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Adorable Starters
  • “Guess what I got you!”
  • “That looks cute on you.”
  • “Sorry I worked late today. Want to do something?”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I’m exhausted. Want to just cuddle?”
  • “Calm down. It’s okay. No one was hurt.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day. Want to have a picnic?”
  • “Want to marathon something on Netflix?”
  • “Care to dance?”
  • “That was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion?”
  • “You are so adorable!”
  • “There’s a festival this weekend. Want to check it out?”
  • “Does this look silly?”
  • “Plenty of room under the blankets…”
  • “Let me help you with that.”
  • “Can we just stay in today?”
  • “I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you.”
  • “How did you like the flowers?”
  • “I feel like going to the beach.”

So what if Tater was having a really bad day, like his parents called from Russia (and as much as he loves them, they stress him out every time they call) and he didn’t do so hot in practice and his favorite mug broke and it had just been an all-around shitty day. It would have been fine if it wasn’t the same day that Kent was visiting after playing Boston.

So Kent shows up after a hard-fought win ready to have a relaxing weekend with his bf before flying back to Vegas, but what he gets is an angry, stressed-out Russian on the verge of a breakdown. And they’re trying to figure out where to get dinner but it turns into an argument, and Tater, who has enough of this day already just stops and quietly tells Kent “I think you need to leave.”

And Kent is confused, and thinks Tater means he just needs a minute, so he’s like, “fine, how about I go get something and bring it back while you calm down,” but Tater is like “No Kenny, I mean you go home.” and gestures to Kent’s bag on the bed.

Now Kent gets it. His eyes are watering but he doesn’t want Tater to see him cry, so he just silently grabs his things and walks out of the door.

The next morning Tater sleeps in til about 2pm since he has off, and when he gets up he feels a lot better and he tries to call Kent. But Kent doesn’t answer? Which Tater thinks is a little weird, but he’ll try again later. While he makes himself something to eat, Tater gets a call from Jack.

“Tater what happened last night?” And Tater doesn’t know how Jack knows but he explains about his bad day, and Jack is silent until the end of the story. “Tater, did you break up with Kent?”

“What? No, why you think that Zimmboni? Just bad day is all.” Jack and Tater are both pretty confused at this point. Jack explains that Kent showed up at his and Bitty’s apartment the night before drunk and hysterical because he thought Tater broke up with him, and he was on a flight back to Vegas first thing that morning.

So now Tater is freaking out because he definitely did not mean to break up with his boyfriend, (fucking language barriers) he just wanted Kent to go and give him the space he needed and he would call him in the morning and they’d reschedule and all would be good. So he books the next flight to Vegas.

Meanwhile the next morning Kent is not doing well at practice and his teammates are noticing something is up. He had snapped 2 sticks already and is being way too overly aggressive for practice but the rookies are too scared to ask him about it. Swoops stays back after to keep an eye on Kent when suddenly someone is drunning past him onto the ice.

“Kent! Kenny! Ah!” Tater yelps as he falls forward after running onto the ice in his sneakers. He swears in Russian as he tries to stand back up. Kent whips around to look at him as soon as he hears Tater’s voice, but decidedly avoids eye contsct. He watch’s as Tater struggles to cross the ice quickly in his shoes.

Tater makes it to Kent, managing to stand up, clutching Kent’s jersey. Kent stares at the ice. Tater’s voice is rushed and broken. “Kenny, you not answer phone. Jack tell me you think we break up. Kent I never- I was having bad day, horrible day, and I want space so I ask you leave. Fuck, Kent please-” Tater struggles to find the words to explain, so he finishes in Russian, and then “Kenny I love you. I am sorry I hurt you. Never want to hurt you.”

Tater takes Kent’s face in his hands and pulls Kent up to look at him. His eyes are shining with tears but he’s smiling softly. “You’re ridiculous Alexei. You couk have told me. You flew all the way here?” Tater nods, “didn’t want you to worry, but only made worse.” Kent leans up (thankfully not too far because he’s on his skates) and kisses Tater sofly before burying his face in his boyfriend’s shoulder.

Swoops checks on them a little later to find both men laying on the ice laughing and talking quietly. Swoops leaves them there.

more fics about friendships that are structured just like ship fics

specifically like pining ship fics oh my god

  • forced to share a bed becomes “accidental sleepover, I didn’t realize adults could do this and I should be chill about how happy it makes me, but no one’s ever braided my hair and gossiped with me before, but I gotta play this cool because I don’t want to be pathetic, and I don’t want to be the person who likes the other person more, but g o s h, I want us to be friends, and not just friends, besties
  • the coworker at your bakery/coffee shop/library/spy organization who smiles at you every day and asks about your weekend, but you can’t tell if they’re being nice or what, or if they’d actually say yes if you invited them out to coffee to talk about that hiking trip they went on, you don’t want to make things weird but work would be a lot easier if you had a friend
  • you’ve just moved to a new city and you cannot believe how many times you’ve had to knock on your neighbor’s door, but you didn’t pack like any of the things you need, and they don’t seem effusively happy that you keep asking to borrow shit like a vacuum or duct tape, but they also don’t rush you out of the door, and when you return what you borrowed, they ask you how it went, and one time you told a joke that made them laugh and you felt so good about it, you kept riffing on the joke for the next ten minutes and it isn’t until you went back to your place that you realized what an embarrassment you are
  • enemies to friends where you have to work with someone that you hate oh my god you hate them, and then you spend time with them, and then you don’t hate them quite so much, but stopping hating them? almost feels like? defeat?? you’ll stop acting like you hate them when they stop acting like they hate you, and honestly you’d really like them to stop acting like they hate you because they are the only other person you know that’s ever shared your interest for cold war spy thrillers and maybe this is the time for the book club of your dreams
  • your partner has a best friend and you’ve never hung out with them without your partner but now you are coordinating with the best friend for your partner’s surprise party and they are just the funniest, the sweetest, the nicest, the coolest, and suddenly your partner is concerned because you and your best friend are hanging out all the time, which is…great…awesome…….suddenly becoming the third wheel is just the funnest because who doesn’t like wheelbarrows (it becomes a whole Thing, and ends up resolving in a disney channel esque lecture of someone being like "Guys You Can Have More Than One Best Friend”) 
  • you’re lonely and it sucks and it’s not the kind of thing that you can admit because you’ve got your pride, you don’t want to look desperate, you can’t tell people about loneliness without making them wonder what’s wrong with you because shouldn’t you have friends? who doesn’t have friends? but it’s gotten to the point where you look forward to buying groceries because you can make small talk with the clerk, you look forward to work because maybe you can slip in something personal in the course of talking about business, but if anyone asked you how you were doing and if you wanted to hang, you’d panic and say that you were busy. and you want to change. you in fact need to change, but. yeah. it’s not an easy thing. and there’s no easy solution. and this is a 100k fic about you slowly assembling a friend group, while having really zero practical experience with friendship, and it’s a gentle epic with the highest stakes, oh my god, just the highest
  • you and an acquaintance become friends with benefits. things become unexpectedly awkward when you learn that the real benefit………..was friendship 

things isak and even have probably “broken up” for:

  • isak never doing his goddamn laundry and running out of sweatshirts. even is now unable to wear his sweatshirts and stay warm and cozy like he deserves. “oh well gotta break up with you now i guess, find a new boyfriend who actually has clothes for me to steal.”
  • even has this unfortunate tendency to wake up way earlier than isak. he’s a teenager and waking up before noon on the weekends is a verifiable crime against humanity. one time when even really needs isak to wake up because they have plans, he starts playing the kidz bop version of what does the fox say? because this boy can’t let old memes go. isak shoots awake because i don’t think anyone can listen to that and be fine. 
  • let’s face it the Boys are definitely the kind of people who meme each other. if they take a selfie where mahdi isn’t smiling properly? it automatically gets captioned with “when they aren’t serving waffles in the cafeteria :(“ sometimes they just reuse this picture of magnus looking at a cat with the caption “vilde?” every angry-looking picture of jonas gets captioned with “capitalism” or marx quotes. but it gets so much worse for isak when even joins the group because he has access to isak almost 24/7? pictures of isak slowly waking up captioned with existentialist memes like “drowning in the void” or shit about transcending the material world. even seriously debates getting a facebook so he can follow one of those edgy memes for edgy teens pages, because they’re all so…isak? and the boys understand that even usually has horrible taste in memes, but when it comes to his boyfriend, he’s actually so good at memeing? isak is constantly exasperated about seeing his face in their group chat, but he’s actually pretty amused by it all (and if even catches him laughing, that’s a lie). he breaks up with even for like an hour anyway.
  • vilde actually makes them bake for kosegruppa because “as much as i appreciate you letting us use your apartment for pregames you can’t be useless forever isak.” isak wants them to just use a mix, but even is extra and wants to make fudge brownies from scratch. anyway isak leaves for five minutes to answer a call from his dad, and when he comes back there’s fudge and flour everywhere. he’s only mad for a minute before even’s like “why don’t you lick the fudge out of my mouth haha maybe that’ll make clean-up go by faster.” needless to say the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned up for a while.
All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.7

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1601
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: This wraps up a very Heathens filled weekend, thank you lovely people for sticking with me! Not sure when I’ll be posting it but just a heads up that pt8 is going to be the final installment for this series!

The song Gold by Eurielle was definitely being played during the writing process for this part so thanks @gondorgirl01 for recommending it to me months ago! And of course, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots because always.

(gif credit)

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


He was distracted from his thoughts when you shifted positions. The thin strap of your nightgown slid from your shoulder and exposed the curves of your breasts pushing against the silky material. Subconsciously, he ran his tongue over his fangs as he imagined biting into the soft mounds. A wicked thought crossed his mind and his eyes turned to coal as he started stepping forward again. The only light in the room came from the moon shining through the windows and now the ominous glow emitting from his dark limb as he waved it as his side. He smirked when you started to react.

I’ll start making it up to you, doll. You’re in for a long night.

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prompt request: a blizzard keeps jack and bitty trapped inside their apartment without any power. it's just them, blankets, and a fireplace. Maybe an old radio too. (alternately titled: i got my love to keep me warm)

[it’s snowing today, so this seemed appropriate! i hope you enjoy! <3]

It’s snowing. It’s been snowing since…well, Bitty honestly can’t remember when it started. Sometime the previous evening, he thinks, after he and Jack had made it back to Jack’s apartment after the game, the prospect of an off weekend spent together bright and shining before them.

Honestly, Bitty’s hard pressed to remember what the weather was like on the drive home, distracted as he was by the way the streetlights played off of Jack’s cheekbones, the way his eyes lit up as he looked at Bitty across the seat. The perfect curve of his smile and his hand and Bitty’s heart pumping with anticipation and the adrenaline of watching Jack win. All he’d wanted was to be back in the apartment, several floors and doors shutting out the rest of the world.

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I want Kent and Tater that both have huge crushes on each other, who know that their feelings are requited, but who are too stubborn to make the first move.

Like every time they see each other the flirting is so instense that the rookies get embarrassed and have to leave.

When Jack asks them why they won’t ask the other out, Kent tells him “I like making him work for it. If he wants a piece of me, he’s gonna have to do something about it.”

Tater responds “Kent is too cocky. Need to knock him down a peg. He is needing to admit what he wants.”

So they continue to dance around each other, until a party at Jack’s one weekend when the Aces are playing in Boston. Tater finds Kent leaning against a wall in the hallway, nursing his drink and looking contemplative.

“Kenny, why so sad looking? Aces lose again? Or you just disappointed I am not in your bed?” Kent grins at that, looking up at Tater with those bright eyes that just get him every time.

“No, just wondering when you’re gonna get the courage to wine and dine me like you know you want to.”

“Am ready to do so much more than that, am just waiting for you to give word.” Tater is, he really is, but he’s not ready to give up on this game yet.

Kent sighs and look down at his drink, somwthing Tater was not expecting. “Why do we do this, Alexei?” Tater is surprised, and it takes him a moment before he can answer.

“Am liking chasing you, Kenny.” Tater tries to keep the conversation flirty, but the air has changed, and he’s not sure what to do. Kent looks back at him intensely, and Tater feels naked.

“I’m done with games, Alexei. I think it’s time I let myself have something that I deserve.” Tater is sure that Kent is ending this thing they have, that he’s getting thown aside so Kent can chase a real relationship, and Tater is ready to leave now. He wants to go home and bury himself in his blankets and never come out.

Tater is so buried in his thoughts that he nearly falls over when Kent pulls him down into a rough, searing kiss that leave him a little lightheaded and yearning for more.

Suddenly Tater’s hands are on Kent’s waist, pulling him in closer, and Kent’s hands are burying themselves in his hair, and he’s pressing Kent against the wall like he’s afraid Kent might slip away. One of Kent’s legs is in between his own, pressing up into him, and Tater’s whole body is on fire.

Kent’s mouth has moved to his neck, and Tater is gasping into Kent’s hair, breathing in smell of him. He pulls Kent back up to kiss his mouth, murmuring “Go on date with me, real one”

In between kisses Kent laughs softly. “Thought you’d never ask”

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hiii, how are you kate? I would like to ask you to write some jealous Draco, please? idk, maybe Harry's getting to much attention from someone and Draco appears not to like that person

(((this takes place during sixth year and is totally not canon compliant at all)))

My Writing

Draco Malfoy was not the jealous type. He absolutely was not. That’s why, when he noticed Cormac McLaggen talking to Harry more than what seemed just friendly, especially for someone who Harry didn’t even consider a friend, Draco was totally cool with it. At least that’s what he told Harry.

Harry, of course didn’t buy it for a second. But as long as Draco tried to put on that act, he would play his game.

“Cormac asked me to get a butterbeer with him at the Hog’s Head at Hogsmeade this weekend. As friends, of course. Is that okay with you, love?”

Harry fought to conceal his smirk as Draco clenched his fists and jaw.

“Yeah. Fine. Have fun,” Draco grumbled through barred teeth.

Harry grinned at him.

“Thanks sweetheart. I’ll talk to you later.” Harry kissed his cheek for walking off.

Harry wasn’t actually going anywhere with Cormac. He hated the git and was annoyed that he started talking to him all of the sudden. He just liked to get a rise out of Draco and wanted to see how long he could keep this up.

Draco wiped his cheek where Harry had kissed him and glared at Harry’s back as he retreated.

The day everyone went to Hogsmeade, Harry found Draco, who wasn’t going, to check with him one more time.

“Draco, are you sure you’re okay with-”

Yes, Potter. I told you at least five times that I don’t care what you do with bloody McLaggen,” he spat out.

“Alright. I’ll come find you when I get back so we can hang out later, okay?”


Harry chuckled as he walked away. 

He just wandered around Hogsmeade with Ron and Hermione for a few hours before he decided to head back up to castle because he felt bad.

Harry had to force himself to hold in his laugh when he entered the Slytherin common room, which Draco had given him the password to, and saw Draco sitting in an arm char, scowling at nothing in particular.

Harry walked up behind Draco and kissed the top of his head.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing,” Draco muttered.

“Don’t lie. You’re upset about something. Tell me.”

“Leave me alone.”

Harry grinned and made Draco scoot over so he could sit with him.

“Absolutely not.”

Draco huffed and stood up, wanting to get away from Harry.

“What’s up with you, Draco?”

“Just mind your own business, Potter! Why don’t you go and hang out with McLaggen some more?”

Harry quirked an eyebrow, and Draco blushed.

“I thought you didn’t mind me and Cormac hanging out?”

“W-Well I don’t but…”

Harry stood up and slowly moved closer to Draco.

“But what?”

Draco glared at him.

“You know what! You know I don’t like it, you prat!”

Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around Draco’s waist.

“Stop smiling! I hate you, Potter!”


“No! You’re the worst! You-”

“Draco, I didn’t hang out with Cormac today.”

“I can’t believe you would- …wait, what?”

“I didn’t get a butterbeer with him. I was just messing with you because you said you didn’t care. I hate Cormac just as much as you.”


Harry smiled and lightly kissed Draco’s lips.


“You’re a git,” Draco mumbled.

“But I’m your git. And you love me.”

Draco rolled his eyes but smiled back at Harry.

“Merlin knows why,” he teased.

Harry chuckled and laced his fingers through Draco’s.

“Let me show you how much I love you,” Harry murmured before pulling Draco over to his bed to do just that.

What each instrument says the most
  • Oboe: I bought shot-glasses and cigarette paper this weekend.... NO IT'S FOR MY OBOE I SWEAR
  • Flute: Yeah, she said she was going to do the Chaminade too. Looks like we'll have two people playing the concertino for the solo show this year, or there's always murder, you know
  • clarinet: It's my reed. Hold on I'll get another one out... also if another person asks me to play the mozart clarinet concerto i'll slap a bitch
  • Bassoon: could you scoot over a bit? I need more space to lean my bassoon... My posture is just fine, THANKS
  • Saxophone: shit. i still have my neck-strap on don't I?
  • Drums: Is the snare on? GOD, who turned the snare off again?! AND! Where the frickity frack are my sticks?
  • timpani: i gotta tune the timpani. hold on
  • trumpet: i hate partial jumping practice so much
  • trombone: Do you want to hear my gliss?
  • tuba: i literally play four notes the entire piece..,.
  • horn: look i don't know why we stick the hand in the bell. don't ask. it's just how it is
  • cello: yeah my cello cost 13,000 and my bow is custom made, so it's like 6,000 and my new case which is shock absorbent, fireproof and waterproof cost like 7,500
  • viola: I know we're trying to play louder it's the loudest i can get i know i know i'm so sick of pizzicato accompaniment give me a break please
  • violin: um I can't see the concertmaster's bowings from back here... yeah i know i can watch the person in front of me im not stupid it's just...
  • double bass: how the fuck am I supposed to carry this thing through the door? Hey, can you hold it open for me
  • <p> <b>you:</b> hey, intj, want to go out this weekend?<p/><b>intj:</b> i already have plans, sorry.<p/><b>you:</b> oh you're going out? can i come?<p/><b>intj:</b> no, i'm not going out.<p/><b>you:</b> oh. well what are you doing?<p/><b>intj:</b> staying inside to read/play video games/ study.<p/><b>you:</b> so you don't actually have plans?<p/><b>intj:</b> <p/><b>intj:</b> well yes.<p/><b>you:</b> but you're not doing anything. anyway, you should come outside—you don't get out enough!<p/><b>intj:</b> <p/><b>intj:</b> <p/><b>intj:</b> <p/><b>you:</b> are you coming or not?<p/><b>intj:</b> *leaves*<p/></p>
Andrew + cats headcanons

Andrew Minyard and cats will never not mean everything to me. Consider these concepts:

  • Consider: Andrew silently assigning the cats percentage points when he’s annoyed not that he’ll ever admit it out loud
  • Andrew Minyard telling the cats “I hate you” as often as he tells Neil.
  • Andrew Minyard then proceeding to feed them and allows the cats to gently headbutt his hands in appreciation
  • King Fluffkins coughing up a hairball and Andrew freezing up and cautiously staring at the cat because? what is he supposed to do??
  • Andrew keeps his reaction impassive, but he cleans up the hairball diligently anyways and make sure to keep the cat in his sight for the rest of the day
  • (If Neil catches on that he’s being nicer that day than he usually is, well, Neil knows when to keep his mouth shut)
  • Consider: one of the cats getting food poisoning and really sick 
  • Andrew literally dropping everything he’s doing to rush to the vet
  • Andrew Minyard walking in and dumping the poor cat on the alarmed receptionist’s desk
  • Andrew keeping his face neutral as always but for once he really is concerned. 
  • The vet asking for the cat’s name. 
  • Andrew deadpanning “Sir Fat Cat McCatterson” 
  • Andrew upping the cat’s percentage points to 275%
  • He’s also upping Neil’s percentage points for getting him into this damn mess
  • Consider: Andrew confiding Renee about what happened 
  • Renee knowing a surprising amount of knowledge about cats (she volunteered at an animal shelter a while back) and telling Andrew if he ever has any questions he could come to her. Andrew wishing he could glare at Renee over the phone
  • Renee being Helpful™ and gifting him a book the next time he sees her
  • Andrew Minyard browsing the Internet and library to find books like “The Cat Owner’s Manuel” in case anything happens again
  • Consider: Andrew lounging around his apartment reading the books 
  • Andrew bringing the books with him to practice or to out-of-state games
  • Andrew glaring at anyone who comments on them
  • Andrew does not murder Neil for smiling when he sees him with the books for the first time, but he does add +1% to his hate meter
  • Andrew Minyard reading the cat food ingredients carefully the next time he goes grocery shopping
  • Consider: Andrew and Neil finally coming home at last after a really tiring flight. Them curling up on the couch & the cats jumping up to greet them
  • Neil tiredly and softly whispering greetings and praises in Russian 
  • (Neil’s and Andrew’s Russian are very good by now. They use it a lot at home)
  • Consider: The cats learning to understand basic Russian commands
  • Consider: The cats being part of Andrew and Neil
  • Consider: Andrew growing to love hate them as fiercely as he loves hates Neil
  • Consider: The cats growing to be part of why Andrew lives through each day
  • …..
  • Now consider: One of the cats dying. 
  • Should we bury him?”  “I thought you were more in the habit of burning bodies.”  “Can you not be an asshole right now?
  • rip

But because I don’t want to end on a sad note, here’s a bonus:

  • Imagine Kevin Day meeting the cats for the first time. 
  • Imagine Sir Fat Cat hating him. 
  • Sir hisses at him. Sir tries to scratch him. Sir snarls whenever Kevin gets too close
  • Kevin catches on pretty quickly he’s unwanted and takes great pains to avoid Sir Fat Cat whenever he goes to Andrew and Neil’s apartment 
  • Kevin tries to pet King Fluffkins next, but King Fluff just turns his head and walk away whenever Kevin approaches 
  • “I’m a dog person anyways,” Kevin moodily tries to justify to himself. This is a strike to his ego.
  • Andrew doesn’t comment on it, but the next time Sir tries to jump into Andrew’s lap he doesn’t push Sir Fat Cat off. 
  • In fact, he gives him a rare scratch behind his ear.
  • When Neil finds out he gives Sir Fat Cat and King Fluffkins a treat
  • They’re all Instigators at Heart
  • I love them

Anyways, I just want to say that Andrew + cats is a gift from the heavens and we should all treasure it for all of eternity

(Psst, feel free to add your headcanons too!!)

Lisa’s Daughter

So at work I always turn Supernatural on in the break room. It’s on TNT for 3 hours Monday-Friday & right now they’re in late season 6 with Ben & Lisa. I was watching it today & was like WHAT IF LISA HAD LIKE A 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHEN ALL THIS WENT DOWN. The following is what down in my mind.

Originally posted by livingthegifs

-You were super shy at first but quickly warmed up to the new man living in the house.

-Lisa was worried what Dean would do at first when you would come in to sleep with her when you had nightmares, however he always invited you to stay with them and would hold you until you fell back asleep.

-Dean would wake up early with you and together you’d make breakfast on the weekends, usually you pretending to help while munching on the food.

-Dean would take you to the park and be crazy protective of you while you played.

-The first time you accidentally called him “daddy” he froze and you thought you did something wrong.

-So many nicknames, babygirl, sweetheart, princess, just to name a few.

-You’d stand on a box between Dean and Ben while Dean taught your brother how to fix cars.

-When your family stayed with Bobby while Dean dealt with the djinn you told Bobby after you ate his last popsicle, “Don’t worry, my daddy will be back soon and we can go home.” (which nearly broke Bobby’s heart)

-Cried when Dean went on the road with Sam.

-”Daddy why you gotta leave us like our other daddy did?”

-Talking to Dean nightly while he was away.

-Sleeping with Ben every night because you thought the monsters were going to come back and get you.

-So excited when you saw Dean in the hallway that night, but became instantly scared of him when he pushed Ben into the wall.

-Told the demons who took you, Ben, and your mom that Dean was gonna save you.

-”I don’t wanna be you guys when my dad gets here.”

-Clung onto the back of his shirt while he carried your mom out of the warehouse.

-Dean held you in his arms while you sat in the waiting room at the hospital, telling you that Lisa was going to be alright.

-”You aren’t gonna leave us again, right daddy?”

If I let her play in her room/watch films whilst I write #Wilde I feel guilty, if I stay out all day playing with her and not writing, I feel guilty. Mama choices are hard at the weekends!
Today we took a few hours out to kick leaves, shout really loudly and run as fast as we could (well, I ambled behind but she ran). There needs to be one extra day of the weekend- Saturday, Sunday, Mumday! What have you all done? http://ift.tt/2gvuerd

Oh gosh…  I got sucked into reading the posts on Hamilton’s Facebook page.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • A lot of people are going to “boycott your stupid play.”  Not sure how that works when it’s sold out for a year, but…Um…Yeah, okay….
  • The actors were evidently spewing hate and whining?  Did anybody else watch the same video I did? Because I’m pretty sure they were classy af.
  • Evidently a lot of people are “going to NYC this weekend” and will “NOT BE GETTING TICKETS.”  Yeah.  We already knew you weren’t going to get tickets.  Welcome to the club.   We’ve all “not been getting tickets” for a long time, friend.
  • For a bunch of people that complain about liberals and safe spaces and how much we cry and bitch…  They sure are doing a lot of crying and bitching.
  • Apparently entertainers are supposed to be dancing monkeys.  “I pay you to entertain me.”  No, you pay to get the privilege of watching us perform, and we get the privilege of sharing a story with you.  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m not a monkey.
  • A lot of people who have never heard or care about Hamilton somehow are really invested in hating it now.  A lot of people who have never stepped foot in a theatre are invested in hating theatre now.  A lot of people who would have never bought a ticket to see a show, let alone a thousand dollar ticket to see a show, are now intent on boycotting a show. 
  • Apparently these actors will have “very short careers” because of this move, and they “better apologize if they know what’s good for them.”  Hm.  I didn’t know that’s how this country worked.  I’ll shut my mouth now before I get detained for being disrespectful.
  • A lot of people are boycotting this show from the rust belt.  I didn’t know Hamilton was playing in Indiana these days.  Better watch those ticket sales, folks.

This is a train wreak.  

this is a little football headcanon aka a little treat from moi to myself. so i already said once that isak is a manchester united supporter and even is a liverpool supporter. and, once again, all you need to know is that there’s a big rivalry between these two clubs, and today they were playing against each other 

so of course, isak and even have been expecting this match, it’s the first time their teams are facing each other since they got together. they teased each other the night before and everything. “sooo, what am i getting when my team completely destroys yours?” “you mean, what am i getting when my team wins by like….three goals?” and in the end they settle on a movie night, whoever wins has to take out the other to the movies 

they don’t actually watch matches every weekend religiously, they do when they have the time and they’re in the mood. they’ll usually watch them in isak’s room, with beers and chips and pillows they can squeeze when the referee makes a bad decision and they’re like “oh, come on”. especially isak. oh god, he can get so grumpy when his team loses, and then even will try to kiss the pout away. which works, without fail 

so the match begins and liverpool scores at the 27th minute and even just wiggles his eyebrows at isak, leaning toward him and isak pushes his face away. “this means nothing, there’s still, like….60 minutes left” and even just chuckles and says “jeez, you’re so competitive” and isak’s eyes get all wide and he replies “me? competitive??” 

and time passes and no one scores and then there’s just 15 minutes left and even says “i’ll let you choose the movie, as a consolation -” and isak puts a finger on even’s mouth and actually shushes him before replying “it’s not over until the final whistle”. and then, isak’s team scores minutes before the match is over and he claps his hands loudly and he says “fuck yeah” and even just sits there, a little dumbfounded 

in the end, none of the teams wins, the final score is 1-1 and isak says “this is lame” and, well, this is something they both agree on. and then they turn off the tv and they’re just chilling on isak’s bed like they usually do, facing each other, chatting, kissing. and isak is resting his face in the crook of even’s neck when he asks “wait. who’s paying for the movie now?” and even runs his fingers through isak’s hair and he answers “hmm, i get the tickets and you get the popcorn?” he can feel the movement of isak’s lips on his skin as he lets out a little laugh, can feel the soft and warm breath that escapes his mouth and his nose before he says “okay, deal” 


I just want to say thank you for all the sacrifices, I know you’ve made a lot, and I appreciate your support and you always being there. I know that it probably wasn’t easy at times, so I’m glad you get a chance to see what it’s like for me to play in the nhl, do what I love to do every day, and I just want to say, I love you.  Thanks Mom.

Sid making his Mom cry with the message he recorded for her on Moms’ Weekend :’)

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96 with Jungkook. Please. HAHAHA

Prompt: “Is that…is that my bra?”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Humour

Summary: Jungkook is your best friend’s older brother. You were never close with him, but in the past few years, you spread even further apart. Naturally, you’re a little confused when you find a certain something of yours is in his room.

Word count: 914 words

It was the last weekend before school started again. You and your best friend, Mina, were having a sleepover to mourn the end of summer.

You both lay stretched over Mina’s unmade bed, music from her speakers playing softly in the background. It was some indie-sounding song about pilots or something.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Mina asked, growing bored of doing nothing. You had rotated between binge-watching Gilmore Girls, eating, and doing karaoke for the past several hours. “I’m feeling Superbad, what about you?”

“Whatever,” you agreed easily, reaching for Mina’s laptop that was sitting on the nightstand. When you tried to turn it on, you were met with a black screen. “I think your laptop just died.”

Mina groaned in frustration, rolling off the bed to locate her charger. She pulled the chord out from under her bed and tossed it to you.

“This old piece of shit takes ten hours to charge,” Mina sighed. She reached for her phone, which was luckily still charged. “We’re gonna have to use the Chromecast on my TV.”

Mina had a small flatscreen TV attached to her wall. Her older brother, Jungkook, used to use it for gaming. He recently bought a new display, passing along the old TV to Mina. Unfortunately, Mina was technologically inept, leaving you to set everything up.

You sat up, wincing as your bones cracked after hours of inactivity. Stretching, you stood up and inspected the back of the TV. The Chromecast wasn’t plugged in. You voiced this issue out loud.

“Oh, right,” Mina said sheepishly. “Jungkook probably has it. I think he borrowed it awhile ago. Can you go get it? I’m too comfortable to move.”

You hesitated. You hadn’t talked to Jungkook very often in these past few years. You had been close when you were much younger, but the two year age gap seemed to grow infinitely larger once Jungkook had started university. He had also started working out and was intimidatingly good looking.

Mina sensed your nervousness and balked. “Oh my god, Y/N,” she screeched, throwing a pillow in your general direction. “Do not tell me you’re nervous about Jungkook. You’ve known him forever! Even back when he had that stupid haircut. And during the emo phase!”

“You had an emo phase, too!” you retaliated, throwing the pillow back at Mina. You succeeded in hitting her directly in the face.

“We all did!” Mina screamed, sitting up and flailing her arms. “We’ve seen each other at our worst! There’s no shame anymore.”

“But Jungkook’s just so hot now,” you whispered, covering your your flaming cheeks with your hands. “And he’s in university. You know, an older man.”

Mina stifled her wail with the pillow. “Don’t talk to me about my brother ever again,” she grumbled defeatedly. “We’re going to university next year. It’s no big deal. Just go get the damn Chromecast so we can watch the movie and forget this ever happened.”

You sighed and shuffled out of Mina’s room. Jungkook’s bedroom was at the very end of the hall. Taking in Mina’s earlier words, you knew you had no reason to be embarrassed in front of Jungkook. No matter how hot he was.

Taking a deep breath, you knocked on his door.

“Come in,” Jungkook called out.

Tentatively, you turned the doorknob and peeked into his room. Jungkook was stretched out on his bed, playing on his cell phone. One arm was propping up his head, and his muscular biceps were sinful.

“Uh,” you said eloquently. “Hi?”

“Oh, Y/N,” Jungkook smiled, looking up at you. He sat up and set his phone aside. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you had the Chromecast,” you explained, wringing your hands to distract from your nervousness. “Mina said–”

Something hanging of Jungkook’s bedpost caught your eye. It was a Pokeball bra, shamelessly on display. It was also terrifyingly familiar.

“Is that…is that my bra?” you squeaked, incredulous.

Jungkook followed your line of vision and blushed furiously. “Oh, fuck! It’s yours?” Jungkook hissed. He snatched it from the bedpost and threw it at you. You caught it with fumbling hands. “Fuck, I swear it’s not what you think. I’m not stealing your bras.”

“Can you elaborate?” you asked, on the borderline of shrieking. You clutched your favourite bra awkwardly by your side, not sure what to do with it.

“I found it in the laundry last week,” Jungkook said, refusing to meet your eyes. “It’s too big Mina’s, so I figured a, uh, friend, left it here on the weekend. I didn’t know you were here.”

“Are you sleeping with people who wear Pokeball bras?” you squealed, slightly embarrassed by the fact Jungkook had seen your most childish undergarment. Your eyes snapped to Jungkook’s, reeling at what he just said. “Oh my god! Have you been bringing girls over the entire time?”

Jungkook shrugged, finally maintaining eye contact. “Our parents are travelling, so whatever,” he smirked. “Is it bothering you? I’m not too loud.”

“I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know,” you chanted as you backed out of the room. Turning on your heel, you hurried down the hall, back to the safety of Mina’s room.

“Hey, Y/N!” Jungkook called after you, his voice taking on a teasing quality. “It’s a cute bra. I wouldn’t mind seeing you in it sometime.”

And if you took Jungkook up on that offer a few weeks later…well, no one had to know.

- Girl in Luv

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Sam, Cait & Rugby

It’s nice to wake up to S/C banter on the rugby match. Sure, it’s their teams playing each other so naturally they are going to banter about it. BUT, what strikes me the most is how Sam is all over Cait on this: Cait onesie, Cait Scotland shirt team, vitamin C and extra shirt in case Cait gets sick, Cait, Cait, Cait. You get the idea. He has Cait on his brain even if she is right there with him. So to me, that is heartwarming and induces all kinds of feels. Have a good weekend!

This is not about Matthew , but I think it’s important to share this.

Shemar moore gave an interview defending himself about rumors that he is gay. First of all it’s great that he defends himself, I’m fine with that. But something he said I did not like at all, this is what he said: “If you think I’m gay, send your girlfriend over to my house for the weekend and see what happens.”
What he said to me seems completely rude and misogynist. This sounds like he can come and take a woman and play with her like a simple toy. As a woman I am this bothers me and it is sad that people like him speak that way.

This is my personal opinion. If you disagree with this is fine. It is my opinion. Thank you🌷