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It's not about money when it comes to art theft, it's about the artists career. When someone takes a persons art to use it for something- be it reaction images or profile photo or what have you- and uses them without citing somewhere that it is in fact the artist, it can cause a multitude of problems. I don't have enough characters to list them all but the most common one is employers will look for your art and if they find it on someone else's account without cred they won't hire



friggin’ Wikipedia page,


I get it, I’ll make a freakin’ intro post already. And maybe someday Mod Saihara will finish the mods page so we can link to it there.

I get what you’re sayin’ though Anon, and I wouldn’t do this with some rando teen’s OC.

🌿 Mod Maggie

I was planning to do a non-GF request today but then I had a bit of a rough day, so I felt like I needed some baby Stans in my life. Hope you like it! :)

Unpopular opinion: Percival de Rolo is not a crow but rather a stag:
- prey animal
- but very dangerous to hunt b/c will literally gore you w/ magnificent antlers
- strong association w/ royalty and fairy tales/mythology (coughactualmagicalkingdomofWhitestonecough)
- - particularly pure white stags. mythologically very significant. just sayin’
- would be down to get hunted down and caught in the woods by Vex'ahlia

phil makes me feel the way i do when i’m on an early morning road trip, comfortably sleepy, the sky painted with pink and orange as the sun’s rays peak through the clouds warming my skin, the world draped with a glow of something new filling me with a sense of calming hope for the moments to come

things i learned about anthony ramos from his interview on the room where it's happening podcast

-he used to be a baker then he was a preschool teacher
-he’s the youngest member of the cast
-he was laid off of a $64 million job at radio city music hall before being cast in hamilton
-he pronounces ambulance as “am-buh-lance”
-he thinks lins and jasmines kiss in say no to this is TOO LONG LIN ITS TOO LONG
-as a side note: anthony and jasmine started dating during rehearsals
-“you know what im sayin”
-his favorite hamilton song is wait for it (“leslie comes in with those smooth sultry vocals. stick a fork in him, he’s done.”)
-he calls leslie “les”
-he admires his coworkers so much
-he kept calling the obamas “mr. barrack” and “mrs. michelle”
-he’s adorable and a cinnamon roll (not that this is news or anything but he just really really is okay)

Late night Lizzington feels under the cut.

In fanfic form.

Sorry in advance.

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  • Tae: jimin be mine
  • Tae: marry me
  • Jimin: tae it's 10 fucking am
  • Jimin: and you just woke up
  • Jimin: you dont know what you're sayin
  • Tae: i woke up at 6am i'm in my right mind
  • Tae: marry me
  • Jimin: tae i'm dating jungkook!
  • Jimin: he's gonna kill you if he hears this
  • Tae: just marry me
  • Tae: he can marry me too
  • Tae: i'll take care of both of you
  • Tae: my wives