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blue night radio ♡ 170107
translation: translation: fantaemsie

baek yerin: it was a special event for me. i’ve been waiting for it ever since monday. that’s why it was really, really fun.
jonghyun: oh! since it’s a long awaited day then was there a story you wanted to share? a story you wanted to make sure to talk about on broadcast? or “there’s a friend who asked me to say their name on air!” (laughs)
baek yerin: it was nothing like that …, i just like jonghyun oppa!
jonghyun: what did you say?! so suddenly? (laughs)
baek yerin: since i’m a fan (of you). (laughs)
jonghyun: i’m a fan of yours too!

The Sweetest Treat

Pairing: Jongkey

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jonghyun and Kibum spend Valentines together. 

Jonghyun tips the wine bottle as he pours Kibum a glass, he looks up from the hood of his bangs and is met with Kibum’s intense stare. “Can I…help you?” he asks as a joke, but when Kibum rises up from his seat on the couch and glides over to Jonghyun, Jonghyun is graced with his answer as it presses into him from behind.

“Yes…” Kibum says weakly, Jonghyun swallows.

“What…can I get for you?” he asks placing the wine bottle down and gripping the base of the counter as Kibum’s hands slither around his waist.

“It’s Valentines, we should celebrate.” Kibum murmurs in a sleepy tone. Jonghyun hums in agreement and picks up the cocktail glass filled to the brim with wine.

“But we are, it’s our date night, what more do you wa…n…” Jonghyun’s words trail off and he leans forward his heart thumping loudly in his chest. Kibum places his lips to the side of his neck and he breathes in deeply.

“You.” He exhales and Jonghyun’s control wavers as Kibum holds tightly onto him.

“We promised though that…we would just drink…”

“It was a stupid promise.” Kibum grumbles, Jonghyun laughs lightly and reaches back to entangle his fingers in Kibum’s pink locks.

“You’re cute, you know that?”

“I do.” Kibum beams and peers up at Jonghyun with a smile. “Counter.” He commands and Jonghyun obeys with a simple nod. With the wine glass still in his hand he climbs atop the marble countertop and looks up at Kibum with aroused amusement.

“Gonna devour me?” he teases, Kibum snorts as his hands go to unzip Jonghyun’s jeans.

“I may just do that if you ask nicely.”

Jonghyun chuckles at that, but his laughter quickly fades into a moan as Kibum’s palm encloses around his bulge. “Kiss me.” He huffs. Kibum looks up and grips the back of Jonghyun’s neck. He pulls him in closely and their lips entangle roughly. Jonghyun molds into the kiss, his legs spreading as Kibum settles between them. He moans into Kibum’s mouth and their lips touch for the briefest of moments. Jonghyun’s back stiffens and he uses his free hand to pull Kibum in closer by his wrist. Kibum’s other hand begins to massage Jonghyun’s cock working it to life gingerly.

“Are you going to mess me up today?” he asks Jonghyun breathlessly, Jonghyun smirks.

“I promised myself I’d treat you nicely.” Jonghyun says softly and he places the glass of wine aside to place his hand to the mid of Kibum’s back. “I have to be nice. It’s Valentines.” He reminds and Kibum straight up scoffs, his grip on Jonghyun’s cock tightening.

“Says who?” he questions dropping to his knees and pulling down the front of Jonghyun’s boxers. Jonghyun breathes deeply, his head naturally coming to a rest against the back of Kibum’s neck.

“I say so.” He grunts, his jaw quivering as Kibum’s lips curl into a devilish grin. Jonghyun’s fingers press into the skin of Kibum’s neck and he looks down at him pleadingly.

Kibum tilts his head and whispers, “But I don’t listen to you.” He takes Jonghyun into his mouth causing Jonghyun to throw his head back. His breath stutters a few times. Gasping and pausing for air.

“Fu…fuck.” He finally exhales and his fingers slide up to grip Kibum by his hair. It suddenly smells sweet, but it’s probably the shampoo Kibum uses to wash his hair. The strawberry-lemon shampoo that Jonghyun loves. It makes him want to eat Kibum, to ravish him and lick the skin of his body. Lick him slowly, eat him slowly, taste him…he wants it…so bad. His thighs tense and his stomach flip-flops. He tugs Kibum back by his hair only to push him forward again. Deeper, deeper until Jonghyun’s cumming down his throat in a single spurt. Kibum slides his lips back and licks them languidly, his eyes on Jonghyun the entire time.

“Sweet.” He muses and Jonghyun just about snaps, he tugs Kibum’s hair earning a pleasured yelp from him. Kibum rises shakily to his feet using Jonghyun’s chest to keep his balance. Jonghyun slides off of the counter and pushes Kibum against it. He wastes no time in tugging down Kibum’s sweats. His eyes widen.

“No…boxers?” he questions, Kibum shakes his head.

“They were going to get in the way.” Kibum huffs and Jonghyun’s eyes twinkle and he tosses Kibum’s sweats aside.

“I fucking love you.” He rasps pushing up Kibum’s shirt to kiss along his spine. Kibum shudders his forearms resting against the counter as he holds himself up. Jonghyun kisses his skin, sucks his skin and bites here and there until Kibum’s once pale skin is dotted with red. “Perfect…” he hums and then his eyes dart to Kibum’s ass. With a smile he places his palm to Kibum’s left buttock and squeezes. Kibum—dazed from the kissing—immediately regains his attention and his back arches up in a perfect comma.


“Baby, I want to eat you.” Jonghyun confesses.

“D-don’t, just…touch me.” Kibum says through gritted teeth as Jonghyun begins to spread him. Dangerous. This is dangerous. Jonghyun presses his chest to Kibum’s back and his hands wander Kibum’s body, from his stomach and then to his nipples. He pinches them and Kibum screams. “Jonghyun! Shit! That hurt.” His eyes water.

“Sorry…” Jonghyun says meekly, his cock throbbing in response to Kibum’s scream. Instead he uses his fingers to press into Kibum’s erect nipple and rub them for a moment as Kibum turns his head to kiss him. As they’re kissing Jonghyun looksa round for the wine glass. He picks it up and breaks the kiss. He tilts the glass over Kibum’s back and slowly the red liquid comes trickling out.

“A-ah…aaa.” Kibum shivers, his body convulsing in little quakes and his nipples harden. “That’s cold…” he huffs, chewing on his bottom lip as Jonghyun begins to lap up the spilt wine on his back.

“You taste…so sweet.”

“You’re gonna get drunk.” Kibum warns and Jonghyun leans up to whisper in Kibum’s ear.

“Drunk off you.” He says and Kibum wants so badly to laugh because of the play on words, but instead he feels the heat of Jonghyun’s cock so close to his ass and he tenses. He swallows and his throat clicks in place. Jonghyun continues to lick at his skin, moving his hips back and forth—his cock slides between Kibum’s thighs. Kibum reaches between his stomach and the counter to grip his erection. He pumps himself in tempo to Jonghyun’s grunts against his back. They continue this for some time, meeting in between to quickly kiss each-other.

“Jjong, baby, hurry,” Kibum pants, his legs growing weak. Jonghyun places a lingering kiss to Kibum’s shoulder blades before moving his hips back and sliding his fingers into him. Kibum pushes into the touch, his back now sticky and clammy with sweat and wine. Jonghyun thrusts in three fingers, Kibum’s shoulders cave in.

“Gently, I need to do it gently.” Jonghyun soothes and Kibum looks over his shoulder and glares.

“Fuck. Me.” He demands, his pink hair sticking to his forehead and his eyes glisten desperately. Without a word Jonghyun removes his fingers, grips Kibum by hips and thrusts into him. Kibum’s slammed against the counter, his lips parting for a breath of air that never seems to come.

“Hah. Hah. Hah.” Jonghyun huffs abruptly with each solid thrust into Kibum. The muscles of his biceps tighten and he dazedly places his lips to the curve of Kibum’s right shoulder. He licks his skin and his breath trembles as Kibum clenches around him. “I can’t…” he groans, his eyebrows knitting together. “Hold it.”

Kibum grips the counter as Jonghyun’s pace increases and their skin slaps together lewdly. “Together then, okay?” he huffs, Jonghyun nods and they kiss. Kibum’s chest is pressed flat against the countertop as Jonghyun pounds into him. His girth spreads Kibum, filling him, finishing him.

“Jjong, Jonghyun, baby, fuck.” He chants barely catching his breath in the midst of it. The counter squeaks as Kibum slides across it in an attempt to keep himself when Jonghyun delivers a particularly sharp thrust. Jonghyun elans towards Kibum to sniff the back of his hair.

“So sweet.”

The wine glass crashes to the ground as Kibum’s hands splay out knocking it over in the process, the sound of it shattering mixes with their simultaneous moans of their impending orgasm.

A few moments later…

Jonghyun bounces onto the bed clad in an oversized t-shirt (courtesy of Kibum) and hands Kibum a bouquet of roses. “Happy Valentines, my love.” He says softly, Kibum looks up from his phone and takes the flowers with a smile.

“Happy Valentines, Jonghyun.” He leans up and kisses his cheek. “Love you.” Jonghyun touches his cheek in a daze and then quickly grips Kibum’s chin to steal another kiss.

SHINee confessing they have a crush on you

Key: “I keep trying to hide it but it’s so damn difficult when you look beautiful all the time…ahhh…what am I trying to say?! I like you.”

Originally posted by dearmyfairyboy

Taemin: “Do I have to tell you? Isn’t it obvious? I stare at you all the time. How could you not know I like you?” 

Originally posted by shawollet

Minho: “What?! You saw the text to Jonghyun saying I like you?! I guess I can’t deny it now…”

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Onew: “I know this might make things weird between us if you don’t feel the same but uh..I think you’re really beautiful and I li..wait…you already know?! I told you when I was drunk?! Why didn’t you say anything?!”

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Jonghyun: “What would you say if I told you I can’t stop thinking about you and that I want you to be my girlfriend?.. You’d say of course?! Wow…”

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160515 “Kyocera Dome Day 2″

Jonghyun messed up and mispronounced a word. For a little bit he went silent and then said, “I messed up” very shyly. He then said, “Actually, [I wanted to say] are you getting excited?” And then Onew made a bad pun: “The next [song] is a combination platter!”*

[T/N: The word Jonghyun was trying to say is pronounced, “Moriagaremasu.” Combination platter is “moriawase.”

cr: korea_shygeeks trans: professorjjong

blue night radio ♡ 170111
translation: fantaemsie

■ (on soran’s new song) go young bae: it’s a song that i received help from jonghyun for it! a song that i received help on through jonghyun’s connections is coming out! jonghyun introduced me to philtre whom he worked with in the arrangement of a couple of songs, and i ended up working on the arrangement (for the new song) with him. also: i got to hear a couple of behind the scenes (stories) about jonghyun from him! first of all …, that his life changed after meeting jonghyun.
jonghyun: what are you saying?! he was already doing well(before he met me)!
go young bae: he was, of course, someone who did well in his field of work. however, originally, he used to not use a style like the “déjà-boo” style. originally, he used to like the calm and emotional style, much like yoon sang sunbaenim’s style. but, after meeting jonghyun and working on “déjà-boo”, he started listening to a lot of funky songs - (so much) that his life and music style changed. also, you know, in “déjà-boo”, if you listen well, there’s a really memorable slap bass in it.
coffee boy: right. that’s true.
go young bae: philtre was actually thinking it’d be better without that slap bass, but jonghyun, as a former bassist, he said that it should be done with the slap bass no matter what and insisted on it (being kept in) a lot!
jonghyun: what insisting? (laughs) it was through each other’s communication and mutual understanding! and, during the recording of the slap bass, because of the recording environment, it contained a lot of noise, too. but i really loved it. (so much) that i had to use it!
coffee boy: i think it turned out really well.
go young bae: philtre honestly said …, “will this work? is this okay” and, since the producer (aka: jonghyun), liked it that much he couldn’t possibly win against him, but after it came out he said he liked it a lot and that it matched well with it.


@ihoplover16: Can I request Jongkey where Taemin and key are cousins or something, and Taemin tries to convince him to date his roommate (Jonghyun)?

Kibum stares incredulously at Taemin. Kibum never particularly liked his younger cousin Taemin, but they were close enough in age that the entire family shoved them together and deemed them best friends. They’re both well into their twenties but still very much forced into semi-usual meet-ups under the direction of Kibum’s psycho aunt, i.e. Taemin’s mother.

“Jonghyun is a stupid name,” Kibum sniffs childishly, falling onto Taemin’s couch. “I knew a Jonghyun once. And he was stupid.”

Taemin rolls his eyes. “You are incredible, Kim Kibum. Are you sure you’re the older one? You act like you’re twelve years old most of the time.”

“Shut up.” Kibum grumbles.

“No thanks,” Taemin chirps. “So what do you say? I bet you’d really like Jonghyun! He’s affectionate, well-groomed, clean–”

“–if I wanted a dog, I’d go to the animal rescue.”

The comment earns Kibum a sharp smack.

“You always used to complain about what a slob your last boyfriend was. Jonghyun is tidy. He’s funny! He has a really good sense of humor, but like… not at the expense of other people, you know?”

Kibum pretends to gag. “Why are you doing this?”

Taemin shrugs. “You’re a lonely fuck. Jonghyun is a lonely fuck. You can be not-lonely fucks together,” Taemin leans back a bit. “Plus, he never leaves the apartment. If he isn’t at work, he’s guaranteed to be here. He needs to get out more, and I need some personal space. I mean, I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it’s kind of annoying because our schedules are the same. We’re home at the same time.”

“If it’s to benefit you, I’m not doing it,” Kibum announces.


Taemin cuts himself off as the front door opens. A young man enters and fives Taemin a sheepish smile.

“Hey, Taem. I didn’t realize you were going to have company. I’ll stay out of the way.”

Kibum waits to speak until the door shuts down the hall. “That was Jonghyun?” he demands, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder.


“I’ll be right back.”

blue night radio ♡ 160810
source: cosmicsticks / jjongella

go young bae: do you watch horror movies well?
jonghyun: yeah, i do …
go young bae: so, you’re the kind of person whose blood is all blue.
jonghyun: eh …, what are you saying?
go young bae: cold blooded …, i should poke you the next time you’re sleeping. you probably wouldn’t bleed.
jonghyun: how would you even get to see sleep? i don’t even sleep.
go young bae: see! you’re cold blooded! you don’t even sleep …, don’t you sleep hanging upside down from the ceiling?


Adorable Jonghyun on Blue Night 150714

god I love your voice ʘ‿ʘ

I could listen to you talk forever

160312 "Blue Night"
  • The guests for tonight were a band called "W&Jas." They were giving weird answers to Jonghyun's questions, such as replying "Space!" when Jonghyun asked where they were from. They suddenly said, "Don't talk about us but talk about SHINee!"
  • Male guest: We want to do a collab with SHINee!
  • Jonghyun: What are you saying?
  • Male guest: Really! We saw SHINee's stage earlier when Minho dropped the microphone. Even that was really cool.
  • Female guest: I only look at Jonghyun [when watching SHINee]
  • cr: geeknim & JongKey32 trans: professorjjong (Kor-->Jpn-->Eng)

anonymous asked:

hi! Can I please get a SHINee reaction to when you tell them they are your first? (ya know, in a sexual way kekeke)

Onew: “I’ll be gentle, okay? I don’t want to hurt you.“ *seriously really sweet and gentle* 

Minho: “Then tonight will be all about you.”

Taemin: ”I feel honoured?“ *shocked and doesn’t know what to say*

Jonghyun: “Well what are you waiting for?” *winks*

Key: “Then I’ll make sure you remember this.”*gets right into it*

blue night radio ♡ 151106

jonghyun: i want to go to a club.
nine: have you ever been to a club?
jonghyun: you’re looking down on me too much? (laughs)
nine: no, you look like a person who dances well but don’t go to clubs.
jonghyun: eh, what are you saying? you’re looking down on me a bit too much, yeah? i’m not joke when i go to clubs! like…, two years ago, when was the last time i went to a club …? was it last week? two weeks ago? ah! halloween. i went to one because a hyung i know was holding a party so i went! but it was noisy so i left. (source: cosmicsticks)