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Sakura never beat sasori lol he let himself die and its not her alone who beat white zetsu hinata and others did it too. she's also not the only medic, we see hinata and ino can use ninjutsu medic too. sakura is still p useless admit it


Sakura never beat sasori lol he let himself die

Oh you mean actualy the same way deidara and danzo let themself die by exploding

Or perhaps when itachi died due to his illness while fighting sasuke

Or perhaps nagato’s suicide to bring back most of the people he caused the death

And strange enough I still have to find a motherfucker who actualy doubts the fact that sasuke and naruto won over their enemies. Oh but the problems come whenever a girl like sakura is involved. You know hardwork instead of fillers. and some asspull overpowering like your oppai hime.

And guess what sakura would actually be perfecty capable of beating sasori alone. Maybe the outcome woud be fatal for both, but she still would.

As said by chiyo herself

And by this point in the fight Sakura had figured out perfectly just how to read Sasori’s attacks and movements to assist her in evading his attacks without any help from Chiyo. Sakura discovered this was the weakness of puppeteers: being able to read teir finger and hand movements in order to determine the direction of the attack.Sakura could see through his attacks, something that not even his grandma couldn’t.

its not her alone who beat white zetsu hinata and others did it too.


  • A segment of anime, whether it be an entire episode or part of one, which does not appear in the manga of the title. Fillers, as the name implies, “fills” an episode with non-canonical material which has been written usually by the same company which animates it.
  • In t.v. series that are derived from other forms like books or comics, fillers are episodes that did not appear in the book or comic. The creators of the television show make up episodes (that are normally really bad) and air those episodes that because they just needed to air an episode and they couldn’t use a real one.

Now this is a shitty filler

Oh but is it me or she is like10090 times cuter than usual?


she’s also not the only medic, we see hinata and ino can use ninjutsu medic too

Since you obviously don’t know what a manga is allow me to show you some of the most memorable pages in the Naruto manga.

Oh by the way :

  Manga: Japanese comic books that tell stories in pictures

Meanwhile in the anime something called filler happened once again.

So between ino failing to save asuma or hinata not giving a fuck, even trying to  save neji with her “medical ninjutsu” which one do you prefer the most?

As for me no one since sakura was the only student tsunade ever accpeted . And I don’t include shizune since she was almost family

You are wondering why? Beacuse sakura actually had the guts, the selflessness to put her friends life before her own. She was desperate to save them both and was ready to change her self in order to do so .And tsuande saw it and aknoweldged it

Something that your oppai hime could never do :P

sakura is still p useless

The only useless thing here is your brain since you obviously don’t seem to use it :D.

Kakuzu’s personality

Is it weird that I never seen Kakuzu as stone hearted monster like rest of the fandom?

ıt bothers me so much I need to talk,I was so shocked when fandom assumed he is super horriible,rapist,unloyal ..etc.e.tc. just because he seems silent distant type and it’s stated he killed previous partners.

-so he doesn’t take any shit from no one, is that makes someone stone hearted?

 -he killed his previous partners,…….so what deidara blasts Tobi constantly,Sasori and Orochimaru tried to kill eachother,Orochimaru tried to take Itachi’s eyes,but only Kakuzu is guilty becuase he actually managed to kill some members?..honestly this what makes him more badass to me.

-he didn’t care Hidan’s decapitation because he knows he is immortal,and Hidan said do not fuckin interfere. (like really what would you do,suck up his words and help him or let the brat see consequences..does this also makes him evil? )

-ok he drags his missions longer,but he is loyal to Akatsuki to the point of giving up bountries,so he is unloyal is also not an argument. (especially after what his village done to him )

conclusion; I am not saying he is a big softie but Kakuzu is one of the real rare ninjas in Naruto.Not an emotional mess like Obito,neither an horrible human being. He is what a true ninja is.


Oh look I found such a sweet person on Facebook!! Who commented on a simple post regarding sakura- how she was able to create the antidote for Sasori’s poison in a span of minutes!!!

And you know what I find more amusing? ( More than the slut-shaming comments and completely ridiculous theories) that at one point there saying that it’s ridiculous to defend a fictional character! And yet they were so quick to insult my country over a fictional character 😂😂😂😂😂

You gotta love him wankers!! There the main reason as to why I’m not a huge fan of Hinata and I blame fans like these who have no qualms in insulting others for liking something!!

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Favorite SasuSaku moments!

  • everything forest of death (sasuke’s dive into monstrosity, made explicit and physical and manifest by the cursed seal; sakura’s ability to love him still, or perhaps, her beginning to love him truly)
  • “take care of sakura.” + his later jealousy that naruto overcame gaara and not him (so many lenses under which to examine this; obviously he is furious with his own inadequacy, especially in the greater context of his thirst for vengeance, but has he begun to draw a line that connects him and her?  building on FoD: as he goes deeper into the belly of the beast, has she begun to embody a shred of his humanity, to become one of those precious to him in a way that is distinct and exemplary?)
  • corollary: every damn time he opens up his appearances with “sakura…” (distinction, exemplification—what is sakura to sasuke?)
  • 181 (explicitly frames the dynamic in a romantic context; one that sasuke notably does not outright reject)
  • sasori vs sakura (the brutality of her anger, that baring of teeth and that foregrounding of her titanic strength; how willing she is to make a monster of herself to save him from his monstrosity)
  • her decision to kill him and her utter ruthlessness in getting to the point where she can face him (is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?; you play along because you want to die for love, you always have)
  • 685 (utterly emblematic of their relationship as far as i’m concerned; sasuke lost to the abyss, and sakura reaching in, over and over, regardless of the cost to herself, to bring him out; and his holding her at the end, his acknowledgment that thanks to her, i made it)
Re: SasoSaku

Hello! I’ve been an avid SasoSaku shipper for roughly 7 years now, and I’ve been asked lots on why that is the case, so I wanted to write my own stance on it. I hope this will help those who asked understand my jumbled thought process.

The disclaimers are the same as the ones on my other essay, Re: Sasori vs Sakura, albeit extended.

First off, I don’t really want to give too much credit, because Kishimoto seems to give off the impression that he doesn’t care about women, so I’m taking the interactions with a grain of salt.

Second, English is not my native language and I suck at explaining myself. My vocabulary is limited, I make typos and I tend to use phrases over and over again (please do not let this hinder you)

Third, I’m a shipper but I don’t support the romanticizing of this fight. I do not consider the anime/games canon which I will explain further down. At last, when I talk about Sakura and co, I mean their characterization up until the Kazekage Rescue Arc, and not beyond that. Sasori himself up until the moment in the war arc. All source material is from the manga.

What this essay will be about:

  • Exploring the dynamic presented in the manga, “What if”s
  • Applying that dynamic to AUs, and why I prefer to keep canon platonic
  • Crack or Canon?

What this essay won’t be about:

  • Why SasoSaku is so much better than ship xyz
  • Why people aren’t allowed to criticize SasoSaku
  • Why Sasori and Sakura are super duper heterostraight

Without further ado, enjoy your read! (RIP to mobile users)

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Prompt: Sasuke notices the scar on Sakura’s lower back from Sasori and asks her where she got it while gently touching it. He silently promises that it’ll be her last.

Pillowtalk. And a little bit of the stuff that comes beforehand. I dedicate this to @xxlovendreamsxx and  @anonymouspseudonymous bc i am a dork and have enough lack of self-respect to admit that I read what people tag my prompts when they reblog. So thank you, you two, and anyone else who wrote very nice messages to me! Tadaima.

Also, this prompt was pretty hard to write???? Like I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in and blomp this is the result? Enjoy? (:

He didn’t say anything the first time Naruto mentioned it.

But then again, Sasuke didn’t know what Naruto was referring to at the time—his words vague, cut off by a quick punch from Sakura. Not that Sasuke blamed her. The dobe had it coming. Naruto and his big ass mouth, he should just stick to ramen. 

Sakura-chan, he had said to her. She was sitting at the river’s edge, feet dipped into the water as she watched her reflection undulate over the many pebbles. You don’t have to be embarrassed, y’know.

She turned to him. Embarrassed? About what?

Naruto walked over and took a seat next to her. He motioned to her one-piece swimsuit—a white one, Sasuke remembered. Well, you knoooow, Naruto said, continuing when she didn’t answer. Listen, Sakura-chan, you are a total babe, alright? And I’m just saying that if it’s about the sca—

The next thing Sasuke knew, Naruto was flying headfirst into the river.

Sakura clapped her hands, teeth grinding as she stomped her way towards where Sasuke was sitting. What a fucking idiot, he heard her say under her breath. She didn’t look at him, and he didn’t say anything. It wasn’t his place, and he could tell she preferred it that way.

However, it made a little more sense now as he laid down beside her.

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Hi! So do you have any relationship headcanons for Sasori and Deidara?


  • Deidara is more expressive with his emotions but worries that he comes off as too clingy/obsessive, and would attempt to keep most of his feelings to himself, causing you to never truly know the full extent of his love and care for you.
  • He admits that he has a more ‘romantic’ view of what love is, something he’s embarrassed to share; he has his serious moments but when it’s just the two of you, he has the tendency to say cheesy/corny lines without realizing though they always sound genuine and as though they’re truly what he thinks. 
  • Deidara thrives on touch even if it’s as simple as you tapping his shoulder, often pulling you into his lap or, when you’re sleeping next to each other, he would pull you against him and not release you until he was awake and aware again.


  • It would be difficult to pry any sort of obvious emotion out of Sasori, and thus you would have to completely trust in him when he says he has strong feelings for you, or watch his actions carefully to decide for yourself if they reflect his emotions. 
  • Due to his serious outlook in life, you can assume that he isn’t just using you, as he’s upfront, and not to mention wouldn’t be with a person who was just a waste of time. If you were to ask him about what you were, he would simply smile at you and state you’re whatever you wanted to be with him, wanting you to decide your feelings on your relationship for yourself.
  • Sasori is awkward with physical affection and shows of love due to not witnessing a loving relationship at any point in his life, and thus he has no real experience to base his relationship with you off of; he goes with what he thinks will be best in a situation, and is willing to listen to you if you have a suggestion/a certain way you want him to act.

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Could you please write a scenario where Sasori tries to confess his feelings to his s/o but he's a little bit 'embarressed' because of these feelings Thank u and i love this Blog ^.^

This one took a lot of thinking as I don’t like writing Sasori as very emotional, mostly bordering on “I can stand being around you longer than others” kind of thing.

I’m also trying for a shorter scenario simply because I need to be better about not writing entire books worth of scenarios! So I hope this is okay~


It was one of the few times the Akatsuki gathered in person, and for you meeting some of the members face to face rather than through astral projection. The only members that you had any tangible contact with prior to this summit was Konan, Deidara, and Sasori.

Everyone gathered into a dimly lit room. Amegakure was as secure as they could get for being in a populated area, so there was a relaxed feeling in the air. Relaxed, but with a hint of suspicion as the members were not known for being the most peaceable group; Kakuzu in particular had no problem with attacking anyone, Akatsuki included, that dare offend or annoy him. Luckily, his immortal partner Hidan had become a sort of punching bag for the old man, and his tantrums have lessened as of recent in your opinion.

“Ah, Deidara, Sasori-sama,” you greeted the art duo warmly, adding special respect for the latter. “How was your trip here?”

“I hate the rain, hm,” Deidara skulked, and Sasori merely grunted. You took that as a sign that they weren’t in the mood for talking, so you just nodded and proceeded to seat yourself. As soon as you had chosen your chair, you saw Sasori slide over to the one next to you, pushing his partner out of the way and sending him stumbling.

“Oi, Sasori-danna!” Deidara huffed. “What the hell is your problem, Danna? You’ve been even more prickly than usual!”

Again, Sasori replied with a low grunt and a glare. Deidara didn’t pursue the matter further; you had shrugged the whole thing off. You knew that Sasori was more friendly to you than some of the others, and you guessed this simply because you were careful around him.

After the meeting had adjourned, you were walking to one of the spare rooms in the base when you heard some scuffling behind you.

“Sasori-sama, do you need something?” The characteristic sound pattern of his steps alerted you to his presence without even glancing behind. Suddenly, you felt the hindrance of chakra strings being nonchalantly attached to your limbs.

You sighed, frustrated. “Sasori-sama, I don’t test you for a reason. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t test me.”

There was a cloud of smoke, and the grip of the strings tightened. You then heard a voice you had never heard before - a seductive, almost perilous voice that immediately drew your undivided attention.

“You don’t annoy me as much as the others,” it - presumably Sasori - said.

You were dumbfounded. Without being able to look behind your shoulder to verify his identity, you were partly cautious but decided to be discreet.

“What?” You used a incredulous tone.

“I said - you don’t annoy me as much as the others.” With that, the strings relaxed, enough for you to spin around and finally see the owner of such a sultry voice.

Red hair…brown eyes…Akatsuki cloak?


“Do keep saying that, I like it,” the man replied dully.

You felt nothing but confusion at this point, which was visibly expressed to the point where Sasori furrowed his brow.

“[Name], don’t get on my nerves. I already have to deal with Deidara’s ‘art’.” He began to step towards you; you were pretty confident it was indeed Sasori - the way he talked and the lull in his voice - yet you remained dubious.

He continued: “This is my real body, [Name]. Hiruko is mainly a defensive mechanism. Now, I said that you don’t bother me as much as the others, and I will assume you know what I mean?”

You cocked an eyebrow, slowly shaking your head. At this, Sasori squinted at you and shuffled uncomfortably in his spot. This reaction led you to an unlikely conclusion, one that you didn’t want to try voicing, but as Sasori’s behavior escalated into the inability to make eye contact with you, you slowly began to believe that he might be telling you that he…

“…You like me?” You asked carefully.

Sasori’s head snapped back towards you, the same, bored eyes still casually half-lidded. Yet his pupils betrayed a sense of panic in the puppet master, something that began to amuse you to no end as he began to pace.

Finally, “[Name]…you…don’t…test me. And you’re not stupid like many women. I can stand you for a day…”

“Sasori, if this is your way of saying ‘I like you’, please stop - I understand.” You cut in, unable to witness anymore of the man struggling.

You saw him relax. He stared back at you with those increasingly tempting eyes, as if expecting something more.

“…That is all.” He said, then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

You just shrugged, unsure and still processing.

“I like you too!” You finally vocalized,

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Chapter 482-484: Sasusaku Analysis

Chapter 482-484 has been the most favorite part of antis and sticks like a sore thumb to some genuine SS fans as well. Because any SS fan who genuinely loves and understands these two characters also know full well Sasuke crossed a line here. He hurt Sakura bad. But there is also a glaringly obvious SS implication here that most people either don’t talk about or simply gloss over. By end of this post, Sasuke will still remain the batshit crazy missing nin he was in this. But my close analysis of this chapter has me convinced that the situation isn’t as black and white as it is presented by fandom and if Sasuke indeed genuinely wished to kill Sakura, things would be have been much worse than they were. As a sasusaku fan, this scene had troubled me so I hope my analysis will give some peace to other fans too.

Read more under the cut:

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Kakuzu's ultimate revenge
  • Pain: Kakuzu, you pissing everyone off.....we can't even spend money on actual things we need....how about you give us some money to at the very least have some lighting in the base?
  • Kakuzu: Hmf, you wish, you'll have to earn that money...besides, do I look like a man who gives allowances?
  • Pain: Kakuzu you giant greedy asshole.
  • Kakuzu: Thats no way to talk to....your FATHER.
  • Pain: ...what the hell are you talking about?
  • Kakuzu: You all really assume I didn't have sex with all of your mothers at one point in my 91 years of life?
  • Everyone: [fear]
  • Pain: oh yeah? Prove it.
  • Kakuzu: *gets out several old timey pictures of him having sex with everyone's mom* ....who knows...maybe...one of you really IS my child.
  • Everyone in the akatsuki: [internally screaming]
  • Sasori: HA! Jokes on you! I already know my mom! And so does Itachi!
  • Kakuzu: really sasori? Is that so? Are you sure?...cus I never mentioned your grandmother, because I assumed she wasn't relevant...until now. Plus, Itachi I'm afraid....looks nothing like his father.
  • Itachi and Sasori: [fear]

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Uchiha Fam vs Uzumaki Fam: Which one would win on a fight? which team would you prefer? I guess Uzumaki wouldwin, as Naruto is as strong as Sasuke, while Hinata has byakugan, Hima is also very potential, they can quickly handle Sakura's fist,and Boruto somehow will beat Sarada easily as he has more skills than her, so logically, Uzumaki would likely to win but not sure in real combat, because the 3S family is known for their wit & analyzing skills so they may turn the table at last minutes

Where are you getting that information from?

Naruto is as strong as Sasuke, that much is correct.

Hinata does have the Byakugan… Okay, and? Sakura is the strongest Kunoichi in the world on paper. Doesn’t that count for anything? I also don’t see what you mean by saying that Hinata and Himawari would be able to “quickly handle Sakura’s fists”. How so? If you’re referring to the fact that they can block chakra points through the Gentle Fist, then I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Sakura’s been trained extensively by Tsunade on how to avoid getting hit, and she demonstrated her proficiency with dodging and evading attacks during her battle with Sasori. She was told of the importance of evading the enemy’s attacks as a medical ninja, and was then taught to make that the first priority during combat:

Staying unharmed is therefore paramount to Sakura’s fighting style, because she would be unable to fulfil her role as a medic if anything happened to her. So for this reason, she remains very alert to an opponent’s movements so that she can pick up on patterns and thus know exactly when and how to evade. Therefore, it would be a difficult enough job for Hinata to actually hit Sakura in the first place.

Additionally, I don’t know why you think that Boruto would somehow beat Sarada easily because he apparently “has more skills than her”, because the stats very much say otherwise:

According to these, Sarada has Boruto beaten in every category apart from dexterity. Obviously, the stats aren’t everything when determining who’s a better fighter, but they at least show a measure of a person’s individual strengths, and Sarada has the better of Boruto in that regard.

So no, logically the Uzumakis wouldn’t likely win, I predict a very close contest.

deidara: [making a snowman]

sasori: whats even the point of you doing that like i guess it looks ok now but its not going to be around forever like youre aware that the second the sun comes out its going to melt and turn into water and then there will be nothing left of your snowman except your memories and even your memories will eventually fade away and then nothing in this world will recall your snowman why do you enjoy doing this ultimately futile thing

Title: His Protector

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4
Summary: AU- Sasuke is the son of an important politician and Sakura is his personal bodyguard. She’s extremely professional, and she’s always making sure he doesn’t get hurt. It’s a difficult job, for the Uchiha tends to run away all the time. It annoys her, but how else can he attract the attention of the girl he loves?
A/N: This is another request I found around tumblr and I basically told @sasusakunaru7 that I was going to write it XD I’m an AU lover, and since it’s been a while since my last AU, why not, right? Well, I hope you guys enjoy it, and don’t forget my comment!!.
There was a gray haired guy standing in front of the door, blocking the exit. Another blonde one was sitting on a chair, with his eyes aimed at the floor, as his attention was far from that room. A third, red haired man was standing on his feet, with his arms crossed over his chest as he walked around, trying to make the clock run faster. The silence enveloping the room was screaming, and the anxiety was holding a knife against those men’s throats.

They were waiting for a sign.

They were waiting for an order.

They were waiting for over 2 hours, and they were growing incredibly impatient.

Almost impatient enough to forget everything and simply pull the trigger, killing their special hostage.

Yes, the fourth man in that room was in a quite delicate situation, where his life could end in a blink of an eye. His life was at stake, but Uchiha Sasuke didn’t seem worried about that at all.

In fact, that cocky smirk on his face showed anything but concern.

That Uchiha…

Inside that small captivity, apart from Uchiha Sasuke, the son of the country’s secretary of defense, who was poorly tied to a wooden chair; there were also three other men, all of them armed and ready to shoot the raven haired boy. For his father had been responsible for their brothers’ imprisonment, the bandits had successfully planned on kidnapping the young Uchiha, and were now demanding a response from the secretary. A response that would set their brothers free and that would also make the secretary renounce his position.

Without Uchiha Fukagu to take care of the security system, the crime would soon rule the city of Konoha. It would be the solution for all of those who use illegal methods to make a living, and it would also make the population surrender to crime. Everything had been narrowly planned, and now that they had the boy, all they had to do was wait for the secretary to renounce his position. It would be just a matter of time, they knew, and for that, they could wait a little longer, for sure.

But not while that boy was smirking like that.

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May i have a cute/fluffy Sasori oneshot where hes like super possessive of his s/o please!!


Sasori is such a control freak I love it so much <3

Akasuna no Sasori Possessive Fluff

You felt taut strings connect to your limbs. The raw power behind the chakra almost burned your skin as the association was made; you only knew one who could transmit such burning intensity through strings.

“Sasori, let go of me,” you ask impatiently. “Deidara was just showing me his eye gadget! Do you think I want to kiss that? Just look at it him! No thanks!”

You and Deidara were on the mend as friends, nothing more. The bomber was more annoying than he was attractive to you, exploiting rare moments of quiet you had to show you various new creations of his. But you still found him to be an intelligent guy deserving of friendship. He knew that you and Sasori were close romantically; this caused him to be hostile towards you in the beginning of the relationship, yet over time and with lots of social work this random hostility subsided, and now you were just beginning to reconnect with Deidara.

Sasori didn’t seem to have this though, as the chakra strings remained attached. A brief smokescreen revealed that the red-head had stepped outside of his usual Hiruko. This was unusual, even in the battlefield Sasori kept to Hiruko like a barnacle on sea rock. He only ever left that form if it were something truly worthy of his true form.

You already knew what he really looked like, though, so his appearance didn’t surprise you. What surprised you was the twisted look he had contorting his brow and the malevolent stare he seemed to pierce his partner with.

“Come here,” he uttered lowly, his menace barely audible. He tugged at the strings he latched onto you, yet you didn’t budge. You loved Sasori and all, being his “living doll” was a great honor, but you felt this was a little overkill.

“No,” you retort dangerously; flirting with Sasori’s temper was indeed a precarious move. He merely stood his ground, however, and tugged at the strings more fiercely. Deidara began to step away slightly as the scene unfolded; you were determined to resist Sasori’s possessive malice over you as he kept pulling the strings harder and harder, until a breaking point was reached and you felt your body move on it’s own.

He walked you towards him, a flame of want flickering in Sasori’s brown-gray eyes. You wondered what set him off so badly this time: you knew he didn’t appreciate you spending any time around Deidara, but to lash out this much was surprising. As you got within arms reach, Sasori grabbed you harshly and pulled you to his chest. You could feel his gaze continuing to rake at Deidara as his grip on you tightened. I’ll have bruises later on if he keeps squeezing this hard, you think.

“Sasori…” you begin, wanting to evade any damage done to your skin. He cuts you off curtly.

“No, [Name]. Listen, I know that brat better than anyone, including you. He was about to make a move.” The grip steadily worsened.

You began to wrestle around his embrace, whimpering slightly as the pain increased. “Sasori, you’re hurting me!” You finally cry, hammering at his chest to let you go.

Sasori’s eyes widened as you said this. He released the majority of his grip on you, but still held your body close to his own. You were furious that it took that much for him to listen.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” You shriek, trying to pull away completely. “Now my arms will be full of bruises! What’s gotten into you?!” Sasori still does not let go, despite the severity of his grip decreasing.

“Did you hear me? That idiot was about to move in on you; I’ve seen it over and over again with him. [Name], I cannot let you that close to him much more.”

“Sasori! We are just friends! Ligthen up!”

“No, [Name], shut up and listen. You are mine, you got it? I’m here anyways, why not spend time with me instead of that brat?”

With that small speech, Sasori let you go entirely. You fell backwards onto your back, massaging the areas Sasori had his grip on. The puppet master knelt down and massaged your arms with you, a heavy remorse settling on his face. He looked into your eyes, as if searching for something.

You began to understand. “Sasori…I will always be yours. Please believe me that I will always want to be yours. But I also need some freedom to move on my own - as your living doll. Please…please, Sasori, trust me.” You cup his face as you plead with him.

Sasori leaned into your face, folding his own lips on yours. Unlike the force before, this time his touch was tender. He kissed you several times as you reciprocated, pulling his face toward your own as you deepened the connection.

He pulled back sooner than expected however, looking sideways at the ground, then at Deidara. The blonde just stood a few feet off, tapping his foot while watching the two of you; he shrugged boredly before saying, “Sasori-Danna, if you think I was going to try something with [Name], think again - have you seen that face? No thank you, hm.”

You clench your teeth comically as Deidara pulls your same words against you. Sasori on the other hand is now gazing back at you, offering a hand up, which you eagerly take. He turns towards his partner as he lightly wraps his arm around your waist. You welcome this gesture as you entwine your fingers with his, smiling.

“Yes, brat, I have seen this face - it’s mine and I’d like to keep it.”

Bonus: Sasori apologized for the bruises later, he felt really bad getting so worked up and hurting you! The weeks following he was super gentle and even gave you special skin treatments to the areas affected.

- Admin Rhia

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starter call || @kctsu

“—…Do you really believe these little explosive birds of yours
are art Deidara…? something that isn´t ever lasting is not worth
to be preserved, what´s the point of them existing for a mere
second ? it´s a waste of time…”

Sasori spoke as he held in his right hand a small clay sculpture of Deidara.
Sure, their designs were slightly interesting to the eye, yet if there was a
thing that the puppeteer could never end to understand was the fact that all
these little things were only created to be destroyed in the most abrupt of
ways, what was the point of making art if it is going to last a few seconds ?
not even leaving time to be admired, no matter how many times Deidara
explainned his reasons, to Sasori, this certainly wasn´t art to his eyes.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Sasuke had succeeded in stabbing Sakura with his chidori-hand, that time at the bridge?

I do. And I don’t think he would’ve killed her.

Firstly, because he probably didn’t mean to hit a vital point, just to leave her too wounded to get in his way. Secondly – and most importantly – because Sakura would’ve pulled the same thing she did when Sasori stabbed her: she would have held on to Sasuke’s arm and healed herself meanwhile. She would’ve been heart-broken – and she was – but she wouldn’t have died so easily. I mean, come on, give the girl some credit! She is, after all, an extremely talented medic ninja, the best disciple of Tsunade, and very strong for her young age. 

I also think that would have been the moment Sasuke realized – despite his fucked-up mental state right then – how strong she really is, instead of at the battlefield, when she released her seal. And the major turn-on would’ve dissipated his darkness and stuff.