. “I pour it just fine you’re the one who poured it on me” you said as you were helped up “why would you pour tea on her?” Jonghyun asked as she rolled her eyes “she got tea on my dress” she said “we don’t hurt people here” Minho says as he grabs her arm. 

You let out a yelp as you were picked up off of your feet by Jonghyun who carried you to the bathroom.


“What are you doing?” you ask as he presses a cold wet towel lightly to your leg “5 minutes. Then I’ll take you to the nurse but this is the best thing to reduce swelling” he spoke as he poured more cold water on with his hands. “You know how to take care of burns?” you asked “my nanny taught me” he told you with a smile. “She taught me a lot about taking care of boo-boos” he joked. After a few minutes you felt the towel pulled off of your leg. You were picked up once more “I can walk” you tell him as he looks you in the eyes “not until it’s properly taken care of. We have to go downstairs and I don’t trust the strength of a burnt leg” he said. “You’re a really good actor” you tell him as he chuckles “don’t believe I care to help you? I don’t like seeing people hurt” he explains as he opens the door to the nurses office.

He sat beside you as he watched the nurse apply cream and wrap your leg “do you want me to kiss it better?” he jokes as you lift your leg up playing along. “they really should make those skirts longer” he says as you lower it. “It doesn’t mean I didn’t like the view of your little teddy bear undies” he said as you rolled your eyes and got up. He watched you limp off “what?” he calls “that’s the Kim Jonghyun I expected. A dirty pervert” you say loudly as he chases after you “you’re the 17 year old wearing teddy bear underwear” he says just as loud. 

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You always say that Jonghyun is beautiful. What are the most beautiful pictures that you've seen of him?

first of all i didn’t realize people actually read my tags. second of all this is the hardest question i’ve ever gotten asked. because it’s every picture. but i’ll try to narrow it down into categories just for you anonie.

ok hands down one of my favorite jonghyun pictures are of him smiling with his nose scrunchy and his eye wrinkles

when his eyes are all sparkly and pretty  

when he’s not even trying to be beautiful and you can see the contours of his face and his cheekbones and lips and brows and he’s the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen

when he’s healthy and happy 

when he’s singing 

when his eyelashes are cascading over his cheeks and his lips are a pretty pink

when he just got done crying and his nose is all pink and soft and cute 

when you can see light reflecting off of him and he’s still stunning  

when he’s laughing and happy with his members 

when he’s with his family 

when he’s with flowers 

when he’s with confetti  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

when he’s happy and smiling at blue night 

i got…..carried away. but yes. and there’s many more :)


blue night radio ♡ 170107
translation: translation: fantaemsie

baek yerin: it was a special event for me. i’ve been waiting for it ever since monday. that’s why it was really, really fun.
jonghyun: oh! since it’s a long awaited day then was there a story you wanted to share? a story you wanted to make sure to talk about on broadcast? or “there’s a friend who asked me to say their name on air!” (laughs)
baek yerin: it was nothing like that …, i just like jonghyun oppa!
jonghyun: what did you say?! so suddenly? (laughs)
baek yerin: since i’m a fan (of you). (laughs)
jonghyun: i’m a fan of yours too!

Jonghyun Smut Scenario

Anon said: Herro! I really really really really really
really love your blog!!! So… I wanna request somenthing. I loved the onew smut
oneshot so I was wondering if you could do one with jonghyun, where it’s your
first time…It doesn’t have to be the exact same. Thank you!

A long one!

Warning!: Sexual content. Read under your own risk.

“Show me the way to your room.”

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For all of the muses (if I can ask all of them, if not it's your choice): what's a simple act that can make your heart flutter? Like smth really simple, everday thing.

Prof Choi. “Seeing Francis Bacon in my kitchen”

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Kim Junmyeon JD: “When my girl gives me freshly baked croissants.”

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Single Dad Chanyeol: “Anything Eunni does.”

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TA Kim Kibum: “Someone waking me up in a suggestive manner.”

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PhD Candidate Sehun: “Define Simple. Is simple a quality that is presented by the giver, or a quality as perceived by the receiver? Wait, a receiver. A phone. Communication… I better call my mom. Sorry, what were you saying?”

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Kim Jonghyun, Music Fellow: “Looking at the moon. Its eternal pristine face brings me joy.”

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SHINee pair interview

Taemin x Minho - Not less than siblings as a cute younger brother and strict older brother 

Taemin: Minho-kun is always a bright person. For me, among the members he is the one who understands me the most and vice-versa.
Minho: Taemin absolutely listens to whatever I say, he’s a good younger brother. Whenever he’s having a hard time, he doesn’t even say anything selfish and is always considerate (polite) towards us. I think he’s admirable. 

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151214 line music express transcript

This contains selected transcripts only. Some parts the translator deemed unnecessary are skipped.

MC: Then firstly, a question from me. I also announced the news a while ago about SHINee’s new album 「D×D×D」 to be released next year on January 1st. What is the album’s concept?
Jonghyun: 「D×D×D」…
Key: 「D×D×D」’s concept
Onew: D D D D D~
Jonghyun: What? Is that our song? You were singing D D D~ just now. Ah…it’s an album with a lot of genres so our charms…uh…please look forward to them. Also, the song 「D×D×D」 is a dance song so we’ll have a performance for that.
Taemin: Also, since it’s a dance song I think it’s a song that will be fun for everyone.
MC: I see…
Taemin: *whispering to Key*
Key: I don’t know!
MC: Do you have anything to add?
Key: No, I’m fine…

MC: How is 「D×D×D」 different from your other works? Like from your previous album?
Key: As expected…hmm…
Onew: As expected…the song…
Jonghyun: (LOL)
Key: Since it’s our fourth album, we have a lot of new songs. And compared to before (the album) shows a more mature side of us.
MC: We’re looking forward to that mature feel in the album then.

MC: Today, your song 「D×D×D」 was released via LINE Music and it is a dance song, as you said, right.
SHINee: Yes
Key: I think it suits a powerful performance but recently SHINee has…what are you doing??
Jonghyun/Minho: *does 「D×D×D」 choreo while sitting down*
Key: You want to dance it, right? (LOL) Ah…we’ve been releasing bright songs and ballad songs recently but now we’ve come back to releasing dance songs so I think that it will energize anyone who listens to it.

MC: There are a lot of questions also about your music video. Lke this one: “In your dance, is there a part that was difficult for you? I’m looking forward to the cool dance performance!”
Jonghyun: 「D×D×D」’s dance is really fast.
Onew: That’s true.
Taemin: First of all (it is fast), yes. It’s too fast.
MC: It’s too fast? LOL
Jonghyun/Minho: *does sample dance*
Taemin: I think it’s not good for the body…
Key: No, no, no, that’s unrelated!
Taemin: I wonder… I’ll just do my best.
Key: More than the dance, in the MV Taemin had a scene where it’s raining, right?
Taemin: Ah, there’s water…
Onew: Rain, rain
Minho: Water, water…
Taemin: I mean I…while I was drenched (with the rain) we were filming but that part wasn’t even shown much.
Key: What are you saying?
MC: That’s too bad…
Taemin: Yes, I was sad.
MC: You were shooting with the cold water…
Taemin: I was really excited about it (while watching the MV) and I was thinking, “Ah, when will it show…” but it was shown towards the end and just a small part, too.
Key: But that was a cool scene.
Jonghyun: You were cool.
Taemin: Thank you very much.

MC: Here’s another question. “You always have snappy dances, but who remembers the steps the fastest?”
Taemin: *raises hand*
Minho: Key.
Jonghyun: Key is…ah…Taemin, why did you say yourself?
Taemin: I feel that recently, I instantly remember (the steps).
Onew: Not really.
Jonghyun: Eh, no, no.
Key: Everyone’s against it, LOL.
Jonghyun: Taemin’s really slow. Key is the fastest.
MC: I see. Then who is the slowest?
Jonghyun/Onew: *raises hand*
Onew: Yess!
Jonghyun: It’s Onew and I.
MC: So it’s sort of your weakness?
Jonghyun: We’re both slow.
MC: But in the 「D×D×D」 music video I’m sure you were both snappy dancers. So I think it’ll be okay.
Jonghyun/Onew: Thank you very much.
Key: We’ll do our best.

MC: Also included in your album is 「View -JP ver」. What kind of song is it? Do you have a part in the lyrics that you like?
Key: View has a lot of repetitive phrase, so when it was translated in Japanese the director and us thought about how to present it and so it’s quite… huh?
Jonghyun: Mm!
Key: It’s quite nice.

MC: We also solicited questions from our users. The total number of mail we received was 70,000.
Key: Whoa!
Onew: Huh?
MC: A lot of people wrote to us. So we’ll try to ask the members the questions as time permits us.
Onew: *after a long silence* 70,000?
Jonghyun/Minho: (LOL-ing)

MC: “Do you like long hair or short hair on girls?”
Jonghyun: As long as it suits her.
Onew: That’s right.
Jonghyun: Either will do as long as it suits her.
Taemin: That is true.
MC: So whether long or short, it doesn’t matter, both are lovely?
SHINee: Yes.
MC: That’s such a perfect answer.
Key: When we have interviews, this question pops out a lot.
Taemin: We got used to it.
Key: What are you saying??
Jonghyun: I always become close, though.
Key: Close?
Jonghyun: I mean I always change my tastes.
Onew: (It changes) Everyday.
Jonghyun: Not that much.
Key: I’m sorry, it’s a bit sudden but it’s Onew’s birthday today.
Key: So we’re letting him do whatever he wants and not scold him.
MC: So you can do what you want and it’s okay, huh!

MC: Next question, “How do you spend Christmas?”
Jonghyun: Work, of course, right?
Taemin: Nothing’s decided yet but…
Jonghyun: We have a schedule, right?
Key: Nothing’s decided yet but we probably a performance?
Taemin: If possible, I’d like it to be a performance where we can meet with everyone.
MC: I see! Everyone would be looking forward to it.

MC: What is something you absolutely have to do every day?
Jonghyun: Do you have one?
Onew: Yup.
MC: For example, her answer is she has to pat/rub her cat every day.
Onew: For me, it’s showering.
Jonghyun: Everyone does that.
Onew: Is that so? But sometimes it feels troublesome so I don’t…
Jonghyun: Don’t lie!
Taemin: You’ll get found out.
Key: Do I have one?
Jonghyun: Something we have to do every day?
Taemin: I have to eat meat every day.
Key: He’s a carnivore.
Jonghyun: I also eat meat every day.
Taemin: If I don’t eat meat I can’t do anything like work.
MC: You have no energy? I see!
MC: We have another question from a user called Watanabe Maki-san.
Jonghyun/Onew: WATANABE!!
MC: ??
Key: It’s the name of our staff, too…
MC: Ah, I see
Onew: Nabe!!

MC: Do you reply fast to e-mail or LINE messages?
Key: This child is slow *points at Taemin*
Jonghyun: I reply fast but this kid is really slow.
MC: Why is that?
Taemin: I have a new ah.. *covers mouth*
Jonghyun: Why?
Taemin: Just water coming out (of my nose).
Everyone: (LOL)
Taemin: Recently, I had a fight with my friend. Because of that. I don’t really contact everyone much, so because of that…
Key: But from the start, he checks but never replies!
Taemin: Because it’s bothersome…
MC: But if you get into arguments because of that I think you should reply faster!
Minho: Jonghyun, though…he’s fast.
Jonghyun: I reply fast. Because I’m nice.
Taemin: So you’re nice?
MC: That means Taemin doesn’t seem very nice, then…but he’s probably nice he just doesn’t reply!
MC: By the way, do you think you can live without your phone?
Key: No, not at all.
Onew: I think I…
Jonghyun: I think I can do it probably but…
Key: Really? I can’t at all.
Onew: I can do it. It’s not an inconvenience.
Minho: I think I can do it.
Key: No, no, no.
Onew: I can live without it but the people around me would be bothered if they can’t contact me.

MC: We’d like to introduce SHINee’s playlist in LINE MUSIC.
Staff: *pulls smartphones from table and they fall to the floor*
Jonghyun: Oh!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!
Everyone: (LOL)
MC: This playlist will be presented here! The members can also see it.
Onew: Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex (DxDxDx)
MC: (LOL) Onew’s really freely commenting right now.
Jonghyun: Dee-Dee-Dee! (DxDxD)
Onew: Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex-Dee
Jonghyun: Dee-Dee-Dee!
MC: We’ve created this playlist so please check it out.

MC: Can the members please face the camera and say, “Let’s LINE Music!” (Ongaku wo LINE shiyou!) in a loud voice to invite people to reach your playlist. Is that okay?
Key: Yes!
Onew: Then, 1, 2…
SHINee: Let’s LINE Music! (Ongaku wo LINE shiyou!)
Onew: Shio ramen… (t/n: salt-based ramen; shio sounds like shiyou)
Key: No… (LOL)
Jonghyun: That’s different!
MC: The birthday boy is doing whatever he likes, please go easy on him.
Key: That’s (a) fast (pun)!
Minho/Taemin: Because it’s his birthday.
Onew: Thank you.
Minho: Shio ramen.
Jonghyun: It’s delicious.
MC: Do you like shio ramen?
Onew: I love ramen.
MC: Ah, we have more questions from our users.
Onew: *mutters* 70,000…

MC: “During the fanclub event there were a lot of games and it was fun and everyone was playing around. Normally, do you do other exercises? What kind of exercises do you do?” It’s for Minho.
Jonghyun: But everyone is doing a lot of working out, right? But Minho does hhis own freely.
Minho: Like in gym, or playing sports like soccer or basketball. Recently, I’ve been doing golf. Golf is the most difficult for me.
MC: Have you mastered it?
Minho: Not yet.
MC: Ah, because it’s hard, right?
Minho: *does golf swing*
MC: Ah, that’s great.
Jonghyun: Nice shot.
Minho: Thank you.
Onew: *hits Jonghyun with stuffed bear*

MC: Another question, “If you were to become a high school girl for a day, what would you do?”
Minho: Fairy? (t/n: just guessing since he said yousei = fairy, as opposed to koukousei = HS student)
MC: High school girl. What would you do? First of all, it’s different since it’s a girl and then you’re even a high school student…
Key: I want to enter an idol fanclub. I don’t know. I just want to enter a fanclub and look at the idols and go, “Yaah did you see Kibum?!” Or see Taemin, etc.
MC: Of course it’s SHINee’s fanclub, right? I see. Since right now, you’re the ones that causes people to go “kyaa!” you would like to experience doing it yourself. What about the others?
Jonghyun: For me, I’d go to a meeting…meeting? Blind date (omiai)?
MC: I think that would be more of a drinking party/group date (goukon) right?
Onew: What about souvenirs? (t/n: since omiyage or souvenir sounds like omiai ^^; )
MC: Do high school girls go to drinking parties?
Female staff: They don’t. (Shimasen)
Onew: They don’t (Shimasen)
Jonghyun: Eh? They don’t?
Onew: That’s all, thank you.
Jonghyun: I’m sorry (Sumimasen)!
Onew: I don’t, I’m sorry (Shimasen. Sumimasen. t/n: …because they rhyme again)
MC: Are there any more?
Onew: I’d try singing with a female voice.
MC: Ah I see, in the karaoke right?
Onew: Because (a female voice) is high. I’m able to do “kyaa!” and stuff.
Jonghyun: Kyaa??
MC: You want to do that in a high voice?
Onew: Right now I can only do “gyaaa” *in a low voice*

MC: Do we have time for a last question? “Which world do you want to live in? A. Pokemon or B. Doraemon?”
Taemin: I (don’t like) both…
Minho: Are there only two options?
MC: Yes.
Jonghyun: Pokemon..
Minho: I want Pokemon.
Jonghyun: Doraemon..
Onew: Doraemon.
Key: I want Doraemon, too.
Taemin: I want to live in Dragonball world.
Key: What??
MC: Ah that’s great, you can do things like kamehameha…
Minho: I want One Piece.
Taemin: Do you want to be a pirate?
Minho: Yes.
Onew: One Punch Man then?
MC: That would be nice, too.
Minho: *imitates situps*
MC: Everyone has their own world that they want to live in, right?
Minho: *laughs and mutters* One-Punch Man
Taemin: *imitates gestures from OPM*

MC: Today, there are people who have their birthdays!
Jonghyun: Ohh, who is it?
MC: And also, Minho! You recently had your birthday, too.
(t/n: Jonghyun laughed at Onew because he was excitedly saying his name but the MC mentioned Minho)
MC: And so, 1..2…
SHINee: Happy birth– *party poppers start sounding and SHINee acted like they’re being shot*
MC: No one’s shooting you. No one’s shooting you. Anyway, we have cake for them!
Key: Waah! They look delicious!
Onew: *starts dancing*
Minho: Onew, Onew… *motions for him to use their noses for blowing the candles*
Jonghyun: No, no, you can’t.
MC: Congratulation! We also have gifts for you from LINE.
Key: Whoa!!
Taemin: Waah! I’m envious!
Jonghyun: LINE Bear?
Taemin: Is it okay if we carry this home?
Jonghyun: Thank you very much.
MC: Then a message from each of you? Onew, since you’re the birthday boy.
Onew: …Eh?
Jonghyun: A message.
Onew: Ah, thank you very much…
Key: That’s it?!
Onew: *starts to poke his own nose with LINE rabbit’s ear*
Minho/Key: LOL-ing
Jonghyun: No, no, don’t do that.
Onew: Ah, I’m nervous right now.
Jonghyun: Why are you suddenly nervous??
Onew: More than any day, I feel the happiest today. Thank you very much.
MC: Then Minho?
Minho: I’m really happy, thank you very much! *imitates LINE Bunny’s pose*

WHILE the MC was explaining SHINee’s new album:
MC: The members have started eating the cake!
MC: Then, final messages from the members?

Onew: Even though it’s such a short time, we managed to mee…mee…ah meet with everyone, so I’m really happy. Thank you very much.
Jonghyun: Yes, we’re doing our best in preparing for our concert so please look forward to it, thank you very much.
Taemin: Actually, we don’t usually do live streams, so it’s a bit difficult but today is a bit intersuf (t/n: he said omosuroi instead of omoshiroi)
Jonghyun: Huh?
Taemin: Interesting.
Jonghyun: It’s really difficult isn’t it??
Taemin: Yes, I still have a long way to go. But it’s nice to meet with everyone up close. And since it’s also Onew’s birthday, today is a meaningful day. It’s the best.
Minho: Thank you to everyone who came to see us today. Thank you very much. Please cheer for us.
Key: Yes, um…ah… well, we are about to release our new album DxDxD, so please look forward to it. We’re anticipating our tour so please wait for us.
MC: Then, will the members introduce their song as we end our program?
SHINee: *says different things* LOL
Jonghyun: We’re gonna say “please watch it” right?
Key: Let’s just say, this is SHINee’s DxDxD.
Key: Well, then, this is SHINee’s…
Onew: Let’s LINE! (LINE shiyou!)
(t/n: Idek why Onew said that)

translation credit: @keihissi

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i would love if you talked about lucifer era jongkey (that you said was a whole different thing in your predebut jongkey post)

okay…so…whenever I think about Lucifer era, it’s always screamed (aside from sherlock) sexual tension. Lucifer era Jongkey = sexual tension. Now, why do I say this? Let me show you some class A examples ;)

singing a song about Girls and yet he’s caressing a man, Kibum, what is this *screeches* and if you continue to watch this show (The Muzit) there’s this one scene Kibum talks about the passion between he and Jonghyun making things hot and I’m always side-eyeing that like “what did you really mean, Kibum?” and then he continues to say that Jonghyun looked good in his tank/it suited him . 

This, will always be my top moment from Lucifer era, because when you watch the clip, you can see, FEEL the longing that is permeating from Kibums’s entire aura. and it’s frustrating to me because he gets so close and then Jonghyun looks back and then looks away with this smirk/smile. 

Can’t talk about Lucifer, without mentioning this

Jjong’s reaction speaks in and of itself~

Besides the sexual tension, Lucifer era almost made it seem as though they were in an understated relationship. 

Lucifer era was a blessing, every era theyve given to us is wonderful

My little Television

Audience asked keybum to call all members. Keybum decided to call Jonghyun on air.

Keybum: I hope he don’t curse the minute he pick up

Jonghyun: what are you doing now, my image!!!

Keybum: anyway we are on air first greet everyone Jonghyun: Hello, I’m SHINee’s blingbling jonghyun Keybum: Did you just change your voice!?

Jonghyun: Eungyu-ah. Keybum: Don’t call me that /laughs/

Keybum: Everyone wants to know what do I call you, yeah I call him jonghyun-hyung Jonghyun: what are you talking about, don’t say that

Keybum: Jonghyun ah. to jonghyun keybum is? Jonghyun: Keybummie is.. recently someone not needed. Keybum: What did you say?

(cr: YangMehLin)